The Secret Takeover of the Human Race – First Letter

Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant Brethren,

Glory to the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! Each of your names are known to God, and dearly loved by the One who called us to His ministry..

Day by day, I hear tidings of dark clouds gathering over the horizon, and brothers having their lives sought after and their houses burnt down and Illuminati Satanist religious Christians and Illuminati Satanist Christian churches mocking and ridiculing us who serve Christ. Up to now, I am a citizen of the Empire, so they could not persecute me for my faith and gospel of Christ, without due court trial. However, there is soon coming a time when no man will be safe as the Illuminati tracking technology and spies sent into the churches and internet will search out those who hold the faith, and they will be persecuted for the gospel. The Illuminati cloned hybrid body Nephilim demonic spirit politicians, media people, Hollywood producers, writers, activists, educators and the unclean spirits that control them have brainwashed the people of this world to despise God and His people through their mind control program from the post-1960 “Flower Children” satanization era; and the world turns more hostile toward God’s faithful remnant.

Only the carnal religious Christians do not get persecuted, and the irony is that they are often used by the devil to help search out the real born-again spiritual Christians and to persecute them. However, this is no surprise to you, dear Jewish brethren, for the history of the church has always been to persecute and martyr Christians. They are Christian in name, but they are the Synagogue of Satan in disguise; and this goes for both Catholic and Protestant churches. It is best not to have your name registered on the church roster for it will surely be a death sentence roster. They had Illuminati pastors and spies in every church I went to. They have elected into office the Anti-Christ who is not even a citizen of the Empire, and he has already changed all the laws of the Empire to deny its original individual rights, and to give himself and his New World Order the socialist right to arrest without reason and imprison citizens without a court trial. If the people of the Empire are so evil and blind as to deny God, and to elect the Anti-Christ who hates them, then their nation is ripe for God’s judgment, and for them to be enslaved by the devil whom they have chosen.

The more satanic a society is, the more they love traditions, rituals and robotic repetition. They try to make you follow their culture, instead of trying to learn other cultures. This is why the Pharisees and Western Christianity ministers are very religious and ritualistic. They love to do the same Sunday service program every week. Religion is diabolically opposite of God’s nature, who is creative, exciting, and does new things. A satanic nation or person opposes new things and deviations, and requires that you follow their traditions or rules or Pharisee laws or church programs or Korean mentality or religious rituals. When God tells us to do something repetitively, it is for a good reason to remind us of His precepts and to focus on Him. They are positive, and have a good purpose. What Satan does through his religions is to copy God again, and to repetitively do traditions and laws and rituals without much understanding to enslave, mind-control, conform to obeying without thinking, and to make predictable slave people who are robotic and controllable and can be possessed by demon spirits. They are negative. Everything that Satan does is a copy of God, but they are negative and opposite of God. The Illuminati wants to create predictable, robotic, and mind-controllable slaves, and they fear things that happen unpredictably, so they try to make everyone conform to their systems and viewpoints. Satan and the reptilian Illuminati bloodlines are all about control of the world to their agenda and final New World Order slavery goal.

God has shown me how these Illuminati reptilian Nephilim homosexual orgy men gang sodomize human men, just like the men in Sodomy and Gomorrah; and how the Illuminati feminist Wicca witches rape human women. These feminist activists are Wiccan witches and witches are reptilian hybrid descendents of the Nephilim—Satan’s reptilian genes. They have magical demonic powers handed down through their fallen angel ancestors. This is why the feminists think and behave and kill like their Nephilim giant ancestors like Goliath, who ate humans, skinned them alive and ripped their limbs off; and so these Wiccan witches in these modern days also sacrifice children in their satanic rituals and eat them, because they are reptilian hybrid creatures and not humans. They are lesbians and homosexuals, and do many things that are not human, and completely opposite of God’s creation. For this reason, these feminists have values and thinking and violent behavior that are completely opposite of God’s holy precepts and values, and they conduct satanic witchcraft, and kill so many adults and infants and fetuses: it is because they are not humans, but they are more reptilian in nature, since they are descendents of the Nephilim perverted serpent genes of the fallen angels who have been imprisoned in Tartarus. Jezebel whom these Western Christianity religious people worship was a feminist and witch and Nephilim reptilian. The Nephilim vampires have fangs, because they are like snakes. They possess superhuman abilities, but do not have souls, so these demonic spirits are the walking dead.

These Illuminati reptilian feminist activists make it look like they fight for human women’s equality on the surface, but they kill human women and sell human women into slavery and eat human young girls by feasting on their flesh and blood in their satanic rituals. This angers me with the holy anger of God. Women should be cherished, honored, valued more than all the jewels of the world, respected, protected, taken care of, and loved by Christ’s love, as the weaker vessel, even if a man has to sacrifice his own life for the bride; just as Christ the Groom gave His life for His Bride (the Christian believer). Though it was wrong, Adam decided to eat the apple to join Eve because of his overflowing love for her, rather than let Eve face the consequences of sin alone, and thereby, he allowed for the seed of man to continue down the lineage to bring in due time our Lord Christ our Savior and bring forth the human race. At the massive rate these feminist activists are exterminating human women, and replacing them with Nephilim reptilian hybrid female clone witch feminists into our society, there will soon be no human women left on this earth, in accordance with their Satan’s plan, if God did not intervene. All of mankind would be replaced with Satan’s serpent seed, just as it was in Noah’s flood’s days, when Noah and his family were the only humans left, since all the other humans were eaten, satanic ritual sacrificed, raped to bear reptilian hybrids, ripped to pieces, skinned alive or genetically modified into Frankenstein monsters by these reptilian vampire race who had supernatural demonic powers. God saw that it was living hell on earth because of Satan’s fallen angels and their Nephilim offspring, so God sent the flood to wipe out the Nephilim and chimera monsters, and restarted the earth with Noah’s human genes.

These reptilian feminist activist Nephilim continuously make Hollywood movies with their Illuminati witch actresses saying, “men are violent because of testosterone,” but Satan is the greatest hypocrite, because these reptilian feminists are not only dismembering and aborting millions of fetuses every single day in their Illuminati genocide plan mass extermination abortion clinics, but they are cannibalizing live human children’s bodies in their feminist witch Satanist rituals. These ignorant human women idolize feminist leaders like Hillary Clinton as the fighter for women’s equality, but she is just a shape-shifted, disguised reptilian descendent witch who sacrifices and eats tons of children and women. The human men are much more peaceful and respectful toward others and gentlemanly like Jesus is, compared to these reptilian feminist leaders’ Nephilim giant ancestors who ripped human limbs apart, skinned humans alive, and ate humans. Satan’s people are always hypocrites in extreme ways, and that is why Jesus called these Edomite fake-Jew Pharisee leaders of Israel as hypocrites. I will never be elected a president or prime minister or even mayor, because I speak the Torah Truth boldly without compromise. Moreover, the Illuminati Satanists and Nephilim demons try to kill me instead. In the Illuminati Hollywood movies, a man who strikes a woman is depicted as violent and evil; and a woman who slaps a man is considered justified, since the man is depicted as being evil and deserving such violence: a Westerner who does not realize this brainwashing and mind-control of the Illuminati media is truly brain-dead, and deserves to be exterminated by the Illuminati. The reptilian descendent feminist witches have taken over all the Hollywood actresses and Hollywood writers and Hollywood producers’ jobs, and monopolized the feminist occult Molech propaganda mind-control Hollywood and television world to brainwash the human women and drag them into the Lake of Fire with them.

These places which are called haunted houses have a lot of demonic activity. You will find sketches of Moloch in these apartments from previous tenants, because the previous tenants are Illuminati Satanist abortion clinic doctors or witchdoctors, who used to conduct abortion in their homes. These abortions by the feminists who are reptilian witches is a form of their Satanist worship live child sacrifice ritual, and that is why they are fanatic feminist activists, in order to protect their black magic worship rituals of the fallen angel Molech; and not for women’s pro-choice rights, since they kill and eat women and girls in their rituals. Satan’s people are the greatest hypocrites and deceivers of ignorant women who are manipulated through this so-called satanic women’s liberation movement scam of mankind. The most pride and sinful women are led away by these doctrines of demons and witchcraft spell of the reptilian hybrids, because of the pride and evil of their hearts.

In nations with more reptilian hybrid Nephilim witches that have been replaced with human women, you will find a direct proportionate number of feminists and deliberate Illuminati media Jezebel reptilian witchcraft spell brainwash in those nations. There are two types of Nephilim reptilian clones that they produce: one that is raised from infancy, and another that is produced as an adult that is already mature. This is why the Western Illuminati’s controlled nations have an increased number of these reptilian witches or feminist activists. They have colonized weaker nations and extended their Illuminati powers throughout the globe, such as Singapore and the New World or America (often at the expense of wiping out the indigenous races whom they consider inferior colored people). This is not new, but it has always been the agenda of the Western Illuminati. Therefore, in order to carry out this mass genocide of colored people first, and then later, all human Caucasian people, they need to create a New World Order with the Anti-Christ in control through a police state controlled by the reptilian elite. This is why they had to blow up the 9.11 twin towers to create panic among the ignorant human masses, in order to blame it on the fanatic Muslims and create a homeland security police force and martial law systems to prepare for taking over the world. They will use their Freemason henchmen, such as their puppet Korean prime ministers of Japan and Korean politicians of Japan to further this agenda, because they know the Japanese will hesitate to exterminate their own race. This is why they are desperately trying to extend their control over Middle Eastern nations like Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Syria, etc., through their Western Illuminati occult organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, and other nations in Asia and Africa and South America, in order to create this genocide instrument called their New World Order police state. By invading these non-New World Order nations or toppling these dictators, they can place their NATO Western Illuminati armies into these nations to control them or their Muslim Brotherhood Freemason puppets in power over these nations, and take over neutral nations and areas from the Eastern Illuminati.

These Western Illuminati world leaders do not have human souls, but since they are reptilian DNA Nephilim, they are embodied demon spirits, so they are carrying out Satan’s agenda on the earth; and obviously, these Nephilim’s thinking and values are that of their father the devil and his fallen angels. They do not like Asian human women because they are more feminine, and Western men are attracted to more feminine women, so they have to make all these Illuminati Hollywood movies and television programs to indoctrinate every day and night to brainwash their Western member nations’ young boys and male infants to see strong, feminist, self-willed, Amazoness, reptilian witches as attractive and something to be sought after more than their so-called feminine, weak, inferior, human women. What the Illuminati calls the “ignorant masses” are truly stupid in many ways since they do not have the Holy Spirit, so they are easily brainwashed and mind-controlled to see these reptilian feminist female characters and mentality as attractive and preferable over human women. This is a demonic witchcraft spell that is placed on heathen non-believers who are not under the protection of God’s Holy Spirit. God says that since they rejected Christ Jesus who is the Torah Truth, He has handed them over to a strong delusion of the devil. This mind-control of global populations is both physical through media and schools and reptilian infiltration into human society, but it is also supernatural through witchcraft black magic spells and Satanic prayers and the fallen angels’ help. This is why the U.S. and Western nations are saturated with Illuminati Christian churches brainwashing and mind-controlling these religious carnal lukewarm Christians with Jezebel’s feminist and reptilian witch doctrines. If I God’s apostle teach the this Torah Truth to God’s people, Satan and his fallen angels mobilize tens of thousands of CIA and Satanists and feminists and witches and homosexual orgy Satanists and Freemasons and Koreans and mafia and street gangs and homeless and every helicopter and unmanned predator drones and F-15s and dozens of trucks to gang stalk me to try to kill me. How foolish Satan and his fallen angels are to think that they can come against the elect of God.

There are many reasons for the Western Illuminati’s decision to exterminate all Asians first, but among them are jealousy (if they were not jealous of oriental women, they would not find always the most unattractive and Mongul-looking oriental actresses for their Western Illuminati movies every time—it is only when people are conscious of self-beauty and feel threatened do they take such animal-level actions), because the Aryan’s will not have any race that is superior in any aspect whether it is intellect or beauty or youth or dexterity or military power or economic abilities or population number superiority, etc.; and therefore, the Western Illuminati Edomite Aryan Nazi mentality of a superior race detests the genetic facts that Asians often look ten years younger than Caucasians or are more adept at fine detailed crafts; and there are also things such as the threat of the Chinese superior numbers and military land forces that need to be exterminated secretly under the scene; and what better way to kill two birds with one stone than by destroying the Asian genes of reproductive fertility and increasing future handicapped children’s populations who will be useless in terms of military service and a burden on society just like land mines create handicap burdens on an enemy army; and destroying the Asian genes of youth and beauty genes, as well as other things as sheer populations numbers superiority by using every means possible, such as nuclear power plant sabotage bombings to spread radiation throughout Asia, underwater tidal wave nuclear blast radiation dispersion to pollute Asian seafood sources (since radiation causes destruction of DNAs and creates cell deterioration and aging and deformed future generations), reduction of the Chinese population and army, extortion of Japanese national money by nuclear and tidal wave terrorist threats, SARS viruses that only kill people with Asian genes, etc., etc., etc., to just name a few of their hundreds of plans to genocide the Asian race. The Nephilim and fallen angels are very intelligent and brutal creatures.

The Western Illuminati criminal world elite Zionist Nazi Rothchild Edomites executed 16,000 Japanese men, women and children (ten lost tribes of Israel) in the 3.11 nuclear bomb tidal wave, as well as mass disaster killings in other areas of Asia, just like they executed six million Jews (two tribes of Israel) in Nazi concentration camps (these Nazi’s descendents in the CIA are currently creating a lot of modern FEMA Nazi execution Illuminati concentration camps in preparation for their NWO), because they are upset at the Eastern Illuminati for supporting the non-Western-Illuminati non-New-World-Order nations. The Western Illuminati cabal mafia caused the Iran-Iraq war. The Iranians kicked the Western Illuminati and their puppet government out of Iran. The Western Illuminati is now trying to take over Syria, in order to place their New World Order puppet government there, too. The Western Illuminati is desperately trying to create this New World Order one-world government martial law dictatorship under their Anti-Christ (the New Roman Empire), which is a required step in the mass execution of all non-reptilian human beings (95% of the world population)—the non-Aryan race, so that they can reseed the world with their reptilian witch hybrid people and half-animal half-human Nephilim, just like in the times of Noah’s flood. They teach a lie to their Satanist Illuminati human servants in their secret occult societies that Atlantis was a highly advanced paradise which they are trying to establish again in these last days and that their fathers the aliens (fallen angels) are benevolent and not malevolent creatures, but they hide the fact that it was living hell on this earth when the Nephilim reptilian hybrids tortured, massacred, and ate humans in the Atlantis days of Noah’s flood—terrible enough that God had to wipe out the Nephilim with the flood.

The mentality of the Nazi scientists and Nazi Aryan political leaders’ descendents who were invited and incorporated into the Western nations’ positions of power and leadership right after World War 2 have not changed (since both the Allied and Nazi regimes were all controlled by the same Western Illuminati cabal gangster organization, in order to create the second of their three world wars to bring in the New World Order of the reptilian Nephilim), and it is still the same occult Mystery Babylon religion philosophy (thousands of years old Brotherhood of the Snake religion) and goal that has been closely guarded and adhered to for hundreds of reptilian Aryan generations—the witches. This is one of the reasons why the most secretive Asian organizations, such as the White Dragon Society, that normally stays undercover, has risen up to exterminate every trace and descendent of the Western Illuminati members with their 60,000 ninja assassins. Many people are ignorant, but groups like the triads are much, much more powerful than the mafia. This is why the Western Illuminati are having meetings and secretive councils behind closed doors to discuss how to make these Eastern Illuminati secret societies and their Western allies such as the White Hat faction believe that they want peace and reconciliation with them by suing for fake peace, while in the background, they plot to develop new creative secretive ways to genocide the Asians and Slavs and Africans and South Americans and Middle Easterners and Southeast Asians and Indians and human Caucasians, etc., under the scene, which will not be detected or noticed or tracked, next time. Their goals and hearts will never change, and they will not repent of their sins for they are reptilians and seeds of Satan. They will use every evil tactic in their book of Satanist black magic to deceive, back-stab, betray, hide, manipulate, and plot, in order to carry out their ultimate plan of the genocide extermination of the three groups: Christians and Jews first (not religious Christians, but real Christians), colored people simultaneously, and eventually, those of the human non-reptilian race that include their own Illuminati member servants and human freemason members. Those who are foolish will be deceived, but God sees all things, and He knows the secret plots and schemes of the devil and his competing factions.

In every Illuminati’s Hollywood movie, you will always see a scene of Western women slapping men and yelling at them, because this is the value and belief that the feminist witch occultists Nephilim want to brainwash in the minds and hearts of the human women, in order to make the human women lose God’s spiritual protection, so that they can be fully possessed by demonic spirits to become feminist activists and Satanist Wicca witches and the modern day typical Western church going women. The lure of Satan has always been pride, power, equality, independence and rebellion, and refusal to submit to God’s authority. Satan knows that this Western Satanist Babylonian values appeal to women’s hearts and self-righteousness prides, in the form of deceptive women’s liberation and women’s equality, which Satan does not tell them will in the end bring about death and the Lake of Fire and God’s wrath upon them. The reptilian hybrid feminist activists want to take as many human women down to the Lake of Fire, as possible, with them. The bodied Nephilim and disembodied demons know that they are going to be thrown into the Lake of Fire by God, so they want to take as many humans with them as possible. There is a spiritual war for the souls of humans. Satan will use every deception and lie possible through his feminists and witches and reptilian Nephilim propaganda ministers to draw as many humans away from God as possible. Naturally, Satan hates God so he hates humans and women; whereas, Christians love God, so they love God’s humans and women. Christians hate Nephilim clones and the demons who live inside them, for God hates perverted Frankenstein monsters and demons. To the Satanists and reptilian Nephilim demons in human form, a strong and fighting and independent woman is beautiful, because to Satan and all who do evil, their value system is the complete opposite of the Holy God, and evil is good and good is evil to them. These fallen angels take human form, also. The seraphim are serpentine angelic creatures.

The Illuminati movies’ brainwashing feminist witches Nephilim hybrids actresses are always yelling and screaming in their Hollywood movies, “What about me, how do you think I feel!” and “You know what I had to go through!” and “I’ve had it up to here, my life is a mess because of you!” and “You haven’t given me anything, what about me!” Satan and his daughters have a “I, I, I, me, me, me, my, my, my…criticize you…blame you…yell at you…scream at you…” mentality. This is the evil End Times Western women, and their Jezebel spirit that controls their minds and hearts—an evil demonic spirit possession. Those who practice feminism practice Jezebel’s witchcraft, and consequently, get possessed by demons. The more sinful, the more the demonic spirits control their mind and body, and the demon possession gets worse, and the more they exhibit the devil’s nature. In contrast, the women of God say, “Master and lord of our house, what can I do to serve you better?” and “If there is any wrong in me, examine my heart so that I can repent, and be a better servant and wife, dear husband,” and “I will follow you, even if it means sacrificing my entire lifestyle, convenience, career and very breath, my beloved groom,” and “You do not have to worry about me, but please tell me what I can do for you, my dear husband?” They have a “you, you, you, yours, yours, yours…it’s all about you and not me…serve you…give you…sacrifice myself in silence and respect toward you as the master of our house…” attitude. Since God’s women have pretty much been made extinct from the church by Satan’s brainwashing and media/educational mind control, there are no such women in the Western society anymore—which will give us an indication of how close we are to God’s judgment wrath being poured out upon this utterly evil world and rebellious mankind. This is how we the Bride of Christ (real born-again Church Saints) should behave toward God: instead of saying, “God, how do you think I feel, you and your men make me sick!”, we should be saying, “Lord, I am your servant, what can I do to serve and please you, for you are my Master?!”

The witches came out in mass to try to kill me, God’s apostle and prophet, but instead, God protected me, and brought plague upon them, and returned their evil curses and spells back upon their heads a hundred times more. These Nephilim descendent reptilian witch feminists are only bringing more wrath of God upon themselves and suffering upon themselves, just like their predecessor Jezebel did. The Illuminati’s feminists are more cold-blooded like their father Satan’s reptilian genes than human genes, so that is why they can do cold-blooded live child witch sacrifice rituals, and kill hundreds of thousands of children. You can see that many of these feminists witches are more demonic reptilian than human in their behavior, speech, demeanor, face and eyes. If a person is a daughter of Satan, naturally, they will have Satan’s behavior, speech, demeanor, face and eyes. This is why they are called witches, and are not of the original Adam’s genes that God created in the Garden of Eden. These reptilian witches have inherited the demonic powers from their fallen angel DNAs, which they call spells and telepathy and magical powers.

In the Illuminati Satanist’s Hollywood movies, these arrogant, obnoxious, egotistical, feminist Nephilim witch female characters are made to look attractive and desirable, as the male characters all chase after them, are attracted to them, and beg for their forgiveness so that they can restore their relationship with them. They always commit fornication or adultery with the male character in the movie. In every single Illuminati Hollywood movie and television program, it brainwashes the viewers in the Satanist view that powerful, strong women is something good, and weak, crying men is something good. This is not just physical mind control by the devil, but it is a demonic witchcraft spell that is working, supernaturally. This is the devil’s brainwash of the dumbed down populace by constantly feeding them this image over and over and over and over and over again on their Hollywood movies and television programs and schools and colleges and literature and media and Oprah Winfrey show hosts. The Nazis said that if you feed the people a lie over and over again, they will believe it sooner or later as the truth. You see a very evil, brainwashed, feminist, Jezebelian society and populace in the United States after the post 1960s “Flower Children” generation that is ripe for judgment by God. Every Illuminati movie is designed by Satan to brainwash the dumbed down populace to usurp God and men who He has placed in authority over the family. In every Illuminati movie you see the fathers and husbands constantly apologizing to the wives and daughters for being an evil father and husband, and promising to submit to their wives and daughters from now on. It is a mind control to make foolish people believe in a weak father and husband and male character, and instill in women a sense of being more superior in ethics and a position of authority and holding the power over men. It is subliminal, but it is quite effective in mind controlling foolish heathen unbelievers and religious carnal Christians. This is how Satan destroys society and order and God’s spiritual protection. So, the religious Christians get sick, get into accidents, and struggle financially, because they think like the heathens and how the Illuminati want them to believe—the Illuminati’s outlook on the world. Whatever that person believes is what that person’s reality and life becomes, whether it is God’s truth or Satan’s lie.

So, until Jesus returns to set up His holy Millennial Kingdom, you will continue to see more and more Illuminati Hollywood movies with Nephilim women kicking men’s genitals, which is a symbol to them of God’s given authority and order; and you will see Western women slapping and yelling at men as if they were brute inferior animals who are savages with lower morals, and you will see many human women being mind controlled by this satanic philosophy and being sent to hell after their death. God does not tolerate insubordinations of His system of authority, and in a way, blasphemy of His creation, which represent His holiness. In other words, you cannot slap and yell at a governor whom the king has appointed to have authority over you, and expect not to be thrown into prison, since a lack of godly respect for men is a disrespect toward God. I speak in ways so that all humans can understand the Torah Truth and the Word of God. It is simple and God expects only obedience. Every Western woman must decide who they will honor—God or the devil. The place where they will spend eternity will depend on that. Until Satan is chained up and thrown into the abyss, you will continue to see many Western churches and hippy rogue pastors teaching Babylon’s Satanism Jezebel doctrines to as many human women as they can, and many of these religious Christian women will be destroyed. Who do they think they are fooling? Surely, God cannot be fooled. So, they are only fooling themselves with Satan’s Western values. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord!

This is what you see in a satanic society, such as that of the ancient Atlantis Satanist civilization of Noah’s flood’s times or that of the modern day Western society in the English-speaking and Germanic-Nordic nations (nations controlled by the Western Illuminati’s reptilian Nephilim and Rothchild family royalties): the wife always tells the husband what to do and is in-charge of the family, so the children start to look down upon the father, too, and disrespect him. This takes away the spiritual blessing of God from that family, and you have Satan move into that family spiritually. Then, the children grow up to their rebellious teenage age, where the mother can no longer control them, and the children run to narcotics or alcohol or crime or street gangs or teenage pregnancy. The children grow up to be depraved, and they bear grandchildren who are equally depraved at an early teenage age. The wife loves money so she has a full time career job, and so she feels she does not need a husband anymore, so sixty percent of Western families dump the husband. The husbands do not like their masculine, strong-willed, Amazoness Western wives, so they flirt with other women who are more nicer. Then, the parents get divorced, and since the mother has to work for a living and is always gone from the house after school, the children come home to an empty house alone with divorced Western parents, or they hang out with other troubled, angered children in gangs who have broken dysfunctional families. In the Western post 1960s “Flower Children” descendents culture, these Illuminati Satanist reptilian feminist witches have started what is called a divorce party to celebrate divorce, with divorce cakes that have deceased groom figures on top of them, marriage ring coffins, broken divorce rings, toasts, etc., in very typical feminist witch Illuminati style. To the reptilians, animalistic sex and breeding (romantic love animal instinct) is their form of love just like their reptilian ancestors, and God’s marriage union and unconditional love is something to be ridiculed and scorned.

This is how Satan corrupts the civilization, and this is why his reptilian witches have started the feminist movement to break the family by making the woman the leader or equal participant in the family, instead of the husband making the decisions and keeping the authority. Just imagine if Satan and his fallen angels, all of a sudden one day, said that they do not want to submit to God’s authority anymore, or to the archangels, and they want to become equal with God, or even wear the man’s pants in the house or sit on God’s throne in heaven. It would be chaos, and there would be much satanic evil in the world. Just imagine if Adam and Eve one day said that they want to be in-charge of themselves and the Garden of Eden, so they want to be equal with God and decide to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge, in order to be God themselves. What suffering and sin and a fallen world would that bring into civilization. Just imagine if all the soldiers decided that they want to be equal with the officers, so they are going to take over the army all of a sudden one day, and no one is in-charge of the army. What kind of army would you have—and would it not be destroyed by the enemy? Just imagine if all the employees said that they do not want to be employees anymore, but they have all decided to be the president of the company, all of a sudden one day. What kind of business success will that bring or chaos? If all the school children decided one day that they all want to be the principal and teacher, and they are now equal to the faculty, so they will make the decision from now on, what kind of a civilization would we have? What if all the people decided that they wanted to be the president or king or prime minister, and no one wanted to be a citizen anymore, but everyone wanted to be the king? You would have seven billion kings, and what would happen to the society? If all the dogs decided one day that they want to be the boss of the family, all of a sudden, they would bite their masters, rip the furniture apart, and make the humans their slaves. If the woman decided she was equal with man one day, all of a sudden, or started being in-charge of the family, what kind of a civilization would we have? To say it is not permissible in one situation, but it is permissible in another situation because Satan has said so through his media and propaganda and Illuminati education mind-control is a complete hypocrisy. Do you see the foolishness of a satanic pagan civilization where God’s family unit and order of authority no longer exists, since the family order of authority is the very core of a civilization’s godliness and spirituality, because in the family unit are created the future generations of humans who will decide what is right and wrong and ethical in a society; and given the Illuminati’s Nephilim reptilian witches feminist Jezebel philosophy on life, and a society where these reptilian witch descendents control all the career jobs of politicians and professors and media leaders and Hollywood writers who will breed the next generation of post-1960s sons with their satanic ideologies, since they are the ones who pursue the career positions that decide all these policies of a society, it will create a reptilian vampire witch society of Satanist feminist values, such as we see in modern day Western civilization that is ripe for judgment or that of the ancient Atlantis civilization that God judged with the flood. Each man of each family must submit to Christ and give accountability just like each king of each nation must submit to God and give accountability, and each woman must submit to the man, and each child must submit to the woman, and each dog must submit to the child. I speak so that any child can understand the Torah Truth of God. If you decide to join God’s company, you need to follow God’s employee rules, or else, you can go and join Satan’s company. When this order of authority in the family is disrespected, then a spiritual dysfunctional family ensues, and then it leads to societies where men dress up in skimpy women’s clothes and parade down streets as they have sex with other homosexual men, just like in Sodomy and Gomorrah. The root of the problem begins with disrespect toward God’s precepts and blessings, and that is why Satan uses feminism through his witches and their spells upon society.

When all these feminist Nephilim reptilian hybrid witches are pursuing career jobs as the policy makers of a society, then you have a quick demise of a nation and civilization and world into a Nephilim reptilian witch Western value society. This breeds all kinds of evil, just like when the reptilian Nephilim giants in Noah’s days took over the world, and made it a living hell. We see an End Times world where even the church members are doing satanic things like tattooing and rock music and going to Disneyland and wives equal with husbands and women taking church authority. What would God think, if He looked down and saw people being mind-controlled by the Nephilim illegitimate creatures to do all these evil things on the earth? This world is no longer a sane world, but it is a crazy circus of clowns run by the Illuminati Nephilim in key positions of policy making and mind-control school/media/movies. As for you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant, you know what I talk about for you follow the Lord Jesus, but as for these religious Christians in title only, the Torah Truth that we teach goes in one ear and out the other. It does not affect them, and they do not teach it, though they have heard the truth. They could care less for the Torah Truth, since they could care less for the Lord, not alone prepared to die for the Torah Truth who is Christ and who is the Word. Rather than the Lord, they agree with the Nephilim witches. The Word of God Torah Truth causes one of two things: the lukewarm fake Christian hears the truth and nods, while the real born-again Christian takes action and teaches the truth. Who is the true servant of God who loves Him so he loves His people, so that he feeds the flock? Would a person who claims to be the Good Shepherd’s servant see a flock that is misled by the Illuminati wolves and starving for the Torah Truth, just ignore the Torah Truth and go about his usual business? I tell you such a person is an evil servant, who deserves to be burned with the weeds and tare. What kind of a love is that? Certainly not God’s love. However, you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant will be full of God’s Spirit, and you will teach these things that we the apostles have taught you, for you are the faithful remnant chosen before creation to do God’s righteousness. Glory to Him who lives forevermore!

These religious Christians are very self-minded and selfish, and a good example of that is when there is a crisis, they buy out all the groceries in the supermarket for their own families, instead of trusting God. They say, “Oh, my God!” or “Holy, Jesus Christ!” or “Help me, Lord!” and say that they believe in God, but they believe in a different christ, the Anti-Christ. When a brother is being persecuted, one hundred percent of the time, these religious carnal lukewarm Christians will say that the Holy Spirit is telling them to hand the situation over to their Illuminati Jezebel pastor and dump the brother and the problem over to another person like Pontius Pilate, because they are afraid that their genetic descendent family will be harmed also by the Illuminati and the devil. Then, they go home, sit on their sofa, grab a drink, and breathe a sigh of relief that they never got involved or their church involved with the persecuted brother and God’s apostle. Then, the next day, they go to their routine secular jobs practicing medical witchcraft or selling human insurance programs or doing secretarial work for their religious institution that earn them a comfortable stable living, and forget everything, and take joy in breeding more genetic descendents who will be destroyed in the soon coming Tribulation Age. What kind of a fool sees an injured good Samaritan, and says to him, “Oh, I pray for you because that is the best thing to do than anything else we can do, and I will refer you to our Illuminati spy pastor of our church, so that he can decide what to do for you. Do not worry, it is better to die and be with Christ, instead of serving the Lord by helping your brothers on this earth and teaching them as a prophet and apostle, and the worst thing that can happen is you can die for Christ. It’s a privilege. God will take care of you, I know.” What a hypocrite! These religious Christians and their religious Illuminati spy Pharisee pastors have a form of religious Christianity, but not the Holy Spirit. I say help the injured good Samaritan or the brother being persecuted, house them, bandage them, offer food (do not complain that the gas bill went up and attack the brother or bully/power harass/abuse and persecute the good Samaritan because you now feel a sense of power over him like a hypocrite and starve him), clothe him, turn on the heater if he is freezing to death, rather than praying like a witchdoctor and referring the victim to the Pharisee Sanhedrin Committee minister to take care of the situation. These religious Christians talk nice Christian words, and hug and smile like the other Westerners, but they love their lives more than the Lord. They have an Illuminati created fake god and a fake christ and a fake Christianity, who they met in one of these Illuminati created church’s Jezebel Christian rock concert satanic worship services through emotions and witchcraft and mind control. It is not the God and Lord Jesus Christ whom we preach and are persecuted for. These religious lukewarm Christians make me nauseas and want to vomit. Everything they do, think and speak is preposterous—it is an Illuminati created fake Christianity religion that allows for that wicked woman Jezebel’s Western doctrines of Hellenism and Babylon to reside and dominate. It is witchcraft Christianity and Jezebel always was a reptilian witch and feminist.

As I have taught you, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, Satan’s throne moved from Babylon to Greece, and then, from Greece to the Vatican. The Vatican is the headquarters of Satanism and the Great Harlot, as you can see from the statue of Lucifer in the Vatican underground and other Satanist idols in the Catholic headquarters, as I have wrote in my book to you. All the originators of modern day feminist Western values and Western thinking originated with the Satanists of the Mystery Babylon religion of Satanism and the thousands of years old Brotherhood of the Snake which is Hellenism, such as Aristotle and Socrates and Plato who used drugs to conduct witchcraft to receive guidance and teachings from Satan’s fallen angels whom they called Roman gods. This is the modern day Western philosophy and Western values of ancient Greece and Satanism they follow. This is why every Westerner who think and live by Western values of Jezebel women’s equality and Western medical profession and Western sexual freedom and Western freemason democratic system of disguised slavery and Western Wall Street banking business, in reality is conducting witchcraft of Satanism and Satan worship. How then can a Westerner brought up in an Edomite reptilian Nephilim society be saved or an Easterner brought up in a Korean Taoist Confucian reptilian society of hierarchy-oriented, family-oriented, group-oriented, tradition-oriented, legalistic custom conformity oriented typical Illuminati culture be saved? It is only through the Torah Truth of Christ that sets a man free from evil and the power of Satanism of this world and the sin mind. The ridiculous thing is that the religious lukewarm Christians who do not have the Holy Spirit adhere to these Western values taught and practiced in the Illuminati’s created Western Christian churches. They are taught these evil Satanist witchcraft values from their parents and reptilian Nephilim national leaders and community leaders and school leaders and the reptilian hybrid Nephilim who have taken over all major parts of Western society, and Hollywood movies and television are great witchcraft tools for the reptilian witches to cast spells on the populace. This is black magic or demonic control of an entire nation and public. The sad fact is they are so blinded and controlled by Satan and his Illuminati that they think we God’s apostles teach nonsense and speak gibberish, since God’s Torah Truth and God’s wisdom sounds like foolishness to those who are perishing and headed to hell. It is only the elect few—the real born-again spiritual Church Saints (true Bride of Christ) remnant and you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant—who are God’s flock who recognize the Good Shepherd’s voice and come to Him and are saved from the coming Tribulation Age. There are more who will perish in the coming Anti-Christ’s persecution than those who will be hidden from it by our Lord.

The religious carnal lukewarm Illuminati infiltrator Christian pastors teach that women are equal with men, so they lose God’s spiritual protection; so, they end up being misled by these Jezebel Christianity worshipping feminist effeminate pastors who teach that rock and roll Christian satanic music is alright, so Satan’s musical frequency waves disrupts their bodies’ natural vibration frequency since our bodies are made of electromagnetic sound and it makes them sick with all kinds of diseases; so then, these post 1960s “Flower Children generation” “Bible Answer Man” hippy rogue pastors and their Illuminati spy Pharisee pastors teach that they should go to the Babylonian witchcraft medical institutions for human medical treatment and witchcraft human medical drugs, so they end up being cut up surgically and more sick through drug poison and they die. Sin is a chain reaction, and one sin leads to another sin, and ultimately death, my dear brethren. The medical profession and medical industry is one of the biggest scam swindling jobs ever developed by Satan in the human world. (The disgusting Illuminati spy Jezebel’s effeminate pastors vehemently endorse and try to propaganda convince the religious Christians that medical institutions and their Babylonian witchdoctors and their pharmaceutical drug narcotic witchcraft has its rightful place in the Western lukewarm religious churches and church people’s health, and they despise us God’s apostles who teach the Torah Truth against them.)

This is the plight of the religious carnal lukewarm Western Jezebel value satanic post-1960s Hellenistic “Flower Children” Laodicea End Times church age apostate religious Christians. When asked how many people are sick or dying, 50% of the church members raise their hands, and it is because they refuse to acknowledge God’s Torah Truth: the women refuse to wear head coverings; the women continue to stubbornly wear men’s trousers; the men continue to go to their Christian satanic rock concerts; the families continue to go to their medical institutions for healing; they continue to buy human health insurance and retirement plans; they continue to scream and yell patriotic nationalistic slogans in their churches; they continue to tattoo and pierce their ears imitating the Satanist pagans; they ridicule God’s authoritative order by putting women in places of church authority; they continue to desperately hunt for marriage partners in church and teach them to settle in a secular job and breed animalistic instinct genetic descendents instead of carrying out the Great Commission to all the world; they pass around offering bags to collect Old Testament tithes under the law to the Illuminati churches and the Illuminati pastors’ fat purses to pay for their nice desks in their pastor’s offices and nice homes and nice cars and even pastor’s salaries; they tell them to get human Christian seminary degrees that teach religious cemetery satanic lies; they tell them to get human Hellenistic philosophy Western Christian counseling; they make their kids go to Disneyland and watch Disney satanic movies; they teach that watching nudity is lust and they will burn in hell with damnation so they end up going off to try to release their natural sex drive build up by committing fornication and adultery or marrying; they eat their Western food steaks and ice cream and become obese and look like water buffalos; they continue to be brainwashed by these smiling hugging Illuminati Satanist spy hippy rogue pastors; they continue to ridicule and scorn God’s apostles’ teachings; they continue to scorn God’s apostles’ Torah Truth teachings about the reptilian hybrid Illuminati feminist witches’ vampire bloodlines and UFO secret base Nephilim genetic experiments and Illuminati tidal wave 9.11 terrorist attacks and tens of thousands of Illuminati child live sacrifices every year as just mere conspiracy theories by God’s crazy apostles; they elect the Anti Christ Nephilim into office thinking that he is a charismatic young leader who can change the U.S. economy for good; their women talk to the men as if they are their equals or even subordinates; they are busy running around breeding and rearing their genetic descendents instead of feeding the flock and investing in the true spiritual family worldwide; they continue to encourage their church members to become members in these social websites like FaceBook to enter all their private information for the Anti-Christ’s FEMA camp execution teams; they continue to kick us apostles out of their churches as heretics and refuse to help persecuted apostles in fear for their own church congregations; they continue to spread their Illuminati Korean Taoist Confucian culture Christianity of the hierarchical Nicholaiatans and congregate only within their animalistic genetic ethnic church congregation gangs and follow their vain narrow human cultural thinking; they continue to practice their voodoo African charismatic Christianity in their churches with African beat witchdoctor yelling gospel singing and jungle-pagan stomping; they continue to befriend these Catholic Mystery Babylon religion Satanist Illuminati church worshippers and pagan Roman god ritual people and celebrate their satanic pagan Western Christmas and Halloween and Easter Babylonian Isis Asherah rituals; they continue to worship their Queen of Heaven Harlot Mother Earth Gaea of Satan through environmental conservation church plastic bag recycling programs and global-warming Illuminati farce campaigns and save the whales movements; they have their donut and coffee church services with their Western religious Illuminati-created pseudo-Christian ethical teachings, just like the Buddhists and Hindus and Muslims and Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses and other occult Illuminati’s Mystery Babylon religion branches have; they continue to spread Satan’s propaganda post-tribulation rapture theories and mid-tribulation rapture theories; they teach their Western Christian church members to settle in their comfortable secular jobs so that they can continue paying tithes to the churches and its religious vain Illuminati church activities; and they pass on their church pastor’s titles and Western Corporate Christianity church inheritance wealth to their animalistic genetic descendent sons and daughters who are not even saved or born-again but are only religious Christians; their church pastors allow all these reptilian witches to work as church staff and accept as church members all these Illuminati Satanist hit squad assassins and their families, while refusing to help God’s apostles whose lives are being sought after; these religious Christians are easily brainwashed by these Illuminati church spies and the devil who just befriended them two months ago, instead of believing their Christian brother and apostle who they have known for decades; these religious Christians are so ignorant and blind enough to even join their neighborhood Satan’s freemason occult organizations to meet other business people; these religious Christians steal money through becoming stock brokers; they write and sell Christian books and tapes and videos and God’s Word for money-making to further fatten their purses; they have their hippy rogue pastors church conference street gangs’ luxurious parties in their pastor’s homes; and these stiff-necked religious Western Christians refuse obstinately to return to the Torah Truth who is Christ and the giver of life. So, they deserve to be misled by the Illuminati Jezebel’s pastors, to get sick with disease, and to be thrown into the Tribulation Age of the Anti-Christ’s persecution. Lukewarm water is to be thrown out into the gutter.

On the flip side, these carnal lukewarm religious Christians are very legalistic and ritualistic: they tell you that you have to wear a suit and tie to church; they say you have to call the minister “sensei” or “great teacher”; they say you cannot use musical instruments in church except for an organ; they say you have to give ten percent tithes from your salary to the religious organization, and if you have a different opinion, they are afraid you will share it with other church members, so they tell you not to come to church; they say you have to be registered to a church for human accountability, so the Illuminati can have a list of all Christians worldwide; they say if you do not like rock and roll Christian music, you cannot come to church; they say if you do not approve of women’s equality, you cannot come to church; they say if the Illuminati Satanists are after your life, you cannot come to church; they say you need a seminary degree to be hired by a church as minister and need to have experience, just like a secular job; they say you need to go to a medical institution for healing; they force you to go up to the front altar for prayer; they expect you to stand up when someone walks up to the front altar; they force their children to go to a boring religious Sunday school Bible study, instead of teaching them the exciting Torah Truth and showing them the joy of living with Christ; they do their same legalistic routine Sunday service programs in their same order; they have their same repetitive prayers; they go through meaningless religious rituals and pomp; they crawl on their knees on thorns to show their arrogant humility to God that they do not need God’s grace, but that they can earn God’s mercy; they wave smoke containers and sprinkle holy water and have the same ancient hymns; they say you cannot look at nude humans but you must look at a monkey or a broom to release your sex drive, and lock yourself up in a monastery and shave your head and brew wine for society’s drunkards, so that you cannot be effective in sharing the gospel of salvation to anyone outside for this is what Satan wants, and surely not masturbate for you will be damned to hell; they only allow similar people into the church such as hippies and frown upon godly people as if they are hard headed square honest people; they tell you that you must go through the proper Korean chain of command before ever being able to talk to a pastor; they say you are messianic so you cannot eat fish or clams or pork, or else a lightning will strike you from above, and that you are bound by the law, and not under grace, for this is the Illuminati Christianity of Satan where Christ’s work means nothing; they say you have to make confessions to a Vatican spy priest who collects intelligence information on all the neighborhood people, instead of talking to God; they say the Christian worship service has to be done on the pagan Sunday morning and not on Saturday; they vehemently force their religious Christians to observe Christmas and Halloween and Easter on pagan days of Babylon in their churches; they make the highest donators sit at the head tables and front pews by keeping records of who gave how much to the church; they make policies to give retirement pensions to pastors; they preach sexual abstinence and other religious ethical teachings over and over again at least every other week, thinking that it will keep people sinless and Puritan, and make people feel they heard a good ethical sermon and feel good for the week having done their religious routines; they regimentally pass around their offering baskets to place guilt trips on people who do not give, because their religious Christians will not give if they do not pass out the baskets during the church service; they militarily use their holy church state owned radio companies to broadcast hatred and ridicule toward God’s apostles and God’s Torah Truth; they legalistically gather in their church conference Sanhedrin gangs to distribute hundreds of thousands of dollars of “golden parachute” money to their Pharisee members who transfer to other churches; etc.

(Continued to “The Secret Takeover of the Human Race – Second Letter”.)

The Secret Takeover of the Human Race – Second Letter

(Continued from “The Secret Takeover of the Human Race – First Letter”.)

This is why Satan will always make the carnal lukewarm religious Christians tell you to let their ungodly heathen friends stay in your house and steal or damage things, and not to confront them or have them reimburse damages, since they are guests in the house and you have to be a good witness for Christ. Satan knows this can inflict the most damage to you physically, as well as to the spiritual health of your home; and the way he does it is by using his religious Christians to enforce this Jezebel Satanist religious legalistic Western Christianity upon you. These religious Christians will become very angry and animalistic and attack you, instead of apologize to you, if you speak to their heathen friends who they introduced to you, about their sins and their need to repent and their need to reimburse damages done to your home or about items they stole. Brothers, your house is a sacred sanctuary of God, and you have a responsibility to protect it and manage the spiritual godliness of your household, and you should not let Satan enter your domain to ruin everything. This is Satan’s deception, and the deception of his Jezebel-worshipping servants the religious lukewarm Christians who do not have the Holy Spirit, so they live by good deeds, self-righteousness and fake perverted satanic religious piety, instead of the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. As I have taught you before, love is generous, hospitable, giving, kind and accommodating, but that does not mean that you allow Satan’s spies to abuse and harass and steal and damage and attack you

Satan will always tell religious Christians that they should let him arrest them and be tortured and killed, for it is the godly thing to do, and he will pull them into believing this form of reality and belief system of the Illuminati Satanists. Satan will also use his religious Christians to tell you not to disassociate with their heathen friends, who have been sent by Satan to conduct power harassment, abuse, attack, insult, dominate and degrade you, because you need to be a witness for Christ to them for them to get saved. Again, as you know through the Holy Spirit, this is a deception that Satan uses through his religious carnal lukewarm Christians who profess to be Christians. They will try to make you associate with all these ungodly, worst of the worst heathens who have been sent by Satan, to torment you, abuse you, and mistreat you, so that Satan can draw you into his negative low energy vibration of suffering, depression, sadness, fear, anguish, despair and anger. He accomplishes two objectives through this. First, this negative energy given off by you is food for him and his fallen angels. Second, it binds you to his evil people, so that you cannot carry out the Great Commission to all the world to the people whom God has prepared and are eagerly seeking the Torah Truth and Christ. What these religious Christians of Satan will do is to try to tie you up to the abuse by their ungodly heathen friends who could care less for God, and do not even want to have anything to do with God. If they were to be saved, it is not by your works, like the religious Christians make you believe it is through constant association and fellowshipping with these rogues, but it is God who will break their hearts, bring them to repentance, change their hearts, bring them to believe in the truth, and come into their hearts. Our job is to boldly share the gospel of Christ, and if they receive with joy, then feed them with the Word of God and disciple them. However, if they refuse to believe in the One who sent you, and they continue to act in their ungodly way by abusing you, power harassing you, and ordering you around, then kick the sand from your sandal at them and leave them, and go to people who will accept the Lord’s Torah Truth and His love with gratefulness and respect and hunger for the truth. It is God who will bring these people to you, and it is not Satan who will send these people to you through his religious Christians to obstruct you, and steal your time and energy and labor and money and spiritual health.

This is the reason why these carnal lukewarm religious Christians through their fake religious piety continue to do Bible studies for these convicts and Nephilim spies, and they get raped and robbed by them. They do not have the Holy Spirit, so they cannot hear the Holy Spirit’s leading, and they do not have the protection of the Holy Spirit. It is because they are religious people doing self-righteous religious work for religious organizations called Western Christianity of Jezebel, and they believe that they are the ones who can diligently argue or witness to a person to receive Christ. Even if such a person claims to have received Christ, they would soon drift away or become another religious Christian, because they do not have the Holy Spirit who is the spirit of Torah Truth. You have Satan using all of his Western Christianity churches doing many good deeds like feeding people, bandaging them, counseling them in human Christian counseling Hellenistic academic Western methods, doing Christian rock Satan worship witchcraft spell trance emotional concerts, selling at church bazaars raising money for environmental protection, etc., because Satan likes to keep his religious Christians thinking that they are doing all of these things for God, and it keeps them preoccupied from doing the real work for God, and it keeps their money tied down on these things, and it will help in deceiving many other religious Christians to do the same things. It is the godly thing to do to feed the poor and heal the sick, but that must be done case by case as the Holy Spirit leads you to do so, and it should not be institutionalized or systematized by Satan’s Western Christianity. And, first and foremost, what good are all these good deeds, if you do not introduce the Torah Truth to these heathen non-believers in the process, and if they do not find the Christ who will provide the food and the healing through a true relationship with Him? Satan can make you build dams and schools and feed porridge to African villages, and you spend your entire life doing these religious things for his Western Christianity, but what good will it do, if you do not make disciples of all men for Christ in all situations and all opportunities. Your work and your religion would be vain and meaningless like all the other religions, just like Satan is trying to make religious Christians do. Do not be deceived like these Western religious Christians, but follow the true Christ and the true life of Torah Truth which is being led and being free in the Holy Spirit. Live as I and the apostles and prophets of old have lived, and make our lives your examples, instead of following these religious people’s futile religious works and institutional programs and non-salvation-related good deeds.

Since you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant are led by the Holy Spirit, you will know what to do and who to see and where to go, for the Holy Spirit will lead you day to day, and He will bring you to the people and the place and tell you what to say and what to do. Do not be deceived by these religious Christians’ pious and nice-sounding deceptive religious activities and guilt-action-creating fake ethics / morality, to mislead you into meaningless expenditure of your valuable lives, but instead, have the Torah Truth who is the Holy Spirit, and do that deep gut feeling which you know is right and true and pure, which is the Holy Spirit of a sound mind. The religious Christians do not have the Holy Spirit, so they do not have a sound mind, and this is why they always, always go to Satan’s two sides of extremity: if you are getting stressed out because the religious Christians have told you to memorize 50 Bible verses every week, and read 20 Bible chapters every day, and wake up at 4:00 a.m. to go to a Korean church to pray for 6 hours, then just say goodbye to them and go bowling or fishing or have some fun in life and spend real time with God; and if you are a busy body or lazy or idle, then you should spend more time talking with Jesus while you are walking or study His Word and research His Torah Truth and pray for people more. God is a God of balance and order and logic and wisdom and love and a reasonable mind. Satan is the one who always gives two deceptive extremes that will catch you with one extreme if he misses with the other extreme. It is good to be radical and all the way for Christ that people may think you are crazy, but it is not good to be in Satan’s fanaticism or extremity. To distinguish what is from God and what is of Satan, this is why it is important to have the Holy Spirit of Torah Truth. If you need God’s wisdom, just ask Him for wisdom, so that you may do that which glorifies Him. If you are led by the Holy Spirit, it is impossible for Satan to mislead you. Everything that you do will have been God’s will, and He will bring you to do His will and desire to do His will, and He will do His will in and through you, and He will turn everything that you do for your good and His purpose. This is God and this is Torah Truth.

Here is the Torah Truth: if the “Bible Answer Man” and his hippy rogue pastor gang members had Christ who is the Torah Truth in their hearts as they claim to be the “Bible Answer” great teachers of knowledge, they would be thanking us for our teachings and rejoicing in the Torah Truth; however, the very fact that they identify themselves as the Western ministers who I rebuke, and therefore, despise me for criticizing them, proves as evidence that they are guilty of the sins I have uncovered about them and their Illuminati false doctrines; just like the Pharisees identified themselves as the religious leaders who Christ was rebuking and criticizing, so they considered it as a personal attack on themselves and despised Christ because of that. If they were not guilty of the sins that I uncover about them, they would have no reason to be offended by what I say, and moreover, they should agree with what I say. However, since they know that they are guilty of the evil that I disclose about them, they have hatred in their hearts since their pride is hurt and they ridicule me just as Ham ridiculed Noah. This is typical behavior of the Illuminati ruling Pharisees, and if Christ speaks through you, you will be hated and scorned by the Pharisee hippy rogue post 1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ effeminate pastors and religious leaders. They worship seminary knowledge of Satan and not the Torah Truth of the Holy Spirit.

These transvestite men disguise themselves as female prostitutes, drug the foolish victims, and sodomize them. As the Bible prophesied, these End Times are exactly like Sodom and Gomorrah, and the times of Noah’s flood. The Illuminati Satanists are savages and pagans, just like their ancestors the Mayans and Polynesians and Druids cut out live peoples’ hearts and cannibalized humans, and their ancestors the Nephilim giants who ripped people apart alive and ate them. Due to this evil by the Nephilim and intelligent chimera monsters, God judged the ancient world with a global flood and wiped out all who had perverted reengineered genes, except for those protected on God’s Noah’s Ark who had God’s originally created human genes. These modern day Nephilim reptilian hybrids look and behave like humans and walk around in our offices and schools and streets, but they are evil just like their ancestors, the Nephilim giants and chimera monsters of Noah’s times. They are human on the outside, and demonic spirits on the inside. They lead the humans to do their jungle pagan hip hop and rock and roll trance dances to Satan, and to tattoo and pierce their bodies. Satan’s Illuminati servants have been manufacturing tons of cloned Nephilim hybrid monsters with homosexual genes and feminist genes, and flooding society with them, and that is why it is becoming just like Sodom and Gomorrah or Noah’s flood’s Atlantis times. The world is becoming filled by these Nephilim non-human feminist witches and homosexual orgy people who do not have human souls since they were not reproduced normally through human birth, but cloned by Satan’s fallen angel aliens.

The Skull and Bones branch of the Illuminati Mystery Babylon religion conduct secret homosexual orgy rituals, and they cannot be promoted over a certain rank in the U.S. military unless they conduct these homosexual orgy rituals. There are CIA factions who are fighting against these fascist Nazi Aryan CIA and Western Illuminati gangsters. Half of the U.S. 7th fleet is owned by the Chinese who pay their salaries, and the other half are on the side of the Eastern Illuminati. If the Japanese kick out these Korean politicians henchmen of the Western Illuminati who rule Japan and hire the U.S. 7th fleet, they would have a bodyguard against the tidal wave and nuclear disaster terrorist attacks of the Western Illuminati, and stop the Western Illuminati who are trying to create war between the Asian nations. In order to control the world, the Western Illuminati create global conflicts. If Japan has the initiative to do this, then they would return to the 187 nation alliance against the Western Illuminati global gangster criminal organization. The Korean politicians of Japan and Korean prime ministers of Japan are just henchmen of the Western Illuminati gangsters who receive bribery from them. They need to uncover the bribery money in the Vatican bank. The stupid thing is that these religious carnal lukewarm Christians provide support to victims every time a disaster happens, but they are not praying against the Illuminati mass murderers who are causing all these disasters to depopulate the earth. This is the foolishness of religion. These Japanese prime ministers of Korean ancestry hate the Japanese, and are servants of the Western Illuminati, and that is why they smuggle the nuclear bombs into Japan to kill the Japanese with nuclear bomb tidal waves and radiation dispersion.

The Illuminati are kidnapping hundreds of thousands of children and sacrificing them in their satanic live sacrifice rituals, and aborting hundreds of thousands of fetuses as part of their extermination of the human race depopulation program of the Illuminati, and replacing them with all these feminist and homosexual Nephilim reptilian children to take over society and the world from the humans; so society is becoming inverse sexually like in Noah’s days, just so that Satan can ridicule God’s normal creation of masculine leader men and feminine helper women, as God created it. To the Nephilim, this God’s concept of creation is evil, and needs to be replaced with Satan’s masculine feminist female sorceresses, and effeminate male witches. Everything God creates beautiful, Satan tries to reengineer the genes and pervert the creation. This is why you get centaurs and fawns and minotaurs and chimeras and feminists and witches and homosexual orgy people and all kinds of evil creatures that have the nature of these fallen angels and the devil’s reptilian nature. This is why he has brainwashed these lukewarm religious Christians to believing his Western values of the post-1960s “Flower Children” satanization age. When Satan saw that God was bringing all the Jews back to the Holy Land to fulfill Bible prophecy, he knew his end was near, so he started production of these Nephilim hybrid armies and chimera half animal half human hybrids to fight against God at Armageddon. The Illuminati “Star Wars” movies’ cloned armies are a good depiction of what they are doing in real life. This is why the Bible prophesies that these current modern End Times will be just like the times of Noah’s flood’s Atlantis occult civilization where humankind were torn apart, skinned and eaten alive by the Nephilim, and exterminated by the Nephilim giants and great superhero men of renown and feminist witch Satanist activists, and the only humans left was Noah and his family. This is why God in return exterminated all of Satan’s freak feminist and homosexual Nephilim reptilian humanoids, and started the world all over again with Noah’s genetic descendents who had pure Adam’s human genes. Satan’s fallen angels created all these half bird half reptile dinosaur monsters that eat God’s human race, so God destroyed them with Noah’s flood.

Satan is a master of deception for he places all his Nephilim hybrid reptilian Wicca witch feminists who carry the feminist and homosexual Satan’s reptilian genes and Illuminati Satanist family’s in positions of fashion design and apparel industry management and make their satanic fashions famous, in order to slowly change the fashion of women little by little, so as not to be detected. This is the brainwashing technique used by him, until human women are mind controlled by Satan’s Illuminati feminist media, female masculine fashion, fake ideal women’s lifestyle, feminist movies, feminist newspaper and book and magazine writers, feminist elementary school and college teachers, feminist reptilian lewd women’s Jezebel fashion, etc. (This is why these fashion models in their posters are making pyramid triangles over their faces with their hands and covering up one eye with their hands as in the “all seeing eye” which are Illuminati symbols.) Once he gets them into this sin mode, he knows he has alienated these human women from God, so that he can demon possess them and control them mind, body and soul to pull them into hell. In these End Times, it is just like the ancient Atlantis days of Noah, and Satan has gotten women so filled with his demonic spirits that these human women despise any of God’s apostles who speak the Torah Truth, and call God’s good people evil, and evil as good. The Bible says cursed is the person who says good is evil and evil is good. In this End Times satanic age, feminism and women’s equality with men is considered good, and God’s order of authority is considered evil. This is the most depraved state of a society. From here starts hippy rebellion and liberation to manipulate the human genes to mix with fallen angel and animal genes, since there is no longer God’s authority or ethics, and women’s liberation to sacrifice fetuses to Molech’s statue of fire and abortion clinics where tens of thousands of babies are genocide by the Illuminati as part of their witch feminist satanic rituals to unleash more demonic spirits through the star gates.

Just like in Noah’s days, the feminist witches with reptilian genes have taken over society, and they kill and sacrifice and sell into slave trade, millions of women, as they use women’s liberation and women’s equality as their propaganda to carry out their genocide plan of humans. The stupid human women are deceived, because they are heathens and do not have the Holy Spirit, and they just repeat and chant the Illuminati’s feminist ideologies, as if they are tape recorders of mind-controlled robots, since they would not submit to God’s order of authority, but would rather live and embrace sin and pride and rebellion and independence and blasphemous Western values. Woe to the women of this End Times Satanist society for they are cursed. It makes sense why these famous fashion designers and fashion industry feminist and homosexual Nephilim hybrids and Satanist Illuminati family members are so arrogant, evil and lewd, and exemplify Satan’s characters and nature. Everything fits like a puzzle when you see the Torah Truth through God’s eyes and the Holy Spirit. The humans have to first repent of this feminism and usurping of God’s order of authority, in order to come to Him and be saved. The religious carnal lukewarm Christians refuse to repent of this feminism and usurpation and Jezebel, and will not acknowledge His authority and Torah Truth. Jezebel is a spirit of rebellion and denial of God and of witchcraft. They blatantly wear Satan’s feminist clothing to God’s church, and go through meaningless religious activities before Him. How vain and foolish. Anyone who does not love God’s precepts does not love God. These linguistic professors who despise God’s apostles despise God. But you, my dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, have not been given a spirit of deception and evil, but you have been given a Spirit of a sound mind, love and Torah Truth.

If you talk about these cloning programs of the Illuminati, their hybrid reptilian feminists and occult Satanists will start gang stalking you, shooting you with EMP electromagnetic weapons, poisoning you, and try to kill you. But God’s Holy Spirit in us is greater than all the forces that Satan can muster up against us. These Nephilim behave nice on the surface, but their nature is more like their devil, rather than human. They were trying to hunt me down like a reptilian serpent hunts down a mouse. They underestimate God our Father. In ancient Noah’s days’ Atlantis civilization, the Nephilim cannibalized humans, and again, in these modern End Times, the reptilian Nephilim are eating humans in their satanic live human sacrifices. Ancient American Indian legends tells of these coned head Bigfoot and Sasquatch giant Nephilim humanzee creatures eating human beings, just like the Chupacabra. Soon, this world will be filled with half animal humanoids and feminists and homosexual witchcraft people, unless God intervenes again, and saves humankind from extinction by these Nephilim creatures. These Nephilim females wear trousers, and the human women are imitating them in mind and behavior. These are evil days, just like the occult ancient technologically advanced days of Noah’s satanic society. Most of these religious carnal Christians do not teach the Torah Truth like us who are God’s apostles and prophets, but instead, they oppose us. It is time for them to decide whose side they are on. God is separating the wheat from the weeds. If they are from God, then they will recognize the Torah Truth, and obey, and understand, and purify themselves from Satan’s Western Jezebel values and lifestyle. The question is, do they have the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Truth, who distinguishes the truth from the lie, and knows the Father, and has true faith, and not religious faith. Even the devil and his angels believe in God, but they do not have faith, and they do not believe or accept the Torah Truth. It is the same with the religious Christians who profess to know God, but they do not accept Him or love Him or follow Him. The proof is in that they reject us and despise us, whom God sent. They believe the lies of the Nephilim offspring, instead of believing in the Torah Truth of God’s prophets. How can they blame God, if He rejects them? This is a satanic society we live in with satanic creatures. It is becoming worse day by day. I have prayed that you receive wisdom, my dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren for the days are dark. But, the Light has come and He is in us.

These Nephilim reptilian hybrid royal families of the world, Nephilim Illuminati bloodline families, Nephilim witches and wizards (the witches and warlocks are reptilian descendents of these Nephilim) are again trying to create more of their kind (hybrid genetic cloned monster freak humanoids) once more, and this is why God will be bringing about judgment by fire this time, instead of a flood, to wipe out all these Nephilim genetic freak monsters and heathen unbelievers. God is loving and patient, but He will not allow the devil to pervert His creation again by creating freak monsters with evil Satan’s natures. The Nephilim that God exterminated using Noah’s flood in the ancient Atlantis days were killed and their disembodied spirits (Nephilim hybrids do not have human souls) could not enter heaven or go to hell, so they were detached from their bodies and roam our world as evil spirits and ghosts. They are not fallen angels, but children of the fallen angels. The Illuminati is trying to clone bodies using the ancient Nephilim mummies that the Illuminati preserved, in order to resurrect the bodies for these Nephilim evil spirits. They clone U.S. presidents using ancient Pharaoh Nephilim genes from these mummies, and that is why these U.S. presidents have scars on their heads where they surgically shortened the typical elongated Nephilim cone heads with greater brain capacities that you see in these ancient Nephilim skull fossils and hieroglyphs, and they look identical to the facial statues of these Egyptian Pharaohs in facial features. It is because they are clones. These witches and feminist creatures are using black magic to pray to the devil to bring back these evil spirits into these cloned bodies, in order to run havoc on our society. The Anti-Christ is not human, but he is a Nephilim reptilian. So, our society is becoming more and more evil, and being filled with more and more satanic people. The governments, schools, media, military, secret intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies, etc. have been taken over by all these intelligent Nephilim spirits in human cloned bodies. Their goal is to kill all humans and creations of God.

These modern day Nephilim hybrid soulless creatures have the nice homes, swimming pools, extravagant lifestyles, delicacies, sex, fame, and all the moneys of the world which they stole from the human populace, just because their ancestors are the fallen angels, while they make mankind poor and slaves who toil in their work day and night. They rule our world today through the secret societies and Illuminati. They monopolize every aspect of society. If you disclose their secrets and Satan’s children’s little secret, then they gang stalk you and try to assassinate you using electromagnetic weapons, poison, faked suicides and deliberate car accidents. They behave more like reptile serpents than human beings. These Illuminati reptilian hybrids own 90% of the world’s money, which they have stolen through the banking and finance system they created through their Knights Templar back in medieval times. They created this world banking system and economic system and fake digital photon money, in order so that they can parasite off the human populace and enslave them to work for them, and they can live like kings and queens and economic moguls. They also own all of the world’s crime industry and organized crimes, as well as these CIAs and other governments making money off of war, armaments, drug smuggling, child slavery, extortion of nations using nuclear disasters, manipulating crop prices using HAARP weather, and every conceivable and inconceivable evil satanic activity, which you would be shocked to even believe.

The Illuminati’s Harvard University professors created LSD and the Illuminati’s Nazi Aryan CIA spread it to the “Flower Children” hippies in the post 1960s in order to make all Americans do witchcraft, because drugs is witchcraft. Satan’s medical institutions and Illuminati pharmaceutical industry are introducing more Babylonian witchcraft drugs into the hospitals and clinics, and the U.S. is a drugs and witchcraft nation, since the post 1960s. Most crimes are drugs related or witchcraft related. Will not God judge the U.S.? Even religious carnal lukewarm adulterous Christians are using prescribed medicine and drugs, and conducting witchcraft every day. The post 1960s “Flower Children” Jezebel worshipping effeminate hippy rogue pastors propagate and indoctrinate religious Christians with witchcraft and human medical treatments. The Illuminati is manufacturing viruses and bacteria and toxins and radiation to kill more people and make them infertile as part of the Illuminati depopulation program, while doing everything to compromise the human immune system and food source nutrients, and the Illuminati’s pharmaceutical companies are selling witchcraft drugs so that the Illuminati reptilian leaders can make billions and billions of money through the suffering and death of humans. How dare these Jezebel’s “fake Christ” worshipping hippy rogue adulterous pastors say that they are angry at God’s apostles and prophets for teaching people that human medical treatments is Babylonian witchcraft and for promoting God’s loving healing. These post 1960s “Flower Children” effeminate hippy rogue pastors and Pharisees are just as worse as the Illuminati. These Calvary Chapel and other hippy church conference ministers behave like hippies and Satanist “Flower Children” post 1960s generation Western people. They think and breathe like Westerners and Hellenist Jezebel worshippers.

The Western Illuminati killed 600 top financiers on the Titanic who were against the Illuminati establishing the Federal Reserve Bank. If these Illuminati reptilians had not parasite off the human population of the world, every human on this earth would be extremely rich and wealthy. The unimaginable huge amounts of money and advanced fallen angel technology that these Illuminati governments pass out to their huge Illuminati companies is ridiculous. These Illuminati members are not chosen to become wealthy and powerful Illuminati corporate executives based on their ability, but rather based on their loyalty and membership in the Freemasons and Illuminati and other Satanist organizations. They are controlled and owned by reptilian hybrid Illuminati Satanists who are the offspring of these fallen angels. These vampires and their Satanist human servants feel they are on top of the world, because they receive all the power and wealth and sex and fame and connections, and they believe that Lucifer is going to give them the world; because they do not know that Satan plans to kill them all, later, to replace them with his offspring; just like in Noah’s flood’s times, all these Nephilim giants were ripping apart and skinning and eating humans alive, too. This is why these cold-blooded reptilian Nephilim do not even care about causing an earthquake under the sea with nuclear weapons to cause tidal waves to kill thousands of humans, and sabotaging nuclear power plants with nuclear bombs, in order to hide all evidence of radiation from the nuclear bomb they exploded under the ocean to create the earthquake. You can use an infrared heat camera to see these reptilians who have colder bodies. These freemason human assassin servants of the Illuminati are complete fools, because they are trying to kill God’s prophets who are trying to warn them about what their Illuminati leaders are going to do to them and their families, too, eventually; and that is to exterminate them, also.

You will find the Illuminati eagle symbol on the Nazi flag, the patriotic movie “Captain America” superhero Captain America’s t-shirt, the U.S. presidential seal, the U.S. army seal, the Austrian flag, the ancient Sumerian Babylonian rock engravings, and all of Satan’s Illuminati organizations. The fallen angels did not want humans to depict them in their picture as reptilians, so they depicted them as eagles and owls, as in the statue of the owl at the Bohemian Grove satanic human sacrifice rituals and “Harry Potter” movies. The owls always appear in the reptilian witches’ movies as the witches’ pets. It is because the Nazis, the CIA, the British royal family, Hollywood celebrities, the witches, the Vatican, the Muslim Brotherhood, the leaders of governments of nations, the United Nations, the big corporations, the mafia, etc. all belong to the same ancient Brotherhood of the Snake Mystery Babylon religion of Satan or Luciferianism.

No wonder these Illuminati reptilian offspring of Satan have been frantically trying to kill me, because if I uncover their entire “human to Nephilim replacement plan” to the human population, it will blow their entire plan. The human population of the world found out the truth, they would be very angry at the Western Illuminati planning to exterminate every human man, woman and child, and reengineering their children into hybrid monsters. The Illuminati’s greatest fear is that their ongoing project to human ritual sacrifice hundreds of thousands of humans and genocide 95% of the human population will be discovered by the human soldiers and police officers, before they can crash the economy, create martial law, execute the starving human mobs, and create the World War 3 nuclear war to wipe out the humans, so that the reptilian elites who emerge from their underground military shelters after the nuclear war would be the majority population, and they can repopulate the earth with their Illuminati reptilian genes. Right now, they the homo-universalis are greatly outnumbered by God’s created human beings the homo-sapiens. All their Illuminati Hollywood movies are designed to desensitize humans to their world view and their plan, so that the humans are so dumb down that they would be eliminated. A good example is the children’s animation movie, “Monster Hotel,” that sells the idea of humans interbreeding with these monsters that look human and act like they have love. The human children of the world are being mind-controlled and brainwashed to this world view as acceptable and normal. The devil Satan is a master deceiver and charlatan.

It is only the carnal religious lukewarm Christians who are dumb down by their Illuminati spy ministers and spy evangelists to a fake Western Christianity Jezebel theology and Christian lifestyle. This is why these religious dead lukewarm Jezebel Western Christian women do not wear head coverings, cut their hairs short, pierce their ears, wear trousers, take leadership positions, work in careers, go around marrying and breeding genetic descendents, wear tight lewd clothes, walk like men, speak with men as if they are their equals, adorn themselves with cosmetic disguises that these fallen angels have taught, and live exactly like these reptilian Satan’s genetic seed feminist witch Illuminati hybrid women, who are their heroines and role models and mind-controllers and teachers and neighbors and actresses and society’s infiltrators sent to mind-control the human women. When lukewarm carnal religious Christians love pride over God’s Torah Truth, they start to live and speak and think just like Satan’s monsters.

Since most of the Illuminati’s Japanese of Korean ancestry are living in Western Japan, they have to send them to Eastern Japan to try to assassinate me. Western Japan has a lot of crime and lewdness and violence, compared with Eastern Japan, because Eastern Japan has fewer Koreans who have disguised themselves as Japanese. The Japanese are more law-abiding, gentle, and ethical, so the Illuminati has to resort to these Korean-Japanese to try to kill God’s prophets and apostles as well as trying to kill the Japanese who are the ten lost tribes Jews; just like the Edomites have been sent in by Satan to disguise as Jews to create Zionism to genocide the Israeli Jews and create bad publicity for the Jews, so that Jews will be hated by the world; and, just like the Koreans who have infiltrated Japanese society and disguised themselves as Japanese have done atrocities and violent things throughout history to make the world hate the Japanese. Satan is a master of deception and infiltration, and he has sent his people and nations who look like God’s people into their midst to try to kill them, for he knows this is the best way to destroy his enemy; just like he infiltrated God’s Church with the Catholic Vatican Church of Satanism from Babylon, and Illuminati Satanist pastors into the Protestant churches. Satan used his Satanist Catholic Church to fight the crusade with his Satanist Muslims to give Christians a bad name; just like Satan creates fake fanatic violent cult groups to disguise as Christians to do crazy things in the world, in order to make the world hate Christians. What Satan does over the history of mankind is the same, and his strategies have not changed: his two-pronged strategy of two extremes. He has created democracy and communism, and republicans and democrats, left-wing fanatics and right-wing fanatics; and by creating two extremes, his Illuminati can create wars and profit from armament industries and genocide the human population and create negative energy from torment which the fallen angels feed off of. It is energy to them. He and his Illuminati have done this in every aspect of society and history.

The reason why these Edomites are so intelligent and control the economy and Hollywood is because they are not humans, but they are Nephilim reptilian hybrid monsters. These Edomite descendents of Esau are disguised as Jews, and they hold all the major positions of power and are Zionists: the Rothchilds, the Hitlers, the Marxs, the Rockefellers, the Obamas, the Bushs, etc. This is why so many people in our world feel that the government does not care about them, and that the reptilian politicians who purposely cause the war to kill human beings should dual and kill each other between the politicians, instead of making the humans go off to war and kill millions of other fellow humans. If these, what the Illuminati call the “stupid and ignorant human livestock populace” do not realize there is something wrong with our politicians and society and there is a strange agenda, then they are truly ignorant and stupid, and deserve to be sent to war to genocide each other by the reptilians for the reptilian hybrid depopulation and human extermination program, and deserve to be in the fallen angel alien cages in level seven of their secret underground military bases crying for help as they are experimented on to create chimera half-human half-animal genetically cloned monsters. They have abandoned and scorned God’s Torah Truth who is Christ, and thereby, have turned their backs upon God.

A good example is the evil of the Western Illuminati’s U.S. military: first, in the old days, they exterminate the American Indians to take away their land; then, in modern days, they confiscate and erase all evidence of all the archaeologists’ fossils that prove that the Aborigine and Polynesians were in the U.S. first (at the complaint by the American Indians that the fossils are sacred American Indian ancestral fossils, though the genes and facial reconstructions prove it as an outright lie), so that they can keep the American Indians’ status as the indigenous people of America, in order to continue to give them indigenous people government welfare distributions to keep the American Indians lazy, drunk, poor, jobless, and dependent on the government handouts, since they do not have to work, but they can just live off of taxpayers’ money. The ages and eras change, but the Illuminati’s government continue to do the same evil things, and they do not change. They kill and suppress the truth, in all ages.

The Chinese, Japanese and Koreans were not stupid enough to be forced into a war with each other by the Western Illuminati cabal mafia Committee of Three Hundred who were hiring rogue money-loving traitors to riot against each other’s countries concerning territorial disputes, in order to try to annihilate a significant major portion of the Asian race. If the Western Illuminati cabal mafia had succeeded in bringing about this Asian war, just like in Syria and Libya and Egypt and toppling of Eastern Illuminati authorities, they would have been able to set up their own puppet Asian Prime Ministers, and they would have been able to cut down the population of the 1.3 billion people of China to perhaps a fraction of that number, and significantly weaken the power of the Eastern Illuminati (White Dragon Society, Green Dragon Society, Russian Gnostic Illuminati, Western White Hat faction, and leaders of 80 nations) to deprive its financial power and number of Eastern Illuminati ninja assassins, who the Western Illuminati wanted to get rid of at a mass scale; while designing and spreading more Asian genes targeted plagues and epidemics such as SARS to wipe out the rest of the remaining Asian population. The Western Illuminati knows the weakness of the Eastern Illuminati is in its weak alliance and long historical conflict between neighboring nations. The Western Illuminati also want to break apart the Russian and Asian relationships, too. They are well aware the greatest threat to their Aryan Nazi Western Illuminati New World Order world domination and plans for the extermination genocide of all other races is the huge Asian population and its economic and military power, as well as who the Nazi Aryans consider the inferior animal Slavs.

If the Western Illuminati can spread tremendous levels of radiation among the Asians by bombing their nuclear power plants in Fukushima and other Asian countries, they know the future Asian populations will die off or be physically deformed and in no capacity to support its military, economic power, and population numbers. The Aryan Western Illuminati will not give up their thousands of year old sole objective of killing all humans and who they consider inferior skin-colored people, and replacing mankind with their Aryan alien hybrid Nephilim super soldier race of genetically modified humanoids, just like in Atlantis during Noah’s times. This has been attempted before in ancient times, because it has always been Satan’s plan, and he has not detracted at all from his original plan. The Nazis did not pop up all of a sudden, but they have always been around throughout ancient times and the history of mankind, in the form of Satan’s Mystery Babylon religion, the Illuminati, and have taken on different occult names such as the Nazis throughout history, who have just been immigrated and naturalized into the Nazi-CIA integration process. The Nazi Vril occult are the Illuminati Satanists, and the Illuminati Satanists are the Nazi Vril. They just moved their headquarters from Nazi Germany to the United States CIA after World War 2.

The CIA and all the world’s Illuminati secret intelligence agencies can do everything and anything evil and criminal, because they have made billions and billions of dollars of black ops budgets for themselves from the taxpayer slaves who work like slaves day and night to finance these Nazi Aryan descendents, which do not require any accountability; and, they pretty much have the secrecy and free rein to do whatever illegal things that they want to do to make money and further their Illuminati Satanism cause; everything from murder, stealing, drug business, creating wars and terrorism by bombing World Trade Center buildings and Pentagons (the area of the Pentagon building where the records for the trillions of dollars of budget that disappeared and could not be accounted for which Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld said is missing). If you disclose their secret, since they are worse than the mafia criminal organization, they will just kill you, because to them, murder and genocide and drugs and stealing and rape and pillaging are nothing but normal—it is normal Nazi activity, and they think they are justified to do it because they are doing it for the good of their New World Order Satanist plans for world dominance and extermination of inferior mankind. Evil does not believe that they are evil, but they believe they are good, and they believe good is evil. This is why they had to create fake terrorist attacks, in order to build their homeland security law enforcement police state system, in order to massacre and enslave the populace in the soon coming Illuminati New World Order: which is the exact opposite of what they are making it look like—that they are creating these systems to protect the humans from terrorism and evil. The Satanists are controlled by Satan, so they naturally do everything evil from lying, cheating, stealing, murder and genocide.

The most evil people and the most loyal to the devil’s agenda are put into positions of power by Satan, and the humans work like slaves every day to pay taxes and finance these evil Satanists and hybrid reptilian Nephilim. The people of the world would be very rich and living like kings, if the Illuminati were not stealing 90% of the world’s money. This is a world controlled by the devil, until Jesus returns at Armageddon. Satan is a master of deception, cover up, and hiding under fake pretenses, for the Bible says the devil disguises himself as an angel of light. This is why the masses of CIA Nazi Aryan white hit squads who were gang stalking me in their helicopters and white trucks looked like convicts straight out of prison and had a very arrogant criminal demeanor in their behavior, because they are not true intelligence law enforcement people, but in reality, they are exactly the same type of people you find in prisons. The only difference is that they are not imprisoned for their crimes, and the police will not catch them for their crimes and killing and evil, since the Illuminati just secretly eliminates anyone who oppose them and all the top echelons of the law enforcement agencies are controlled by the Illuminati Satanists. This world is quite the opposite of the righteous, law-abiding, ethical, civilized world that the populace are led to believe that it is. This world made up of national borders and fake countries is not real, and it really belongs to the Satanists who run the world. It is the ignorant religious Christians and the Illuminati owned church pastors who deceive and preach patriotism to America or patriotism to Germany, because in reality, all these nations are owned by the Nazi occult Satanist Illuminati Brotherhood of the Snake. Whether they are Americans or Germans, both sides do the same thing, and take pride in their nationality and patriotism. How meaningless and empty these religious Christians who worship Jezebel are. They do not know the true and living God, our Lord Jesus Christ.

The current day CIA and its parent organization the NSA consist of all the children and grandchildren of the Nazi mass murder war criminal parents and racists who were Vril occultist Satanists and who were invited into the CIA and NSA after the end of World War 2 by the NSA and CIA Illuminati occult Satanists, since they are part of the same Illuminati Mystery Babylon religion which is another name for the Satanist organization the Brotherhood of the Snake organization whose elite has ruled over this earth for thousands of years. The Nazi Vril, Wiccan witches, Esoterics, Edomite Zionists, Mormons, Freemasons, Druids, Muslim Brotherhoods, Soka Gakkai, Communists, Vatican Catholics, Templar Knights, Knights of Malta, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Society, royal families of the world, United Nations, Hindu Thagi, Jehovah’s Witness, Theosophists, CIA occultists, NSA occultists, Rosicrucians, world’s cults and occults, New Age, Gnostics, Alchemists, the Gnostic and Genetics G in Freemason symbolism, etc. are all connected with each other in the background and at the top, because they are all part of the Brotherhood of the Snake organization of Satan, which is called the Illuminati Luciferian New World Order. It is only the lower rank members who are not aware of this. The top people are not even human, but they are an elite of reptilian gene Nephilim whose ancestors were considered gods in ancient civilizations, and they carry Satan’s reptilian genetic seeds. The Nephilim giants were very evil creatures who enslaved humans and became kings and queens and pharaohs and emperors, and cannibalized humans just like the elites of our modern day world eat humans since they are reptilian vampires, and when these Nephilim giants were killed, they did not have human souls so their spirits roam the earth now as evil demon spirits. The Illuminati reptilians and fallen angels are creating clone bodies for these disembodied demon spirits to resurrect in, who are their offspring of half-human half-fallen-angel Nephilim giants of ancient times. These are the super soldier Aryan race that these Nazi CIA occultist Satanists and their fallen angel alien greys are trying to create in their underground bases, using the billions and billions of black ops budgets that they are stealing from the taxpayers, as well as through the Illuminati banking and economic systems. These reptilian elites of our world have assassinated millions of people and caused all the suffering in the world, and all the evils and crimes in the world, and these reptilians still rule the world through their secret societies.

The CIA Nazi factions steal money from the black ops tax payers and make money from the drugs that kill the populace, and use that money to gang stalk the tax payers, and use the taxpayers’ money to assassinate the taxpayers, and they use the taxpayers’ money to make a living and buy their food and sex. In other words, the Nazi CIA hit squads and computer hackers and field workers are humanoid parasites or demonic vampires that suck blood from the victims to survive and then hunt after them and kill the victims. This is their contribution to society and purpose for their arrival on earth, and eventually, their Illuminati goal to kill all humans on the earth to replace them with their hybrid reptilian Nephilim super soldier Aryan super race of monsters and professional murderers. The Satanists and Nephilim have not changed at all from their ancient predecessors who ruled the earth during Noah’s floods’ Atlantis civilization days, where they sacrificed humans in live pagan rituals and tore them apart to eat them. The modern day CIA Aryan Nazis still do the same thing, just like the Nephilim hybrid reptilian Wiccan witch feminists still sacrifice live infants to their burning statue of Molech as in the ancient days, in their modern day abortion clinics and witches’ child sacrifice Satanist rituals. These child sacrifice rituals have been conducted for thousands of years, since the inception of Satan’s Brotherhood of the Snake or mystery religions of pagans and occultist Satanists. The Satanist pagan human sacrifices did not start with the Illuminati’s Adam Weishaupt in the 18th century nor have they stopped doing these human sacrifices in modern times.

All the top world leaders conduct them, as well as paedophilia torture, child molestation and child sacrifice rituals. The Templar Knights taught women how to abort fetuses for blood sacrifice. The Rothchilds, formerly the Germanic pagan occult family, the Bauers, use the Canaanite Satanic rituals, while the Celtic Illuminati bloodlines use the Druid sacrifice system. The satanic deity, Ashtoreth, inspired the name for the Illuminati bloodline family Astor, and they conduct ritual sacrifice, just like the Windsors and all other Illuminati bloodlines. What is called Satanism is the ruling hierarchy of the Brotherhood of the Snake pyramid organization under the command of the reptilians. A child is sacrificed every day to the feminists’ Satanic goddess known as Lilith by the Illuminati upper hierarchy’s high priestess and feminist leader known as the Queen Mother in the Castle of Darkness or Chateau des Amerois in Belgium. In Sumerian civilization, the reptilian bloodline was passed along through the female, and this gene was symbolized by the lily, so their main chimera reptile gene carriers were given names like Lilith, Lillette, Lilutu or Lili, and this is where the name Queen Elizabeth is derived from, since she is a main feminists’ reptilian witch gene carrier.

The Illuminati bloodlines came from Belgium and France, and they are preparing a massive computer system called the “Beast” just as in Bible prophecy that databases the private information of all the humans of the world. It is also the headquarters of the Illuminati’s military arm NATO and the political arm the European Union. Their mind control operation is based in the NATO headquarters, called the Janus Group, because the first Anti Christ Nephilim Nimrod was known to the Romans as Janus. The Illuminati created the nation called Belgium in 1831 and placed their British reptilian royal bloodline in power there. The paedophile murder ring in Belgium discovered in 1996 is only a part of the satanic network from that country. Judges, top political leaders, top police leaders, European Union former commissioners, Illuminati profession lawyers, and many other famous and powerful Satanists have witch orgies in Belgian chateaus. They are all connected with the child kidnappers and child sacrifice providers and criminal Illuminati ring that provide these world leaders with children and victims in other countries like Germany, America and Holland. Satanism is an international corporation of crime. The reptilian genetic carrier feminists are just a small part of this Satanic organization, and these reptilian witches have been in power for thousands and thousands of years, and have been doing the same thing that Jezebel in ancient times did. The Nephilim have always gorged on human flesh, and this can be evidenced by the unusual millions and millions of children kidnapped every year throughout the world, which is food for them. The Nephilim reptilians hate humans and see them as stupid livestock.

Satanism is not unique to Druidism or Hinduism or Polynesian polytheism or American Indian paganism or Germanic Norse Vril Nazi Aryan CIA occultism or Freemason or Mayans or African Voodoo or Illuminati, but the Brotherhood of the Snake (Satan) Mystery Babylon religion has its branches in every nation and every historical time period. Many Christian clergy are part of this Satanic network, and a lot of satanic rituals of homosexual sex, torture and murder are conducted in the churches, as many famous well-known people of the world massacre children, including United Kingdom prime ministers and celebrities. Aleister Crowley had a house in Loch Ness, where black magic was conducted. The American Indian shamans believe that the same creature known as Bigfoot can shape-shift into other monsters like aquatic monsters and panthers. These Satanic rituals take place all over the place, including the underground of the British museum and other government buildings. There are people called “Mother Goddess” who are bred for the job of conducting sacrifice rituals for the British royal family and other Illuminati bloodlines. There are “Mother Goddesses” who claim to have been trained by Josef Mengele (the infamous Nazi genetic manipulator and war criminal and live human experiment torturer) a reptilian, who escaped after the war with the help of the British and American intelligence agencies, along with all the other Nazis, and continued his works of horror and genetic experiments in the United States, United Kingdom and South America for the Illuminati.

These Satanist leaders sometime fly in from Europe to California where the big U.S. rituals are conducted, such as in churches, and the members of the police close all the streets off. “Code White” is a code used by the Illuminati to all the police and judges and military to ignore and not to prosecute a certain person. Military guards carry machine guns to protect the church premises, and any trespassers are murdered ritually and disposed at the mortuary down the street. Children for sacrifice who cannot swim across to the site are thrown overboard by the coastguard vessels, and their bodies are later fed to starving sharks in cages. The victims’ bloods are drunk and their livers and eyes are eaten, and the fat from their intestines are smeared on the participants. The participants stand under the hung bodies to shower in their blood, and since they are in such a high level of excitement, they shape shift into their reptilian forms. There are many other rituals, such as pregnant women being drowned and her baby removed. At this “Mother Goddess’” feminist Atlantis priestess rituals, many famous people attend, such as the Rothchilds, Henry Kissinger, British royal family, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, George Bush, Gerald Ford, Newt Gingrich, Rupert Murdoch, Habsburgs, etc. Women are used by the feminists to breed babies for their satanic child sacrifice rituals, and they are never registered, so these children do not exist on record.

(Continued to “The Secret Takeover of the Human Race – Third Letter”.)

The Secret Takeover of the Human Race – Third Letter

(Continued from “The Secret Takeover of the Human Race – Second Letter”.)

The victims are afraid to go to the police, because the metropolitan police, the anti-terrorist squad, fraud squad, the complaints investigation branches are all led by the freemason members and Illuminati members. The Aryan Nazis in the Ku Klux Klan created by the Satanist Albert Pike are just one of the many groups of these feminist Illuminati who keep female prisoners for breeding sacrificial children, and they have their own midwives and hospital staff. Infants of low income parents and drug addicts are told that their child has died, and they are taken away to be bred for sacrifice or mind control programs, since these judges and social workers are Freemason and Satanists. The reptilians are very intelligent and secretive, just like their Nephilim ancestors, using power and secrecy; however, sometimes these cults and murders are exposed and come to light. Most are covered up by the political and judicial authorities, and the media. All the publishers, coroners, journalists, doctors, judges, politicians, editors, bankers, lawyers, business leaders, government officials, police and law enforcement top people are Satanists, and the higher you go up the pyramid hierarchy, the more Satanists there are. Most of the non-Satanists are filtered out by the time they reach those top levels. They have their own loyal groups under each of them, and all the people you need to carry out and cover up these rituals and criminal activities are in place after these thousands of years. On the outward, they behave like normal people. The Satanist network controls the system. There are no more heathen people to speak up against Jezebel and the feminists, because they have all been eliminated by the Satanists. It is part of Satan’s scheme to destroy the society from the family unit and basic foundation, and alienate a satanized society from God’s spiritual protection and Torah Truth. The Illuminati creates all these churches, so that all these new converts go to these controlled puppet pastors and ministers. They get just enough truth to keep them busy and tied up to their religious churches, and though they think they have God in their lives, the Illuminati still control their minds and hearts with Jezebel.

They do not realize that the Western Christianity is run by child sacrificing, human enslaving Illuminati Satanists. They are like the CIA’s and Illuminati’s Hollywood mind control monopoly. They create monopolies in every aspect of society, and this is the same with Christianity. They try to destroy any competition by trying to kill God’s apostles and prophets like me who teach God’s Torah Truth who is Christ Jesus our Lord. Satan does not like us, and naturally, the Illuminati reptilians of Satan do not like us either, just like the feminist Jezebel hated brother Elijah. The churches have a different spirit, a satanic spirit, a Jezebel spirit, a feminist witch spirit of mind control and spells, so they will reject us who are God’s apostles and prophets. They have a different satanic christ from our Christ who is God Almighty.

The Illuminati and CIA has used Illuminati families like the Disney family to mind control these religious Christians with the occult and feminism. Anyone who tried to expose Disney have had their books stopped from publishing, just like the Illuminati tried to stop my God’s book from being published. The Christian publishers are notorious and criminal, and only publish the Illuminati’s famous Christian puppet pastors’ books. Any authors who have been able to write about the truth have faced attacks on their integrity and character by the people hired by Disney, so everyone is afraid to write about them. They do not know of Walt Disney’s evil background or Satanist connections, just like they do not know the satanic celebration background of Christmas. Disney makes these children idolize reptilian witches like Mary Poppins and Satan’s Mickey Mouse fantasia witchcraft with happy animation and fantasy stories and cute characters, just like Harry Potter and Golden Compass witches. These carnal lukewarm religious Christians who go to the Illuminati mind control churches idolize the princes and princesses reptilians who sacrifice children and eat their flesh, because they are Illuminati Jezebel worshippers, while they despise and reject God’s apostles and prophets. These carnal religious Christians watch movies like “Marie Antoinette” and chase after royal families, and dream about marrying reptilian paedophile mass murderer gang boss princes and living in palace luxury and royalty fame, instead of aspiring to be God’s servants to be persecuted and their lives sought after by Satanist assassins because of their love for Christ; and this is why God will vomit them out of His mouth. They have a form of Christianity on the surface, but no Holy Spirit within their hearts or the Torah Truth. They worship Jezebel, the feminist witch, and wear men’s trousers. They dream of being crowned with Nephilim huge brain pointed head royal crowns by the Vatican priests who wear the large pointed fish hats of the Dagon fish god of Satanism. This is the condition of the spiritually dead religious Christians. To them, the Torah Truth who is Christ is just words of nonsense and incomprehensible gibberish for they do not have the Holy Spirit to understand the Light that has come to this world, our Savior and life Jesus Christ. They would rather worship the post 1960s “Flower Children” effeminate hippy jesus christ which the Illuminati created to replace our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thousands of humans are sacrificed every year by the Illuminati leaders and reptilian elites, who are the vampire servants of these reptilian fallen angels. The fallen angels feed off the negative energy of hatred, terror, depression and fear. It is food for them. There is a lot of negative energy that is created when humans are sacrificed during these pagan rituals. The amount of adrenalin created in the humans’ blood right before being tortured and killed shoot up, and this is what gives the feminist witch reptilian descendents and the fallen angels a natural euphoric high when they drink these humans’ blood and eat their flesh. They do the same thing that the Nephilim reptilian hybrid giants did in Noah’s flood’s Atlantis days when they tore humans apart and ate them. This human blood allows the fallen angels to maintain form in this physical dimension. Therefore, these human sacrifices and cannibalism have been conducted for thousands of years by these Satanist pagan descendents—the American Indians, Polynesians, Germanic pagans, Celtic Druids, Asian religions, Korean shamans, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, and all over the world by heathens. This is why the Illuminati started all the wars in the history of mankind, because wars create tremendous negative energy through mass killing, hatred, fear, pain, agony, terror, suffering, starvation, maiming, crippling, humiliation, anger, sadness, etc. In other words, the wars that the Illuminati create are a big Illuminati Satanist live human sacrifice of millions of people for them, which feed their alien fallen angel fathers or gods with tremendous negative energy, which releases tremendous demonic powers and activity and witchcraft for them. It is the foolish human Illuminati servants and law enforcement personnel and Koreans who carry out these fallen angels’ work, which is basically to annihilate the human race and themselves also. They call it the Illuminati’s depopulation plan, but it is basically a plan for complete genocide of the human race that God created. The Illuminati demon-possessed human servants just have not been informed that they are also part of the humans who will be killed and exterminated. They are informed that they will rule together in the New World Order of the Illuminati.

The moment of torture and being killed in the Illuminati Satanist child live sacrifices and sex without love create the greatest negative energy for these fallen angels. This is why human sacrifice and sexual orgies have been an intimate part of all Satanist rituals whether it be the Wiccan reptilian witches or Polynesian mana rituals or Druid Celtic rituals or pagan Germanic rituals or Mayan American Indian rituals. The unclean spirits materialize during these live human sacrifices to feed on the humans along with the Nephilim reptilian hybrids. This negative energy or the Korean “Han” which is a deep-seated national hatred, crazed anger and rage, extreme self-righteousness of Satan to take revenge on God and His people (which can be observed in Edomite Arab  nations surrounding Israel, too—a demon possession of nations) is exhibited during the Korean shaman demon possession. It is a nature that comes out of the spirit possession of people by Satan to accomplish Satan’s mission on this earth, and feed the negative energy of this earth to increase demonic activity and release of unclean spirits through the star gate portals into this human realm. “Han” describes the Korean heart and it is cherished as a national character, and it is said to be original to Korean culture and Korean mentality, but it is prevalent in every culture that conducts shamanism and where the people of that culture are demon-possessed, such as Polynesian or American Indian or Mayan cultures. Satan chooses to possess and take over nations with this hatred, revenge, bitterness, maliciousness, rage, craze, and savageness, in order to cause more killing and shamanism and revenge and violence that allow him and his fallen angels to operate more actively in the affairs of human society and this earth.

This is why Satan uses his reptilian hybrid Illuminati bloodline elites of this world to create the wars and cancers and tidal waves. The Nazi genocide holocaust of six million Jews was propelled by this Korean national “Han” cultural value which is a deep boiling hatred and rage of the Edomite people against the Jews, and the genocide of six million people is their Satanist live human sacrifice ritual for them to empower Satan and his fallen angel reptilians. The Nazis were Vril Thule Satanists (branch of the Illuminati Mystery Babylon religion) who were demon possessed and possessed this Korean “han” spirit, so their Nazi SS units did savage and violent acts, such as the intentional torture and mutilation and execution of not only Jews, but also Americans, British, Russians, Poles, Italians, Canadians, Dutch, French, Norwegians, etc. The more demon possessed a nation is, the more “han” culture it has, and the more gang-oriented, race-oriented, family-oriented, and gene-oriented they are. In contrast, Christ’s millennial kingdom will be filled by His and His people’s love, peace, joy, kindness, gentleness, patience, diligence, respect, humility, giving, and all the other character nature of God our Lord Jesus Christ, which is the spirit’s nature in contrast to the flesh’s nature. The flesh animalistic satanic nature is preoccupied with nationalism, genetic connections, family and gang mentality, ethnicity and age-old family feuds. The spirit of God is concerned with love for one’s enemies, taking care of the strangers before your family and healing your enemy country before your own nation just like the Good Samaritan (an enemy of the Jews), and asking God for forgiveness toward those who are trying to kill you who may repent just like Jesus prayed that the Father in Heaven would forgive those Roman soldiers who were crucifying Him. The spiritual is the opposite of the carnal flesh.

The Satanist humans and the Nephilim reptilian hybrids have not change at all in their evil and behavior; they have only changed their methods and their clothing to modern day clothes. This is why when the Nephilim die, they become evil spirits or ghosts that are disembodied spirits, because since they are neither fully human nor fully fallen angel, they cannot go to hell, so their spirits just roam the earth, until the Illuminati create clone bodies for them to enter and resurrect in their secret underground military CIA bases. Normally, people do not die so frequently so young, but the Illuminati celebrities and rock stars and politicians die so often, because they are not just dying but rather being killed by the Illuminati. Only the ignorant people of the world who are mind-controlled by the Illuminati’s media and Nazi propaganda do not know this and do not believe this. They are very foolish people, because the deception is not natural but it is supernatural by the evil spirits that control the world, and they do not have the Holy Spirit of wisdom and light and truth. They live in ignorance, darkness, and deception.

The Western Illuminati did not want Japan to be self-sufficient on nuclear energy, and wanted Japan to be dependent again on the U.S. All those people who were involved in the Fukushima nuclear terrorist attack have been killed by CIA death squads to erase all evidence. Almost all the Japanese politicians are Korean ancestry disguised as Japanese and they try to kill all Japanese who are the ten lost tribes of Israel. Satan is using the Korean race to try to exterminate all of God’s people, and they have succeeded in taking over all the politics, media, celebrities, gangsters and all key institutions of Japan, just like the Edomites have taken over Israel. Most of those involved in assassination and crimes for the Western Illuminati Satanists are Koreans. The Edomites who are disguised as Jews used murder, drugs, sabotage, stealing, extortion, and every evil to take over the U.S., and enslave the other 99% of the population through money. The Edomites and Koreans are gangster races of the world. Wherever the Edomites and Koreans have gone, there is murder, violence, gambling, extortion, monopoly, assassinations, stealing, etc., and a legacy of evil. God will judge these Satan’s people. They gather together to protect their Korean gangsters. Their Illuminati has killed 50 million people since World War 2. The standard of living of the Japanese and American populace has been declining because of these people. The Edomite leaders of America and the Korean leaders of Japan should be tried and arrested for their gangster criminal activities, stealing from the people, and mass murders and assassinations of those who uncover their evil.

The Edomite race and Korean race are very similar in nature, and this is why these nations and ethnic groups are used by Satan to attack God’s nations, and to spread Satan’s deceptive fake Jezebel form of Christianity. They are the devil’s witchcraft shaman form of Christianity derived from Confucian and Judaist Babylonian Satanism—it is a religious Christianity, just like the Edomite Judaism Pharisees and Vatican Christianity. The best way to destroy the enemy is to flood the enemy’s church with your people and fake doctrines. This is the trap that Satan has set. Those who do not have the Holy Spirit are ensnared by it. Satan has planted his Korean seeds into Japanese society, and his Edomite seeds into Israeli society; and he gives them money and power and sex and all kinds of criminal activities, even the mass murder of God’s nations with tidal waves and radiation dispersion. Their hatred toward God’s people is reflective of Satan’s hatred toward God. This is why God has vowed to destroy these evil nations and people. They corrupt His creation and human genes and nature, and thereby, blaspheme God. When they wage war against God’s people and His creation, they wage war against God. All the brutal, heinous crimes in Japan and the world are conducted by the Japanese of Korean ancestry, and all the cult and occult groups leaders and gurus that spread Sarin nerve gas and plagues and toxins into the air among the populace are Korean and Edomite people. The terrorists and dictators all seem to be other nationalities, but if you track their genealogies, they descend from Korean and Edomite backgrounds. This is why the Edomite Zionists (Zionism is a branch of the Mystery Babylon religion Satanism) and Koreans come out in masses and drones to try to kill God’s apostles and prophets, and they hire all the evil people and Nephilim (feminists, homosexual orgy people, witches, occultists, Satanists, mafia, gangsters, CIA and MI6 Aryan Neo-Nazi hit squads, cult groups, Freemason Luciferians, Germanic paganists, etc.) to help them in trying to assassinate God’s apostles and prophets. They are possessed by Satan. This should not be grounds for discrimination and prejudice of certain races, but it is important to acknowledge God’s Torah Truth, in the hope that these people will repent and be saved in Christ as the Ninevites were spared; and it is important to note that each individual will be judged by their own heart, and not by their nationality or race. However, nations and peoples will be judged for their evil deeds.

Matter of fact, it is the evil nations and people like Koreans that are prejudice and discriminatory and nationalistic and try to define themselves as part of a certain nationality or ethnicity or race, just like the Aryan Nazis; and this is why the Koreans only hire their own ethnicity or give preference to people of their own nationality, or takeover and monopolize the Japanese prime minister’s positions throughout history and the political and celebrity world, and become rich through deceit and unethical methods. The Koreans are obsessed with their families, and giving preferential treatment and priority to their own genetic bloodlines or kin or ethnicity or nationality, just like the Illuminati reptilian family royalty bloodlines and the mafia gangster families and Ku Klux Klan Neo Nazi white supremacist families and pagan tribal family cannibal chieftains who headhunt and eat other families, and other satanic people with barbaric, depraved genetic characters. This is Satan’s nature, and the more evil a nation is, the more they are controlled by shamanism or Confucianism or Germanic paganism or Nazism or paganism or New Age or other forms of the Mystery Babylon religion Satanism. They look after their own genetic family or mafia family or nationality or street gang, instead of loving and helping out the enemy or strangers or Samaritan women or other nationalities or other families first, before your own nationality or family or self. You can evidence how evil a nation is by their culture, mentality, values, thinking, behavior, ethical behavior, brutality, crime rate, paganism, shamanism, selfishness, greed, number of lawyers, gang and family feud mentality, nationalistic attachments, family oriented Confucianism, hatred toward neighboring countries and nationalities, prejudice and discrimination, patriotism, unethical businessmen, street gangs, white color crimes, brutal and violent ethnic genes, stealing businesses and economies from other countries, etc.

These are signs of a very evil nation and genetic forefather of that nation who started that gene—a barbaric race. Such a nation like Korea or the mafia or the Edomites (fake disguised Jews like the Rothchilds and Rockefellers and Roosevelts, and Esau’s descendents’ Arab nations, etc.) needs to repent of their genetic violent temper, genetic deceitfulness, genetic hatred, “han” vengeful spirit of creating worldwide hatred and vengeance, discrimination, beliefs of racial superiority, preferential priority toward their own race and family descendents and animalistic blood ties, family feuds, prejudice and hatred toward other ethnicities, and barbarism, or they will be destroyed by God for the sins of their race and genetic evil. In Revelation 2:9, God prophesies against these people like the Edomite Esau’s descendents and Japanese of Korean ancestry who try to exterminate the Jews and are Illuminati’s Satanists: “I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan”  (Revelation 2:9). Satan uses these barbaric nations and barbarian people to try to exterminate God’s chosen people, like the Edomite Illuminati bloodline families and Edomite Esau descendents’ Arab nations to conduct Nazi holocaust genocide against the Israeli two tribes of Jews and try to wipe them out with falsely fabricated Palestinian liberation wars, and the Koreans with their “han” national hatred culture has continuously infiltrated and corrupted and sabotaged the Japanese ten lost tribes of Jews to genocide them with mix breeding, nuclear power plant disaster radiation dispersion and radiation genetic contamination, and massive smuggled nuclear bomb tidal waves off the coasts of Japan. Shame on these barbaric genetic family nations and ethnicities and mafia nations, and may God deal with them a hundred times of judgment, as they have treated God’s people and the Jewish Remnant!


We have seen the seventh Edomite king, Hitler, who was prophesied in the Bible, and we will see another eighth king, the Edomite Anti Christ, who was also prophesied in the Bible. They are of Edomite bloodlines (Esau’s descendents) who have disguised themselves as Jews and have vowed for thousands of years to destroy the real Jews or God’s people, and many of the fascist Zionist Jewish population of Israel (Esau’s descendents who claim to be Ashkenazi Turkish Jews who are the violent politicians and Rabbi religious leaders and Pharisees and brutal kings of Israel and economic leaders of Israel) who are mixed into the Israeli nation with the real peace-loving Jews (descendents of Jacob), and will in the future deceive the Israelis into following their Illuminati’s created Zionism’s Anti-Christ (Zionism is not Jewish but another branch of the Illuminati’s Satanism), and these fake Jews of Israel will try to genocide the entire population of real Jews (Jacob’s descendents in Israel) in the soon coming Great Tribulation age; just like the Koreans who have disguised themselves as Japanese, and monopolized all the Japanese Prime Minister and politicians and celebrities and yakuza Japanese gangster and Illuminati hit squad assassins jobs and positions in Japan, and who are fake Japanese that have tried to exterminate the real Japanese (Jacob’s descendents in Japan) with sabotaging nuclear plants, and causing tidal waves and typhoons and poisoning food sources/environments and assassinations and many other heinous unspeakable crimes. They may deceive the Israelis and the Japanese, but these fake Jews cannot deceive God and His Elect and His apostles. These Edomites or fake Jews horde most of the world’s wealth, and are Illuminati Satanists or Zionists. Since the time when the twins Esau and Jacob were in their mother’s womb as fetuses, they were kicking and fighting each other in the womb, because these two ethnicities or nations were fighting even before their birth. Armageddon will bring final victory to Jacob’s descendents the Jews, and final defeat to Esau’s descendents the Edomites. God loved Jacob, and He hated Esau, because Esau was evil. Esau’s descendents carry the name “Red” as in Rothchild (Red Shield) or Roosevelt (Red World), because Esau was born red and his color of bloodshed is red. All these founding forefathers like Thomas Jefferson who created the Illuminati country the United States in 1776 were Edomites, and when they do a genetic trace of his genes, they find out his ancestors were from the Middle East. These Zionist Edomites’ Illuminati bloodlines who rule the world now carry Esau’s very evil, deceitful, sly, hateful, vengeful “han” spirit, violent, brutal, genocidal, barbaric genes. Satan is a master of disguise and deceit and treachery.

The secretly disguised Koreans have stolen all the positions of power and fame and sex and crime and money in Japanese society through deceit, discrimination, stealing, blackmailing, bribery, cheating, dishonesty, and crime—things which Japanese people usually do not do. They only promote and place their own ethnicity into these positions for they are gang-oriented and family-oriented and ethnicity-oriented just like Satan’s nature. Even these Japanese celebrities who look Japanese through generations of intermarriage and have taken on Japanese names are secretly disguised Koreans: they may deceive human eyes, but they cannot deceive the Holy Spirit. The Japanese television is full of transvestite celebrities who wear women’s clothes and are homosexual, and you see them on the TV programs that children watch every single day. The other men wear women’s clothes every day on Japanese TV to get laughs, just like the hippy rogue pastors wear women’s clothes during the Christmas church dramas, in order to gain popularity from the ungodly lukewarm religious Western Christian church congregation members. These Illuminati church ministers conveniently ignore God’s Bible that commands men not to wear women’s clothing, and women not to wear men’s trousers.

The Koreans are Satan’s people to secretly take over all the political and media and television celebrities’ positions in Japan, in order to dumb-down the Japanese public and lead them to the Illuminati’s mind-control. They see the Japanese as their slaves, sex objects, and people to be deceived and exterminated through killing and mix breeding. The Korean “han” heart and mind is built on a culture of extreme Satan’s hatred and bitterness and satanic barbarism, though on the outside they may smile and behave like civilized people. The surface behavior does not change the heart or the genes or the family demonic spirits that control a people. Though the uneducated Japanese are not aware of this, the Japanese yakuza are almost all Korean, and obviously, they are connected to the Illuminati, so all these Koreans disguised as Japanese in Japan become wealthy and rich in the Japanese business world, due to their tie with the Illuminati’s criminal organizations. Whether they are the undercover Korean celebrities of Japan who have come to monopolize the Japanese entertainment world over a long period of time and have close connections with the Korean yakuza gangsters who monopolize Japan’s criminal underworld, or whether they are the top Japanese business world’s wealthy leaders who are of Korean ancestry and are connected to the Japanese gangsters who are Koreans and the Illuminati Japanese police, or whether they are the Illuminati Satanist Korean politicians who monopolize Japan’s political world and have connections with their Korean mob yakuza gangsters of Japan, they are all connected to each other and the Illuminati Satanists, since these Koreans are Satanists.

They have infiltrated the Christian world in Japan, and have introduced their Taoist Confucian form of satanic Christianity of Korean shaman spirits. The Illuminati people have monopolized the celebrity world, the political world, the banking world, the media world, the intelligence agency world, the mafia world, the criminal world, the education world, the military world, the music world, the church world, the law enforcement world, the child slavery world, the petroleum oil world, the armament sales world, the narcotics industry world, the food industry world, the pharmaceutical world, etc., and only take care and promote their own people to these positions in society. This is why the Koreans receive huge budgets and time to follow God’s apostles in huge groups shooting God’s apostles with EMP electromagnetic weapons trying to kill God’s speakers who disclose the Torah Truth. Even the hosts on the food channel have to be Illuminati in order to get their jobs. If you are God’s apostle, the Illuminati will attempt to cut off all your jobs and income. This is Satan’s nature.

If you are an Illuminati Satanist and write a book, they will make you a Food Network famous television host and a millionaire and a renowned food critic or a rich professional wrestler and actor, but if you are an apostle of God and write a book on the Torah Truth, they will gang stalk you wherever you live and try to kill you and try to cut off your income and make you homeless. If you are an Illuminati Satanist family, then they will make you popular on their Discovery Channel reality television programs about your family business; and you will make all these secret satanic hand signs on TV to your Illuminati TV viewers; and all these Illuminati corporations will give you business, and you will become a multi-millionaire. If you are an Illuminati member, they will make you astronauts and idol singers and military generals and college deans. If you are God’s apostles, they will try to destroy your income and savings and spread propaganda so that you will be hated and discriminated at every level. They will try to do the same things they tried to do to Christ your Lord.

If you are a Japanese of Korean ancestry, the Western Illuminati criminal organization will make you one of a long line of Korean puppet prime ministers of Japan and a millionaire, but if you are God’s prophet who is sent to warn the world in love, the Western Illuminati criminal organization will send hundreds of their Edomites and Koreans to try to kill you. All of these feminist female politicians in Japan who hold power are Koreans disguised as Japanese, but those who do research find evidence that they are all Korean ancestry and Satanist witches. These Eastern Satanist slaves of the Western Illuminati criminal organization are exactly like the Edomites witch reptilians of the West. These Koreans and their Korean politicians of Japan do all the illegal activities for the Western Illuminati in Japan, such as smuggling the nuclear bombs into Japan to kill masses of Japanese, as well as pollute hundreds of millions of Asians future children with radiation terrorism. The Japanese police will not do anything, because they are just slaves of these Korean politicians who rule Japan, and this is why the Eastern Illuminati (White Dragon Society, Black Dragon Society, Gnostic Illuminati, 87 nation leaders’ alliance, White Hat faction, etc.) are trying to depose these Korean Illuminati members from world power. Dear brothers, we must stop looking at this world in terms of national borders and national interests, but we need to look at it as it is—a power play and struggle between rival factions of the Illuminati secret societies of the East and West—there is a war going on underneath.

Just like the Edomites who are disguised as Jews try to holocaust genocide Jews, these Korean politicians and prime ministers disguised as Japanese try to holocaust genocide the Japanese. (The Israelis and Japanese are God’s people and descendents of the Israelites, and Satan sends his Satanist people to infiltrate and exterminate, just like Satan infiltrates the Christian churches with his hippy Pharisees to destroy it—Satan and his children the Satanists uses the same tactics throughout the ages to disguise as an angel of light to infiltrate and destroy.) Just like the Queen Himiko reptilian witch (Satan’s Eastern counterpart to the Middle Eastern feminist reptilian witchcraft Jezebel and the Western reptilian witch Satanist royal queen) led Japan in ancient days to Korean shamanism, these tons of modern Korean Christian female pastors have been sent into Japan to lead Japanese to Korean shamanism disguised as Christianity, but they teach Korean Confucian Christianity and Taoist Confucian synchronized dance worship of Satan’s mind-control, just like the North Korean army style of robotic synchronized mass game or mass gymnastics mind-control. (Confucianism and Taoism are both branches of the Mystery Babylon one world religion.) Such a nation and people need to nationally repent as Ninevah did, or they will be judged as a nation and ethnic group by God.

It is the same as the African-American Christian churches’ pagan satanic black gospel mind-control trance dance and jungle singing and jungle beat that Satan uses to make all the Illuminati’s religious Christians move in unison and operate with the group to their spiritual destruction. The Korean Christian churches’ kindergarten style synchronized dance worship and the black African American Christian churches’ jungle pagan gospel trance dance spell worship are both created by the same person Satan, which is the same thing expressed in two different cultures. The Indonesian Kecak and American Indian chanting and Buddhist chanting and rock music beat and Korean kindergarten style synchronized Church worship dance and African American gospel jungle voodoo witchdoctor hip hop synchronized dancing and Euro beat club dance and all the other pagan satanic beats and synchronized rhythmic trance music dance all originate with the same person the devil Satan. It is just that each pagan culture has a different expression of the same thing. The repetitive vibration frequency creates a trance which is a satanic witchcraft spell and mind control, and it caters to the emotion instead of the Holy Spirit. This is why the Illuminati’s pastors have introduced this satanic control music into all the Western Christianity churches of Jezebel. This is why the Western religious lukewarm Christians are so controlled by the Jezebel witch spirit, so that they scorn God’s apostles’ Torah Truth teachings.

You will see a struggle for survival between those Asian leaders who are henchmen of the Western Illuminati cabal mafia crime organization versus those Kings of the East who are aligned with the Eastern Illuminati Asian secret societies. And, you will see a strengthening of ties between the Asian secret societies Eastern Illuminati and the Western Illuminati’s White Hat faction and other break away factions. If one is wise, one would immediately realize the fallacy behind Satan’s CIA Nazi Aryan Nephilim monster super race plot, because blonde and blue-eyes and white skin is a mutated inferior genes instead of a superior race, and requires sunglasses and sun block lotion, because the skin will turn red when sunburned and have greater vulnerability to melanoma skin cancer. It is not God’s Adam and Eve’s original genes. It came about due to depravation of sunlight. If the Vril CIA and MI6 and royal family and Committee of Three Hundred Western Illuminati wants to create a super race of Aryan Nazis, then they need to help increase the original colored people and more Asians and Jews who they are trying to exterminate, and not Aryan white people. The Western Illuminati used the ten lost tribes of Israel in Japan as a test case for their atomic bomb on human beings during World War 2. This was in preparation for the annihilation of the human race, and the establishment of their reptilian hybrid Nephilim New World Order.

The Western Illuminati tried to take over Russia’s economy by taking over Georgia, but the Eastern Illuminati crushed the Georgian uprising. The Western Illuminati uses the Georgian mafia to do all kinds of things in Russia. The Western Illuminati cabal mafia criminal organization and Committee of Three Hundred has been trying to destroy Russia and the Slavs from the inside and outside. Their target has been and always will be to take over Africa and the Middle East, and to destroy Russia and Asia. It will be bitter war to the end, as you can see from the Bible prophecy on Armageddon.

You the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren and God’s people the faithful Church Saints (the Bride of Christ) know this and see this by the Holy Spirit, and it is only the carnal religious lukewarm Christians who are blind and are not aware of any of this. Satan the devil and his Illuminati hybrid reptilian Nephilim and their human servants have been behind all evil and suffering in the world, as well as the decline of godly values and ethics in the world: every assassination, every celebrity suicide, every sinking of the Titanic, every bombing of the 9.11 World Trade Center, every war in history, every killed soldier, every famine, every manufactured plague and epidemic, every economic crash, every loss of jobs and social poverty, every child slavery industry, every organized crime and mafia, every feminist and homosexual activism, etc. They are creating tons of tons of Nephilim hybrid children who have feminist and homosexual genes in their secret underground military bases and releasing them into society to take over society and control society’s values, so society will soon be like Sodom Gomorrah and the Atlantis civilization during Noah’s flood’s times, which will eventually bring about God’s judgment. The men of Sodom and Gomorrah tried to sodomize the two angels God sent to destroy their cities; just like the advanced fallen angel technology Atlantis ancient civilization tried to kill God’s prophets who went to warn them of their sins and impending judgment by God; and just like Satan’s Illuminati reptilian hybrids have come after me to try to kill me an apostle to my people the 144,000 Jewish Remnant in these End Times. As brother Solomon has said, history repeats itself, and there is nothing new under the sun, for Satan and his people have done the same thing over and over and over again throughout history, and received God’s judgment, finally.

A sign of a nation, such as the U.S. that is very, very close to God’s wrath and judgment is one just like Satanist societies like Atlantis, where lesbians become professors in major universities, who support prideful women fighting in boxing rings. In Ngyurev, Hungary, women of the town killed off 50 men who were made depressant and alcoholic by the Illuminati’s created World War 1 to destroy the family (just like all wars they create are designed to kill off men and put women in power over the family and society) as witches passed out poison to them, since they did not want to give up their control of the family money, family authority, family land, and their careers, after the men came back from the war. In this modern day End Times Satanist pagan feminist Western society, we see the feminist witches and warlocks who are descendents of the Nephilim reptilian giants who ripped human limbs apart and skinned them alive and ate them, conducting the hundreds of thousands of live child sacrifice Satanist witch rituals as they kidnap children, and they have practically killed off all people who spoke up against feminism, using their witchcraft satanic curses and Illuminati electromagnetic weapons. Do you think God will not judge a nation, such as the United States that has turned to idolize these feminist witches and mass murderers and Satan’s children who rule our society, and have brainwashed humans to their Satanist post-1960s hippy “Flower Children” values of Jezebelism? We are very close to God’s wrath falling upon this satanized nation ruled by the feminist witch Nephilim in both value and thinking and practice. They are not only the witches who are the feminist leaders that are descendents of the Nephilim fallen angel hybrids from ancient times, but they are also creating masses of these Nephilim witch clones who have built in genes of feminists and homosexuals and Nephilim supernatural powers, and releasing them into the human society, to flood this End Times society with Nephilim Western Satanist values. These Nephilim reptilian hybrid witches control the literature, media, education, teaching, propaganda, secret intelligence agency mind control programs, and the Illuminati government sanctioned assassination of all who stand against feminism, homosexuality, and other values and witchcraft movements of Satanism and Satanist society that is ruled by the Illuminati Satanists and Satan’s Nephilim.

Just as in Noah’s flood’s Atlantis Satanist society taken over by Nephilim hybrids who killed off all the humans except Noah and his family, our society is being filled and overrun by Nephilim assassins. These feminist witches look human and act very nice on the outside, but inside, they are soulless and do not have human souls, and they are just as evil and violent and murderous as the Nephilim giants of ancient times whose giant fossils are being excavated throughout the world (and hidden by the Illuminati), and their father Satan. And, just as with Noah’s flood God destroyed all life on this earth, God is getting ready to rid this world again of all these feminist and homosexual pagan Satanist Nephilim and their brainwashed satanized human followers, during the soon coming Great Tribulation Age. We are entering very evil days, just like in ancient Atlantis days, and perilous times. The human populace of this world have been made so dumb by the Illuminati reptilian mind-control media and HAARP frequencies to the extent that they do not even see what is happening to them, as they are made ready like cattle or livestock for the butchering and mass genocide of humans on this earth by the reptilian Nephilim U.S. presidents or Anti-Christ they elect into office and their FEMA execution camps. When they reject God’s Torah Truth and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, they become very dumb and are made vulnerable to Satan’s lies and mind control. They refuse to listen to the warnings of us God’s apostles and prophets sent to warn them of imminent judgment.

The Western Illuminati cabal mafia crime organization controls the cocaine business and makes tremendous profit from it, while using its law enforcement agencies to make it look like they are also trying to stop it, too. Judgment is coming upon the U.S. not only because of all the evil lawyers, CPAs, and stock brokers who are parasites of society and their numbers are proportionate to the evil of a nation; but also because one in four Americans conduct witchcraft by taking cocaine, since drugs is witchcraft. The Americans support the cocaine witchcraft industry, as they are purposely addicted by the Illuminati, and the Illuminati post-1960s rock stars Satan worship leaders propagated the cocaine usage. All these lawyers, CPAs, stock brokers, and religious hippy rogue pastors steal billions of dollars from normal investors and citizens every day, and use that tremendous wealth stolen from the population to purchase cocaine and conduct witchcraft. Witchcraft is an abomination to God. The American Indian descendents or Indios, who believe their ancestors were Nephilim, lead the world’s cocaine manufacture and distribution. Their gangs control the U.S. prisons with sheer numbers. They create the highest crime nations, just like the Polynesians fill and control the prisons by sheer number. They enter other nations and make other nations have high crime rates. If you speak the Torah Truth about their sins and the sins of their people and the need for the repentance of their nations, they will despise you and try to silence you, just like they tried to do to Jesus who spoke the Torah Truth. Evil people do not repent, but they try to kill those righteous people who disclose their evil sins; and God has seen their evil works. This is the nature of fallen man and evil. They do not want God’s love, but they want to steal, kill, and lie like their father Satan. They only have the fake human family gang animal instinct love, but they yell and beat their family.

They do not have God’s true love that speaks the Torah Truth about their evil sins to these evil people so that they may repent. Before Christianity entered their society, they used to kill, torture, conduct live satanic ritual sacrifices, cut out people’s hearts, use drugs to conduct pagan witchcraft, chew on these cocaine leaves as they do even today, conduct war and pillage and steal, genocide each other, head hunt rival family members, and cannibalize humans. It is sort of like all other pagan Satanist people, like the Druids and Germanic occult pagans and New Guinean pagans and Hollywood celebrity pagan occult witch actresses who practice live human sacrifices. On the surface, they practice fake Christianity and its Satanist Catholic religious motions, just like the Protestant hippy rogue pastors, but in secret, they still conduct the same things their pagan ancestors did, which is torture, kill, steal, and family or gang feuds.

As I have taught in previous letters to you, the most evil people are family oriented and gang oriented and nationality oriented, and they create family crime organizations. These Illuminati family television programs are great examples of the Satanists’ world of family-oriented gang-oriented feud-oriented society, because the fathers talk about how they love their family and that the family is everything to them, but they file legal suits against their sons to steal back twenty percent of their company ownerships, and they yell and throw things at each other. It is exactly the more ungodly people are, they are obsessed at having families and animalistic breeding and leaving genetic descendents in this world, instead of the things of God, but they usually have the most heartache from their families, because their families carry the same evil sinful genes that they do; in such a family, there is no peace or true godly love (only animal instinct human family love) that loves the enemy or nobleness. To prove this, when there is a crisis, they will try to put their genetic evil family members first, before putting nicer strangers first, who have more peaceful genes. This is why these Jezebel-worshipping pastors make their genetic descendents inheritors of their churches and wealth they made from God’s people’s giving. A good example are the Edomites who have vowed to destroy God’s people (the two tribes of Israelites in Israel), while putting their own ethnicity, family genetic bloodlines, mob gangs, own nation, and self first; or the Koreans who have vowed to destroy God’s people (the ten lost tribes of Israelites in Japan), while putting their own ethnicity, family genetic bloodlines, mob gangs, own nation, and self first; or the Western Christianity major ministers who place their own sons and genetic descendents to inherit their billion dollar church organization’s executive positions and ownership, instead of God’s apostles and prophets and people. A normal godly non-family-oriented family of Christians would address family members with respect, and honor them above themselves, and think about giving rather than suing. A legally-minded, contract-based, law suit business nation like the U.S. is a very satanic society; there is no love or giving or trusting in Satan’s world.

The Illuminati American engineers teach these drug organizations how to build submarines to smuggle the drugs. The Illuminati and CIA owns and runs these drug industries. This is why God’s judgment will come upon these corrupt nations. Money is their god. The Illuminati reptilian hybrid Nephilim world leaders do not care about humans dying or overdosing on cocaine or suffering or families breaking up, as long as they can make money off of humans and kill more humans using drugs. Their goal is the extermination of the ignorant masses human populace, and to replace them with their super Aryan Nephilim reptilian hybrids they are creating in their Illuminati underground secret military bases (Satan’s genetic seed). They use their human servants to try to kill those who disclose their secret agendas. The religious Christians will not teach you this Torah Truth, since they are afraid of the devil, the Illuminati, these nations, these criminal governments and Illuminati reptilian secret intelligence agencies who will gang stalk you, and these drug cartels. They are spiritually blind, since they do not have the Holy Spirit. They are not God’s children or Christ’s Bride (Church Saints) or real born-again spiritual Christians.

If you look at evil entities doing evil work of Satan, you see them all connected with each other in the background with each other (for example the North Korean government, the Korean plot to takeover Japan, the Freemason and Koreans and Soka Gakkai cult connection, the Soka Gakkai cult formation, the Japanese Soka Gakkai cult Korean guru Ikeda Daisaku disguised as a Japanese, increasing gang stalking of increasing number of Japanese victims by the Koreans, the Japanese politics and media and mob filled and taken over by Koreans, all these Korean politicians and Korean celebrities and Korean business leaders and Korean mob leaders of Japan are freemason Illuminati Satanist  members, the Satan’s Korean plan to kill all Japanese ten lost tribes of Israelites just like Satan’s Edomite plan to kill all Israeli two tribes of Israelites, are all closely interconnected with each other and the same behind the surface scene). Satan’s plots are only hidden to those who do not have the Holy Spirit and the ignorant masses who have been dumb-downed by the Illuminati’s media and education and propaganda and HAARP electromagnetic mind control. If you follow the track of evil people, evil groups, evil activities, they ultimately converge with each other and the Illuminati and Satan.

The Illuminati’s strategy in this information age of internets and blogs and radio programs that do not go under the control of the Illuminati is to spread tremendous amounts of deliberate false disinformation. A few decades ago, they did not have any problem in keeping their secret societies and their evil criminal activities a secret. However, they are having greater and greater difficulty hiding their Satanist activities, including past historical crimes toward humans, so they are fighting this desperately by using their Illuminati family members to spread ridicule at the truth that is coming out about the Illuminati, and branding the truth as “conspiracy theories.” All the smart people who try to find out the truth, and are diligent in doing research, such as investigating the blasts and collapse of the 9.11 twin towers from a demolition expert’s eyes, or interviewing Pentagon employees who crawled out of the hole made by the Illuminati missile, all discover the truth about the Illuminati and the reality of our world. All the stupid people who are animal-like and live just by their day to day animal instinct simple five senses of sight, everyday routine, comfort in their family life and work life and do not care about finding the truth, and who are exactly like stupid cattle that are lined up for the butcher’s slaughter factory, and who are lazy and idle enough not to want to do any research or investigation before reaching conclusions, are the ones who say that the Illuminati’s activities are just conspiracy theory and hoaxes. It does make sense for a few authors who make money by writing books of lies and deceiving the public to sell their books for money, in order to steal from the readers, to make up conspiracy theories. However, it does not make sense for millions of bloggers to write about the Illuminati anonymously, and spend all their time and money and labor making up these tremendously creative and amazing stories, all day long, while risking being killed by the Illuminati. What benefit is there for me to spend all of my time teaching the truth over the internet blog for free, being shot by EMP weapons day and night by the Illuminati, teaching the Torah Truth over the internet to all the 144,000 Jewish Remnant spread throughout the world, not knowing where my income is going to come in next, rather than getting a job and earning money like these religious lukewarm Christians, which would be more beneficial for me from a financial standpoint and comfort of life viewpoint, if I did not love God’s people and God to sacrifice my life for the furtherance of the gospel? What benefit is there for all these millions of bloggers who are disclosing information about the Illuminati Satanists?

This is the very reason why the Illuminati reptilian hybrids, who are slowly exterminating humans and replacing them with their Nephilim reptilian hybrids, believe that they themselves are the “Illuminated Ones or Enlightened Ones who hold the truth” and that the humans are inferior ape creature who are ignorant slaves of the  reptilian elites, and that these humans are stupid and ignorant and will believe any lie the Illuminati media and leaders feed them, and that humans are nothing but cattle to be eaten in their Satanist rituals and exterminated entirely before setting up their New World Order of Nephilim hybrid reptilians. In a way, the Illuminati people are right, because the majority of humans do not believe the Truth who is Christ, so God has allowed them to be deceived by Satan with the most ridiculous of lies, and they are both stupid and the ignorant masses as the Illuminati claim. To these stupid heathen non-believers, the Torah Truth is merely a “conspiracy theory”, and the fake life and society that they believe in is the truth. This is why to the stupid people, truth sounds stupid, and the lies sound smart. However, God’s people have the Holy Spirit of Truth, so the Truth makes them wise, and those who believe Satan’s deceptive lies are fools. This is why God says that He has made the wise foolish and the foolish wise. For this reason, a lot of the humans with high IQ intelligence and academic backgrounds, such as medical doctors and educators and scientists and company executives are the most stupidest people, because they often ridicule the truth as just conspiracy theories about the Illuminati, and believe whole-heartedly the deceptive disinformation spread by the Illuminati. To the stupid people who are perishing, they consider God a fool, and they consider themselves as intelligent. This is why God looks down from heaven and laughs at these fools who think they are smart, because they have high IQs and are stuffed with academic knowledge and think they are the rational thinkers who cannot be deceived. They are both lazy and stupid.

This is why those people who see UFOs and aliens do not want to admit seeing UFOs or aliens, because the Illuminati’s media and Illuminati’s bloggers and Illuminati’s telephone callers all gang up on these witnesses by ridiculing them and calling them liars and branding them as hoaxers and telling them that they are crazy. So, the witnesses of UFO sightings and those with inner knowledge of the Illuminati are afraid to speak the truth about what the Illuminati is and what the Illuminati is doing, because the Illuminati will fire them from their jobs, spread all kinds of rumors and ridicule about them to the ignorant public, and their Illuminati media will ridicule them with television programs and newspaper articles, and send their men in black to threaten to kill them or actually kill them. It is only the very few, who are the tip of the iceberg, who come out and admit seeing UFOs or disclose information about the Illuminati. These people who do not share the Torah Truth are selfish and do not have love, since they are only thinking about how they will be made fun of and their reputation ruined by the Illuminati, or how they will be fired from their company or college by the Illuminati, or how their income will be cut off by the Illuminati, or how their friends and families will be brainwashed by the Illuminati to poke fun at them or ridicule them or avoid them altogether, or how they could be killed by the Illuminati’s men in black. They do not believe in God, and they do not love God and His Torah Truth and His people, enough to lose their income and savings or lose their friends and families or have the Illuminati try to kill them. This is the litmus test whether you are a true disciple of Christ or a fake religious Western Christian who just goes to Jezebel churches every Sunday and live a fake Christianity created by the Illuminati’s churches and are mind-controlled by the Illuminati Satanists.

God has shown me that the Freemasons and all the Illuminati’s Mystery Babylon religion branches occult societies’ Satanists slowly disclose secrets of the aliens and science and wonders of the universe (just like the fallen angels did during Noah’s flood’s Atlantis ancient civilization days to make the humans worship them) to their members, as the member shows more loyalty and they are initiated to higher ranks within the Satanist societies. This is how Satan captivates these people with weak minds with his lies and deception by showing them the wealth of knowledge of the universe the fallen angels have. It caters to these evil people’s pride, making them think they are special and chosen. So, these people with weak minds and those nations with evil genes like the pagan Polynesians and shaman Koreans who have evil family spirits that have controlled their families from ancient times, are fascinated by these so-called “Illumination” knowledge and mysteries, and whole-heartedly get involved in these Satanist organizations and satanic secret societies. These reptilians vampires use these most evil and foolish human servants and nations. The secret societies are their recruiting stations. These people of the Church of Satan try to suppress and fight God and His people, because they are controlled by Satan and demon-possessed because of their reptilian witches’ witchcraft. Satan gives his reptilian hybrid children Nephilim witch Satanists of the Illuminati all these advanced technologies (diseases, military weapons, genetic manipulation, etc.) of the fallen angels to exterminate the human race, so that after the nuclear holocaust, he can seed the world with his reptilian race of vampire monsters and half-human half-animal chimeras, just like he did during Noah’s flood’s Atlantis civilization ancient days who he gave advanced technologies to create nuclear wars.

(Continued to “The Secret Takeover of the Human Race – Fourth Letter”.)

The Secret Takeover of the Human Race – Fourth Letter

(Continued from “The Secret Takeover of the Human Race – Third Letter”.)

All of these Illuminati Hollywood movies and television series are specifically designed to mind-control. All these vampire movies, horror movies, Harry Potter witchcraft movies and Disney occult satanic movies create a sense of horror, helplessness that Satan can kill and hurt you, and sheer terror, which create the negative energy that these fallen angels can feed off of as food. This is why they sacrifice children, since children give off tremendous negative energy when they are tortured or molested or sacrificed. This is why they created all the wars in history, because it gives off a lot of hatred, fear, anger, despair and all kinds of negative energy for those who do not know God and go off to get killed or maimed. If you are a real born-again spiritual Christian (Bride of Christ) you are safe. The Western Christianity carnal hippy rogue pastor religious Christians are not safe, because they do not believe me when I say that Christians are safe, even if I tell them. This is why they practice medical profession witchcraft, because they do not believe the Torah Truth which we preach and live. They believe that medicine will protect them. However, medicine is Satanism and it is from Babylon, created by the fallen angels. The drugs that these doctors prescribe to patients are basically witchdoctors’ witchcraft drugs, because drugs in the Bible is equivalent to witchcraft. If Satan can draw you into fear and negative energy, which is the ultimate show of lack of faith in God, then he can make you sick and hurt and depressed and eventually dead. If you live by faith and love for God, he cannot touch you, for you are full of the Holy Spirit.

So, every Illuminati Hollywood movie is designed to draw you into belief that the Illuminati reptilian cannibalistic hybrid Nephilim vampires can overpower and kill you, and when you keep watching things like that, it eventually molds your beliefs and fears and mind. Satan’s horror and reptilian vampire movies are a good example of this. This is the state of mind control and trap, for now the Illuminati have you in their control and their world. They create the false reality to entrap you in it. Born-again real spiritual Christians cannot be controlled or hurt or drawn into this negative mind control or demon possession. We live by a whole different reality and belief, which is the Torah Truth, and which is Christ, and which is a life of faith and trust and unbreakable love in our God. When you have no love, then you have no faith in God, and then you do not have God’s protective covering, and then you are open to Satan’s reality or belief or values. This is why these religious carnal Christians are always getting killed, hurt, depressed, divorced, obese, tattooed, poor, just like the heathens who they follow after, not Christ. Those of you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant know what I speak of for you have the Spirit of the Torah Truth, but the religious hippy rogue pastors and Pharisees hear me and scorn me and despise me for they do not have the Torah Truth. Christ who is the Word of God is life to those who have the Holy Spirit, but He is also a stumbling stone for those who do not have the Torah Truth.

Satan is creating Nephilim bigfoot humanzee hybrids between fallen angels and humans and gorillas. They are much stronger than bears and are cannibals. They appear from the Illuminati’s UFOs. Bullets just go through them without hitting them, because they are hybrid Nephilim demonic spirits who exist outside our dimensional realm. They have long coned heads having much more brain capacity than humans, just like President Barack Obama who has been cloned from Egyptian Nephilim hybrid Pharaohs, so he had a coned head, too, but you can see the surgery marks on his head where they restructured his body to look more human. It is just like they used Hitler’s frozen sperm to create the German Chancellor Merkel. They are recreating these monster Nephilim hybrids, just like the ancient men of renown, so this is why the Western Illuminati invaded Iraq to retrieve Nephilim genes from the preserved mummified bodies. They mummified the bodies, because they knew that one day, they would have the Atlantis technology again to clone the bodies, and call back the demon spirit back into the Nephilim body. All they need is the genes to clone their bodies, and then bring the demonic dead disembodied Nephilim evil spirits back into their bodies, because the Nephilim giant demons that the Israelites killed do not go to heaven or hell, but roam around the earth, since they do not have souls.

The feminist witches are the descendents of the Nephilim hybrid reptilian, who are the descendents of the fallen angels, and they do not have human souls; so they are very violent, selfish, proud, murderous, treacherous, arrogant, hateful and lewd, just like their Nephilim giant ancestors of ancient times, who ripped humans apart to eat them and skinned them alive. There was always a war between God’s people and Satan’s genetically manipulated monsters, and when the ancient Atlantis civilization during Noah’s flood’s times took over the world so that only Noah and his family were the only humans left, God had to wipe out the world with the flood. Again, in these end times, God has to wipe out the earth dwellers through fire, since all humans will be required to take the Mark of the Beast 666 microchip that will transform their DNA to Satan’s serpent genes and become Nephilim; and this is why the Bible says that if God did not intervene in these End Times, all humans would be destroyed by Satan, including their genes. When you see the spiritual realm through God’s eyes, you start to see the mysterious puzzle coming together, and understand why the feminists are hidden witches, and not even human. These feminist activist leaders or Wiccan witches consider humans as inferior to them, because humans were created by God in His image, whereas the witches are the direct descendents who carry the seed of the Serpent or Satan’s genes—the Illuminati reptilian bloodline.

This is why they believe they are superior, since they carry the magical demonic powers of the Nephilim bloodline ancestors. They use spells and enchantments and curses. You have lewd six-toed cloned actresses like Halle Berry and Marilyn Monroe and many others who remove their extra toes by surgery. These children of Satan or reptilians have secretly taken over every aspect of our society from Hollywood to politics to colleges to economy to intelligence agencies. If you could see the spiritual realm, you would be very surprised. Since the Nephilim carry the devil’s genes, they naturally have his evil nature: feminists, orgy people, sodomy people, homosexuals, murderers, child sacrifice people, drug witchcraft people, tattoo people, hippy “Flower Children” witchcraft people, and extreme activists. The Nephilim hybrids have extraordinary intelligence and supernatural powers, so they will be considered as our mutant superheroes like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, just like the superheroes of the ancient Atlantis civilization during Noah’s flood’s times, when the Nephilim were considered great men of renown and superheroes who had amazing powers and considered great heroes by the evil people of Atlantis. This is why God wiped out these evil superheroes who were considered heroes by the people, since all of them were of corrupted satanic genes who had the devil’s evil genes. The more loved and worshipped people are like the Anti-Christ Nephilim, the more evil they are, and the more hated and attempted to be assassinated like the prophets and apostles of God, the more righteous they are. If the world loves you, then you should be alarmed and worried, because if an evil world loves you, that means you are evil and opposed to God. If you follow God, the evil world would hate you.

To the mind controlled humans of the world by the Illuminati, the more satanic are considered superheroes, and the more godly are considered wicked maniacs. This is because Satan’s people see evil as good and good as evil, bitter as sweet and sweet as bitter. Satan’s Illuminati movies “Avengers” and “X-Men” are about a group of Nephilim hybrid demonic mutated gene superheroes that the Illuminati is creating in their underground secret military bases as super soldiers to fight against God and Christ when He returns at Armageddon, under the deception that they are created to help protect the earth from evil alien invasion. The movie “Avengers” is the third highest selling movie in the history of motions pictures, and the people of this earth adore these Nephilim demonic superheroes as gods and marvel comic idols. The Illuminati Satanists believe the only chance for mankind’s survival from alien invasion is to manipulate their genes to make hybrid Nephilim from the fallen angels’ genes and animal genes and plant genes, in order to make humanoids with amazing supernatural powers, which is just a repeat of the deception that Satan used back in Noah’s flood’s Atlantis Satanist society ancient days to create Nephilim. This manufactured army of superhero freaks who are demonic spirits in humanoid bodies will be the devil’s army united with the fallen angels to fight God at Armageddon, and who will be wiped out by Christ. The Marvel comics superhero characters in his movies and comic books are Satan’s brainwashing preparation of these non-believing heathens to accept these Nephilim as their gods, just like the Bible tells us that the ancient people of Atlantis during Noah’s flood times considered these Nephilim as their great men of renown or superheroes. These Nephilim became their gods and their kings and emperors and royal families. The queen of England herself is a direct Nephilim reptilian descendent of the god Odin of Norse mythology.

These Satan’s descendents or non-human reptilian hybrids are having a hay day in these End Times with all the fame, money, luxurious extravagant lifestyles, power, sex with humans, and good food, at the expense of stealing all the money from the human population and making the humans their servants and slaves. Just like the Nephilim who were destroyed during Noah’s flood, these Nephilim hybrid reptilian royal family Illuminati bloodlines have lived in extravagant luxury with dance balls and gorgeous palaces and royal banquet entertainment and thrones, while squeezing taxes from the poor human populace who toil every day, just as the British queen and Rothchilds and Rockefeller Nephilim reptilian descendents witch families of modern day do the same thing by stealing 90% of the world’s money from the human population, as they have their extravagant home parties and private jets and satanic human sacrifice rituals to rape and gorge on human flesh. They disguise themselves with their holographic human projections to make themselves look human, just like their genetic ancestor fallen angels disguise themselves as extraterrestrial aliens. These aliens are not intergalactic, but they are inter-dimensional fallen angels. This is the great deception that is coming to mankind, and God has prophesied about.

They intermarry within the same royal bloodlines of the other nations, in order to keep their reptilian Nephilim genes pure, since if they marry with humans, their genes quickly dissipate and they lose their demonic witchcraft powers; so, this is why all the U.S. presidents are all related with each other by bloodline with the queen of England. The Illuminati family reptilian bloodlines include Bush, Obama, Cheney, Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Disney, McDonald’s hamburger chain stores’ McDonald, Merovingian mafia family, Queen Elizabeth, Rothchild, Dutch royal family, Swedish royal family, etc. They use a lot of human slave children in their secret underground Illuminati bases that these reptilian fallen angel greys run. They have typical fallen angel reptilian characteristics of no emotion, no love, cold-blooded nature, ritualism and hierarchy. These royal bloodlines who are all related with each other (kings, queens, princes, princesses, dukes, barons, counts, U.S. presidents, chancellors, prime ministers, emperors, etc.) that the ignorant masses idolize will be thrown directly into the Lake of Fire without receiving the Great White Throne Judgment of God, because they are reptilian Nephilim hybrids of the fallen angel fathers, and they are not humans nor do they have human souls. These cold-blooded reptilian Roman Caesars and kings and emperors create all these torture equipments and execution arenas for their enjoyment, just as in their current day Satanist live human sacrifice rituals they have in the Bohemian Grove and cloning centers.

The pagan people like the American Indians and Polynesians claim that they originate from the reptilian fallen angels whom they call dragon alien god ancestors. These witches disdain humans as inferior creatures created by God. These Illuminati reptilian Nephilim actually believe that they will create their New World Order and rule the world with their father Satan. These secret Illuminati bloodline families, royal families, future superheroes, the high and respected intelligent powerful Nephilim people of our society, famous Nephilim Hollywood celebrities, and Nephilim feminist witches will be thrown into the Lake of Fire without any judgment, because they do not have human souls to be judged—they are just evil hybrid demonic spirit creatures perverted by Satan. No half snake half human or what they call themselves witches or Illuminati families is going to get into heaven for no non-human can be saved through Christ as Brother Enoch has said. They are a cursed race of Aryan people who have manipulated hybrid genes and have been destined to be thrown into the Lake of Fire with their father and his fallen angels, where they will spend eternity, for they are not created by God, but are a perverted genetic manipulation by the Serpent Satan.

These feminist and homosexual reptilian Nephilim creatures and witches are a disgusting Nephilim race that stands for every ungodly value and every satanic ideology that exalts itself against God. Therefore, God will judge them and they will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. No fallen angel or their Nephilim descendents or their chimera monster descendents can ever receive salvation or be delivered from their destined end. You will see a lot of their Nazi ancestor symbolisms and messages of future eradication of all colored races from the earth at their new Denver airport murals and America’s Fourth Reich symbols. In level seven of the secret underground fallen angel bases, there are thousands of drugged humans who cry and call out for help, and this led to the Dulce Wars between the humans and extraterrestrials, where many scientists and military personnel were killed. Level six is called the “Nightmare Hall” where there are many grotesque creatures half human and half animal (such as half human half octopus), as well as reptilian hybrids and bat-like humanoids in cages. It is full of Nephilim and chimeras being prepared for Satan’s war with God at Armageddon. The nuclear bomb tests open up portals or star gates to let demonic spirits into this dimension, and the fallen angels feed on nuclear energy. The Bavarian Illuminati Treaty agreed to cover up all evidence of the existence of the fallen angel aliens, in exchange for alien technology and the fallen angels’ rights to abduct human beings for experimentation and genetic reengineering, usually those with American Indian ancestry or reptilian bloodlines. They make the taxpayers toil to exhaustion every day, in order to steal the salary through tax and banking system parasitism to finance these Illuminati New World Order secret bases for hideous human experiments.

When I see our world and society today, I see these illegitimate reptilian hybrid children witches and Satanists of Satan’s serpent genetic seed prospering, living in their gorgeous houses with swimming pools, getting hundreds of millions of dollars from the Illuminati companies as executives, obtaining the hundreds of millions of dollars contracts from the Illuminati, partying with their sexually lewd human friends, and living as kings and queens of our world today; while the humans (Adam’s seed that God created) are used as slave labor toiling in their offices and construction sites and factories from early morning to late at night, eating simple food, squeezing out a meager living, paying bills from day to day, paying huge hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes every year that go to the Illuminati’s fat black ops budgets spread all over the government agencies and into the pockets of these reptilian hybrid Illuminati members, working in temporary jobs not knowing where their next income will come from, having their homes foreclosed because of these reptilians sabotaging the economy in order to make their trillions of dollars and starve off more people and make them suicide, and basically living as slave laborers every day in their jobs paying and manufacturing and serving these reptilian elites who are like parasites of our human society that God created, feeding off the very blood, tears and sweat of the humans. These Illuminati have the huge estates and gardens, and use the humans as slave laborers to serve them; while they have fancy titles as lords and barons and dukes and counts. These Illuminati families become city police chiefs, which explain why their children are the most violent, arrogant and deceptive students in the entire school. They are Satanist families in charge of our society with the most authorities, most money, most fame and most comfort. They try to eliminate each other to rise up to power. It is like reptilians eating other reptilians.

Dozens of Illuminati members dressed as construction workers come to the park’s parking lot to park their dozens of cars, and always bring their windowless trucks which carry high powered electromagnetic weapons to shoot at you for hours trying to make you get a massive heart attack. It leaves red bruises on your chest. They just sit in their dozens of cars for three hours or four hours shooting at you, doing nothing but just staring at you. They shoot at your kidneys every day with their electromagnetic weapons, in order to try to put you in their Babylonian witchcraft medical dialysis to poison your blood so that they can try to kill you, and then, they can prove that God is powerless, has no love and does not protect His people. How utterly stupid they are! It shows that they do not believe in who our Heavenly Father is. They shoot from their adjoining apartment rooms secretly and from the buildings, cars, and their little bushes they hide behind. They think they can hide from God. They have infiltrated every part of society, and eliminate anyone who uncovers their evil. If you marry them and become a princess to these Illuminati royal princes, and if the marriage relationship breaks down and the royal family reptilian bloodlines get angry at you, they will just assassinate you, just like Princess Diana or Princess Grace Kelly, along with dozens of witnesses. To these Nephilim Illuminati reptilian hybrids, killing humans is just like a snake killing a mouse, and they believe they are doing society a great service by killing more inferior humans who are God’s creation. The Nephilim despise all humans, but they want to steal money from humans after making the humans pay taxes and pay for all their luxurious lifestyles and yachts, and use humans to do their dirty work and serve them like slaves. But, they ultimately intend to replace all of God’s humans with their clone biological cyborgs they are creating in their Illuminati CIA Aryan Nazi underground secret military bases around the world, who they feel are more powerful and efficient than humans. These clones do not have human souls, because they are Nephilim, and they will be thrown into the Lake of Fire with the Anti Christ and False Prophet and devil.

The reptilian Edomite Roman royalty and Brotherhood of the Snake’s secret societies, money changers in the temple, the high priest, the Pharisees, Prince Herod, Pontius Pilate, Judas Iscariot, the brainwashed angry crowd, all tried to kill Jesus to silence Him. The reptilian Edomite Illuminati British royalty and the Brotherhood of the Snake’s secret societies, Illuminati Wall Street stock broker Freemason thieves, the Pope and his Vatican, the Illuminati church ministers and pastors, the royal family, the law enforcement and intelligence agencies, the religious Christians, the brainwashed angry crowd (homosexual orgy occult people, Koreans, Polynesian pagans, Satanists, Freemasons, occultists, Wiccan witch reptilian feminists, etc.), all tried to kill me to silence me. Satan’s evil people all team up and join together to try to kill God’s apostles, because they all work for the devil. So also, they tried to kill Elijah, King David, and all the apostles and prophets to the ancient Atlantis civilization of Noah’s times and ancient Israel of Jesus’ times and these modern day End Times. Satan has not changed, but this world still is controlled by him and his people. Satan and the Illuminati has always raised up fake prophets to the 144,000 Jewish Remnant calling themselves arrogantly as “Prophet _____”, hoping to deceive and lead astray the real 144,000 Jewish Remnant to thwart God’s plans for you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant, as they place lies within their teachings. This is because they do not believe that you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant have the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, and cannot be therefore misled or deceived. This is the foolishness of their thinking. They think they can thwart God’s Torah Truth and His people. As a matter of fact, all they have done is to attract and assemble a bunch of religious Christians who are not God’s people, but who believe that they themselves are the 144,000 Jewish Remnant. Evil is foolish, though they have high IQ human intelligence. The masses are always deceived, and not the few who are God’s elect. They always forget to put into the calculation God and His abilities and His almighty power and His plans and His Holy Spirit and His glory. All glory to the one we love and rejoice and worship, our Lord Jesus Christ and our Father in heaven!

These Illuminati feminist female Biblical Scripture professors and Early Christianity professors of these great Illuminati universities spread lies on television documentaries and to the new generations in their classes, in order to pervert God’s Torah Truth and to convince the foolish people of the world that the Bible is not true and to teach an alternative conspiracy theory of the Illuminati and the master deceiver Satan. These professors get a comfortable salary and lifestyle, a stable job and respect for their title as doctors, since they do the devil’s orders to carry out their propaganda against the Torah Truth which they hate. Cursed are these feminists and witches and Satanist priestesses who do the devil’s work, and cursed are all these Illuminati colleges like Boston University.

You hear them turn on or off their electromagnetic weapons in the rooms above and below and next to your room, because it beeps three times, since the Western Illuminati uses the same weapons whatever nation you live in; and you hear them pouring the water from the hose into their electromagnetic weapons to keep them from overheating.  They use high frequency waves. Normally, you do not hear any ambulances for weeks, but on certain weeks, in order to attempt to create their negative energy to try to draw you into their realm and demonic reality, these Illuminati ambulances drive up and down the street in front of your apartment every thirty minutes all day long, hoping that it can mentally drive you insane, just like they fly their helicopters over your apartment all day long every day. The police do not do anything, because they are slave dogs of the Western Illuminati; and it is often the off duty Illuminati member police officers who are blasting their motorcycles outside your apartment all day long. The Eastern Illuminati’s Harrier fighter jets had to drive the same Western Illuminati Bilderberg Society helicopters away that were trying to use the same electromagnetic weapons to exterminate the 57 nations’ leaders of the Eastern Illuminati alliance who were having a meeting onboard a ship in Monaco with maps to the Western Illuminati’s underground secret bases. Just like the Eastern Illuminati’s alliances’ Russian Gnostic Illuminati leader Romanov said, this is a war of propaganda, arms and strategy. Evil is foolish, because by shooting me with electromagnetic weapons from next door, every single time I start writing the Torah Truth on the computer, they believe that they can train my mind to stop preaching the Torah Truth for the Lord I love (Illuminati’s child-raising MK Ultra mind-control method of pain and punishment), as if I am a dog to be trained or an Illuminati member to be mind-controlled, which only proves how foolish evil is. Satan is very stupid to think that he can stop God. He must think that he is God. The gospel of Christ and the Torah Truth will be preached. No reptilian is going to kill this human, because I have a mission from God to inform all humans throughout the world about their human extermination plan.

These Koreans are exporting human placenta beauty health supplements to the Japanese using the women’s pride and arrogant desire to be attractive to others to be seen, so that Satan can make humans and God’s people sin through cannibalism. The Koreans are using all these Korean actresses on the Japanese television commercials to market all these placenta products to the Japanese. However, when I start writing about these sins they are committing on my computer, they barrage me with electromagnetic weapon fire from all around the apartment room, in order to hide their sin: the people of Korean ancestry are used by the Illuminati to do all of their dirty, unethical, murderous, criminal activities in Japan, as well as gang stalking God’s apostles. They will not repent of the sins of their people; but instead, they try to hide it by killing those who investigate and research the facts; and they will not yield to God. All the photos of criminals on the posters on the Japanese train station walls are faces with strong Korean ancestry genetic features. These Japanese with very strong Korean genetic facial features and violent Korean genetic temperaments have a lot of hatred and prejudice toward Koreans, and they continuously express and promote hatred toward the Koreans, so there will never be peace between the two nations. The Koreans and Japanese are both Asians, but they are very different in temperament, national character and culture. These Korean female pastors who like to be called “great teacher” in typical Korean Taoist Confucian hierarchical culture, beat up Japanese church staff and put them in the hospital for two weeks; and these Korean ministers molest Japanese women and little girls in church, so that Satan can try to tarnish the name of Christianity. However, instead of repenting, evil nations and people will make excuses of their sins and blame others for their own sins. This is the sign of an evil nation and people. Along with it comes extreme nationalism and family-oriented carnal genetic gang mentality. A person who takes pride in their ethnicity, instead of considering your enemy’s ethnicity more higher is an evil person and nation. The Ninevites were evil, but at least they repented and turned from their evil. Those Koreans and Edomites who hear this Word and repent, they shall be saved.

I have seen this injustice, as God’s humans suffer from the Illuminati created market crashes, lose their families to the Illuminati created wars, suffer from flu and plagues that the Illuminati create and spread, die from hunger because the Illuminati hoard 90% of the world’s money and purposely cause famines as part of their depopulation program of colored skin people, lose their jobs, cannot pay for their children’s education, get discriminated by the Aryan Illuminati social system, their children get kidnapped and become one of the tens of thousands of live ritual human sacrifices and food for these Illuminati reptilian human eaters, get ordered around like vampires’ servants, are told to do the dirty illegal jobs of these Illuminati elites and get arrested, and have their children born with defects because of the tons and tons of radiation the Illuminati reptilian hybrid Nephilim are releasing into our air and water and food and bodies. These sudden deaths, heart attacks, diabetes, and other illnesses are caused by the radiation and chemical trails from the planes and poisoning of the food and tap water the Illuminati. The Illuminati create viruses that cause the cancers in this world on only humans, and not reptilians.

All the plagues and diseases in the world are developed by the reptilian Illuminati, including the common flu, as a part of their depopulation program; but they have been unsuccessful in keeping the human population of the earth down, so now they are planning the nuclear World War 3. The hospitals would be empty and the children would be healthy and there would not be cancer or diabetes, if it were not for the Illuminati creating all these illnesses and suffering and sorrow among the humans through their manufactured germs targeted at the non-reptilian humans, and their medical institutions purposely trying to kill humans with chemotherapy, toxic drugs, radiation equipment, etc. I have prayed to the Lord to stop this injustice, and to bring His sure and righteous justice down upon these non-human half-snakes and half-apes and half-angelic aliens that have torn and ravaged and brought nothing but misery on the human race and the world that we have known. It is time that God wiped out again, just as in Noah’s flood’s times, this evil Nephilim race that rules our world and brings so much death and destruction and suffering upon God’s creation. Satan and his fallen angels and their offspring Nephilim are to be made accountable for the evil that they have done upon this planet. How dare they even try to assassinate God’s prophets and apostles. God will therefore serve them a hundred times over their own poison and evil and curse. Those who bless God’s representative will be blessed, and those who curse God’s representative will be cursed themselves. The reason why these feminists do not behave like human women is because these witchcraft women are not of the human race, but they carry Satan’s reptilian genes and naturally his values and very character.

What the Illuminati wealthy reptilians in their nice mansions and tennis courts and limousines do is to cause all the wars in history, in order to try to kill as many humans as possible. This is genocide of the civilian elderly, women and children at a massive level, much more than any dictator in history has killed. Then the Illuminati hired demonstrators brainwash the weak minded, simple minded young students to demonstrate against the war, and to spit on veterans and call veterans “baby killers.” In this way, the Illuminati tries to make the veterans who survived the war commit suicide or overdose and die on drugs or become crazy. This way, they can kill more people. Also, their fathers, the fallen angels can feed off the negative energy created by all the dying, suffering, pain and agony of the humans. Satan and the Nephilim hybrid reptilian Illuminati secret society exist to make as much death and suffering on humans who God created, in order to unleash their hatred toward God and His human creation. Satan does not like the fact that God has placed humans above the angels in authority and status, and he certainly refuses to submit to humans. This is why his hybrid Nephilim witch feminists refuse to submit to the authority of men, whom God has placed in authority above women. This is why the fallen angels refuse to submit to the authority of the holy angels who outrank them in authority. Everything and everyone in Satan’s world lives by his system of rebellion, and is kept in their place by fear and punishment and violence. This is Lucifer’s real identity, and his evil system is built on his very nature.

Some of the Illuminati materials teach that those with RH negative blood types are reptilian descendents, and they are superior in that they are immune to HIV and cancer and other diseases that the Illuminati created, just like reptiles are immune to disease. They say that they are mostly Caucasians and have red hair, hot tempers, blue or green or hazel eye color, and are Neanderthal Nephilim descendents. The Illuminati says that they live in large populations in Neanderthal European areas that have a history of high levels of terrorism, violence and killing, such as Chechen, Ireland and Basque. They say that this small minority of RH negative reptilian blood types have higher IQ intelligence, extra vertebrae, tail bones, have psychic powers, colder blooded (lower body temperature), better eyesight, but less tolerance for sunlight, the eye colors change depending on the emotional mood, experience high rate of alien abductions, and those reptilian mothers who do not have these rhesus blood type reject human fetuses with RH positive blood in their wombs as alien creatures, because their body’s immune system attacks their own fetus if medical drugs are not given to stop the reptilian mother’s womb from attacking the human fetus. They say that the Aryan Nazi Illuminati are therefore very interested in blood types and genealogical ancestry, because they want to keep the Aryan reptilian blood pure in order to breed their chimera monsters or future earth inhabitants (their so-called New Age Fifth Dimensional Evolution of mankind to a higher evolved humanoid state or the Fourth Nazi Aryan Reich or the Illuminati New World Order or many other names for the same human replacement plan of the thousands of years old Brotherhood of the Snake organization).

They say that all the British royal reptilian bloodlines and all the reptilian U.S. presidents and all the other reptilian Illuminati bloodlines are RH negative blood types. Only one percent of Asians and very few Africans and other people have RH negative blood types, so the Illuminati design plagues and disease to try to kill off these humans who have RH positive blood or rhesus genes. The Illuminati create all these cancer causing monkey viruses and HIV AIDS monkey viruses in their Nazi Aryan CIA laboratories using the descendents of all the Nazi war criminal mass murder scientists they smuggled into the United States after World War 2, because these plagues and epidemics were designed to only kill Asians and other colored people and also Caucasian people who carry original human genes of Noah, which is the blood that has rhesus genes. The Illuminati Aryan Nazi Satanists create these monkey viruses that cause cancer and HIV monkey AIDS viruses, because the rhesus genes found in rhesus monkeys are also found in all humans, but not in reptilians, so they kill only humans and do not kill reptilians (they only kill RH positive blood type humans, but they do not kill RH negative blood type reptilians). The Brotherhood of the Snake reptilians in their Sumerian Babylonian religion of the Mystery Babylon religion of thousands of years believe that they are the descendents of the reptilian fallen angel gods and they are royalty that rule the inferior humans who were created from inferior monkeys that roamed the earth as a slave race to the reptilians—this is the core doctrine of the Illuminati Satanists or Luciferians who worship the Serpent devil Lucifer Satan. They look down on the humans who are non-Aryans and consider them lower than cockroaches that need to be exterminated from the earth, beginning with God’s people the Jews and Christians.

They say that a few decades ago, there were only 5% reptilian populations in the world, but that reptilian Nephilim population that do not have rhesus blood genes are now 15% of the world’s population. Illuminati occult people like the Nazis, Vril, Thule, Rosicrucians, Esoterics, Black Sun, Freemasons, Druids, Wicca Witches, and Black Knights believe that the Illuminati Aryan reptilian bloodlines of the RH negative blood types are the master race (most Rhesus negative blood type people live in the Celtic European Germanic areas of the Druid Nazi Vril pagans), and all Jews and humans need to be exterminated from the face of this planet. They are waiting to create their transgenic transhumanism half-human half-reptilian evolved monster race of Aryans in their New World Order with cold-blooded supernatural demonic powers of the grey aliens Nephilim, as they genocide 95% of the world’s so-called “monkey race inferior humans” from existence. They are Satanists and worship Lucifer (Luciferians), so they detest God’s people—the Jews and Christians. On the thermal camera, these reptilians have colder blood.

The Illuminati claim that the RH positive humans have the same RH genes of rhesus monkeys so they are inferior; but that the RH negative reptilian hybrid Nephilims do not have RH genes because they were seeded by the aliens, and they are not of this inferior planet earth. They claim that this lack of RH cannot be explained for by evolution, and it must have been a direct intervention and genetic manipulation by the alien fallen angels to create their offspring of Nephilim reptilians to rule the earth as the kings and queens of ancient civilizations and modern times. They say that they have created rhesus monkey viruses that cause cancer to kill off the human race, and it is scientifically proven that RH negative people cannot get cancer, because the biological weapons they created only create cancer for humans with RH blood. They say that they are mutating monkey viruses to create HIV viruses to kill humans, since the humans have Rhesus positive blood types. They have discovered that the Illuminati reptilians developed viruses that create cancer to kill off humans, and that some cancers cannot be caused without this Illuminati virus. The Illuminati placed these Rhesus monkey viruses in the polio vaccines to infect the humans who have the same rhesus genes. They teach that reptilian Nephilims witches (Satan’s blood) who do not have rhesus genes will rule the earth, and they will exterminate all the original God’s humans who have the normal rhesus genes. Meat is harmless, but the sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate that the Illuminati add to the meat causes cancer.

They say RH negative blood is called Blue Blood because it turns blue when exposed to air due to its copper content, whereas humans with RH positive blood have iron content so it remains red. There is a mass epidemic of soft tissue cancer erupting after the Illuminati’s introduction of polio vaccine in the 1950s, but the Illuminati mainline media is hiding it from the public. The monkey cancer-causing virus and monkey HIV AIDS virus are sexually transmittable. The amount of deaths caused by the Illuminati’s pharmaceutical companies and cancer treatment outnumber all the deaths from all the wars in U.S. history, so it is a more efficient way for the reptilian Illuminati to exterminate more humans. The reptilian agenda for human extermination is very efficient and extensive and analytical, like throwing Jews into gas chambers for mass executions. The entire Babylonian Mystery religion of the Illuminati’s Snake Brotherhood ancient Sumerian belief system which is taught in all their occult branches like the Freemasons is that humans were a slave race created from inferior monkeys on this earth by genetically enhancing them when the alien gods came to look for workers to mine gold for them; and that the Aryan Nazi race is a superior race who do not carry the monkey genes, but instead carry the alien gods’ reptilian genes; so these superior race of reptilian Aryan demigods were made kings and emperors and royalty over the inferior humans, and now in modern days form the royal families and U.S. presidents and elite thirteen Illuminati bloodlines who have been interbred carefully to prevent genetic contamination by human genes, and who rule the earth.

The aristocracy are reptilian Satanists, so their men put make up on and have homosexual orgies. This is why the Nazi symbols and U.S. presidential seal and flags of the royal families and all the Illuminati symbols have the Sumerian fallen angel wings eagle emblem, since the fallen angels told them that they must not depict them as reptilians, so they are symbolized as eagles and owls and ravens in satanic witch stories, just like in the owl statue at the Bohemian grove where the reptilian elites do their annual human sacrifice Satanist reptilian rituals. When aristocrats have all the power and money to have sex with different people every day, just like these celebrities and rich spoiled children, they grow tired of having sex with the same gender, and start having homosexual sex with the same gender and with animals; there is a point where God hands the person over to their sinful nature and it is a judgment by God. The more satanic a society becomes, just like in the ancient Atlantis society during Noah’s flood’s times or in modern post 1960s sexual liberation age, there is an increase in these types of sins that the Satanists do in their sexual orgy rituals. There are evil spirit controls that pervert and warp sinful people and their family children and descendents more and more, due to sin. (See article “Rh-Negative Registry – Theory: The Black Sun & The Vril Society” at .)

Satan’s lies are the extreme opposite of God’s and Jesus Christ’s Torah Truth that humans were created and loved by God, and Satan grew jealous and sent his fallen angels to interbreed with humans to genetically manipulate God’s original creation, in order to create a soulless demonic race of half-breed reptilian Nephilim who eat human flesh in their reptilian Satanist rituals; and when they were killed by God’s judgment during Noah’s flood, their disembodied spirits now roam the earth as evil demon spirits. This is why the heathens who do not have faith in God and our Lord Jesus Christ will believe in Satan’s ancient Sumerian Babylonian mystery religion Aryan occult Satanist deception propaganda that Satan and his fallen angels are alien extraterrestrial beings. Therefore, they will take the Anti Christ’s Mark of the Beast 666 microchip implant in their body, so that their human genetic make-up will be altered to reptilian genes, and they will be damned forever to the Lake of Fire since Nephilim cannot receive salvation. Since these Illuminati reptilian families and Satanists believe in Satan’s Sumerian Aryan lie of benevolent alien beings, they have no hesitance in moving into next door rooms with their electromagnetic weapons to try to kill humans and God’s apostles, since to them, humans are only like cockroaches to be exterminated. Their belief system is the extreme opposite of Jesus Christ’s love for humans, so that Jesus came to die on the cross for our sins, and if we believe in Him, we will receive His forgiveness and eternal life in heaven, for the greatest love is to give your life for another. Satan’s Nephilim hybrid reptilians do not have human-like compassion (though they act like they have emotions) who behave like Nazi Aryans, and are very violent, analytical, highly intelligent, hierarchical, efficient and brutal. On the other hand, the humans were created by God with compassion, love, emotion, and ability to share other’s feelings and extend mercy. (See YouTube video “Cancer, used as a weapon against Rhesus positive blood” at or you can read Dr. Edward Haslam’s book “Dr. Mary’s Monkey.”)

These reptilian feminist witch Nephilim hybrid race of Satan’s fallen angels’ seeds appear with their reptilian vampire black eyes to many humans, and these Nephilim cannibalistic vampire witches have a lot of demonic powers, just like in their Illuminati movie “Push.” These are the creatures who were considered the great superheroes of the ancient Atlantis advanced fallen angel technology civilization that God wiped out with the flood, who possessed great supernatural demonic powers. They are awaiting the return of the dragon, Satan, to set up their kingdom on earth. They are creating more of their kind, along with chimera monsters in their secret underground bases throughout the world for the final Armageddon battle with God: Satan and his feminist reptilian witch race versus the Holy Almighty God of heaven and earth. This is the 6,000 year old Brotherhood of the Snake or Dragon. They are awaiting their Anti-Christ who is the satanic fake messiah whom Satan will send to deceive the world. These witches with reptilian eyes have taken over all the top politician leaders’ and famous entertainers’ positions and other key positions in the world. They are the heroes of our society to the ignorant human populace mind-controlled by Satan’s media and witchcraft. In Muslim countries, they call the fallen angels the “jinn” who belong to the other dimensions. These black eyed children are the hybrid alien children of these fallen angels created in the military underground bases, or in other words, the Nephilim offspring or demons. They are very evil, malevolent creatures. Security cameras shut down or have glitches when these kids are around. Bad things happen to the people after these encounters. These spiritual entities can change form into Big Foots and lake monsters and other demonic forms. These witchdoctors and shamans can summon these fallen angels and their children the demons. These reptilian hybrid children are Nephilim, so these black-eyed children and child celebrities have intelligence beyond adults, unlike normal children.

These demonic entities intentionally and purposely come to create fear in the people they encounter, so that they can feed off of this negative energy that is given off by the people. The heathens react in fear, because they do not have a relationship with Jesus.  These black-eyed children suddenly appear out of nowhere, and ask to be let into the people’s cars or houses. As you remember, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brothers, fear is the opposite of love, and love is the opposite of fear: they are opposite spirits, since if you have faith in God’s love and His goodness, you have no fear of evil, but if you do not have faith in Christ, then you do not trust God’s love and truth, so you believe Satan’s lie and you live in the sin of fear, for it is a doubt of God’s protection and love and nature. Fear is sin for it is disbelief in God and who He is. Fear and reverence and respect of God is good, and evil people and spirits do not have this, but fear of other things is evil. The non-believer heathens freak out when they encounter these black-eyed children, because they feel a tremendous intelligence and evil malevolence from them, and these demonic Nephilim feed off of this negative energy that is created from fear. The negative energy is food for them.

All the ancient pagan Satanist occultist materials all say that their Anti-Christ Nephilim will come between the years 2012 and 2016, since 2012 is the turning point into a new age, so all these Illuminati Satanists are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their unholy evil messiah the Anti-Christ. You do in-depth research on all of these famous murders cases or mass shootings in schools or death of famous people or major disasters or huge tragic accidents or wars or mysterious murder of famous children, and you will almost always find out that all these evils in our world today are done by the Illuminati Satanists and the reptilian hybrid race. (See article “Black-Eyed People: A Race in the Shadows” at and “The Black Eyed Children [Documentary]” at .)

During World War 2, there were no cameras and television news to film the horrors of war, so everyone supported the war. However, during the Vietnam War, all these cameramen and reporters were there to film and report on the horrors of war, so all the students who might get drafted into the military got scared, and a great rebellion and anti-war movement started with the hippy movement. The Illuminati used this hippy movement to introduce drug witchcraft, witchcraft feminism, Jezebel Satanism, Western value hippy churches, free sex, liberation and rebellion, homosexuality and orgy, worship of environmentalism and Mother Gaea, and everything else that was done in secret Satanic witch rituals in the past was now being done openly by the hippies. The military got smart, and during the Afghan War, they do not allow cameramen and reporters to film freely, so the horrors of war are not on the television all day. The media is also strictly controlled and censored by the Illuminati media and government leaders. The Afghan War is in its 13th year, which is about the same as the duration of the Vietnam War, but you do not see a huge anti-war demonstration and turmoil in the U.S. cities, and the government being forced to stop the war. This is how dumbed-down the populace has been made by the Illuminati. The masses are so dumb that the Illuminati can manipulate them easily, and turn on and off their beliefs and values and attitudes and emotions. The people and masses have very high IQs and intelligence, but they are very, very stupid, because they do not have the Holy Spirit’s true wisdom. The human intelligence is fake. The populace or what the Illuminati calls the “ignorant masses” operate only on their animalistic five senses and information input into their brains, so they are much like fishes or other animals. They have lost God’s true wisdom and intelligence. This explains why the public and people are extremely dumb, and easily controlled by the Illuminati’s mind-control and media, since they are more feelings-oriented and sensory creatures, rather than seeing and knowing through God’s Holy Spirit.

This is why Western women have been indoctrinated by the Illuminati witches who are the descendents of reptilians to think of themselves as men’s equals and to wear trousers and worship Jezebelism, which is Satanism. This is now normal values to the average Westerner walking on the streets, who carry the mind-control of the post-1960s “Flower Children” hippy satanization values and devil’s doctrines. So, who can blame God, if the Anti-Christ and the Illuminati crashes the dollar, introduces martial law, incarcerates all Americans in their FEMA concentration camps, and exterminates the entire population of the U.S., so that the New World Order can take over the superpower’s place. Sin of a people and a nation makes them dumb, and this alienates them from God’s protection and blessing, and makes the people and nation vulnerable to Jezebelism and open prey to the devil. Many ancient nations have been enslaved and annihilated because of this sin. Any people or nation that can be so easily brainwashed by the devil’s Illuminati, and indoctrinated by the devil’s sinful values and beliefs, is setting itself to destruction and judgment by God. When the Nephilim hybrid clones start using God’s name to swear and for profanity, the American humans got brainwashed and imitated. When the Nephilim hybrid witches started feminism and homosexuality, the American humans imitated. When the Nephilim reptilian genetic descendents started parading on the streets nude in the gay pride parades, just like the Israelites did before Moses blaspheming God, and brainwashing the human populace to believe that Christians are evil, the American humans started hating Christians during these last few years. Will God protect such a nation anymore? No. As Atlantis was and Sodomy and Gomorrah were, so will the U.S. be also judged.

A lot of these Illuminati Hollywood movies designed to brainwash and prepare the humans for their future Nephilim world is real. The Western Illuminati’s army had invaded Babylon (Iraq) to get to the Nephilim’s advanced technology of ancient Atlantis and the mummified preserved bodies of the ancient Nephilim, so that they can extract their genes, in order to call back the disembodied demon spirits roaming around the earth into the genetically cloned new bodies to resurrect the most evil Nephilim giants of ancient times, as in their Illuminati movies “Alien 4” and “Avatar” and “Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings” and recent increase of movies about cloning and avatars and necromancy. These reptilian Nephilim and witch bloodlines that walk amongst us are more like the orcs and goblins in the Illuminati movie “Lord of the Rings” disguised in human holographic form—they behave like human friends at daytime, but turn into human eating vampires at their night Satanist human sacrifice rituals. The Nephilim they are creating in their Illuminati secret underground military bases are much more powerful than the Nephilim descendent Illuminati bloodline feminist witches, so they can teleport like vampires, their eyes turn black like the vampires, they eat humans like the vampires, the bullets have no effect on them like vampires since they pass right through their holographic dimensional bodies, and they could tear apart entire human armies like vampires, just like in their Illuminati vampire movies. These Nephilim are half fallen angels, so they have supernatural powers like the superhero in the movies like “X-men” and “Avengers.” These Nephilim are hard to kill, just like in their Illuminati movies “Universal Soldier” and “Alien Versus Predator.” The Nephilim have demonic powers like their fallen angel fathers, just like the Jedi knights have the force power and look half human and half alien in the Illuminati movie “Star Wars.” They have opened up ancient star gates to bring in demonic spirits from the other dimensional portal, just as in the movie “Star Gate.”

They are creating much more powerful, human eating half-human half-ape Nephilim just like in their movie “Planet of the Apes” and “Congo.” They are creating chimera monsters and dinosaurs, just like in Noah’s flood’s days’ Atlantis civilization, as in their movies “Clash of the Titans,” and “Jurassic Park,” and “Alien.” They have their Aryan Nazi CIA fallen angel secret Illuminati bases underground and on the moon and on mars, just like in their movie “Iron Sky.” During World War 2, when the allied fleet tried to attack the Nazi Aryan alien bases in the Antarctic, the Nazi UFO crafts nearly destroyed the entire fleet with their alien superior technology, and they had to retreat. The Illuminati reptilian bloodline witches have tournament battles, just like in the “Harry Potter” movie. The Nephilim have tournament battles to insure that only the most powerful Nephilim survive and are kept at all times, as in the Illuminati movie “Mortal Kombat.” With the fallen angels’ technology, they have bases on the moon and have even gone beyond the stars to other planets, just like in their movies “Star Wars” and “Star Trek.” They have clone factories where they create clones for their torture entertainment and sexual entertainment and body replacements, just like in their movie “The Island.” They have genetically manufactured chimeras, just like in their movie “Hell Boy.” They have huge UFO crafts built using the fallen angels’ technology, and are trying to get all the armies of the world together to fight God at Armageddon, just like in their movie “Independence Day” and “Battleship” and “War of the Worlds” and “Battle Los Angeles.”

(Continued to “The Secret Takeover of the Human Race – Fifth Letter”.)

The Secret Takeover of the Human Race – Fifth Letter

(Continued from “The Secret Takeover of the Human Race – Fourth Letter”.)

The Western Illuminati bloodline families believe in panspermia or Satan’s deceptive Mystery Babylon religion teachings that aliens came to create mankind, and we need to mix our genes with them to create a super Aryan race Nazi Vril Atlantis race, and they are exterminating humans by making them deformed and infertile using the food industries they have monopolized, just like in the Illuminati movie “Prometheus 1” and “Prometheus 2.” The Western Illuminati reptilian vampires are introducing all kinds of viruses and bacteria and microorganisms into the populace to kill the human race, and there is a war going on between humans and Satan’s Nephilim vampires, just like in the movie “Ultraviolet.” In Noah’s flood’s Atlantis civilization days, the Nephilim giant vampires forced human slaves to feed them, and when food ran out they ate humans, and when humans ran out, they ate each other, just like reptiles, as in their Illuminati movie “Time Machine.” They have immunity against disease like the reptilian snakes and alligators do, and they will again in the future make every human receive a biochip implant that will alter their human genes to make them immune to illness and plagues intentionally caused by the Illuminati, making them into vampires or Nephilim, too. Satan will spread the deceptive lie that those Tribulation Saints who refuse to receive the Mark of the Beast 666 microchip implant are a biological hazard to society since they will not take the immunity gene microchip implant of the Serpent Satan, and therefore, that they need to be martyred and executed, since they pose a biological threat to the rest of the population. However, the souls of those who receive the mark of Satan cannot be saved, since they will be transformed to Nephilim and their DNA mutated to Satan’s reptilian genes. They have discovered that the alien’s implants in the bodies of the victims of UFO alien abductions are transforming the genes of the abductees.

They used technologies such as Subterrene, a nuclear powered machine to melt rock and mold it into a tunnel to create secret underground fallen angel base connection tunnels with super fast shuttles, just like in their Illuminati movie “AVP” or “Alien Versus Predator.” You have hideous creatures being genetically manufactured in the fallen angel underground bases using human slaves and animal genes, just like in their Illuminati movie “Alien 4: Resurrection.” Through satanic sacrifice rituals of children to release negative energy, these world leaders believe that the energy will revitalize their old age, just like in their Illuminati movie “Snow White and the Huntsman” and “The Brothers Grimm.”

Because of the Illuminati’s mind control and brainwash, these modern day Goliath Nephilim are loved by the humans of the world, and women scream and chase after these reptilian celebrities trying to get their autographs, and these reptilians are elected to U.S. presidents, and these cold-blooded reptilians are considered heroes and loved people, who these women want to have sex with. Meanwhile, God’s prophets are despised as male chauvinists, anti-orgy anti-homosexual, anti-environmentalist, anti-pacifist, anti-global warming, and anti-evolutionary. (They are in serious trouble for they blaspheme God by despising those sent by Him to speak for He is the Word and the Truth.) In a world where the people are mind-controlled by Satan, they love everyone who is extremely evil and reptilian, and they hate everyone who is God’s anointed and human. It is just like in Noah’s flood’s days that God destroyed with the flood, where Nephilim hybrid great men of renown superheroes were loved by the people, and God’s prophets were hated and persecuted. They are reptilian in nature and take sadistic pleasure in bringing suffering upon God’s people. Since these Illuminati members and Freemasons worship Satan, they get half of their bodies blown off in war, eaten alive by sharks, killed in plane accidents, and plagued by horrible diseases.

Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, as I have said, Satan is a master deceiver. Take heed that he does not deceive you with this alien deception. You cannot be deceived for you have the Holy Spirit as I do. The Nephilim hybrids of Satan’s serpent seed have a symbiotic relationship with their UFO crafts, and these alien crafts are part of these Nephilim in mind and biologically attached, just like in the Illuminati science fiction television drama series. The Illuminati reptilian bloodline families are creating these Nephilim superheroes who will be famous and loved by the people of the earth, for Satan will make some of his Nephilim play the role of bad aliens who he will claim are God and Christ Jesus and their evil aliens, and create a fake war between these two Nephilim groups to make the people believe that God and Jesus Christ are evil aliens trying to invade the earth as in the Illuminati movie “Avengers,” and that Satan and his Nephilim superheroes are trying to save the earth and mankind. This is the biggest lie and poop that has been ever created by the devil, just like he deceived the ancient Atlantis civilization people during Noah’s flood’s times into believing that God and Jesus Christ are hostile alien beings who are trying to invade the earth, to justify Satan and his fallen angels creating a Nephilim hybrid race between aliens and humans to develop a superhero army to protect the earth against God who is an evil alien. Satan continues to use his old trick over and over, again. He has not changed and his lies have not changed from the ancient times. Evil humans are deceived by Satan’s same lies of alien beings, whether they are ancient civilization people or modern day people, because they would not accept the Torah Truth who is Christ Jesus. Satan’s deceptions are the same in all ages. It is the evil, carnal heart that is deceived by his lies. He is the master of lies.

This is why in the Atlantis civilization during Noah’s flood’s times and in these End Times, his fallen angels and his Illuminati hybrid reptilian leaders of this earth have advanced the technologies so suddenly, because they will need all the internet system and banking system and military armament system and media broadcast system to brainwash, control, arm and prepare the world to fight God and Jesus Christ during Armageddon. Satan believes it is his last chance to defend himself against God, and to prevent himself from being thrown into the Lake of Fire. In reality, he is crazy and it is pride that makes him think that he can avoid God’s judgment and defeat God. Pride is insanity and evil. Fear of God is wisdom and righteousness. The more evil a person is, the more dumb they are. The more righteous a person is, the more wiser they are. It does not matter if the devil is the most intelligent creature in the world, because evil makes one stupid, and the devil has no godly wisdom. If he had godly wisdom, he would not have rebelled against the holy and righteous God of the universe. Only the stupidest creature in the world would do that. And only a foolish creature would dare come against me who God loves. Only a fool will pull the tail of a cub in front of the mother bear.

Therefore, these Illuminati royal bloodline families who rule the world are super smart and they create very intelligent Nephilim who have cone shaped heads to store huge brain capacities just like the ancient fossil skulls that are excavated, but they have absolutely no godly wisdom. However, those born-again spiritual real Christians are very wise in the Lord, though they may not be the most intelligent. This godly wisdom is true smartness, not intelligence. These “Bible Answer Men” and their hippy rogue pastor street gangs laugh and ridicule the prophets of God as being neither prophets nor sons of prophets, because these “Bible Answer Men” and their effeminate hippy pastors of Jezebel are religious Pharisees who have depraved minds and prideful hearts, for their father is Satan. They have a lot of intelligence, but no godly wisdom. They have polluted and perverted God’s church with their feminist “Flower Children” Jezebel philosophies and doctrines of Babylon and Satanism. Jezebel was a witch and a feminist. They are the enemies of our Torah Truth who is Christ—the everlasting life and our Savior. Do not be deceived by these fake religious Christianity leaders and Pharisees. Their throats and hearts and minds are full of pride, religiousness, deception and death. They despise us because light has nothing to do with darkness. The dark mind does not understand the light. To the “Bible Answer Man” and his gang of “Flower Children” hippy religious pastors, what I speak is foolishness; but to you, the 144,000 Jewish Remnant, what I speak is God’s wisdom. Great are sins of these “Bible Answer Men” and their religious street gangs of Pharisee hippy pastors, for they scoff and jeer at us, and they have heard the Torah Truth from us, but they conceal the Torah Truth from the flock and church congregations.

Satan and his Illuminati infiltrator spies have set up so many Christian churches and conferences to lead the religious Christians to worship Jezebel and her Hellenist Satanist Western values of Baal, in order to show the world that the Protestant Christian big churches have joined the Illuminati’s one-world religion under their False-Prophet, to make it look like Christianity is also a part of the one-world Satanist Mystery Babylon religion of world peace and oneness and universal religion of Satan. This is why Satan flooded the Western Christian churches with his “Flower Children” feminist effeminate hippy pastors and intelligent Nephilim witchdoctor pastors, so that Christianity will be indoctrinated by Satan’s Jezebel doctrine, in order to be made ready to join all the other Satanist religions of the world (Mystery Babylon religion branches) in their Illuminati New World Order’s one-world religion during the Anti-Christ’s dictatorship. This is why the Western churches are flooded with all these Jezebel worshipping feminist Western religious Christians who scoff and despise us apostles and prophets of God, and scorn God’s Torah Truth. They are lukewarm Christians, because they think they believe in God and have a superficial form of religion, but are not willing to help us apostles and prophets, nor accept what we teach, nor repent of their Satanist Western values of democracy human power, women’s equality, national patriotism, white magic faith, and other hippy “Flower Children” witch’s Jezebel Babylonian Atlantis Satanism doctrines. They teach Satan’s white magic of human will-power to generate their own strong faith, in order to force God to act and be their servant to do whatever they believe will happen, such as making them rich, just like a demonic genie of the Islamic Mystery Babylon religion is a servant of the human master. They deny dependence and trust in God, and letting God allow persecution upon us to build faith in us, and following and obeying God’s will, and us being the servants. These religious Christians are easily misled and deceived for they love Jezebel and her feminist witchcraft and Western self-righteous humanist values that are being taught as the Western Christian doctrines, and they do not have the Holy Spirit. These religious lukewarm Christians are religious people, just like the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Druids, German paganism, Polynesian and American Indian occultists, Judaists, Freemasons, etc.; and they are all part of the Illuminati’s one-world religion of Mystery Babylon Church of Satan. They disguise themselves as Christians and Templar Knights and Crusaders and Muslim liberators by creating two opposing religions which they both control, in order to create war and terrorism to carry out Satan’s Illuminati’s depopulation program of the human race, and populate it with their half-reptilian hybrid Nephilim feminist witches and clones.

These Nephilim hybrid reptilian witch feminists still conduct Jezebel’s live sacrifice rituals of children in their satanic rituals, as well as kill fetuses, too, in their Illuminati abortion clinics. It is part of their Illuminati depopulation plan, genocide of the human race who are not descendents of the witch families of the reptilians, and the negative energy created through the shock and terror of the children and fetuses are food for the fallen angels and Satan, in order to unleash satanic demonic magical powers.

Do not trust the church ministers and pastors, for the day you trust them, you will be betrayed. They form churches and institutions, and take income from these religious people, and teach them Western values Jezebel doctrines. They do not go out to every corner of the earth to make disciples as Jesus commanded us. They stay in one place, and make a secular job out of ministry. If they tried to throw me and God’s prophets and apostles out to Satan and refuse to help us, in order to protect themselves and their religious carnal friends, then you can be sure they will try to turn you over to Satan, in order to save themselves, their genetic animalistic families and lukewarm church members. This is the extent of their Western Christianity religion and this is their religious Pharisee nature. They are afraid of Satan and the Illuminati. They believe in a different Jesus Christ than the Jesus Christ that we preach. This is why they go to witchcraft medical institutions and consume witchcraft medicine which doctors prescribe. This is why they teach everything that is Jezebel doctrine from women’s equality to tithing to rock music to ear piercing to women wearing trousers to patriotism to pastoral salaries to marriage animal genetic descendent reproduction to obesity tolerance to “Flower Children” Jesus love to Disney movies to women not wearing head coverings to denial of alien deception Illuminati organizations to medical treatments, and everything evil and satanic. They spread the spiritual leprosy of post-1960s “Flower Children” Western values of the devil into all the church institutions. They are ministers of darkness and death and sin. They speak the truth when they say that they cannot help God’s apostles from persecution, because they have to protect their own church flock, because God’s apostles and prophets are not part of their church flock, since they worship a different Christ, and they do not have the Holy Spirit like the apostles and prophets and God’s people have. If they did have God’s Spirit, would not they recognize us also who are from God.

There is a spiritual war going on between the Nephilim reptilian hybrids and God’s Bride (Church Saints). The only reason the religious Christians do not get attacked is because they are lukewarm and worshipping Western Jezebel Satanist values. These holographic disguised reptilian hybrid Nephilim or what humans call the feminist activists or witches or Satanists or sorceresses or occultists or half-breed monsters have been created to oppose the people of God and infiltrate the churches to warp the minds of the religious Western Christians. They use their Nephilim (or non-human soulless demonic spirits) powers to conduct their witchcraft spells to apostate the religious Christians. They are the enemy of the church, and they make the adulterous Western Christianity religious Christians worship their Jezebel Queen of Heaven. All these politicians, economic leaders, intelligence agency leaders, popes, Vatican leaders of the disguised Church of Satan, celebrities, office workers, students, school teachers of the Illuminati are reptilian hybrids or witches, whom Satan created, because when God started bringing back the Israelites to the Holy Land, again, Satan knew his time was short, and he had to get ready for his last battle of Armageddon. Since the 1960s “Flower Children” satanization period, he has used his Nephilim hybrid demon spirits in human bodies or feminists or witches to further the satanization of the humans through feminism, homosexuality, witchcraft, astrology, occult Eastern mysticism, paganism, tattooing, piercing, sex, drugs, and everything unholy and evil. They have turned the world totally against Christians and God and Christian values. They use their witchcraft to fight, but the gates of hell shall not prevail against God’s Bride, and they will be annihilated. When Christ returns, the world will be rid of these half-breed serpentine feminist witches, and their evil satanic practices of child live sacrifice and feminism and witchcraft and occultism and orgy and homosexuality and tattooing and drugs and hippy rock and roll music and Western Jezebel Christianity adultery. Christ and His Truth and Word will reign, and the world will once more belong to Him and his human race.

Nephilim will not receive judgment at the white throne like the heathen unbelievers, but these demonic spirits will be thrown straight into the Lake of Fire just like their father Satan and the fallen angels. These Nephilim who disguise as humans and have taken over our society and those disembodied Nephilim evil spirits that haunt the world will no longer exist, and their days of power, wealth, fame and pleasure will end. There are some Illuminati churches that claim that these Nephilim daughters of the Queen of England who have been used by the fallen angels in their Illuminati underground secret military bases to breed these Nephilim have been saved and are Christians, in order to make the religious Christians love and intermingle with them, but this is a deception for witches or feminists or Nephilim reptilians cannot be saved through Christ, since they are not humans but rather Satan’s genetic seed. Just like in their Illuminati movie, “Hansel and Gretel,” they try to deceive religious Christians into believing that there are good witches or Nephilim who use white magic and are friends of the Christians. All the Nephilim people of Atlantis were destroyed, and only Noah’s family who had God’s original human genes were saved.

These Satanist freemason and Illuminati believe that the only way their descendents can survive is to intermingle their genes with the genes of the aliens who they believe are more highly evolved than the human race, in order to create super humans or super soldiers, because when you do not believe in the Torah Truth or God’s Bible, then you are basically a slave to Satan’s deception of alien beings and evolution and genetic descendent survival. This is why these religious Western Christians are so animalistic and base in nature, as you can observe them searching around for reproductive marriage mates in church, forming families, trying to marry rich spouses to build a wealthy nest and home, working in female career jobs to gain more money, and living just like the Nephilim feminist witch hybrids whom they model their Western values and aspirations and worship after. This is why these religious lukewarm Christians will be thrown into the Tribulation Age fire by God. God will rapture only His true Bride or the Church Saints. It is like the Koreans trying to interbreed their genes with the Japanese Israelites they hate and have vowed to destroy, in order to destroy the descendents of the ten lost tribes of Israel in Japan, just like Satan created the Raphaim Nephilim in the holy land to try to destroy the Israelites when they had their exodus from Egypt and tried to enter the holy land, and the Edomites have disguised themselves as Jews in order to destroy the Jews in Israel.

A lot of the Japanese of Korean ancestry living in Japan have succeeded in mixing their blood genes with the Japanese so that they do not have the typical triangle eye Mongolian single eye-fold and high cheekbone appearance (which almost all Korean women have changed using facial plastic surgery, in so much as that the Koreans say plastic surgery is like going to a fast food restaurant), and now look more Japanese, and succeeded in disguising themselves by changing their names to Japanese names in the typical Korean ways, but their temperament, ethics and hatred is still Korean genes, and their sole goal to exterminate all Japanese is still the same after thousands of years of generations, just like the Edomites’ sole goal to exterminate all Jews. Now, all facets of Japan’s society have pretty much been taken over by the Koreans. It is hypocritical, since the Koreans like to live in a more peaceful, safe, less violent, polite and more ethical Japan, but they still want to destroy Japan and make it Korean. It is like Satan who wants all the riches and beauty of God’s creation, but he wants to take it over and corrupt everything to his evil ways of crime, killing, violence, hatred, stealing, witchcraft shamanism, fear and torment.

The Korean Japanese are surprised when they find out that I know they are disguised Koreans, because they think they have disguised themselves with Japanese names after many generations in Japan. Likewise, as the Bible says, not all who call themselves Jews in modern day Israel are Jews or God’s people. Many are Turkish descent and many others are Edomites (Esau’s descendents, not Jacob’s descendents) who are disguised as Jews. Only a portion of the population of modern day Israel is of Jacob’s descent, whose name was changed to Israel and whose twelve sons became the twelve tribes of real authentic Israelites. Zionism is not Jewish, but it is an Illuminati system which the Edomites created for their purpose, just like the Japanese yakuza are 90% Korean membership disguised as Japanese to carry out their agenda. Satan’s secrets and the hidden world situation comes together like perfectly fitting puzzle pieces as you find out why there are so many Koreans who are Illuminati, just like the Edomites own the Illuminati. Satan uses his people and nations to carry out his plans and work. For example, Satan had used the Raphaim giants to mine and booby trap the holy land, since he knew that God had promised His people to enter this land at a future date. This has been a recurring fact throughout the history of God’s plan and the battle between Satan and heaven. If I were not speaking the truth, these gangs and masses of Koreans and Edomites would not try to kill me to hide their sins; and if Jesus was not speaking the truth, the Edomite Pharisees would not have tried to kill Him to hide their sins. Satan’s people do not appreciate the truth and repent of their evil, but they try to kill and hide the truth. They are already guilty of their sins, but the Torah Truth brings their sins to light. Those who love the light come to the light, and though light comes to them, those who hate the light try to eliminate the light to continue hiding in their darkness; and so, the heart’s true nature is disclosed. The Freemason Satanist Korean politicians and Korean prime ministers of Japan have pretty much made Japan a slave state of the Western Illuminati, and have both stolen huge amounts of money from Japan and worked to destroy Japan, while they were pouring money and technology to South Korea and North Korea, and importing drugs and firearms from North Korea to support its economy. It is a very Korean thing to do. They will not repent. The Korean prime minister of Japan and his Korean politicians of Japan are sending tons of ammunition to Korea without talking to the Japanese parliament, even though the Korean government is publically denying ever requiring armament from Japan.

The Illuminati Satanists are kidnapping tens of thousands of human children every year to conduct their live child sacrifice rituals to Lucifer the devil, and replacing them with their Nephilim reptilian hybrid creatures who carry feminist and homosexual and witch genes. This world is becoming filled with these demonic spirits who have human bodies and have taken over all the major facets of our society including our schools, media, military, business and politics, just like it was in Noah’s Atlantis days. So, God will have to wipe out this world and clean it of all of Satan’s offspring, since they will end up killing all humans, just like it was in Noah’s Atlantis days. There are more hideous creatures who are not only half human and half animal chimeras on the inside and look human on the outside as those who walk amongst us now, but there are also those who look half human and half animal on the outside, too, who are hidden in the underground secret military bases of the Illuminati, who will be released after the Church Saints are raptured into heaven by God. These evil Nephilim assassins try to kill us who are God’s prophets and apostles, since they do not want their identity and presence on this earth disclosed to the human populace by us. Their entire secret of takeover of the human race is hidden in their secret societies and occult satanic organizations. They cause all the suffering, death, tragedies, terrorisms, assassinations, diseases, wars, famines, droughts, nuclear disasters, crime industries, organized crimes, etc. in the human world to unleash more horror and death and suffering among the humans: everything from the sinking of the Titanic to the bombing of the World Trade Center twin towers to World Wars to influenzas. It is just like it was in Noah’s Atlantis days.

You have to remember, dear brethren, that they are reptilian in nature and demonic spirits without human souls, though they act human and compassionate, so they have no ethics and they their true identity are feminists and witches who have been sent to destroy humankind. They try to keep their witch bloodlines pure. Their goal is Satan’s goal—that is, the destruction of all humans or God’s created beings or Adam’s genetic seed. It is the same as Noah’s Atlantis days. There are foolish human servants trying to assist them in silencing us. They are controlled mind and heart by these demonic entities, just like the vampire’s human servants. They are the emissaries of Satan’s Church. These demonic spirits slowly possess their bodies as they advance in rank through their satanic secret societies, such as the freemasons. These ignorant CIA and law enforcement people think they are obeying their human bosses, instead of these reptilian hybrid monsters, when they try to eliminate those who speak against their secret Illuminati organizations. They are just human pawns to be used by these reptilians and then to be eliminated themselves, sooner or later. When their families are being executed by these reptilian leaders, they will find out how foolish they were in trying to silence us—the very few who have the guts to speak up against these reptilian hybrids who rule our earth. They are accelerating their own destruction. To the religious carnal Christians, the Torah Truth that we teach is only foolishness, because they are fools themselves; if they were wise, they would understand what we teach and have wisdom.

Among some of the reasons why Satan creates these Western Christianity churches is to introduce Jezebel doctrines and take the church over from the real Christians and flood it with Satanist Western values doctrines; to find out who are prone to become Christians by having spies in each church with name lists, so that he can exterminate them when the New World Order is brought in; and to use the churches to persecute and drive out the real Christians as heretics and crazy people. You must know, my dear Jewish Brethren, that Satan is a master deceiver and plotter. However, of course, God is only using Satan for a time for His infinite wisdom and plan to glorify Himself.

Here is wisdom. The Africans try to always extort, steal and deceive money from innocent people, so they are continuously cursed and poor. If they would only give in Jesus’ love, then they would be blessed and wealthy. Those people who try to transmit disease and make people sick are cursed and become sick themselves. If they would only bring Jesus’ healing, then they would be healed and healthy. Those people who attack people will be attacked themselves and those who live by the sword will die by the sword like the mafia. If they would only help and support people, they would be blessed and be helped themselves.

Satan and his fallen angels are the extreme opposite of us the Church Saints or the Throne Elders. Satan was created good, powerful, beautiful, and with authority. However, his pride and evil made him fall, and he will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. Whereas, we the Church Saints or Throne Elders first fell to sin, and we experienced ourselves as being sinful and evil, weak, in humility being persecuted by greater powers, loving God who died for our sins on the cross, and learned dependence in God who is our power and provider and protector and Savior. As children of God, like any child that a loving father does, first educates the child to learn of who God is and His love and the child’s position. Satan never learned that, and he had power and authority from the beginning. Satan was good, but he fell to evil due to his pride. The Christian first experienced being evil, so he knows what being evil is, and is humbled by the fact that God loved him enough to die for him, in order to save him from his miserable evil predicament, and shall be made holy. This is the opposite of Satan, who was good and then became evil. Satan had power and authority, and he will lose all of it, when he is thrown into the Lake of Fire. The Christian first learns as a child of God to be weak and learns humility, and learns that God is the power and authority. We do not have power or authority ourselves, but it is God who works with power when we ask Him in prayer, and He gives us authority over serpents and sickness and all other things, and eventually over the angels in heaven to be co-rulers with Christ. When we learn this weakness and humility, and learn that it is God who is the power and authority, when we actually receive power and authority in heaven, we will not think of ourselves as great and powerful, like Satan did.

My dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, the same goes for you, as us the Throne Elders, for we are the children of God, and in order to be future princes and rulers in God’s eternal Kingdom, the loving Father first teaches His children to learn humility, servant heart, weakness, dependence on God, and God’s love through His sacrifice for us on the cross. Furthermore, this dependence on God through the war with Satan, and God’s salvation through Christ, creates love between us and God—an unbreakable love. There is no greater love than the bond that is created between the Savior and those who were saved by Him, and the love and bond that is created when two men fight alongside each other in battle, trusting in the fellow man for your very own life. This relationship that is forged in battle is as great a bond as mother and child. A child depends entirely on the mother and trusts her. Therefore, Satan and the fallen angels and evil is allowed to exist for a time by God for a purpose, and that purpose is for us His children to form an eternal bond with God, which consequently is for God’s glory and shows who He is. There is no room for pride or arrogance or rebellion, when a child is brought up and educated in that way first, before taking his position as prince and ruler with Christ. Satan first became prince and ruler, so he never learned humility or a servant heart or dependence in God or knew what it is to be hopelessly lost and evil, and to be saved from that situation by God’s love—His self-sacrificing blood on the cross. So, Satan in his arrogance and pride and evil was a spoiled brat, and he rebelled against God, believing God is weak and God is evil and God is unjust. This is Satan’s evil. This is ultimate lack of faith in God, doubting God, and though knowing God, he did not believe in faith in God as love and as good and as the true and Almighty God. This is like many lukewarm religious Christians of this End Times who claim to know God as their Savior and go through all the Christian motions and emotions, but they do not have faith and believe in Him. Therefore, they are afraid of the Illuminati and refuse to help us apostles and brothers in Christ who are persecuted, and they do not believe in God’s healing but they believe in their human medical institutions and witchcraft drugs and wimpy medical technology, and blaspheme God by reprimanding us apostles for teaching the Torah Truth.

Satan was created the most beautiful of creation, and this made him an arrogant brat, who thought of himself as better than he is, and consequently, he thought he could be equal with God. It’s like a spoiled prince trying to usurp the king’s throne. On the contrary, we Christians were created with physical bodies as seeds that are sown with all of our restrictions and weaknesses, and God will bud forth a beautiful flower, as we receive a future spiritual body that is both beautiful, powerful and reflect His glory. The key word here is “reflect” His glory, and not “have” our own glory. The potter and God receives the glory for the beautiful pots and Christians He makes. So you see, my dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, the predicament and suffering and weakness and trials that we go through right now are a necessary process as future heirs of Christ’s Kingdom, and God is treating us as His children, and it is because of His love. Satan was created already with power and authority and beauty, but he will lose it all; and, he chose to be what he is; and, he served his purpose for a short while as the adversary of God’s Christians or children, in order to nurture and discipline and educate and humble and sanctify and instill in us who are God’s children the very nature of God, which is love, humility, respect, holiness, godliness, true faith in God, and knowing God’s love.

What blessed creatures we are as Christians and future princes and future Throne Elders. Satan and his fallen angels are cursed creatures for they are the extreme opposite of us. They are the first creation, and we are the second creation. They rebelled and tried to make man fall, too, due to their hatred and jealousy, but we have been saved and will be elevated to take over Satan’s former authority and even greater inheritance as God’s children. This is the story and purpose that God has written before time for His glory, and because of this story and process, there will be unexplainable joy, thankfulness, praise, love, and an unbreakable bond between God and us His children. It is an amazing story that only God can design in His infinite wisdom and goodness, and through the blood of Christ on the cross shed for us out of God’s love, it will bring glory to God forever and ever. When you think about it and try to grasp the concept, it is amazing, and you see how God is awesome beyond description, my brothers. He is God. He is God.

The Illuminati Satanists are just like their father Satan. They know God exists, but they do not have faith in God as being good and love and the Almighty God of heaven and earth, so that is why evil makes them stupid enough to attack God’s children and apostles. Evil makes one stupid, and faith and love for God provides wisdom and true intelligence. Intelligence is not Satan’s human IQ, but true intelligence is the spiritual wisdom that only comes from God, of which you are partakers, for you understand what we teach and you embrace the Torah Truth who is Christ. You are one with Him. The lukewarm Jezebelist religious Western Christians believe in intelligence, so they worship their careers, for they believe that God provides through jobs and bosses and companies and this world’s economy and money. They do not believe that God can pay the bills, or not require any bills to be paid, or make money appear from thin air, or even give us the ability to not require food, or even have an angel appear to provide us water and bread, or provide us a self-generating income, or send mana bread from heaven, if that happens to be His will. I say, “Do not belittle my God.”

They are foolish for they worship human intelligence and concepts and restrictions and traditions and Illuminati pastors’ brainwashing and Jezebel’s doctrines. They do not have God’s wisdom and Holy Spirit and understanding of the Torah Truth. They live in a whole different world and understanding from what we live. They live in a religious world, and we live in spiritual world established on the firm foundation of the rock or Torah Truth. It is an unmoving rock, so we do not panic or get depressed or take medical witchcraft drugs like the religious Christians and pastors do, when situations overtake them. The reason why they reject our Torah Truth and Christ is because they embrace the post 1960s and ancient Babylonian “Flower Children” Jezebel doctrines of the devil and their Western values of Hellenism or Satanism. You cannot embrace two masters for you will love one and hate the other. This is why they despise us and ridicule and scorn us. You can know who a person is by the person that he follows.

The foolishness of the religious Christians is that they trust in themselves, so they are stocking supplies for themselves for the coming crisis, because they plan on God leaving them here on the earth. Our hope and trust is in God, for He is our protector and provider, and He will take us out before the crisis begins. Those religious lukewarm carnal Christians who have been marrying and giving in marriage and breeding like the heathens will be caught off guard, and sudden destruction will come upon them. A nation such as the U.S. where the major Illuminati corporations’ human resources departments talk about legal issues and lawsuits all day long, in order to hide the illegal things that they are doing internally, is a very satanic nation. Even in the family, they are creating marriage contracts, and landlords do evil things and threaten legal action, if they risk being uncovered.

Everyone is always talking about contracts and legal suit all the time in the U.S., in the last couple of decades, because it is now a very Illuminati minded nation. This is why such a nation is ripe for judgment, just like Rome and Persia and Babylon and Greece fell. The Illuminati lawyers have made their own empire of the United States, and made it so that they can become billionaires, by sucking all the money from this corrupt business of attorney parasitic work of Illuminati society. Whenever a society becomes more Satanist Illuminati, just like the ancient Atlantis civilization of Noah’s flood’s days, the Satanists introduce all these bankers and lawyers and CPAs and insurance people and stock brokers and every type of evil work to parasite and corrupt the entire society, just like in the typical Illuminati vampire reptilian hybrid way of sucking not only physical blood but also money from the humans. The ancient Nephilim giants ate all the human’s food, then ate the humans. Their Satanist ways have not changed at all from ancient days.

In a satanic society controlled by Satan’s Illuminati, the most evil jobs which are basically parasitic thieves disguised under honorary titles like lawyers, CPAs, doctors, stock brokers, insurance salespeople, and bankers get the highest salaries (people who in ancient days were doing business in God’s Temple and that is why Jesus chased them out with a rope), and those who are God’s real born-again spiritual Christians or missionaries get the lowest income, because they are not the fake missionaries who get paid every month by the Illuminati’s Christian churches and religious Christian supporters. The religious Christians do not buy God’s books written by the apostles, but they buy the books written by the Illuminati’s Satanists that have become million sellers like “Harry Potter” and “Lord of the Rings” and “Star Wars” and “Mary Poppins.” In whatever Illuminati company, the feminist human resources directors and managers who monopolize their departments with female managers, always force you to sign legal documents that you will not disclose any of the buying and selling of young female human slavery trade slaves their Illuminati executives are doing inside their companies when you report it to the Human Resources Department, if you want your salary paid, and threaten to sue you with legal action if you share anything negative about the company. The legal department lawyers from their companies doing the investigation will dismiss all the reports you make, since they conduct the same crimes themselves. They are the average people of these evil End Times who walk amongst us with fancy reputable titles and high salaries, because they have a lot of human IQ intelligence. If you are honest and stand for God’s righteousness, you will be silenced, kicked out, or killed. This is the world that we live in, and it is just like the evil Atlantis Satanist civilization during Noah’s flood days, and God sees this evil, and He will judge this evil satanized generation, once more, if they do not repent. They will call you evil, if you are righteous, for if the evil Pharisees called Jesus evil, then they will do the same thing to you, since this is the nature of evil. Satan and his children call God and His children evil, because to them, evil is good and good is evil. Everything is opposite of God in Satan’s kingdom.

These religious Christians get sick because they trust in their Babylonian witchcraft medical institutions and penicillin drugs and CT scans. They live and breathe like the heathen unbelievers. In a crisis, they turn into the animals that they really are and become selfish and violent. With all of their New World Order take over programs and new police state laws in place which the Anti-Christ put into effect, the Illuminati is now using their movies and television programs to sow fear and widespread sentiments for doomsday prepper rebellion, in order to feed the fire, so that the people will rebel and it would give Satan the excuse to destroy the populace and riot, and to put his Anti Christ into dictator power through martial law. The reason why these Nazi Aryan CIA and U.S. presidents and Western Illuminati are causing all these fake terrorist attacks in the U.S. and Europe is to create a police state and dictatorship and homeland security laws for them to come to power using force; and they do not like Americans; and they will cause a nationwide crisis and disaster in order to give themselves an excuse to move in with their Nazi Aryan forces to kill all law enforcement police officers and military officers and citizens who resist, and put into power their New World Order one-world government under Satan’s Luciferian Nazi Anti-Christ. Satan’s reptilian hybrids’ FEMA is not there for saving humans, but for exterminating humans. They are the Illuminati Nazi’s concentration camps within the United States. The human populace is playing right into their reptilian hybrid Nephilim plan for world dominance and extermination of all humans. In a crisis, their men become self-focused and use violence, and their women always scream and wail in terror “Oh, my God, Jesus Christ, holy _____!” but they use God’s name in vain even in their destruction for they do not believe in God, and they use God’s name in blasphemy—it is very sad to be a heathen unbeliever. Since the ancient times, it has always been the same as the evil people face their destruction, because they refuse to believe in the only true God. Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brothers, our faith is in Christ for He is our Groom and our God, and our peace and trust is in Him and Him only.

The Brotherhood of the Snake’s Illuminati Luciferian Satanists say that the devil Satan is God and that God YHWH is the devil, and deceive the evil hearted people who are blinded by their sins and disbelief. So, they are saying that it is better to follow and worship Satan who uses his reptilian Nephilim hybrid DNA witch feminist activists to sacrifice tens of thousands of children in their Satanist rituals and feed on the children’s flesh and drink their blood, instead of following and worshipping YHWH God Almighty the Creator of all creation who came in a humble human form as Christ Jesus to die on the cross to pay for our sins so that we may receive forgiveness and eternal life. Though the gospel of Jesus Christ is true, even if we assume if it was a deception, would it not be better to have the joy of being deceived by such a wonderful and noble and loving story of an Almighty God coming to give His life for us His Bride in order to save us from the certain death that comes from sin, even if it is for a brief moment that we have such a glorious dream. However, dear Jewish brethren, our gospel and Torah Truth of Christ Jesus is not a deception or a dream, but it is true and it is the faithful story of our God and Savior and soon coming King.

This is why I say to you, my dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brothers and sisters, as well as declare openly and loudly to the Illuminati Satanists who are intercepting and eavesdropping and stealing information from these God’s letters to His beloved Jewish Remnant, that the fallen angels and Nephilim demons and evil have a lot of useless human and angelic IQ intelligence, but they have no true wisdom of God the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Creator of heaven and earth, my daddy, and that is why they follow and worship Satan who hates them instead of YHWH God who loves us. A foolish person thinks he is independent and is slave to no one, but each person either submits to God who is God of even our every breath that we breathe by His grace and who created us to worship and love Him, or they are under slavery to the devil who holds in bondage all who deny God YHWH. Each person must decide who to follow, for if they do not follow God, they are under Satan’s power, deception, slavery, mind control, spiritual bondage, and sin. However, dear Jewish brothers and sisters, remember that you are free from bondage, for you serve the Lord our God, our hope and our joy and our peace and our Redeemer, and we rejoice in Christ who is our hope of glory and eternity in our hearts and spirits. Praise to the one who is the Great I Am! Hallelujah! I send you with His holy blessing.

The Lord your God watches over you, as He watched over the nation of Israel in ancient days with a pillar of fire at night and a cloud covering by day. He is the faithful One from the ancient of days. He protects you, heals you, and provides for you. Be encouraged that He has charged His holy angels to watch over us. Our brothers, the holy angels fight for you. I have met them. I have prayed that Michael and the holy angels will be made much, much more powerful than Satan and his fallen angels. Move forward diligently in your ministry for the Lord, possess and hold the ground, praying in all things at all times, honoring the One who has called you to service, serve the Lord and His people, and your joy will be complete.

These websites are not Christian sites, so there are errors concerning Christianity, but some of the information can be used as reference to learn about the Illuminati Satanists and organizations like the FBI and ATF which they control and use: