Dear Beloved 144,000 Jewish Remnant Brethren:


The Lord’s grace be with you. According to Fox News Channel, the socialist communist government wants to give special free handouts, food stamps, grants, trusts, welfares and taxpayer money to all their voters and supporters. The government says that the Indians are the most ignored and forgotten people; but in reality, they are the most recognized and supported people by the government. They receive millions of dollars, and their entire livelihood is supported by the government. However, they do not own their own land, and it is all owned by the socialist government.


They have a Bureau of American Indian Affairs, but there are no Bureau of Irish Affairs or Latinos Affairs. The Lumbee Tribe is not recognized as Indians, so they have tons of banks, tons of wealthy business owners, and live in rich neighborhoods that look like English manors. They had been fighting for recognition as Indians for hundreds of years. The congressman is trying to make them out as impoverished and persecuted people whose rights he is fighting for, so that he can get elected by them; where in reality, they are one of the wealthiest neighborhoods. The congressman says that the Lumbee tribe members are impoverished and oppressed. When you drive through their neighborhood, it looks like Beverly Hills with big homes and expensive cars.


The Lumbee tribe leader says that if they want to sell their souls to the devil for 80 million dollars and be recognized as an Indian tribe, it will be the demise of their people. They will change from capitalists to communists. They will become lazy, live off the government, become impoverished and become communists. They say that the Indians are poor, because they have been isolated, but that is not true. The Mormons and Amish were isolated, but they are rich and hard-working; and they never received free handouts by the communist government. The government says that the Westerners took over the Indians’ lands hundreds of years ago, so they deserve to receive all kinds of handouts. The Indians are asking for more handouts and recognition, but they do not work, and buy alcohol with the handouts.


Those other tribes that are recognized as Indian tribes are living in poverty, and three in four are unemployed. They live in shacks, are alcoholic, and live a communist lifestyle. The government supports them and gives millions of dollars of free money. Huckabee and these religious leaders turned politicians, receive thousands of dollars for beach houses and luxurious cars. It is always the socialist leaders and rich farmers; and rock stars who own bees and qualify as a farmer; multi-millionaires who own gardens; congresswomen and athletes who own farmland who are the ones who get tons of free handouts from the socialist government; although you do not see any crops on their lands. The poor farmers remain poor.


The Anti-Christ likes to make the multi-millionaires feel they owe him their lives by bailing out the huge corporation executives; who will in turn support his election campaigns funding; to create a socialist government-owned economy; and due to his socialist family background, he loves to tax heavily from the hard workers who are wealthy; and shovel out their money to the poor in the form of socialist welfare and medical care to gain election popularity from the masses; who realize that they do not have to work a job in order to live in a socialist leader’s government; and he targets the small and middle size business owners who actually support the nation’s economy; through his IRS heavy taxing, so that they are unable to succeed in their businesses; and so that they will lose the motivation to work harder to make more money for the nation, and the nation will therefore collapse; which would allow him to finally come to power as the one-world order leader; when the U.S. economic superpower and U.S. dollar is out of the way; in order to make way for his Satan-derived magnificent one-world economy one-world currency solution to the world’s economic collapse; so that he will be ushered in by all the people of the world as a savior of their world economy and lives; which would pave the way for him to become the one-world government and military dictator.


The foolish socialist politicians and government officials spend millions of taxpayers’ money to build hundreds of clean project buildings for the poor, in order to take care of the poor and provide a safe, clean neighborhood for education and growth. However, they always turn the new housing which was paid for by the honest, hard-working taxpayers into a housing area for drug dealing, prostitution, gang warfare, and mugging. If you give a person with the Holy Spirit the opportunity, they will share the gospel to the world. If you give a person with demonic spirits, they will turn the nice neighborhood into a drug-infested, violent, selfish place. Furthermore, they will always blame society and the nice people and the government for making them poor and lazy and evil. When interviewed, they say that they thrive on evil, and feel good to do evil. It is only the Holy Spirit’s power that can overcome the evil genes and thousands of years of evil inbreeding. God is the one who changes the yakuza gangsters into pastors.


Aside from God, the evil will not transform to good people, just because you throw beautiful housing projects, educational subsidies, tax breaks, welfare money, food stamps, etc., at them. They will just take those things; turn them into a den of thieves; buy alcohol and drugs with them; blame you and society for their misery; and laugh at you for being so stupid to give them these things for free. Only God can convict these peoples’ hearts; bring them to repentance; and to serve and love others. I have given a lot of money to church leaders who could not pay the bills so they yelled at the government officials who came to collect the utilities bills; but they just laughed at me, and would not repay the money back, but just threatened my life when I asked for the money back. These post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang members come from these genes and family backgrounds, and are just very evil people. They all want to become pastors in rich, safe neighborhoods; in order to personally justify that they have been saved and are now bona-fide Christians. They base their success as Christians by seeing all the tons of lukewarm Western Jezebel humanist Christians who flock to their churches. They are the Pharisees of this End-Times age.


These poor people will all flood to the safe, wealthier neighborhoods; and what they do is snipe on the passer-bys underneath and shoot at them. The wealthier, more gentle genetic people will leave these dangerous neighborhoods. Then, the poor people will again try to move out of these dangerous neighborhoods, and follow the wealthy people to the nicer, safer neighborhoods. This cycle has continued throughout human history, over and over again. The interesting thing is that evil people do not want to live around evil, dangerous people; but they want to live around nice, safe, wealthy people. You go to a rich neighborhood in Japan, and those places are filled with tons of yakuza mafia people. They do not want to live in the slums or the red light districts, but they want to live among the wealthy, nice, safe people. However, they detest the wealthy, studious, safe people with a passion. They especially despise anyone with college educations and good-manners. They see godliness and a good heart as a weakness and something to be exploited for their selfish purposes. In a way, the children of Satan resemble Satan’s character and thinking. The psychology of these poor people is similar to Satan: they want you to give them all your money, be killed by him, and become their slaves. That is the way to make them happy.


The people who come from these families have an altogether different way of thinking and values from God’s people. God’s children give to people, serve people, and sacrifice themselves for strangers; just like Christ does, whether they have a lot of money or not. It is the opposite spirit. That is why the so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang members have very violent, arrogant characters and hearts; and they attack God’s people. They have that genetic background; but they are successful in acting and deceiving their church members, since they have Satan’s intelligence and wits like the mafia people and gang leaders. However, they do not have God’s wisdom, which is true intelligence.


Then, these nice, clean housing project neighborhoods are soon transformed into slums by these people; and they start looking like a dangerous third-world country, such as the Dominican Republic or Somalia or Haiti. Because of their sins and genetic background, they will never be wealthy or healthy or safe. Though they make lots of money from drugs and extortion, they die early from disease such as HIV, drug overdose, or being killed by a rival drug dealer; or they will splurge all their millions of dollars on ridiculous reshaped cars, gaudy jewelry, women, and expensive orgy drug parties like the famous athletes. The wages of sin is death. The gift of Christ is life. If you throw millions of dollars to the American Indians, you keep them poor, because they buy alcohol and firearms with those subsidies. Socialism is not a solution to man’s evil genes and heart; only Christ Jesus is the solution to society and the sinful heart. You cannot throw money at evil people like the socialist communist U.S. politicians do; but you must bring the gospel to them. See if I speak the Truth or not.


The most evil people of each nation have identical characteristics and traits to the lower level people of all the other nations, too. The lower-level, most evil people of each nation are, first of all arrogant and proud, and believe their nation is the best. They look down on other nationalities, and are prejudice. They are violent, but at the same time cowardly toward people who are more evil or powerful than them (godly people tend to be humble, but very brave in times of crisis). They use dirty words, and men grow their hair long and women cut their hair short in rebellion to nature and God. They drink alcohol, party and often take drugs (illegal and prescription). They are often wealthy from dishonest jobs like thieves or stock brokers or con artists; but they waste all that money on things like fast sports cars, million-dollar homes, ridiculous brand fashion and jewelry, cosmetic surgery, drugs and women. To them, family is everything; and they worship family; and they boast about family filial human love; just like the Italian and Irish gangs in the east coast; the Caucasian motorcycle gangs in the west coast; the black and Asian and Hispanic gangs in the southwest; the white supremacist gangs in the southeast; the Arab gangs in Afghanistan; the Japanese gangs in Japan; the Samoan gangs in Polynesia; the Russian gangs in Georgia; the Chinese gangs in China; the Indian mob in India; the warlord gangs in Somalia; the French gangs in France; etc. They are very protective of their genetic animal-like family and gang members, just like the so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gangs; but they will often kill or torture their own genetic family members and gang members and childhood friends, in order to protect themselves or for money. God’s people do not place that much emphasis on family; but they love their family, serve their family members, provide for their family, and are willing to sacrifice their own lives for their family. They resemble Christ in character. So those who worship family are the most evil. You quickly recognize that nations which place emphasis on family are the most evil nations, too; and they shoot, stab, mug, headhunt and cannibalize people; and they get drunk and beat and abuse their genetic family members, and divorce, and have many interfamily tribal clan warfare. It is interesting that the religious Western Christians are immersed in family insurance plans, marriage plans, and child-rearing; when Jesus is about to return, and the world is about to be burnt crisp, and human insurance is about to go broke.


The American Indians were recorded as very savage Polynesian people, who massacred all the Scandinavian and Aborigine civilizations that existed before they invaded the Americas, and committed genocide. These are now being proven by the bones discovered, which the government tries to always confiscate from the archaeologists, as well as the cave paintings of the genocide, as well as the pockets of Aborigine descendents who have escaped to remote islands off Patagonia. The white Scandinavians and black Aborigines are the real oppressed and genocided people by the American Indians.


The American Indian tribes were very war-like, savage and fought each other, as well as cutting each other’s hearts out alive and torturing each other in indescribable ways. The Christian culture entered and stopped these satanic pagan worship and savage ways – the ways of the spirits—demonic unclean spirits. The Christian missionaries entered the New Guineas and stopped them from eating each other. They were eating humans who were made in the image of God. The New Guinean leaders say that if Christianity disappeared from the New Guineas, then the people will go back to cannibalism and that he is sure of that.


If God’s Holy Spirit in the Christians are taken out of this earth, then basically, only Satan’s paganism remains on the earth; whether it is German Aryan occultism, or Catholicism, or the Polynesians’ American Indian spiritualism, or hippy “Flower Children” Eastern Mysticism. That is why they would easily resort back to cannibalism, mutilation of bodies and headhunting; just like the Anti-Christ will during the coming Tribulation Age. We see a lot of recent modern cases where all the non-Christians of the world have eaten humans, whether they are Americans, Japanese, British, Chinese, Jews, Russians, Koreans, Uruguayans, etc. As you know from scientific evidence already, the Polynesians’ American Indians, Polynesians, Polynesians’ South American Indios, Indians, Africans, Neanderthals, British, Australians, Germans, Arabs, Chinese, Eskimos, Brazilians, French, Russians, all descend from the ancestors of mass cannibals and pagans, who conducted gruesome tortures and mutilated bodies and conducted scientific experiments on live humans and used human skulls as cups regularly. Every nation and people who do not have Christian influence have eaten people; and will quickly resort back to satanic pagan practices such as genocide, without God. The 1960s “Flower Children” generation is the beginning of the return to paganism.


The megalith proportion rocks of the ancient American Indian constructions seem to be only able to be cut by diamond technologies, and it is amazing technology to move such rocks. There seem to be evidence of rocks shaped and molded by thermo heat. It seems that we do not have that technology even now. The precision seems to be so accurate that you cannot even place a paper between the rocks. Ancient Inca legends say that a flying object came to melt and shape the stones. Some parts of the stone look like it had been dissolved. Satan loves to build temples and shrines and churches to worship him and his fallen angels. All the megalithic monuments coincide perfectly with areas that have magnetic force vortexes, and spiritual activity of demons.


The Hawaiians and Polynesians were all cannibals. They say that they were noble people who navigated the seas. They may have navigated the seas, but pagan worship of demons and cannibalism does not make savages noble. If you look at a lot of Polynesian people’s eyes, you see that they are demon-possessed like many yakuza or Italian mafia or cult leaders or medium spiritualist witches’ eyes. Since most of their populations are in prison for crimes, they blame the Western Christian culture for most of their population being placed in prison; but it is Western Christianity’s God’s Law that has shed light on their murders and drug witchcraft and stealing and cannibalism. In ancient times, it was hell on earth; and it took very violent, savage chiefs to maintain order and discipline, or any form of civilization in Polynesian cultures. They share similar attitudes with the American Indians and South American Indios that Western Christianity cultures destroyed their magnificent cultures; but in reality, Western Christianity God’s Laws shed light upon their head-hunting, gutting, scalping, cannibalism, live human sacrifice, dismembering, pagan Satan worship, and continued tribal genocide and massacre of each other, etc. The reason why they are affluent, civilized and alive in this modern time is because they were saved from their evil cultures, unlike the Easter Island people who massacred each other due to their pagan satanic worship. Hulas were not the graceful Western hulas of modern times, but they were vicious, warlike, intimidating, tongue sticking out, eyes bulging out, face tattooed, spear threatening dances originally in ancient times. There is no nobility in such cultures of Satan paganism. Humans are arrogant and prideful fallen creatures, so they try to make themselves and their cultures into noble and beautiful things; but in reality, humans are savages and satanic aside from God intervening.


They say that the Westerners came and took their lands and invaded their peaceful way of life. This is not true, because they were violent cultures, but Western Christian culture brought peace to their tribes. They are distorting history and fact. The Western Christian culture has delivered them from their satanic savage lifestyles of massacring, genocide, cannibalism, and torture. They would throw enemies into a hole, until it was time for supper, and dismember them and eat them. This mythical so-callled “peace-loving people” is a propaganda by Satan and his liberal propaganda media of the post-1960’s “Flower Children” generation. Populations of savage, satanic, pagan people are small in number and weak, because they often kill and eat each other. So, a larger and more civilized group of sinful people come and take over. The more isolated and inbred the genes are, the more violent and savage humans become. (In a forced inbreeding of gentle dogs with gentle dogs, then you get gentle genes; but in a natural inbreeding environment, the animals become more violent.) Inbreeding of genes is never good. You get strange mutations like blonde hair and blue eyes, or thin Mongolian eyes, or kinky hair and sunburned large lips; as well as violent natures and genetic diseases. The genes are deteriorating from Adam and Eve’s times, and not evolving into better genes as Satan’s evolutionary theory teaches.


On larger continents, you have an extreme separation between nice people with nice genes, and evil people with evil genes; because nice people marry nice people and pass on nice genes to nice children, who marry nice spouses, and have nice grandchildren; while evil people tend to marry evil people, and pass on evil genes to their children, who in turn, marry evil people, and pass on evil genes to the grandchildren. You look at large continents like the U.S. or China, and you see that most are either really nice people or really evil people. This is why God commanded capital punishment, to kill off the evil genes. However, being the post-1960s “Flower Children” generations’ self-righteous, perverted, humanism, satanic Western values; they have stopped capital punishment, and not only that, they let loose these savage people after only a few years in prison, because the prisons are overcrowded. So, they go out and kill and rape and steal and deal drugs and molest more victims. Furthermore, due to their sinful genes, which results in their short life span from murders, drug overdoses, cancers, HIVs, suicides, gang shootouts, drunken driving, etc.; in order to preserve their genes to the next generation, they have a tremendous lot of children, just like the rats and hogs and cockroaches and bacteria do. Therefore, their population not only increases, but it actually multiplies. Then, you have a population in the End Times, right before God brings judgment and wrath upon the earth, a huge population of evil, perverted people with genes of very satanic people and criminals.


They obviously have inverted natures from God, so the women are like men and men are like women; and you have all of these post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leader types popping up, doing evil things and misleading God’s people. The world becomes more and more evil, as the evil population increases exponentially. The nice people have only one or two children, usually, so their population decreases: they are flooded out by the evil population. This is why when the scientists do research, they find psychotic genes in so many ordinary citizens. On the outside, they are smart, so they are good at acting just like their father Satan, but in dire situations, their real satanic, savage nature is exposed. It is not that their characters changed all of a sudden, but that is their nature originally. You have a more rebellious nature after the post-1960s “Flower Children” Western hippy rebellion culture, and more attraction to paganism and detest toward Christianity and everything that has to do with God. Satan’s demonic minions are able to control these people more easily, so it is also spiritual. The world will wax more and more evil, as the Bible prophesies. They kill, eliminate, terminate from their workplace through false witness, starve off, and bump off all the nice people from society through their evil scheming, selfishness, evolutionary theory of the survival of the fittest, satanic wisdom, discrimination against those who speak against their sins, prejudice, and those who refuse to participate in their dark activities and sinful acts against God. This is why the post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious ruffian gang pastors wage war against God’s prophets and apostles, and the Torah Truth.


When you disobey God’s Torah Truth, and do not conduct capital punishment on every Canaanite man, woman, child, livestock and idol, they will mix their genes and idols with society, just like they did with the Israelites; and you will get people like the post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ effeminate inverted so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang lords who run to Jezebelism, and adulterate the earth with Jezebel. It is only when a person receives Christ that that person is changed by the Torah Truth and Holy Spirit into a new creation and a new person. They no longer behave and act like the arrogant, ruffian, strong speech, religious gang leaders and pastors of wealthy neighborhoods.


Satan’s people are not balanced like God and His children: they are always on one of two extremes—left wing or right wing. For example, they used to depict American Indians as evil and Whites as being good; but now, they are depicting Whites as evil, and American Indians as good. They do not realize that all are evil, and sinful; and they need to repent and receive Jesus. They are always depicting one or the other evil, depending on their views at the moment or era. They will not admit that both are wrong and evil, and all of them are sinful, whether they are Caucasians, Asians, Middle Easterners, Africans, or Pacific Islanders.


When you have a global deterioration of genes, their physical features become more defined and isolated: light beige (Caucasians), darkest brown (Africans), light to dark beige (Asians), darker brown (Polynesians) and medium brown (American Indians). The shades of melanin skin pigmentation which protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation rays (much like vegetables form pigmentations to protect themselves from the sunlight, as well as tropical fish), which the Westerners’ propaganda has brainwashed people of the world to believe as: whites, blacks, yellows, browns and red skins, become more pronounced. I do not see humans with white, black, yellow and red skins walking around, but I only see humans with different levels of melanin (brown-beige skin tint) in their skins. However, racist people want to create so-called skin colors to show how normal they are and how others are weird. If you really saw a person with yellow skin, they have jaundice, and if you really saw a person with red skin, they are just Caucasian people who have a serious sunburn, and if you really saw a person with black skin, that is a corpse who was burnt in a fire, and if there really was such a thing as a blue skin people, then they are suffocating from lack of oxygen. Caucasians have blue eyes and blonde hair, because they lived in Scandinavia where there was very little sunlight, and the Blacks have dark brown skin and eyes, because they lived in Africa where there was a lot of sunlight. The perfect environment in the Garden of Eden has been disrupted because of mankind’s fall to sin.


The “Flower Children” socialist liberals always spread propaganda to antagonize missionaries as evil people who brought evil culture to savage people. The hippy Satanists ally themselves with their pagan savage brothers and Eastern Mystic Satanists, because they are all on Satan’s side. That is why the Westerners are becoming more pagan in lifestyle, such as sacrificing their fetuses to the burning statue of Molech in abortion clinics, after the 1960’s “Flower Children” sexual revolution. This is Satan’s view of the world. God’s view of the world is that wherever the gospel has been preached to all nations and people groups, it has brought life, dignity, freedom, peace, health, equality, godly values and freedom from the fear of being cannibalized or your head shrunk. It has given women dignity and freedom and opportunity. However, the United States and Europe are becoming more Asian Eastern pagan, and Western religious leaders are encouraging God’s people to get tattoos and ear pierces. So, we know the end is close.


The local governments have legally banned Tea Party movement demonstrators from displaying signs, due to reasons that it is too controversial. The Tea Party supporters have gone to the federal courts to get their rights back to use their signs to demonstrate; since there is no reason to demonstrate if you do not have signs. The Anti-Christ’s control over oppositions has already started; and when the U.S. economy crashes, he will use martial law to gain control over the country. The Satanist Illuminati’s post-1960’s “Flower Children” socialist left-wing are now trying to prohibit guns in the U.S. courts, in order that the Anti-Christ can take over the world through martial law, and the public will be left defenseless. The first step will be to take away the guns from the populace, and make them defenseless. This will occur before he starts massacring all Tribulation saints and Jews.


These left-wing people whose origin comes from Satanism (the communist manifesto and 1960’s hippy rebellion), are challenging the 2nd amendment of the Constitution that protects the people to own guns; by saying that the Constitution allows only the state government to own guns, and not the regular citizen. In the End-Times, the most evil satanic people (liberal people) will try to change all of the Constitution, including Christian free speech and teaching, Christian rights to gun ownership, right to profess their religion, and Christian right to assemble together. The Church Age Christians or Bride of Christ do not need guns, since God will part the Red Sea and destroy the pursuing Pharoah’s army or destroy the tens of thousands of attacking Midianites; they just need to sell their coats and buy swords as deterrence against evil. But, the Tribulation Saints of the lukewarm End-Times Church who will be left behind at the Rapture will be martyred by the Anti-Christ, since they would not believe in God’s love and protection. They are the Church of Thyatira whom God promises that He will send them into the soon coming Tribulation Age of judgment for they would not repent of their Jezebel doctrines and values, whereas God promises to deliver the Church of Philadelphia from the Tribulation Age of judgment for they have kept His Word and Torah Truth who is Christ, and not adulterated themselves with Jezebel’s post-1960s Western sexual revolutionist values and Baal Molech idolatry.


Jesus Christ told everyone that from now on, if we do not have swords, we should go and sell our clothes and buy a sword to protect ourselves; for we live in perilous times according to the Bible. Satan has all these religious Christian leaders spreading his satanic doctrine to all Christians to throw away their guns and be slaughtered by him, so that he can stop the gospel. That is how carnal and blind these religious Western Christian leaders are, and the brainwashed congregations are equally blind and naked, carnal and lukewarm. The religious Christians also believe that their guns will protect them from the Anti-Christ’s army and Pharoah’s army, and it is not God who gives them the victory and protection. They have no understanding or wisdom of the Holy Spirit. They are alienated from the Holy Spirit. What Satan does is his two-pronged strategy: he uses his demon-possessed people to shoot dozens of people in the public schools or creates crazy fanatic militias; and then, he uses his other demon-possessed left-wing “Flower Children” to cry out for gun restrictions on Christians and Jews. Satan is a very sly, yet clever individual; and is working to bring the world under his Anti-Christ’s tyranny. The religious lukewarm, stupid so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious mentor leaders are fools.


On the surface, Satan’s doctrines; his Western humanism; equality, gun-free peace; nuclear-free peace; sex and rock and roll; religious teachings; socialist idealism; environmental activism; peace and “Flower Children”; all sound righteous and just in the eyes of the devil. He is the most egotistical and proud and self-righteous person in the world, including his liberal, pagan, “Flower Children” people (the vampires’ human servants). However, from God’s Holy Spirit’s perspective, we can see that what is “Politically Correct” and good to them are evil in the holy God’s eyes. These End-Times people and so-called “Bible Men” and their religious mentors call good as evil, and evil as good: cursed are they. Communism is idealism; and “Flower Children” socialism tries to enforce its idealism by massacring millions of people and oppression: an elite few controls the brainwashed masses. That is why socialism and communism executes all the educated, ethical people, and uses the foolish, brainwashable peasants. Satan likes only the people who he can control. The Christians are an obstacle for him. These “Flower Children” mothers’ children have been placed by Satan into the media, politics and universities (Satan’s unholy pastors and missionaries of darkness) to prepare the End-Times people for his one-world order Illuminati. Do not be ignorant of the wiles of the devil, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, for he goes around like a silent serpent to warp the weak mind. Of course, God can wipe out an enemy army in an instant, or airlift his people to safety; but Jesus also told us to have a sword ready from now on, too.


You can see that the End-Times U.S. resembles the advanced Atlantis civilization before Noah’s flood, because of the more pagan appearance of society. Women are putting thicker ugly make-up; exposing their bodies; dancing and luring pagan men; becoming more male-like; becoming outspoken and taking leadership in society; having sex with everyone; smoking; drinking; using foul language; living “Flower Children” lifestyles; refusing to wear head-coverings in humility; wearing men’s trousers; and acting like Jezebel herself. When women have lost all trace of Eve’s gentle femininity, and the genders have reversed; then the time of judgment is ripe. It is the most despicable, lukewarm, vomit-like condition of the church, in the history of the church. There are no more silent Mary Magdalenes or modest Ruths or subservient Esthers—the great women of God. There are only warped, tomboyish, masculine women. God will destroy humankind, before Satan can succeed fully in bringing women to control his society.


As Hollywood movies reflects post-1960’s “Flower Children” so-called “Bible Answer Men” cultures, we see Western women becoming more savage and animal-like; as their movie heroines punch, kick, cut, bat, and shoot dozens of men and enemies; and, as they wear skimpy clothes and expose their sexual parts, like Jungle Jane or G.I. Jane. The more pagan the Western nations and their so-called “Bible Answer Men” become, the more skimpy clothed and savage and violent their women become, like the heroine spiritualist American Indian girl in the movie “Avatar.” The Western religious Christian women have been brainwashed by these hippy rogue pastors that strong, powerful, strong-willed women are attractive and admirable. They scorn godly feminine women like Japanese women or Esther or Mary Magdalene as being old-fashioned and weak. The ludicrous thing is that the so-called “Bible Men” and their hippy rogue pastors preach every week reprimanding men in front of the women to be more castrated and effeminate in their manhood; but they never even tell the religious Christian women about how savage the Western women have become, and that they should return to being God’s women, as men’s “helpers” as God says in the Bible—not “rulers” and “arguers” and “teachers” of men. This is all a work by Satan through his so-called “Bible Answer Men” and religious mob leaders of the post-1960s mothers who are saturated by human pride and rebellious independence from God.


Since after the 1960s “Flower Children” grandmothers’ generation, the grandchildren of the cursed “Flower Children” perverted generation is dying in drones from cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc.; and have millions of allergies; and yell at the restaurants for serving their children allergic food, when it is their own sins which is causing all these allergies and illness. They are hypocrites in the extreme. Satan’s people are always hypocrites. Since the 1960s “Flower Children” grandmothers, the daughters and granddaughters of the “Flower Children” do not stay home, raise children and cook anymore. Instead, they microwave instant food and eat processed food; so they and their children are dying by the drones. When they seek money by working alongside the men; then, they will have stress and they will eat these instant Western food since they are working and have no time to cook, so they die in the multitudes. The wages of sin, and living in conflict with what God has commanded, and living against what men and women were created as, and living like the rebellious hippy “Flower Children” lifestyle brings death. God gives life, and sinful life brings death. There is no need for me to teach you this, dear Jewish Brethren, for you know these things to be true by the Holy Spirit by yourself; unlike the Western Christianity people and religious Christians who are blind and ignorant and carnal. They would rather have female power and female authority and Jezebelism food lifestyles, rather than God’s Truth and health and peace and joy. How can they pray for healing, if they are living in disobedience to God’s ways, and strangling their own necks and that of their children?


Since the so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders cannot explain for, see, or understand by the Holy Spirit why so many of their church people are dying from illness; they try to blame God for all the death and sickness, by warping and perverting God’s Bible; and teaching them that it is God’s will that they be sick and die, and that most of the church people be half dead or plagued by sin’s curse; just like they warp and pervert God’s Bible by lying to the church people that women do not have to cover their heads or can wear men’s trousers or they can teach men. They know what the Bible commands very well; but these religious Pharisees pervert Jesus who is the Word of God; in order to maintain their popularity, and uphold and honor their self-righteous Jezebel Western humanist hippy post-1960s beliefs.


These religious gang leaders who have set up churches in rich neighborhoods in warm comfortable climate areas are political activists, who distract and keep God’s people busy with creating a lot of hoopla about the millions of babies who have been aborted; but they themselves are the cause of this abortion, for they have made God’s Western Christian women into practically heathen women; just like the pagan women around them, and they are no longer the salt of the world. If the church becomes lukewarm and no longer the salt that preserves, that nation is doomed to pagan sacrifice of babies to the god Molech Baal. This is not to be prevented by means of political activism and human work, as these religious gang leaders teach and encourage God’s people to be and spend their time; but rather, it should have been prevented by teaching God’s Torah Truth that God’s real women, should stay single and go into the states and nations to disciple people to Christ. Then, this problem of abortion would not have happened. A Christ-centered, non-pagan nation does not vote in pagan abortion rituals to be legal practice. But Satan has sent in these so-called “Bible Men” and their religious gang leaders who have churches in rich neighborhoods, into God’s churches after the 1960s to mislead, distract and heathenize and paganize God’s women into their “Flower Children” mothers’ image. Do you see Satan’s clever ways to distract the church from being effective, and its main purpose of being virgins and the Great Commission; and to be preoccupied with his things, such as political activism?


So, when their churches’ women become pagan, too; then there is no more salt and light to protect the nation from becoming pagan and conducting millions of abortions. That is Satan’s strategy for sending in these “Flower Children” so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang’s hippy rogue pastors into God’s Western churches after the 1960s and the “Jesus Movement.” On Satan’s command, these satanized, rebellious hippy “Flower Children” were strategically sent into churches, liberal medias, left-wing college faculties and socialist political positions. (This backfired on Satan, because a few of these hippies truly became God’s pastors and made disciples.) And the religious conference leaders are very proud and arrogant, thinking that God has made their conferences the largest conferences in the world; and since they believe God is whole-heartedly for all this paganization of His churches, they will not heed God’s prophets’ warnings to return to the Torah Truth and Christ; and therefore, they are headed to the coming Tribulation along with the pagans whom they share their abodes with; by commanding women to not wear head covering in direct contempt toward God’s loving commands. So far, it has worked perfectly by Satan’ plans, though as I mentioned earlier, God has used it against Satan to save many in certain circumstances. Praise be to our wise and sovereign Lord who has known all things before time!


However, it is part of God’s End-Times plan for the church to become apostate, and He will now focus on the salvation of the Jewish nation instead. The End-Times will be as it was before the flood of Noah, where all nations and people will be pagan, and worship the Watchers once more. If these so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders were from God; then they would be warning God’s people about the coming Great Deception, and Satan’s extraterrestrial aliens, and the Illuminati, and the Catholics. However, they only teach academic Pharisee theology that do not cause waves; and they are only concerned about their fame and popularity, because of their criminal wittiness; and are afraid that they would be thought of by the church people as becoming occult and weird; so they purposely hide the Torah Truth from God’s people. They are self-seeking blood suckers, and parasites upon God’s people and House.


If they were truly from the Holy Spirit and were of God’s people; they would not dare sell God’s Word at the bookstore for profit; but rather, they would give them out free at their own postage cost; and furthermore, they would make all of the contents of their books available to be downloaded from their websites. Their reward is the profit they make from God’s Word and their popularity; just as the money-changers in God’s Temple. Instead of putting advertisement to inform people that they are giving out free porridge, prayer, clothing and tents; these so-called “Bible Men” and their so-called religious gang leaders are advertising their books, CDs and tapes to take money from people; by paying for the advertising costs with tithes and offerings. It is unbelievable! The pre-1950s Philadelphia Missionary Church, which they have converted into the post-1960s “Flower Children” Laodicea Lukewarm Church now begs for money from humans! How perverted these religious leaders are. No wonder they destroy God’s command for women to wear head-coverings and not to wear men’s trousers. It makes sense. They have castrated the Western Christian men to become effeminate like the “Flower Children” generation men; so the Christian women have become Jezebels like the Western heathen women around them; and that has made the Western End-Times Church dead, and no longer the salt and light of the world. The Holy Spirit has no communion with sinful hearts.


Since the church is no longer the spiritual protection from spiritual decadence in society; Satan’s “Flower Children’s” grandchildren have all flooded into the church clergy, college faculty, political offices, Hollywood productions, mass media, literary agents, comic industry, video game industry, toy industry and cartoon industry. Satan knows that once he has castrated the church; then he can now work on the minds of the children freely, through the video games, comic books, toys, children’s novels and cartoon programs. The society has been lost in the church first, by these so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders; and then the future generation children who have become parents have been lost. It is Satan’s total apostate world now with all recognition and award to the so-called “Bible Men” and their religious hippy rogue pastors. Satan’s work is complete. Now, the world is waiting for God’s judgment and wrath to fall upon it. When you see children’s toy TV commercials for zombie figurines, and vampire board games, horror video games of blood and guts, and toys where children make jelly shaped like brains in skull containers to eat; tell me if this would not satanize the grandchildren generation of the “Flower Children” nations?


It is because the “Flower Children’s” daughters are designing and buying for their children these types of toys to play with. The so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious Pharisees have blinded and brainwashed God’s Church people so much that they are indifferent to discipling all nations, tribes, and tongues, as God had commanded; and instead encouraged them to work in secular jobs and marry people to breed; so meanwhile, society has been discipled and evangelized instead by Satan’s “Flower Children” descendents through toys and video games; and they think they will escape the coming judgment, because they are religious leaders? What arrogance is this? No wonder they mock God’s Truth who is Jesus and His prophets. They are a cursed people.


The post-1960s Laodicea Apostate Church is so preoccupied in time and energy with working in secular jobs, hunting for marriage partners, and breeding fleshly genetic descendents, as taught by Satan’s so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders; that they no longer stay single as Jesus commanded and carry out the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations, tribes and tongues, as did the pre-1950s Philadelphia Missionary Church; and therefore, while they were seeking careers alongside their husband men for the love of money, bigger homes, and reproducing fleshly children; they have allowed the nations, tribes and tongues to fall to paganism and apostasy and perversion by Satan; and consequently, the children of this last generation must be judged, alongside their corrupt parents. The so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious cancerous leaders teach that: “God wants you to be happy, work in any secular job for God, and have a happy marriage, and have a lot of children on this earth; then you will be a slave to money-making to feed the family and stuck to the neighborhood due to your job; so that you will have to stay at our church and continue paying tithes and offerings to finance the hippy rogue pastors’ big homes, big salaries, big comfortable pensions and investments, radio station corporate America, and vacations every year to luxurious destinations with the wife.” Since the religious leaders have taken so much money off the flock and out of the House of God; they can satisfy their egotistical self-righteous pride by saying, “I am not taking any salary for my ministry work after I retired, and my luxurious car was given to me so it is not my fault.” No wonder they place more value in their friendship with the so-called “Bible Answer Men,” rather than with God’s Torah Truth; and ally themselves with Satan’s spies to do battle with God’s prophets, and mislead many to Jezebelism.


These so-called “Bible Men” and their religious conference leaders willfully and stubbornly and arrogantly continue to refuse to repent, restore God’s Word who is Christ and command back to the Bible, and correct the misleading they have done to God’s people and Church; such as teaching them to ignore the command for women’s head covering and prohibition to wear men’s trousers. In so doing, they have made their attitude toward Jesus who is the Word and Truth very, very clear and final. That was their litmus test whether they truly love Christ, respect the Truth, honor the Word; and their decisions and hearts have been made very, very clear. The verdict stands and I rest my case. I have done my duty of love by warning them countless times. Now, let these teachings be for the 144,000 Jewish Remnant who loves Jesus who is the Light and Torah Truth. Praise be to our King and Redeemer! If they are going to bring in “Flower Children” Satanists into God’s Church and Bride, they had better teach them the Truth; instead of adopting the “Flower Children” Satanists’ doctrines, in order to appeal to them and make the church bigger, and kicking Jesus out. Any so-called “Bible Answer Man” or religious conference leader who teaches God’s people to disobey God’s Bible; and create all kinds of reasons to delete or dismiss parts of the Bible to fit their own self-righteous “Flower Children” Jezebel humanist doctrine, does not have a sane mind; and do not have a normal heart, but a perverted mind and heart. There is no other explanation for such insanity, and level of perversion; even to delete such teachings as the command for women’s head covering and prohibition of women to wear men’s trousers.


J. Crew’s ad that has pink toes on boy’s clothes; and Satan’s “Flower Children” generation mothers trying to blend the sexes, and trying to feminize boys, and masculinize girls, has brought a controversy among the Christian community. The Western society is becoming more like Sodomy & Gomorrah with feminist women and homosexual men. They actually condone, take joy and encourage the blending of the sexes. Satan detests God’s Word that explicitly forbids men wearing women’s clothes, and women wearing men’s trousers, and women not covering their heads and men growing their hairs long. The so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their mentor religious leaders are encouraging God’s people to trample on God’s Word; and purposely pervert God’s Word in order to do so.


The young daughters of the post-1960’s “Flower Children” mothers are becoming more pagan, as they draw away from God precepts; and these lower-level white Caucasian women are now talking like, gesturing like, and wiggling their bodies like the pagan Afro-American witchdoctor-type church people. Since the post 1960’s cursed “Flower Children” hippy rogue pastors’ generation, all their Western music are now like Afro-American pagan witchdoctor base beat, trance-inducing, mind-dementing, huge satanic Western Church racket; with their religious leaders’ endorsed ear pierces and tattoos and hairstyles; and it kind of reminds you of how the Israelites danced before the golden calf idol, before God opened the ground and swallowed them into the underworld alive. The children and grandchildren of the “Flower Children” and their so-called “Bible Answer Men” religious leaders are becoming more and more pagan and evil. They breathe and live their rebellious hippy golden calf values of Western post-1960’s humanist values; and tempt others to share in the church conferences’ adulterous idolatry.


Western Christianity which has arisen from the Mystery Babylonian pagan religion and Hellenistic values depicts Jesus as a skinny, feminine, long-haired, blonde hippy. This is a lie of the enemy and propaganda by Satan’s Jezebel servants of Western Christianity. These so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious leaders have warped the minds of Westerners and even the Western Christians, also. Jesus was a Middle-Easterner and a Jew, so he had dark hair and grew a short beard (not long unkept hippy beard). He was a carpenter before starting His ministry, so He was very muscular and manly, just as God created original man. This is before hippy rogue pastors became effeminate; and their pastors in wealthy neighborhoods started growing their hair long like a girl; and Western women started taking male hormone steroids so that they look like gorillas.


Jesus had short hair, and not long hippy hair; because God commands men to have short hair to show their authority over women, and for women to have long hair to show their subservience; or else, you soon forget God’s ways and you end up with the End-Times Western post-1960’s “Flower Children” generation of rebellious long hair in men and rebellious short hair in lesbian feminists; and you have Western women thinking that they are equal to men in authority and position; then, you have feminism and abortion and sexual revolution and sexual intercourse with fallen angels to breed Nephilim giants. God says in His Word that it is a shame for a man to have long hair and a shame for a woman to have short hair; and that even nature speaks for itself; so God is not a God who contradicts His own teachings and commands, nor does He do contrary to His Truth by growing His hair long; unlike a lot of the so-called “Bible Men’s” religious leaders want to purposely and intentionally distort God’s Word; and turn His Church away from God’s Word to Jezebel’s doctrines and culture.


So, the women in the Western churches under their distorted leadership, keep saying, “Men!” “Men are so dumb,” “Men are so insensitive,” “Men are simple-headed,” “Men need to be told what to do,” “Men need a woman’s touch to do anything right,” “Men are so lazy,” “Men are so clumsy,” “Men are so naive,” “Men cannot be designers, only gay homosexuals can,” “Men need to know that it is better when women are in-charge, because they are more level-headed.” These words that the so-called “Bible Men’s” religious leaders instill in the minds of the Western church people are words straight from the heart and mind of Satan himself. That is why they have declared war against God’s prophets; and wage battle against God’s Truth and Kingdom; and try to destroy God’s work. When religious people follow Jezebel, they become enemies, and are used by Satan. They trust in works, instead of the Torah Truth.


If these Western Jezebel women speak in these disrespect ways toward men as simply equals, then they disrespect God. For they disrespect the order of God’s creational authority and society. That is why Western women wear men’s trousers, and Japanese women wear dresses and skirts. The pagan Corinthians resembled the End-Times modern Westerners who are becoming more pagan Jezebels, and that is exactly why God commanded women to wear head coverings to remind them of men’s authority over them; so that they will not forget and get haughty and sin against God with their post-1960’s “Flower Children” feminist “women’s liberation movement” and rebellious “sexual revolution.” The so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious leaders are the cause of this rebellion in the church and perversion of God’s people through marrying with the “Flower Children” Satan’s Jezebel world. When these feminist women cut their hairs short like the pre-Noah’s flood women and start wearing trousers like men, then it reflects the depraved condition of those women; and consequently, a direct measurement of the satanic perversion of that society itself. The outward display exposes the hidden condition of the heart. That is why you see so many pastors with long hair and church women with short hair in the post-1960’s lukewarm Laodicean End-Times church that is about to be vomited out of God’s mouth into the Tribulation Age. These religious carnal Christians will be left behind on this earth, while the real spiritual Christians will be raptured out into heaven, before God brings judgment and His wrath upon the earth.


These so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders bring greater judgment upon themselves, for they seek to know the Truth and hungrily read the Truth; however, they disdain the Truth and battle against the Truth, who is Christ. It would have been better if these so-called “Bible Men” and their religious leaders did not know the Truth. They had an opportunity to correct the perversion which they caused upon the End-Times Church; but instead, they put their gang members’ friendships before Christ who is the Word and the Truth. God loved them, and knew the good works they did; so He extended His love to them to impart the Truth to them, to correct the wrong they have done; but they would have nothing to do with the Truth and Christ; but rather, did battle with those who brought the Truth to them; so is God to blame for leaving them to the Tribulation and judgment, which they chose to go through themselves? No, let God be true, and every man a liar. The enemy knows when Jesus is coming back, so he is preparing to deceive the world with the end of the Mayan calendar December 21st, 2012 so-called prophetic date. It is only the wicked so-called “Bible Men” and their religious gang leaders that scorn Jesus’ return, and openly mock and ridicule God’s prophet’s warnings.


In movies such as “Avatar,” which Satan made the most-watched movie in human history; the rebellious, vulgar, socialist-communist soldiers who defect and fight against the military are considered heroes. Furthermore, in the movie “Avatar,” Satan is spreading the thinking that the American Indians are not pagan savages who do atrocious things; but that they are peaceful, nature-loving people. In “Avatar,” he makes his demonic spirits which the American Indians believe dwell in the trees and rivers and mountains and ground, are a network of chemical energy in nature and the planet “Pandora.” That is why you can see that evolution and science worshippers, pagan American Indian occults, environmental activists, and Hollywood media all are tied together in the hidden background; and they are all Satan’s instruments for brainwashing the earth-dwellers. If you have the Holy Spirit, you can see Satan’s fingerprints on all of them, and how he is interconnecting all of them; as well as using his people to further his Jezebel doctrines. As always, in the movie “Avatar,” you see that the female “Gaea” sorceress is always in leadership, in opposition to God’s Kingdom where men of God are in leadership. They cut the other person and lick the knife to read the other person, just as in pagan black magic practices.


Satan is making the highest selling movie in the history of mankind like “Avatar,” in order to brainwash the people of the world, to prepare them for the final battle with God at Armageddon. He creates beautiful images of the Garden of Eden to attract viewers to watch his movie “Avatar.” It is a movie about the Toruk Makto or the Anti-Christ who will arise to bring all the nations of the world or tribes of the Avatar planet to fight against the evil aliens who are invading their planet, or in other words, to fight against Christ and His saints who Satan will make it look like the evil aliens invading the earth at Armageddon. Satan will go out to deceive all the nations and people of the world to unite them, just like in the movie “Avatar” to fight against God and the Christians when they return at Armageddon. This is why the movie “Avatar” is the highest selling movie in the history of mankind.


Just like the Bible talks about Lucifer walking amidst the fire, which refers to light, the movie “Avatar” depicts the Toruk Makto and his alien girlfriend walking amidst the garden of light. There are fingerprints of Satan all over it. The religious Christians are watching them, taking their kids to the movie theatres, and are mesmerized and brainwashed by the movie to support the American Indians against the so-called evil invading government. It is a very left-wing, liberal, anti Vietnam War “Flower Children” producers’ and screenwriters’ movie, since they are the most easily controlled by Satan due to their wickedness and sinfulness. It draws the viewers subconsciously into African and American Indian Satanism. You look at the actresses’ eyes, and you immediately notice that they are demon-possessed: they have something in their lives that opens them up to demonic control, in exchange for fame and money and power. Many actors and actresses have claimed that the screenwriter has a violent, dominating, satanic personality. These screenwriters steal what God’s prophets teach about the Torah Truth, takes the ideas, warps and perverts them into their satanic version and story; and Satan believes that he can aggravate God by using God’s Torah Truth to make his movies famous, and suppressing God’s people’s teachings. However, as usual, Satan in his pride does not know that God and His prophets and apostles will have the last laugh.


A low-level, hot-tempered, violent, obnoxious, profane-language, vulgar truck driver does not become a world-class, genius screenwriter and director, who writes the two most highest selling movies in the history of all mankind, along with all other major selling movies; unless there is a pact made with the devil to become famous and wealthy and sex-filled, just like the rock stars. You see that the rock stars are all violent effeminate men, just like the post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious horde leaders. The masculine women all scream and chase after them. Normal people do not hire all these demon-possessed actresses every time in all their movies. Satan gives supernatural power to his most controllable servants, and uses them to brainwash millions throughout the world. They take all the teachings of God through His prophets, and pervert them, in order to make it into their satanic stories; and Satan thinks he can agitate the Almighty God by doing that.


For example, in the movie “Avatar,” it shows the hero taking an avatar body of an alien to lead the alien people; just like Satan’s fallen angels will disguise themselves as alien beings, and take on humanoid forms; to imitate Jesus coming in human form. Satan will take on the body of the Anti-Christ to rule the world, during the Tribulation Age, just like the avatar hero. The avatar bodies are gigantic, to imitate Adam and the early humans who were bigger, in the Garden of Eden. They create a planet with Satan’s ungodly name, “Pandora,” instead of the Garden of Eden, to mock God. They make the movie an American Indian and African mix pagan Satan worship, instead of worshipping the Christian true and living God. They mix evolutionism, socialism, and spiritualism—all Satan’s doctrines, to make the evolutionists believe that the demonic spirits in the universe are a universal energy force that lives in all the trees and animals and plants, just like Satan’s occult animism of pagan cultures. They write the story to copy Jesus and His Saints returning on white horses at Armageddon, by making the avatar hero and heroine ride around on Satan’s dragon reptiles. They take the Christian God, and replace Him in the movie with Eywa or Gaea, the goddess of the earth of the “Flower Children” generations. They take the idea of the mist and dew watering the Garden of Eden, and make Pandora a planet with mist and dew. They take the lights called fire where Lucifer used to walk amongst in the Bible, and changes it to the lighted plants of the nighttime Pandora. The main character says that the avatar demon-possessed body is the real world, and this human physical body is the dream to him; imitating what the Torah Truth teachers teach the Christians that the spiritual realm is the real world, and the physical world that we see is the digital simulation world. Satan steals everything from God’s Torah Truth teachers, and perverts it into his directors’ stories to brainwash the world with his media and Hollywood movies.


The human avatars in the movie have one extra finger, just like the Nephilim of the fallen angels have one extra finger. The aliens have only four fingers, just like the alien Greys have only four fingers. These movie brainwashing by Satan is to prepare the world’s people for the return of the fallen angels, who will be back to take avatar human forms to deceive the whole world with evolutionism. The avatars have fangs like vampires, and wear hardly any clothes like the pagan tribal people do, and like many of the Western women do as they become more pagan and post-1960s “Flower Children” Western values. The animal-level degenerated pagan Western women love to bulge out half of their breasts from their shirts to try to lure animal-level pagan men’s eyes on the city streets of the Americas and Europe, just like the avatar movie American Indian and African tribal pagan aliens do. They are reverting back to paganism, because of the post-1960s “Flower Children” values of the movie directors’ and producers’ generations. These pagan Western women’s exposing of their breasts and buttocks from their skimpy clothes is grotesque and nauseating to God’s real born-again Christian men, but even the police are corrupted by Western value, so they do not arrest these women for nauseating other people. It is worse than smoking in someone’s face. How long, oh God, will you allow your men to be nauseated and made sick by these Western women’s exposing of their body parts and lewd clothes? It is revolting to the Holy Spirit. It is like the pagan Polynesian women who run around half naked, during the hula dance dinner shows for animal instinct Western tourists, which is like watching a hippo releasing feces and absolutely grotesque. They howl and scream and shake their half-exposed buttocks, because of the demon-possession, just like in the nighttime club pagan dance floors in the Western nations. It is not sexually appealing, at all, unless you are some kind of animal level pagan whose minds have been perverted by Satan.


In the movie “Avatar,” Satan uses the beautiful images he knows from the Garden of Eden, and makes them into computer graphic images of Pandora’s forest on the movie, and lures the viewers of the world, to make it the highest selling movie in the history of the world. Satan uses the eyes to see the virtual fake physical world; God uses the ears to teach the heart on the real spiritual world around this physical world. They use the words, “I see you,” in the movie as a greeting to express Satan’s demonic spirits that possess them called the “chi” force in Chinese occultism or what they call the universal energy force, using what they heard from God’s prophets talking about fellow Christians from different countries who do not speak each other’s language, but they smile and understand each other when they say, “Christ Jesus,” because of the Holy Spirit that unites all real born-again Christians. They take all these amazing teachings by God’s prophets, and steal them, and use them to write their satanic movies; just like their father Satan steals, copies and perverts God’s things. It is Satan behind these people using them. They are just common thieves and perverters, called by Satan to do his unholy missionary work.


Even the spiritually dead religious Christians watch and are enchanted by the movie. They take God’s prophets’ teachings about the New Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation that will come down from God where all the Saints will live forever and ever; and these screenwriters use these ideas to make floating mountains of Pandora, which are breath-taking to the viewers. They mix the genes of humans and what God calls as unclean animals like cats, in order to make the avatar bodies with tails and cat eyes and feline noses. They call the demon-possession as the “bond” in the movie, where the avatar hero unites his nerves with the animal’s nerves, making viewers believe that shamanism where demons possess human bodies and where aliens control humans, as being something good. The entire movie is copied from God’s prophet’s Torah Truth teachings, and perverted, in order to make money and brainwash the world. There is a supernatural power working behind it. The theme song goes, “I offer my life as a sacrifice, I live through your love,” which is Satan’s copying of Christians sacrificing their life to Christ, since Christ gave His life for us, and we live through His love; but Satan is copying it to mean that he wants blood sacrifice of the Mayan savage pagan occult worship, and his fake so-called perverted “love.” Apparently, he is drunk with himself, for in reality, he wants to destroy all of mankind instead.


It is like the street gang and mafia family-oriented eros (animal instinct romance) and filial (family animal instinct) love which the post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ effeminate so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their academic religious gang boasts about all the time; as they drag their wives in front of the church congregation every time and do a show of hugging and kissing them, just like the heathen politicians connive and do; and as they boast about the bond and love of the religious church people, because of the sweet talk that they do to each other as the heathen politicians do; but they are hypocrites, for if they truly had God’s agape love, they would not hate God’s prophets and apostles, and they would teach the entire, undiluted, unaltered, unhidden, untampered Torah Truth that God’s prophets and apostles teach them. The fact that they do not, shows where their hearts are, and their opposition to the Torah Truth. It is only natural that they despise those who bring the Torah Truth.


If any of those wives or church members slandered them, or killed their children, then they would all of a sudden start hating them, instead of loving them with God’s agape love. Jezebel never loved the Torah Truth, but she loved family and gang, with her eros and filial Western Christianity animal instinct love. Love is not tested, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, in the “love show” before the church congregation toward wives and nice religious church members as the “Flower Children” peace-and-love pastors do (that is Jezebel’s followers and priests), but love is tested in the love for the Samaritans, and the ones who kill and rape your wives and children, and the prophets and apostles of God, and the ones who slander and betray and steal and are obnoxious to you. If they had God’s true agape unconditional love, they would not kick-out, slander, ostracize and despise those righteous men who admonish them for giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to each other—their Sanhedrin members.


And, these post-1960s hippy liberation movement pastors drag their wives in front of the crowd every time to show their love and great support for the women of the church who hold the power in the church members’ families? What love is this? Is it the democratic love of the Hellenists? Is it the love of Satan’s perverted democracy of sharing authority with God, considering himself God’s equal? Is it the love of the heathen post-1960s Westerners’ Hellenistic women’s liberation generation heathen politicians? I ask why there are so much stress within the family, ungodly children, and divorce among the Western religious Christians, just like the heathens around them? Is it because of the great and wonderful love that the post-1960s “Flower Children” cult church conference religious pastors boast about? It is because they preach Western Christianity moral teachings every week, but they do not teach the Torah Truth that God’s prophets and apostles teach them. They worship God in the flesh, but not in the Spirit. Their god is Jezebel. I challenge them that if their god is the real God, fire will consume me. If my God is the real God, then fire will consume them and all their Baal priests. Whose doctrines do they ascribe to? Do they continue to cut out and pervert God’s Word? What do they do with Christ? They will not confess their sins before all men, repent, return all the belongings, and teach the complete opposite of what they have taught for ages. They have a deceitful heart, for they try to slide through the door crevice. They are fools.


Satan is disallowing drilling for oil in the U.S., and drilling for oil like crazy in Russia and the OPEC nations. All the U.S.’s money is emptying like a river into its enemies— communist China and the OPEC Muslim nations. As I said, the U.S. was the last Christian nation that God was using to protect Israel. However, as the U.S. became pagan after the post-1960’s “Flower Children” generation, and became more Eastern pagan mystic, the U.S.’s decline began. God’s protection and blessing disappeared, and Satan’s power started slowly choking the last Christian nation and barrier against God’s judgment and wrath. God knows the time is close, and He is ready to rapture His people out of this earth, before bringing His judgment and wrath. There is a lot of oil lying under the northern parts of the U.S., but because of the “Flower Children’s” Gaea environmentalism worship and Satan’s control, the U.S. is not allowed to drill its own oil. The U.S. used to be the biggest oil producer in the world, and provide most of the petroleum for all the countries of the world when it used to be free to drill its own land. However, it is Satan’s End Times plan to topple the U.S. economy, which is now living a fake level of prosperity lifestyle that is built on national debt, in order to bring in his one world government for his Anti Christ.


Satan has successfully transferred the money and economy of the world to his Muslim and Communist nations. Americans are living lives just to pay their monthly bills. It is not the affluent family they used to be. As you remember, in my previous letters to you, Islam, Communism, Wiccan witchcraft, German paganism, Freemason, Mormonism, Rosicrucianism, Templar Knights, Druidism, New Age, Babylonian Catholicsm were all created by Satanist founders; and they are all different faces of the same Mystery Babylon religion—the religion of that spiritual Nephilim—Nimrod. The “Flower Children” left-wing media paints a rich, open, peaceful picture of the Arab nations that allow American lewd party lifestyles and Arab people partying; however, once they Islamatize the West, then they will realize the true face of Muslim oppression, slavery and Sharia lifestyle and laws. Satan always paints a glorious picture of sin; but once he gets you addicted, he shows his true dark identities. Just like the Harry Potter movies start off to lure kids with playful, funny magic; and then, as the series proceeds, it becomes more darker and more satanic. It is Satan’s age old technique. (A frog would jump out of the water, if the heat is turned up quickly; however, when the heat is slowly heated up, it boils to death.)


All the elaborate marble floors; Arab fountains; colorful draperies; golden vases; luxurious furniture; beautiful desert gardens; palace-like Arab architectures; modern skyscrapers; gigantic luxury brand shopping malls; and thousands of dollar crystal chandeliers are made by American money. Satan is super intelligent. He knows Americans love money, and they will bow down to anyone or any nation that has money. Americans dream of marrying rich people; working for rich companies; driving in luxurious cars; living in huge apartments with Jacuzzis and full bars; wear fancy brand clothes, and eating extravagant food. Americans and Westerners will welcome the Muslim cultures, due to the riches they offer; and share in the paganism of Satan. More and more of their television and movies will become more favorable to Arab culture and Islam. Whoever has money, Americans will kiss their rears. Those who lose a God-centered culture will lose simple godly wisdom; become intelligent but complete fools; and have their money taken right under their noses. Satan is sucking the lifeblood out of the now paganized Americans.


Socialism / Communism are a symbol of idealist hypocrisy. There is no greater unequal social class than a socialist society. When the economy becomes bad, they allow private businesses, all of a sudden. They charge unequal prices to locals and to tourists. They subsidize and pay for the local customers by charging huge amounts of money to the wealthier tourists who have made more money through capitalism. They try to sell tourism to the capitalist tourists, in order to keep their economy going; so they are being supported indirectly by capitalism. If it were not for the capitalist countries, the communist countries would not be able to survive.


The communist party members live like the aristocracy in extraordinary luxury with fine cuisine and entertainment and huge mansions and dozens of cars. They live like kings and dictators, surrounded by servants and lower class slaves. However, they massacre tens of millions of aristocrats and intellectuals in the name of equality; in order to usurp a government and gain power. They are the same as any mafia leaders’ group or treacherous royal family, and no different: just a different name called, “socialist communist party members.” There is no equality or respect for people; but they control by controlled media brainwashing propaganda and strict laws that take away all freedom and a reign of fear by the secret police. The whole government keeps order by keeping spies in the neighborhoods who will squeal on any dissent toward the government by fellow neighbors to the communist police.


When the economy goes bad, they change their economies into capitalism; but keep a communist government. Those who are friends and have connections to the communist leaders get special privileges; just like the aristocracy that they eliminated. In other words, they use communist revolutions to create hatred toward the aristocracy among the stupid masses; and then, they use their lower class status to take over the aristocracy’s positions, luxuries and status. They are basically, just like any other mafia or organized criminal organization that just uses a political philosophy to gain power in the country. It is a mafia gangster state, and that is why they behave exactly like a mafia gang nation. It is just that the mafia gangsters and communist leaders use different names for themselves, but they are one and the same people.


It shows how stupid the masses are and how easy it is to control the ignorant people. They believe that the New Tsar is a very nice politician; and China is a good nation worthy of fanatic patriotism created by government propaganda; and Cuba is an ideal state; and Vietnam is a free society from foreign control. Americans are controlled by their socialist liberal media; and Germans and French are led to hate Americans by their misdirected state propaganda. Muslim propaganda controls the minds of Muslim people in Arab nations. Wherever you are in the world, the masses do not think, are very ignorant, and easily controlled by the new One-World Order Illuminati and the Anti-Christ. When you drift away from God, you are easily deceived. That is why during the last seven-year Tribulation Age, after the real born-again Christians are raptured out of this earth; you will see an overnight transformation of the earth-dwellers and their minds, due to Satan’s propaganda and great delusion that is coming. As proof, you can just look at the so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders; who are brainwashed with national patriotism and Western humanist Jezebel values, enough to spit on God’s Word and Bible. That is a great example of the religious carnal heart.


Since those people who do not believe in the Truth are easily deceived, as God says in the Bible; this world will be entirely different after the Christians are raptured out. You will not recognize it as the same world; since when the Holy Spirit in the believers who is suppressing evil is taken out of this world, all hell will break loose and the earth-dwellers will show their true identities and sinful nature. An example is the populace of the West. During the Vietnam War, they would throw bottles and rocks at veterans; spit on the veterans coming home; call disgusting names towards the veterans; hit their car windows with picket sign bottoms; scream at veterans, “baby killers!”; the majority of American citizens would point at and whisper behind the veterans’ backs; and not a single American would sit next to a veteran (all the seats would be completely be filled, except the seats to the right and left of the veterans).


Now, fifty years down the line, these exact type of people are calling veterans “heroes”; praising and commending veterans; waving American flags at the veterans; saying slogans like “support our troops” on TV; cheering on the troops as they parade on their hometown streets; acting in mad frenzy and fanaticism in nationalism and patriotism and arrogant pride. These so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders promote this kind of satanic thinking of nationalism and patriotism; since they are narrow-minded and carnal-minded; and they know that their congregations ascribe to this spirit. Instead of theocracy, these post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders worship democracy. That is why they fear the people; and are unwilling to speak and preach the Torah Truth in front of God’s people. Though it is every man’s duty to protect and serve what is right; these religious leaders and their followers glorify veterans and countrymen; instead of glorifying God Himself. They raise up the greatness of humans, and have this frenzy of identifying themselves to some nation or culture or tribe or family. That is why they gang up into religious cliques, and attack God’s prophets and Christ. They are a political organization of Western Christianity. The communist countries and other nations’ carnal Christians are likewise proud, patriotic and discriminatory toward other nations. That is why the End-Times Laodicea Church is apostate and carnal.


The reason why these Western religious leaders always say, “We live in the greatest nation that ever existed,” is because of arrogant pride, carnal identity with small human nationalities, and they know that their congregation members and the populace’s pride will be uplifted by praising their country. If they said things like me, “The nation that we live in is one of the most evil nations that ever existed,” the religious Western church members will all get angry, throw stones at me, crucify me, and leave the church; just like the Jews tried to stone Jesus and drive Him out of town for speaking the Truth. There will probably be only left one or two people in the church, out of the thousands of Western Christians in the church. The End-Times “Laodicea” church, or “Laity is the Diocese” Church, or “the people are the kings” Church will despise you if you speak from Christ’s Spirit, and they will only hire ministers who will preach what their ears want to hear, and what uplifts their Western arrogance of national patriotism, women’s equality, rock-and-roll spirit, environmentalism, and all other satanic doctrines.


These are the children of Jezebel or the Jezebel spirit of Satanism, and not the children of God. God’s sheep hear His voice and come to Him; they do not shut Jesus out of the Church door, and usurp His kingship. They worship Him in words and religious appearance, but they throw Him out of the Church door in heart and spirit. The real born-again Christians are not in the churches, dear brothers, but they have been thrown out of the churches. If you are a real Christian, you would not last a minute in these lukewarm End-Times churches. They will burn you on the stakes as a heretic, just as the Catholic pagan Church massacred all the born-again Christians through persecution. These Christian internet television owners cannot even distinguish between God’s teachers and fake religious teachers, because of the carnality of the Western heart and ascribing to Western Jezebelism of Satan.


The Western religious leaders teach moral teachings of the Puritans, using jokes and show, in order to entertain their Western church member power holders. If they taught like I did, they would be called into the office by the Western humanist religious church members, and fired immediately after the Sunday sermon. The Western churches are a democracy or churches ruled by people, where their feelings are elevated by religious moral teachings and humorous entertainment speeches. It is not a church that is established on the sure foundation of Christ and His Torah Truth, and it is a democracy instead of a theocracy where Christ is the Head of the church. The Westerners and so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their “Flower Children” religious gang leaders have usurped Christ, kicked out the theocracy, and placed themselves into church power through Puritan religious moral teachings, instead of Christ’s Torah Truth teaching and worshipping Christ. They just come to listen to pastors whom they have chosen (not God chosen), to dance, sing, party, eat, drink, marry and give in marriage, be entertained by Sunday sermon jokes and moral teachings, get a high on human feelings, and have a fun time with friends.


Their idea of fellowshipping with other Christians is to eat donuts and coffee, flatter each other, and have superficial business diplomatic conversations; and not to admonish and exhort them, for if you admonish or exhort them, they will all detest you, think you are weird, and ostracize you. That is why they will not repent, grow spiritually, or come to Christ. They are comfortable with their religious Western superficial church life, and their artificial faith. There is no root in Truth, and no establishment on the sure rock foundation of Christ, and no real faith. Very few Western Christians in church will listen to the prophets, and they will ignore the prophets, and avoid the prophets who Jesus has sent. Dear Jewish Brethren, we are treated as the despised, heretic, strange and nuisance by the Westerners who worship Satan’s “Flower Children” mothers’ so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious leaders’ Jezebel humanism of environmentalism, gun control, socialism, satanic fanatic pacifism, universalism, women’s equality, democracy, patriotism, and every evil of Western humanism.


These post-1960’s “Flower Children” mothers’ and their children and grandchildren are one of the most wicked people that have ever walked the face of this world. They are completely controlled and brainwashed and manipulated easily by Satan. The most wicked people as I have always taught you are always on two extremes. They are not balanced and sound minded and sane like Christ Jesus and our Almighty righteous God. Satan’s people are always jumping back and forth between both extremes.


A good example are the Japanese who were militants before World War II; but after they lost the war, they became fanatic pacifists, arrogantly declaring their Constitution of peace and non-nuclear weapons; however, they all exhibit fanatic nationalism and militant behavior in the companies and schools and churches; which means they will always revert back to mass murder and fanaticism and arrogance; just like all the Americans, Europeans, Asians, Africans, Middle-Easterners, Austra-Oceanians, Eastern Europeans and South Americans. All of the End-Times earth-dwellers of Satan show the same traits and characters of evil. The Japanese are probably the most brainwashable people in all of the world. If one Japanese girl tells her coworkers that she likes you; then 99.98% of the other hundreds of girls will stalk you, and chase after you like some crazy rock star. If one Japanese girl tells her coworkers or church friends that you are an evil person; then 99.98% of the other hundreds of girls will hate you, slander you together, and ostracize you from the Confucian-Taoist Asian group-centered culture. It would be easy to brainwash them from democracy to military government and back to democracy, again. The Westerners are becoming more easily controllable by Satan’s liberal media, too, as they become more pagan, so that demons have better spiritual control of their hearts and minds. This was the goal of Satan’s 1960s “Flower Children” movement, and for sending his “Flower Children” people into God’s churches. The Christian rock and roll Satan worship concerts are one of those controlling and possessing tools of the enemy. You hear the physical, but there are things at work in the spiritual.


The post-1960s “Flower Children” have all gone into the media, Hollywood, literary world, academic institutions, politics and Western churches. They were the rebellious hippy generation who rebelled against the traditional Christian values of their parents, by men growing hair long; women cutting hair short; having sexual revolution with dozens of partners; not marrying, but communing with groups of husbands and wives; parading their homosexual sins before God in pride, just as the Bible says will happen when God will hand humans over to their evil, since they rejected the Truth; taking drugs and marijuana, which is witchcraft in the Bible; preaching in the churches that the women are equal in authority with the men, and that women should leave child-bearing for careers and leadership ambitions and independence and single mother divorce; New Age hippy Asian spiritualism and universal peace and universal demonic energy philosophy, which is Satanism; and everything and anything evil under the sun.


That is why since the 1960s, the language and behavior in all the Western Hollywood movies and television programs are very foul and vulgar. Therefore, the post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ children and grandchildren, who are the last and one of the most wicked generation in human history (these last days) are so brainwashed by the media and school teachers and literature. Hence, the Western women behave like men; crime and drugs have increased; sexual promiscuity and liberalism have increased; homosexuals and feminists have increased; they use profane language and use God’s name in vain and blaspheme by saying, “Jesus Christ!”; the last generation of these End-Times are absolutely, completely hateful toward Christianity and anything that has to do with God, due to the brainwashing by their parent’s generation’s media and academic and parental brainwashing; and sin is rampant in the last days before God’s wrath and judgment is going to be poured out on these earth-dwellers, who have rejected God.


The post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang members always mock and ridicule God’s prophets because of this; and that is why they have infiltrated God’s Western Christianity since the 1960s, and have spread their satanic gospel to make the churches commit adultery with Jezebel’s spirit of Western feminist humanism. Now you see why this last generation that God will annihilate off the face of this world is completely degenerate and satanic in their language; anti-Christian anti-God mentality; behavior; tattoos; ear piercing; women’s equality thinking; women wearing trousers and refusing to wear head covering; drugs; increasing pagan beliefs; pastoral and ministerial preaching of Jezebel Western values in the Western lukewarm churches; Christian satanic rock and roll music demonic worship concerts; Western women walking around half naked; women punching and kicking in Western Hollywood movies, and men always apologizing to their girlfriends at the end of the movie (this is satanic brainwashing of the wicked Western last days generation); and everything that was prevalent in the days before Noah’s flood and Sodom and Gomorrah


You also see greater antipathy against God and Christians; and a greater empathy toward Satan (Allah) and Muslims. They make those howling, screaming animal noise when they are drunk at night and partying; or at Christian rock and roll concerts; or at football games; which the settlers and cowboys learned from the pagan American Indians when they were fighting them. All pagan people make that howling, disturbing noise, whether they are pagan Arab Muslim women or pagan African tribes or pagan Polynesian cannibals. Hordes of Polynesian people are always howling every night outside on the streets partying and reveling, just like the howling of werewolves, since many of them are demon-possessed from their pagan savage ancestry. Their demonic spirits in them make them howl at you when they pass by you, because they sense that you are God’s people. They become worse, when they are on drugs. They become more animal-like in behavior; and since they are animal-like, base people, they will get emotional and angry at you, if you tell them the Truth. A common behavior of evil people is that they do not thank you for sharing the Torah Truth to them and repent of their evil behavior and heart; but instead, they will ungratefully hate you, and even try to kill or crucify you to hide their sins and evil, and silence you or Christ.


Even the renown, famous religious leaders of great church conferences will detest and hate you, if you tell them to repent of their adultery with Jezebel doctrines, and to stop teaching Western humanism to God’s people. They will side with their religious gang leaders against you. They lead multitudes to adultery with Jezebel’s doctrines, as well as Western Christianity itself; since they are so influential; but they will not repent. This is because of pride, and inability to see and know by God’s Holy Spirit, since they have kicked Jesus out of their churches, and introduced the hippies’ Jezebel ideologies and way of life. They have used Satanism to edit, cut, pervert and reshape God’s Word, who is Christ. That is their sin. They are a stubborn and obstinate generation, taking pride in their performance and numbers, and ignore sound admonishment or the Word of life.


This is all planned by Satan, when he saw that God brought His holy city Jerusalem under Israel’s control in the 1960s, and he knew that his time was short. This is the reason why the Western society and churches resemble Satan, their father’s nature and character so much. They are the Mystery Babylon Church (Satanism) that has a disguise as Christianity or God’s Church (the Great Harlot). This is the reason why the Western women are the way they are. This is the reason why they will perish in their sins, when all hell breaks loose literally on the face of this earth, after God raptures his righteous believers out of this earth. We are so close to the rapture, and return of Christ for His people. You will always see this Jezebel women’s equality and women’s authority and women’s infiltration of social leadership and family leadership; right before judgment and destruction is poured out upon an utterly wicked and perverted generation. This is the litmus test of society, and you will be able to tell how close to the End we are. The society is the indicator of the Church’s moral ethical spiritual condition, and that is why the End-Times Laodicean Church is so full of women’s equality and women’s authority, rock and roll music, pagan fashion, medical profession which has its origins in Babylon (Satanism), divorce, obesity, etc.


Satan’s nature is pride; and that is why you can see the End-Times Western generation and “Flower Children” pastors and ministers so proud and arrogant to thinking that they are the most civilized and advanced generation in human history; and that God’s biblical values is old-fashioned and incoherent to women’s equality values of this modern world. It is the exact same thinking and values as in the days of Noah’s flood, when God wiped out all of mankind by the Great Flood judgment, when women were refusing marriage and bearing half-breed Nephilim giants. Even women in church wear men’s trousers now, and refuse to wear head-coverings that God commanded for humility. The religious Christian leaders think and behave just like the heathens and pagans around them of Western civilization—the so-called “enlightened” civilized generation.


That is why so many Western lukewarm church people are getting sick and dying; getting into accidents; busy hunting for mates and breeding genetic descendents; animal-like in thinking and very carnal; working in secular full-time jobs with the sweat of their brows, and agonizing with the curse of child-birth pains; always chasing after money and selling books to Christians; and still living under the curse of sin. They will not repent, but they will mock and detest God’s prophets who preach the Torah Truth to them, and think we are sexist, anti-homosexual, anti-women, anti-rock-and-roll, anti-church, old-fashioned in thinking, legalistic, cultic in teaching about alien deception and Bible prophecies; and so-called “misdirected.” It is because they do not have the Holy Spirit, and they are very degenerate in their hearts, they cannot understand or know the things of the Spirit and God.


But you, the 144,000 Jewish Remnant are a blessed generation, for God will fill you with His Holy Spirit; keep you virgins and singles as the Torah Truth really teaches (unlike the teachings of Satan’s so-called “Bible Men” and their religious gang leaders); and you shall carry out the Great Commission of the gospel to all nations, tongues and tribes, as Jesus commanded. You will do what the wicked religious Western Christians failed to do, because of their secular jobs and breeding. How blessed are you of all cities, oh Jerusalem! You will be raptured out to be with Christ, before the Anti-Christ starts his rampage of destruction upon the Jewish nation, during the last three and a half years of the Great Tribulation Age.


A lot of Western women often say, “Men are stupid.” They say this, because they believe it. If they did not believe it, they would never think of it, or put it in words. Where are they getting this religious cult-like philosophy? As with many other ideologies, it is coming from the mass media Hollywood media and television programs of the post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers and socialist communists who have taken over the information source of Western society. In many of the Western movies and television programs, you hear Western actresses saying, “Men are stupid.” Satan is brainwashing the children of the Western society with children’s movies like, “Mars Needs Moms,” by showing that men are hairy and animal-like and stupid, and women are more refined, cultured, intelligent and civilized. This is the complete opposite of what God says in His Bible. Satan always teaches the extreme opposite of God, and uses his post-1960s perverted generation “Flower Children’s” grandchildren to spread the satanic doctrines and ideologies.


A godly, Spirit-filled Christian woman would never even dare try to mock God’s men, who are placed in authority over them; just like the angels of God would not mock the higher rank angels; or the servants would never mock the employers or kings. It is interesting to note that the evil Western women, though they hold men in contempt, are often very nice and respectful to their bosses who are male. This is hypocrisy, just like the Pharisees who crucified Jesus. As you see the world wax more and more evil since the post-1960s hippy generation satanization of society, you will see the women become more and more like Jezebel, and the women before Noah’s flood, who were completely destroyed by God’s flood. They will become more and more similar in character, behavior, thinking and belief as Satan, their father. Even the religious Western people in the Western churches have adopted their feminist ideologies, thanks to the so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious hippy gang ministers. Satan says, “You don’t need men; you can work, earn money, and be a single mother; have financial independence; take authority over men and satisfy your human pride, which is the trait of their father Satan (pride); marry the fallen angels who are returning to earth, and breed powerful half-breed giant Nephilims with them. Only Noah and his family were pure in the genes that God had created, and free from genetic manipulation; just like the Illuminati is manipulating genes in these last days to create super humans.


When you look at the Western women and the Western hippy rogue pastors, they resemble the people of the times of Noah’s flood. That is why people of the world are absolutely appalled to see Western women are without shame, and cross their legs in public when they sit. They even go as far as being critical of other cultures, and criticizing the women of the rest of the world for wanting to cover their body with clothes and bare skin. The women of the world are appalled at Western women, since the Western women have been so brainwashed by Satan and his post-1960s “Flower Children” hippy socialist media, that they go as far as criticizing the rest of the world for being sexist for wanting to cover their bodies with burka clothes; while they themselves parade around their sexual parts in public and have no shame, as if they were women of pre-Noah’s-Flood days or Sodom and Gomorrah days.


Even the men are taking pride in their lust after the same gender, along with the Western women, and parading their sexual body parts in parades before God’s eyes in every major Western city. Western women wear trousers instead of dresses now, and call it normal and sanity; while the Western men dress up in women’s silk g-string underwear and clothing. While they do this, they criticize the people of the rest of the world for dressing normally, as God has commanded humans to do. Do you see, dear brethren, the extent of perversion of the Western societies, and why judgment will begin first with the proud, so-called “humane,” “most civilized” Western cultures; just like the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah considered themselves the most “humane” and “civilized” people of the world? When people become evil, they become more proud. I feel nauseas when I see how the Western church religious people have become so heathen and pagan in their thinking and values, and understand why God wants to vomit them out of His mouth—you would feel the same if you saw these rows and rows of Western so-called “Christian” women sitting in church with trousers and no head covering, and not even having a drop of shame about it, but rather being proud and thinking that it is righteous and fair. When humans become evil, their hearts become callous, and they lose all sanity; and that is why God prophesies in the Bible that this End-Times church are blind and apostate. Do they hear the Torah Truth—yes; do they do anything about it—no.


This is nothing new, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, for each culture and nationality and ethnicity (in other words, the evil human heart) always perverts God’s Torah Truth to adapt it to their own wicked human cultures. The English changed Christianity into the Episcopal organization of their culture of tradition and rituals; the Irish changed Christianity into the Catholic organization of their culture of Satanist Druidism that shares roots with the Mystery Babylon pagan customs and practices of the pagan Catholic Church; the Scottish changed Christianity into the Presbyterian organization of their culture of hierarchy and mafia clan leaders (whom they call nobility) of the Nicholaiatans whom God hates; the  southern Americans changed Christianity into the Southern Baptist organization in defiance to the Baptists to reflect their southern culture; the Ghanaians and Nigerians changed Christianity into the Voodoo charismatic organizations of their African black magic dancing and gospel singing witchdoctor culture; the Koreans changed Christianity into the shaman organization of their witchcraft culture, so a lot of their ministers are female spiritualists, and Korean Christians love to scream, yell, cry and have fits of prayer worship trances and evil Confucian Nicholaiatan hierarchy that God hates; the South Americans have changed Christianity into their culture of half Spanish and half indigenous Indio animist Satanism organization of the Catholic Babylonian cult and Indio pagan tribal religions; the Jews have changed Christianity into the Judaist cult of their legalistic and Pharisee religions who crucified Christ on the cross; the Japanese have changed Christianity into the Confucian Taoist Shinto organization of their superstitious and militaristic system of discipline and regulations; the Greeks have changed Christianity into their Byzantine Empire culture of vain traditions and politics and academics; the Filipinos have changed Christianity into their pseudo Catholic Mystery Babylon cult and indigenous tribal spiritualism; just like the post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their hippy religious gang leaders have changed Christianity into the Western humanist Hellenist culture of Jezebel Satanism that we see in the Western churches throughout the United States and Europe now in the End Times, since the 1960s.


These religious non-born-again Christians who do not have the Holy Spirit will always spread Satan’s doctrine and tell you that you must adopt the culture of their nation and use their culture to evangelize. God does not need to adopt human cultures, or need human help or intelligence or manipulation in order to evangelize, but humans must adopt God’s culture. Apostle Paul did not adopt the culture of the Greeks, but he used the Greeks’ culture of the Unknown God Statue to explain about the True and Living God to the Greeks. Arrogant, faithless Christians will insist that you evangelize to a culture by adopting the culture of the indigenous people, but this is a lie from the pit of hell—Satan himself. There is one culture and one way of thinking, which is Christ and Christ’s culture—God’s culture—the Bible. These denominations and sects are an act of Satan to destroy and weaken the church, bring dissension, and make them into the so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders’ “Flower Children” Jezebel Christian religion of women’s equality and rock-n’-roll and liberal cult religion.


It is inconceivable how Irish Catholics’ Christian human cultures and Northern Irish Anglicans’ Christian human cultures could kill and bomb each other, and hate each other. If you have the Holy Spirit, and are a true born-again Christian, you would love your enemies, and give your life to protect your enemies. Not all who say they are of Christ are of Christ, dear brethren. There is a difference between fake Christians who call themselves “Christians,” but they are the sons of Satan, who use the Christian religion for political, economic, cultural and ethnic purposes; just like the pagan Catholic Babylonian Satanist religion formed crusades to drive the Arab ancient pagan moon god Satanist Muslim religion from the Holy Land; after the Muslims invaded Jerusalem.


This is still continuing today in our times, as the nations of the world formed a crusade to free the Kuwaiti people from the rape, pillaging and torturous invasion by Iraq, because of Kuwait’s oil; while the world just stood by and just watched the Ruwandans being macheted, and genocided by ethnic-cleansing opponents. The world refused to commit ground troops and only used air strikes against Serbia, when the Serbians were committing atrocities and genocide against other ethnic groups; just like when the Muslims were committing atrocities and massacring non-Muslims in the Holy Land, during the crusade times. If you follow human ethnic cultures, you will become wicked, stupid, proud and satanic like the Western women of modern times with only high human IQs; while on the other hand, if you are filled by God’s Holy Spirit, you will adopt Christ’s culture, and become righteous, wise, feminine and godly women.


The United States and other Western nations will be judged first, because they are sexist and like thieves, through discrimination and law suits. All their Human Resource Department managers are women, and they create physical exams that are discriminatory against men; and the government Equal Opportunity Commission workers are women, so they deny openly that it is not discrimination; though it is very evident; which makes them hypocrites. I have told American and Western company executives that their nations and people are evil, because they make their employees lie and cheat and falsify documents, to avoid law suits and having to pay compensations; because these nations try to make law suits a business to gain money. They have commercials every few minutes on television, advertising legal offices that would like you to sue someone or a pharmaceutical company, in order to get money. It is a legal business and a robbery.


This level of corruption was not prevalent in the U.S. and Western countries, before the 1960s “Flower Children” hippy mothers, when Christian ethics still existed in these countries until the 1950s. Now that Satan has turned them into pagan nations, when God raptures His Christians away before judging the earth-dwelling non-believers, the world will turn to utter chaos and evil; since there will be no Christians enforcing sanity and ethics and morals upon the “Flower Children’s” children and grandchildren. All hell will break loose on the earth after the rapture. That is why God prophesies that during the Tribulation judgment seven-year age after the rapture, when the devastation happens on the earth, the non-Christians left will not repent, but they will rather blaspheme God. It would normally be inconceivable for humans to be that way, but when you look at the people of these End-Times, you can see how evil they have become—sexist and legal business suit thieves. These End-Times earth-dwellers treat you with respect and like a king, when you are a company executive; but they speak down to you and treat you like a slave, when you are a missionary.


When the real born-again Christians are raptured into heaven, only savagery will exist upon the earth among these post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ children and grandchildren of the End Times; since the Holy Spirit in the Christian believers will no longer be holding back the spirit of the Anti-Christ. The Hawaiians and other Polynesians, for example: they are very nice and smiling, if you are a tourist paying money to them or you are their boss; and they will talk to you about warm “aloha spirit” of hospitality and “ohana” family culture; however, once the Tribulation Age judgment begins, and the food and supplies from planes and boats are cut off from the islands, the Hawaiians and other Polynesians will revert back to cannibalism, headhunting, torture, looting, robbing, pillaging and all other barbarism. The Polynesians tell me that it is in their genes; and that is why they explode into wild rage, and do not last very long in the National Football League or other sports, although they are physically superior. The majority of the Hawaiian descendents are in prison for murder or other crimes. They blame their evil and sin on Caucasian culture. Savage people like American Indians or Polynesians will always blame other people for their poverty or criminal acts (sometimes on the police and government), instead of repenting and giving like Christians do.


You can tell that the so-called “aloha spirit” is fake and just after tourism and money, since when the Polynesians are driving, they yell and scream and call people horrible names like, “Move it, dumb s___!”; and also because the Polynesians always say bad things about Caucasian people behind their backs, and often go out into town at night to look for white people to beat up. They feel that the Caucasians stole their land from them. However, in reality, the Caucasian people stopped the Polynesians from eating each other, torturing and massacring each other, and dismembering and disemboweling each other, like the American Indians did; after the missionaries introduced Christian values to them. Same thing in Germany: Christianity stopped the pagan German tribes from skinning people alive and castrating people and ripping out their lungs alive, when Christian values were brought in. However, when you get an occult leader like Hitler, they revert back to pagan savagery overnight, by massacring and torturing millions of Jews, Russians, French, Belgians, Canadians, Americans, British, Dutch, Poles, Italians, Greeks, etc.


During the Hurricane Katrina disaster, the African American people were looting, shooting police officers, pillaging, plundering, stealing, murdering like savages, because they reverted back to pagan African genes overnight, just like in the Ruwandan genocide. In Japan, the normally ceremonial and strict Japanese started conducting biological and chemical experiments on prisoners, massacring thousands of POWs, and castrating prisoners and sticking their genitals in their mouths, just like the German soldiers castrated allied prisoners and stuck their genitals in their mouths; or just like during the American Revolutionary War, where German troops broke every gentlemanly rule of engagement in warfare, by raping, pillaging, plundering and committing all kinds of atrocities on the American colonists. The same savagery can be seen in Arabs, Sicilians, Irish, British, Scots, Southeast Asians, Far East Asians, Middle Easterners, Europeans, Africans, Russians, Serbs, and South Americans.


The reason why the mafia and Sicilians and Irish and Samoans are super smart and have very high satanic intelligence is because they are thoroughbreds of thousands of years of infighting, pillaging, rape, invasion of the most savage; so all the less intelligent and weaker people get killed; and you have left the most intelligent and savage and sly and cunning to breed descendents. If they did not have very high intelligence or sneakiness, they would already be killed by each other. Of course, it is not godly wisdom, unlike God’s children who may have no worldly intelligence, but have true wisdom from God. That is why though they have intelligence, they have no true wisdom; so they end up being killed, arrested, having miserable and fear-filled lives and no true joy. This is true with the stock brokers of Wall Street and Tokyo and London and Shanghai: all the money and wealth brings out their true savage sinful characters, and the most intelligent become stock brokers to steal from the honest individual investors using the rise and fall of stock prices.


What is it if you gain the whole world, and have super satanic intelligence; but if you do not have an honest job, but just steal from the honest people by buying and selling stock using the stock price fluctuation; and must stand before God on judgment day for stealing? Is it not better if you do not have human intelligence, but rather have godly wisdom; and work an honest job by producing and manufacturing and serving others with your own hands and energy; and be rewarded by God for serving Him and giving to others? That is the reason why God does not give His children the born-again Christians super high intelligence; for if He did, they would use it to become Wall Street stock broker elites like the fake religious Christians to steal the hard earned money of normal investors; instead of going out into the world to share the gospel and carry out His Great Commission. Given Satan’s intelligence, the religious Christians use that intelligence to become stock brokers, financial CPAs, doctors, insurance salesmen, money exchangers in God’s Temple, and all the other evil jobs.


That is why we know that when God’s Holy Spirit leaves the earth, when He raptures the Christians out before the judgment and wrath of God is poured out upon the earth, the non-believing heathen and pagan earth-dwellers will revert back to savagery overnight. They were imitating the born-again Christians by acting like civilized good people, because of their pride in themselves as good people; but when the examples and standards of good are raptured away, then they will just revert to looking after themselves, and letting their rage and hunger and pride be manifested. This is their true nature and appearance. A world without God is a satanic world. That is why the Anti-Christ has signed into law a bill that allows himself to arrest and detain indefinitely someone without any court trial or defense, in open violation of the Constitution of the United States; and he has ordered thousands upon thousands of guillotines for the FEMA concentration camps when he tries to come to power using martial law; just as the Bible prophesied he will decapitate all Tribulation Saints and Jews as the Koran commands in over fifty places.


A great percentage of the Westerners’ populace practices witchcraft, which is called an abomination by God. Taking drugs is called witchcraft in the Bible. Even these post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ so-called “Bible Men” and their religious gang leaders’ church congregation doctors and human medical practitioners are prescribing these witchcraft Western medicine drugs to fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, in order to practice witchcraft. The Western populace pays billions upon billions of dollars every year in order to finance this witchcraft drug industry: marijuana, cocaine, heroin, LSD, etc. The medical profession and study comes from Babylon (Satan’s city) and their symbol is the two snakes on the stick, unlike Mose’s one snake on the stick. The children of the “Flower Children” hippy socialists have legalized drugs, too. Instead of obeying God and being free of the curse of sin of illness, the Western religious Christians are pouring into the doctor’s offices to use drugs to be rid of pain. In every pagan culture, where there is demon possession and trances, there is drugs witchcraft involved: Satanist black magic, African voodoo, American Indian and Asian shamanism, Germanic paganism, etc.


As the Western Christianity has become more and more pagan by the so-called “Bible Answer Men’s” Jezebel hippy “Flower Children” doctrines after the 1960s, they are practicing more and more drug witchcraft in these End-Times. Some of these so-called religious Christians even practice witchcraft by becoming doctors and medical practitioners, by the urging of the so-called hippy generation “Bible Answer Men.” These “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang members have brought witchcraft into God’s House, and have urged many religious Christians to become witchdoctors; and have married Satan’s Jezebel with Christ. That is why the religious Western Christians’ hearts and minds and spirits are filled with Jezebel feminism and women’s equality. There are many female pastors in direct flaunting of God’s command, since Satan’s world has female priestesses and female shamans and female religious leaders and female ancient Greek spiritualist oracles. They even name their companies, “oracle.”


The Western humanist post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders’ Jezebel doctrine teaches you to “have pride in yourself,” or “have pride in what you’ve done.” Everything about the Western mind is wicked and completely opposed to God’s Torah Truth. The Western TV commercials tell you to pay money to their school and get such and such a degree, so that you can have pride in what you’ve accomplished. However, the most stupidest, blind people I have ever seen in my life are the academics and scientists. They will even argue fervently against something so evident, because there is no data or past information or it does not show up in the figures. They come up with the most absurd and stupidest scientific reasons to explain away phenomenon. They are the most uncreative, bigoted and narrow-minded people that have ever walked on the face of this planet; and that is why God calls them “fools;” for they think they are smart, but in fact, are stupider than dolphins. They have high satanic intelligence, but absolutely no godly wisdom. Even a child in Christ has more true intelligence than these highly respected so-called intelligentsia of society. God says that He makes the intelligent of this world stupid, and those who are considered foolish by this world into the wise people of God. God detests those who have pride more than anything, just like Satan and his children have pride in themselves and what they have accomplished, in accordance with the so-called “Bible Answer Men’s” Western humanism teachings.


Instead, God deems wise His children who rid themselves of all pride, and have the humility of Christ in them. Humility is of God, and pride is of Satan. God humbled Himself to be born an infant 2,000 years ago in a manger for us. Some arrogant people of Western cultures tell you that Christ is our crutch. He is much more than a crutch, but He is our life and Savior and defender and provider and our hope and strength. When we learn to rid completely of our pride and learn to depend solely on Him, then we finally have matured to a point where we exemplify the life that Christ is. As long as we have pride, like Jezebel’s Western women and feminists do, then God cannot use us. That is why Western Christianity women adorn themselves with cosmetics and jewelry and lewd clothing and ear-piercing and tattoo, because they are not satisfied with God’s beautiful human body; love to take leadership; wear trousers like men; think of themselves as equals to men; refuse to wear head-coverings; and every satanic manifestation; like their mother Jezebel does. It is pride.


That is why the Western business leadership evaluation programs and military officer’s evaluations score highly, people who are always cutting into other people’s conversation; expressing their viewpoint; rudely ordering other people around; and trying to make themselves more visible to the evaluator than his teammates. It is satanic. These satanic people become the leaders of the Jezebel doctrine Western society and churches and businesses and military and politics and schools of the post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ so-called “Bible Men” and their religious gang leaders. That is why if you are humble; polite enough to let others speak and you listen; willing to just serve like Christ and be told what to do; and do not try to be extroverted like the Westerners; then the Westerners will detest you; look down upon you and brand you as introverted; evaluate you as completely incompetent and disinterested; and reject you from any leadership.


On the other hand, in Japanese leadership evaluation programs, they prefer people who are more quiet; able to bring harmony to the group; and not extroverted. For example, Americans will look at you as being introverted, shy, need to break out of your shell, gloomy like Japanese, extremely irritating and a person to be ordered around; if you are a godly, Christ-like person. On the other hand, the Japanese will look at you as being extroverted, individualistic, not harmonious to the group, bragging about self credentials and abilities to sell yourself; very evil and opinionated like Americans, and a person to be ostracized from the group because you will pollute the group’s minds with Westerner thinking; if you are a godly, Christ-like person. When humans become satanic, they go in one of both extremes of Satan: either the left wing or right wing. You talk to them, but their heads and hearts are so callous and evil, that they will still insist that the other side is wrong and bad, and that their values and thinking are right. They will not repent and be saved.


Every time, Americans will be very aggressive toward you; talk harshly at you; tell you that you need to change and become more extroverted; and tell you to be healed of your bad Japanese-like introverted, incompetent personality. Every time, Japanese will ostracize you from the group and slander you; criticize you for being like Americans and for being disruptive to group culture; kick you out of the group for being too extroverted like evil Americans; and tell you that you cannot survive in Japanese culture, because you have individual thinking and values and do not conform to the evil values and ways of their robotic group. Every time, God tells you to be neither like the Westerners or Asians; to be more like Christ; be humble and yet bold to express God’s Truth; listen and be serving, but also be willing to take the responsibility and take the lead to sacrifice yourself for your brothers and team. Do you see how evil man’s societies and cultures are; and how they look at God and His people as evil; and are stubborn in their sins, as well as proud and arrogant to think that they are right? The Bible tells us that they will call evil as good, and good as evil. Satan’s people are completely opposite of God’s people.


The reason why all the lukewarm End-Times humanist Hellenistic Western churches have no power to stop the degeneration of Western nations and their ethics is because the End-Times Western churches worship Satan’s Jezebel doctrines of women’s equality and women’s authority; environmentalism; wildlife protection; national patriotism and political activism; illness and disease for Christians; democracy and human political ideologies; Hellenistic Greek philosophical mentalities; humanist self-righteous Western values; strict Puritan abstinence and sexual legalistic religious regulation teachings; tattooing / ear-piercing / cosmetics / women’s non-covering of the head / men’s long hair / women’s wearing trousers; pastors alright to be fat like other Westerners; human medical healings; Christian doing secular jobs and getting married to breed genetic descendents; Christians buying Western insurance plans; human Christian counseling; Western academic degrees and titles; hiring criteria based on absurd Western human seminary systems and credentials; selling Christian books and CDs and Western Christianity commercialism; Western Christian satanic worship rock and roll concerts; selling of Western Christianity retirement pension programs; Western Christian dating companies; Western ministers’ outrageous salaries and ridiculous pensions; Western jokes and entertainment sermons and church donut / coffee culture; religious leaders’ unbelievable luxurious dinners and homes and parties, just like the communist party leaders; adorning of jewelry and brand clothes; preoccupation with child-rearing and animal instinct matters; brainwashing by Western socialist communist left-wing liberal media and anti-Israel sentiments; respect toward American Indian and Polynesian savage pagan cultures; institutionalizing of Western churches and Sunday human church programs; Western churches’ denominationalism; Western ethnic and cultural church separation thinking; Western idolizing of religious leaders and celebrities; foolish Western begging for church donations and giving; Western Hellenistic evangelistic systems and evangelistic human methods; ludicrous Western female minister ordinations; kicking Jesus and His Truth out of the Western churches; making Jesus look like a blonde blue-eyed Swedish guru “Flower Children” long-haired Western effeminate man in depictions; promoting and taking pride in Western extroverted personalities and looking down on meek Christ-like personalities as needing to break out of the shell; Western lifestyle of living and kissing animals and dogs and dying from illness; Western culture of plastic surgery; Western churches’ divorce and remarrying beliefs and practices; and every other human religious teachings of satanic Jezebel evil, instead of God’s Torah Truth who is the Word and Christ. All together, the Western Christianity has become perverted and evil by adulterating with the End-Times Jezebel spirit of the heathens and pagans and post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ Satan worship.


This, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, is why the God’s born-again Christians sing godly praise songs to God, while the post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders and hordes of Western religious Christians listen to Satan’s rock and roll Christian satanic worship concerts. Whatever is of God is music, and whatever of Satan is cacophony. Order and chaos are extreme opposites. With God, there is complete order and pure praise, just as the women are subject to men’s authority and God’s order. With Satan, who is apart from God, there is complete disorder and ugly noise, just as the Western women of Satan try to usurp men’s authority and God’s order. Satan’s so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang friends detest me for speaking the Truth about them; for they are children of darkness and chaos and opposed to God’s Torah Truth. They have faith, but it is not in the Word of Truth, but rather, it is in human academics and religion, just like the Pharisees.


The reason why all the international coalition soldiers are so angry is because the left-wing socialist media do not even care at all about them. As far as the left-wing media is concerned, they do not care if the soldiers never return to their mothers back home. They are just interested in pushing forth their “Flower Children” pacifist socialist ideology through their media. That is why they broadcast all the news about how the international military soldiers bombed and killed how many Iraqi or Afghan civilians, women and children, and how many soldiers are being killed. Their agenda is to just stop the democratic countries from carry out their duties to the world; and they are just interested in defaming the government and stopping the military. Since the international populace have a lot of satanic human intelligence, but they do not have any godly wisdom, Satan knows that if he brainwashes them long enough using his left-wing media, they will eventually believe his lies and ideologies. He used it effectively in the Vietnam War by using the violent pacifist, rebellious “Flower Children” fanatic left-wing socialist students by demon-possessing them through violent demonstrations and rock and roll music; and now, he has sent these “Flower Children” into the media to produce the news, and into the colleges to teach left-wing values; and into the politics to introduce left-wing liberal laws and policies; and into the churches to introduce Jezebel’s humanism.


The current age Westerners and children of their post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers are anti-military and anti-government and anti-authority and anti-God on the one hand; but they are pro-military and pro-nationalistic and prideful and like power/money/authority. Satan’s people are hypocrites, just like the Pharisees who Jesus said the most rudest things to; because they say one thing, but do the opposite. This is the face of evil; and you are seeing it, right now, in the post-1960’s satanized “Flower Children” generations’ depraved and perverted children and grandchildren.


Satan can show them some bloody or shocking or propaganda television programs or news that depict righteous causes as appalling; then you will see the wicked Satan’s earth-dwelling mass populace change back and forth like an ignorant mass of locusts; and you will see them massacre all the Tribulation Saints and genocide the Jews, during the coming Tribulation Age. The most intelligent and higher the IQ, it is easier to deceive and manipulate their minds with knowledge and information. The Illuminati and the One-World Order has been successful throughout history. The unintelligent middle-class will easily follow the crowd and popular ideas and national cultures, which is easily controlled by the liberal media and liberal politicians and liberal college educators; where Satan has placed his “Flower Children” strategically for the last End-Times deception and battle against God. Since God has blinded the minds of these wicked people; they have no idea what I am talking about; and cannot and will not understand the Truth; for they would rather believe a lie than the Truth, who is Christ.


In the U.S.-Saddam Hussein War, during a major operation to stamp out terrorist insurgents to prevent them from killing more Iraqis and Americans; the Muslim television station broadcasted scenes of injured children, who they claimed were done by the U.S. military; which enraged Iraqis against Americans, as planned. Just like during the Vietnam War, the foolish U.S. politicians who have high I.Q.s got scared of the American masses’ outcry against the violence; so they ordered the U.S. military to stop all operations. Meanwhile, the terrorist insurgents were given time to escape, and to kill more American soldiers. The American soldiers were sitting ducks for the terrorist insurgents, firing down upon them, and many American soldiers got killed. The U.S. politicians never care about these soldiers, even when hundreds of them are getting killed; and just like to be filmed by the media shaking hands and supporting the soldiers for their publicity and future election. They love patriotism and nationalism, but they love themselves and their popularity even more.


This occurs over and over and over and over and over again all throughout history, in every conflict that the U.S. is in. The politicians always dictate the war, and prevent the U.S. from winning wars, and make many young fathers, brothers and sons to die. Politicians’ interests and military victories are completely opposed to each other and always contradict each other. Generals who are trying to leave a name in history and become famous are just as bad. One three-star general murdered 24,000 of his American soldiers, in order to take meaningless territory in WWII. This has been true in every war: Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, etc. The worst are the politicians and military leaders sitting behind desks, eating nice meals, and sleeping on expensive beds, thousands of miles away from the soldiers and the horror.


The masses who are easily swayed and brainwashed by socialist media intentionally airing the horrors of warfare are also to blame for their outcry to stop the bloodshed, for they bind the hands of their military behind their backs, so that they cannot carry out their jobs and win the war. Often what results is that tens of thousands of the enemy get to escape, and hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers get killed or maimed for life. World War II that cost more lives and even civilian lives was hundreds of times worse than any modern war, but the public masses supported victory and the military, because they did not have televisions to see the carnage of war. The problem is that the masses are very foolish, so they do not realize that their freedom to vote, their families’ lives, and the ability to sleep on warm beds exist because soldiers are fighting to win wars, so that those things can be protected. So, unlike the pre-1950s Christianity-centered populace, the wicked post-1960s “Flower Children’s” children and grandchildren generations hold violent pacifist demonstrations to stop the war, if the “Flower Children” descendents’ mass media shows captions of an injured child in the war. So, the enemy dictators love to purposely injure children, and use the media against the U.S. military, to make the masses stop the U.S. military from making them abdicate their dictatorial power. It seems the dictators are a lot more smarter than the idealist socialist masses of the U.S. and free world, because they are the clever ones who survived to become dictators against the odds.


The foolish masses get brainwashed by the left-wing media and make an outcry when the U.S. politicians attacked Iraq; but they will also make an outcry that the politicians are not doing their jobs, if the Weapons of Mass Destruction that were transported from Iraq to Syria are used to nuke cities in the U.S. The foolish masses are foolish enough not to realize that they are bringing about their own destruction by binding the hands of their politicians and military; due to their own post-1960s socialist “Flower Children” parents’ and grandparents’ self-righteous Western humanist anti-war values. It is hypocritical, because though the violent socialist pacifist masses demonstrate against war; it is they themselves, the communists themselves who have killed the most people in the history of mankind—hundreds of millions.


Records show that the Chinese communists have massacred 65 million people, and they will kill one-third of the world’s population in the coming Tribulation Age. The Russian communists killed 20 million people. The North Korean communists killed 2 million people. The Vietnamese communists murdered 1 million people. Communism has executed probably equivalent to about one-third of the population of the United States or many times over, if the real records were known. Their tactic is to kill all the educated people who can inform the truth to the public and discern the deception of the communist regimes. They are a threat to the communist mafia leaders, just like the mafia gang eliminates all the squealers. Just wearing eyeglasses is enough to have you executed, since they consider you a possible intellectual threat. It is their job to keep only the masses who are foolish and ignorant alive. That is why a lot of the Chinese are intelligent in terms of I.Q., but absolutely stupid, ignorant and brainwashed by the lies of the communist media and education system and censorship. If they speak against the government, they will get arrested. As the Westerners become more pagan in the End-Times, the more they lose godly wisdom and common sense; and the more they are controlled by socialism /communism and Satan’s brainwashing. The post-1960s “Flower Children” Westerners are now very pagan and socialist, and anti-God. The non-Christians who do not have God’s Holy Spirit’s discernment are always on Satan’s two extremes: either paranoid of socialist communists hiding behind every tree, or have liberal socialist communist left-wing values and thinking. On the other side, you have a misdirected, nationalist, right-wing, religious, political-oriented group of people.


Those who are foolish will eventually go extinct, just like the Roman Empire. It is because they have so much Western Hellenistic I.Q.s and love to look for intelligent people to marry and leave intelligent descendents for evolutionist survival of the fittest; but they completely lack godly wisdom and common sense, so that all their descendents will eventually be killed during the Tribulation Age. They have no common sense. That is why the One-World Order and Illuminati manipulates the masses of the world, and calls them the foolish ignorant mass. They plan to decrease the population of the world to one-fifth of what it is now—by eliminating the foolish masses (political leaders, economic leaders, social leaders). They appoint the most faithful to their cause, to key positions of power in the world. The Illuminati, which includes the 13 dark families of Satanism, including the royal family of Britain and Holland, the Rothchild family who control the finances of the world, the Rockefellers, as well as the secret society branches of the Illuminati Luciferians, such as the Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Bilderberg Society, Mormon Church, Muslim Brotherhood, etc. have created all the wars in history, trying to kill more people and profit from the war. They keep people’s eyes focused on national conflicts, in order to keep the ignorant masses’ attention away from their One World Order agenda of a New World Order; even though North Korean leaders and Japanese leaders and Russian leaders and Chinese communist leaders and European leaders and both democrat and republican presidential candidates all belong to the Illuminati anyway. President Bush is a Skull and Bones member (they recruit future world leaders young in their elite colleges, who they find are the most faithful); President Obama is a 32nd degree Freemason; Romney is a Mormon; etc.; so it does not matter who gets elected into office, because they cannot become a president unless they are Illuminati members.


Know the Torah Truth, and be wise in the Lord, dearly beloved 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren. It is not human intelligence, but wisdom of the Holy Spirit that is true and dependable. The Lord be your guiding light to your steps, and the joy of your hearts. His name be glorified!