Dear Jewish Brethren,


If there is one common truth that I have shared with you throughout all my letters to you, it is the warning to be careful of the religious Christians. They are the ones who will attack you the most, and be used by Satan.


Why is it that the religious Christians are used by Satan to attack the real born-again Christians? It is because the more religious they are, the more they are open to the devil’s control. That is why the post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders always attack God’s prophets and apostles. It is a Christianity based on religion, and not the Torah Truth. For example, the reason why Japanese Christians are often used to attack real born-again Christians is because they all live by emotions, instead of the Holy Spirit. Because of their “ninjo” or “human emotion” culture and tradition, they are the most evil. To them, this “ninjo” means something noble and good, which they think makes them superior to the foreigners who have no heart or compassion. This is Satan’s national pride. I have found the most evil lower-level people of Japanese society to believe this, and the more nicer noble people of Japanese society do not believe this, but rather, respect foreigners. The more higher-level people of Europe and Africa and Middle East and Asia and Americas are very nice, humble, and respect other cultures. The more lower-level people of Europe and Africa and Middle East and Asia are very rude, arrogant, and look down on other cultures. This pride also exists among all other nationalities, but seem especially strong among the Asian nations.


For example, Chinese Christians say that they thought all Westerners were devils and evil people, just as they were taught and brainwashed by the communist dictator government who control the media and education in China. It is only when they get married with Western missionaries and come to live in the Western nations that they realize that Westerners are often much nicer than Chinese people. So, although they are Christians, they believe that the Chinese are good, and foreigners are evil savages. They are brainwashed by communist propaganda. That is national pride, and something that God detests. The Westerners are just as brainwashed, too.


That is why if the Western media broadcasts something about the Chinese takeover of Tibet during the Beijing Olympics, the Chinese will amass in huge numbers and demonstrate all over the world, as well as tear down and stone the Western nation’s embassies. I would not be surprised at all, if there were many religious Christians among those violent, nationalistic, brainwashed mobs. When a Christian is not filled by the Holy Spirit, they are filled by Satan, and that is why they become proud, selfish, violent, religious, nationalistic, hateful, rude, greedy, lazy, etc., just like the non-believing heathens around them—Satan’s children. However, when the born-again Christians are filled by the Holy Spirit, they manifest the character of Christ, which is humility, respect, concern, generosity, kindness, love, faithfulness, righteousness, courtesy, giving, diligence, peace, joy, etc. The women become more feminine and men become more masculine after becoming Christians, instead of the other way around. The more demon-possessed they are, the more homosexual and feminist they become, just like Western women.


The religious Japanese Christians always assist the stalker women to try to locate where you have fled to; and they will fervently pray that you will be located, so that you may be tormented more by these demon-possessed women, whom Satan uses to attack you. These religious Japanese carnal pastors will spend all their energy, time, and the church members’ tithes and offerings money to search you out. They will ask everyone for your location and contact, and track you down like a hunter. They do not teach the Torah Truth so that God’s people may grow in Christ; but they spend their time serving Satan to torment God’s people (this is religion, not Christ). Since the Japanese are controlled by Satan, the employers, the friends, the landlords, the real estate companies, the church pastors, and the schools will do everything to cooperate, and will give out your personal information to people. They do not follow legal privacy laws, since there are hardly any law suits in Japan. There is only one-tenth of the number of attorneys in Japan than in the United States. It is because Japanese people go by emotions, and not by intellect or logic (Satan’s people live by emotions and humanism): they know very well that you do not give these demon-possessed women your contact information for a purpose, but they do not care about you; they only care about the demon-possessed women, because the demon-possessed people are usually super nice and kind people; so these carnal, religious pastors trust them and try to assist them in every way they can; they live by emotions and judge people by their appearance.


That is why they will love Satan’s people, and judge God’s people as being unloving. The Japanese religious pastors have no common sense or discernment of the Holy Spirit: they are used by Satan to assist his demon-possessed people, and to torment God’s people, and obstruct God’s work. If you try to elude these demon-possessed women after church, these demon-possessed women will be led by Satan to complain to the pastors. Then, these Japanese and Korean pastors (since they are Confucian Christians and emotional creatures and do not have the Holy Spirit) will try to force you to include these demon-possessed women during your lunch after church; in order that these demon-possessed women can verbally attack you, throw tantrum rages, say rude things to non-Christian friends to scare them away from Christians, and command you to do silly things by pestering you like flies until you do them. Satan is the lord of the flies. Obviously, the pastors are dead and carnal, so they will not believe you even if you told them the truth, since the demon-possessed people are much nicer to these pastors than you are.


Therefore, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brothers, do not trust or give out your private information to these religious church leaders; for they will be the first ones to hand over the information to the Anti-Christ and His secret police; and they will even assist the devil to search for you, thinking that they are doing a good thing out of human good emotion (humanism). They will say that your name must be registered in a human church institution, if you are to be a good Christian and accountable to them (human institutions). This is hogwash and it is Western Christianity religion. It is to keep you in a church, so that your tithes and offerings go to them, instead of other churches. The Illuminati church leader spies want people registered with the churches in order to track them down to martyr them during the Tribulation Age. These demon-possessed people will plead with the Japanese employers and churches, and they will be the first ones to give out your private information and whereabouts to these evil people. Usually, the pastor is the one who should discern them by the Holy Spirit, and keep them out; but since the End-Times pastors are apostate, they have no discernment, and are often used by Satan to persecute God’s people instead. During World War II, the Catholic church (Satanism’s Mystery Babylon religion—the harlot on the beast) disliked Jews, and aided Nazi criminals to escape from the Allies.


If you give your private information to any pastor or give your personal resume to a church conference or school or ministry institution, the Japanese pastors will share all of your private information with anyone you are trying to avoid by moving residences and changing phone numbers; and you will discover that total complete strangers know all your privacy information and credentials and background and what you did in your entire lifetime and about your family. Even the personal contents in your resumes submitted for employment will soon be shared with anyone who is searching you. Not only the pastors and church staff, but the realtors and landlords, as well as all the other Japanese people will give out your information to other people, including the Anti-Christ and the devil’s people; so soon, the entire Japanese community will know all your personal information. Be wise in the Holy Spirit’s discernment, dear Jewish brothers, and the first people you need to distrust are the Japanese religious pastors and religious Christians and Japanese church conferences: they think with their emotions and not by the Holy Spirit. They are carnal and are always used by Satan, because of their evil hearts. This is how Satan will get to you, and in the soon coming Tribulation Age, he will massacre two-thirds of the Jewish nation. You will start receiving strange letters scolding you from strange Japanese people who are complete strangers and Illuminati spy assasins, and they will order you to come back and come under their satanic control; and telling you that these demon-possessed people need you. They will know all kinds of private information about you, which came from your ministry applications to the church conferences and para-church organizations and Christian schools and other religious organizations. Their letters’ contents will be full of religious self-righteous humanist philosophies and thinking; and will not make sense at all in the Holy Spirit. It will be a composition of nonsense, appealing to the Japanese emotions and Confucian self-righteousness, written in utter ignorance of God’s Spirit and righteousness. They will call you evil, and they will call themselves righteous. Everything is upside down in Satan’s thinking. Not only will the heathen Japanese people use your name and executive position, in order to try to get business deals and money; the Japanese religious pastors do exactly the same things as any other heathens, and they will try to use you and your situation, in order to get better jobs for themselves. Then, they will talk to you as if you are an evil sinner, and they will talk as if they are great spiritual leaders to lecture you with their human emotions.


Satan always possesses your closest family members with demons in order to attack you. This is why it is written in the Scriptures that fathers will turn against sons, and mothers against daughters, and brother against brother, once you become a Christian. Once you become a Christian, Satan will possess the closest of kin to viciously attack you, torment you, and stalk you. Satan will transform them into mad dogs; and they will become irate toward your faith and you yourself, or become very controlling and commanding you to stop your faith, but on the other hand, they will be obsessed and stalk you. These are signs of demon possession—double sidedness. It is because their souls are under the control of the world, and not by the Holy Spirit. You may get saved, but your family may remain unsaved. Light has nothing in common with darkness, and God’s Kingdom is at enmity with Satan’s kingdom. Demons have no fellowship with angels. They will appeal to your employers and church pastors and relatives and friends, and make them into their spies to spy on you and report back to them about you; and at the same time, these people will start thinking that you are evil for trying to avoid these stalking family members; and in this way, Satan will discredit you before all employers, friends, church pastors and relatives; and you will be detested, frowned upon and thought of as being evil and unloving toward your families. It is Satan’s strategy to turn all of his people against you, and get you fired, and kick you out of the nation; so that God cannot share the gospel salvation in that nation, and you will not have any employment so that you will starve to death. However, God will always use Satan instead, and He will move you on to a new town in order to declare God’s salvation and disciple all men and nations to Him. Remember, dearly beloved Jewish Brethren, everything is under the control of your Father in heaven; and though the devil may succeed in brainwashing all of his people and religious pastors and sinful company bosses through your demon-possessed stalking family members or Illuminati spies in the church, and you may be beaten and persecuted and kicked out, God will always have another ministry or harvest waiting for you. God sought Elijah in the wilderness after being persecuted by Jezebel, and He used Him for His work, again. His work through you cannot be stopped, and even if Satan seems to succeed in getting you kicked out and hated by the people or nations around you, God will turn it around and use it for His goodness and infinite plan. Trust in the Torah Truth for the One who called you is faithful.


The best thing I have found out is to keep away from these churches all together, where Satan’s people thrive and infest and permeate. It is a hell hole, lying in wait to torment and obstruct every real born-again Christian who happens to fall into its trap. Especially, the Japanese religious Christians are a nightmare, and better to be avoided completely. This is to protect yourself from Satan’s onslaught and evil. This is the reason why all the real born-again Christians have been kicked out and avoid the churches. However, if you are a dead, carnal, lukewarm, religious Christian, you will find that the Japanese churches are very comfortable, enjoyable and kind. Satan welcomes lukewarm religious people and treat them nicely for they are his tools, but Satan hates born-again real Christians for they are a threat to Him—the God who uses them is a threat to the devil. Go out to the public instead, and share Christ to all men and nations. Do not lock yourselves up in these Satan’s churches, and do the vain things that these religious people do. You will get burnt. Satan’s people will use the Word of God and Bible against you by citing the Scripture that says not to give up meeting with each other, for a lone sheep will get attacked by the wolf more easily. They misrepresent God’s Torah Truth in this way. Instead, associate with the real born-again Christian brothers and sisters who will risk their lives to save you.


Dear 144,000 beloved Jewish Remnant—you have the same Holy Spirit as I do: you know that this Scripture does not mean what they say, in order to enslave you to their satanic churches to be tormented and become worthless for Christ’s Kingdom. This Scripture means that you should fellowship with the real born-again Christians (God’s people) who get saved by your sharing the gospel in the streets and schools and businesses; and it does not mean that you should fellowship in Satan’s churches with the dead religious Christians who torment you and obstruct your ministry and attack you. Satan will always misuse the Bible to deceive you, as he used the Bible to try to tempt Jesus in the wilderness; and his tactics have not changed. It is better if you fellowship with the prostitutes, tax collectors, drug addicts, gang members and serial killers who get saved and become real born-again believers, instead of fellowshipping with Satan’s people in the churches and para-church organizations and seminaries and ministry organizations who are spiritually dead. You know the Word of God, and you know our Lord Jesus Christ whom you love and have come to trust, and His Torah Truth; so do not be deceived by these religious pastors’ teachings and so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders.


The Western religious pastors will not teach you these things for they want you to go to their churches (they have no Torah Truth within them). So, God uses a “nobody” like me to teach you the Torah Truth. It is because I do not care if you come out to my church or not; I would rather have you have the Torah Truth within you and have Christ as the head of our Church; not the congregation as the head deciding what they like to hear and what they hate to hear. Far be it for me to keep the Truth from the sheep, dearly beloved. That is why our church has no buildings; and I go wherever I am invited to preach and declare His Truth: schools, warehouses, offices, homes, synagogues, street corners, parks, etc. I would rather have the 3,000 carnal bread seekers leave the church, and have only the 12 faithful who seek to be fed the Torah Truth spiritual bread. For the 12 faithful will bear much more fruit, than a church of 3,000 lukewarm, religious Western Christians who wear men’s trousers, do not wear head coverings, pierce their ears, listen to rock music, eat donuts and drink coffee, share how beautiful each other are, go through the Sunday rituals, work in secular jobs and breed genetic descendents. The Lord can do much more great miracles using the faithful 12 who will go out into the world to disciple all men to Him and His Torah Truth. If you come to my church, I will just disciple you and send you out into the world and nations, and would not let you linger in my church. What good is having 3,000 ranch hands doing religious Western routines in a prosperous church, where its leaders believe that spiritual success is in gaining massive “Flower Children” church membership numbers in a church conference that treats its founder like a mini god or “Flower Children” cult guru, while the sheep are starving in the pastures without the Torah Truth?


These religious Japanese Christians will give your phone number to these people who will call you up every single day, day after day after day after day after day after day after day, to try to make money off of you. You will become an enslaved financial pawn paying money for their living every month. If you change your phone number, you will have to change your contact information and registration with all the hundreds of other places (banks, schools, business associates, family, friends, military, etc.); and it will be a tremendous waste of time and energy, just as Satan had planned to disrupt your time and resources, using his people; not to mention having to pay for the moving expenses and new apartment leases or selling your home. These demon-possessed servants of Satan will appeal to the Japanese Confucian “ninjo” concept or “human emotions or humanist goodness,” in order to make them as Satan’s tool for enslaving and tormenting you. These Japanese pastors and religious Christians will become the soldiers of Satan to attack God’s people; just as the Emperor and his henchmen brainwashed the Japanese during World War II to kill the Christian nation; by appealing to this Japanese Confucian “ninjo” emotions and humanist self-righteousness; which ended up slaughtering millions of people. This is how Satan controls some Charismatic and Pentecostal churches and religious Christians with this emotion and natural high, in order to put them into a demonic frenzy. The Japanese do not show emotions like a few of these Charismatic religious Christians do, but none-the-less, they are controlled by this same emotion that controlled the military dictatorship Japan and Emperor Shinto worship, which is Satanism or spiritualism or fascist emotionalism. The same spirit of Satan that controls these voodoo black magic and Wiccan witchcraft also control the Japanese religious churches and religious Japanese Christians. This is why they behave and think completely contrary to the Holy Spirit and His wisdom and the Torah Truth; and act like Confucian Taoist Christians instead. It is the same spirit that controls them.


You will suddenly get a surge of Satan’s Illuminati spy people bothering and pestering you day after day, asking you to come over or work on things to help them set up their businesses; or asking you to help them in getting a job; or asking you to assist their friends in one way or another. It is Satan’s way of keeping you from doing God’s work and the things which are of any meaning or importance, and preventing you from earning your own income. This pestering will be greater, the more you are used by God, and the more Satan sees you as a real born-again Christian. The Illuminati’s goal is to cut off you finances. He will not bother you, if you are a lukewarm Western religious Christian just going to church on Sundays and saying prayers before meals, and having no impact for Christ’s Kingdom; for Satan knows who his enemies are. He is like a pestering fly; not alone his attacks and poisoning and noise harassments he will use against you through his demon-possessed Illuminati-hired people. Every apartment you move into in any nation, he will start loud construction noise all through the night; and during the daytime he will make loud music or drilling or hammering every single day next door; and have loud drag racing and muffler sounds outside every thirty minutes on weekends or days off. This will usually begin soon after you move to a new location. This is why in these End-Times, many people are possessed by demons and controlled by Satan, and are used by him to torment, stalk, obstruct, hinder, pester, beat, attack, poison, slander, excommunicate, and yell at born-again real Christians (God’s people); and Satan uses these religious pastors to give out your private information to demon-possessed family members, church members, employees, para-church organization staff, and crazy women obsessed with sex and marriage.


The churches are notorious in ignoring your privacy; since the demon-possessed people are firmly trusted by the church staff, and may even be a church staff themselves. Satan sends in all of his most controllable people into the churches, and they are great actors and the nicest people in church. This is why if you are a good and honest person, you will not do well in the Hollywood world, because you will be a lousy actor; you have to be evil to be able to act very well and deceive others. In the corporate world, they are the best actors, too, and make themselves look like the nicest, righteous people. Satan makes his evil people famous and rich, in order to further his agenda and brainwash the world, and be idolized by people, in order to influence them. This is why Christians are hated in the world; and the world’s people will love Satan’s Anti-Christ and they will worship him. Satan is loved by the people of the world for he is attractive, charismatic, a great orator, a super nice person, a great actor, and a great humanist, which puffs up the human pride of people. Jesus is hated by the people of this world for He speaks the truth about their sins, calls them to repentance, is here to destroy their pride, and is very direct about what they need to do, and He does not act. This is the reason why the so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders mock and ridicule and detest God’s prophets, too.


When a Christian is carnal, and spiritually dead, he or she ends up being used by Satan. That is why it is very dangerous to be a religious fleshly Christian. Since the Japanese Christians only live by emotions, and not by God’s Holy Spirit, they are easily deceived by these stalker women, since these stalker women are very nice and kind. They are nice and kind, because they are possessed by Satan. Satan gives his demon-possessed people brilliant evil intelligence, and ability to act. So, the world is led to believe that the demon-possessed people are good people, and the Christians are evil people. They are geniuses when it comes to doing evil, because Satan gives them supernatural human intelligence to do evil and act as if they are good people; but they are complete fools when it comes to doing good and God’s true wisdom, and they often die or get their fingers nibbled off by chimpanzees or something.


These dead, religious Christians are led by Satan to believe that these demon-possessed stalker women are righteous and nice people; and likewise, they are led by Satan to believe that these real born-again Christian victims of these stalkers are wicked, heartless, selfish people to be running away and not contacting these demon-possessed stalker women. That is why these Japanese pastors and religious leaders of these spiritually dead church conferences will write letters to you telling you that you need to pray with them for you to not have any bitterness against these demon-possessed people, and that you need to forgive these demon-possessed people; when in reality, you have no bitterness against them from the beginning, but you are just avoiding them by the wisdom of God’s Holy Spirit, so that Satan cannot attack you. These Japanese religious Christians are so easily deceived by Satan, who comes as an angel of light, instead of darkness. Satan speaks to their minds and emotions how evil the real Christians are, and how good the demon-possessed people are. Satan turns the truth around in these religious Japanese Christians’ minds to believe that the demon-possessed people are the innocent victims, and that God’s people are the cruel evil instigators.


You see, dear Jewish Brethren, I have found over and over and over again that the Japanese pastors do not have the Holy Spirit of God and therefore no spiritual discernment, so they think you are the evil person, and Satan’s people are the good people. Hence, they are controlled by Satan’s human emotions and superficial appearances of situations. They are easily brainwashed. If Japan becomes a military dictatorship again, I would not be surprised if many Japanese pastors will support the military dictator, instead of Christ’s will. They are pseudo-Christians or religious Christians. They are the ones who will accuse you, attack you, and try to kick you out of God’s ministry. They live by “ninjo.” There are many Western and African and Asian and Middle Eastern Christians who are religious Christians, too, and are easily controlled by the devil to attack the real born-again Christians—God’s people. The history of mankind has been a history of the Church and religious Christians massacring and martyring tens of thousands of God’s people—the real born-again Christians. Satan speaks to their minds that the real Christians are evil, and Satan’s people are good. That is why Satan spoke to the minds and emotions of these Pharisee ministers and pastors of ancient Israel’s churches to tell them to crucify Jesus on the cross for Jesus is evil.


This pattern throughout mankind’s history has not changed, and religious Christians in both Western and Eastern churches are possessed and mind-controlled by Satan to attack real Christians. For example, if the demon-possessed stalker woman was one’s mother, these Japanese pastors would believe the non-Christian mother, and attack the Christian son, because to them, the mother seems like the righteous, gentle woman, and the son seems like an ungrateful, unloving, selfish man. It is because in evil cultures as Confucian cultures, the Asians worship family, and family is everything to them. To them, the blood is thicker than the Spirit, instead of the Spirit being thicker than blood. They always think in terms of family. That is why the Koreans will not allow their daughters to marry foreigners, in order to keep their family lineage pure, and not pollute it with dirty foreign genes, which is the Confucian Christian’s way of thinking and culture. It is a genetic animal-instinct family-oriented culture, not God’s spiritual family oriented culture that sacrifices family to save total strangers and enemies. That is why the Koreans and Japanese and Chinese all congregate in their own churches in America, and only associate with other Christians of their own nationality, and eat, talk and think in their culture; it is this family gang oriented Confucian culture.


That is why the Chinese and Korean and Japanese Christians are obsessed about getting good education and wealthy jobs and getting married and breeding genetic descendents. Their existence is very animal-like, and not on the things of heaven or on God. If it were on the things of the Holy Spirit, they would remain single and share the gospel in Afghanistan or Iraq or somewhere. I believe that the Asians are very evil because of the demon spirits who have come to control these Asians, as a result of thousands upon thousands of years of demon-worship and idolatry and shamanism. These unclean spirits control these religious Asian Christians, just like the most savage, prejudice, white supremacist Caucasian families who come from ungodly, evil family backgrounds.


The same can be said with the most evil Africans and South Americans and Middle Easterners and Europeans who come from the most sin-filled, ungodly families, who are so sinful that Satan’s demons are able to control their minds and emotions almost completely. They show Satan’s character of hatred, arrogance, prejudice, discrimination, selfishness, violence, greed, taking from other, manipulation, drugs, alcoholism, warfare, etc. Through my years of research, I have found out that evil people come from evil family spirits, and nice people come from nice families. The Chinese are a good example of this: they are either super evil people or super nice people depending on their family and genetic and spiritual background, and there are very few in-between. Americans are similar: they are either from nice, humble, good families and family spirits, or they are from very wicked, proud, hateful families and family spirits. The only power on earth that can break the family demon spirits and the genetic evil personalities and heart is the Holy Spirit of God, when that evil person receives Jesus into his or her heart and gets saved. There is a supernatural transformation. However, in the case of the religious, dead Christian, there is no transformation and no rebirth by the Holy Spirit, so they remain evil and under the influence of the demonic family spirits that have controlled their families over the generations. They are deceiving, for on the surface, they appear to be very nice and kind and godly.


This is the same for all Confucian Taoist Christians who live by the culture and thinking of Confucianism; mainly the Japanese, Koreans and Chinese Christians. They are not Christ-centered, but they are Confucius-centered in their culture and thinking; and followers of Confucius in that sense. They are still under the bondage of evil human cultures.


If they were of us and the Holy Spirit, then they would not be deceived by the demon-possessed stalker women, and they would rebuke them; and they would not rebuke us. That is why Satan used the religious Christians to attack and crucify Jesus. It is always the religious Christians and churches that Satan uses to attack real Christians and Jesus. They think and act by emotions and not by the Holy Spirit. Since they are controlled by emotions, they will worship pastors or humans or the gifts of the Spirit or denominational doctrines and identity or Western Christianity or Confucianism or politics.


The Japanese real born-again Christians are very aware of the spiritual deadness of the Japanese churches. They say that the Japanese Christians are the least dedicated to Christ, and remain the most sinful after they get saved, and the churches do not grow. There is not even one percent of the population Christian in Japan, because the churches are dead and useless and ineffective. When you take away Jesus and the Holy Spirit from the church, then there is only left empty religion and human emotions. The Japanese Christians remain the same sinful Japanese, just as before they were saved. I have found that they love money, and marriage, and breeding, and self, and have a lot of pride, and as many Confucians are, they love to assert their authority over you because of age or seniority or status, just like the Nicholaiatans who God hates. It is a national pride that keeps them from becoming effective Christians. One Japanese religious Christian told me that the Japanese Christians do not need to repent, because Japanese have no sin, and are generally good people, unlike the evil foreigners.


I have only found very few real born-again Japanese Christians who are filled by the Holy Spirit, and discern by the Holy Spirit. They are the true Bride of Christ who are the faithful remnant. This is the same in the West and Middle East and Africa and South America; and that is why Jesus asks in the Bible if He will find faith when He returns. The fake Confucian Japanese religious Christians will yell and scream at you, just like the other Confucian Asians do, since they believe that they are higher in rank than you or older. The Confucian culture is a culture of hierarchy, just like the accursed Nicholaiatans. Even if they do not order you around, they will address you as “kun” after your name, which is a title that higher or older people use to call lower or younger people. This is saying in their hearts, “I am higher than you, and you are lower than me.” It is a very Confucian culture, and not a Christianity originated culture with Christian values and thinking. This is the reason why a lot of Korean religious Christians will ask you your age immediately, because they want to know if you are higher or lower than them. If you are even a month younger than them, they will use that against you by calling themselves the senior and you as their junior. This is the absolute opposite of Jesus, who though He was God, He washed His disciples’ feet. He said that in God’s Kingdom, those who are greater will serve the least of the children. Confucian Christians are like Satan, and they try to lord over other people. This is why some Americans of German ancestry will try to aggressively intimidate you and order you around, just to show that they are dominant over you. They are filled with Satan’s spirit.


The irony is that these religious Christians will completely and absolutely ignore you and be indifferent when you are coming down with all kinds of illnesses every week for a year and you may die, or when you are in financially challenging times. Not a single person from the End-Times religious Christianity church will visit you, or share any concern for you, or even respond to your numerous emails. Every single person, including the pastor, assistant pastor, church staff and church members will ignore you. They will shove you, say rude things about you when you are up on the altar speaking, and be full of jealousy. They do not like righteous, upright servants of God who are anointed by the Holy Spirit. They love the demon-possessed people who are nice and speak lies. Satan does not like God’s people who are being used by God. Religious Christians love the demon-possessed religious people who are evil and do Satan’s work and are very nice and kind to them. This is the condition of the End-Times lukewarm apostate church age.


However, when it comes to hunting your whereabouts to assist the demon-possessed stalker women who are stalking you, these pastors and religious Christians will throw down everything else, and fanatically hunt for you, spending their time and money, in order to further Satan’s mission. These pastors will become like first class detectives, all of a sudden. When you are sick and dying, these religious Christians will ignore you; but when you are escaping from all these demon-possessed people or Illuminati spies who are trying to torment you, or escaping from religious Christians who try to hunt for you, in order to pesteringly sell you their fake pyramid scheme business, these religious Christians will suddenly find tremendous interest in you and frantically try to search you out. Do you see the irony, dear brothers? Do you see how Satan uses these religious Christians? If you speak and preach the Torah Truth, these demon-possessed people will twist what you said and share them with these Korean religious people in church; and these Korean shaman curse culture religious people will pray that you will be judged and tormented and disciplined for your Torah Truth preaching, which they consider as heresy and ungodly and a personal attack (a little sort of like the Pharisees who felt that Jesus was attacking their positions). They are very nice people and smile a lot and speak diplomatically and religiously in church, but they have hatred toward God’s people and are very religious and apostate.


These religious Christians will send you letters, month after month after month after month after month, asking you for money and donations, and include donation forms with the letter. Even if they know you are in financial need, they will not send you money; but rather, they will just pester you unceasingly to give them money. You send them your book for free as a gift, but they will throw it aside; not even thank you; and they will give it to a religious Christian who will mock you and ridicule you for your loving book. You wonder why a Christian organization has to beg miserably day and night for money and donations, every time they send any correspondence to you. You wonder who their Father is. They will always attach a nice religious letter of how great the Lord is, and how God is using their ministry, and then ask you at the end of the letter for money. You ask yourself, if they ever grow tired of begging and pleading for money from humans all the time. It seems money is their god, and not Jehovah Jireh. However, you dear Jewish brethren, are not orphans, for you have a wonderful and loving Father in heaven who will provide you with all of your needs; and not only in terms of earthly riches, but with His Spirit to do all of His plan and purpose in and through you. Be assured, and trust in Him, my children.


These demon-possessed stalkers will yell and scream at you to quit your faith in God, and to throw away that religion of Christianity. They will always find a way to start up an argument about Christianity, although you do not want to argue, and you just want to defend the Torah Truth from their vicious criticism of God and Christianity. They will pester you day in and day out. Some of these family members will take every opportunity to attack you. They will repeat the same things over and over again, every day for 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day: this technique is used by the secret police to drive their prisoners insane by repeating the same question over and over again. They will not listen to what you are saying, and 100% of the time, they will start talking about complete different issues in the middle of your conversation. They do it unconsciously, but it is the demon’s that use this interrogation technique of ignoring what you say to drive you to insanity. This is to further exasperate and stress you out. They will not do it once or twice, but a thousand times and ten thousand times and a hundred thousand times, every single time you say anything to them. And the reason why they will cut you off every single time during your conversation is to repeat their same sentences and issues over and over, again, to further exasperate you. Demons have had thousands of years of experience to torment humans psychologically. They will repeat the same sentence or issue a hundred times, a thousand times, and tens of thousands of times, in order to drive you crazy. This is Satan’s tactic. These people will not even realize that they are doing it, and honestly deny that they do such things; even though they have done it over and over again all day. Satan has a way of switching on and switching off the carnal, sinful, weak minds of the people he uses, for they are often the most easiest for him to control, since they are the most evil people.


Therefore, these demon-possessed people will not understand why you get upset when they cut your conversation off every time. To them, it never happened, and they never did that to you; although they do it several dozen times a day. This is no longer stupidity on their part, but it is demon-possession. Their minds are manipulated and blocked and controlled at the whim of Satan and his demons. That is why they will attack you viciously, when you get upset at their attacks upon you. They will not listen to reason, or godly logic, for they are demon-possessed. They may not intend to do evil to you, but they cannot help themselves, for they are evil and Satan completely controls their minds and hearts.


This is the irony: even though these demon-possessed stalkers will scream and yell at you to stop your faith in God, and always try to pull you into an argument by criticizing Christianity and God; when you disappear from them and move residence in order to avoid their attacks and enlisted spies, the first place these demon-possessed stalkers will contact to find you are the carnal, dead, religious Japanese church conference pastors. Since they belong on the same side (Satan’s side), they know that Satan will move these religious Japanese pastors to help them track you down like a prey. These Japanese pastors and their wives will spend all their time, energy, and money from the offerings and tithes in order to search you out and find you, instead of teaching the Torah Truth. It is because they are not real Christians, but they are rather Confucian Christians. Their whole way of thinking is Confucian, including their values and lifestyles and beliefs and philosophies on life. They are diabolically opposed to the thinking and values of Christianity and the Holy Spirit. On the surface, they go to the dead Japanese seminaries and wear strange pastoral garbs; but in the inside they are filled with Confucianism. Confucianism Taoism is one of the branches of the Mystery Babylon religion, which is Satanism. This is why the Japanese pastors assist the demon-possessed stalkers to track down God’s people. When a religious person is not with God, they are used by Satan.


It is strange indeed, for these demon-possessed people to attack your faith in God all day long, but when you escape from them, the first people they will contact to help them find you are the religious Japanese pastors and religious church conferences. That is why these Japanese churches and pastors are part of the enemy’s side. They are like the Catholic Church, which is part of Satan’s Mystery Babylon religion or Satanism. They will hide Nazi war criminals and assist them to escape, while they turn a blind eye to the killing of Jews. The Japanese Protestant churches are the same, as well as all the religious dead Christian churches and religious leaders throughout the world. You can learn by looking at history. This is why the religious, dead churches and religious leaders have been used by Satan throughout the history of mankind to persecute and martyr the real born-again Christians, and to crucify Christ, too. This is the reason why I have taught you, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant Brethren, to be extra cautious of the churches and pastors, for if they are not true born-again Christian, and if they are fake religious Christians, just like the Japanese churches, then they will be used by Satan to hunt you down and persecute and kill you. Instead, it is God Himself who will help you and lead you and provide for you and give you your ministry—not the lukewarm churches.


Therefore, the Japanese religious pastors will think they are helping people by hunting you down, since their minds are filled with this “good deeds” and “ninjo” human emotions and humanist goodness and family-first-worship philosophy of Confucianism. They are not controlled by the Holy Spirit of God, but rather, they are controlled by the spirits of Confucianism Taoism, which is Satan. They are not like the real born-again Japanese Christians who become Christian culture when they receive Christ; but these fake religious Japanese Christians remain Japanese culture which is Satanism. This is why most of the children of these Japanese pastors are juvenile delinquents and reflect the inner households and hearts of these Japanese pastors. This will probably explain why these Japanese pastors assist these demon-possessed stalkers of Satan to attack you and hunt you down. They will give all the confidential private and secret personal information that they illegally find out about you to these demon-possessed stalkers of Satan. It is because they believe they are doing the humane humanist good thing, and they believe that you are the evil person for trying to escape from these demon-possessed stalkers. In the meantime, as they ask around at your churches, they will discover that they have a job opening for a pastor, and they will use the opportunity to get themselves better jobs in the church conference in wealthy neighborhoods with pastoral housing and better salaries,.


This is the irony: the dead, religious Christians will call you evil, and they will believe Satan and his people who come as an angel of light. Satan never comes in a red suit with a pointed tail and horns and a pitchfork. That is a silly cartoon image of the devil that Satan has created to deceive the Western religious Christians. When we are in heaven, we will see how handsome and tall and kind looking and absolutely beautiful Satan is. Then, we shall see Jesus, who looks as a slain Lamb, with all the scars on His face and body: how His face was swollen beyond recognition from all the beatings, and His head gashed open with the thorn crown, and His eyes almost shut from the swollen eyelid, which He took on to pay for yours and my sins. We will be aghast. This will be the irony we shall see in heaven. It is the fake Western Christianity that teaches you that Satan is an ugly, hideous, slimy creature; and that Jesus is a blonde, blue-eyed, skinny, effeminate, long hippy haired, guru looking, religious pastor looking European.


Just like the Japanese pastors will call you evil for running and evading from the demon-possessed stalker women and rebuke you; and they will call the demon-possessed stalker women as innocent victims of your unloving bitterness and unforgiving heart toward them; the Anti-Christ will make glorious speeches before the world’s media to inform the dead, carnal, religious Christians how you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant are evil, unloving, bigoted people, and how the demon-possessed wicked people who persecute you are the kind, noble, victims of your evil deeds. Beware of these religious lukewarm spiritually dead Christians and Church State, for they have murdered your Lord Jesus Christ and tens of thousands of real born-again Christians in the past; and they will again, in the future, during the last 7-year Tribulation Age, martyr tens of thousands of Tribulation Saints. However, the Lord will keep you, both in discernment by the Holy Spirit of these evil men and demons who come disguised as angels of light; and from physical harm. You will be sealed by the Holy Spirit, and kept until half way into the Tribulation, when the Lord will take you away before the terrible onslaught of the Anti-Christ on the Jewish nation. Until then, may the Holy Spirit keep you in all of your ways, and may the same Spirit who leads me guide you into all things. Blessed be the name of our King and Lord—Jesus Christ!