Dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant Brethren,

Grace and peace to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My prayer has always been for you, that the Lord will keep you in all of your ways and strengthen you in the faith.

As I had told you before, God had taken me out of Japan two weeks before the Japanese earthquake and radiation on March 11, 2011; and He had allowed me to live in the Ilikai Hotel and Apartments in Hawaii. It was a beautiful and nice hotel and apartment, and I was amazed that God had blessed me with living in a hotel by the ocean. I was very grateful that God had provided me refuge there away from all the turmoil that was going on in Japan. I have learned to be grateful in times of plenty and in times of non-affluence for God provides for all of my needs.

However, after I had made available my contact information on my blog site last year in 2011, a young blonde woman moved in next door. Strange things started happening since then, and I knew Satan was up to no good. She would neither work nor leave her room. She just kept banging and drilling on my wall all day, driving me crazy. I complained many a time to the hotel security, the residents’ management office and the landlord, but none of Satan’s people will do anything if you are a real born-again Christian. They are under the influence of the enemy’s spirits. I did not have any idea what she was building, but I just had a bad premonition in the Holy Spirit.

Since then, horrible smells got funneled through the balcony into my room, and my liver and kidney and heart would start hurting, and I would get sick. Security guards would come up and ask all the rooms if they were burning anything, since they suspected a fire. I would tell them that it is coming from next door, but I believe she just told them that she does not know anything about the smell. So, I would close the balcony window, whenever the smell would come in. Then, the smell would come in through the shower room and kitchen vents, so I closed them off, too.

Next, on some days, the tap water would smell horrible. The next day, there would be molds growing all over the sink and shower room. I would come down with oral fungal infections, groin fungal infections, and other skin infections. I had never in my life experienced such things, and all at once, too; and never even knew such things existed. Since, if you are a Bride of Christ, you are not under the curses of sin and disease. God told me what to do in order to heal them, and it seemed like a wild idea, just like when Jesus spit on the dirt to rub on the eyes of the blind man and he was instantly healed; but it worked amazingly, and I was healed. I came down with pancreas pain, liver pain, kidney pain, bladder pain and constant diarrhea. This was not normal. I would ask the residents’ management office, but as always, the general manager would ignore all of my inquiries, and would not respond. So, I bought an Aquasana water filter for both the sink and the shower.

These things used to happen overseas, after I had made available my personal information to the public on my blog site, before I left Japan. When I left Japan, all of these satanic diseases and illnesses stopped. However, when I availed my personal information for my new residence in the U.S., all these things started to happen, again, just like clockwork.

Next, my body started getting oxidized at a tremendous pace: in a matter of months and weeks, instead of decades and years. I started getting stains on my facial skin and wrinkles and viral warts; I started losing eyesight and stamina; my hair started turning white and getting thin; I started getting arthritis in my young age; I started getting weak kidneys, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, prostate problems, bladder, heart, stomach problems, etc.; as well as needle prick pains in the body, just like the ones I used to have in Japan; loss of brain function and short-term memory loss; and insomnia (from 8 hours to 7 hours to 5 hours to 3 hours a night). All these things were very strange, because I ate God’s food and exercised and had sleep, so there was no reason for my body to be oxidized so much.

In Japan, whenever I left the apartment for a business trip, the symptoms would all disappear, and the diarrhea would stop, insomnia would stop, etc. I had thought that something must be wrong with my apartment. This would happen week after week after week after week, because I would take weekly ministry trips. Therefore, I knew there was something suspicious about my apartment.

When I had come back to the U.S. two weeks before the earthquake in Fukushima, I was very healthy. However, once I publicized my address in the U.S., all of these strange phenomenon started all over, again, as soon as the woman next door moved in. She would have a boyfriend visit her ever so often, and when they passed by me in the hallway, they would howl at me like some demon-possessed animal and jeer and giggle together. When I exited the door, they would immediately come out and follow after me to the elevator. When I walked by her on the street, she would yell at me, “Lighten up!”  She would have violent fights with her boyfriend kicking the door. The strange thing was that it seemed like she never worked, and just stayed in her apartment 365 days a year, and it was a mystery how she received income to make a living. Due to all the hammering and drilling on my wall every day, I had suspected that she had a surfboard making shop or something in her apartment.

After the banging and drilling on my wall stopped, I started getting sick. I would start feeling needle prick pains on the side of the body which was facing the wall toward her room. All the other three sides and ceiling and floor, I would not have that sensation on the body. Every time I would lean up against the wall on the side facing her room, I would get tremendous needle prick pains on my back, so I thought there must be some cables or something in the wall that was creating electromagnetic waves or something. So, I stopped leaning against it. Until then, I had never had that kind of electromagnetism when I had leaned against that wall.

However, the stinging pain on the side of the body facing that wall started becoming more intense, even when I distanced myself from the wall. This was an increase in the intensity of that electromagnetism, which aroused my interest. Therefore, I stopped staying near the wall, and started distancing myself from it. However, every time I distanced myself from it, the intensity of the stinging pain increased in distance, too. This was obviously strange. It felt like some radiation or electromagnetism or microwave emitting from her room. Every one of my aquarium fish died suddenly.

Every time I would start blogging again, after a long interval, the attacks by them would intensify. I started blogging again, and I assume that the person or organization who was hiring her to kill me was getting impatient and upset at her, because I was still healthy and started to blog and teach the Torah Truth again on the internet. Therefore, she must have intensified the radiation or microwave or electromagnetism. I started getting more severe thousand pin prick sensations on the side of the body facing her room, and my body started to go haywire.

I used to have 8 hours of sleep every night, but it kept decreasing to 7 hours and 5 hours and now 3 hours every night, and I could not sleep. But, God gave me incredible strength. I kept going to the restroom often, since my bladder was getting weak. I started getting tremendous memory loss, since my brain cells were being damaged. My hair starting falling out and my teeth becoming loose—all symptoms of radiation poisoning. I started getting joint problems and arthritis, which was strange, because I never had such things, since I eat godly food, and there is no reason for my body to be so acidic, since I do not eat sweets or smoke or drink or preservatives or pesticides or chemicals or have stress, etc. It did not stand to reason, for we are free from the curses of sin, if we live godly lives and keep our body alkaline. With the increase in the electromagnetism or radiation or microwave intensity, I could feel my body becoming more acidic in proportionate degree. I started getting liver and kidney and pancreas pain, all over again.

All the organs of my body were getting weak for some reason. I was even getting infections, which would not heal. I had the stinging all over my body, just like right after you take a heavy dose of CT scan; since the photons in the radiation breaks off the electrons from your body’s atoms and creates free radicals that zip around your body, ripping off electrons from other healthy atoms, thereby, devastating your cells; and the damage done to the DNAs in your cells become cancer cells. I knew then that what I was dealing with was radiation sickness. All of these free radicals should not have been there, and surely, there was no reason for them to be increasing at such incredible speed in my body, causing all my organs to shut down.

This was how God showed me what was really going on. Before then, I would never had suspected of humans to go down as low as assassinating other human beings in such a heinous and despicable way. The reason why she had moved in next door, soon after I publicized my address made sense. All these past things that were happening made sense. Why the banging and drilling stopped, and then, these things started happening made sense. Why I was getting the free radical (atoms with missing electrons that zip around in your body that cause cell death) stinging throughout the body from radiation exposure was happening. The thousand needle prick pain on whichever side of the body facing her wall was happening, since the radiation bombarding my body was killing the cells and atoms on my body, as they passed through it.

It is not the very showy mob whacking that you see in Hollywood movies with the mean looking men. They use a young woman who looks like an ordinary nice young lady to avoid any suspicion. They leave no trace of murder, since there is no evidence and no blood. The victim or target would just die from leukemia or a heart attack or loss of weight or brain stroke or other weakening of the body. There is no poison or toxin involved, so no evidence. It is just dying from the body being oxidized by the radiation, just like solar radiation or x-rays oxidize your body. There is no evidence and no proof—the perfect murder. It made me wonder, how many of these people have killed other people in this way, making it look like a natural, mysterious death, and getting away with it. The thought just makes me nauseas as a human being. I cannot personally imagine a person who does that for a living, and being pleased with eating everyday with that money earned. I guess that they make themselves believe the victim is an evil person and they feel they are doing good for the world by killing off all the Jews or people with opposing ideas or speak out against their secret organization’s agendas. When Jesus spoke against the religious leaders, they plotted to kill Him, and they believed that they were doing good, since they felt that He was being antagonistic toward them.

I found out that my father was having the exact same symptoms from the exact same time frame. He collapsed, and he was having bladder control, too; and was weak, and he was hospitalized for a month. My mother also had suddenly gotten severely sick. Until recently, they were very healthy and hiking up mountains together. And, they live overseas, too, hundreds of miles away. It was strange these things were happening to both myself and them, in different countries at the same time with the exact same symptoms. (I had also publicized my folk’s overseas address on the blog site.)

I knew I had to leave the room, since the intensity had increased greatly. If it had not increased, I would not have known what was causing all these illnesses and I would have just withered away. Of course, God does not allow that, so He allowed me to see what was happening by the impatience of the bosses who was hiring the assassin. Therefore, I immediately called the moving company on Friday, but they could not come until a week or two, if I had furniture. So, I decided to dispose of all my furniture, and just move my belongings. Since I could not hang unto all of my investments, unless I have an address in the U.S. for my accounts, I had to sell off all of my investments. All the specialists and I knew that my investments would go up by the end of the year, so I had invested in them. However, right now, they are at a record low point, so I lost half of my investments. I had no choice. If I convert it to a foreign currency, I would lose half of that, so I would be left with only one-fourth of the original savings, but when it is a life or death matter, you have no choice.

It seems they can listen into my conversations on the phone. Since the time I told a lot of my friends and associates what was going on, and that I was leaving, the radiation started getting tremendously high. When the moving company delivered the shipping boxes on Friday, she knew I was moving out, so Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, the level of radiation increased exponentially. I had been talking to many people that I was going to move out on the phone, but since it was a three day holiday here in Hawaii, with Monday being Kamehameha Day, all the locals here reserve hotel rooms and party on those 3-day weekends, and all the hotels were full-booked, so I could not get any hotel rooms.

Meanwhile, as she became frantic to kill me off or make me get leukemia before I left, she turned up the radiation level so high that I could feel the heat on the side of the body facing her room, and my body was so hot I was sweating. My hair kept falling out and my entire body was like being microwave alive, as the whole body was stinging all over. It showed that the atoms in my body were being broken apart and my cells throughout the body was dying. However, I knew the Lord would protect me, and just as the three Hebrew men walked through the Babylonian king’s furnace of fire without being singed, I would not be harmed.

I would start getting red spots all over my body and come down with leukemia and get very tired, but they would all of a sudden disappear, and God would heal me miraculously. During the last 3 days of crazily intensified radiation levels, my body got so weak that I had trouble remaining standing or even lifting my hand to wash my hair. I tried to hide behind the bathroom wall on Friday, but it seems like she can see through into my room, because she knew where I was hiding, and intensified the radiation that it came straight through the bathroom wall on Saturday.

I should be dead by now, if I were a normal human being. They are probably wondering why I am still living and healthy and walking around and laughing. Every time I left the room, God would give me energy and I would feel strength return to my body. The problem was, I had to do all the packing and cleaning, because I could not leave my room dirty for the landlord, and had to pack by Monday, and I could not move to a hotel room until Monday. I am not sure if she does not get paid unless she kills me, since she amplified that machine up so high that I was super irradiated on the last day.

Finally, I moved to a hotel room this Monday, and now I do not have to deal with that thousand needle prick pain and burning sensation and weakness and nausea. I am well and fine and my strength returned, as soon as I left the room and moved into the hotel room. Since the radiation destroyed a lot of the atoms in my body, the free radicals are still zipping throughout my entire body, creating stinging pain throughout, but not the needle prick pain from the room’s direct exposure. My body is still very weak from the radiation exposure, but not as bad as when I am in the room. The landlord real estate company was worried if the next tenant would be exposed, too; but I told them that if they did experience the same thing, the landlord would talk to the police, and the police would do an investigation, so they would not do that to the next tenant, since they are not that stupid; and they know that I have left the room, anyway. However, the last three days were one of the worst experiences I have faced.

God uses all things for the good of those who love Him, and usually uses the devil, and turns his attacks around for our use, so He allowed the hotel rooms to be full booked for the 3 days, in order to strengthen my faith. Through the near drowning, near spear gunning while I was in my mother’s womb, near falling tens of feet to the concrete upside down, near falling down a thousand feet cliff, near crash by a huge truck in the traffic signal, demonic attacks, etc., God has protected me like a hen over His chicks.

I had been struggling with gluttony, since returning to the U.S. and seeing all the huge portions of food. I had prayed for God’s help in fighting this sin. God used the devil’s attack to allow me to lose 40 pounds in a week or so. It seems that God does not always work in the ways that we expect or prefer, but He does answer prayers and meets the results. Since the last few days, I lost a tremendous amount of weight due to the irradiation. It is because the radiation disrupts the cell’s normal function, and destroys the DNA. This is why people undergoing cancer radiation treatment lose weight, though not as sudden.

It seems like Satan and his people come up with the most heinous sort of ideas to spread disease and sickness; but God just uses it against him, by healing and strengthening the faith of His children. I believe that God can even raise the dead back to life, if He wanted to, just like the girl and Lazarus whom Jesus raised from the dead. Satan is the god of sickness and hatred and his people are given tremendous human intelligence to do incredible evil things and think up disgusting evil ways. God is a God of healing and love and deliverance from the curses of sin, and He gives His people amazing wisdom to do His work, which would not be possible for such weak, stupid, incompetent people like us who He chooses to shame the devil and his plots. God is even able to expose all the evil deeds of Satan and his people, and bring them to justice and make them open display of God sovereignty and foreknowledge. Praise be to our Lord and King, Yeshua, Jesus Christ! We serve an awesome, loving Heavenly Father.

These people do not just kill one person, but they kill the whole family—every man, woman and child. They are very thorough. When whole families start dying, the Christian law enforcement officials, FBI agents, police officers, CIA agents, anti terrorist agents, anti cult unit agents, national security officers, anti mob law enforcement personnel, and all these prosecutors and judges who read these people’s blogs should think there is something strange going on, and interrogate these people to find out who is hiring these professional killers. They have a duty to protect the rights to speech and justice and people’s lives. Especially, if a Christian brother is being persecuted; and even if they are not Christians, they still should do covert investigations to protect the public. It is their job and their responsibility. Or else, soon, they would start losing their own rights and their families, too. This is not a matter of strangers, but it concerns themselves, too. That is why they take their oath to protect justice, the law and to serve the people and their freedom.

They should at least track them, monitor their transmissions, and verify their contacts, and find out what they do to make money sources, since they do not have any other work; before these people get whacked themselves by those who hired them, in order to hide their connections. If there is a suspicion, then it is the duty of all law enforcement officers to look into the matter, for that is what they take their oath for; because if they are killing one family, then that means they are murdering many, many other people, too; and will probably find a whole serial killing underneath all of this, just from one person suspecting something, it sometimes leads to the uncover of a whole series of murders. It just takes one faithful law enforcement person to take that initiative. Many pastors and preachers are meanwhile getting all these strange, weird, abnormal cancers and heart attacks, all of a sudden, as the world becomes more and more anti-Christian, due to Satan’s brainwash and propaganda against Christians. However, Leuren Moret claims that the police will refuse to help you, because they and the CIA and all the government intelligence agencies of the world are part of the New World Order.

I have been informed that they are the secret New World Order, who goes around murdering people who express their opinions on feminism and abortion and Jezebel Molech–Baal worship in the End-Times, and their future agenda. They have murdered hundreds of millions of fetuses already, so to them, murdering a few hundred million more adults and nations is nothing to them, in order to create their fanatic utopia world. Some say that their agenda is to eliminate four-fifth of the population of the world, since they know that the world food supply cannot sustain the population growth, whom they call the ignorant masses, and to leave only one-fifth of what they call the elite, through HAARP weather manipulation (hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.), creating Fukushima earthquake radiation throughout the northern hemisphere (some say 300 times of Chernobyl) by using heating technology to create earthquakes, spreading radiation and cancer through depleted uranium bombs, etc. (See Leuren Moret’s YouTube videos. Leuren is not a Christian, but she has done a lot of research.) They are digging several times the size of the actual new Denver Airport on the surface, underground, when they already have a perfect airport in Denver. Leuren Moret is also receiving attack by electromagnetic pulse attacks like all the other people who are disclosing the evil agenda by the Illuminati secret New World Order. Obama will make the Amero Union, including the 3 nations of the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and the other 7 kings will bow down to him and give him their authorities. All the intelligence agencies and governments and economic leaders and military leaders and the 13 families of the Illuminati are part of this New World Order and Satan’s end-times plan. They cannot become a president or economic corporate leader or government leader without being a full satanist high degree freemason or high ranking loyalist of some other Mystery Babylon religion branch (luciferianism), such as communism or United Nations or skull & bones or Catholicism or Bilderberg Society or Mormonism, etc. So, it does not matter whether a Republican or a Democrat gets elected, for they are all part of the New World Order to become a candidate in the first place.

This is their ultimate goal, and this is their underlying fundamentalist view on human rights to live and to speak. They say that the United States is a land built on the foundation of the freedom of speech and ideas, but this is just a façade, and those who speak freely are not killed by the communist regimes or dictator’s secret police or religious terrorists, but thousands are murdered secretly by these American organizations that parade themselves on the outward as equal opportunity organizations and humane people for noble causes, but in reality are just murdering gangs.

In New York, there were a lot of mobsters and satanists; and in Hawaii, groups of 10 or 20 Koreans will follow me everywhere on the bus, bus stops, restaurants, hotel lobbies, restroom stalls, etc., sit next to me, and hit me with the electromagnetic microwave radiation weapons on their cell phones; and in Japan, there were a lot of feminists. Among others were Freemason members, CIA agents who look and behave just like mobsters (no difference), Middle-Easterners, unemployed people, street gangs, etc. I have found out that there are something between 10,000 to 100,000 CIA members in Japan only who live off their salary, so that is why these people can follow after you 24 hours, and every time they are different people, and every day you see dozens upon dozens of these people. All of the riot police in Japan are salaried by the police, and they do all of these side work all day long for the Illuminati.

If you are sleeping in the parks due to the microwave heat and stinging in the hotel rooms, they will send 20 or 50 people on these missions with dozens of cars to pester you and shoot radiation at you, and fly their planes and helicopters over you every few minutes to pinpoint your location using infrared body heat detection: they use all the taxpayers’ money and the money they have stolen from rise and fall of stock prices, banking, cancer insurance through creating cancer by releasing depleted uranium into the atmosphere and obstructing  cures by certain real cancer researchers, armament industry, drug/narcotic industry, and everything evil in-between. All the governments, financial institutions and society is controlled by the Illuminati satanists or New World Order. They are the modern day vampires or blood suckers who take from he poor and tax payers and use it for evil purposes of their father Satan. I would not have believed it, until I have seen every day, hundreds of people shooting EMPs (electromagnetic pulse or high frequency microwave radiation) at me with their converted cell phones, which is like an electric shock. I have photos of bruises where they were shooting into my heart. They try to shut down your organs (for example, by constantly shooting your heart, they try to harden and shock your heart muscles, so that you will die from natural heart attacks). You will have to move to different places like 5 or more times throughout the night, because they sneak people into the premises to hide in the trees and bushes and cars.

Now, almost every few minutes someone will come behind you and shoot at your organs or try to irradiate you with a broader radiation to make you get leukemia or other cancer. A lot of these people may just be hired to do it. All the hotel staff, home residents, etc. are not only paid off by them to place you in the room next and above their rooms, or shoot from their neighboring homes, but they often participate in keeping you awake if you try to sleep in the lobby by kicking doors, speaking loudly, slamming doors on purpose, or walking around you dragging chairs when they see you starting to fall asleep, or crushing dozens of cans next to your head, etc., in order to force you to go back into the guest room. All non-Christians worship money, so they all have their price, and can be bought off by the Illuminati, if they offer them a million dollars. Many of them are not real hotel staff, but they are Illuminati CIA members or something that they have placed there to kill their prey victim. Their loyalty is not to any nation, but to the New World Order of Satan. The Russian and U.S. rivalry and these national level issues are just a cover up for their one-world agenda to distract attention–as you know, Satan is a master of deception–to distract people from the real issue or threat.

Many people call the Illuminati the “political economic mass genocidal secretive society mob” since they are just that–the mob–a killing machine of hundreds of thousands of people–creating wars throughout history to kill off people and make money from armament sales. By the time you become a 32nd or 33rd Freemason member or one of the other Illuminati secret society leaders, you have taken so many satanic vows and rituals that they have found you to be a loyal full-blown satanist (Luciferian), so they allow you to run for president of a nation or become a economic/financial leader.

If you go to a new shopping mall in a nice wealthy neighborhood, in the afternoon, you will find all of these low level people who have been hired by them, flooding the place and following wherever you go, and often trying to run you over with their cars or screaming at you, and shooting EMPs at you. Some of these feminists are like 85 years old and they will walk into the restrooms and shoot at you through the walls, using infrared vision or x-ray vision on their cell phones or something. Therefore, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, beware of all people. They look like humans and have human bodies, but they are demon possessed in the inside. They are the modern day vampires. They are controlled by these fallen angels inside. It just shows how evil and depraved the people of these End Times have become, which will bring about God’s soon coming 7-year Tribulation judgment and wrath. They do not repent when God sends me to warn them, but they hate the prophets and try to kill me.

Underneath, all the nations and people are the same, as long as the basic issue of the sin nature is unresolved. It is only knowing Christ that changes a yakuza mobster into a minister, an inmate into a worship leader, and a prostitute into a missionary. Satan’s ploy was to abort the 50 million future generation laborers in the U.S. through abortion to Molech, so that he can bring in his Muslim workers into the nation to Islamatize the nation, just like England, Germany, France and all the other formerly Christian nations have become Muslim. The reason why you see God prophesy a 200 million man army of China in the Book of Revelation who will march across the Euphrates River to kill one-third of the world’s population is because China aborts 13 million babies every year, so you have a huge surplus of single men who cannot marry and joins the army, since they abort all the female fetuses.

From now, you will see greater and greater amounts of church leaders attempted to be assassinated discretely through so-called strange leukemia, heart attacks, cancers, weakened bodies and immune systems, and unknown mysterious causes, who speak up against abortion and feminism and Jezebel worship in the End-Times. Satan does not want them speaking, for his goal is to have the church filled by Jezebel doctrines of the modern Western values of the post-1960s “Flower Children” generations; and this is why God calls this End Times Laodicea Church as the apostate lukewarm church who has married the Great Harlot of Mystery Babylon. You have to be either hot or cold, dear brethren, but not lukewarm.

It seems like Satan is frantic in silencing all those real born-again Christians warning the world about the soon coming End Times judgment. This could explain why so many of the usually very healthy preachers like Chuck Smith and Frank Toyama who are preaching about the End-Times judgment are suddenly coming down with these really strange cancers, all of a sudden, right before the rapture of the Church. It is a satanic attack by Satan’s henchmen to stop the final warning. Dear children, it is better if you do not put your personal information on the internet, although you want to avail yourself to people. As Jesus told us, we are living in that perilous end times and a very evil world where people do not think twice about killing people who do not share their thinking.

It is Satan that makes evil people eavesdrop on your letters to the 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, then detest you because it does not agree with their ideas, and Satan puts evil thoughts into these people to attack God’s people. This has been the same with Cain, Haman, Herod, Caesar Nero, Hitler, Pharaoh and the religious church leaders who crucified our Lord Jesus also. This is why the Pharisees would follow wherever Jesus went, eavesdrop into what He was teaching, and then, Satan put evil thoughts into their minds to kill Him. But, the tomb could not keep Him for He resurrected on the third day, just as we will someday. These things have not changed, dear brethren, and will not change, for these people will always exist in any era; and Satan will always have his pool of people to use to try to eliminate those who declare boldly the gospel of Jesus Christ; but the gates of hell shall not prevail over the Church; and the devil’s time will soon come to end, and we patiently and eagerly await our redemption. The persecution methods and technologies change with time, but if you follow Christ, you will always meet persecution, but praise be to our God that we may be counted worthy of sharing in His suffering; for in time, it will bear fruit. God is a God who does not waste the works of His beloved. He is able and willing, and a gracious God.

Satan uses his usual two-pronged tactic in trying to discredit God’s people and God, who warn the people of the world of God’s impending judgment and God’s salvation of love. As I have mentioned to you before in different scenarios and issues, Satan is infamous in using this two-prong attack by placing his people in two extremes: one group that will disguise themselves as God’s people in order to create hatred by other people toward God’s people, and another group to hate and create a commotion against those first group of people. You must remember, Satan is a deceiver and master of false-witnessing and very sly; and that is why he is able to always create hatred toward the Jewish people, too.

For example, Satan raises a group of demon-possessed Western religious people to raise a commotion about a fake so-called “hatred” of God toward the people of this earth, instead of sharing God’s true “love” and calling the world to repentance out of this love. They demonstrate against the funerals of fallen soldiers, against the U.S., against other Christian gatherings, against homosexuals, and incite hatred from everyone with their hateful demonstrations to get publicity. They are undercover Satanists trying to undermine Christianity and God, and give Christians a bad name. But the foolish world is ignorant, so they are easily brainwashed by Satan’s media into thinking that these people are actual real Christians.

The liberal British media love to broadcast these hateful TV programs toward Christianity, instead of broadcasting the real born-again Christians who are preaching God’s love and forgiveness. You see how this is a two-pronged tactic by Satan? Then, on the other side, Satan raises a group of liberal socialist left-wing media people to interview these hateful religious people to show how hateful they are. Now, Satan’s strategy is to make the ignorant public who do not have godly discernment to believe that these fake religious hateful people are real Christians. This is how Satan misrepresents the real Christians, by using his fake religious people.

It is Satan’s way of trying to drown out the voice of the real Christians and their gospel of love and call to repentance to a dying world, by creating fake Christians who only incite hatred from people by making God out to be a hater of people, instead of a lover of people. Obviously, you who have the Holy Spirit of God and know His Bible know that God hates the sin of people, but He loves the people. He is a God of love and not hate. He seeks to convict the heart and save people from hell, and that is why He came to this world to die on the cross for us and rise again; while Satan on the other hand seeks to condemn people and try to drag people’ soul to hell.

Since these religious fake Christians do not have the Torah Truth in their hearts, they obviously cannot answer the questions of these liberal socialist left-wing media people, who desire to entrap them in clever speech. This is the way Satan uses his two groups of extreme people in his two-pronged attack against Christians and God’s people; thereby, antagonizing Christianity and God in this world more and more as we approach the End Times. It is a way to incite hatred, discrimination, and anti-Christian sentiments in the public. This is how the Anti-Christ will incite the world to arrest and behead the Tribulation Saints and Jews during the coming Tribulation Age. It will be the holocaust all over, again; however, at a greater intensity, since all the Tribulation Saints will be beheaded, and two-thirds of the Jewish nation will be slaughtered.

Satan is a master of defaming Christians and Jews by using propaganda, brainwash and cleverly contrived two-pronged tactic. He attacks from both sides. He creates war using this two-pronged attack. He raises fanatic Irish religious Catholics on one side, and then, raises fanatic Northern Ireland English religious Protestants on the other side; in order to make them spread their propaganda of hatred and killing each other. When the ignorant public sees this, they think these two groups are Christians killing each other. This is Satan’s way of defaming Christianity, a loving God, Jesus, and trying to keep people from receiving God’s salvation of love.

Then, Satan raises up a third group from the ignorant brainwashed public to form a hatred toward the real Christians and God’s people; and to speak up against Christianity and the Holy God. He may use groups like the homosexuals and feminists to do this. This is why there is increasing hatred toward Christians among the most sinful people of society, whose sins have been attacked and condemned by the first group of Satan’s religious so-called fake “Christians.” God has said the world will wax worse and worse during the End-Times, and He will have to rapture out His real Christians (Church Age Saints) or Jesus’ Bride from the world, before bringing judgment upon this world.

This is how Satan tries to make the politicians develop “hate laws” that prohibit these demon-possessed religious people from demonstrating their hateful speech, and with those new “hate laws,” he will use it to fight against the real Christians from preaching the Bible or sharing the gospel and banning the freedom of speech of Christianity. Satan raises up these fake demon-possessed religious Christians that demonstrate with hatred against the U.S. and soldiers and homosexuals and others, in order to provide an excuse for his Anti-Christ to crack-down on and persecute the real Christians and Tribulation Saints, during the coming Tribulation Age.

You can immediately tell that these people are fake demon-possessed religious Christians raised up by the deceiver Satan, because they picket signs outside of U.S. soldiers’ funerals saying that it is good for soldiers to be dead and signs saying that God hates homosexuals with derogatory names towards them. This is the devil’s ploy to misrepresent God and His people, in order to make the public hate God and make the Legislature create “hate crime laws” to prevent Christians from preaching the gospel of love and salvation and call to repentance, or teaching the biblical truths and commands in the churches and to people. And Satan allows these laws to let the fanatic people use it against the Christians and God, in order to further his agenda.

Just as his fanatic dictators of the world, Satan is an expert in brainwashing the public and inciting hatred toward God and God’s people. This has been true throughout history, and Satan’s attacks always focus on God’s two groups of people: the real born-again Christians and Jews. The Catholic Church has martyred the greatest number of real born-again Christians in the history of mankind.

And one of the ways he creates this hatred is by creating a group of fake Christians who claim to be God’s people, but are actually Satan’s people, raised to misrepresent God’s people, and incite hatred within the public against Christians. Satan has always used this two-pronged tactic in history to incite hatred among the ignorant public toward Christians, just as his Caesar Nero did by lighting Rome on fire and blaming it on the Christians in order to martyr them all; and hatred among the ignorant public toward Jews just as his Adolf Hitler did; and hatred among the ignorant public toward Jews just as his Haman did; and hatred among the ignorant public toward Jesus just as his Pharisees did; and in these End-Times, hatred among the public toward Christians by using these fake religious Christians to misrepresent God and the Bible with their hateful demonstrations on Satan’s TV.

Satan’s tactics are not new, and he has been using this false-witnessing two-pronged-tactic all throughout the history of mankind, in order to accomplish his mission to wipe out Christians and Jews (God’s two groups of witnesses on this earth to declare His Word and Torah Truth and Christ our salvation). You must remember, Satan does not want people to know God’s love and to get saved from hell; and he will use all dirty, deceitful, unethical method to try to do this. The Christians who love people and share salvation to them are a threat to Satan’s mission of hatred toward all mankind.

I have been jumping from country to country, hotel to hotel, however, they always seem to find me with their large number of hired people after me.  They seem to know through GPS bugs and credit card/email hacking.  The first night is usually peaceful and I regain my health, but the second night, after they move in next door or in the downstair hotel room, they start attacking again, and I grow weaker and weaker, and my organs get damaged. They must be an organization with a lot of money to hire so many people and utilize so much high technology.  There is usually a car following with two people in it, and people following me with ear plugs and cell phones in their hands. They always come near me when I make a phone call to someone.  There is always someone waiting outside the hotel, and they continue to glare at me with unhuman demon-possessed eyes for sometimes 5 minutes or 10 minutes straight with tremendous hatred and malice. My body is getting weaker every day, and I have lost about 50 pounds in the last few weeks, but I count it all joy to be found worthy to suffer in the suffering of Christ.

It is interesting that all the religious organization’s people who constantly called and emailed me asking for more money and donations, every other week telling me how much they love me and how much they appreciate me donating tens of thousands of dollars to their ministry, are the exact people who get angry at you and tell you that they have a family to rear, and so many life threatening issues on hand every day, that they have no time to be helping you. They will refuse to inform or pass along any messages to their bosses–the pastors whom you know or the organization heads, out of concern for their own jobs and reputations. They say that these pastors are like the President of the United States, so they are not accessible to ordinary lowly Christians in life or death situations, and the office directors will also just refer all your calls to these regional directors who are just secular fund-raisers, and will never connect you to the pastors or organization leaders. This is the condition of the institutionalized, hierarchical, secular, religious Western Christianity organizations. If they had the Holy Spirit, they would help you and understand the urgency.  A lot of the churches and pastors and broadcast ministries you supported with a lot of donations will tell you that they cannot help you, for they do not want to get involved with Satan or his people, so sorry but they cannot help you in any way, for they need to protect themselves and their group, rather than helping God’s children who are persecuted. They are more afraid of Satan, than have love for God’s people. They will shut the door in your face. They were the exact people who told you how wonderful a blessing you were and how they appreciated your donations every time. It is the real born-again Christians who show concern for you, and even risk their own lives to try to support and encourage you, just like the brothers who supported Apostle Paul when he was pursued and threatened. Dear Brothers, be wary of these religious institutions and the religious people.

Satan’s mission is the complete opposite of God’s mission of saving the world through His love in Jesus Christ and Jesus’ redeeming blood upon the cross. This is why the enemy uses the religious Christians to attack and silence and mock God’s prophets and apostles, and to defame and invalidate God’s prophets and apostles to the ignorant public and religious Christians. It is Satan’s way to try to discredit God’s prophets and apostles before all of the Christian congregation; and to stop the prophets’ call to repentance from Western Jezebel worship of post-1960s “Flower Children” humanism.

However, you have the Holy Spirit, dear Jewish Remnant Brethren, so you know the Torah Truth, you recognize the voice of your Father in heaven, and you are able to discern the satanic master plan behind the Pharisee religious leaders. Religious lukewarm Christians can be deceived by them and their religion; but the Bride of Christ and the 144,000 faithful Jewish Remnant cannot be deceived, for they have the Holy Spirit.

I thank the brethren, who have been praying for me. Prayer is a mighty weapon against the wiles of the devil. Just as when Elijah was persecuted by Jezebel, and God delivered Him, He is our Defender and our refuge. God uses the stupid people like me to share His Torah Truth, for we speak the truth to all, without any regard for own selves. If we were intelligent ministers, then our intelligence would get in the way, and we would surely not say anything negative or speak the Torah Truth. Then, how can God’s truth be taught? God prophesied to me that I would be a shower of blessing to everyone; and I have not forgotten His words to me. So, instead of working and earning money for myself, given the urgency of Christ’s imminent return, I quit my work and have continued to teach and feed His sheep. May you also do the same for each other, dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, so that God’s body may grow and be nurtured in all truth, wisdom and strength.

Though you may face furnace or radiation, God is our Healer and Deliverer. He is the Creator of all creation, and the sustainer of all. Even our every breath is by the grace of Him, which we would not have apart from Him. God is my Healer, and if it were not for Him, I should be dead by now. No normal person would be able to take that kind of damage to the cells in the body and survive. I had no idea that I was leaning against a 24-hour CT scan machine or whatever they had built behind my wall. Whichever side of my body that was facing that wall of Room 1819, I would feel the thousand needle prick pain. The things that they think up of is so heinous and horrible, just like the Nazi atrocities and Japanese army’s experiments on live humans, that it is beyond my belief or human comprehension. It is almost at a level of demonic possession where the soul has lost any sense of humanity or sense or conscience. We are dealing with very satanically controlled and very evil people, dear brethren.

Dearly beloved 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren, do not go here or there based on your own spirit and love. Yes, I understand you have love for the brethren, just as Paul did. However, do not ignore the warning of the Holy Spirit not to go or do something; just as you must immediately obey the Holy Spirit to go somewhere or share God’s Torah Truth with someone. Unlike Paul who went and was immediately arrested and executed, and thereby, God’s ministry being stopped in his life, is it not better if you heed the warning of the Holy Spirit, survive, and continue preaching the gospel to many more people and nations? You must be wise in the Holy Spirit and obey. Do not do things by your human passion or longing to meet someone or attachment to a certain territory or what seems right to man. The Lord comes first, and His ministry supersedes all things.

It is the Holy Spirit who will guide you and protect you from any harm. We are His children. The Holy Spirit may warn you to avoid a certain place; or He may distract or delay you from going to church, since the church building will burn down; or He may command you to talk to a fanatic Muslim on the corner of a street, in order to stop you from walking into a hotel that you had stayed 3 years ago out of nostalgia, since a bomb will demolish the lobby of that hotel in a few more seconds; or He will tell you to pass out the hundreds of Bibles in your truck to the hundreds of fanatic fundamentalist Muslim fighters who surround your truck, so that when they are reading it, the Holy Spirit will instruct you to get in the truck and drive away, and thereby, not only saving your life but also sharing the gospel to 300 fanatic Muslim fighters; or He will tell you to take a box full of Bibles into a communist country, and Satan will on that particular day, due to some incident, will have all the customs officers checking every single baggage of the 300 passengers from your plane, but a single customs officer will look straight at you, and beckon you to come over to him, and ask you about your box that looks like nothing else but a box of Bibles, why you are in the country, and you will tell him that you are there for business, and he will miraculously let only you out of the 300 passengers from the plane to pass through the customs without your baggage being checked; or the Lord will prevent you from being speared in your mother’s womb; or protect you from falling several meters down a ladder to have your head cracked open by the concrete floor by creating side handles in pitch darkness which you will instinctively grasp; or when you feel yourself sinking in the water and think that is the end, a hand will scoop you out of the water; or a huge truck that ignores the red traffic signal will stop inches away from your small car; or the Holy Spirit will stop you from going to a certain country; or the Holy Spirit will miraculously protect your feet from slipping and falling over the ledge of thousands of feet down, though people who are filled by Satan will force you to go on their hike, without telling you the condition of the terrain; or the Holy Spirit will have a holy angel appear, all of a sudden, who is a giant, to block an assailant who is about to kill you, and he would be so scared that the human assailant of Satan will run away; or the Holy Spirit will send you a holy angel through the upper left window to swoop down after a demonic unclean spirit that had jumped on top of you and choking you; or the Holy Spirit will protect you from being killed through attacks while you are in your mother’s womb; or He will protect you from regular poisoning by Satan’s human servants; or He will protect you from a murder who is about to kill you; or He will protect you from dozens of gang members who surround you by sending the police at miraculous speed and timing; or protect you from nuclear bombs and meteors and wild animals and plagues and sickness and starvation and pain of childbirth and secular jobs and all the other curses of sin.

He will miraculously keep you single and unmarried, over and over and over and over and over and over and over, again, so that you may be protected from marriage and the animal instinct of trying to leave genetic descendents. He is a faithful God, my friends; regardless of what the post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders of Jezebel Western Christianity doctrine try to teach you and Satan tries to pervert your minds with. God will not have His righteous see harm. A thorn in the flesh may be given by the grace and love of God, in order to protect you from pride, if and only if you are in danger of falling to that sin. If there is no sin, then there is no need for the thorn in the flesh, and there is no need for discipline through sickness and poverty.

It would be illogical and meaningless to give a thorn in the flesh, if it is not necessary—and God is not illogical or meaningless. He gives us a thorn in the flesh to protect us from sin, out of love. His motive is always love. Regardless of the increasing persecution, you shall be kept—you who love the Torah Truth and honor the Word of God who is Christ Jesus our Lord. This is what will happen to those who try to intend evil to us: those who try to poison and infect us and hurt will suffer horrible pain and suffering and sickness; those who steal and cheat and deceive us will lose their jobs and income, and become homeless; those who yell and attack and slander us will suffer tremendously from evil men and much agony from people; and those who mock and ridicule and scorn us will be taunted and persecuted and humiliated. This shall be their end for those who deride and attempt evil against God’s Bride and Children and Jewish Remnant.

The post-1960s “Flower Children” generation Jezebel worshipper priests of Western Christianity will try to pound your head with their Jezebel doctrine that you are still under the curses of sin, but may the Holy Spirit be witness that you are not, dearly beloved brethren. As for you, you trust in your Lord and His finished work on the cross, so you are no longer under the curses of sin or judgment. Unlike Israel who will be delivered amidst the judgment like Lot was, you will be kept from that hour miraculously by God’s grace, for you have believed unto Him who is able and willing to save to the uttermost, while Israel did not.

If Jesus feels He needs to stay away from somewhere, He will stay away; but if Jesus feels that He must go somewhere, even if the people will try to push Him over a cliff or stone Him, He will go many miles to that arid place to talk to a single hated Samaritan woman by the well; and the Holy Spirit will keep Him from harm. If the Holy Spirit tells you not to go somewhere or do something, then you must obey in a fraction of a second; and if the Holy Spirit tells you to go somewhere or do something, then you must obey immediately. Then, you will not be arrested and executed, or eaten by wild beasts, or be caught in a plane crash, unlike so many Western religious Christians of the Jezebel worship are sick, dying, killed, eaten, divorced, plagued by Egypt’s plagues, childbirth pains, changing diapers, having stressful jobs, and marriage slavery.

The Lord’s yoke is easy for He is your employer. God has many resources for you to have income—unimaginable ways that God can provide. If you are persecuted, then count it all joy, as I do, for you have been found worthy in sharing in the suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ, and He will always deliver you faithfully, and heal you, and provide for you. Jezebel and the religious leaders may come against you with their armies and religious gangs, but the Lord will give you victory over her and her religious gang priests who mock and ridicule you. Fire will come down from heaven, and consume them all. You serve a mighty God, and if you can see the spiritual realm, you can see the multitudes of fiery chariots that surround you and fight for you, my beloved 144,000 Jewish Remnant.

So is the Lord God Almighty who watches over us and protects us and loves us. Do not succumb to the constant battering of the post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ effeminate so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang pastors with churches in wealthy safe neighborhoods, and their Jezebel preaching of the curses of sin upon you and post-1960s values and thorns in the flesh doctrines and sickness and marriage bondage and secular jobs and pain of childbirth and women wearing men’s trouser doctrines and religious Western Christianity sexual abstinence moral religious teachings and donation pleas and tattooing and ear-piercing and rock music and all the weird Jezebel practices that they conduct under the sun. Be free from those things of the Western Christianity Jezebel values, and you shall be well and safe.

The Lord will keep your feet from being dashed against the rocks, and He will keep your fingers from being cut during cooking. Follow the Torah Truth, make Him the Lord of your lives, and preach the Torah Truth to all the nations. If the Holy Spirit tells you to not go into Asia or Jerusalem, you must heed the Holy Spirit’s warning; and if the Holy Spirit tells you to go to communist China or Muslim terrorist Afghanistan, then you must go, and that will be the safest place for you, since God is with you. If God is not with a religious Western Christian, even if he or she is standing in a safe wheat field in Idaho, a meteor could fall on his head; or even if he has all the money and grain stored up in his barn, his life may be expected that day.

God does not pull you out of a country two weeks before its historically largest earthquake and subsequent radiation fallout, and put you in a 5-star hotel with food and laundry and internet, all free of charge, and divinely protect you; so that He can just abandon you to be killed by Satan or starve to death or get sick so that you cannot heal others by Jesus’ Word or preach the Torah Truth. The Holy Spirit knows His own, and keeps His own. Do not be like the End-Times Western humanist Hellenistic self-righteous Jezebel teaching post-1960s Laodicea post-hippy generation satanized Church of religious Western Christianity who will not listen to the Torah Truth and sound doctrine, and are blind and naked; but rather, be filled by the Torah Truth, and receptive to the instructions, teachings, warnings, directions and leading of the Holy Spirit, my dear brothers.

The secret to miraculous healing is music, water, faith and love. Without faith in the Creator God and love for the Almighty God, there cannot be healing. Hydrogen water, the water that is called the miracle water in Teracote, Mexico, and Nordenau, Germany, and Hida, Japan, which are said to heal cancer and other diseases are said to have high contents of hydrogen. Man-made hydrogen water products are poisonous to the body, but God’s natural water that contains high contents of calcium will make your blood alkaline; and the negative ion will make your body uninhabitable for cancer cells, bacterias, parasites and viruses. For example, if you live in the forest or near the waterfall where there is high negative ion amounts, your nerves relax and all diseases get healed. Negative ion is the key to all protection from radiation that the Illuminati is increasing in the atmosphere through their thousands of deliverate nuclear bomb tests, depleted uranium bomb use over battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan and their intentional planned destruction of the Fukushima nuclear power plant to irradiate the most heavily populated Northern hemisphere. It is part of their depopulation plan. They are testing the HAARP electromagnetic weapon for their coming great destruction of the earth and genocide of four-fifth to five-sixth of the so-called ignorant masses. They are creating negative ion shields to protect themselves. Their technology is 25 years more advanced than ours, which they will use for great wonders and signs as the Bible prophecy tells us, to deceive the world into believing their New World Order and alien deception. The new Denver Airport underground is their Freemason Illuminati shelter from this coming disaster. Places like ancient rock Stonehenge in Akita, Japan were constructed by ancient people, due to the high negative ion content to heal people. In a high positive ion man-made environment, where there is a lot of disruptive electromagnetism and microwave and radiation, such as towns with high voltage cables and power lines through the town, there are high cancer rates—sometimes most of the population. In cities at nighttime, where there are a lot of neon signs and fluorescent ultraviolent radiation light and television screens, there are a lot of crimes and violence, due to the high level of positive ions that disrupt the human nervous system and hormones and function.

The frequency 528 hertz is a resonance that is emitted by God’s natural creation. The grass and trees and everything created have this natural resonance frequency. It is the natural green-yellow color emitted by the grass and trees. It is called the healing frequency, since it is known by science that it heals genetic DNA in the body, and therefore, heals cancer which is are broken DNA cells. If you put sand on a tray and hit it with sound waves, the sands form more and more complex shapes on the tray, because sound creates shapes. As Einstein said, there is no matter, for all things are made of energy. He discovered e=mc2, where matter is converted to energy, and hence, the atom bomb was developed. God has told us from the beginning in Genesis that He created the world through sound, which is His voice; for Jesus is the Word of God, and all things were created through Him. As I wrote in my books, the String Theory in Physics proves that the physical world including our bodies are a digital simulation, and that we are created by sound vibrations. Different matter vibrate depending on their matching frequency, so things appear different, but the table and your body are made of the same sound. God spoke the world into existence.

What Satan has done is to eliminate the Solfeggion six frequencies of perfect music in the 1800s, and replaced them with his so-called satanic frequency which you find in all Western music since the 1800s. It disrupts the mind and creates disorder and disease. The post-1960s “Flower Children mother’s” hippy Mystery Babylon religion Western Christianity pastors and religious leaders who have married Satan with Jesus, conduct this witchcraft, trance-inducing, spiritually disrupting, satanic rock concert Christian worship services. God does use all opportunities to save people and lead them to Christ; but it does not mean that the things that these Western religious Christians are doing are godly or Torah Truth or spiritually correct. They need to repent and turn from these satanic perversion of the Torah Truth. This healing frequency 528, which you will find many music by searching on the web YouTube videos, repair the genes and your cells and your disease, because the proper resonance of God’s frequency brings order and shape to the body and matter. Just like when the men is in leadership, and the women submit to the men, there is proper order and blessings by God. However, as society becomes satanic and perverted like our End-Times Western society, and women start taking leadership over men, you have a disruption and curse come upon that civilization, and consequent destruction, annihilation and wrath of God ensues upon the earth.

The ancient civilization of Atlantis was a Luciferian culture, where they worshipped Satan. Luciferians believe that God is an evil god or alien, and that Lucifer (they do not believe in the devil or Satan, but they believe in Lucifer—his name before the fall) is a good god. This is what all the Mystery Babylon religion branches believe. The Mormons and Freemasons and Witches all have the same doctrine for this reason; that the Christians are evil, and that their Adam or alien will come back to lead their civilization back to their father who is Lucifer (the devil). They truly believe this. Much like the Lord Jesus Christ—our Father in heaven has sent me as the last prophet to the End-Times Laodicean Church and the 144,000 Jewish Remnant and the Tribulation Saints and the End-Times world to repent and turn from their wickedness and Satanism, and the Illuminati and feminists and homosexuals and Freemasons and Satanists and mafia and all the institutions of the Illuminati including the CIA and MI6 and British royal family and others have tried to kill me; likewise, when God sent His prophets to the Atlantis world civilization five thousand years ago, this highly technologoically advanced civilization created by Satan’s fallen angels and Azazel killed the prophets of God. They would not repent, and therefore, God destroyed the whole earth through Noah’s flood. The Bible tells us that in the End-Times which we are now living in, it shall be the same as the time of Noah’s flood. Every type of debauchery and evil is taking place. People will not listen to God’s prophet, but they tried to kill me, using their microwave electromagnetic radiation. These Illuminati members know about the frequency 528 and its healing effect, and that is why they have kept it secret from the public. It has disappeared from the Western world, although it was in the ancient Gregorian chants. In the East, it is still prevalent in the Hindu chants and occultic New Age religions. There is a deliberate attempt by the Illuminati generations to kill, destroy and steal, just as their father Satan kills, destroys and steals. You can find out more information from brother Len Horowitz’s YouTube video at the following website:;_ylt=A0S00Mo6BalQxggAUbb7w8QF;_ylu=X3oDMTBrc3VyamVwBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDdmlkBHZ0aWQD?p=528+hz+coast+to+coast+noory+len+horowitz&vid=8008172d2537fe19ae4d232144006f54&l=&

The Creator’s language is mathematic and order. You many find the frequency 528 videos and music at:;_ylt=A0oGkkWc_bZQgHcAhYhXNyoA?p=frequency+528+hz&fr=yfp-t-521&fr2=piv-web

The Calvary Chapel churches have been an instrument that Satan has used to mix his post-1960s hippy satanization Jezebel doctrine with God’s Word, to pervert the Church since that generation. Since that generation, the generations hence have been brainwashed and desensitized by Jezebel humanist doctrines and Eastern mysticism and magic occults and evolutionism. This is why Harry Potter and its Wiccan witchcraft which is a religion is used as textbooks in schools, but Christian prayer is banned in the schools. Several things are characteristic of the Illuminati people: insecurity and hierarchy and parasitic and lack of creativity. (They are the royal family bloodlines of Europe and Asia, Vatican leaders, heads of governments and financial institutions and intelligence agencies and military and secret societies and occult organizations and Satanists and Wiccan witches. This is why the people trying to kill me have been the Satanists, witches, occultists, Freemasons, feminists, the syndicate, street gangs, intelligence agencies, British, Polynesian paganists and tons and tons of barbaric Koreans.)

First, they are very insecure, so they must try to control others and try to assert power over people, due to that insecurity and inferiority complex. They are constantly in tremendous fear, so they feel that Christians who do not fear death nor anything are dangerous and must be gotten rid of (not the everyday religious Christians, but the real Spirit-filled born-again Christians who know the Illuminati by the Holy Spirit and speak up against the Illuminati.)

Secondly, they are so insecure that everything that they do is hierarchical. They are like reptilian, cyborg computers, without compassion or empathy, and the whole human society has taken on their hierarchical characters. This is why these hybrid reptilians (Satan being the snake) or these Illuminati families, who are the descendents of their gods (fallen angels or what they call aliens) and half-breed Nephilim think like reptilian brains and are like cyborg computers, and you see them forming these British royalty of lords, counts, dukes, barons, princes and queens. The Koreans are one of the most hierarchical people in the world. Everything has to be organized and ritualized and defined by them like religion, just like the Pharisees, in order to feel secure. The Illuminati believe that they are the “Illuminated Ones” of Lucifer (Satan) or the “Light Bearer” which is the meaning of the name Lucifer, since they think they hold what God calls Satan’s little secret that they are the chosen ones and descendents of these alien gods who will return someday, when they create the New World Order.

Thirdly, they are parasitic. They are like leeches or real-life vampires that feed off the regular human populace through the banking and financial systems and taxes and economic systems. They have to feed off of the hard working, manufacturing, creative human populace. These Edomites and descendents of Esau who hate Jews and disguise themselves as Jews control the world’s economy and genocide the Jews.

Fourthly, they lack creativity. They are like a blank piece of paper, and are masters of copying and twisting and perverting. God is a God of creativity and doing new things. Satan is a thief and copies and steals and perverts—he cannot create. Creativity is a nature of God and God’s people who have His Spirit. This is why Satan will imitate the resurrection of Christ with his unholy resurrection of the Anti-Christ; and he imitates the gift of tongues of Christians with his Buddhist sutra chantings; and he imitates God’s holy sacrifice with his evil satanic human sacrifice rituals. Everything that Satan does imitate God. This is why a lot of pagan Asian nations imitate the technologies, entertainment, cultures and fashions of the Western former Christian nations.

The Illuminati cannot kill you. You must remember, though the thousands were after King David’s life, and thousands were after Elijah, and authorities were after Neshach, Abendigo, and Abemalech, the devil could not touch them. As I have taught you before, dear brethren, the physics of the String Theory, we are energy and not matter. Three dimension matter is only a digital simulation hologram of reality. The real world is super-dimensional. Everything is made of vibrations resonance or the Word of God, when Christ spoke the world into existence in the book of Genesis. You and I vibrate with a different frequency and with a very active resonance of energy. We are much more powerful in Christ than what Satan tries to make religious Christians believe, so that is why we who preach this and do not fear are considered dangerous to them in many of their writings. They try to spread fear and worry and stress and depression. This fear and despair create low resonance, dense and less active resonance vibration of energy. The devil and his fallen angels feed off this fear and negative energy. This is why if you have love and faith in God, they cannot touch you. However, if you have fear and lack faith in God like the unbeliever heathens, Satan can destroy them. They can be burned, hanged, cut, torn apart or irradiated. They try to draw human society into this despair, worry and fear. If you have fear or disbelief, Satan will get you. If you have love and faith in Christ, we resonate at a higher frequency. With God’s protection, Satan cannot touch you.

If you have a bodyguard or see a need to protect yourself, then that is an outward sign of your consciousness of fear. If you do not have fear, you do not need a bodyguard. What you think and believe will create the reality. This is why Satan can get at the heathens who have fear.

The End-Times lukewarm dead Church and its religious Christians do not believe me, and their so-called post-1960s hippy “Bible Answer Men” and their religious phariseeic leaders mock and ridicule me and God. They believe God’s prophets and apostles are lunatics and fakes. This is because of their lack of Holy Spirit wisdom and understanding and evil. When God brings the prophet into their homes, they persecute and beat them, slander them, and kick them out; so God will also kick them out into Tribulation. However, there is a faithful remnant who has listened to what I have taught in the Church (the true Bride of Christ); and likewise, you the beloved 144,000 Jewish Remnant brethren will hear and listen, and therefore, be saved from the time of trouble. How I have prayed for you that the Lord may keep you from the time of tribulation, and deliver you as a faithful people—a sweet aroma of offering unto the Lord. You are my children and brothers. You shall hold the Torah Truth in your hearts and spirit; and you will deliver and bless many in all the nations. For this, God has called you and has called me.

These Illuminati presidents, British banking leaders, corporate leaders, intelligence agencies of the world that are all connected at the top, Catholic and Mormon and Freemason leaders, feminist leaders, big church leaders, communist leaders—all are Mystery Babylon religion Satanists.

These Illuminati bloodlines who have continued from ancient Babylon are hybrid so-called “reptilian” brained vessels or demigod Nephilim created by these fallen angels or Babylonian gods, who are called by many names: Archons by the Gnostics, Jinn by the Arab lores, etc.

Britain and France are centers of power for them, and they brought the Illuminati to the U.S. as a new frontier for them. A large number of the famous founders of the U.S. during its independence were freemasons, including George Washington. This is why you see the Illuminati symbols in the dollar bill, Pentagon building, Washington monument, capitol hill, statue of liberty (Illuminati Bayblonian goddess Ishtar or Easter), etc.

A great number of children missing in the world are taken by them for sex and satanic sacrifice. These Scottish, British and worldwide kidnapping rings are extensive. These satanic spirits feed off the children through sex and sacrifice— pedophilia energy.

If our three dimensional world can be equated to a lab tank, these spirits are the lab scientists, who use these lab tank gloves or hybrid Illuminati who can be easily demon-possessed and used as vessels, in order to operate in this physical realm. The Illuminati demigod Nephilim are like avatar bodies for them, just like in the movie “Avatar” which they operate. This is why our Lord Jesus talks about these End-Times as being similar to the days of Noah’s flood, when this Atlantis satanic civilization was more technologically advanced than our own. These cannibalistic Nephilim giants created many ancient monuments with huge rocks. (Link to images of giant fossils: .) My book talks about them. Daniels says that in the End-Times, these spirits will try to mix their seeds with men’s seeds—just as in his vision of the last empire which is made by a mixture of clay and iron. This is genetic manipulation. Satan perverted the previous world before the flood by manipulating human DNAs, as well as creating monsters like some disgusting dinosaurs. It was a feminist and homosexual world, just like after the 1960s Calvary Chapel movement.

Humans have lost dimensions after the fall of man. Eve sinned, and Adam decided to join her in her sin, because he loved her; and thereby, created a way of salvation (a form of Christ symbolism) by making a way for Christ to come through his seed. We were much more conscious of a wider range of awareness or other dimensions—the 95% to 97% DNAs that humans do not use anymore, which the Illuminati scientists call “Junk DNA.” We can now only see through a very limited, pathetic range of narrow visible light bands. In the Garden of Eden, we humans could see these so-called gods or spirit beings. These unclean spirits use enslavement programming of the left brain of science and evolution, and block the sensual, meditational, spiritual awareness. They have manipulated human spiritual awareness through their propaganda and brainwashing programming. Their written materials and media and education has blocked society’s mind into controllable livestock.

These fallen angels create a society that programs humans into low vibration resonance energy of fear / frustration / depression / violence / and energy of children before puberty, which they feed off of as food; that is why these fallen angels fear greatly us Christians who open up our perceptions that is dramatically expanded beyond the five senses and we can see the dots connect. This is why the programmed enslaved religious Christians who are blind and naked say that we the real Spirit-filled Christian Bride of Christ are crazy and absurd, because we have broken the bubble that keeps consciousness out. These Pharisee “Bible Answer Men” and church leaders mock and ridicule us, and they refuse to believe in the Illuminati or aliens. They are blind and stupid religious men who conduct ritualistic church life on Satan’s day Sunday or of the phallic sun god, instead of Saturday.

(Although every day is the Lord’s day—I have to insert these notes every time, because these evil, stupid religious pastors to not understand what I speak through the Spirit, but they try to find every opportunity to criticize what the prophets say and discredit God’s message. As I have taught you, dear Jewish brethren, the nature of evil people is that they do not understand the Torah Truth nor recognize Him the Word, and rather, they will despise you when you speak the Truth to them. They will not repent and give thanks for the Truth. So, you will be able to distinguish the spirits by how they react to the Torah Truth who is Christ Himself.) The Pharisees believe in converting numbers as success, and they create many who are religious and Jezebel humanist, and pollute the Word and Torah and the Church. They will not accept sound doctrine, but despise it and scoff it. Yes, it is true that God saves the 3,000s a day, but often, if you were truly teaching the real Torah Truth during these Christian satanic rock concerts, the crowd would leave saying, “These are hard teachings to accept,” and only a few such as the twelve would be left, instead of an emotional high. (Although God may use even these situations to bring people to Him instead of a later opportunity for He is God and He uses all things for our good.) Do not be deceived by these post-1960s hippy humanist Jezebel doctrine religious people, dear 144,000 brethren, but discern what is right and true through the Holy Spirit. Know through study, so that you will know day and night, and be on the caution with the sword of the Word in your hearts; as you know that the Harlot uses the descending dove symbol, instead of the ascending dove, whether it be the Vatican or royalty emblems, for Satan and Mystery Babylon freemasons reverse everything of God and Christ. This is why the Illuminati’s ancient secret which they call the “illumination” or themselves as the “illuminated ones who hold the truth,” which God says in the Bible as “Satan’s so-called little secret” says that our Jehovah God is the devil, and that Lucifer (Satan) is the real god, who was worshipped in their ancient Atlantis where the fallen angels came to teach genetic manipulation and cloning alien technology of God’s creation man, which brought about God’s wrath and Noah’s flood. Their secret is that these aliens or transfigured fallen angels will return once more at the end of each age cycle. They are preparing their World War 3 to bring about the satanic Anti-Christ and New World Order, which they have prepared for thousands and thousands of years since ancient Nimrod’s times, for the return of their gods—the fallen angels. Of course, dear 144,000 Jewish Brethren, you already know these things through God’s Holy Spirit for you have the Spirit’s discernment. This is why the Asian and Russian factions of the Illuminati and the large factions of the Pentagon bombed and caved in many of the U.S. military and CIA underground bases of the Western genocidal Illuminati of the Rothchilds and queen of England who had planned on killing 90% of the world’s population through throwing the world into chaos and faked alien attack by using stolen nuclear weapons on December 21, 2012 on the Mayan calendar, according to Benjamin Fulford, which showed up as earthquakes in Colorado and Washington, D.C., and other parts of the U.S. back in August of 2011. There was a fire fight between the U.S. military and CIA / FEMA agents, and soon after the huge explosion. This is a strong message from the 600 million Eastern Illuminati factions to the reptilian-hybrid cold-blooded insane Western Illuminati factions that if they kill 90% of the world’s population, you 10,000 elites and your families cannot expect to hide in the caves and escape yourselves, and in revenge for the nukes the Western Illuminati had planted undersea to create the Fukushima tidal wave using the Kursk stolen 4 nuclear warheads to detonate the Fukushima nuclear plant, to extort money from the Japanese government, and using SARS that attack only Asian genes to wipe out the Asians and those whom the reptilian-hybrids call inferior brown-colored people of the earth. They commend those soldiers who went against orders to prevent the nuclear weapons from being stolen from Minot base, and gave up their lives, too. God has His timing and is faithful, and will not allow judgment to fall upon the earth, until He raptures His Bride up into heaven, unlike the lies the satanic post-tribulation-rapture theorists are spreading.

These spirits need a population that is predictable, and who they can easily tract behavior by their programming. This is why the Illuminati member next to my room was convincing the other person that they have to get rid of people like me who have dangerous open thinking like me.

In the Bohemian grove every year, as you can see from the many YouTube videos of these satanic rituals, these leaders of the world conduct child sacrifice to Baal (Satan) and Lilith (feminist god of child sacrifice into the flaming statues of ancient Mystery Babylon religion or Luciferianism). Since they can kill children, these reptilian brained hybrids can talk about care and love on TV, but care nothing about killing off civilians in the background.

Know who you are, my dear brethren in Christ, for you are awesomely and spiritually created by God. This body is only but a suit that we can take off for it is a holographic image, and our real self is the spiritual consciousness: we are spiritual beings and very powerful. This is why the Illuminati fear us greatly—we who have the Holy Spirit of God, who is the Creator of the universe and who loves us. This is our real self. Do not be deceived by the Illuminati and these Satan’s minions. You hold the Truth of God—the Torah Truth, so share the Word of Christ in all seasons, and feed His flock! And the grace and love of the Almighty God will be with you. This 2,000 year church age is unique in that God indwells within us—man, when the curtain in the Temple ripped and God’s presence was now with man after Christ’s finished work. After we are raptured and the Holy Spirit is taken out, the Temple will be rebuilt again, and the Jews will continue their sacrifice there. However, you do not need an ineffective, temporary animal sacrifice, for you the 144,000 Jewish Brethren will have the Holy Spirit within you, unlike the Tribulation Saints or guests (not Bride) at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb. Be strengthened, and go to a lost world in the power of Christ and the His protective Spirit seal on your foreheads. His peace be with you, my children.

Scientists have discovered a secret that the Illuminati is scared that it would be made known to all the people of the world. There is a positive electromagnetic energy resonance that emits from the body of humans when they pray and meditate upon the Lord Jesus Christ that extends beyond the body into the world. The Illuminati has tried to erase this from Western culture and knowledge. This positive energy of love and care affects the world, and counteracts the fallen angels’ and Illuminati’s negative energy of fear, frustration and depression. Organizations such as the Global Coherence Initiative are organizing to counteract the Illuminati’s work, and to become the worst nightmare of the Illuminati. When many people come together, and in one heart and Holy Spirit, it can change the world for peace. The Illuminati has been doing this meditation and satanic prayers from ancient days for thousands of years to have their way in world and create wars for profit and depopulation, and multiplication of radiation into the atmosphere through blowing up nuclear reactors to kill more humans. We outnumber them millions to one. See the video at: .

Benjamin Fulford was told by an Illuminati assassin to either join them or be assassinated, but the next day, a secret Asian society (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc.) approached him to provide protection for him. There is a six million member Asian organization of secret societies, gangsters, and ninja assassins to kill all Illuminati members’ families and Illuminati assassins, because they are tired of the Illuminati trying to kill the majority of the world’s population, and creating things such as SARS specifically designed to kill off Asians. The little kings of the east are tired of the Anti-Christ Illuminati swallowing up billions of their money. They are organizations, such as the White Dragon Society (Chinese), Gnostic Illuminati (Russians), and other eastern Illuminati groups. See Benjamin Fulford’s video at: .

In accordance with Bible prophecy, Benjamin Fulford and the two hundred million man force of the Kings of the East (Chinese) and the Kings of the North (Putin) are declaring that if the Western Reptilian-Hybrid Satanist Illuminati Cabal (British queen, Rothchild, Rockefeller, Clinton, Bush, Hillary, etc.) ever nuke and create a tidal wave to create a extreme radioactively high disaster to threaten Japan to obedience and destroy its economy to blackmail Asia and irradiate Asians, then the Asian Illuminati will sink La Palma and create tidal waves to flood the U.S. eastern coast and E.U. in self-defense. They will no longer allow this maniac Satanists of the ancient Mystery Babylon Western Illuminati killing millions of people through war and irradiation of the earth and destruction of people and nature through HAARP and stealing billions of dollars through arms sales and banking parasitic activities.

The Asians no longer want ancient secret societies, but rather openness to all the public; they do not want 6,000 Illuminatis to have billions of dollars and the rest of us to be in poverty; they do not want the Illuminati trying to kill off two-thirds of the world’s population and leaving the rest to be their slaves for their coming Age of Aquarius utopia; they want the Illuminati to stop killing millions by creating war and keeping profits by forcing fossil fuels, but rather, they want peace and to change to other energy sources which can be done in a very quick time and distribute a hundred thousand dollars to all the world’s populace to end poverty, who the Illuminati are killing off by creating famine; and are willing to fight, in order to stop the Illuminati from creating World War 3.

When the Illuminati threatened to end the Asian just like when Kennedy was taken out for threatening to deal with the CIA, Benjamin told them that the Asians can end the Westerners using La Palma. The Illuminati are sending representatives to negotiate with the Asians. Ben says the Asians are going to discipline the reptilian-hybrid queen of England.

Benjamin Fulford represents the White Dragon Society and other Chinese and Asian societies and the leader of the world’s martial arts society who can muster 2 million martial artists in a matter of moments. Benjamin says that the Asians know who these Illuminati members are, and that the Illuminati know that the Asians know who they are, and that the Asians are ready to assassinate all their families with the ninjas who they have infiltrated within these Western secret societies and institutions, in a matter of minutes. They do not want the Pentagon to be the Illuminati’s killing machine, but rather to be a defense organization, as it should be; and there are members in the Pentagon who are sick and tired of being the assassins of the Illuminati, too.

Benjamin is sick and tired of the Japanese politicians and media who are henchmen of the Western Illuminati broadcasting their propaganda and brainwash. The Asians and the rest of the world are no longer going to provide money to the E.U. and Federal Reserve who have been borrowing money from the Asians for a hundred years, but now the Asians have the military power to say “no more.” This is the true reason why the E.U. economy is in shambles, which the Western media is hiding. The Illuminati are going around assassinating people, wiping out populations through tidal waves and wars, and stealing money from the innocent populace through their financial institutions and tax organizations, and the Asians are saying, “Enough is enough, and we are not going to lend you anymore money, unless you stop doing these atrocities, killing people, invading their countries and stealing their resources.” Chinese submarines are emerging right next to the U.S. carriers bypassing the destroyer protections, and the U.S. navy can be quickly wiped out, since they are a joke, according to Benjamin. You can watch his video at: .

As God prophesied in the Bible, there will be a massive war between the Illuminati’s Anti-Christ’s army and the Kings of the East, when the Anti-Christ goes into Africa to swallow up those nations.

Svali, a former Illuminati member defector’s YouTube video may be found at (10 video parts):;_ylt=A0S00MiHJHxQ53gAElT8w8QF;_ylu=X3oDMTB1a3ZwNWRpBHNlYwNjZC1zcgRzbGsDdmlkLXNlYXJjaAR2dGlkAw–?c=0&l=&p=svali%20illuminati%20defector%20vatican%20occult%20ritual&

The 13 families of the Illuminati include the British and Dutch royal families, Rothchild who controls the British and world finances, Rockefeller, Disney, DuPont, Kennedy, Onassis, etc. They believe that they are the descendents of the fallen angels or aliens who came to the earth (the Watchers) and Nephilim in the Bible. They listen to their spirit fathers or aliens who communicate to them in Area 51 secret Air. Force base in Nevada, who gives them technology and directions for the deceptive world peace and New World Order. According to Svali, people grow up in the Illuminati families. They are passed on from generation to generation, and not recruited from outside. They are killed or made to look like suicide if they leave. They have different positions within the Illuminati, much like a church, such as youth leaders, trainers and leadership councils. They consist of 1% to 2% of the population of the United States.

All leaders go through a child sacrifice induction ceremony in the underground of the Vatican on a golden pentagram. Svali underwent this ceremony when she was 12 with other children, and all Catholic leaders above a certain level must go through this ceremony. They have many ranks: secular humanism, masons without the apron, blue lodge, white masonry (rotary/elks/ymca), York rite, Scottish rite, communism, grand orient, b’nai b’rith, the 300, council of 33, and council of 13. At the very local level are the Satanists and coven witches. The middle level Illuminati govern the finances of the world through the huge corporations. 99% of what you see in the supermarket are owned by them. They make money and are involved at some point in every illegal crime, including gun-running, slavery, prostitution, child pornography, drugs, and have relations with the mafia at all levels—and as a matter of fact, the mafia are afraid of the Illuminati.

They are Luciferians and not Satanists. They believe that when they finish all their training, they will become gods themselves. They have 12 fathers who oversee each of their European nation. They are expectantly waiting for the Anti-Christ to lead their world to a Atlantis Luciferian New Ager Age of Aquarius world of peace and prosperity under the devil or father. They all swear their allegiance to the Illuminati headquarters in Rome, and the Vatican is their spiritual center. They kiss their fathers’ rings and swear their allegiances. Each nation has a ruling house, and America became their missionary destination in the 1600s. Their American headquarters is in Pittsburgh and their administrative financial power base is in Alexandria, Virginia. The West coast headquarters is in San Diego. Under their regional councils are the local groups. They have six branches within them; finance, secret societies, political, intelligence, religious and education.

Banking and money group includes:

n  international money center banks

n  central banks

n  International Monetary Fund

n  World Bank

n  International Bank of Settlements

n  World Conservation Bank

n  multinational corporations

n  foundations

n  etc.

The secret society group includes:

n  Freemasonry

n  skull and bones

n  grand orient lodge

n  grand alpha lodge

n  knights templar

n  royal order of the garter

n  priory de sion,

n  Rosicrucians

n  etc.

The political group includes:

n  national government leaders

n  United Nations

n  Bilderbergs

n  Trilateral Commission

n  Council on foreign relations

n  club of Rome

n  Aspen Institute, Bohemian Grove

n  regional federations (NATO, EEC, etc.)

n  International Labor Unions

n  etc.

The Intelligence group includes:

n  CIA

n  KGB

n  FBI

n  British Intelligence

n  Mafia Organized Crime

n  Drug Cartels

n  Interpol

n  Communist Party

n  etc.

The religious group includes:

n  World Council of Churches

n  National Council of Churches

n  World Parliament of Religions

n  Vatican/SMOM

n  New Age cults/groups

n  Liberal Protestant Denominations

n  Unity Church

n  Unitarian/Universalist Church

n  Baha’I

n  Temple of Understanding

n  etc.

The religious group includes:

n  World Council of Churches

n  National Council of Churches

n  World Parliament of Religions

n  Vatican/SMOM

n  New Age cults/groups

n  Liberal Protestant Denominations

n  Unity Church

n  Unitarian/Universalist Church

n  Baha’I

n  Temple of Understanding

n  etc.

They believe in infiltrating the financial systems, government, education and media; and their goal is world domination. All children must go through training in all branches, but they are profiled as infants, and specialized in one or two areas. For example, when Svali was two years old, they deprived her of water and food for 24 hours. The mother came in with a glass and pitcher of water and drank in front of her. She asked her for water, and the mother slapped her out of her chair across the room. This happened twic. The third time, she learned to remain quiet. Then, a man came into the room, commended her, and gave her a glass of water. In this way, they are taught to not recognize their own physiological needs, but to have people who are outside tell them what their needs are.

They lead a double life: in the daytime, they lead a normal life and occupation, but at night, they may have 3 meetings a week. If people try to trespass into these secret society meetings, they may find themselves in a sudden traffic accident. There are government authorities guarding these premises. They include famous singers, huge church leaders, presidents and billionaires. They do not see their goals of the New World Order to be attained in their own lifetimes, but their goals span over generations and over a long period of time. They are quite amused and find hilarious the stupidity and ignorance of the average person, concerning their Illuminati organization, since their media will not mention their existence. They believe that they are the Illuminated Ones who have the thousands of years old secrets of Lucifer, whose name means the “Light Bearer.” Satan used to be full of light and beautiful and full of wisdom, until he rebelled against God, and fell.

Their medical professors and Illuminati trainers will conduct mind-programming on the children, using suicidal programming, brainwave, color control, movie and television. They are trained from young ages to have loyalty to the groupa and its goals. Some are trained to be prostitutes and others to be presidents of nations. They have double characters, since a nice housewife may turn into a ruthless murderer at night. They call these training as “tune-ups.” They firmly believe that what they are doing is perfectly right and good. They may take care of their children and go to a Christian school to teach, and then, at night, go to an Illuminati meeting. If there is a gap between established parameters and their behavior, they are trained. The whole family would dress up in fatigues and trained in martials arts; and all children by the age of eight are trained how to clean and shoot weapons.

top military intelligence leaders are Illuminati. These people are very intelligent. They drug their children to relax them first, then they usually make them make a mistake to shock them with electricity, which they call negative reinforcement. This traumatizes them to remember. They may do this over 50 times, and when they do it right, they are hugged and praised. They would train people to assassinate people, and afterwards have healing programming. Many of the Baptist, Pentecostal and other churches are Illuminati members and many serve as church leaders during the daytime. The best way to destroy an enemy is to infiltrate them. This is why the Western Church is mixed with Satanist humanist values of Western cultures, and have perverted God’s precepts and doctrines with feminism, humanism, medical science, insurance sales, rock music, pagan Christian holidays, etc. Some Catholic officials go around trying to get orphans. Svali would go to the German House to Father Yule, who is an equivalent to Santa Claus, but she saw him once strike a child down with his holy scepter, and the children were horrified. They would have the pagan Christmas trees and lights, just like the Western Christian pagan practices.

The Illuminati members are forced into marriage by bloodlines. President Bill and Hillary Clinton’s marriage is no coincidence, and they are both bloodlines of the Illuminati Russell’s family. People do not leave the Illuminati for it is a lucrative deal by receiving income. They do not want to leave their spouses and children. This is why there were thousands upon thousands of Illuminati members attacking me with electromagnetic weapons, since they do not have to work, and they get paid by them. Many of them are low life people who are proud that they are part of the CIA agents, and wear sunglasses, and follow after you. They are low level people, so they have a lot of pride and arrogance. They waste yours and my tax money to kill you, and to fly unmanned predator aircraft, helicopters, and air force jets every 3 minutes above you to track with infrared vision; when the hotel rooms become too dangerous with microwave weapons from the adjoining and upper/lower rooms, and you start sleeping out in the parks and beaches. They will come with dozens of people and park their windowless trucks with electromagnetic radiation weapons to shoot your heart or microwave you, as they all just sit in their trucks and cars for hours upon hours. They have the budget, manpower and technologies. There were mafia, street gangs, CIA, MI6, British tourists, feminists, homosexuals, freemasons, Satanists, college professors on the campuses, homeless people hired for money, regular housewives, hundreds of Korean people in drones, and people from all over the world called to Hawaii, and they booked all the hotels from June to August, so that every hotel I entered, they were shooting electromagnetic radiation from all directions and rooms, as I entered the lobby. The hotel employees were all paid off, so that they placed me in rooms with Illuminati members in every adjoining room, and always paid off the neighbors in the parks and beaches. When you enter the lobby or garden or poolside to sleep, the hotel workers and dozens of Koreans and satanists will come by to keep you up by crush cans by your head, or drag metal chairs or clap their hands or bang doors, etc., thereby forcing you to go back into the microwaved hotel rooms. They control the finances of the world, and have the money to gang-stalk people, just as Moret Leuren says in her YouTube videos. There are many YouTube and regular websites that talk about these satanists’ electromagnetic weapons which deliver hundreds of thousands of volts of radiation, and how they cause leukemias, heart attacks, sudden deaths, headaches, organ malfunctions, fatigue, hair loss, etc. They assassinate people who speak up against and write books and place YouTubes to uncover their satanic agendas and organizations, such as brother Anthony Sutton who went into hiding, or brother Dave Hunt who escaped to Canada, or Leuren Moret, or brother Len Horowitz, or other whistle-blowers.

Their timeline was to reveal the New World Order by 2050, but they have pushed that day earlier, since Satan sees his end is near, and he has to get his anti-christ and one-world government together. The Illuminati create chaos in nations that are not part of the New World Order in order to place their UN and NATO forces there, so that when the world disasters and economic crash takes place, they would have their military present to take over through martial law.

They believe in black magic and traveling out of bodies and time traveling. The children’s cartoons and television programs and movies are imbedded with these occult brainwashing. The lower level Illuminati include the familiar Satanist groups and witches’ covens, which include 30 member sister groups.

Another person, John Todd in his YouTube talks about the Witches’ Guild at:

This is the story that John Todd claims as his testimony:

John Todd’s ancestors were from the Collins Illuminati family bloodline. Half of the people who came from Scotland with the Puritans were witchcraft people. The Collins family was one of them. When he was thirteen, he was trained to be a priest, which is like a church youth director. The high priest is like a church pastor. The witches are draft exempt from the military duty, but John chose to go to the Vietnam War by enlisting. The witches are taught from childhood that they are more intelligent than the Christians and other religions, because they know who the real gods are and they receive magical powers from their ancestors. They go their covens to sing the witch’s chants, instead of going to church to sing hymns, and you have to be a third generation witch to belong to a coven.

After going to Vietnam, John murdered an officer and was placed in solitary confinement; but due to a riot, some people were placed in his cell. He bribed one of them to call his foster mother who was a witch leader. He had expected his mother to get the witch leaders together to cast a spell on the judges to make them think he was a good person and he did it in self-defense, so that he could be released. However, 3 days later, a senator named William Saxbe came with another congressman called Wiley, along with several generals, who were also Illuminati members; and they gave him papers with no jail or crime record, giving him his rank and time and security clearance back with an honorable discharge. He took the paper and went home to Ohio. He asked his foster mother what kind of spell would make them do that. The mother told him that it was not a spell, but that they belonged to them—meaning the Illuminati Satanists. He told her that he wanted his coven back.

His foster mother gave him an envelope with two thousand dollars in hundred dollar bills, with a one-way plane ticket to New York. She said that there would be someone waiting to meet him there. They had sent an envelope to Los Angeles and Ohio, not knowing where he would show up. She informed him that when he arrives in New York, Dr. Raymond Buckland, the dean at Columbia University who attended Oxford University, and who is the founder of Christian witchcraft and hand-picked by the Rothchilds will meet him there. That is when he found out that there were more than three levels of witches, and that the lower levels did not know about the existence of the higher level Illuminati. The Grand Druid Council included 13 of the most powerful witches. He was given a knife by the famous senator, George McGovern to commit human sacrifice ceremony, called the broken cross ceremony.

They made John a leader of a thirteen state area, due to his bloodline. There were 65,000 witch priests and priestesses there, so that meant that there were many, many more witches under them. California had so many witches that they had their own council. They had council meetings 8 times a year, and the Illuminati worship May 1st as their Memorial Day. A courier brought a sealed envelope from the State Department, which even Customs cannot open. Dr. Buckland opened the envelope with the Illuminati Crest on it: the pyramid with the eye, which you find on the dollar bill. There were 4 bribe checks, which usually start from $500,000 and go up to millions of dollars, for to the Illuminati a million dollar is like a five dollar bill to the normal person. They control the finances of the world. The fifth letter was handwritten with special ink and dipped pen, as all important Illuminati letters are. It was from Philip Rothchild. The Rothchild Illuminati bloodline family is considered gods and children of Satan. The priests listen to them and repeat it to the others for their words are considered as if from gods, and this is why a few priests have so much power among the politicians. The letter was a step by step plan to take over the world by taking over the U.S. beginning in 1973 and to the end of 1980, and they were a year ahead of schedule.

John says that the Mormon and witch’s doctrines are identical, concerning how the world began. Just as in the Sumerian stone tablet legends of thousands of years ago, and the Illuminati doctrine, Lucifer or Satan chose his children

Adam and Eve to land on the earth in a flying saucer to marry humans who were like apes. The witches are supposed to be the descendents of these Nephilim half-breeds, while those who did not marry remained mortals. They have no original sin doctrine. They believe that Lucifer was not able to come to the earth with his fallen angels, because of the Christian’s evil. They teach that Adam did not go back, but that he is going to come back as the Anti-Christ to establish peace in the world and take away its pollution of Christianity, so that they can usher in their father’s kingdom—the devil’s kingdom, which the New Age occultists call the fifth dimension Age of Aquarius when the aliens return.

The sixth letter in Philip Rothchild’s handwriting mentioned that they had found the Adam, and that he was ready to make his false peace, so that their father Lucifer can return. In the witch’s doctrine, they teach that the Christian Bible is a complete lie developed by the evil god called Jesus. The more demons a person has, the stronger that witch is supposed to be. They train their children from when they are small to take down all barriers to the devil from controlling them, in order to make powerful witches.

One day, a pastor preached to John. He tried to sing the witch chants to counter him. However, the pastor order to the demons to stop providing him drugs, which is witchcraft in the Bible. He was supposed to receive a shipment of drugs, and they had paid off the border patrol. However, the ATF new about an illegial alien run, so they called in reserve border patrols, and the shipment was captured. He did find out that some of his drugs arrived in Ohio, so he got a gun and car to go there to get it. He came across a certain movie theater, and sat in the third row.The movie was a Christian movie called, “The Cross and the Switch Blade,” and a preacher was preaching. John cursed aloud throughout the duration of the movie, which talked about being born-again. He knew what born-again meant, since the Freemasons and witches also teach being born-again satanically.

They have 3 doctrines of astrology, herbs and jewelry or talisman. He was taught according to astrology that he was born into his personality, and he considered himself not as evil as the Christians. When he walked out of the movie theater, he was given a tract called, “Bewitched,” which said that the movie with the same title was produced by the witches. He felt that the person who gave him the tract was very smart, because he knew himself that his foster mother who was a high-level witch was one of the producers of that movie. The tract also said that the Ouija Board was run by demons, and he also knew that to be true, and that is why the witches made the Christians use it. There was one thing that bother him though from the tract, and that was the mention about hell and the devil, because witches do not believe in the devil—only Satanists do. He threw the tract into the water and moved on.

When he arrived in one of his casino’s office given to him in San Antonio, he started talking to a person named Jack Checkin, who had done extensive research into church ministers who were on the Illuminati’s payroll list. He informed Jack that he was aware of this, because he had spent two hours for a pastor in a town who was not on his Illuminati payroll list. He talked with a prostitute who was a witch, and complained about the Christians who would come from the Coffee House to minister to her customers. He went to a bar and found a preacher had pushed the strippers aside and was preaching. The bartender, the dancers, the customers and waiters all got saved. John also claims he got saved, received Jesus Christ into his heart, and left the Illuminati. A person told him that the best Bible verse to share with people from the occult is about God taking away fear from their hearts, because they live in constant fear. The demonic spirits live off this fear energy of people. If you have fear or lack of faith in God, Satan will get you, just like the heathen unbelievers. But, God is faithful and He will give you faith. From that day, John claims that he lost all fear. He started a rehabilitation center for former Illuminati member defectors. He was scheduled to receive from Maryland the second most powerful person to leave the Illuminati, who was Philip Rothchild’s teenage girlfriend.

However, if he is a witch and is from the Illuminati bloodline, he is a Nephilim, so he cannot be saved. Nephilim do not have human souls. They are hybrids between humans and fallen angels. There are churches called “Morning Star” church which means “Lucifer” church that minister to people who are from the Illuminati bloodlines, and they claim to have been used by the Illuminati to breed Nephilim hybrids.

Rothchild means in Hebrew “Red Shield.” Roosevelt means “Red World.” Rockefeller is the same root world meaning “Red.” Esau, the father of the Edomites or Jordanians was said to have red skin in the Bible. His descendents or Edomites have this “Red” in their names. The Edomites invaded the ancient Israelites and became the Idumeans. When the Israelites retook their land, and these Idumeans were given a choice to either die or become Judaists. Therefore, these Rothchilds and Rockefellers and Roosevelts who control the world parade around as fake Judaist Jews, while they in reality are Edomites who hate the Jews, and genocided them the millions during the holocaust in Nazi Germany, and they will kill two-thirds of the Jews during the Tribulation Age New World Order. The Judaists are part of the Illuminati and they do not believe in the doctrine of original sin. These Judaist Rabbis will align with the one-world religion of the Anti-Christ and False-Prophet in the Vatican. There is a rise in the Judaist Kabbalah occultism of the Mystery Babylon religion. The Jewish nation will be deceived into accepting the Anti-Christ as their Messiah as the Bible prophesies. These fake Jews or Edomites are hellbent on eliminating the Jews from the face of this earth, along with the Christians; just as the demonic spirits that control and instruct them have ordered, and Satan has tried to do since the time of Cain and Herod and Haman and Hitler and Ceasar and Stalin and now Ahmedinajed the Iranian president, in order to prevent the prophesy of Christ’s Second-Coming from happening.

They try to monopolize the computer network into one central system, such as the Illuminati companies like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Norton, McFee, etc., so that they can control all the information of the people, and the New World Order (NWO) can control them. They recruit their bloodline national leaders early as in the Bush family in the Yale University’s Skull and Bones Order, where they conduct satanic rituals tape recorded. The presidents and bankers and congressmen and celebrities gather in the Bohemian Grove to conduct their secret satanic rituals, as secretly video recorded. Obama, Bush, Cheney, Clinton, and all the presidents are connected in bloodline to the Illuminati and to each other. In reality, the U.S. did not become independent in 1776, but they have been a continuation of the British royalty Illuminati, for all the presidents are descendents of the British royal Illuminati bloodline. They increase radiation to cause diabetes and cancers and other diseases, while depleting the food of all cartenoids and polyphenols (fighting chemicals) of God that protect the body, and increase the toxins or preservatives and food colorings to acidify and kill the body. They manipulate the genes of the food and add hormones in the livestock, in order to have many pear-shaped fat people who will get heart attacks, and many to become infertile by the food they are being fed by the Illuminati food companies; thereby, suppressing the population of the earth and killing more people. They use the media and HAARP frequencies to brainwash, and make the brains of the public dumb. They have created all the wars in the world to profit from the armament sales. They have created communism through the capitalist sponsors, in order to manipulate capitalism and communism to puppet world events to profit enormous amounts of money from the armament sales. If you study about the Illuminati, you will find thousands of videos and websites that disclose their agenda and identity. It is only the sleeping Western Christianity that has been infiltrated, compromised and ignorant of their very existence.

You can see all the presidents, popes, famous singers, congressmen, billionaires and celebrities giving the secret Illuminati hand sign of the pointed thumb, index finger and pinky finger at the following website:;_ylt=A2KJkCGOHbdQaBgAGDqJzbkF?p=illuminati%20hand%20signs%20and%20handshakes&fr=yfp-t-701&ei=utf-8&n=30&x=wrt&fr2=sg-gac&sado=1

You can see multiple demonic faces in the flames and smoke of the 9.11 World Trade Center terrorist attack carried out by the Illuminati, in the YouTube videos at:;_ylt=A0oGdVUuHbdQ9S4ApDdXNyoA?p=demonic+faces+9.11&fr=yfp-t-701&fr2=piv-web

The So-Called Secrets of Satan and the Illuminati Satanists of the 6,000 Year Old Mystery Babylon Religion (New World Order) of the Snake:

Satan required blood sacrifices of torturing and killing humans made in the image of God (just like the Mayans, Druids, American Indians, Germanic barbarians, etc.), and throwing babies into the statue of Molech (as is being done by the political, economic, social leaders of our modern day world in the underground of the Vatican and in the Bohemian Grove every year, and other places), because Satan always like to copy and imitate God. In the case of God, God required sacrifices of animals to show that this is how terrible human sin is, and there is no relationship with a holy God without some payment or sacrifice for that horrible sin of man. Now, we have Christ who paid terribly for all of our sins on the cross, so we do not require any animal sacrifice, for we have a relationship with God through Jesus’ blood shed upon the cross 2,000 years ago. God became our payment for sin with His own blood of love on the cross. In the case of Satan, since he always is a copier and not a creator like God, he steals ideas and perverts them for his own selfish egotistical purposes, and the same goes in the case of sacrifices. However, Satan requires these evil, disgusting, pagan, Satanists of ancient Atlantean society and our modern world leaders and the Illuminati Luciferian people living amongst us to sacrifice humans, instead of animals. Satan hates humans, since he does not want to submit and worship Adam, because he wants to be in-charge. Every day, hundreds of children are kidnapped and disappear from their communities, because these Illuminati New World Order Satanists use these children for their blood sacrifices. This is Satan’s way of imitating and perverting the things of God into his evil ways and style. This is why the Ancient Alien theorists insist on the theory that the ancient alien gods who came to earth (the fallen angels) require blood sacrifices from the barbaric pagan humans, and even now require blood sacrifices from these world leaders who run our world, as well as the thousands of Illuminati families. This is why blood sacrifices have existed throughout the history of mankind. Dear 144,000 Jewish brethren, have no connections with Satan’s Mystery Babylon religion of Catholicism or Mormonism or Freemasons or pagan religions or New Age eastern mysticism hippy witchcraft, for they are not new age, but they are just old age Satanism that has showed its ugly head throughout history in Nazism, Freemason, Knights Templar, Rosicruciansim, Esotericism, Judaism, Shinto, Taoism, Korean shamanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Catholicism, Mormonism, cultism, Wiccan witchcraft, Germanic paganism, African voodoo, American Indian spiritualism, Mayan paganism, Polynesian paganism, ancient Egyptian sun gods, Babylonian Nimrods, Atlantean society Luciferianism, etc., which are all one and the same in the background, and all are Satan’s Mystery Babylon religion branches and connected to each other. They will deceive the End-Times world during the seven-year Tribulation period and the last three and a half year Great Tribulation period with their new age alien extraterrestrial beings and evolutionary deceptions. This is why Satan has been introducing evolutionary lies through Darwin. They are teaching that the Reptilian aliens made the hybrid grey aliens with genetic time bombs that limit their survival as a race, so the greys are abducting humans in order to mix their genes with human genes to create hybrid clones to perpetuate their race. They say that the British and European royal families and the Edomite Rothchilds and Rockefellers and Roosevelts and Kennedys and Bushs who control the world, who are fake Jews who disguise themselves as Jews, but genocide millions of Jews through holocaust, are hybrid reptilian alien descendents who have kept the 13 Illuminati family bloodlines pure by interbreeding the Clintons with the Hillarys, and will again annihilate two-thirds of the Jewish nation in the soon coming Tribulation age. These satanic reptilian fallen angels connect themselves and possess these Illuminati world leaders for their own alien agendas. This is why the Bible tells us that they will again, in the soon coming Tribulation judgment age, try to mix their seed with human seed genome. They will try to create human and fallen angel clones, just like they did during Noah’s flood’s days, and again incur God’s wrath for messing with creation, and will be judged by fire this time instead of water.

They cannot harm you. This is the Illuminati’s greatest fear: that you realize that you are amazingly powerful in Christ than you realize. They will kill and martyr and massacre all the thousands of Tribulation saints who do not have the Holy Spirit during the Tribulation Age, as they mocked and ridiculed and was indifferent to the warnings and teachings of God through me to them, and stuck with their goddess Jezebel’s western feminist humanism and “Bible Answer Man” hippy new age harlot Christianity perverted religion of modern churchism. Proverbs 1:22-33 says, “How long, you simpletons, will you insist on being simpleminded? How long will you mockers relish your mocking? How long will you fools hate knowledge?…I called you so often, but you wouldn’t come. I reached out to you, but you paid no attention. You ignored my advice and rejected the correction I offered. So I will laugh when you are in trouble! I will mock you when disaster overtakes you—when calamity overtakes you like a storm, when disaster engulfs you like a cyclone, and anguish and distress overwhelm you. When they cry for help, I will not answer. Though they anxiously search for me, they will not find me. For they hated knowledge and chose not to fear the Lord. They rejected my advice and paid no attention when I corrected the. Therefore, they must eat the bitter fruit of living their own way, choking on their own schemes. For simpletons turn away from me—to death. Fools are destroyed by their own complacency. But all who listen to me will live in peace, untroubled by fear of harm.” These modern Western hippy post-1960s churches teach that you can be killed, martyred, massacred and tortured, so they will receive exactly what they believe during the coming Tribulation Age, for that is what they believe their God to be. They do not believe in our true and living God who delivered Israel from Pharaoh’s army through the red sea, or who was with the three Jewish brother’s Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in Satan’s furnace of Nebuchadnezzar’s fire, or who delivered Daniel from the lions, or gave power to David over Goliath, or who gave faith in Caleb to defeat the Nephilim giants in the promised land unlike the faithless Western church leaders spies who returned from surveying the land. This is why they are afraid of Satan, and they all refused to provide aid to me when I was being attacked by the thousands of Satanists, feminists, Koreans, Polynesians, CIA—MI6, mafia, street gangs, homosexual activists, who Satan mobilized to silence God’s teaching and warning through me. These modern Western hippy post-1960s church leaders teach fear and martyrdom, instead of faith and love and trust and protection. If you have doubt or fear , Satan will get you. If you have love and faith, Satan cannot touch you. Apostle Paul had been to heaven and he wanted to go back to the unexplainable glory of heaven, instead of staying in this terrible earth, so he chose to go to Jerusalem though the Holy Spirit warned him that he will be martyred if he goes. However, dear Jewish remnant brethren, you are not like the Tribulation Saints who mocked and ignored me and did not provide protection. You are like the real Bride of Christ—the Church Age Saints who have faith and love, and will be rapture into heaven, just like Enoch, Elijah and Jesus our Lord, for they pleased God. Apostle John, the apostle who loved the Lord, was not martyred, but he was raptured up to heaven and wrote the only book in the Bible that talks about the future events prophecy. Unlike the Tribulation Saints, you the 144,000 will have the Holy Spirit in you, just like the mysterious Church Age saints have, and you will never be harmed or killed or destroyed, for you will love the Lord and know Him for who He is and His nature.

You will not be like these modern Western church religious Christians who teach that you that God will make you sick and you need to get surgery and Babylonian religion medical practices from human medical institutions and witchdoctors, and that you can be eaten by sharks and get into a car accident. So is their god that they believe in, and so it shall happen to them. But, as for you, my Jewish brethren, you have not believed in a stingy, unloving, powerless god whose Jesus did not take all your curses of sin on the cross and suffered them for you, which these religious Christians believe in. Instead, you believe in the all powerful, all loving, all protective Father in Heaven, our Lord Jesus Christ, whom I have properly and accurately taught you, despite the mockery and resistance and attacks from the modern day Western church religious Christians. They called me conspiracy theorists; called the attacks I was receiving my mental illness; told me to go to a Babylonian medical doctor; refused to protect me in their congregation, since they had an obligation to protect their own sheep (meaning I was not their brother or spiritual family in Christ, and in a true sense they are not my family); and they just referred me to their pastor or spiritual leader instead of helping me; and when God did use them to house me for their own selfish monetary greed, these religious Christians beat and mocked and tormented me with shouting and bullying and slandering every day. However, you believe in the true and living God, whom I have come to know, trust and believe in. So, take heart, for you are in His complete care and protection: the first 3.5 year tribulation age that the Illuminati people will cause will not harm you in any way, and neither will the little, puny god of the Illuminati people—Satan. In time, before the last 3.5 year Great Tribulation age in which God Himself brings judgment and wrath upon this world, you will be raptured out, so that you will not be under God’s judgment, just like the Bride of Christ (the real born-again Christians) will be raptured out before you and before the seven year tribulation age. The Tribulation Saints and their Bible Answer Man and their modern Western church leaders will remain during the Tribulation Age to face martyrdom, for that is what they believe in. They are sick because they believe in it, and they are poor because they have greed and worship money, and they are faithless and loveless because they believe in marriage and animalistic genetic breeding and are concerned about everyday religious human life, instead of God and His Truth. They are Jezebel post-1960s hippy philosophy Hellenistic humanists, and not worshippers of the true and living God—the Torah Truth and Word. They manipulate the church and Word for their own Jezebel beliefs and fame and church popularity. So, they refuse to protect or aid me when I am being attacked by Satan’s people. No one will come to their aid or protection, certainly not God, when they will be persecuted during the soon coming tribulation age. That is their heart—it is completely different from yours and ours.

Proverbs 2:7- says, “He grants a treasure of common sense to the honest. He is a shield to those who walk with integrity. He guards the paths of the just and protects those who are faithful to him. Then you will understand what is right, just, and fair, and you will find the right way to go. For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will fill you with joy. Wise choices will watch over you. Understanding will keep you safe. Wisdom will save you from evil people, from those whose words are twisted…Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom. Instead, fear the Lord and turn away from evil. Then you will have healing for your body and strength for your bones. Honor the Lord with your wealth and with the best part of everything you produce. Then he will fill your barns with grain, and your vats will overflow with good wine…You can go to bed without fear, you will lie down and sleep soundly. You need not be afraid of sudden disaster or destruction that comes upon the wicked, for the Lord is your security. He will keep your foot from being caught in a trap. Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them…Don’t pick a fight without reason, when no one has done you harm. The Lord mocks the mockers but is gracious to the humble.”

Satan copies the greatest mystery of mankind, where God incarnate in the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in the spirit of a human being—a born-again Christian—the Bride of Christ. Satan’s reptilian hybrid half-fallen-angel half-human Illuminati bloodlines are possessed and controlled by the fallen angels. These unclean spirits possess a lot of these evil people in our communities: those who practice witchcraft, Jezebelism and feminism, homosexuality, rock music, religion, cults, drugs, crime, shamanism, etc.—his fallen angels’ so-called alien avatar bodies which he is brainwashing through Hollywood movies.

Satan copies God by creating satanic churches and Freemason rituals. Satan used demon-possessed individuals like Mohammed to copy and steal stories and plagerize the Bible of God, and develop a deceptive religion called Islam that worships him (the ancient pagan Arab moon god), that disguises as the almighty God Jehovah. Satan copied the Church or people of God by creating his church called Catholicism by mixing the name of Christianity and the Jezebel pagan Mystery Babylon Satanist religion of pagan Rome, which God calls the Great Harlot. Satan copied and stole the gift of Holy Spirit language tongues prayer that God gives to His church saints by making his Buddhists chant sutras and Indonesian hindu trance songs. Satan copied the saints’ prayer to God to work miracles by creating his own fake black magic witchcraft of chants and spells. Satan copied the worship of God in heaven by creating his own rock concert music and demon-possessed singers and Wiccan witchcraft chants. Satan will copy the resurrection of Christ and God incarnate in the man Jesus by possessing the fatally wounded Anti-Christ and making the world worship him. Satan copied God’s Hebrew animal sacrifice by making his world leaders sacrifice thousands of kidnapped children to Satan. Satan is trying to copy God’s Son Christ’s millennial kingdom that will be set up by trying to bring in his own New World Order new age movement of aquarius Satanic rule by his own son the Anti-Christ. Satan tries to copy Christ who is the cornerstone by his own Freemason symbol of the unfinished pyramid with the all-seeing eye in the cornerstone above it. Satan copied God’s temple by making his own pagan temples and shrines and mosques and pyramids. Satan copied the Holy Spirit of God with his so-called fake universal energy “chi” and pagan nature spirits. Satan copied and stole God’s constellation astronomy story of Christ’s redemption with his own pagan astrology. Satan tried to copy God’s creation by perverting the genes and making Nephilim giants and the monsters of ancient times that roamed the earth which God used the flood to wipe out. Instead of God’s salvation of people by grace, Satan institutes his bloodline and descendents of his hybrid creatures, and Mormon ancestral recording and hand-down of church leadership by family connections. In the place of God’s healing, Satan set up his human medical practice in Babylon with the universal two snake medical emblem, instead of the one snake.

If you are ever persecuted, go to God, because He will protect you and heal you and provide for you. The pastors and religious Christians and churches will all call you crazy and evil; ridicule you; tell you to go to a Babylonian medical doctor and medical hospital; try to do a background check on you, in order to try to justify their reason for not helping you, though their real reason is fear of Satan and the Illuminati Satanists; they will just tell you to talk to the pastor, and refer their pastor to you; they will just do a superficial prayer and not help you, and get angry at you if say that prayer without action is nothing; they will avoid you out of their fear and lack of faith in Christ; always refer you to someone else, and the last individual in that referral line will tell you to go to a human Babylonian psychiatrist (this will happen dozens and dozens of times, all the time); they will say that you do not belong to their church organization and church state, so they cannot help you, since they do not know who you are. This is because they do not have the Holy Spirit and are not the Bride of Christ, and are religious Christians, so they cannot discern the Truth or understand the things of God or identify a man of God: they are blind and naked. They will go through the Tribulation judgment. If they had God’s Holy Spirit, they would recognize us, and risk their lives and church to help us. This is how you will be able to tell the fake Christians and real Christians. A lot of the pastors and religious leaders and Pharisees have been sent into the churches by the Illuminati Satanists to mislead the church, make them commit adultery with Jezebel post-1960s Western humanist hippy doctrines of self-righteousness and feminism and religiousness. Therefore, they are under judgment and not grace. The real Church saints have the Holy Spirit just like you, the 144,000 Jewish Remnant. The religious Christians are more concerned with their Jezebel Western humanist doctrines, making animals a part of their family and saving wildlife and lavishing pets, while they shut their doors to their persecuted apostle brothers. Here is wisdom for you—there are two types of religious Christians: the Tribulation Saints who will be left behind and martyred, and those who will be deceived by Satan’s extraterrestrial alien evolutionary deception and discard their faith in Christ. You, my brethren, the 144,000 Jewish Remnant will go out to teach these Tribulation Saints in the Truth. You will be raptured out before the last three and half years of the Great Tribulation, while the Tribulation Saints will be martyred and hunted down themselves, just like I was hunted down and they did not help me, but treated me as a insane man and told me to go to Satan’s psychiatrists. In such a way, through martyrdom will they gain salvation, and have a position in Christ and His Bride’s (Church Saints) wedding feast as invited guests.

This pagan human child sacrifice is conducted by these Illuminati families every day in the world: they are the politicians, business leaders, church leaders, school teachers, professors (every building I went by in the university had someone shooting EMP at me, during their gang stalking, which shows how prevalent they are), local witches covens, housewives, students, police officers, intelligence agency personnel, military personnel, coworkers, best friends, who live amongst us daily. These modern pagans have not changed from their ancestors. Their ancestors tortured, mutilated, sacrificed and genocided each other in Germanic tribes, Celtic tribes, Gaul tribes, Aztec tribes, Mayan tribes, Inca tribes, Southeast Asian tribes, Asian tribes, African tribes, Polynesian tribes, etc., until Christian influenced nations came and took over their lands and stopped the genocide. These pagan American Indians and Indios and Africans and Middle Easterners captured, enslaved and sold their own people to these Europeans. Their descendents now blame the Europeans for the genocide and slavery, instead of repenting themselves. Whether they are European Illuminati or pagan natives, they are equally evil in God’s eyes. God uses nations to destroy more evil nations and people, who conduct disgustingly evil deeds. God is not to be blamed for these heathens’ evils and killing and enslaving of each other. They do it to themselves. They cry out to former Christian nations to give money to them, for they are dying by the tens of thousands from famine. However, if an innocent foreigner walked amongst them, they would steal, deceive, trick, burglarize and rob them. This is why their nations continue to have famine and thousands of their people die from starvation. They do not repent and give foolish religious Christians who continue to dump millions of dollars to these organizations that use these images, commercials and media of these starving people, in order to collect money and grow fat from salaries and income made from them. These religious Christians are like the Catholics who do all these good deeds and charities, instead of spending that money and time to share Christ and feed God’s flock. It is religion and religious thinking and emotions. Since they are religious and not of the Holy Spirit, they steal the teachings of the prophets and apostles, then make it look like they themselves have godly wisdom, take pride, and teach these Illuminati Soka Gakkai professors about ancient civilizations and radiation health; when these Illuminati members already know these things, and they only befriended them to deceive them and spy on them. This is why these religious Christians are fools and have no discernment of the Holy Spirit. They are evil servants. They do not teach and feed the flock with the knowledge they have about the Truth and Illuminati, but they have fear (though they say they have no fear), they drive out prophets from their homes for they fear Satan and do not trust God to provide, and they just boast and waste their knowledge on these Illuminati friends who befriended them. What are they doing? It is foolishness beyond foolishness. They are polite and subservient to these Illuminati Satanists, but to their prophets and apostles, they are extremely rude, obnoxious, bullying and parasitic. These religious Christians are evil. They are not the Bride of Christ. Satan fills their minds and hearts. Satan controls them, just like he gives intelligence and mystic knowledge to people like Leonardo Da Vinci and Einstein and famous scientists and technological inventors, in order to fulfill his End Times plans and pervert God’s genetic creation. They are the ones remembered by these heathens and religious Christians as great scientists and nations’ forefathers and industrial leaders, and idolized. The pyramids and ancient ruins were created by the Atlantis civilization with the knowledge that the alien fallen angels had taught them—their pagan evil gods—before Noah’s flood that had more advanced technology than we have in these modern End Times, but the modern pagan Egyptian and Indio and other barbarians claim that their pagan barbarian ancestors were smart enough to have created these ancient buildings, due to their arrogance and pride; when all that their pagan barbaric ancestors did was to make these buildings into their pagan religious tombs and carve graffiti hieroglyphics on them about their history. If you tell them this Truth, they will not apologize, repent of their barbarism and the sins and sacrifices of their ancestors, and believe in Christ, but rather, they will hate you, take pride in a lie, glorify their violent ancestors and deny God the glory, and then, try to kill you, because you speak the Torah Truth. Evil will deny that they are evil, and try to kill the righteous. It is in their nature—their father Satan’s nature.

This is why nations like Korea are possessed by demons and are very violent and evil. This is why there were huge numbers of Koreans gang stalking me, trying to kill me. When a nation becomes demon-possessed due to thousands of years of shaman demon worship, they lose humanity and conscience. It creates a very satanic personality and genes. This is why the Korean-Japanese have a philosophy to mix their genes with the Japanese’s genes, and to take over their country. It comes from centuries of hatred and demonic character, just as in other demonic cultures that hold to satanic hatred and feudal conflict. This is why almost all of the celebrities and politicians and yakuza mafia and sleazy business in Japan are Korean-Japanese. In satanic cultures, they place value on the family and animalistic genetic relations, in contrast to godly Christians who place value on spiritual relations and God’s spiritual family. The Korean-Japanese monopolize positions in society, just like the Western Illuminati, since evil people promote people who are of the same ethnicity or Satanism or group or culture, in contrast to God who chooses us from different ethnicities and backgrounds and cultures and families. It is the carnal people and nations that discriminate and plays favor on people of their similar kind. This is why the large church leaders choose their sons to become the leaders and inheritors of their churches and corporate Christianity, because they are carnal, and they chose the fleshly relations over godly spiritual relations. This is why the Western Illuminati people tried to kill off as many Asians and what they call the “Brown Colored Inferior People” through the SARS plague that attack only Asian genes, and Fukushima nuclear contamination, and Japan tidal wave caused by the four nuclear bombs stolen from the Kursk submarine attacked by the Western Illuminati’s NATO forces, which were smuggled offshore Japan by the Korean-Japanese society in Japan. The Western Illuminati believe in the Nazi white supremacy and to kill off most of the colored people, and leave only five hundred million whites and colored slaves; and the Koreans are fanatic about family and patriotism: these are all satanic values and demonic characters. God loved us while we were yet His enemies and sinners, and He died for our sins on the cross for us: it is an unconditional love that loves the enemies and other ethnicity, over your own animalistic genetic family or nationality. God’s values are the complete opposite of Satan’s and Korean’s and Western white Illuminati. This is how you will be able to distinguish between the spirits, my dear brethren—by the fruits of the Spirit. Perhaps the reason why there were so few Chinese attacking me though there were Illuminati families from all over the world gang-stalking me was because the Eastern Illuminati White Dragon Society is an enemy of the Western Illuminati (an enemy of my enemy is my friend). During the Battle of Armageddon, there will be a massive battle between the armies of the Western Illuminati (the Anti-Christ’s ten nation alliance: the Anti-Christ is trying to unite the prophesied three nations under him—the Amero currency, even as we speak right now) and the Eastern Illuminati (the Kings of the East White Dragon Society and the Kings of the North Russian Gnostic Illuminati). The Western Illuminati made the world dependent on oil, instead of other energy sources. It is relatively easy to switch to other energy sources, but they have used their wealth to keep the world enslaved to oil and gasoline. It is all lust for money, and anyone that gets in the way gets eliminated. They have thereby made the people of the world pay hundreds of times of money to their evil businesses, instead of cheaper clean energy. Also, by polluting the world with their petroleum, they use the lies of global warming to unite the world into their New World Order. The Western Illuminati have used war to kill off the population of the world, but they realized it was not working. So, as prophesied in the Bible, they will use the plagues and microorganisms that they created, the economic crash and famines, world war three and nuclear war to try to kill off over six billion people of what they call the “ignorant masses” and “excess brown-colored people.” The Eastern Illuminati (the Asians and Russians) do not like this, so they will go to war with the Western Illuminati’s Anti-Christ, as prophesied in the Bible. These things will come to pass, and you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant from every country in the world see this, for you have the Holy Spirit; it is the religious Christians (the Tribulation Saints) who do not see this, for they are the blind and naked Laodicea Church, and they do not have the Holy Spirit—they are the Hellenist Humanists of Western culture—the Jezebel Mystery Babylon values of the ancient pre-Noah’s flood Atlantis.

The Western Illuminati bombs World Trade Center Twin Towers to create conflicts and 9.11 terrorist attacks using their CIAs and MI6s, and to create World Wars, in order to send in their NATO forces and U.S. forces, so that when it comes time to bring the New World Order in, they have their Anti-Christ’s army in all the countries of the world. Dearly beloved 144,000 Jewish Remnant Brethren, know the wiles of the devil, so that you may pray against his evil work in these demon-possessed men. I tell you it is only the stupid religious Christian post-1960s Jezebel Western humanist doctrine hippy philosophy church leaders and their “Bible Answer Men” and their religious hoard who teach and mislead the masses of what the Illuminati call the “ignorant masses” to believing and worshipping patriotism and nationalities—they are evil people and ungodly in their ways, and adulterous with their feminist Jezebel harlot. They preach to the women of the church to not wear head coverings, preach supporting and cheering on their U.S. troops, and voting in Illuminati Democratic and Republican candidates, instead of knowing the true Word and Torah; since it pleases the ears of their congregation and conference members, and they are worshipped and honored as great religious men of their times. They ridicule and mock God’s servants and ambassadors and we apostles. It is because they are idiots and religious men. They do not know what they do for they do not have the Holy Spirit as we do (they are the Tribulation Saints). They exalt all their U.S. founding forefathers of their country, when they were Freemason Illuminati Satanists. It is because the conference leaders take the teachings and Torah Truth of God from teachers like Chuck Missler, then warp and pervert it to suit their hippy church conferences, and further the work of Jezebel to pervert the End-Times churches and religious Christians. It is as if they have much wisdom and godliness, and are worshipped and copied like Satan’s imitation of God, as these hippy rogue church pastors imitate their conference founders like some cult leader, but it is not true wisdom or the Truth or the Word. Many church leaders have been sent in by the Illuminati to warp the Truth, just as the Roman Church was satanized in old times. Stay away from these men for they will not help you in the time of trouble, and moreover, they will ridicule you and tell you to go to a Babylonian doctor. The Western Illuminati and Korean-Japanese Society in Japan used the stolen nuclear weapons from the Kursk that they rammed to create the Japan 2011 level 10.0 earthquake and to plant the bombs in the Fukushima nuclear power plant to cover up the radiation. The Western Illuminati and Eastern Illuminati are attacking each other with plagues and level 5 hurricanes and floods and earthquakes and drought, as they use HAARP weapons and chem trails spread by U.S. Air Force planes. They try to protect themselves with HAARP and by creating high pressure domes over their countries. The Eastern Illuminati is having a lot of Western Illuminati leaders arrested and put into prison, and they have put out millions of dollars of rewards to assassinate all the Western Illuminati leaders. The Western Illuminati leaders have tried to assassinate the Eastern Illuminati leaders countless times, too. It is all out warfare. It is the ignorant, hilarious post-1960s hippy age Jezebel doctrine Western Hellenism humanism church and conference leaders who are blind and naked, and are not teaching these things to their sheep and to stay awake and pray. Together it is the blind leading the blind, and eventually, if they do not repent of their false teachings, they will fall off the ledge. Heed God’s warnings well, my dear Jewish brothers, and do not fall into the same pit as these Tribulation Saints religious Christians are digging for themselves. Follow the true and faithful path of our Lord, and feed the flock with good food—not polluted food.

These Illuminati Calvary Chapel religious Pharisees mock God’s servants and lead their blind foolish carnal religious Jezebel idolatrous hippy ideology congregations to worship Jezebel Western feminist Satanism and U.S. patriotism worship of hemp drug addict, alien spirit consulting, child sacrificing freemason, 10 corpse hiding in Benjamin Franklin’s home, sexual orgy ridden, new world order Satanist U.S. founding forefathers like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin and all the others, in order to appease the popularity of their nationalistic tithing church goers and those who buy their corporate Christianity books. The founding forefathers’ Hell Fire Club cave still houses many unclean spirits that can be detected as the usual flying light orbs today. This is why these Pharisees and Jezebel church congregations will be thrown into the fire along with the weeds. They stubbornly refuse to repent.

The Illuminati bloodline families and the big church conference leaders are the same for they both make their genetic descendents and children their heirs and CEOs of their corporate Christianity churches. It is evidence of their carnal hearts and minds. The flesh rules their values rather than the Spirit. This is why their children are idolaters and religious. All the money mongers gather and surround their church corporations. They turn away God’s servants who are being persecuted. They care more about their bloodline descendents than God’s apostles who are being persecuted. They do not want anything to do with those who are being hunted down by Satanist terrorists. They shut the door, so God will shut His door on them.

The reason why Hawaii has one of the most massive population of lluminati members is because there are so many evil pagan Polynesians and Koreans, and all the Illuminati members want to move to a nice, warm paradise in the South Pacific with the wealth that they stole from society and criminal activities. Due to the bloodthirsty paganism, barbarism, idolatry and evil of the Polynesians, God will sink all the islands of the Pacific; He will annihilate the Korean race from the face of this world (He is not the Korean emotional incantation Christian shaman churches’ spirit); and no feminist will be left alive after God’s wrath and judgment is unleashed during the 3.5 year Great Tribulation Age and after Jesus’ Second Coming. Likewise, the homosexual and organized crime and Illuminati witches will not enter Christ’s millennial kingdom. Every Illuminati financial banking thief, bureaucratic burglar who insure their jobs, insurance program vandal, Babylonian medical practitioner, media propagandist, perverted educator, sexually lewd and skimpily dressed, “Bible Answer Man” religious church leader, New Age and Ancient Age pagan religious idolater and atheist mocker will be exterminated during the Tribulation judgment, and will not enter the Kingdom of God. The nations and races and evil genes will be judged and excluded. It will be a whole new, different world of peace and holy reign of Christ, during His millennial kingdom.

Dear Beloved Brethren, be aware of the wiles of the devil, and be wise. As all prophets of God, just like Moses and King David and Elijah and Paul, we must all go through this fight and time of struggle. However, we live in a different dimension from the earth-dwellers, and their human weapons have no effect upon us believers; just like the three Jewish brothers Shadrach, Neshach and Abendego who walked through the fiery furnace with Jesus. When we pray, we are in the Holy-of-Holies, for our body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. There is healing energy that comes out of our hands when we lay hands on the sick, for there is positive energy in us, because we have peace and the Holy Spirit and faith, while the people of the world have sickness due to stress and no peace and negative energy. If we are sick and dying, how can we heal others? In a way, we are full of negative ion electrons, just as our Christ’s energy flowed into people’s bodies and healed them by the Holy Spirit’s miraculous work. As brother David says in Psalm 91, 121 and 145, the Lord protects those who love Him. In Proverbs 10:3, it says that the Lord will not let the godly go hungry. God has chosen me as a last prophet unto you, and that is why I face these trials for his glory and for your sake. This is a recurring principle in the Bible: Moses, David, Joseph—all their lives were sought after, and they were transformed as a result, to do great and mighty things in the Lord. So also shall you be used by our Lord and Savior to preach the gospel to all men and nations, and bring many into the Kingdom.

And I shall see you, time, times, and half a time into the 70th week. Be strong, and be encouraged, dearly beloved. Those whom you curse upon this earth will be cursed, and those whom you bless upon this earth will be blessed. Those who steal from His little children will lose their jobs and homes; those who try to harm us will have double the portion of what they try to do to us backfire upon them; those who mock and ridicule us, God will make mockery of them during the coming judgment. God is not mocked, nor is He capable of being made a mockery. He will not be shamed by having His loved ones trampled on, or is He a Groom who watches His Bride being beaten up.

Every man will reap the seeds he sows. Every spiritual weapon forged against us by the devil will be rendered harmless; and every human army that the devil sends against us will be swallowed up by the Red Sea; and every post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang members’ jeer will be silence. So shall every man and angel and beast that comes against us; yes, I tell you the truth, the wild beasts have more sense not to touch us, than the silly humans do. God can annihilate the tens of thousands of Midianites with only three hundred men; and kill giants using a shepherd boy; and he can save the one though the whole world be aligned against him; for they align themselves against his Father who cloaks Himself with heaven.

Very, very miserable will be the time when those of the church of Satan (the Illuminati) stand before the Great White Throne Judgment of God, to worship and be judged by the very prophets whom they giggled at while shooting them with electromagnetic cell phone weapons and microwave radiation from the next room or public toilets or shopping malls or parking lots or beaches. Just as they spied on the prophets and God’s servants with their little Satan’s infrared technologies, their sins will stand naked before the heavenly angelic judges and church saints who will judge them. No greater fools are there than those who try to kill the judges who will be judging them, and the King’s messengers and very emmisaries. It would be better for these people who tried to kill God’s sons and daughters to tie a millstone around their neck and jump into the deepest part of the ocean, rather than to face our Heavenly Daddy—the Createor of Heaven and Earth and Jesus Christ whom they crucified. The prophets have warned the nations of God’s judgment and wrath that is coming upon the nations, as prophesied by Brothers Isaiah, Ezekiel and Zephaniah; but just as in Noah’s Flood’s Luciferian days, they tried to kill God’s prophet. The last prophet of God has called upon these Koreans to repent of their savage nature and devilish genetic characters; and these Palestinians to repent of their fanaticism and thievery of God’s land; and these British of their double-natured national characters; and these Germans of their ruthlessness and discrimination; and these Chinese of their slyness and violence; and the Polynesians of their barbarism and temper; and the Americans of their money-mongering enough to kill a person for $10; etc., etc. Instead, these Koreans and other nations, instead of repenting and turning from their evil, have come out in the drones and multitutes to gang stalk and microwave the prophets of God from next door and shoot them with EMP weapons, in order to silence them and their warnings against the nations and ethnicities. Not a single hotel employee –and I say not a single hotel employee refused the Illuminati’s bribery to place God’s prophets in the hotel rooms surrounded by the Illuminati, or even tried to prevent them from making noise to deprive God’s prophets of sleep in the hotel lobbies and poolsides all through the night. And, even more surprising are the religious pastors and modern day Pharisees, who every single one of them refused to provide refuge for God’s prophet, like Ananias did for Apostle Paul, even though they preach their religious dead sermons on love and faith; so they will be counted among those to be judged, and they—the Tribulation Saints—who will be left behind, will not be given refuge either. If they so trample God’s love call to repentance and mercy, they deserve to be thrown into the coming wrath of God and to be burned as poisoness weeds. They build their little new Denver Airports with massive underground secret bases to try to save themselves, but how simple-minded and stupid are these Illuminati New World Order Satanist Luciferians to think they can escape God’s wrath by God Himself. It is a fearful thing to fall into the wrath of the Living God. God is slow to anger and has waited thousands of years, but He will not contend with man forever, especially if they have turned so rotten and despicable.

Why does God allow evil into existence, as an intricate plan of Creation? It is so that through the persecution by evil people and spirits, that good people may grow in love toward God, and bring glory to God to manifest His character. God the infinitely wise Potter has made vessels of dishonor to use for the purpose of glorifying his vessels of honor. And, greater will the vessels of honor (those chosen before time to reign with Him) shine forever in glory with Him—Jesus Christ our Lord who had His face beaten to the extent of becoming swollen beyond recognition and His beard torn out and His back ripped open and hands piereced for us by evil men. So, the evil people only exist to serve to bring us the Bride into a stronger, deeper, higher, more intimate relationship and worship and praise and love and respect and glory to Him. But, due to God’s great love, He had also extended His salvation to the evil, too, though they will not accept Him. It is to their willful folly. How great is the wisdom of God, and how mind-boggling is the joy that is set before us in heaven with Him, due to the very reason that we experienced this evil while on the earth; as our God is able to use even evil people’s evil to bring about good for His holy people, for His amazing plan of grace and redemption, and for Him—our Eternal King and the Glorious One. All glory and honor and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Leave room for His cup of wrath to take full measure to those who even try to harm a single hair on His little ones. I was the last among many prophets who have preceded me to warn the world to repentance in love. But, God has told me that it is not necessary anymore. The time has been set; and the judgment is way overdue. It was only the mercy and love of God that was holding it back. However, they tried to kill His last prophet, too, whom He sent and loves, so He has made His decision. He will not delay any longer. Before His Bride and Children are harmed, whom He loves, the Groom will rapture them out. Noah’s Ark’s door will be closed.

Dearly Beloved 144,000 Jewish Remnant Brethren, much turmoil will come in the days to follow. However, hold tight to what you have been taught, and stand steadfast in the love of Christ and His mission to a dying world. He will be your Protector, Healer, Speaker, Counselor and Friend. His grace and peace be with you, and His Light shine through you. Encourage each other, admonish each other, and serve each other with all diligence. I have prayed that the Lord be with you, as He witnesses through you to all the world, nations and tongues. I bless you in the name of our Christ Jesus. Glory and praise and honor and power and worship be to His name forever and ever. Amen.

This is our Lord’s call to this satanized world to repent: As the last prophet for Christ and our true and living Almighty God of heaven and earth, I rebuke these spirits and individuals by the authority of Christ, for their hidden Illuminati technologies in transhumanism to create the fallen angel alien-back-engineered technologies for creating fallen angel hybrid biological robotic clones and mixed animals—the soulless ones who these roaming demon spirits (Nephilim spirits) can possess, as the Bible prophecy talks about these fallen angels trying to mix their seeds with man’s seeds, and that these End-Times will be like the times of Noah’s flood’s times of Satanist Atlantis when they conducted the same thing. Flesh will not survive and no human would survive, as the Bible says, if it were not for Christ’s intervention at Armageddon, to stop these super intelligent super powerful hybrids from destroying all human flesh, and Illuminati plans for mass genocide of 90% of the world’s population for their perverted Atlantis utopia. These Progressive Life Forms (PLF) technologies are putrid and revolting to God. It is like when the fallen angels taught the feminists of Noah’s times cosmetics deception and sciences. You have polluted the food with sterilization poison and vaccines with disease. You must repent of your evil ways, and recognize God’s and Christ’s lordship, or else, you shall receive God’s wrath and rightful judgment as in the days of Noah’s flood of Atlantis. Repent! And may you religious leaders stop fleecing the flock, but teach the flock, and know and teach through the Holy Spirit of Christ in all things with godly wisdom, instead of calling God’s prophets as crazy and ridiculing us! How dare you mess with God’s creation! Heed the command of our Lord! Repent!