Dear 144,000 Jewish Brethren,

The love of Christ embrace you. It is written that God’s desire is that you remain single, but if you cannot remain single because of the sin of lust, then in order not to sin, God will not call marriage sin. The so-called “Bible Men” and their religious leaders and gang members come from wicked family backgrounds, so they will try to encourage you to get married and tie you down; so that you cannot go into all the world to make disciples of all nations, tribes and tongues. It is Satan’s ploy. That is why he has flooded all the post-1960s “Flower Children” into God’s Western churches, in order to marry it with Jezebel’s Western humanist doctrines and Satanism. You see them marrying and giving in marriage; working in secular jobs; having Satan worship Christian rock concerts to get church members; having systematic programmed church institutions; making good pastor salaries; and living like the Western heathens around them. They will delete God’s Word, warp it intentionally, and teach you the Western humanist Jezebel doctrine to find a non-flirting Christian man, and make a lot of genetic descendents and follow your animal instincts. They will mock and ridicule and despise you if you teach them God’s Truth. They are half putrefied with Western Jezebelism. You do not want to share your house with them.

The most evil nations and people are nations that are family-oriented. They put all their life focus on family, just like the animals do. That is why these so-called “Bible Men” and their religious leaders always boast arrogantly about the love of the family and genetic relations, as well as church members’ “Flower Children” love and peace. That is the flowery definition of love to them. However, when things become life and death, these type of “Flower Children” people will not hesitate to turn you into the authorities to be beheaded by the Anti-Christ, in order to save their own fleshly genetic children. They value fleshly, carnal genetic relations over the real spiritual family of God. They are the opposite of God who gave His only begotten Son in order to save His enemies’ lives—you and me. These so-called “Bible Men” and their religious leaders are diabolically opposed to the things of God, and thoroughly and despicably devoted full-heartedly to Satanism’s Jezebel Western humanism.

The people who are tied to human relations, and boast about the family bond and brotherly bond and church members’ bond—they are the ones who will not hesitate a second to turn in their brothers; or assassinate their childhood friends; or abandon their families to protect themselves from the mafia hit men. They will not run into a shower of bullets like the military officers and gentlemen, in order to save their comrades. Satan uses his emissaries, the Hollywood movie and television screenwriters to make these lower-level people look like heroes who have human feelings and conscience. For example, they make bank robbers into gentlemen and compassionate people who have tears, hug their fallen fellow robbers’ corpses, and mourn for their fellow bank robbers when they get shot by the police. However, in reality, these people would purposely shoot their fellow bank robbers, in order to take all the money or drugs themselves; and even abandon their families, to save themselves. It is because these Hollywood screenwriters and television screenwriters come from these lower-level societies; who glorify evil people and the lower-level people of society. It is satanic personal pride in themselves and their lower-level people of society; and the satanic pride likes to elevate their own status. Demon-possession puts these people in strategic positions, such as screenwriters to brainwash society; and these lower-level people hate the righteous higher-level people who are upright or are liked by their elementary teachers; and they hate God who stands for holiness who exposes the dark parts of their hearts.

These lower-level people of society believe that they are the most family-oriented people in society; and people who love their families the most; and that higher-level people in society are cold, heartless people who do not love family. On the contrary, it is the higher-level people of society, such as military officers and police officers who are willing to die for their fellow officers; or give their lives for their families. The mafia and lower-level people of society from these broken families boast about family being first, but they do not think twice about killing their own family members to protect themselves. So also are the nations that are savage and satanic, such as Polynesian cultures, that always talk about the love and hospitality of the Polynesian people to the tourists, and that “ohana” or family is the number one important thing; but they go out to look for white Caucasian people to beat up every night, and they used to even cannibalized their own Polynesian brothers.

Same thing with the Caucasian white people or Asian oriental people: the more they are family-oriented and anti-stranger, the more sinful and savage they are. On the contrary, the more non-family-oriented and stranger-oriented they are, the more they love their families and have genuine godly love for their families and strangers and even enemies and Samaritans. The people of satanic nations and tiers of society who are family-oriented do not care if their family did evil things; if the police arrests their family members, they will go out and beat up any police officer as revenge. But it is ironic that these family-oriented people are the exact people who get drunk and beat up their own families. The ministers do not always boast about family and are not family-oriented, and they are willing to leave family in order to follow Christ; however, these higher-level people are the ones who would give their own lives to protect their families or even their enemies.

When you look at all the pagan, satanic cultures and nations of the world, they are family-oriented. Whether they are Asian cultures, South American jungle tribes, Polynesian families, Sicilian families, Celtic families or Arab families, they worship families before God. These religious leaders from these savage tiers of “Flower Children” generation societies say that they worship God before family, but in their hearts, they still retain the family worship. You can see it in their words, behaviors and thinking. If you even so much as say one true negative thing about the Western Church in love hoping that they would repent, these savage so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious conference gang leaders will see it as an attack on their Pharisee gang, and will hate your guts and attack you maliciously. They are satanic people. The Koreans, Chinese and Japanese are so family-oriented that they even worship their dead ancestors as gods or family guardians or buddhas.

This is why the rich man who saw Lazarus and Abraham in paradise from Hades asked them to send Lazarus to warn his brothers, and not strangers. To him, genetic carnal animalistic ties are more important than other strangers’ lives. This is why the post-1960s “Flower Children” church conference gurus and their Western Christianity religious leaders are like Jezebel their goddess; and try to make their sons and daughters and family into pastors of their churches and inheritors of their tithe offerings mogul empires, and could care less for total strangers who are God’s prophets who do not share animalistic genes with them. It is much like the Buddhists priests and Muslim imams and Hindu Brahmins, who inherit their religious positions and castes. These Western Christianity pastors are the same type of religious people. If God sent me to their doors to take over their positions, they will throw me out just as the rich man threw Lazarus out. They have a different spirit from who we have, dear brethren. This is why to them we are aliens and pilgrims passing through this earth, who are strange and speak nonsense to them. Just like the chasm separated the rich man and Lazarus, a spiritual barrier separates them from us. Jesus has adopted us, who were not his children, and made us children and heirs to His throne; not appointed by man, but by God who imparts justice and authority. To him be the glory forevermore!

The intelligent ones will act godly and as nice people outwardly; but they have a very base, “Flower Children-like” spirit inside; and that explains why they warp the Word of God every time. Beware of these people who will try to infiltrate you, dear Jewish Brethren. And the wives of these men will not restore the Torah Truth to the Bible either, but rather, they will play along with Satan’s Jezebel doctrines which their husbands have used to pervert God’s Truth; because in their carnal, limited minds, it would not be beneficial to have the Torah Truth; which they believe would undermine women’s authority in the church and society. Do you see how these Western Christianity lukewarm End-Times Laodicea Church people think? That is why God kindly and gentlemanly reached out to them, but they would not repent and restore the Word and turn back to Him. But, you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant will be a holy people who will accept the Lord wholeheartedly. Praise be to our generous God!

These cultures will have a lot of family feuds, so there are age-long tribal disputes and family warfare. They shoot each other’s bodyguards and family members; or they headhunt or cannibalize others’ family members to decorate the enemy heads in their family homes. They form underworld syndicate families to battle other families. On the surface, they boast that family is number one, and threaten nice people that if they ever harm their families, they will kill them. If a police officer beats up a member of one of these Polynesian families to arrest them for killing someone; then the family members will go out and look for any police officer on the streets, beat them up, and throw them in the trash bin. If you mess with a gang member, their fellow gang member brothers will go and machine gun the other gangs. If you mess with a syndicate mafia family, the family will go and assassinate the other family. If you mess with a Japanese or Korean family, they will go to a shaman to place a curse on you; much like the Africans and South American family voodoo witchdoctors. If you have a feud between an Arab family, they will last centuries and millennia, just like between the Saudi family and Wahabi family of Saudi Arabia (Osama Bin Ladin was a Wahabi family member who hates the Saudi family who is friendly with the United States, and who own the former World Trade Center twin towers). Celts will form clans, war with each other and kill each other, and therefore remain few in number; so they will be conquered by a larger populace like the crafty Saxons. The Japanese will form departmental factions in the company, and battle continuously with each other.

These motorcycle gangs come from violent, savage families, so they feel that their fellow gang members are their real family. To them, it is always “us” against “them.” Like all the other institutions that started from Satanism Mystery Babylon religion (Freemasons, Mormonism, Templar Knights, Rosicrucianism, Wiccan witches, Druids, Nazi Germanic paganism, Korean shamanism, New Age spiritualism, Islam, Communism/Socialism Satanist origins, Hinduism, Shinto, Illuminati, Catholicism, Orthodox, Anglicanism, Esotericism, Séance, Voodoo, Alchemy, Astrology, Magic, Universalist one-world religion, Alien New Age Spiritualism, Chinese Taoism/Confucianism, Mafia occultism, Skulls & Bones, etc.), the motorcycle gangs also has its origins from Satanism. They call their gang meetings “Satan’s church,” and they read from what they call “Chapter 13” (Satan’s number) when they read the names of the dead. All these family mentality organizations have their fraternity sorority origins in the Mystery Babylon religion or Satanism of Nimrod, the first Anti-Christ: Satan’s so-called “family” bound by Sumerian family “Brotherhood of the Snake,” which is the origin of all these different branches of Satanism.

That is why these so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their hippy rogue pastors have a gang mentality, are very evil and gang up on God’s people and prophets. The hippy movement that infiltrated the churches in the 1960s and 1970s originated with Satanism and New Age and Eastern Mysticism and the satanic rebel revolution movement. You know the same spirit behind all of these family-oriented gang people—Satan. Their whole life evolves around their family, and family is everything to them—it is a very degenerate, animal instinct, carnal level existence like a gang of marauding chimpanzees or reproductive sexual bonobo apes.

This is what the post 1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders introduced into God’s churches in the 1960s, with their “get married and breed genetic descendents to be killed by the Tribulation Age,” and “work in secular job of sin’s curse and settle down and do not go to the corners of the world for Christ’s Great Commission;” and “put your life to child-bearing and the curse of sin of childbirth pain;” and “women can go out and work in a job so it can lead to divorce of 60% in the church;” and “pass donation box around so that the pastors can get huge salaries and luxurious homes and nice cars and even retirement pensions;” and “take up your time and life with political activism like gang-mentality family protectionists and anti-abortion activists;” and “form a church conference or family gang of church leaders with the same church logos like street gangs and styles and thinking and worship the original founder like a guru, so that all their churches’ pastors’ sermons sound like the same guru leader’s sermons;” and “have Satan worship rock and roll Christian concerts, and take pride and assurance in gaining sheer numbers in the churches to prove they are in the will of God;” and “preach that Christians are under the curse of sin of sickness and illness so that the pastor does not look stupid or lose credibility when any of their church people do get sick, in order to protect one’s pastoral standing;” and “eliminate God’s command and Bible that women should wear head coverings and not wear men’s trousers, so that the women in the church do not quit the church with their husbands, and spread negative rumors about the pastor;” and “Christians should save the world through Western environmentalism and worship the earth goddess Gaea;” and “Western pastors can be gluttons and eat like pigs and have huge Western pot bellies, and do not preach on that because there are many fat hippo looking church members in the churches who will get offended and leave the churches;” and “it is alright for Western church women to behave like Western women do, since that is the modern humanist Hellenist democratic freedom and Western concept of human rights and advanced Jezebel thinking, and thereby ignore all the Bible teachings that contradict that Western value, so that their church members can enter the Tribulation judgment;” and “since you have sheer numbers of church members in your church conference and the pastors are rich and that is the measure of your spiritual success, you do not have to think you are the blind and naked End Times lukewarm Laodicea church, and you do not have to make corrections or listen to God’s prophets or repent, but you can just ridicule and mock and persecute the prophets, without restoring the Torah Truth and Jesus to the teachings;” and “you should hire pastors based on their seminary and work credentials, and not whether they are filled by the Holy Spirit or not, so that they can worship academics, and go to Hawaii regularly with the pretense of doing ministry with the money of God’s House;” and “establish churches in rich, wealthy Southern Californian neighborhoods to get rich, nice church memberships, and get rich churches, and preach to them to stay in their churches by working in secular jobs and marrying and breeding;” and “write a lot of books and CDs and tapes to sell by using popularity and fame, to make money and feed off the flock of God, under the pretense of doing ministry;” and “take huge secular heathen retirement pensions, because God wants Christians to also retire from pastor’s position and normal duties like the pagans do;” and “warp, pervert and delete God’s commands on Western pagan tattooing and ear piercing and men’s long hairs and women’s short hair and women wearing trousers and women working in jobs, so that the church conference will be appealing to the depraved Western generation ‘Flower Children’ church members and masses, and teach only religious teachings that are appealing to the populace’s ears, and thereby, replace Christianity with Jezebelism;” and “change the churches to Jezebelism and Satanism, instead of changing the ‘Flower Children’ Jezebel church members to Christianity and Christ’s Word,” and “follow the prophets’ articles and websites to harass them, but not change one’s own satanic teachings or repent;” and “identify yourself with a huge church conference and idolize the founder and his religious teachings, but not call it a church conference by being a hypocrite, but call it an informal group of churches to support each other;” and “as a pastor, wear black clothes all the time, lift weights, make the sermons entertaining, and always preach on religious, dead, Puritan sexual abstinence type of messages of legalism and Western Christianity Western humanist sermons, and keep God’s people ignorant and weak by depriving them of the Torah Truth and Christ and refusing stubbornly to restoring the Word, and always hug and kiss and have your wife publically next to you to make yourself look like the Western Ahab men and family docile lukewarm man;” and “name your church after the founder’s church, in order to get publicity and increase church membership and credibility and live off their fame American corporate Christianity;” and “have services on Sundays according to Western Christianity religious traditions, and have the regular systematic donut and coffee Western church programs;” and “simply teach 90% mundane religious nice teaching truth and 10% false Western Christianity religious doctrines to keep the church going, because it sounds righteous, and all things will be alright;” and other Jezebel doctrines of Satanism. They are the preachers of post-1960s “Flower Children’s” Western values Satanism.

Many of these so-called “Bible Men’s” religious gang members come from former street gangs and club bars and enlisted military ruffians, as well as broken, divorced families; and that is why they place so much emphasis on family love and Christian family-centered life. They treat their wives as Jezebel goddesses and are over-protective of children and run around in subservience to their wives like Ahab. They are very violent, satanic men; so they are always chewing out and publically reprimanding God’s men in front of their wives every week, during the Sunday sermons; but at home, they are weak, castrated, effeminate and pushing baby strollers with diaper bags in their arms behind their wives. The post-1960s sexual revolution “Flower Children” so-called “Bible Men” and their religious gang leaders are a product of the satanic hippy movement that Satan started when he found out that God brought back Israel as a nation in 1948, and his time was short. He had to start his End-Times plan to satanize the world, and apostate the church with Western Jezebel “Flower Children” doctrine.

The hippy culture was prevalent before Noah’s flood times, too. Satan knows that if he can use his so-called “Bible Men” and their religious gang leaders and Pharisees to castrate and brainwash the men of the End-Times Western churches with his Jezebel feminist doctrine; he knows that the women will run wild, and rebel, and divorce, and raise Jezebel daughters, and the whole church and society will fall apart. They will seek religious leaders who defecate on God’s Bible that teaches that women should wear head-coverings in humility to men, and men should not grow their hairs long to remember that they are in authority over women; and will teach them that they can ignore these Word of God. They will all converge in masses, in the tens of thousands to these cultic church conferences that accommodate their post-1960’s “Flower Children” Satan’s doctrines and Western values. They detest the pre-1950’s Christian values and culture of their great grandparents.

If you teach against this basic foundation of Jezebel’s satanic doctrine of inequality between men and women, and that women were created as what God calls “helpers” in the Bible, and for the men to be in authority over the church and society, as Christ is the leader of the Church; these so-called “Bible Men” and their gang member religious Pharisee leaders and pastors will hate your guts, mock and ridicule you, scorn you and wage war against you. Their religious mentors will stand there nodding in approval and support of their gang members and friends or clan members. If you are in Christ, you are sucked into war with Satan and his so-called “Bible Men” and religious gang hippy rogue pastors, whether you like it or not; and therefore, their conference leader and mentor will wage war against you, because you have become an enemy of their family members and there is only gang warfare and family feud. Their way of thinking is very base, prison inmate-like, Pharisee-like and Satan’s mind. Satan feels his fallen angels are his family and gang members, and he wages war against God and his holy angels and saints, who have antagonized his family and gang. These so-called “Flower Children” hippy so-called “Bible Men” and their religious conference leader are clean white-washed tomb walls with the paint and appearance of Christianity; but in the inside, they are married and filled with Jezebel’s dead bones and rotting flesh of hippy value Satanism. They live worshipping “eros” romantic marriage love and “filial” family love. That is why they teach, encourage and worship the marriage and religious gang relationships. They have brute minds and hearts of animals. The animals protect their mates and offspring, and are violent toward other males who enter their territories or families. It is interesting that these people worship family, but they are always fighting with family members; yelling at each other; saying sarcastic things to family members; slandering family members to others; and their children are rebelling against them. It is an irony, indeed. Satan has gang family mentality, but his fallen angels are always fighting each other.

On the contrary, dear brethren, you are not like that. You are sons and daughter of the Most Holy God. You reflect His personality and character and values and Spirit. You were born of His Holy Spirit. You do not live according to the flesh or the ways of men or the world; or the ways of the so-called “Bible Men” and their religious conference leaders. You live by the Torah Truth of the Word of Life who entered the world to give us salvation and life through the cross. His name is Jesus Christ our Lord, whom we respect and worship and follow. You have been called to the Truth, so now abide in the One who is the Truth. Not with fake words and vain exhibitions and prayers and displays of crosses and Christian names, like the so-called “Bible Men,” but in Spirit and Truth and love—“agape” love. Not with human Western or Asian or Middle Eastern “eros” love or “filial” love; but with the true God’s “agape” love. Agape love is unconditional love that sacrifices your fleshly, non-Christian genetic children, in order to save a Christian brother who formerly was a criminal who molested your daughter. This is the true “agape” unconditional love of God, and this is the love that God expects. To leave family and relatives, in order to follow Him. This is not the fake animal instinct “eros” and “filial” love, which the animals have. These love are for the heathens to marry and form families, which is the basic building block of society. However, you have been called for a higher calling in Christ, to carry out His Great Commission. You are married to Him who called you. The so-called “Bible Men” and their religious gang leaders will hide all of these teaching from God’s people for it is unpopular. They have the gall to stand up against God’s prophets and God, but they do not have the courage to stand up against the people. This is what money and fame and arrogant pride does to religious leaders. If they truly had an ounce of decency and godly fear, they would renounce all their teachings and values; lose all their congregations and homes and investments; and turn 180 degrees to teach the Torah Truth to the people and honor Christ who is the Torah Truth.

Satan through his so-called “Bible Men” and Pharisees want you to believe with their Jezebel Western doctrine that your calling is to work in a secular job and just minister to coworkers and make a lot of money and breed many children and grow old together. No, your true calling is to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to all the nations, tribes and tongues of the world. This Great Commission of agape love is for all followers of Christ, whoever they may be. The so-called “Bible Men” and the enemy will try to make you believe that it is only for missionaries and pastors, but this is a lie from hell. It is a duty, mission and life of all those who call themselves followers of Christ, and true Christians. To leave everything as Apostle Paul did, and love strangers as one’s true spiritual family, and to go out to all the world to share Christ. Even to former enemies, who may be Samarians or Arabs or Germans or Chinese or Tongans or Moabite women or Muslims. The true family is the eternal spiritual family of Christ, not the temporary fleshly family of your genetic connections who are headed for destruction. Who must you love more, and where should your priority be? They say, “Blood is thicker than blood,” but I say unto you “Spirit is always thicker than blood.”

If you lose your family, then you will gain your family. God will give you a family that is many times greater—numbering in the tens of thousands in heaven. By losing for Christ, you gain in Christ. Those civilized nations and godly people are the ones who are not family-oriented; but they love their families; and they do not fight or yell at their families; nor do they have blood feuds between families. They leave their family in order to follow Christ; and that is why their hearts are right; and they respect their families in agape love. They are able to love strangers and family members with the equal “agape” love. They serve each other and humble themselves to each other. There are less divorce in those nations. They are no longer concerned about leaving their genes on this dying earth with animal-like minds and instincts; so they are more spiritual and look at family members with godly minds and as God’s precious humans. They do not shoot their wives or slap their children like those low-level people who worship families and animal genes and animal wrath; but they discipline wives and children in love and righteousness, and are subservient to their husbands in love. Since family is not all important for them; they in turn, take care of the family in Christ’s agape unconditional love, just as they would love a former serial killer who formerly molested their daughter.

They no longer place their animal instinct fleshly genetic family before a total stranger, so that is why they are now able to love their family and serial murderers equally and fairly. That is why civilized nations that come from Christian cultures and ethics; and people who have had Christian ancestors during the millennia, and brought up in higher-level families; do not divorce, and have never got into fights with their spouses, and bring up their children properly so they marry people who are also spiritually nice, and not marry people who have tattoos all over their bodies and flirt with multiple extramarital relationships. These societies are blessed by God for they live by God’s precepts and His Torah Truth, even though they may not be Christians; and their economy is blessed; they are given military technological forefront inventions; and there is very little crime; and they turn other pagan nations into democratic law-abiding nations. When the nation turns to idol paganism of rock and roll music and tattoo and wearing men’s trousers, then that nation is headed to judgment and demise, just like whenever the ancient Israelites turned their backs toward God.

However, it is Satan’s goal to destroy all of God’s nations in this world that keep peace and ethics and police the world and protect Israel; so he sends in his pagan immigrants in order to take over those nations and breed children at 7 times the rate. The “Flower Children” generations of these nations are influenced; become more Eastern Mystic pagan; start wearing Hindu hippy Indian clothes; are flooded by Muslim and Catholic pagan occult religious influences; brainwashed by Satan’s rock music; tattoo and pierce their bodies; create occult witchcraft alien movies and literature; crime increases in their neighborhoods; drugs take over the “Flower Children” generations, who support the drug industry in the world and anti-government socialist rebel gangs who sell them; God hands them over to socialist communist politicians and liberal left-wing medias and to their brainwashing; God hands them over to pre-Noah’s flood homosexuality and feminism; God hands them over to the so-called “Bible Men” and their religious conference leader’s Jezebel satanic doctrines and pagan thinking; 60% divorce and stronger women who take over the family and society as equals; children who are emotionally scarred due to the divorced parents, run to drugs and rock music and anti-parent-non-Christian-tradition Eastern mysticism; increase abortion and mass murder abortion genocide; anti-government “Flower Children” professions such as politicians, professors and media moguls to change society to Satan’s world and socialist ideals and New Age hippy “Age of Aquarius” ideal society; and consequently, a multi-trillion national debt and crash of the nation’s currency, and judgment.

You will see more and more families in the declining nations who will start worshipping family, and are very violent, poor, cursed, sinful, selfish, blames others/government/other classes/rich people/neighbors, shoot wives, fight family feuds and form gangs and clans, and boast how much they love their families and how family is everything to them. However, when their wives leave them, or when they kill their wives or husbands, they wail and scream; and blame society and God for their own actions, because society made them do it by leaving them to poverty and alcohol and drugs. You see in evil countries and tribes, such as the hot-blooded, violent Druid Celtic families and Mana Polynesians and Animist American Indians and Atheist Religion Australians who descend from heavy banished convicts’ genes mixed into their genetic background; the world’s highest alcohol consumptions. They say to never give alcohol to an American Indian, because they will go crazy and start destroying everything through pagan demonic spirit control. It is in the genes and family spirit that controls these families and people groups, through centuries of idolatry and demon worship. The Polynesians work half day in the morning, go home at noon and drink beer, play ukuleles and party with family. The family is everything to them. But they also punch out their families and often hit beer bottles over their family member’s heads. But if you just even happen to bump into their family member, they will accuse you of disrespecting their family and they will kill you. They are just like the so-called “Bible Men” and their religious conference leaders: if you reprimand one of them, they will all swarm and attack you like a bee’s hive.

The nation will only become a good nation, if they return to the Christian culture of their forefathers; and not be family-oriented like evil people, but leave their families and follow God. Then, God will multiply their spiritual heavenly family a hundredfold; bring peace into their fleshly genetic family relationships, and take away divorce from their fleshly genetic family; bring honey and milk to flow in that nation; make feminine, subservient women; make strong, peaceful men who take leadership like Christ; take away the sin’s curse and sin’s result of feminism and homosexuality; stop abortion; lower crime; bless that nation’s economy; give it a strong military to protect the world and Israel; take away the tattoos and ear pierces and stop women from wearing men’s trousers; bring proper pre-1950s non-animal-like hairstyle back to its people; restore peace to that nation’s borders and stop terrorism; bless that nation and call it God’s people, and come down to fellowship with them. Unless the people and so-called “Bible Men” and their religious conference leaders repent of their Jezebel pagan ways; God will take an evil nation like pagan China to buy up the United States; to transfer over its superpower position to China; overrun its economy and currency; and bring judgment upon the nation and its people; just like God in ancient times used evil nations to defeat the Israelite nation and His people, and to be enslaved into bondage to their enemy in Babylon.

Be not children in understanding the things of the Holy Spirit, dear brethren, but be mature in the things of Christ. It does not mean to leave your wife and children to starve, if you are already married when you get saved and become a Christian. You obviously have a duty to take care of your woman and genetic fleshly children. However, your first love must be for Christ. And if you are single, then rather than spending your life pleasing your wife or husband, changing diapers, working to pay for children’s education and financing a home; or going to church to look for a romantic, dreamlike Christian husband to breed with and spread your genes throughout the world; you should be dedicating your life in sharing the gospel to the Canadians, Mexicans, Swedes, Nigerians, Kenyans, Arabs, Jews, Russians, Chinese, American Indians and Solomon Islanders. Or else, their souls will be lost forever. How serious are you in Christ’s agape love; and how concerned are you about the souls of your brothers and sisters in the world? Are you concerned about bearing children, and being surrounded by genetic grandchildren when you die like the Taoist-Confucians are? Carnal religious Christians I find who are carnal in their thinking, and endeavor in these so-called “Bible Men’s” values, are exactly those type of people who rail and rave when their children marry a person from a different skin color, or marry a prison convict who deals drugs, or marry a member of a mafia family who their own family has been having a long feud with, or marry a hippy who never has a stable job and makes his wife work to death.

These religious carnal Christians spend their entire life breeding children, and when their children marry a scum of the earth; then their whole objective in leaving behind successful genetic descendants comes crashing down before their very eyes; and their hearts are torn apart, and they fall into depression. Or when their child dies in a traffic accident or refuses to go to church, or they get tattoos all over their bodies, they are devastated or disown their children with anger or change the Bible to accommodate their children’s sins. These things happen because they are religious Christians and not spiritual Christians (they are the End-Times post-hippy generation Western Christians); and their whole focus on life and heart is on carnal things, and the teachings of the so-called “Bible Men” and their religious conference gurus and idols. They have married Satan’s Jezebel with the Church of God. claims that they have 5 million Christians registered, who are looking for mates to breed with; and they say that it is God’s will that you act to find your mate (they claim that God needs your help to find someone, which is weird in the first place). This is the condition of these Western Christians or religious people of the lukewarm Hellenistic Laodicea Church Age. That is why the Bible says that they will be eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, and sudden destruction will come. Their thinking and priorities and lusts are all weird and screwed up; but they claim to be God’s people, and they claim that they are carrying out God’s Great Commission to disciple all nations, tribes and tongues, in their secular workplace office, while being married and breeding. That is what their idolized so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious hippy pastors teach them, in order to cater to their carnal desires and carnal plans for their life. What kind of people are these? They are not sane and they are out of their minds.

These Ahab-type men are very sweet and nice, and are great husbands and fathers to their wives and little children. However, they yell and bully other men who are in a weaker position than them, or more handsome, or more wealthy, or more righteous, or more well-mannered men than they are. They detest these good men. They are like territorial male water buffalos that kill other male buffalos to keep them away from the world’s females. The male jealousy is ten times worse than female jealousy. They are very animal-like and base instinct-level people who are easily possessed or controlled by demon spirits. In other words, they are savages inside like pirates, but wear civilized clothes and go about as if they are civilized humans. However, when they get drunk or are on drugs, they may beat or kill their wives or children. But, they always boast to others that family is number one, and the most important thing for them in life is the family, so do not mess with their family. They may yell and bully other men, but when God’s righteous men stand up against them, these cowardly men run home sulking to their Jezebel wives; or concoct ways to destroy those righteous men or Christ to take revenge. They are the exact type of people who kiss the rears of their bosses, and are very nice to the mafia hit men. When their wives get old and their children grow bigger, then they go off flirting with other younger women, and cheat on their wives. These are the family-worshipping men, and not worshippers of God.

Dear 144,000 Jewish Brethren, these men may be the nicest people you have ever met; but be not deceived. Their obsession with their families will uncover their inner evil hearts. They will insist on heating their food for their daughters using the frying pan and will refuse to use the microwave oven. The more overprotective they are of their children; and outward performance kissing and touching they do with their wives; and emotional they become when any of their family members are critiqued by others; the more evil these men are. The more gang-oriented and family-oriented a person is, the more farther from the Holy Spirit and God they are; just like the post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ Jezebel-worshipping so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders and mafia people and motorcycle gang members and Pharisees and Ahab; for they are all effeminate men of Satan. They have the opposite hearts and minds and spirits of Christ who is a masculine man. This is why the hippy rogue pastors of these religious Pharisee gangs will gang together to worship their huge church conference founders or gang leader, and gang up on you if you even speak the Truth about one of their Pharisee members. This is why these hippy rogue pastors’ gang members who have huge churches in these sunny Californian rich neighborhoods will dress in sleazy clothes and show off their bodies and are very carnal in thinking and speech. They are not of God, but are of Jezebel their mother. Only effeminate men dress that way and behave that way. They have the extreme opposite nature of God, are family gang oriented, mock and ridicule God’s prophets, and are religious like the Pharisees. If a person truly comes to Christ and is filled with the Holy Spirit, they will become masculine like Christ, and dress and think and act normally and godly. They will not marry and form gangs and attack outsiders.

Satan’s people are always on two opposite extremes fighting each other, as I have always taught you; and God’s people are always balanced. For example, Satan’s men are either very violent toward other men while being very weak toward their wives; or, they have gang friendly mentality with other men while beating up their wives. God’s men, however, are very balanced, just like Christ’s character: they treat other men with respect and humility and earn respect from them, while they keep their authority over women, but also love the women with kindness. Similarly, Satan’s women either assert authority over men, and boss them around by wearing the trousers in the house or church or business; or they are mentally deranged by quietly and continuously allowing their husbands to beat them. God’s women, on the other hand, are very balanced: just like Mary Magdalene or Esther’s character, they respect men’s authority over them, but they also stand up strongly against evil and injustice and Satan. This fundamental image of Christ—male and female—must be restored to Western Christianity and Christians; or else, they cannot ever hope to be restored to Christ. Before anything else or before doing anything else, the people of God must first repent, and come back to respect what God has created in His original creation—the image of Himself in men and women. If they do not choose to restore this image, then there is no restoration of God in their lives either. It is very plain and simple—and they know what they need to do first, before coming to God. They must restore Christ to His rightful leadership in the Church; which the so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders have perverted with their tampering of the Word and Truth by their new “Flower Children” humanist Western church doctrines they created.

These Jezebel-type women put on a lot of cosmetics to disguise their faces, and wear clothes that expose sexual parts; in order to lure and deceive men. It was the “Watchers” or fallen angels who came before Noah’s Flood in ancient times to teach the women of the earth to put cosmetics on to deceive others. However, after they get married, they stop dieting and start eating ravenously and get fat. They stop putting on their disguise make-up, and stop wearing high heels and skirts. They start wearing drably clothes like sneakers and sweat shirts. They hardly brush their hairs. They start talking in disrespectful ways to their husbands, as if the men are their equals or partners. Some even boss their husbands around by telling them what they should do, just like Queen Jezebel. Their minds are very satanic and demon-controlled, in that sense. Everything before marriage was a deception of Satan, and their true nature is exposed after they get married. This is the End-Times Western women. They are the most evil generation in the Church’s history, but they of course do not realize this, or their hearts will not admit it. After capturing their wives into the marriage trap and breeding, the Ahab type men become fat, critical, rude, beer-drinking, and flirt with other women, and stop being nice to their wives.

Even the young female characters in many Japanese movies, who are very feminine, which they air in American cable TV and movie theaters, the Westerners dub them in English to make them sound like very masculine Western women’s way of speech, and to have strong-willed, monster-like masculine characters of Western women. It is absolutely weird. Satan’s Western “Flower Children’s” grandchildren’s socialist media Hollywood take what is godly and pervert them into satanic characters, in order to brainwash Western young viewers’ minds and hearts with Satan’s ideal inverted feminist character and personality. The Westerners are creating evil grandchildren. Satan gives the most satanic feminist screenwriters and novelists and directors human intelligence to develop these characters, to become famous, and sell Satan’s media and literature. As the Nazi’s said, “if you feed people crap over and over again, they will believe it,” just like the “Flower Children” mother’s hippy rogue pastors believe in their Western feminist values and idol.

Satan always chooses the most masculine, evil, strong-willed, ungodly actresses for roles as princesses and heroines and lead characters, in order to brainwash the Western viewers that that is the attractive character of women. And after these women scold and slap the male lead character at the end of the movie, the male character always pleads for forgiveness from these feminist female characters. It is the typical pattern of Western films in these evil End-Times. You would imagine that after so many years, the Westerners would catch on to Satan’s brainwashing; but the sinful heart is a blinded heart. It cannot see or know logic or sense or righteousness. You feed this over and over again to the Western mind, then they will start believing that that is the right and true character and values for humans. Who chooses these casts? They are the casting directors whom Satan has strategically placed into Hollywood and television circles: the most sinful, ungodly people whom he can control and fill the easiest. They are probably demon-possessed so that he can manipulate them easily, just like he possesses the rock and roll musicians he uses to brainwash the children of the post “Flower Children” Western civilization.

Satan has placed all his most loyal, sinful people into all key strategic positions in the media, college faculties, politics, music industry, elementary school faculty, educational boards, businesses, literary agents, publishers, etc. to dominate and brainwash the earth. As Jesus said, Satan is the god of this world, and he controls the people and society of this most evil End-Times society, after the post-1960s “Flower Children” revolt and satanic rebellion. That is why the Bible prophesies that it will be exactly like the evil society of Noah’s flood’s days and Sodom and Gomorrah’s days that was wiped out by God.

God keeps using me over and over again to preach about this feminism in Western society and how the so-called “Bible Answer Men” have been sent into the churches to destroy God’s scriptures on women’s head-coverings and wearing men’s trousers which protect a society from this feminism that is the key that Satan uses to destroy the family, and consequently, destroy society, and satanize the world; which in turn brings about God’s judgment and annihilation of mankind on this earth. However, Satan has so “Flower Children”-ized the Western religious lukewarm Christians’ minds that they do not repent, cannot repent, are absolutely blind, cannot understand or recognize Jesus’ Torah Truth who is the Word, and to the extent of detesting God’s prophets who preach to them the Truth to repent over and over again.

What more can God do for such stubborn, unrepentant, stiff-necked, blind, Jezebelized, almost insane generation? These Western religious Christians hear these truths with their ears, and acknowledge these truths with their minds, but they reject these truths with their hearts, so there is no change in their behavior to obey or restore the scriptures that have been deleted by the so-called “Bible Answer Men.” The Torah Truth reveals the true condition of the Western heart, and whether that heart truly loves Jesus who is the Torah Truth. The Torah Truth is the spiritual litmus test. That is why God has handed these Western religious Christians and Western Christianity to the fire, and He will now focus and save you the 144,000 Jewish Remnant.

The more evil they are, the more proud they are; the more inferiority complex they have (so they lift a lot of weights and take steroids to compensate for their small self-esteem, or put tattoos on their bodies, or carry weapons to compensate for their cowardliness); the less they will repent; and turn around to be good men. Moreover, if you speak the truth to them, they will hate you and crucify you and slander you and do evil things to you. They are like the Pharisees. This is the condition of the End-Times last lukewarm, carnal Laodicea Church; which God will vomit out of His mouth. These so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious conference gang leaders will envy you, mock you, test you, slander you, and crucify you, if they can. They detest those who speak the Truth.

If they are truly married to Christ, why would they want to be married with a human being, and spend their life dedicated entirely to a human; and not to Christ as God commanded? They are the Bride of Christ! Why would you want to place something in your life that takes time away time and energy from your marriage with Christ and your ministry—your Bridegroom; just because God has reluctantly deemed that He will not call marriage a sin, if and only when we cannot absolutely refrain from divulging in our base, animal-instinct desire to fornicate; because it is better to marry than to fornicate before God? However, Satan has taken this and told all the Western Church people to marry and settle down in a secular job, through his religious emissaries’ Jezebel teachings. In order to incapacitate the Church, the so-called “Bible Answer Men” have brought in their mafia / street gang family “Flower Children love and peace” Jezebel doctrine into the Church; in order to say that all Christians should marry and have children and have a secular job, and be preoccupied with raising a family; and you can do God’s Great Commission to disciple all nations, tribes and tongues, once a year, in your workplace, with a coworker, since that is what God is satisfied with. It is Satan’s strategy to appeal to the lukewarm ears and hearts of the End-Times Western Church to try to keep it ineffective. That is the Satan’s version of the Bible they want to hear and follow, and that is the “Flower Children” church conferences they want to all flock to. That is why those church conferences become huge. If you taught the Torah Truth and let Jesus be the leader of the Church, it would not appeal to the wide lukewarm audience of the world, and no one would want to follow Christ. It would be a small church, indeed. Why would God’s people want to imitate Satan’s people by forming Christian motorcycle gangs and holding Christian Satan worship rock concerts? The so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ religious gang leaders have married their “Flower Children” goddess Jezebel with Christ. God will not be married to Jezebel. Evangelism is no reason to adopt Satan’s culture and Satan’s methods and mix it with God’s Christianity.

Therefore, Satan does not attack the lukewarm, religious Christians: he only attacks the real born-again Christians who are making disiciples in every nation, tribe and tongue. Therefore, the so-called “Bible Men” and their religious conference leaders cannot understand how you can be persecuted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by like 20 people on the streets every day, as soon as you step out of your home. They never have experienced that kind of persecution, because they have never stepped out of their comfortable church world. They talk about spiritual warfare, but to them, it is something happening to strangers in distant lands in pagan countries. They do not know what it is to be yelled at every day, cut by someone who passes by, or people trying to poison you. They just think you are imagining things; and to them, it is just a fantasy novel or a special case.

They are so comfortable in their million-dollar homes in their nice warm climate areas and rich neighborhoods; having donuts and coffee on Sundays at church with nice religious, lukewarm Western people; and sitting in their nice pastoral offices from Tuesday to Friday, and taking even two days off every week; and then, taking huge amounts of money from God’s people to pay themselves a comfortable, luxurious retirement pension. And they boast that they are not taking any more salary from the church for their services, after retirement? What kind of a nut case are the minds of these Western Christianity religious leaders? They have together become lukewarm and fat bellied; just as they have taught and put into practice what they preach; by getting married, having lots of grandchildren, and living up the American dream; feeling satisfied that they have done great things for God; and have made a name for themselves. These religious leaders are more like writers who sell books; and travel to nice, tropical areas for religious conferences to flaunt their great intellects and knowledge of theology; and appearing on TV. These are the men who are applauded in our times by the masses. They do not go into the small villages in Afghanistan, or to the slums of India, or the underground churches in China.

God showed me something very interesting today. He allowed me to peer into the Western lukewarm Christians’ hearts today. I saw that since they are very carnal and fleshly, if you talk about the Torah Truth, they will think that you were brought up in a very unhappy, broken family; and that you were somehow hurt by Western women in romantic relationships. They do not realize that you were brought up in a very loving family, and that you care more about obeying God’s command to stay single and carry the Great Commission out to the world, instead of seeking women and animal instinct breeding and carnal families.

It is the doctrine of the carnal Western Christianity to pursue animal instinct love “eros” romance, and to breed families and leave physical descendents on this dying earth. If you grew up in an abusive, alcoholic, violent family like the hippy rogue pastors, their dream seems to be to have a family once they become a pastor, and if you talk negatively about their family-centered preaching by God’s Holy Spirit, they hate you, detest you, and persecute you. God showed me that since they are married themselves, they are unable to preach against marriage and teach the Bible’s Torah Truth to stay single. In other words, they are hypocrites, and they try to cover their own sins, by trying to silence you and mocking God’s teachings through you. And the Western Christianity populace flock to these type of leaders, instead of the real born-again Christian pastors who only get very small followings, because they preach the Truth which stings their conscience, but the hippy rogue pastors teach sermons that justify their sins.

God has showed me that the lukewarm, depraved, carnal Western religious Christians’ hearts want to somehow explain away the Torah Truth that you preach about women’ head coverings, and women’s inequality in authority, and the evil of family gang oriented people and nations; so, they have to come up with all kinds of evil fictitious excuses that you are somehow from an unhappy family or that you somehow are some kind of a geek who women did not feel attracted to or snubbed off or something, and that is why you hate families and romance and women or something. If that were true, dozens of Satan’s women would not stalk you, in the first place.

The more carnal and depraved the person’s heart is, the more they will try to excuse away the Torah Truth that God speaks through you, and blame the prophet who exhorts and admonishes them; and come up with an excuse not to repent or accept the Torah Truth. Satan speaks all these lies into their minds and hearts, and snatches away the seed of the Torah Truth that God plants in their hearts through His prophets. Very few will listen and preach the Truth and will be saved from the coming judgment and wrath of God. They believe that since they obey the other teachings, and they serve God by sharing the gospel and teaching, they are safe from the judgment and consequences of their actions toward God’s prophets and God’s Torah Truth. They only deceive their own hearts, for obviously, God cannot be deceived. Most just do not love the Truth, who is Christ and the Word. They only love the religious Christ of human religion. They have their Sunday services attendance and outward religiousness, but no Holy Spirit or oil in their lamps. There is no Truth in their hearts, so naturally, they will not accept the Torah Truth Christ, who is the Word of God. In their dead minds, the Western hippy “Flower Children” generation pastors think that you are very unkind toward women and an oppressor of women, and they see themselves with their Western pride as the saviors of women; where in reality, they are effeminate worshippers of Jezebel Western feminism; and in contrast to these evil men, there are no men in the world who are more respectful and kind toward women than the men and prophets of God and Christ Himself. That is why these Western self-righteous hippy rogue pastors detest and hate God’s prophets and Jesus and His Torah Truth. That is why they rip pages out of the Bible, or makes excuses to dismiss those teachings about women and godly order in church and society.

This was a very interesting discovery that God showed me, since I never realized that they were falsely judging the prophets who were preaching to them God’s Truth, in order to excuse away the Torah Truth that we were preaching to them, so that they can ignore it and not obey or preach it as it is. It kind of explains why the Western religious people love to read interesting, unusual teachings; but they will not follow it. Dear beloved Jewish Brethren, what good is it if they hear the Word, but do not do it? The Western Christianity is like a man who hears that a flood is coming, but finds it an amusing teaching from a fake disturbed prophet who had an unpleasant family and romantic life, but walks away and soon forgets what he heard. However, the Lord has given you the Holy Spirit, and you are not like the Western religious Christians, so hear what the Lord has to say, and repent; so that you may be called the holy people of God who stand before the Most High day and night, and He will certainly deliver you from the days of trouble ahead. Glory be to the Almighty God!

This is the condition of the sad Western Christianity religious people of the apostate, dead End-Times Church. Their hearts are so callous and blind with their Western humanist “Flower Children” Jezebel doctrines which the so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders seeded in the churches, and set in their Western values that they are unable to comprehend what you are teaching, or accept the Torah Truth of God, for what it is. That is what sin and self-righteous democratic human rights pride does to the human’s heart. It gets to a point where it cannot even accept or understand the Truth and the Word who is Christ, so that they will come up with all kinds of excuse to avoid accepting it. They are unable anymore to accept sound doctrine; but will make up all kinds of “golden calf idol” doctrines and fake teachers to preach to them what their ears are itching to hear, instead of the Truth of God. They will say in their hearts, “These are hard teachings to accept,” and they will walk away. Jesus is asking the real born-again disciples, “Will you walk away, too, from me?” But there is a faithful remnant who are saying in their hearts, “Where else will we go, Lord, for you are the Torah Truth, and you are the true and living God. We accept and love your Truth, for you are the Truth, Lord.”

The Western religious leaders deceive themselves that since they are teaching the major teachings and doctrines of Christianity, they are safe from judgment, even if they warp a few doctrines here and there. They are in for a surprise. Any fool should know that just having the body of a car, but deleting the engine would be detrimental to the automobile, and all who are trying to escape judgment in it. They are too comfortable and dependent on their institutional standings and past religious works. That is why the more evil a man’s heart is, the more deceptive it is toward himself.

That is the reason why the End-Times dead, lukewarm last church—the Laodicea Church is so blind that they do not realize that the Statue of Liberty in New York is the Freemason’s symbol of the goddess of Satanism’s Mystery Babylon religion (Nimrod’s Sumer goddess Inanna); and is the same demon who is called the “Queen of Heaven” by the Catholics and Byzantine Orthodox, and also known as Mother Mary (Catholicism), Fatimah (Islam), Isis (Egyptian paganism), Astarte Asherah (Hebrew paganism), Frigg (German Nordic paganism), Ashtar (Alien Galactic New Age Spiritualism), Amaterasu (Japanese Shinto), Hera (Greek paganism), Cypris (Cyprus paganism), Lilith (feminist movement Satanism), Ishtar (Mesopotamian paganism), Diana (Roman paganism—where this feminist, savage, hunter moon goddess is used as a role model for most Hollywood movie’s Western female characters who are strong-willed, kick and punch dozens of men, work in career jobs, and wear pagan ear-pierces and tattoos), Dianic Wiccan Witch Goddess (witches’ moon goddess), Kali (Hinduism), and all the other branches of Satan’s Mystery Babylon religion that God will destroy overnight in the coming Tribulation Age. The so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders worship her through their misdirected national patriotism, and exalt her as the symbol of their liberty and freedom of “Flower Children” human rights and sexual revolution of their church women. That is the reason why they are blind, and they cannot go forward to deliverance from judgment and see by God’s ointment, because this Jezebel “Flower Children” feminist Satanism has so enchanted and captured their hearts. Their hearts are revealed in their behavior toward God’s prophets. The Anti-Christ will use this demon goddess to unite Catholicism and Islam and Judaism under his False-Prophet’s “universalism” one-world religion (Mystery Babylon religion or Nimrod’s Sumerian Satanism) in the coming Tribulation Age.

The Western religious Christians and Western Christianity pastors often use the word, “Mother Earth.” Do you know the reason why, my friends? It is in referral to their post-1960s “Flower Children” socialist hippy so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders’ Satan’s Jezebel Western humanist doctrine of environmentalism and wildlife conservation and Eastern Mysticism Hindu New Age pagan vegetarianism—the worship of that ancient goddess, Gaea, the Jezebel Asherah goddess of the earth. That is why the Western hippy rogue pastors keep preaching about saving plastic bags, saving the whales, and humans and church saving the earth; and they are willing to kill their fellow man Norwegian and Japanese whalers in order to do so. It is the epiphany of their so-called “Bible Men” and religious conference leaders’ hippy Jezebel Western End-Times doctrine of women’s equality, women’s authority, Christian rock and roll Satan worship music, be one with Mother earth and save the earth vegetarian environmentalism, and grow hair long and live natural dude End-Times Western values. The hippies’ Eastern Mystic Buddhist teachings prohibit eating animals, and are strictly vegetarian, because of their self-righteous pride of not killing life. But they are hypocrites, just like the Pharisees who would try to cough out the flies that flew into their mouths, since when they take baths or take their church doctors’ human medication, they kill millions of germs, not alone stepping on bugs all day.

These post 1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their Pharisees call themselves modern, civilized, Statue of Liberty, freedom, democratic, human rights, equality, righteous, End-Times Western culture upright people; and they call God’s prophets and Jesus as the old-fashioned, old-thinking, earth-polluting, male chauvinist, uptight legalistic anti-rock-n’-roll Christian music, women’s head-covering preaching, anti-tattoo, religious bigots; who they wish were out of their hair by being raptured away or something. But these so-called modern Western post 1960s “Flower Children” Satan’s Jezebel doctrines are not new, for they were introduced by the “Watchers” or fallen angels of Satan to the pre-Noah’s Flood days people, who were just as wicked as the people of these End-Times where God is about to destroy them with fire.

They call themselves as the modern forward-thinking people, but they are really the “ancient” old-fashioned thinkers, my dear Jewish brothers. They are not only the hypocritical polluters of the earth with their chemical produced clothes and homes, fume-making cars, grocery wrap garbage, but they are the female chauvinists, Gaea worshippers, Satan music worshippers, and religious bigots. They call Jesus and His prophets names in their hearts, and continue to preach their Bible diluting doctrines, because their way of thinking is 5,000 years old. It is still the same Mystery Babylon religion’s thinking, ever since Satan has been around. That is why there are so many female pastors around in these post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ sons’ age, just like when the female sorceresses of Satan roamed the earth marrying God with Jezebel and creating hybrid Nephilim giants. That is exactly what is happening on this earth in these last days, and just like God wiped out these evil people with water in Noah’s days, He will wipe out these wicked people with fire in these last days.

Also, for this reason, God judged and wiped out the old kingdom of the fallen angels as we see in Genesis 2 where the earth has become chaos and empty, before God created humans and gave Adam the position greater than which Satan used to have, and appointed Eve as his helper. Now, Satan has usurped humans from the ownership of the earth; Eve has usurped Adam of his position; and Adam has usurped Jesus of His position in their hearts. The whole order of God is amiss on this earth, but Jesus is soon about to return, and restore order and holiness upon this earth. I, a gentile of lost gentiles and servant of Christ, have been sent to you, my dear 144,000 Jewish Remnant brothers, to speak to you and lead you back to Christ who is, who was, and who is to come; just as Apostle Paul a Jew of Jews was sent to the gentile Church to speak to them and lead them to Christ. Therefore, Satan hates Adam, who he sees as stealing the inheritance of Christ and the earth that is supposedly his own.

Their hearts are so totally immersed with Jezebel feminism, which is the litmus test of their hearts and spiritual condition, and true attitude toward Jesus and the Torah Truth. They even go as far as making excuses and warping God’s Bible verses, in order to preach their Jezebel Western values to the whole world. It is one sin that God will not allow in His Church. When the Church becomes this way, and adopts the goddess Asherah’s poles like the ancient Israelites did, God will also judge this End-Times lukewarm Church, just like He judged the Israelite nation. They are the greatest enemies of God’s prophets, for they are inside the Church, and they brainwash the church people; and they conduct terrorist attacks against God’s prophets; and they who are firmly imbedded in the hearts of the people, carry out a secret war against God’ Torah Truth. However, the Bride of Christ has remained pure and have not been led astray or defiled by these Pharisees. You also are virgins, and will not be polluted by Satan’s Western Christianity religion, my beloved 144,000 Jewish brothers.

The tragedy is that they lead tens of thousands of religious Western Christians throughout the world to worship her. That is why these so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders are very favorable and welcoming of the Catholics and Mystery Babylon worshippers. They all belong to the same big family or gang of this Jezebelism or Satan’s feminist spirit of Western culture, which they have married with Western Christianity. They will not repent of this sin, and they believe this is just a minor issue that God’s prophets are making a senseless big issue about; and do not realize that it is the main, basic sin that is preventing them from being delivered from their End-Times Laodicea Church apostate blindness, and from being delivered from the coming fire. Everything fits like a puzzle, and due to their false worship of Jezebel, God has handed them over to their callous Western hearts. The rest of the world’s religious lukewarm Christians are quickly following in their footsteps to spread this gospel of Jezebel doctrine and Western feminism to poison their church members’ minds.

The carnal religious people will be led astray and controlled by this Jezebel Mystery Babylon value. The righteous remnant of God will repent and be saved from the coming judgment. This is the spiritual litmus test—the foundation of Christian doctrine—the answer and key to order in God’s universe. Jesus was one of the most respectful and kindest men toward women; but He never gave up His leadership and authority over women either. Instead of teaching week after week after week about Puritan religious ethics and morality, Western Christianity should be restoring the Bible verses that they have thrown out, and teaching the Church to obey them. No pastor in the Western Christianity religion has any courage to teach them, for the women in the church will slander him. They are so afraid of people. So, they just stick to ethical religious teachings, and the Western Church remains immature and will not repent. Brothers of Israel, do not make the same mistake as Western Christianity did. Return to the Lord your God, who is One—the Torah Truth and Redeemer.

Almost all of the people who are now living in the United States and Western countries are those who have partaken in Jezebel’s adulterous wine of the post-1960s Great Rebellion against God: the “Flower Children” Westernized culture; and the cursed last generation that is ripe for God’s judgment. The older generation who did not participate in this Western satanic Great Rebellion have all but passed away. This last generation has seen Israel return back as a nation miraculously, and have seen God’s prophecy come true for the End-Times, so they have no excuse. Their children become more and more evil. If any of these wicked children are left to survive, they will destroy and harm God’s children—the believers, and they will become fanatic feminists and homosexuals and try to rape and sodomize God’s people, and God will not allow that. He will destroy them and their children, just as God commanded the Israelites to destroy every single Canaanite man, woman and child, who had become so feminist Jezebel that they were aborting their infants into the feminist god Moloch’s burning statue.

However, just like the Israelites disobeyed and did not destroy all the Canaanites, and instead, intermarried with them and adopted their Jezebel Asherah idols, so also have the post-1960s “Flower Children” Western religious Christians become exact replicas of Jezebels and Ahabs in their feminism and women’s equality and Western Jezebel humanist thinking. The Westerners are killing and aborting fetuses way more than the Canaanites did. The men have become so violent and effeminate men like in Sodom and Gomorrah and act macho by lifting weights and are spiritually castrated that they are afraid to even stop their women from abortion. If God ordered to destroy the evil Canaan people, and all their descendents and livestock, how much more greater is the judgment and wrath of God that is about to befall the Western “Flower Children” descendents and their so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders?

Only the remnant of God’s people—the real born-again Christians outside the churches are like Jesus, and are very gentle men, maintain leadership over women, and resemble God in character. The religious Christian effeminate violent Ahab men detest these real born-again Christian men who are kind and godly, for they think they are male chauvinists just like Jesus. The religious lukewarm Christians’ image of Jesus is a skinny, hippy-like, rebellious long-haired, blue-eyed, blonde, effeminate, “Flower Children” man, who is always following three steps behind the Western women, pushing baby strollers and carrying diapers like the post-1960s Western men. You may laugh at this and I must agree it is certainly a comical scene from heaven’s perspective, my Jewish brethren; but to the Western mind, this is absolute normality and sanity, and Satan has so blinded their eyes and hearts that this is what becomes to men and women who become satanized. This is the final condition of the Jezebel Western women and Ahab Western men, who have become inversed from God’s image of man and woman, and have been perverted into Satan’s reversed image. We are seeing the exact repeat of the days preceding Noah’s Flood, when Satan reversed the sexes to feminist masculine women, and effeminate steroid rough men.

The ludicrous and absurd thing to us real born-again Christians is that these Western Christianity religious people are investing in their retirement programs, and trusting the selfish government and corrupt human financial institutions to retire; and even thinking about retirement, when they should be carrying on the Great Commission to Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, North Korea, Libya, Yemen and every nation of the world; as we see Christ’s return so imminent, and no time left. These Western religious people and so-called “Bible Answer Men” are eating, drinking, marrying, giving in marriage, working secular jobs, going to human doctors, and breeding genetic descendents as if they were animals, still under the curse of childbirth pain and working by the sweat of their brow to feed their genetic descendents. This is the post-1960s Jezebel humanist Western Christianity that the “Flower Children” mothers’ so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious mafia leaders have perverted the church into. What room is there for repentance? The comical thing is that they are trying to buy homes on this earth and are stressed out paying mortgages. Their whole mind is on having families and homes and retirement that are about to soon burn up in flames. This is what the religious leaders are teaching. No wonder they are throwing out the verses from God’s Word. No wonder they do not believe the higher teachings, such as on God’s zodiac, because they do not even believe God’s very fundamental teachings on breeding, homes, retirement, doctors and gender order of authority. They do not understand the things of heaven, for their minds are earthly.

There are Western television programs where fat, grotesque television hosts go to different restaurants to challenge them by trying to finish their huge dishes of disgusting food. It is a show based on gluttony and decadence. The people around the hosts cheer them on, as they stuff themselves with food; and the viewer ratings are very high showing the condition of the Western people. In the workplace, top management will force you to lie, conceal truth, cheat and falsify documents, because they are afraid of legal implications and self-incriminating records and law suits. This is an epiphany and evidence of the most depraved societies: a Western culture that is built on suing people as a business, and making money off of other people and companies. That is why Western society is like a vampire or parasite society, and it does not surprise me that God would judge the United States first. Western marriages are now even a business legal contract between the man and woman, where the male celebrity or businessman promises to pay thousands of dollars to the woman, if they ever get divorced. Marriage is also a money-making enterprise in the Western society. In this case, there is truly sexual inequality and sexism; just as men fighting in dangerous frontlines, and women in safe areas; but the Western women do not complain about such inequality, and many men died in Normandy and Iwojima storming the beaches. It is the hypocritical nature of sin. Ask me if God will not judge this degenerate Western value and Jezebel doctrines? During the divorce negotiations in the attorney’s office, the Western women even have the audaciousness to yell at the man. There is no respect for God’s order of authority or God’s men, and hence, there are 60% divorce in the Western Christianity churches. That is why there is no respect for Jesus’ authority of the Word, for they do not respect His Bible and commands. Since the End-Times church is run by the people, for the people, of the people, and Western democratic humanist values, they hire pastors and sign contracts with them for employment. The church elders and board of directors can also fire or terminate the pastors. The whole Western church is a joke. The pastors are not appointed by Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but they are appointed by the people through seminary degrees and credentials and experience. That is why Westerners stress human accountability of church members by other humans.

Some Western fairy tale movies try to make the female characters feminine, but it is very unnatural and fake, because of two reasons. First reason is, the female actresses are not really feminine in the heart, so it is not real femininity; since they were born after the 1960s “Flower Children” generation; so they are controlled by and opened to demonic control due to the sinful, self-righteous post-1960s Western humanist beliefs; and it is artificially produced femininity, just like many things in Western society, right now. Second reason is, femininity has been absent from Western society for such a long time that there is no role model or any concept of femininity in the Westerners’ minds. It is like trying to explain the yellowish-orange color of the sunset to a person who was born blind, and have no concept of color. It is impossible for them to understand femininity, if they have never seen it or come in contact with it in their Western society; which Satan has been very, very thorough in eradicating. They think they know, but they do not. It is his first step to make society into feminism and homosexuality—ripe for God’s judgment.

Even the Western religious Christians, since they do not have the Holy Spirit, have a hard time behaving feminine. It continues to amaze me about God’s grace, patience and love to have waited this long, and tolerated this Western satanized culture this far, and even still calling out for repentance through His prophets. The right word for God’s love is “mind-boggling.” Even if the Westerner were to come into contact with real femininity, it would be disastrous, because they would detest and ridicule it; since they have Satan’s hearts. I have seen them pervert the Japanese paintings of feminine gestures of women to look like some boneless, drunk, mentally-deranged people, and likewise, the feminine movements of Japanese cultural dances to look like complete weirdoes. On Hollywood movies, they make feminine princesses look like they are stupid and incompetent; who needs to get out into the real world, and get stronger like Satan’s Amazon women who hit princes with frying pans. They depict housewives and child-rearing as stupid, lazy and incompetence. Everything about Satan is disgusting, and so inverse to God and His Spirit; it is horrifying to think what would happen to mankind, if God allowed this world to continue without destroying it. The Western heart cannot understand the heart of God, and they only think I am exaggerating everything. It is impossible for the sinful heart to understand the things of God.

When I see that 100% (and this is no exaggeration) of all the people who visit my blog site only read about five or six of my articles on political issues of abortion, Israel’s protection, homosexuality, pre-tribulation rapture, scientific archaeology, and secret organizations; and not even one, and I mean not even one person has read the hundreds of other more important articles on issues that they need to repent on, such as stopping marriage, stopping rock and roll music, stopping women’s equality, stopping work in secular jobs, stopping tattoos and ear-piercing and wearing men’s trousers and other pagan practices, and stopping all other Western humanist values of the post-1960s “Flower Children” in the Western Christian churches; this speaks to me very clearly and loudly by actual numerical, black and white statistics, the complete indifference and unrepentant and despise of the Western religious Christians towards the Torah Truth. I think there is no greater insult to God, and I believe they cannot blame God if He leaves them to judgment along with the heathens. It is undisputable evidence of the utter, complete, thorough apostasy of the End-Times Hellenistic culture humanist “Flower Children’s” post-1960s carnal lukewarm religious Jezebel Laodicean Western Christians. They only flock to the Western pastors of huge churches who teach them Western values and dead useless religious teachings, so that they attract the hundreds of thousands of church members. Their teachings do not give real life or sanctification, but they are just like heathen academic counselors and school principals who teach ethics and proper living, that elevate the emotions and feeling of religious purification of the hearers. That is why their churches grow to hundreds of thousands. I would not be surprised after getting to heaven that many of these pastors were not even born-again Christians. Dear Jewish brothers in Christ, I would rather have one faithful come to my church by teaching the stinging truth them, rather than have a hundred thousand churches follow me by teaching superficial uplifting Western Christianity religion teachings that only accomplish to make religious Christians. What would be the gain, eternally? I pray that the Lord will always give you an eternal heavenly perspective.

The very fascinating thing about these hypocritical Western Christianity so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang partners is that they will criticize, mock and ridicule your teachings; but they will hungrily come back to read your articles to search for the Torah Truth; so that they can take bits and pieces of them to use in their own teachings to their church congregations, in order to make them look like great teachers who have insight into the Truth; but they have no concern for God’s important issues that He shares to His Church to repent on, and they discard those more vital teachings as if they were garbage. So, God will discard them as garbage, too, and vomit them out. They call Him Lord, Lord, but they do not follow Him, but moreover, follow and teach Jezebel to God’s people. They have a grave responsibility as teachers of God’s Torah Truth.

Their heart is on earthly things, and not in heaven. They are not pilgrims and aliens passing through this earth, but they are indeed earth-dwellers here looking for nice Christian husbands to breed and propagate their genes on the earth, just like the heathens and pagans. That is why 60% of Western Christians divorce; and that is why over 50% of Western Christians are sick; and losing their children to the world. These are evidence of a carnal heart and a carnal church, that God is ready to vomit out of His mouth for they are lukewarm and worldly. They believe doing short missions, having prayer teams, coffee and donuts fellowships, attending Sunday services, giving tithes, and having cross pendants makes them Christians and followers of Christ. Where is faith, when Jesus returns? He shall find it in you, the chosen 144,000 Jewish Remnant of Israel. You shall follow and know the Truth, for you are truly legitimate children of God.

You know your Father, and you hear His Holy Spirit. Do not follow the ways of the Pharisees and the so-called “Bible Men” and their religious conference leaders and their Jezebel doctrines, dear brethren. Rather, meditate upon the Word, seek the Truth, and know the will of your Father in heaven. And all your ways will be blessed; you will bear much fruit; and He will save you from the time of coming trouble. You will be taken out of this earth before the final 1,260 days; while these Western religious populace are being massacred on the earth by the Anti-Christ. I leave you with a message of love from the One who set the foundations of the heaven before time and made man from the clay of the earth and breathed life into Him. He is able and willing. I long to see the day when I shall see you face to face in heaven. Peace and grace, dear brethren.