Dearly Beloved 144,000 Jewish Brethren,

I earnestly look forward to the day that you shall appear on the face of this earth. I need to teach you about the nature of evil, since you will be living in the most treacherous times in human history. There was recently a Western pastor who was saying that he saw another pastor yelling back and forth with another person. He was sternly reprimanding the church congregation that we must be more religious and godly. This may be true and this may be false.

It could be the opposite. It could be that the pastor preaching this is the carnal, religious person; and the pastor who was yelling could have been the spiritual, godly person. It is important that you do not just listen to these Western Christianity leaders and believe whatever they say; but to test the spirits behind each preacher, and discern by the Holy Spirit.

Obviously, it is not good to yell or throw fits of rage. We must be people of peace and love. We must learn patience and understanding and self-control. Though people deal with us unjustly, or rudely, we must deal with them in godly love; and must not reciprocate their behavior. We should not seek revenge, and leave room for God’s revenge and judgment. We must not live by the sword, but live peacefully with all men and governments and institutions, as much as we can.

However, there are times when you may have to yell back. Satan sends into the church all kinds of demon-possessed people to disrupt the church. Being intelligent and crafty like their father Satan, these evil people are marvelous actors, and exhibit themselves as religious, nice men. They are highly respected and admired by the carnal, dead, religious Western Christian church congregations. The Western pastors have no discernment of the Holy Spirit, so instead of kicking them out of the church, they allow these people to remain in the church. These demon-possessed people will reap havoc inside the church by attacking only the real, born-again Christians in the church, who are sharing the gospel, being used by God, and are a threat to Satan’s kingdom. To the lukewarm, fleshly church congregation, these demon-possessed people are very nice and religious; so if the real born-again Christians were to resist these demon-possessed people, the spiritually dead church people will think the real born-again Christians are evil and carnal, and drive the real Christians out of the church. This is Satan’s purpose, scheme, and reason for sending his demon-possessed people into the church. You will see this all over the place in the churches throughout the world. Satan’s tactic is to use the religious Christians to drive out all of God’s real born-again Christians out of the churches, so that the churches will die. In the history of mankind, the devil has always used the religious Pharisees and Christians to kill and martyr tens of thousands of real born-again Christians to stop the Torah Truth from being preached.

Evil people will yell and scream at you; or keep ordering you around; or try to make you do things which hinder your lives, and make it look like you are evil if you do not do it, in the eyes of all the church people and pastors. I tell you the truth—do not do it. It is better if you are wrongfully judged and criticized and ostracized by these carnal Western church people and religious Christians, than to be a victim of these demon-possessed people who are more clever and cunning than you. They have Satan’s high level of human intelligence to do evil, but of course, they do not have true godly wisdom. If you fight their game of propaganda, you will lose; but it is important that you speak the truth and let the Holy Spirit speak for you, and give you wisdom to deal with these people.

As I have mentioned to you before, dear Brethren, there was a young, baby Christian, gentle, feminine, kind, pure, loving, Japanese girl, who had just become a Christian. Some of the church men were pestering her, stalking her, and making her associate with them. The devil kept telling her mind that if she does not associate and talk with these demon-possessed servants of Satan, then that she has no love and is not being like a Christian, since she must love all people. This is a lie from the pit of hell. Being a more mature Christian, and having been stalked by about 15 to 20 crazy religious Christian women myself, God had given me wisdom of the Holy Spirit to counsel her. I told the sister in Christ that love is not feelings or associating with everyone, but it is to do what is good and right. This does not necessarily mean to let the devil and his henchmen walk all over her and abuse her and harass her like the Lord Of The Flies. I told her to stand up against evil people and not allow them to harass her. She needs to swat the flies down. If the church people and pastor think badly of her for doing so and ignoring these people, and if the demon-possessed people slander her to the church people, then so be it. She should leave such a church, for it is more detrimental to one’s spiritual growth to stay around a bunch of dead, religious Christians, than to be outside the church with the real born-again Christians.

I have learned the nature of evil. The nature of evil is that they love to yell, scream, hurt, abuse, harass, stalk, incriminate and kill good people. The demons who control these evil people know who the real born-again Christians are who are sharing the gospel and carrying out the Great Commission of Christ to all the nations, tribes and tongues throughout the world. Therefore, the real born-again Christians will receive a lot of attacks by Satan’s people. As I said, it is important to live at peace with all people, as much as possible; and to turn the other cheek, if someone insults you. However, the nature of evil is to continue to do evil to a good person, and to even escalate it to the level of abuse, bullying and finally killing. If you are a small nation without a military, an evil nation will attack your nation, and rape, plunder and pillage you. This is the nature of evil, of Satan, and his people. It is much like China invading and occupying Manchuria and Tibet and Uyghur, and criticizing Japan for invading them during World War II—this is the nature of evil. The devil goes around stealing, lying and killing. He was always a thief and a murderer.

If you allow evil to continue yelling at you, or stealing from you, or killing you, or raping your daughter, or invading your country, or blaspheming God; then you will just be like any religious person in Western Christianity who have been brainwashed by Satan to be always smiling, “nice,” forgiving, be slaughtered and be martyred. This is a lie from the pit of hell and this is what the Western Christianity teaches. They teach the post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders’ Jezebel satanic humanist Western doctrines. This smiling and drug-high nice personality is not of God, but it is of Satan’s religiousness. It is not real godly character and it is not real love. It is fake religion.

Brothers, we are not called to be deceived by Western Christianity or Satan or by religion. You have the Torah Truth, and you have the Holy Spirit. Discern for yourselves. And I am confident that real born-again Christian brothers do have the discernment of the Holy Spirit, and you know what I teach. God has His faithful small minority among the Western Christian churches. This is a confirmation to you, if you were in consternation, confusion and could not understand why the Western Church is the way it is; and the religious Christians are the way they are. Come out of them, and live as the true children of the Most High God. Live no longer under the shadow of false Western Christianity doctrines that have been formulated by carnal religious leaders for 2,000 years. You will always have the church and the religious leaders, but they have a terrible track record in terms of teaching and following the Torah Truth. Rather, they pervert and legalize and rewrite the Truth with their own minds and carnal hearts. That is why they rewrite God’s Word, who is Jesus, and teach women that they do not have to wear head-coverings and it is alright to wear men’s trousers and disguise themselves with cosmetics, against the Bible’s commands. You will be able to clearly discern a so-called Western Christian’s attitude toward Jesus by their attitude toward these Torah Truths and the Word Himself, regardless of whether they may tell you that they love Christ; for if they truly loved Christ who is the Torah Truth, they would love the above Truths in the Bible. They are without excuse, if they say that they love Him, but detest His Torah Truth and Bible and dismiss it. It is hypocrisy. And the Western religious church members are just as worse, since they do not know the commands written in the Bible, or they have sudden amnesia when it comes to commands in the Bible which contradict their post-1960s “Flower Children” Jezebel humanist Western self-righteous values of women’s equality. That is why God will vomit them out of His mouth: they are half Jesus and half Jezebel, half God and half Satan, half hot and half cold (lukewarm), and half Bible and half lie. They have no respect for God’s Word, and have no intention of following it: they just follow whatever part they want to follow—this is the religious Western carnal Christian. How can they blame God, if they fall under judgment? Only those who love God’s Word will be delivered from judgment. They may have Christian schools in Japan and collect tuition money and have religious good teachings, but they detest the Torah Truth and Bible’s real teachings. They are ruled by their wives. They are adherents of modern day Western Jezebelism. Therefore, they do not even practice the teachings that they teach.

The nature of evil is to continue to do evil to you, and to escalate that evil toward you, if they see that you do not do anything. The evil nature of man is to test you, and if you do not do anything, they will steal from you. If you still do not resist, then they will kill you, and steal your wife and house. This is the bullying and treacherous nature of evil. Therefore, if they continue to yell and scream at you, then you may have to yell back at them. Of course, you must try to live in peace with all people; try to reason with them; remain calm and self-controlled; hold no hatred against them; give to them within reasonable amounts, if that will bring peace; seek to escape from the situation if godly wisdom tells you to; but there is a time when you may have to yell back, just like the pastor whom the preacher was criticizing. The nature of evil is that they love to yell, scream, hurt, and kill; but, they do not want to be yelled back at, screamed back at, hurt themselves or killed themselves. Therefore, if these demonic spirits continue to yell at you, you may have to yell back at them, and rebuke them in Jesus name. I have found out that these demon-possessed people stop yelling at you and usually walk away, if you yell back at them, for they do not want to be yelled at, and experience unpleasant things themselves. They are hypocrites: they love to yell at people like many black women do, but they do not like to be yelled at. Satan’s nature is a coward. He goes around like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour, but when you go against him in the power of God, he will flee from you. So also are the people who yell and scream and manifest Satan’s character due to their sinful hearts—they are usually cowards and run away from more evil people or mobs.

You must understand that their nature is selfishness, so they love to give unpleasant stress to others, but they themselves do not want to experience unpleasant stress. They are hypocrites. Evil is hypocrisy, and that is why Jesus called the Pharisees and religious ministers as hypocrites. You must likewise stand up against evil people. It is just like the apostles rebuked the demon spirit of the sorceress who kept following after them and harassing them; and they commanded her eyes to be blinded, and she was blinded. It is like when Jesus picked up the rope and drove out the money-exchangers who were making money off of the people in God’s Temple. There are times when Jesus remained silent, and did not answer to the accusations of the Pharisees; and there were other times when Jesus just walked away when people tried to stone Him. There are other times when He boldly stood up against evil people, and even said very rude things against the religious pastors and minister of that time. There are times when Jesus prayed that the Father will forgive those who crucified Him. That is why when you boldly speak the truth to these modern day pastors and ministers, they will detest you and try to drive you out of their churches to silence you. They will not listen to sound doctrine or the exhortation of the Holy Spirit. They would rather live in their self-righteous Western humanism of Jezebel’s doctrine of women’s equality, working secular jobs, growing hair long, and preaching that Christians will get sick and ill.

Of course, you are not going to be militant and try to wage war, or get into fights, like some of the ancient Jews thought Jesus would do; unless someone is trying to kill you and your family. Instead, Jesus came to serve, to die on the cross, and to bring peace between God and man. What I am saying is that it is important to be filled by the Holy Spirit, so that you will have the discernment of the Holy Spirit, and you will be able to discern spirits of people. The Holy Spirit will give you the right words, the right behavior, the right decisions, the right discernment, the right wisdom, and the right way of dealing with each person and situation.

What I am saying is that Jesus did not smile at the demonic spirits of the demon-possessed man, and let the demon continue to yell and scream at Him, and he did not negotiate with the demon, or console the demon; like some Western religious men would teach and do and tolerate in the church of God. Jesus sternly rebuked the demons, and commanded the demons to leave the demon-possessed man. This may be what you need to do with demon-possessed people, if they continue to follow after you, and will not stop yelling and screaming and throwing rage at you; just like that pastor did to the church person, whom the preacher was criticizing as being un-Christian-like. You do not sit there in your pastor’s chair and listen for hours to this man or woman who is yelling and screaming at you, and not even respecting your leadership that Christ has given you. Yes, as a leader in Christ, you must be a servant and have humility; but there are times when you must deal with evil with authority and boldness of the Holy Spirit.

You know that a church person who yells and screams and behaves in such ungodly, evil ways is not of God or of the Holy Spirit. A Christian who has the Holy Spirit will not come to you, and scream his head off at you. You know that there is some sin in that person’s heart, and that is why the demons can have a foothold in that person’s soul and can control that person and use them. These evil people will only yell at you if you are in a weaker position than them. (For example, if they are your superiors or they are paying money to you or they can complain to your boss or they are physically bigger than you or they know you are a pastor and are supposed to be nice to them.) These evil people will not yell at you if you are in a stronger position than them. (For example, if you are a police officer or you are a mafia hit man or if you are three hundred fifty pounds of muscle or if you are their boss and paying their salary or if you have a grenade launcher in your hand.) That is the nature of evil, and the more a person is sinful and evil, the more the demons are able to control that person. That is why the most evil people come to you, if you are an executive, and they yell and scream at you, and try to get compensation money from you through intimidation. They share their father Satan’s character and nature. The godly person never comes to yell and scream and take from you.

Therefore, that preacher who was criticizing the pastor who was yelling back and forth with another person in church, could be the carnal, religious, Western self-righteous humanist; and the pastor who was yelling back at the person who was screaming and harassing him, could have been the truly godly, spiritual, wise individual. You can never tell. Do not judge by appearance, but discern by the Holy Spirit, dear Brethren. Appearances are deceiving, and things are not always what it seems.

I have discovered that the multitudes of demon-possessed people come to yell and scream at me, because their demons know that I am a real born-again Christian; but they do not yell at their fellow satanic people. The demons know who their enemies are. A lot of those people who scream at me are surprised at themselves for their own rage, and tell me that they cannot understand why they are so enraged at me, because they never got so angry in their lives, and apparently cannot find any reason for themselves to be so angry, too. A lot of the other people are surprised why so many people always yell and scream to me, because all these people are calm and nice to them, and never scream at them. They are surprised because to them I am a very nice person, and there is no reason for people to attack me. What these non-Christians and religious Christians do not understand is that it is the demons who control these sinful people that hate born-again Christians; and the demons control and speak to the mind of these people to get angry and to intimidate and threaten. If they were possessed by the Holy Spirit of God, they would not get angry; but they would be full of gratefulness, praise to God, joy, peace, love and all the fruits of the Spirit. By the fruits of the spirit, you will be able to distinguish the goats from the sheep in the church. What these people fail to see is the spiritual realm that controls evil people, and
that Satan’s people are at war with God’s children. You will see these Satan’s vampiric human servants yelling at supermarket managers, boutique managers, hotel managers, bank managers, and police officers about how much they have been inconvenienced by the situation, and how angry they are. Their trend of thought is always “me, me, me,” and very selfish. It is of satanic anger, instead of godly self-control; it is of satanic selfishness, instead of godly focus on other people; it is of satanic taking and compensation, instead of godly giving; and it is of satanic accusations and blaming, instead of godly repentance and inspection of one’s own sins.

There are roughly three levels of demonic control: demonic oppression, demonic obsession and demonic possession. You will be surprised how many people in these End-Times are possessed by demons (not only in third-world countries, but in civilized countries). They may be very nice, civilized people to the non-Christian people; but when the time comes, they will show their true nature, and reveal their savage nature. That is why when the Holy Spirit in the Christians are raptured out of this earth along with the Christians when God closes Noah’s Ark’s door and brings judgment upon the earth-dwellers, then since the Holy Spirit who is holding back evil in this world will be gone, this world will be an unrecognizably savage world. Humans’ true nature will be unleashed, and the non-Christians will no longer be constrained by the righteousness of the Christians when they are gone. Satan will be defeated by Michael’s angels, be thrown down to this earth, and literally, all hell will break loose on this earth.

Dear Brethren, we do not fight against flesh and blood, but with the principalities and powers of darkness in the spiritual realm—demonic spirits. You cannot battle with them with immature, carnal, religious methods; but, you must discern and deal with them in the Holy Spirit. Be not as children in the Truth, but be wise in the wisdom of God. Know that the people of this world are controlled by Satan’s spirits; and it is our duty to purge the church of these ungodly, fake, religious people who are used by unclean spirits. It is our duty to discern by the Holy Spirit, be filled by the Holy Spirit, and keep Satan out of the church of God. In these End-Times, as the Bible prophesies, the Western churches are controlled and filled with Satan’s people; and Jesus and the real born-again Christians have been kicked out of the churches, and are outside the church. In the 1960s and 1970s, these “Flower Children” ministers flooded into the churches, and were used to flood the churches with Satan’s Jezebel values and “Flower Children” humanism of equality, democracy, and environmentalism.

We live in evil times and what the Bible prophesies as treacherous times. Know the nature of evil, and stand up against such evil men. Live in peace and love as much as possible; but also live as real people and not fake religious people, and as strong men of God. Do not let these feminist women and effeminate pastors control the churches with their Jezebel spirits of Western self-righteous humanism, and bring in their post-1960s “Flower Children” Satanism into the churches. Do not let 60% Western divorce and independence and rebellion reign in God’s churches. Do not be part of this evil democratic Western church of Hellenistic humanism and Jezebel self-righteousness, which is controlled by the people for the people of the people; but restore God’s theocracy and Jesus to the Western churches and to His rightful throne, and men’s authority in the churches and God’s order in the universe. The Western religious leaders and pastors will read this for the amusement of their intellectual entertainment, but they will not dare teach this directly as is, for they fear the women in the church, and they are violent effeminate men just like Ahab (they are the sons of Jezebel who were brought up by Jezebel’s “Flower Children” rebellious generation). They will water the Truth down, revise it, pervert it, and make it palatable for the ears of the sensitive Western Christians of the End Times. That is why God does not take pleasure in the Jezebel post-1960s Western Christianity. Therefore, God has chosen you, the 12,000 from each tribe of Israel to carry on His Truth to the lost world.

If these demon-possessed fanatic feminists and homosexuals and pre-Noah’s flood-time people physically attack you or destroy the church properties or harass the sisters, then detain them and call the police. You must not hate the feminist homosexual inversed people, and you should only hate their sins and love the person; but you should not tolerate their defecations and blaspheming of the Almighty Living God of heaven and earth. You need to sternly and directly deal with evil men. Not fight, but to deal with them. When there is a strong control of demonic spirits on a person, due to the extent of their sinful hearts, then it tends to inverse their male and female characters. That is why a lot of homosexual and feminist people seem nice on the outside, but their inner violent real person explodes all of a sudden sometimes, as if they are controlled by savage demonic spirits. Most of their marriages do not last. Just as in Sodom and Gomorrah, they start trying to rape people, and even angels who have come to destroy them. However, before their numbers increase any further, and this society becomes even more savage, God will take out His people (born-again Christians) from this earth, so that they will not be harmed by these demon-possessed people.

Western pastors and religious people preach to you to forgive evil, demon-possessed people, but there is no need to forgive them, if they do not repent. However, you should not hold any bitterness or hatred toward them either. If they sin against you seventy-seven times, and ask for your forgiveness seventy-seven times, then you need to forgive them seventy-seven times. If they are demon-possessed evil people yelling at you and the church people, then instead of forgiving them, throw them out of the church. If the Western democratic church people cause a raucous that you are an evil person for casting out the demon-possessed, nice person from the church, then leave the church, for that church is not deserving of the Truth; since there is no Truth in such a church and people. Rather, go outside the church, where Jesus is working, and preach to the non-Christians who are hungry for the Truth, and will receive Jesus—the Word—the Torah Truth—and the Life. Do not waste your time on these people who do not want the Truth; who give themselves Western Hellenistic democratic power to hire and fire pastors; and will only hire ministers who will speak Western humanism and pleasing sermons to them, based on their seminary credentials and career experiences, and not whether a minister is filled with the Holy Spirit. Go out into the world where the harvest really is; and where Jesus is really working.

You, the 144,000 Jewish Brethren are the commandos of God’s army, who will remain single as the Bible commands and carry out the Great Commission of Christ to make disciples of all men in every nation, tribe and every corner of the earth; the Great Commission that the Western Church and religious Church has failed to do; just like Israel failed to claim the promised land from the Euphrates river to the Nile river, and therefore, are now having so much trouble in modern times. You must pick up the Great Commission, where the Western Church abandoned, due to the post-1960s “Flower Children” mothers’ so-called “Bible Answer Men” and their religious gang leaders’ satanic adulterous Jezebel teachings of modern Western self-righteous humanism to hunker down in their communities of sunny California, to work in secular jobs, to marry and breed genetic descendents who will be destroyed in the Tribulation, and to live paying for luxurious homes and cars, since God wants you to be happy and wealthy Christians to give lots of money to the church, so that the pastors will have lavish salaries and lifestyles and frequent trips to Hawaii under the appearance of doing ministry.

Dear Jewish Brethren, you must not follow in the steps of your predecessors—the wicked, lukewarm, Laodicea Western Christianity religion; but you must restore the Torah Truth of God to His House. You are a holy people called to be apart from the world and the religious people. Deal with evil as evil should be dealt with. Be real, brothers. Be godly and Christ-like in all of your deeds, thoughts, decisions, conduct and speech. God’s nature is truth, love, strength against evil, wisdom in all things, and the fullness of the Holy Spirit. You must be likewise. And may the power, mind and life fill you and uphold you, my dear friends. And then, you shall shine in righteousness in white robes and reign together at His throne forever, with the righteous and holy One who is called the great “I Am.” Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord!