Greetings from our Lord Jesus Christ, dear Jewish Brethren,


If you are an executive and donating tens of thousands of dollars to them, the Western churches and para-church organizations keep calling you every week to tell you how blessed they are to know you; and they are praying for you; and what a dear brother you are in Christ; and they keep using Christian terminology; and speaking about what their organization is doing for Christ. When you become a missionary, then these Western churches and para-church organizations stop contacting you completely. This clear cut, straight forward, hundred eighty degree opposite behavior is a typical trait and characteristic of the American people. Their god is money. If you have money, they will flock toward you. If you have no money, not a single American will approach you anymore. This is an absolute and complete and thorough evidence and proof of the heart of the End-Times Westerners, and for this reason, God’s judgment is coming. Homosexual and feminist people ask why a loving God would judge the evil. This is the answer. This is exactly the reason—the End-Times people are thoroughly and desperately wicked. They only appear nice to fellow wicked people.


The regional directors of these churches and para-church organizations are hired because they were former Chief Financial Officers of other organizations, and they attended church. They are not hired based on the leading of the Holy Spirit, but the Western religious people hire people based on their typical Western mentality of credentials and experience. They have kicked Jesus out of the End-Times lukewarm Western churches. If it were up to Jesus, He would hire the inexperienced, weak, foolish people of the world; and use them mightily for His ministry work, instead of the highly qualified, high credential individuals with experience and human intelligence. Do you see how depraved the End-Times Western lukewarm humanist Hellenistic Laodicea Church is? They are a mirror image of the heathen world around them, so that is why they are full of heathen religious people. All the real born-again Christians have been kicked out and excommunicated from the Church State and Western Christianity.


For this reason, all the media producers and television directors of these mega-church and para-church organizations are very evil, whatever nation they are in. I have met many of these Christian media people, but they all share a wicked, base, degenerate personality. They have no concept of the things of God or His Truth or His Holy Spirit. They are hired by the degenerate church leaders and Christian media organizations, because of their experience, high credentials and human intelligence. These Christian media and broadcast people come from the wicked, depraved, secular media background. As you know, the most evil, “Flower Children,” left-wing socialist, liberal, ungodly people choose to work in the media world, just like in the mafia, or illegal drug business, or Hollywood, or all of Satan’s world. It is so that Satan can corrupt society and brainwash the people of the world. Since the Christian organizations hire people based on experience and credentials from these secular media organizations, the Christian media is full of these wicked people, who claim to have become Christians.


Likewise, all these executive directors and regional directors of these mega-churches and para-church organizations choose to apply for these Christian positions, because they are stressed and cannot work in the wicked secular companies; and the Christian organizations hire them because of their credentials and human intelligence from their past secular backgrounds. That is why they say unbelievably rude things to other people while acting as MC for the church conferences; or they are invited as guest pastor comedians to say ungodly jokes at the conference stand-up comedy sessions. That is why these religious Christian directors and regional directors and executives of these Christian organizations behave in very weird ways by talking about prayer and the Lord all the time, and telling you how much they love you, and that they are praying for you, and how grateful they are that you give money to them every time. They book the best hotel suites and provide you seating in the front honorary table with the top people from that organization. But once they realize that you are not wealthy anymore, these “fund-raising” executives stop contacting you all of a sudden. Their actions are so obvious and precise it is almost shocking to the undiscerning. They send emails about how much they love you; but at the end of the email, they always attach all kinds of advertisements and publicity about their ministry or videos, and the need for our financial support. They are fund-raisers.


I have experienced these fake Christians over and over again, and they all have the same unusual behavior: they always say “praise the Lord” and “amen;” talk about how much they love you as a dear brother in Christ; and how blessed they are to know you,; and how they pray for you all the time; and they unceasingly talk to you about Christ and the Lord and how great He is. However, they do not talk about real spiritual things; or the Torah Truth of Christ; or things from the Lord’s wisdom or Holy Spirit; or the real things of life; which normal real born-again Christians talk about. If you talk about these things, they think you are weird and talking nonsense. They do not have the Holy Spirit, so they do not understand the real Truth or the things of the Holy Spirit, with their human intelligence. These fake religious people have something about them which is fake, and you can discern them by the Holy Spirit. God has given me the ability to discern these people.


They only start working for Christian organizations for job security and to escape from the evil and stress of the secular companies. It is like the Salvation Army or YMCA or other dead Christian religious organizations where all the employees are fake Christians who only work for these organizations for the salary; and they never had a born-again experience in Christ. They hate Christianity and Christians, but they work for these Christian organizations for their stable income and job security and nice work environment. It is like many of the Western church ministers and pastors, who are not real born-again Christians, but they go to seminary, get doctors degrees in theology, and become ministers because of their credentials and intelligence; and for the salary and stable job. They are not real Christians and God never chose them. God never chooses the fake religious people to do His ministry. That is why the churches are the first to kick out the real born-again Christians, and thereby, kick Jesus out of the churches. There are very few real Christians in the End-Times dead churches and Western Christianity itself. The Church has always martyred the hundreds of thousands of real Christians and burned them at the stake in history.


Even if the church pastor may be very anointed and a good person, when he becomes famous and his church becomes big, all these carnal, religious, money-mongering people flock around him, and flood into his organization. The church leaders are guilty for not discerning these people by the Holy Spirit, or keeping them though they know they are ungodly. These are the exact people who will be critical and abandon that pastor, if he were to fall suddenly and the organization were to fall under difficult times. That is why these church television directors will stand up and walk away during the middle of interviewing you on camera, without even excusing themselves. It shows that these ministry media people have no manners or etiquette, no basic human decency, and it shows that they can care less about you and are only interested in using you to further their advertisement of their church organization. The Western Christianity is been filled with fake, religious Christians, and there is no Holy Spirit there. Even non-Christians apologize or excuse themselves when they must walk off to attend to other business, while in the middle of interviewing you. It is basic human manners to excuse yourself, if you must walk away; you do not just walk off in the middle of a conversation with someone, without even saying anything to the other person. One of the audio mic people apologized for the director’s rude behavior, and he was working very hard doing very menial work carrying equipment; so this showed to me humility, kindness, concern for others, diligence, and he showed the filling fruit of the Holy Spirit. Now, I ask you dear brethren, who will be in heaven, and who will be the kings who will reign along with Christ: the highly salaried, super intelligent, high human credential director who walked away in the middle of the interview without saying anything, and who was very cold and rude from the beginning; or the humble, kind, hard-working audio mic person, who apologized on behalf of his fellow television director’s degrading behavior?


This is why they tell you to go on their television programs to praise their ministry and tell the public what a great impact they are having. They will utilize you to try to make more money from the public and get donations. It is commercial Western Christianity, and they are going by the book of Satan to horde money and advertise. It is not of God, but of the devil. This is Western Corporate Christianity: the apostate church that God prophesies for the End-Times—the last days of human history before judgment. They will try to avoid your discussion about the Torah Truth, and what the Western End-Times Church needs to repent on. Instead, they will stop you and veer the discussion away from what God wants to say; and they will try to make you answer their questions on how great their pastor’s messages are, and how it has benefited you; thereby, making you become their advertisement tool instead of God’s prophet. God has told me that these Christian television producers will cut out all of the truth you spoke about the Western End-Times churches and what they need to repent on; and they will only use the parts of the interview where they forcibly made you say things that sell their ministry. This is evil in the nth degree. These large churches are the money exchangers in God’s Temple, whom Jesus drove out with ropes. It is disgusting how they use you, and how they use God for their corporate America marketing. I ask you if God will not judge such institutions and conduct.


Dear Jewish Brethren, beware of these false-prophets and charlatans in God’s House. Get away from the churches and share the gospel of Christ in the world; and store your spiritual treasures in heaven; and the Lord Jesus Christ will keep you and welcome you into His riches in heaven forevermore. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord!