Dear Brethren and faithful remnant of Christ,


His tidings of love and peace I bring to you; you who are most loved.


Be not gullible and bad stewards of what God has entrusted to you, both in finances and service. Religious people will constantly try to take your money and waste your time with global Catholic good works. Rather than spend money feeding the poor and bandaging the sick, invest your money and service in sharing the gospel to all nations, tribes and tongues. For it will not benefit the alcoholic homeless if you give money to them, for they will just buy more alcohol. It does not benefit to give money to religious pastors, who just add the money for bigger church buildings/pastoral homes and personal car loans and vain ministry work. You will always have the poor and sick; and their thirst for bread and money from you will not be satisfied. Rather, spend the money to anoint Jesus’ feet with oil of sweet aroma. If the people get saved by the gospel of Christ and the Holy Spirit; then, they will be able to receive a job from the Lord to finance themselves; and would be healed by Him of their sickness, so that they can now heal others instead.


Do not be deceived by the devil and his art of religion to steal what God has entrusted to you as His good steward. Instead, let the Holy Spirit lead you to where you should give, and what you should be doing; and trust no humans, especially in this End-Times Christianity. Especially, do not trust the ways of the hippy rogue pastors and what they aspire to; their vain so-called ways of the “Bible Men” and their religious mentors and gang members. The most deceitful brothers will come as an angel of light: smiling, giving you sweet compliments, and words of love. The true born-again Christians will be outside the churches; not smiling; but offer to give to you freely from the abundance that God has given to them. By this, you will be able to distinguish a false-prophet and a true Christian of God: a fake Christian will come to ask you for donations and service; a true Christian will come to ask if he can give money to you in the Holy Spirit, and serve you in any way. If you find any person who does the latter in the Western heathen church, then there is yet hope for the remnant of Western Christianity. If no one has come to offer money and service to you, you will know that the Western church has no hope or future. Test the spirits, whether I speak the Truth or not, dear brethren.


It is absolutely amazing to me and leaves me speechless that the lukewarm Western End-Times Christians keep spending tons and tons their funds on postage cost, phone bills and email charges to constantly nag me for money. However, there is not a single Christian—and I truly am telling you the truth—not a single Christian who has offered to donate money to me. All the money I had as a missionary and for ministry was given to me by God. I do not say this because I was hoping to get any money from any human being; but I am just stating a fact that you may be aware of the facts. I do not hope for any support from humans; for my Father in Heaven is the owner of the universe. The End-Times Christians are just like the non-believing heathens—there is no difference. They have lost all saltiness and light, and the Holy Spirit and the Truth. They live and breathe and think just like the non-believing heathens around them. They are one and alike. They do not trust in God, but they trust in me by sending me requests for donations and donation forms, and by marketing how their churches and organizations are impacting God’s ministry. They are much like the car salesmen and secular businessmen: with all of their commercials and ads and flyers. There is no difference between the world and the Western Christians. They have become Corporate Christianity and thrown out God from the mind of Christians, who is really the one who provides all things. Instead, they call upon humans for support. It shows the carnality in the mind and heart of the End-Times Western Christians.


They show interest in me, and befriend me, and hang around me, when I am giving them money. However, when I have not given any money, they have no interest in me and leave me. They are just like heathens. I lent about $8,000 to one Samoan missionary, and he treated me as a brother; and told me how much he loved me. When he drove me home one day, I offered to pay for his gasoline money, and he demanded me to pay more money. When he felt that I did not pay enough, he started criticizing me for being stingy and money-oriented. When I asked if he was going to return the $8,000 I lent, he threatened my life. One person explained to me that the Samoan culture (not Christ’s culture) is: “Whatever is mine is mine, and whatever is yours is mine,” so the majority of Polynesians end up in prison. And, he used to be the worship leader at the church, leading people in worship to God. God has taught me not to trust any humans; for the heart of the End-Times human is utterly evil. You can only trust God and His holiness.


If you do not heed this warning, you will be burnt. And it should well be, for you and I learn only through suffering and pain and being deceived. As we go through life, God gives us discernment of spirits. This is so that we may protect the sheep flock of God from the many wolves in sheep’s clothes that attack and deceive the flock. We will be able to counsel our born-again Christian brothers and sisters, who have been deceived and hurt by the religious Christians in the churches, for we have experienced the same. You will be surprised to find that those famous, godly, smiling ministers with huge number of followers will not be in heaven. You will likewise be surprised that you will find reigning with Christ in high places, those who were unknown to all in distant lands, ridiculed by religious leaders, and ignored by religious Christians for they had no money or positions or education.


God sees people in different ways from how humans see them. And I can tell you brethren, that I am not impressed by how the people of the End-Times Western lukewarm Laodicean churches see people. Their mental pattern is: how intelligent is this person (which comes from evil Western Hellenist values of academics; they judge spouses based on their intelligence; so they can breed more genetically super race children); and not how much they love Christ whether their IQ is 50. They come to church looking for spiritual mature mates to breed with. It is a temporary sexual romantic eros animal courting love for mating; and after that animal passion subsides, they start becoming rude and hostile to their spouses. These are the most base animalistic people of society. These are the people who become very jealous and territorial toward the same sex like the male water buffalos, and do terrible things to them as competitors: and are the most animal-like people in church—sexually-oriented.


Their thinking pattern is: how pleasant will it be to me, if I associate with this person; and not how much I can do for this person in Christ’s love. The Western church-goers’ Western culture is the complete opposite of Christ’s culture. Instead of introducing people to each other as I did; they are always looking for future spouses to breed with. Instead of being grateful for your time and love to teach them the Truth which will set them free; they despise you and think you are proud by teaching them. They are not open to teaching by those who have no religious credentials. They do not understand or discern by the Holy Spirit; so by the evil of their heart, they also think you have evil motives.


These so-called “Bible Men” and their religious mafia hang around each other; compliment each other with sweet words; and unite together in their religious gang-mentality banners. The true pastors of Christ work to earn money so that they can provide support for His congregation; spends his time teaching God’s sheep without pay, instead of spending the time working for himself; and warns his enemies of impending judgment out of love for them. Cursed are the ways of the “Bible Men” and their religious mentors, for their way is that of Jezebel. Blessed are the saints of the Most High, for their quiet faithfulness and motives of love. Everything will be made known in heaven for the Light shall reveal every motive and action and word of man. Some boast of not taking any remuneration for their ministry; but I say instead of being proud of that, give back all the lavish houses, investments and clothes that you have taken from God’s House and His people. Are you willing to do that? Then, you shall be truly counted worthy of reigning with Christ through eternity.


Do not identify yourself with huge religious conferences which humans have concocted; or idolize church conference founders. They are but evil men. Instead, aspire to Christ, who is the head of each gathering and every teaching. Do not take these conference leaders and “Bible Men’s” teachings and corrupt thinking as sound doctrine; but test by the Holy Spirit whether they are truth. That is why you have the Holy Spirit in you. He will guide you to His Truth, if you have a right heart to seek the Truth, and not to satisfy your own self-righteous Western humanist values. Then, and then, all Truth shall be made known to you. Do you seek the Truth for expansion of knowledge and self amusement; or do you seek the Truth, in order to follow it to change your thinking and go against your Western humanist values? If you embrace God’s command for women to cover their heads in humility and not to wear trousers, then you love God’s Truth; but if you detest God’s teachings because you aspire to self-righteous Western humanist values of women’s equality, then you have no part in God’s Truth. Where is your heart; and where is your discernment by the Holy Spirit? That will define your position in Christ: whether you are for Him or against Him. This is because He is the Truth and the Word. If you despise the Truth, you say you love Him only in words, but hate Him with your heart. If you love His Truth and teachings and commands, then you love Him in your heart. This is the test.


Likewise, if you ask for money, then the Truth and Christ is not in you. If you give money, then the Truth and Christ is in you. For Christ does not ask for money, but He gives freely unto you. If your Lord gives freely to you, then you also should give freely, as His sons and daughters. You are not an illegitimate son. Whoever is your father, you will follow his ways and share in his values. If you obey God’s Word, then God is your Father. If you follow Western humanism of the so-called “Bible Men” and their hippy rogue pastoral gang and the world, then your father is the father of this world. And whether the Truth is in your heart or falsehood is in your heart, that is what you will teach others. This is the test. Your doctrine and values will be where your heart is.


The Western pastors search the Holy Scriptures frantically to justify their doctrines. They find one and warp it to mean what they want it to mean. They say that Apostle Paul asked for money. Paul was not asking for people to support him, but he was telling people to support the brethren—each other. Paul said that he did not depend on people, but he worked for his own money. It is God who provided for him through moving people to do so. How many of these Western pastors work for their own money? No, they live in luxurious homes, have nice cars and have fine lifestyles.


Do you see how the Corporate Christianity religious leaders and so-called “Bible Men” and their religious leaders continually warp and pervert God’s Word to mean what they want it to mean; and then do what they preach by asking brothers to give money to them. They construct churches; make themselves pastors and dictators over them; instead of traveling all over like Paul to build up God’s churches; they call themselves pastors in wealthy neighborhoods where they form a castle; become proud and stubborn in their ways—indifferent to any reproof; write lots of books; and ask for donations. If they were true servants of God, they would publicize their books on the internet for free to all the sheep of the flock, for you cannot charge the flock and sell God’s Word! These so-called “Bible Men” and their religious leaders are hypocrites!


They go into this prosperity doctrine of giving by faith, so that you can receive more money and wealth. It becomes the “name it and claim it” material doctrine of these Western church TV evangelists. Is the focus on the material things, or is it on God’s will? God is not a genie in a bottle who grants people’s wishes. They make God into a servant and a tool for their prosperity, instead of us praying as servants and tools for God to use for His will to be done. Yes, it is God’s will to bless us, but it may not be His will for Him to be used by you to give you a million-dollar home in Southern California. So, faith comes by the grace of God as a gift; and as you ask Him to help you with your unbelief; and as you hear the Word of God.


The Centurion was given faith, as he heard about the Word of God—Christ. He did not seek wealth and prosperity, but he sought healing for his servant. Abraham was not a man of faith: he laughed when God told him He was going to give him a son at his and his wife’s age (90 years old). But by God’s grace, as He saw the faithfulness and power and love of God and encountered His Word, he became the “man of faith” that Paul was talking about. Grace came first and faith followed. If you have faith, you can move mountains; but what is the motive and purpose behind that faith? God did tell you to test Him by giving, but what is the reason for giving? God’s servants would not ask you to give money to them; and promise to give you books and CD’s for a limited time offer, only if you give a certain amount. That is Corporate Christianity run like a Western business; and God’s House turned into a Western humanist enterprise.


That is why my heart is filled with praise to God, when I see brothers like J.D. Farag; who leave behind their prosperous businesses as presidents of a company, to follow God; and leave behind their huge churches that they have developed in nice neighborhoods and their luxurious car; when God commands them to go to a small island to start a different church there. You see, there are the faithful remnant—the born-again Christians who know God; who trust God; who live according to the Spirit and faith. May they be blessed for they shall reign with Him in heaven.


The Western End-Times lukewarm Hellenist church is Corporate Christianity, because that is where their heart is. On the contrary, God’s true servants will worship in truth and Spirit, because that is where their heart is. May you love the Truth and the Light who has come to you, dear brethren; and I pray that you may be found not wanting in the faith that you have come to believe. His grace and love embrace you. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord!