Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to all the churches of the world! As the days grow more pagan, Anti-Christian and evil, we know that our redemption is even nearer; and that the day of our Lord Jesus’ return is, yes, right at the door. Therefore, this is no time to be slumbering, but we need to be wake up; and be aware of the times that we are living in, just as our Lord instructed us to stay awake and look up for our salvation is near, when these things start to happen.

Satan’s ancient Mesopotamian / Sumerian texts state that God is a reptilian alien who wanted to use man as a slave in Eden; and would not give him access to the fruit of the tree of knowledge. It goes on to say that Satan wanted to give man knowledge and free him; and makes Satan out to be a freedom fighter. It says that Satan created an organization called the “Brotherhood of the Snake,” and that is why the offshoots of the brotherhood—the many religions and occults—worship the snake. The legend says that the evil aliens did not like Satan, so they made the Serpent or Lucifer out to be the evil guy. The so-called brotherhood of this serpent was dispersed to become all the different occults, fraternities and religions of the world—which have their roots in the mystery Babylon religion mentioned in the Bible. They fight each other, but they are there to unite under their root of Satanism to fight against God.

They turn the Bible’s story upside down; and make Satan the hero and God the villain; as in all of Satan’s fraternities and religions. This is how Satan will deceive the world in the Tribulation Age to fight against God and His saints at Armageddon; making us out to be some kind of evil aliens; perhaps Draconian reptile aliens or something. This is how he plans to unite the people and countries of the world under his Anti-Christ; just as Ronald Reagan said the world would quickly throw away differences and unite to fight extraterrestrial alien threats. They say that the Illuminati’s or elite’s goal is to decrease the population of the ignorant masses from 6 billion to 500 million through plagues and wars.

Satan has certain people he possesses and uses to spread diseases every time globally (like the vampires’ human servants): they are one of the most sinful people of each nation—usually from the most vulgar tiers of society; leading unhealthy lives; and do not even have the decency to cover their mouth when coughing or take a day off from work. They are one of the most depraved people in each society; and reproduce children who are also depraved; unless saved by the love of Jesus Christ.

You may not believe this, but among the most vulgar tiers of society in the United States, the husbands and wives often get into fist fights. Since everything is opposite in Satan’s society, the women usually win, and beat up the men to a pulp. If you look at pagan satanic cultures like in Polynesia or Africa, the women are 3 or 4 times bigger than the men, much like the insect world. It is because the more satanic they are, the more sinful they are; and the more sinful they are, the more gluttonous they are; and the more gluttonous they are, the more bigger they are. Satan’s world is a world of brute force, instead of godly love. That is why all the demons obey Satan out of fear, whereas God’s angels obey out of love. However, these huge women do not live long, and they usually die from heart attacks or other disease; because the wages of sin is death. I have often experienced these monster American women come seeking to complain to the executives; and they scream and yell and curse and walk off in tight shorts exposing their fat buttocks wearing flip flops, behaving much like an animal from some prison cell. Their sons may tell them it is alright and to calm down; but these mothers yell at their sons to shut up.

The U.S. has the most refined, cultured, nicest people; but they also have the most barbaric Jezebel type women, too. They do not associate or interbreed with each other, so the gap in society becomes even bigger. Some of them are super intelligent like the mafia leaders, so they make lots of money; and wear jewelry; put on brand clothes; speak with eloquent speech; live in wealthy neighborhoods; and disguise themselves as cultured, refined people; but their evil nature and prideful mentality exposes their original backgrounds. If they were truly from the cultured, refined background; they would be humble and respectful of others. Jesus was a carpenter, but he was a gentleman of gentlemen. It is only Christianity and a personal relationship with Jesus that can change the evil people of a nation, and turn them into a godly, holy community of people. Then, they would bring up their children to be humble, godly children, much like the Christianity-centered pre-1960’s American generations. I cannot imagine how evil the world will become when the Church Saints are raptured out before the Tribulation judgment age, and the Holy Spirit who is suppressing the spirit of the Anti-Christ, is taken out of this world.

Since the people that Satan can control the most through their evil hearts can be used by him like a puppet; he gives them key political positions in each nation with decision-making powers; so that they can enforce all kinds of restrictions on their military with evil, self-righteous, Western humanist doctrines; to prevent their military from achieving quick and total victory; in order to allow the Illuminati to prolong conflicts and cause unbelievable carnage; and to allow Satan’s evil nations to be protected and continue on; and create an anti-war outcry by the stupid masses as casualties mount; because of Satan’s global anti-war pressure from the most evil, self-righteous, radical left-wing, violent peace rallies by the brainwashable, most sin-ridden, illogical, vulgar tiers of society.

You did not see this trend in World War 2, so they destroyed Satan’s nations; but after the post-1960’s “Flower Children,” satanized, evil, demon-possessed generation, you see that the daughter of these “Flower Children” have taken over control of the mass media propaganda, college faculties brainwashing, and political governments; according to Satan’s plan; and have prohibited the U.S. military from winning any wars since World War 2, due to reasons of humanism and restriction on carpet bombing, nuclear weapons, and annihilation of all atrocious Canaanite people. The “Flower Children” hippy symbol is the broken cross, peace sign fingers. Satan used his worship team bands like the “Beetles” to possess them through rock-n-roll trances; and has mind-controlled the Western Christians post-1960’s generation to worship him through these Christian concerts, through his so-called “Bible Men” and their religious leaders and pastoral cliques. They side with their Catholic friends against God’s prophets, which shows which camp their hearts are with.

For example, almost all Japanese I have ever met believe that the nuclear bomb was evil; and strongly believe that they should have been allowed to massacre millions of people through prolonged conventional warfare; which the devil wanted. Every single Japanese man, woman, and child was ready to die using bamboo spear suicide charges. Sin makes people illogical; so that is why the Western humanists of these End-Times are becoming more pagan and illogical in their politics and decisions. The farther you drift away from God or a nation drifts away from God’s precepts; the more crazy they become, like Satan.

God diverted the U-234 submarine with the German uranium which was on its way to Japan when Germany surrendered, in order for the Japanese to use it to continue German development of nuclear weapons to kill tens of thousands of allied nations’ civilians. Both Japanese, just like the Nazi Germans who worshipped pagan occult Germanic gods, also worshipped pagan occult Japanese Shinto gods.

The Japanese government set up the emperor as a descendent and a god of the Shinto pagan occult religion; and was controlled by these demon spirits. The Japanese people, just like the German people, who were controlled by these evil spirits; also worshipped the emperor as their Shinto occult god, and worshipped the Shinto gods. “Kamikaze” suicide pilots were called “winds of gods,” and were believed to become gods after they crash their planes into enemy ships; and to be worshipped in Shinto shrines. Sounds familiar? Yes, they are the same fallen angels behind Satan’s Muslim suicide bombers, who are obeying the Koran to kill or convert all infidel and non-Muslims to make the world Islam; and are worshipped as martyrs.

Behind every evil people are Satan’s fallen angels. However, God turned around and used Satan’s nuclear bombs on Satan’s own people, instead of on God’s Christian nations—so that it backfired on him. Mount Fuji, where hundreds of people are led by demons to commit suicide, is worshipped as a sacred Shinto temple. They have Shinto weddings and baby dedications. That is why the Japanese are nice to each other and non-Christian foreigners, but they have always tried to kill me—for the demons know who the born-again Christians are. Everyone, regardless of their nationality is capable of being a Hitler and massacring millions of people, if they drift away from God.

When the United States becomes more and more pagan; the more they will become demon-possessed; and the more they will start head-hunting and mangling bodies during the coming Tribulation Age; just like the savage American Indians, Southeast Asians, Africans, Polynesians and Middle-Easterners. Most lukewarm Western Christians who do not have the Holy Spirit are absolutely ignorant of what the devil is doing; so they have no knowledge that the Anti-Christ’s government is already importing thousands of guillotines to their FEMA concentration camps and mobile prisons for martial law to execute them; as well as shackles in train cars.

As you are aware, the Anti-Christ will use the IRS and FEMA to control the world. The Bible says that the Anti-Christ will decapitate Tribulation Christians and Jews; in obedience to his Muslim command in the Koran. The Westerners will lose the civilized aspects of Western cultures that were cultivated by Christianity, during the two thousand year Church Age. When the Holy Spirit who is in the church saints is raptured out with the saints, there will no longer be any Holy Spirit or ethics to hold back the non-believers’ savage human natures on the earth. They will become like the savage, pagan Catholic Church that massacres the born-again Christians—God’s people. They will become anti-Jewish just like the Catholic Illuminati, who helped many Nazi occultists to escape after the war. You can see the U.S. changing from pro-Israel to anti-Israel in these End-Times, and it is even hard to find Americans without tattoos now; just like normal German people were reverted back to their pagan, Germanic occult, violent, barbarian tribal origins, during World War 2.

A commonality among all these cults is that they believe that they are instructed by alien beings to conduct atrocities or suicides. They all believe in ancient pagan gods who they believe are aliens that they are communicating with. For example, these ancient African gods are said to have elongated skulls like the Indio and Egyptian gods; just like the fallen angels’ Nephilim who were extremely intelligent and had expanded skulls. They are worshipped by the African voodoo witchdoctors and American Indians and Germanic pagans and other ancient cultures. Hitler and Himmler tried to revive Nazi worship of these pagan Germanic gods, and had all kinds of rituals and public ceremonies venerating them. The swastika or peace sign symbolizing the broken cross can be found in religions worldwide. They were led by Satan’s fallen angels to try to eliminate God’s people—the Jews. The modern ufologists believe that these ancient gods were extraterrestrial alien beings; just as Satan is brainwashing the people of the End-Times earth to believe in aliens through these emissaries and psychics and liberal media.

Some of these cultic thieves’ groups were called the Thuggee of India (where the word “thug” comes from); who murdered their victims as sacrifice to their Hindu goddess Kali (the same demon as Fatimah in Islam; Mother Mary in Catholicism; Isis of pagan Egyptian religion; Amaterasu of Shinto; female goddess of the Wiccan witches; Venus of the Roman religion; Lilith of the feminists; etc.; which are branches of the Mystery Babylon religion that God will judge during the Tribulation Age). As you already know from my previous letters, Satan’s world is the complete opposite of God’s male-centered world; so the cults often worship goddesses and have female priestesses or psychics. The occults like the Thuggee murdered people, because they believed that the gods or aliens required blood sacrifice; which is Satan’s copying or evil perversion of God’s holy sacrificial Lamb, who is Christ on the cross for the redemption of man.

They say that the thirteen of the wealthiest families (thirteen being Satan’s number) who are the leadership of the Illuminati, try to keep their royal bloodlines pure through intermarriage. They say that they go back thousands and thousands of years back to the Mystery Babylon religion. This seems like it is Satan’s copying of the number twelve for government in God’s Kingdom, such as the twelve disciples and the twelve foundations of the New Jerusalem. These royal families are supposed to own all the powerful businesses and brainwash people through the Hollywood and satanic rock-n-roll music industry; and control the masses through occult black magic or the power of Satan.

They say that the masses are controlled by this black magic and occult power, and their god whom they call the “illuminated one” or Lucifer—Satan himself. They have the Christian youths dancing to the music of Satan in the churches, as a result of these so-called “Bible Men” and their religious leaders who mix Satanism into the churches of God. The Jewish Cabala branches and mafia align with this occult connection. There are many occult practices of the mafia such as cutting the hand to offer blood and burning Mother Mary’s figurine. Whether it is the African voodoo effigy to place a curse on someone, or the Japanese shaman effigy to place a curse on someone; all of Satan’s people do the same thing; because they belong to Satan, and Satan does the same thing wherever they are in the world. The secret societies such as the witches’ demon covens, Knights Templar and Skull & Bones fraternity, among many others originate with the “Brotherhood of the Snake.” Families like Disney brainwash children into the occult using media. Websites such as the following talk about this: , and give the names of the 13 families. Satanic symbols such as the six-pointed star of Judaism, and Freemason compass logo, and the eagle emblem of the U.S. seal are explained here.

After the “Brotherhood of the Snake” split up, they are supposed to have formed the different religions of the world, and put themselves in charge of the churches; infiltrating them like the so-called “Bible Men” and their religious hippy gang members. Their mission is to corrupt the doctrine of Christ’s Word; mix feminist Jezebel harlot doctrines; introduce Satan’s worship music; and adulterate God’s people through brainwashing with Western humanist values and pagan practices such as marking/piercing bodies. We have never seen a state of church apostasy and pagan church teachings in the history of the church.

Communism evolved from this Satanist occult origin through Karl Marx. The U.S. was a Christian republic, but now has become a democracy with power held by the elite families and not the people. The people do not know this for they believe that they hold the power.

You can see through all the scientists’ so-called inter-dimensional UFOs and alien stories and ufologists’ alien gods beliefs and cult member beliefs that they all perfectly fit like a puzzle with Satan’s scheme and deception that will be coming in the future. They all unite the religions of the world under a commonality with science and aliens; and they are all gruesome and anti-Christian anti-God. The reason why you can see these connections is because you have the Holy Spirit. The earth-dwellers of this world cannot see these things, because the devil has placed a blindness upon their minds. Since they would not believe in the Truth, God has handed them over to a strong deception; just like when a nation refuses to believe in Christ, God hands them over to the curse of homosexuality and feminism; similar to the wicked times of Atlantis before Noah’s flood when feminists were having sex with fallen angels, and divorcing God’s men. God threw those fallen angels into Tartarus because of that, where they are even now kept for judgment.

These Japanese “Aum” cult believe that their cult leaders can read their followers’ thoughts through these electromagnetic technologies by wearing probes on their heads. The ufologists’ ancient alien theories of Darwinist evolutionism and cultic psychic Satan worship go hand in hand. The Hindu legends are full of the accounts of these alien flying machines and aerial / nuclear wars and occult worship. In the End-Times, the whole world will be deceived by the fake signs and wonders that the False-Prophet in Rome will perform, in order to make the world worship the Anti-Christ. The pope’s Vatican has already declared that the Catholic religion believes in extraterrestrial alien beings. Everything is gearing up to the one-world religion under the False Prophet, after God’s saints are raptured out of the earth.

Many of these ancient alien theorists and New Age mediums believe that the ancient crystal skulls that have been discovered are the keys to the New World Order. They believe that when the thirteen crystal skulls (thirteen being Satan’s number) are united, it will reveal the secrets of the ancient aliens or fallen angels, who are recorded in ancient texts to have come to the earth to teach ancient civilizations throughout the world. The scientists say that crystals can contain mega amounts of data that far surpasses our modern technology of computer microchips. They are waiting for the aliens to come back to lead them to the next level of evolution (evolution being Satan’s doctrine introduced in pre-Noah’s flood’s days, too), which the New Age sorceresses call the Age of Aquarius or an age of moving into the next higher dimension—the dimension of the ancient aliens or disguised fallen angels. Scientists believe that the aliens are coming from a different dimension.

We currently live in a 4-dimensional world (width, length, height, time). They say that the Bible shows that Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden lived in a higher multiple dimensional world; what we call the spiritual realm, to live eternally. However, when sin came into the world, Adam and Eve lost one or some of the dimensions, and found themselves no longer covered by light, and saw that they were naked. They became mortals, instead of immortal. They covered themselves with fig leaves, but God sacrificed animals and gave them animal skin to wear. It took blood sacrifice to cover the result of their sins; which is an imagery of Christ’s atoning sacrificial blood on the cross to pay for our sins. God tells us that He will give us white robes of righteousness to wear in heaven. The Bible tells us that the fallen angels took off their natural spiritual clothing or dimension when they decided to breed with human women, and have giant Nephilim children with them. God threw them into Tartarus for their evil. Jesus tells us that when he comes back and raptures us into heaven; he will clothe us with these dimensions; and our body will be transformed to spiritual bodies in the twinkling of an eye.

The Indios arrogantly boast that their savage ancestors who did not even wear decent clothing and practiced savage satanic mutilation before the missionaries stopped them, carved these crystal skulls. These ancient alien theorists refute that by saying that the skulls do not show any marks that it was carved. They say that even our advanced technology in modern times cannot carve them without leaving marks. They say that it was carved in the ancient times by an advanced technology that is beyond modern day human technology. They say that ancient records show that it was Satan’s fallen angels that came to the ancient civilizations to rule the ancient pagans, became their gods, and taught them knowledge.

They say that all the pyramids in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe (Denmark, Britain, France), South America, Polynesia (Easter Island), Okinawa (underwater off the coast), etc. are all aligned perfectly in a straight line with each other. They are also said to be in a straight line through the earth’s core, on the exact opposite side of each other on the earth, too. These Japanese underwater ruins show sculptures of faces that resemble the sculptures in other parts of the world. These European ruins which are thousands of years old are said to have carvings that show complex mathematical formulas, such as its longitude and latitude and pi. All ancient writings throughout the world record the Noah’s flood, and sinking of Atlantis. All the ruins in the world seem to all point to the constellation of Orion. Orion is where these New Age occultists and ufologist ESP witches believe that the gods or fallen angels came from to teach ancient humans; and are the human-looking aliens who planted their genes here on the earth (panspermia), until mankind is ready to move unto the next dimension of evolution. We will most likely see the great deception of Satan’s evolutionary theory; and the return of these demonic spirits in the form of Satan’s Watchers or so-called fake aliens, during the last seven-year Tribulation Age; after the Church is raptured out of the earth.

Satan’s servants (New Age mediums, ufologists, authors, magazine journalists, professors, novelists, television screenwriters, Catholic church, occultists, etc.) are urgently and fanatically trying to spread Satan’s End-Times deception of extraterrestrial aliens to the world; to prepare and brainwash the earth-dwellers; as it was in the times of Noah’s flood—Satan’s so-called secrets.

The Japanese, much like the Indios, arrogantly believe that it is their ancestors who created great technologies and possessed great brains. All Japanese will adamantly deny this, except for the most intellectual geniuses working in American universities who are true cultured, honest people: but, almost all Japanese I have encountered believe that they are a superior race of beings possessing superior skills and abilities, far superior to other nationalities. For example, they will always boast how only the Japanese can make the nose cones on the rockets at NASA. Those foreigners who deny that the Japanese think this way are simply ignorant and being deceived by the “tatemae” front of the Japanese. They have no true knowledge of who the Japanese race are. If you are a friend or customer to them or an executive over the Japanese, they will say good things to you. However, since the Japanese are a Confucian-Taoist hierarchical society; if you are in a subservient position to them or they are paying salary to you; they will pound you every day with continuous talk about how much more dexterous and mentally superior the Japanese are than other people, such as colored people or white Caucasians.

These things only come out publically when the Japanese political leadership changes to a dictatorship or militaristic government; where these ideologies can be spoken openly and even are encouraged. The Japanese will quickly change back and forth between militarism and democracy, depending on who governs them or pay their salaries. This has been proven time and time again, hundreds of times, in my experience in the Japanese corporate environment and group environments. In the twenty years I have lived among them, not a single Japanese stood up for righteousness or desired to be ostracized by the group by speaking the truth. Even foreign-born Japanese are sometimes discriminated because they believe that they have been contaminated with Western mentality of “independence” and “individualism.”

If other nationalities criticize the Japanese because of this, then they are hypocrites, too: because I have found that all nationalities share this same mentality of their nationality being superior and good; mostly among the uneducated, vulgar, arrogant, lower level of people in each nation; whether they are the Germans, French, Italians, Chinese, Americans, South Americans or Middle-Easterners. For example, the Jews look down on the gentiles. The more educated, intellectual, cultured, refined people of each nation usually have a high respect for other cultures and nationalities; and have an active interest in other races and literature and arts.

The Japanese have a culture called honne and tatemae. Honne means the real, concealed, true, evil heart; and tatemae means the disguising, diplomatic, surface, good heart. So, when you behave like a godly Christian, they deem this as only the tatamae covered-up personality; and that you really intended evil, instead of good. I could not understand why they always take your actions and speech to have evil underlying intentions; but I came to understand it, after I understood the honne/tatemae Japanese mind. In all races and nationalities, I have discovered this two-sided character. They are similar to the other island nations, like the English, who have this two-sided character.

They are very nice to you while you have a lot of money and you are their supervisor or customer; but when you have no money like a missionary and you are under their mercy, they will either ignore you or start using authoritative speech toward you; or start calling you by your last name, without using the title, “Mister.” On the other hand, when you are a military officer, they will call you, “Sir;” or if you are a company president, they will call you, “Mister.” It is just that in Japanese culture, this treatment based on your power that you possess is magnified 20 times in either direction. If you are their company president or customer, they will bow about 10 to 20 times to you and smile to you and worship you as a god: their famous saying is, “A customer is a god.” The earth-dwellers behave like their father Satan, because Satan is the god of this world, and their father. No doubt, the fallen angels kiss Satan’s rear, but they bully weaker demons; just as in Japanese culture.

At first, I could not understand how a true born-again Christian, who is under Christian culture and filled with the Holy Spirit could yell or bully the choir or congregation; like the Japanese church male choir leaders and male Japanese college ministry staff leaders and Japanese pastors often do; or order you around rudely or slander you like the female church staff do; because Jesus washed his disciples’ feet and served the people who were under Him. I discovered that they look down on you as being an inferior human beings under their Confucian-Taoist hierarchical culture; and the Holy Spirit showed me that it is also because of their “inferiority complex” (which is directly proportionate with their pride and arrogance); if you are well-mannered, have an executive position in a company, wealthy, and have longer legs or are better-looking than them. In other words, these Christian leaders are very carnal in their spirit; and judge people based on their appearance or high position in society or how attractive you may be to the opposite sex; and live according to the fruits of Satan’s spirit. That is why dozens upon dozens of Japanese women stalk you, based on your appearance or wealth. You do not want to live in such a country, unless God has called you to preach repentance to them; or, unless there is a way that you can only associate with the few educated, moral, refined tier of people there. However, obviously, you cannot do so if you are a Christian, because God has called you to minister to the yakuza mafia, prostitutes, and regular masses of Japan, too; in which case you will be vehemently persecuted by Satan’s religious Christians there.

That is why, just like the Indios believe that their ancestors built the ancient satanic technologically-advanced temples of the Mayans and Incas, the Japanese believe that their ancestors made the world’s greatest cutting-edge technologically-advanced samurai swords; when in fact, they were just taught by the fallen angels of Satan, or what the ancient alien theorists call as extraterrestrial beings. The craftsmen in Japan, just like the sumo wrestling federation, worship demons. (All the ceremonies and ring constructions and hairdos have Shinto meaning.) They are closely connected to their Shinto religion; and of course, Shinto is Satanism—one of the Mystery Babylon religion offshoots. When the Japanese pray to their Shinto gods before making their swords, they are praying to their demon (as you know, Satan and his fallen angels love to be worshipped). These fallen angels or unclean spirits teach technology to these swords smiths and computer moguls; just like Satan gives superior intelligence to the Anti-Christ to be elected to presidential offices, or to founders of Mormon and Jehovah’s Witness cults. They are like the tools of Satan, or the sorceresses and spiritual mediums, who God hates. That is why these Satan’s people are rich, wealthy, intelligent, famous, and worshipped by the earth-dwellers as heroes and immoral celebrities, just like the cursed Nephilim ancient heroes of pre-Noah’s flood days of Atlantis. These rock stars have money, sex, power, fame and all the drugs they can use; because they make a pact with Satan, if they worship him and lead many Christians to worship Satan.

People like the so-called “Bible Men” and their religious gang and religious leaders worship these brilliant geniuses like Steve Jobs, who changed the world through their inspirational technology. It is because they worship religion and knowledge; and that is why they do not recognize God’s Truth about the command for women’s head coverings and prohibition to wear men’s trousers. They worship Satan, for they worship these computer moguls who Satan gives amazing knowledge and wondrous signs to advance his world plan; just like he advanced evolutionary theories and advanced technology in Atlantis, before Noah’s flood. These so-called “Bible Men” and their religious gangs and leaders are corrupt in heart and mind.

Our Lord has not given us a Spirit of confusion, but a Spirit of Truth, wisdom, discernment and a sound mind, dear brethren. Do not be led astray by the Jezebel doctrines of these wicked so-called “Bible Men” who have infiltrated God’s House and their religious mentors who vomit God’s Word out of their mouths. Have nothing to do with their adulterous ways and Western Christian humanist doctrines and pagan practices. Know the Word of God, and live by the Word of God, lest you be deceived. Glory and praise be to our King and Savior, Lord Jesus Christ! Peace! Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord!