Dear Tribulation Saints & Jewish Remnant,


May the God who created heaven and earth continue to lead you to all understanding and truth of the Word of God who is Jesus Christ our Lord; and deliver you from the deception of the so-called “Bible Men” and their religious mentors.


There are tons of non-Christian scientists who are discovering intelligent design, as they discover more and more science. They are discovering that the complexity of the cells, the statistics for the possibility of the millions of perfect order in DNA information, the presence of languages and information, etc., etc., etc., are impossible to exist under Darwinist evolutionary religion or alien creation. They are finding out as more science is discovered that there must be an intelligent designer of the universe. They have uncovered how Darwinism and evolutionary religion has covered the truth, just to drive through their agenda and philosophy of atheism. However, as science has unfolded to the extent to which it has in our age and technology, everyone has discovered how evolution and accidental chemical reaction life is a preposterous concept. These scientists are prominent scientists from all fields, who are well-known and have much prestige in the scientific academic world.


They come from various backgrounds, including agnostics. They have proven that life cannot be created by aliens; and aliens cannot be also created from a chemical reaction in miry sludge; and aliens that create those aliens cannot be created from mud and electricity either. As Dr. Chuck Missler said, the whole food industry of the world relies on this fact, that life just does not pop out of chemical reaction occasionally; such as from a sealed peanut butter jar, all of a sudden. Life requires hundreds of types of proteins. In order to get those proteins with its advanced micro mechanics and information order, it would be a one in a trillion of a trillion of a trillion, etc. possibilities. It would be like blindfolding yourself, and picking out the right atom from all the atoms in billions of universes. This mathematical possibility is so outrageous a number that it is preposterous and literally crazy, aside from an intelligent Creator making the world.


Then, why are these One-World Order agenda evolutionists and Darwinists so fanatic and hell-bent on crushing all scientific discoveries. They are like the communist regime and their secret police. They target these scientists who speak out by destroying their careers, and kicking them out of the academic world. These people are getting fired from colleges though they were never disciplined for other discoveries, and even had permanent tenures. These people are being railed on by the liberal and academic media. They are being kicked out of organization and persecuted at all levels.


There is a tremendous fear that since evolution and Darwinism has been disproved by science and mathematics, that everything will start unraveling. Atheists are becoming more and more militant and vicious in their attacks. The question is, “If they do not believe in God, why do they get so angry and emotional about God?” If they truly did not believe in God, they would not care about Him or what people say about God. Though so many scientists believe in this Creationism, the people of society are brainwashed by the liberal media to believe that they are a minority that is outside the academic scientific world; instead of as equals, and though there are so many non-religious scientists proclaiming intelligent design. When these scientists announce the mere possibility of intelligent design, they receive a flood of hate emails and calls.


Instead of science being a world where possibilities are open and facts are looked at with logic, it has now led to court trials and legal methods to silence the scientific world of these new discoveries in intelligent design. Poland is a much more free country than the United States now. These critics of intelligent design do not specialize in any specific area of science. It has roots in atheists and anti-religious communities. It is necessary for them to defend their beliefs, regardless of what the scientific world is discovering. Most of the people of the non-academic non-scientific world are ignorant about the scientific and mathematical impossibility of Darwinist evolutionism, which the atheists are trying to protect so fanatically. Their whole argument of atheism will be uncovered as farce, if these scientific discoveries are made known to the public.


These atheists create the Hitlers and Stalins and Mao Tse Tungs who murder hundreds of millions of people, because they believe that life is just a chemical reaction and only the strong survive. It breaks down all ethics and all standards, since aside from God’s standards, man can create their own standards. If the standard says create a superior genetic society by the feminists, then it would be alright to exterminate all the useless fetuses and Jews. If there is no God’s love, because emotions are only a chemical reaction, then it ultimately ends up looking out for self and pushing aside others. Nazism and communism and socialism all exist on the foundation of Darwinian evolutionism. Without it, they would not be able to construct their ideologies of superior Aryan white race; termination of intellectuals in communist society; extermination of the physically handicapped and mentally ill; genocide of those races or extermination of capitalists and fetuses that stand in the way of your philosophies on life. This is the Darwinian evolutionary theory of the “Survival of the Fittest,” and “Rules of the Jungle.” It says, “Eat, drink, fornicate, commit adultery without being found, deceive money, look out for self; for tomorrow you die and vanish.” It is a very sad and evil philosophy of life.


There were many Americans who believed in Jezebel’s feminist Eugenics, and sterilizing the feeble-minded with low IQs. Satan’s feminists and Planned Parenthood organization leaders are strong supporters of this philosophy. When a society becomes satanic, it becomes more feminist. Many Darwinists believed that this Eugenics carried over to the racial issues, too; since they believe that some races are superior to other races. There is no standard of God, so the standards which Darwinism and evolutionism can create is limitless. Hitler believed that he was doing humanity a favor, by ridding of inferior genes, and driving humanity forward. This is humanism—the world defined by human standards and philosophy—where God is out of the picture. It devalues human life.


In reality, the white skin and blonde hair and blue eyes are a genetic inferior mutation that comes from a lack of melanin pigment in the body; which is a result of the lack of sunlight. It is just the same as the exorbitant amounts of melanin pigment in black skin and curled up hair and swollen lips and nostrils of black people; due to excessive sunlight and heat. It is just the same as the epicanthic eye fold of the Hungarians, Russians, Orientals and Scandinavians. The farther you get from the original genes of Adam and Eve, you get isolation of genes and degradation of genes, as well as negative mutations. The genes are not getting better into a superior race, like the Germans, Japanese, and Southern U.S. white supremacists believe by Satan’s brainwashing.


The white supremacist Ku Klux Klan organization is just another face of Satanism. It is very obvious when you see them calling their leaders the “Grand Wizard” (witchcraft is Satanism, and KKK has its origins in Satanism, just like any other group). Otherwise, why would a white supremacist organization call their leader a “wizard;” unless they deal with the occult and satanic witchcraft and spiritualism? It is obvious that these people are demon-possessed, just like Hitler and his ancient pagan Germanic religion Nazi occult followers. Every evil person, evil organization, evil political ideology, and evil religion has its roots in Satanism, when you track its roots. Satan is the god of this world. That which is not from God is from Satan. That is why the Ku Klux Klan wear the horns of the Baphomet. The Baphomet means the Islamic “Mohammed.” It represents the Great Oneness of the Freemason Illuminati. The Templar Knights occult worshipped this pagan deity. The Ku Klux Klan is known for their burning of the cross and burning of churches and killing Christians.


In the evolutionary theory, when life and death is natural, then they do not hesitate to manipulate them, for there is no moral truth. They believe religion and science are separate, so they drive out God the Creator of science from science. When they start tampering with the genetic codes of life, just like they did in the ancient Atlantis days of Noah’s flood, and started creating monsters, then God’s wrath and judgment falls on the earth-dwellers. We are not only in the End-Times, but we are right at the threshold of the seven-year judgment age. When you look at the women of society, especially; and see how Western women have completely been perverted and spiritually deformed from the beautiful, godly, feminine, original image of God in Eve by the so-called “Bible Men”; then you know we are living in a society identical to Atlantis; right before the time when God judged the world by water (Noah’s flood). This time, He has said He will judge by fire.


The U.S. used to be a country that was built on freedom and liberty; but now, even freedom in science is being thrown out. Darwinian evolutionism or a.k.a. Satanism (Mystery Babylon religion of the ancient Atlantians) is so entrenched and imbedded into Western society that they control the legal, educational, media and social entities of the world. Satan has completed his preparation for the Anti-Christ to appear to massacre the tens of thousands. God is a God of intelligence, wisdom, logic, science and perfect mathematical calculation, as well as love and righteousness. In opposition, Satan’s philosophies of atheism and Darwinian evolutionism is shear madness, insanity, illogic and evil. God calls the atheists who do not believe in God in the Bible as “fools.” When they see the facts and discoveries of science, but still deny what they see, they are simply fools. One Russian cosmonaut arrogantly said after going to space that he does not see any God out there; but someone replied to this by saying that if he stepped out of his spaceship without his spacesuit, he will see God soon enough.


The atheists and Darwinian evolutionists have a dire need to fanatically hide scientific truth and discoveries, because their whole philosophy is based on the non-existence of God and an intelligent Creator. If they admit to science, then they must admit to an Almighty Creator God. That is why they so fervently and viciously suppress and attack the scientific discoveries that are being made, and those who disclose those conclusions from their research. Many great minds and intellects are being discriminated; and either prohibited from becoming scientists or being kicked out from the scientific and educational community by these servants of Satan; since they pose a tremendous danger to Satan’s purpose and would uncover his fraud—Darwinian evolutionism.


There are so many inconsistencies and impossibilities in Darwinian evolutionism, but all the scientists are so scared and threatened by the possibility of being fired, labeled as a Creationist, and be recipients of hatred, that they will not publicize their thoughts. There are suppressions of freedom at unimaginable levels in the scientific community that most people are unaware of. Satan’s liberal media has been very good at hiding this. Satan’s whole deception of extraterrestrial alien life concocted by fallen angels is built on top of this Darwinian evolutionism; which he needs to deceive the world in the coming Tribulation Age, just as in the days of Noah’s flood.


Since through the advancements in science, Darwinian evolutionary theory has been proved impossible in terms of physics, chemistry, biology, geology, astronomy, mathematics, etc.; Satan has to find an excuse and a new deception. He is using these ancient alien theorist emissaries to spread the theory of panspermia and exogenesis, which says that life was planted here on earth by aliens; and that is why the aliens that the spiritualists and witches have been communicating through ESP look like humans. In ancient Babylonian pictures, the ancient gods are shown in human form with wings, just as the fallen angels. However, they avoid the issue of how alien life could have sprung up in another planet. They are just trying to escape the issue of intelligent design, and not answering it. They do not know how to respond to the growing huge numbers of non-religious scientists who are coming out into the open now to say that life cannot just spring up out of chemical reaction, without an intelligent designer, given the facts of scientific advancements and discoveries.


I pray that our Lord will protect you from the global deception of Satan that is soon coming, and keep you in the faith, dear brethren. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord!