Dear Beloved remnant of the End-Times Church, who have not committed adultery with the Western Jezebel humanist doctrines of the so-called “Bible Men” and their religious leaders; grace and peace to you in our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord has impressed it upon my heart to disclose to you some of Satan’s tactics—mainly that of “interference” and “attack.”

Every time I start sharing God’s Truth to a sister or brother whom the Holy Spirit leads me to, Satan comes in immediately to interfere. He sends one of His Christians or religious people to join into the discussion—forcibly. They start talking about irrelevant things; and their own problems; and spend talking for hours until everyone has to go home; and start asking me about theology. However, those theological vocabularies they ask me about are not for the sake of asking; but rather, to show off their knowledge of human academics they learned from Western seminary graduate pastors; and to try to reveal to the audience that I have no knowledge of theology. Though I have knowledge of what they talk about; I have no intention of getting into useless discussions over theology with Satan’s religious servants.

I do not have any theological studies, and I boast in the fact that I have nothing to do with theology and do not want to have anything to do with theology. Moses and Abraham and Apostle John had no fancy certificates in theology. Theology is an age-old enemy of God; and I say “Age Old.” They use the Bible to twist and pervert the Truth with human understandings; human categorizations; fanciful names for philosophical issues; encouraging memorization of scriptures; as well as placing titles of “doctors” and “Ph.D.s” and “Doctor of Divinities” and “Doctor of Theologies” next to their names. They are the modern day Pharisees and Sadducees.

They interfere in our discussions by butting into our discussions with theological issues of “Dispensationalism;” and “Calvinism;” and “Female Ordinations versus Complimentarianism;” and “Cessationism;” and “Annihilationism;” and “Post Modern Epistemology.” They have to come up with terms like “Ecumenism” because they recognize the different denominations of churches; while on the other hand, God’s true born-again Christians never recognized any denominations, but have always been of one Body of Christ in the Holy Spirit. Many ask me often what denomination I belong to. I tell them I belong to Christ. They say they are of “Paul” or they are of “Peter.” I say it is foolish human endeavors of religion and political fervor.

They use fancy prose and literary expressions to confuse the children and homeless people, in order to show off their so-called intellect and knowledge of useless academics. Christ never talked like these Bible Men; but rather, Christ talked and used analogies so that even a babe or simple people can understand.

Think about it, Brethren: these theological issues have to exist in Theology, because these religious Christians have no understanding of the Holy Spirit; nor do they have wisdom or discernment. They depend upon Theology in order to keep and protect their jobs; just like lawyers complicate legal documents purposely, in order to keep their professions. They are ignorant and have the minds of heathens; though they have fanciful titles and have gone to human institutions of learning called “seminary” or “cemetery” by some; and the majority of the End-Times church pastoral leadership positions are held by these so-called “theologians” with “proper” credentials and certifications; who have been indoctrinated by the perverted Western doctrines taught by the seminaries. However, their guise is uncovered by the fact that they teach Western humanist Jezebel doctrines of the Western post-1960’s hippy heathens; where they are derived from, which is Satanism.

For example, as always, Satan works from two extremes: the old two-pronged attack. On the one hand, you have the so-called “Bible Men” hippy freedom theologians who ascribe to the doctrine of “Open Theism” and post-1960’s Jezebel hippy “free-will doctrine.” They say that God is not sovereign, for humans have control over what happens. In other words, they are saying that the Great Potter has no decision over making some pots for honorable purposes and others for dishonorable purposes; for His infinite wisdom and purpose of defining the existence of the glory of salvation. If there were no dishonorable pots made, then there would be no reality of joy, gratitude and praise in heaven for those honorable pots that were saved from the fire of hell. If Satan were not created, then there would not be the strong bond and love between the brothers and God, who have fought together and stood together in combat, in the perspective of eternity. It is because both honorable and dishonorable pots were created that the concept of being saved exists and the joy of heaven exists. But these so-called religious Pharisees deny this fact. They deny grace, in that they do not believe that their choice in believing in Christ is only by the grace of God and that it is a gift; but rather, they believe that it is because of their good choice and human goodness that God has to save them

On the other side of the spectrum are the Calvinists. They believe in complete pre-destination by God for the salvation of certain people, and it has nothing to do with free-will. They believe that there is no free-will, and that the choice to be saved is solely by God’s decision and pre-destination. If there is no free-choice, then there is no presence of love, for love is an active choice of the heart to choose to believe God. We mind as well be robots, programmed by God to recite praises of love to Him, without even knowing what love is. If we programmed our children to choose to believe us as good parents, then where would the righteousness and love of those children be to trust their parents? They would simply be choosing to trust their parents, because they were programmed to do so.

Personally, dear brothers, I do not see why these theologians cannot understand by the Holy Spirit that both pre-destination and free-will can coexist. They are completely and absolutely both true and compatible. We are saved because of our free-will, but we are saved because God predestined us. God knew that we would choose Him, before Creation itself, so He chose us. He made us to choose Him as vessels of honor, but at the same time, it is completely our choice, too; or else, if there were no choice, there would be no true love or God’s respect for what He has created because He respects Himself who created them. The religious people cannot understand things by the Holy Spirit. These theologians and religious Christians try to define God’s Truth by their own human minds and logic and boxed-in definition of concepts. They have no Truth in them; and hence, they create theology and Satan’s perversions and academics to define God. And, they only hire these Western Christianity Hellenistic academics and theologians and Pharisees in their churches to teach them human theology.

That, my brethren, is why the Western End-Times church members are amazingly ignorant, and simply weird. They are the Laodiceans or “Laity who are the Diocese” or the church where the church people choose their pastors and sermons they prefer to hear. They would immediately kick me out of their churches (not Christ’s church), if I spoke the Truth to them. The Truth would be offensive to them. They believe in “politically proper” Western humanist values and human good behavior. It is like talking to a dead wall. There is no Spirit or life in them. They would consider me evil if I speak the Truth to them, for they call good as evil, and evil as good. That is why they crucify Christ and throw Him out of the church. If they would only step out of the religious churches, go where the Spirit leads them to share the gospel to all nations, tribes and tongues; and join their born-again brothers who have been kicked out of the churches by the Pharisees; then they would have a personal relationship with Christ and know the things of Christ by His Spirit.

At other times, these demon-controlled waitresses butt-in and interfere when we are praying before a meal, or when I am explaining an important Truth to a brethren from the Bible. This happens every time, so it cannot be a coincidence. These waitresses try to stop people from praying in their restaurants. They are afraid to stop Muslims, but they will stop God’s born-again Christians, for they know the born-again Christians are super gentle. Normally, they do not come immediately to take the order, but when Christians start praying, they come immediately to disrupt. Normally, they never offer to open up the tea bag and put the tea bag in the tea pot—no one in my entire lifetime has ever offered to do this. But, when I am sharing Christ with someone, then the waitress will continue to bother us, by offering to do these ridiculous things. When I am sharing the Truth with a brethren, then a religious Christian always comes and sits down, and starts talking for hours and hours without letting us speak. When I am sharing the gospel with someone, another person will always come to interrupt, and people will always call us through the phone. This is not normal. It shows the extent to which the people of this wicked End-Times are either demon-possessed or demon-controlled. The unclean spirits constantly speak to their minds to do this or do that against the born-again Christians. The devil knows who are the born-again Christians that God has His hand upon, just like God knows who are His own sheep.

It is the born-again Christians whom Satan uses his religious Christians to attack. Every time in church, just like flies swarm toward the fruit of the Spirit; the satanic, demon-possessed people swarm upon the born-again Christians. Satan is called the Lord of the Flies. They sit next to the born-again Christians in church; butt into their conversations; and follow them to lunch after church service, and interfere with their fellowship time. They hug and squeeze the born-again Christians in ungodly fashion; throw a tantrum when the born-again Christian refuses to be hugged, and makes it look as if born-again Christians are unloving people to all the church people; forcibly try to shake their hands a dozen times with hands they do not wash in the toilet, and makes it look like born-again Christians are unloving if they refuse to shake hands; slander them to the pastors; spread rumors about them to church members; makes these born-again brothers look as if they are unloving to the church people, if they refuse to fellowship with these lewd women who infiltrate the church under the disguise of being Christian sisters; purposely bump into the born-again Christians or push them aside out of jealousy; and many of them will stalk and pester the born-again Christian out of sexual perverted desires. They are sent by Satan to kick out the born-again Christians from church, who teach the Truth; and to create dissension in the church. Beware of these wolves in sheep’s clothes.

And, as for the non-Christians who are demon-possessed or most immersed in sinful lifestyles; they will try to get you kicked out of a company; or stick out a sharp object to cut you as you walk by; or start kicking you and try to start a fight; or slam into you; or yell at you as you walk by; or poison your food in the restaurant; or just continue to glare at you for hours on the train. I find more of them in cultures like Asia, where there has not been an influence of Christian presence over the millennial generations or Christians in the family ancestral lineage; and from cultures where ancestors have committed idolatry and demon-worship for thousands of years. But, in these End-Times, even in formerly Christian countries such as the United States, I find more and more people controlled by demon spirits, as the country becomes more pagan. Jezebel hippy pastors are encouraging American young people now to pierce their ears and tattoo their bodies, and holding satanic rock Christian concerts, mixing God with Satan; as the nation becomes more and more pagan, like the African churches and South American churches.

Twenty years ago, the commercials in the U.S. made logical sense and had logical humor. After coming back to the U.S., since I have not been desensitized gradually; I have been shocked that the American commercials have become illogical, silly, lewd and pagan. They splatter paint on the canvas and call Satan’s chaos—art and beauty. The children and grandchildren of the post-1960’s “Flower Children” satanized generation in America are altogether a different breed from the people who existed in America before the 1950’s; when the nation still had a society influenced by Christianity; and the Church still had preserving saltiness of the Holy Spirit. The so-called “Bible Men” and their post-1960’s pastors have literally kicked Jesus out of the churches, and have rock-and-roll satanic worship in God’s house. It is sort of like the new czar of Russia, who shuts down all the television stations and radio stations that say anything negative about him, in order to brainwash the people of Russia to controlling patriotism and a new, strong mother Russia. If you speak the Truth of what is going on, then you are kicked out or assassinated.

Those who are so-called “Bible Men” and hippy rogue pastors and their religious leaders and religious carnal Christians are thinking right now that I speak foolish words, and that I am hallucinating and delirious. They detest the Truth, and think of it as male chauvinism, on the part of God. They are simply fools and have no understanding; and are ready to be thrown out with the weeds. However, for those of you who have the Holy Spirit, and beloved by the Lord, and are born-again Christians of the Lord; you are going, “Yes, yes, yes!!! That is exactly the same thing that happens to me! Now, I know why I get attacked so much, and now I know why these strange things happen. I thought it was weird!” For those of you who are in agreement in the Spirit, this Word is for you, for you are beloved by the Lord; and the Lord knows that those who follow Him will be persecuted. Many Western lukewarm End-Times Laodicean church-goers will say that these are hard teachings to follow, and they will turn away and walk away. However, you—the true Bride of Christ—will know the Truth and embrace the Truth. May God bless you for you loved the Truth more than what selfish pride of Western humanism told you was “politically correct.”

If you did not understand why the carnal religious Christians slander you in church; spread rumors; deceive money from you; yell at you; make you memorize Bible verses; are dark, strict parents who force you to go to church, though they are hypocrites; love rock and roll worship music; teach women’s equality in church leadership; say rude things; despise and ridicule God’s prophets; form pastoral street gangs to gang up on people; are preoccupied with politics and activism; discriminate on your spiritual maturity if you do not go to church; have Western culture bazaars and donuts like the Rotary Club; hire only people with experience or seminary degrees; have mundane and good-deed sermons every week in church; have democratic elders groups that appraise and hire pastors; do not have any healing or deliverance from evil spirits, but rather have church members who are sick and ill and dying and have human surgery; eat until they look like hippos; threaten your lives; kick you out of their holy church state Sanhedrins for speaking the Truth; ask for donations to the church or pass around offering plates; assemble in churches by their skin colors; sing like the black gospel witchdoctors by vibrating their voices and attracting attention to themselves by imitating the pagan black music industry; have sexual affairs with church leaders; have 60% divorce in Western churches; are hell-bent on finding marriage partners and breeding and having families like the heathens and the pastors teach that; live just like the world so that it is impossible to distinguish Western Christians from the Western non-Christians; etc.—now you know why they do that. They are not God’s church; but rather, they are Satan’s church. That is why they behave like their Father—Satan, and have lost the saltiness and light; and cut out God’s teaching for women to cover their heads in humility and modesty. They have adopted Jezebel’s Western humanist values. May your eyes be opened, and may you no longer care if the whole lukewarm church looks at you as being unloving and “unChristianlike,” for not doing humanist loving behavior, or for saying things that sound evil to Hellenist humanists. The Emerging Church’s and U2’s Bono’s “universalism” are all part of this scheme of Satan to unite Catholicism, Judaism and Islam under the Anti-Christ and Satan. As you already know, U2 rock band’s Bono has been given a commission by Satan to deceive the Western post-1960’s “Flower Children” generation Christians and so-called “Bible Men” and their religious leaders to worship Satan through Christian rock concerts. We are not ignorant of the tactics of Satan—you are the Bride of Christ, who are awake.

The Western End-Times Christian organizations treat you like a king, if you give them a tremendous amount of money, and place you at the head table during meals; and they even assign a staff to always keep in touch with you. These staff tell you to write to their bosses to say how much they are necessary for you, and what a great work they are doing. However, if you stop giving money to them, they treat you like dirt. However, there are brothers out there in Muslim nations who are truly serving the Lord amidst persecution, as well as serving the Lord with integrity and love. Imitate them. These religious organizations try to show interest in you by asking if they can interview you; but in fact, it is just to use you to market their ministry. They do not ask you the questions that they originally said they wanted to find out about you. The producers do not even smile, and keep leaving during the interview without even saying a single word, “Excuse me.” They show no fruit of the Spirit, and have no concern for people; but only have concern for your money and see you as a tool for their marketing scheme. They try to force words into your mouth, in order to sell how great their ministry is to the viewers. They cut out the parts that are the Truth from the interview, due to them being not “politically correct” and diplomatically sensitive to lukewarm Western Christian ears, which is why you had agreed to do the interview in the first place. These Western money-oriented Christian organizations are like the New Tsar of Russia; by censoring Jesus’ Truth from their interviews; and using only the parts of the interview where they forced you to say what are the good parts of their ministry, and why others should support them, too. No wonder God is ready to vomit them out of His mouth. I can understand the feeling, because it makes even a sinful person like me nauseas.

Do not grow weary in doing good for the Lord, dear brethren; and do not be deceived by the people of Satan who outnumber the real Christians in the churches; and surely, do not give up the cross, and walk away from the Lord. It is not the Lord who is evil, but it is the lukewarm religious Christians who Satan sends into the churches, who do evil things to you; for the Lord remains holy and righteous and love, regardless of how satanized the End-Times Western church has become. The Lord knows your pains and struggles, for you are a minority among minorities; but He will always be with you through the attacks and scams and mocking. Discern the spirits by the Holy Spirit—that gut feeling; and do not depend on what sounds humanistically good. He knows the persecutions you endure from non-Christians, and especially from Christians.

The hippy rogue pastors and so-called “Bible Men” and their religious mentors will recite to you the verses which say for you to not give up meeting with fellow Christians, by saying that this infers that one must continue to go to Satan’s churches. Do you see how they twist the Word? They want you to continue being a church member and paying money to their churches. They will not hire you, if they find out that you do not go to church; rather than listen to the Holy Spirit. Instead of going to these dead churches, you can study through internet teachings and online TV/radio; and disciple people through the internet homepages; and you can always meet with real, born-again Christians in the parks, shopping malls, restaurants, homes and conference rooms.

As you remember, the End-Times Laodicea church is the only church in which Jesus has been kicked out in Revelation 3, and is knocking at the door to be let back in, again. I have found out that all the born-again, true Christians, who are of the Holy Spirit have also been kicked out of the churches. If you stay in Satan’s churches, you will become like them. If you study God’s Word diligently, you will be filled by the Holy Spirit; for the way to be filled by the Spirit is to be filled by His Word who is Christ Himself; and the Holy Spirit will allow you to discern spirits of people and organizations. Pray that the Lord will send someone to disciple you in the Truth as Christ does through people; or to lead you to the proper website material; and in turn, someone to disciple, too.

These Nicolaitans will discriminate and look down on you with contempt when you tell them that you do not want to have any part in the lukewarm End-Times Laodicean churches. They will see you as being spiritually inferior. They will judge you by whether you belong to a church or not. You see, they are just like Satan’s Catholics. They are of the same kind—religious Western Church people. That is why God says in Revelation 2 that He detests the ways of the Nicolaitans. “Nico” means “conquerors” and “Laitan” means “people” in Greek. In other words, they are the dominators of the people. They create hierarchies and titles such as “Ph.D.s” and “Pastor so and so,” as well as wear these minister’s garments, just like the Pharisees. This is the opposite of Jesus who washed His disciples’ feet.

These religious leaders create churches and become leaders of them. They use God’s house for economical and political and social causes. They make God’s House into a circus. This Westerner’s church system of the Hellenists was concocted by these religious people of Satan in the 5th century. These so-called “Bible Men” and their religious gangs form conferences and gangs and church buildings/fine offices. They have mega-churches; and Christian satanic music rock concerts to gather the multitudes; and form minister’s Sanhedrin cliques among themselves to mock God’s prophets; and love to teach on TV; and they further political activist agendas; grow fat on their wealthy neighborhood congregations and live luxuriously on God’s tithes; continually pervert and discard whole portions of God’s Bible, such as the command for women to wear head coverings and stop wearing trousers; talk incriminatingly toward God’s glorious men day and night about women’s equality and women’s independence and women’s leadership and women’s superior strength/intelligence/sensitivity/etc. over men, and their putrid Western humanist values; and act according to their true identity of depraved, hippy, gang, delinquent, violent origins.

The people of God were never the church organizations of Western Christianity brainwash that these so-called “Bible Men” and their religious leaders have made them to be; filled with the doctors, lawyers, insurance salesmen, CPAs, stock brokers, and every corrupt profession, which they call as their dear friends. Rather, the people of God were discipled in home fellowships, much like Jesus discipled His disciples. They did not work in secular offices like these Westerners do, but they went out to disciple others in every land to carry out the Great Commission! These Western churches even try to hinder home fellowships and discourage them.

They will not sell their church buildings to finance the true ministry of Jesus Christ into all nations, tribes and tongues. They will not go to each home to disciple individually to these gatherings. These religious leaders will not stop taking these salaries and allowances, and start earning their own income. They will not give up their fine offices with plush furniture. They are so comfortable in their religious Pharisee ways that they will totally ignore and shut out what I am saying. To them, what I speak is sheer nonsense and fanaticism; but to you, it is the wisdom of God and the power for life. They have eyes but they are blind, and they have gorgeous pastoral garments, but they are naked. They corrupt God’s Word with their Western philosophies and trample over Jesus who is the Word of God. They have a good life, so they do not care, nor care to give it up. They are an arrogant and self-righteous brood of vipers. Will they give up their homes and cars and church buildings to escape the fire? No! How difficult it is for those who have created their wealth and fame and power to come to the Truth.

In the ancient church, seeing how God’s people were multiplying at tremendous speed in their home fellowships; Satan tried to kill them. However, when the numbers kept growing bigger as he persecuted them, Satan decided to change his tactics. He decided to join the Christians, if he cannot beat them. So, he got his religious leaders to build huge church buildings and bring all of God’s people into the enclosed sheep pen; so that he can control, destroy, keep an eye on, and pervert its teachings and Truth. Hence, you have the Western Christianity that you see in these End-Times; and these lukewarm pastors and churches and Western Christians as you see it, which teach Western culture. It angers them for me to say this and reveal their folly; but it is the Lord’s will that I disclose this whole system and institution of deceit by Satan to you, dear brethren. They make friendship with Jezebel, and make their abode with the Western heathens’ thoughts.

That is why, my dear brethren, they ask you first if you belong to a church. If not, they misquote God’s Word to pervert it to their Western Jezebel church teachings; and will command you as a Nicolaitan to attend a church; which will corrupt you and make you follow Satan’s Western culture, with its donuts and coffee and fund-raising bazaars. They pride in themselves, and their democracies and so-called freedom and liberal liberties and humanist humaneness and “misdirected” patriotisms to a human nation. What benefit is there talking to such people of folly? Rather, seek fellowship with God’s true saints and Jesus our Lord, who have been kicked out of God’s churches; and grow in God’s Word and meditate on His Truth. Then, you will be equipped to bring God’s blessings, healing, and the power of His Kingdom to the world.

The holy church state and Pharisees will no longer tolerate proper doctrine in these last days, my friends. They prefer Satan’s hippy rogue pastors’ doctrines of feminism, environmentalism, democracy (Lao-Dicea or Laity is the Diocese), capitalism, socialism, Western Christianity of the Hellenistic culture, and religion. These are of Satan and the mystery Babylon church. Have nothing to with the dark side, or with those who follow Jezebel’s ways. Remember that before these religious Christians persecuted you, they crucified our Lord on the cross, first. Many of us have not suffered to the point of death. Stay with the Lord, dearly beloved brothers of the “Way”; and remain steadfast in the faith. Your redemption is close; and I say very close. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord!