The book of Genesis starts with the account of God’s creation. In chapter one, between the first and second verse, we see that there was a pre-Adamic creation before the creation of Adam: the angelic beings were created before Adam, and before the second verse. As I mentioned in my book (which is not for any profit, but sold at cost to the Tribulation Saints and 144,000 Jewish Remnant, who must hear the gospel through secular fiction and come to Christ), the pre-Adamic creation or angelic hosts were created before Adam was created. The hippy rogue pastors jeer and hold this in contempt. God has seen their hearts. They are unable to explain where the angels came from, so they say that the angels were created during the first day.


You must understand, dear Brethren, that God does not create darkness and chaos and miry clay. Everything that the Almighty loving God creates is light and perfect and order. Genesis starts with God’s Holy Spirit hovering over His destroyed creation—the darkness and chaos and miry clay, like a brooding hen over its dead chicks. God spoke and restored the destroyed creation with a new creation called Adam and Eve (first man and woman) and the garden of Eden. For due to some war in the previous creation, the world was utterly destroyed, and God had lifted His light from it. Lucifer, until he fell and became the devil, was in charge of leading the angelic host in worship and song to the Lord God Almighty—Jesus Christ our Lord. However, he decided that he wanted the glory, so he rebelled, and wanted the glory and power himself; which he is still trying to attain. War in heaven ensued, and God destroyed and judged the old world.


Satan does not like Adam and Eve, because God recreated the world that he devastated. The devil did not like the fact that God made man higher than the angels, and that we will be judging the fallen angels; though we are weaker. The angels serve at God throne, but the Church will be ruling and reigning with Christ on the thrones. The Tribulation Saints and Jewish Remnant will be serving God in front of His throne, but the Church Saints from the Church Age will be reigning with Christ on the thrones (the Bride of Christ). The Tribulation Saints will be guests at Christ’s wedding banquet, while the Church Saints will be the Bride at Christ’s wedding banquet.


Satan cannot accept the fact that mankind, whom he could squash with his finger, would be ruling over the angelic hosts some day in power and glory. God created man in his weakness, so that he will learn humility. Out of humble beginnings, man will come to be the highest order of created beings in eternity. He will forever be aware of his humble beginnings; know that he was no good; was saved by the grace and love of God dying on the cross for him; and will be bonded with God in love; unlike Satan who was created as the most beautiful and powerful creatures, and fell because of his pride in his beauty and power over mankind. Therefore, evil man becomes holy; and holy Lucifer becomes evil Satan. It is the opposite, you see. God allowed it this way; for those who rule and reign in God’s creation must first have humility, holiness, heart of gratefulness to God for their salvation, and deep love for God for saving them. As a Father trains His loving son through hardship, by not spoiling him, He teaches him godly character from humble beginnings. It is only the evil parent who gives their sons power over them and spoils them. However, God’s children’s hearts will be forever filled with praise and gratitude to God for saving them while they were evil sinners and enemies. Then, they shall truly be worthy of authority and power in heaven, and rule with holiness; and shall be sons of the Most High God.


And not only did God create Adam and Eve, but God even created Adam and Eve in God’s image: masculine and feminine character. God has given His character of leadership, strength, glory of Christ, honor, and authority over the animals and creation itself to Adam. God has given His character of gentleness, kindness, sensitivity, quietness of spirit, modesty and humility, and cute smile (which is now very rare to see in such a Western humanist perverted End-Times society) to Eve.


You cannot see this original character and difference of men and women now in the creation that the post-1960’s “Flower Children” mothers’ hippy rogue pastors have totally and completely devastated with their Jezebel satanic self-righteous Western humanist doctrine. They have the gall to spit in Christ’s face (who is the Creator by His Word spoken, male and female) by saying that this male and female distinction does not exist, and that men and women are equal; just as Satan’s Jezebel brainwashing mothers and post 1960’s Flower Children socialists’ Hollywood and television and media has discipled and taught them. They have taught them well, for the hippy rogue pastors have converted the House of God into the pre-Noah’s flood belief of sexual equality and social chaos and moral degradation. They insult God with their evil ways and disdain for order and authority.


If I speak of this, it creates satanic hatred in them, because of their pride in Western humanist self-righteousness and noble justice of equality and fairness. They brand me a fanatic and heretic, and try to crucify and destroy me spiritually. That is why they are like clean white porcelain on the outside, but full of toilet water and poop inside. They abuse their popularity, power and media influence to attack me and spread their gangrene doctrine sent out by Satan. That is how a human mind can be so depraved to make up all kinds of excuses and justifications and perversions of God’s Word (Christ), so that they kick Him out of the Church and delete whole chapters in the Bible (such the command for women to wear head coverings and men never to wear head coverings, to remind themselves of God’s order of authority and creation, and perfect order and God’s spiritual protection and blessing).


They trample God’s Word under their Western “Flower Children” “Satan’s Little Children” doctrines. So, it makes complete sense that they see me evil and detest me; for evil shall call evil à good, and good à evil. So, that makes me evil to them. Do you know why? To Satan, their teacher and discipler, I am evil. That makes sense doesn’t it, brothers? When you are of darkness, and have been sent to convert the church of God into Jezebel’s doctrine, you cannot see the light. Darkness has nothing to do with the light, for it is darkness. They cannot understand the light, for darkness creates blindness and nakedness. That is why God says the End-Times Laodicea Church is blind and naked; and Jesus and I and all of Christ’s Bride have been kicked out of the churches; and knocking on the door to be let in, as you see in Revelation 3. The Western End-Times Church has kicked out the Holy Spirit, and that is why they do not understand what I speak of; and that is why they hate me so much. They are servants of Satan and Jezebel.


May the Lord temper and purify them in the coming Tribulation for adulterating God’s flock with Jezebel’s leadership. They try to put women in positions of authority over God’s men and apostles, and encourage women to speak and write and teach in God’s holy church. They thereby create pride, “Flower Children” rebellion, divorce, divorce-perverted children, lesbianism and every satanic phenomenon. They have forsaken God’s loving command for women to wear head coverings to remind them of their position at Christ’s feet like the gentle and modest Mary Magdalene; and they have sought to seek careers and money, instead of being home when the children come home. Tell me if that does not screw up a child. That is why their children and these End-Times generations are accursed and perverted.


They intentionally ignore and cut out God’s Word and command that the Lord your God detests men who wear women’s dresses and women who wear men’s trousers, in Deuteronomy 22:5. It has become so normal that the normal me becomes evil in End-Times Western society, and women who wear trousers becomes normal and sane-minded. In Satan’s depraved society, everything is upside down. Evil is good, and good is evil. The reason why God would put in the Bible, the command for women to wear head coverings is to remind them that they are under the men; and why God would put in the Bible the command for men to not wear head coverings is to lovingly remind them that they are in authority over the women and children and animals. Western lukewarm religious leaders would probably say that this only applies to the Jews; but if that were so, then why should we follow any of the Bible? Mind as well throw away the whole Bible. Why would God put it in the Bible for 2,000 years to us? All Word is inspired by the Spirit and good for teaching.


These Western End-Times carnal lukewarm Christians distain God’s loving command, and become more spiritually blind and physically diseased, and blame God for their spiritual and physical leprosy. Likewise, the reason why God would put in the Bible the command for women to not wear men’s clothing and trousers is to remind them that they are different from men, and not equals; and why God would put in the Bible the command for men to not wear women’s clothing is to lovingly remember their position and responsibility in Christ.


Satan’s Western humanist self-righteous lukewarm hippy rogue pastors dress in women’s dresses during Halloween and Christmas parties during church dramas, and mock God’s creation and men’s positions of spiritual authority. Likewise, the lukewarm women wear men’s trousers to church before Him in holy worship, just like the pagans around them do (like Hillary Clinton and other post-1960’s Flower Children’s children and their children). There is no longer any distinguishing of men and women, for they all dress the same; and therefore, the hippy rogue pastors shamelessly reprimand holy men of God in front of the women at church sermons, because they have forgotten the command of the Lord. This is exactly working out as Satan planned the post-1960’s hippy generation dominated world of eminent judgment and wrath of God. It is a perfect repeat of pre-Noah’s flood Atlantis days. Mankind has become so perverted, so that God has to wipe out humanity; just take a look at how Western women behave—they behave not only like men, but like sub-human animals. There is no way God can hold His wrath back much longer.


You can see that Western women put tattoos all over their bodies and pierce their ears just like the pagans, and wear pants; because these so-called fake “Bible Men” and their religious sect leaders—Pharisees and Sadducees—teach them to do so. They encourage them to take leadership roles within God’s holy churches. These Western humanist women scream and yell at school teachers and shop managers, due to their over-protectiveness of their children—these are signs of the most depraved human beings—just like the gang members and mafia and Arab people who are overly protective of genetic kinsmen. It is Satan’s character. These create strife and gang wars and family feuds. Whenever I am walking through narrow areas, I slant my shoulders so that I do not bump into people. It is common courtesy, as a human being. However, the Western women hardly ever slant their shoulders, but even sometimes walk straight into me, to show their power and authority. They all have frowns on their faces and do not smile. They walk with their legs wide open, like a samurai warrior or cowboy gunman. They wear flip-flops and tight shorts and expose half of their ugly fat breasts.


The more sinful and evil they are, the more they try to expose their breasts, and are more pagan and heathen in nature. The Western post-1960’s “Flower Children” mothers’ children are the most evil type of women who have existed in human history. They especially detest intellectual people, cultured and refined people, righteous Christians, military officers’ wives, ambassadors’ wives and missionary wives and God Himself. Satan keeps talking to their minds to walk into these born-again Christians or children of God. The more evil and vulgar these Western women are, the more their minds are controlled by Satan and demon spirits.


They put feet on the table; they smoke and drink; they wear the most skimpy clothes that pre-1950’s women would be utterly shocked at; they let their children walk on the seats with shoes on—are absolutely filthy, and that is why they are always coughing and sneezing and accursed with all kinds of diseases (the more sinful they are, the more sick they are); their children are always stomping and running around in the top floors in the hotels, but they do not stop them; their stomachs and buttocks are bulging out like water buffalos since they eat like gluttonous cows; they try to reprimand men without respect; try to dominate people; act just like their demonic spirits that control them and Jezebel their queen; and always ridicule God’s men by making some smart comment about men.


In Satan’s Hollywood movies, Western women are always reprimanding men for their insensitivity and evil; strong women who can fight are exalted by Hollywood movies; and timid men are shown to be good men. Satan is a master of Hollywood brainwash, for he has even brainwashed the lukewarm church with his humanist Jezebel thinking. They will not repent, so God has left them over to judgment by fire, just like Lot’s wife. These American women are the extreme opposite of Japanese women. In Hollywood movies and television, Western women always brag about their curse of sin, which is childbirth, and that men do not know that pain—they brag in their curse; even though men experience their arms being cut off and guts spilled on the battlefield—they never mention that—it is a one-sided hypocritical satanic brainwashing. In Satan’s Hollywood movies and television, Western women always brag that corsets are an oppression against women, and ask why women were made to wear them. In reality, it was not men who enforced them, but if you really think about it, it was women who put them on to deceive men and look slender. It is their satanic pride and desire to attract men’s eyes that made them torture their bodies; much like they do with botox and deceitful cosmetics and plastic surgery to fulfill their prideful hearts and fleshly lusts for self-glory.


Dear brethren, do you see Satan’s craftiness and brainwashing from the 1960’s “Flower Children” sexual revolution; and how perverted and totally satanized these End-Times Western women have become? Or are you blind like the perishing hippy rogue pastors, and choose to detest those who speak the truth to you? The Truth will reveal your heart, and whose side you are truly on. Light reveals the darkness within. Those who know the Light will come to Christ, and will know Him and His Truth by His Spirit. Those who love the darkness will be blind; and will hate Him who is the Light and those who speak on behalf of the Light, who is Christ. Woe to these so-called “Bible Men” and hippy rogue pastors who detest and resist God’s prophets day and night; and conceal the Truth; and even to pervert the Truth by adulterating Christ (who is the Word of God) with Jezebel (which is Satan’s mystery Babylon religion doctrine). Satan attacks the core of God’s created being and humanity—the male female character—for that will bring evil to society and the world. It is at the base of society and godly ethics. Satan makes the hippy rogue pastors first blind to this.


Satan’s very character is to make the black and white into grey; between the border lines of sin and holiness, men and women, godly righteousness and satanic “political correctness.” That is why the End-Times church is not black or white, or cold or hot; but they are lukewarm: half church and half world. In other worlds they parade around in the opposite men’s and women’s clothes, as if it is normal; have absolutely no shame anymore in these End-Times; and call me a maniac for preaching otherwise? I ask you, dear Brethren, who is the maniac in God’s eyes? Me, who boldly speaks the Truth, though the hippy rogue pastors try to kill me spiritually; or the hippy rogue pastors who make the church Christmas drama into a comedy by wearing Mary Magdalene’s costumes; and the Western church women who walk around in pants like Hillary Clinton? I ask you, in the Spirit of Truth, who looks like the clown? Be aware that these post-1960’s “Flower Children” propaganda preachers have not only entered as wolves in sheep’s clothes into the church, but they have literally taken over them with Jezebel’s thinking and humanist teachings—Satan’s “so-called” new world order; and kicked God out of the Church. Satan’s Ahab-like pastors love to marry the strong, independent, strong-willed Jezebel Western women; God’s godly Christ-like men love to marry the modest, gentle, feminine Mary Magdalene type God-fearing women. The hippy rogue pastors come from fatherless families where the fathers have abandoned them, or families where the fathers beat and kick their mothers. So, these hippy rogue pastors become Satan’s emissaries of feminism, women’s equality and Western humanist Jezebel church doctrines.


People like us, dear Brethren, who speak the Truth, will be regarded as a weirdo and fanatic. On the contrary, those macho-behaving, weight-training, black leather jacket, effeminate hippy pastors, who think they are masculine and clown around in women’s dresses; and have no respect for God’s command; are highly regarded as masters of God’s Word, and they are politically active. Everything is upside down with the hippy rogue pastors, after the 1960’s “Flower Children” generation. To them, evil is righteousness, and good is a weirdo. Since the women of God have forsaken their head coverings and walk around in men’s pants, they have fallen prey to Satan’s blindness and brainwashing; and that is why they have the speechless gall to become pastors and teach in church. Hippy rogue pastors love Satan’s ways.


Rather than teaching the younger women to observe God’s protective spiritual commands; they teach women to discard their head coverings and put on men’s pants, and to go out into society and work in careers. And they wonder why 70% of Christian children are being led captive to Satan by apostasy from the church? It is big joke, cartoon and fiasco! That is why the hippy rogue pastors hate me; they have a different spirit. They are not the Bride of Christ. The Bride of Christ would not walk around in women’s clothes. A true Bride of Christ would be embarrassed to walk up to Jesus, wearing a woman’s dress or man’s pants. The really ridiculous thing is; they would not walk up to the president of their secular jobs with a skirt on. Hypocrites!


God looks down from His throne and laughs at these hippy rogue pastors, who laugh at God’s messengers of Truth; running around in their women’s clothes during church parties; and thinking of themselves as the protector of women’s equal rights and women’s authority. Likewise, God laughs at the Western Christian women walking around in men’s trousers; and who snicker at God’s “callers to repentance.” Discern for yourselves, dear Brethren, who is the clown here: the blind or the seeing? You see these Western humanists parading in San Francisco and Sodomy / Gomorrah with make-up and skirts; and Satan’s feminists demonstrating outside the State Capitol with short hair, no head covering and wearing pants. I am sorry, dear Brethren, but I cannot hold back my laughter and I break up into hilarious tears when I see that. The pagan-like Christians laugh at the carnal jokes by hippy rogue pastors in their stand-up comedy sermons; but I laugh at their Western behaviors. It is a hilarious scene.


They cast their children out to the wild dogs of evolutionary and anti-Christian teaching school teachers, and are rarely home. And they are praying that the Lord bring back the United States to Christianity?! It is a joke! And they hate me for trying to lovingly lead them back to the Truth and Torah and Christ who is the Word? It is a joke! Their forefathers have killed the prophets and apostles of God, and the story has not changed. Times change, but the hearts of hypocritical men do not change. I say truly onto you, they are blind, so they cannot see what their feet do. That is why they preach religion and heresy in the name of Christ, and have no shame.


Only righteous men fear not the congregation, but have a love to teach the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth. Men of God do not fear men, nor do they fear the End-Times women. There are a few among you who have not defiled yourselves with Jezebel’s doctrines, and who will escape the coming judgment, as written in Revelation 2 and 3. I have turned the entire population of Western women against me, for the love and cause of Christ; and I am grateful indeed. I do not talk about the other churches of the world, because they are either hot or cold; and not lukewarm like the American churches (where the brunt of the Christian population reside).


For example, the Japanese and European churches are cold and dead. The Chinese underground churches are hot; for to follow Christ risks being arrested by the government and face bashed in. They have only a fraction of God’s teachings, compared to the American churches with its books, tapes and televisions; however, they have a thousand times more Spirit. Why is this you ask? Because of the hippy rogue pastors’ evangelism and propagation of Jezebel Christian-ism lukewarmness. Why else would I have to fight the feminists and gays on one hand; and have to fight their hippy rogue pastors on the other hand?


Before the new creation of the Garden of Eden, the heaven and earth was in perfect unity with God. However, after the great war between God and Satan, chaos and destruction entered into the world. There was only miry clay, water, void, coldness and darkness over the earth. However, God separated the waters to the water canopy above that protect the earth from aging solar radiation; and the waters of Eden’s streams and underground water below. God created light of the sun to rule by day, and the light of the moon to rule by night. God created man and woman; before the Western women became like men like Jezebel; and Western hippy rogue pastors became castrated effeminate men like Ahab.


Jezebel and Ahab (there is a reason why I write the woman’s name first here, for it is so in Satan’s order; everything is opposed and opposite to God’s perfect order and authority), are only symbolisms of Satan’s people. Any Western man or woman can aspire to be a Jezebel or Ahab, because when they alienate from God’s Spirit, the end personality or character is that of Jezebel and Ahab. Jezebel being a dominating, emotional, wild, power-asserting woman; and Ahab being violent and dominating toward other men, but being weak and timid toward his wife and women. That is why the hippy rogue pastors, week after week after week after week, shamelessly reprimand God’s men in front of women and praise women in their Western sermons.


Therefore, if a Westerner (or even an Asian or African) can aspire to become a Jezebel or Hillary Clinton, or become an Ahab or hippy rogue pastor, if they can satanize themselves enough. It would be a little difficult if you are brought up in an educated, god-fearing family; unlike a hippy rogue pastor who is brought up in an alcoholism-filled, single mother family; but it is still possible to become a Jezebel or Ahab if one aspires to Satanism enough. For Satan’s character is Jezebel and Ahab, where God’s character is the original Adam and Eve. Of course, the ultimate end of the road is homosexuality and lesbianism like pre-Noah’s times and Sodomy / Gomorrah times. Some Western hippy rogue pastors even go as far as endorsing homosexuality and lesbianism in the name of post-1960’s sexual liberation, women’s equality, right to divorce and women’s independence from the family; and the right to have sex with Nephilim’s fallen angels. Tell me if God will not spit them out of His mouth, just like He spit Jezebel out of the top floor so that the dogs ate her up.


Men of God, why is it that the End-Times women are more spiritual than you? Why is it that the wives teach you the Truth and lead you to righteousness? Everything is upside down in the End-Times. Do you not have any shame? The women are more upright than you. They teach you to respect God’s proper order of creational authority. If God did not respect His own order of creational authority and organization, He just as well throw out the hippy rogue pastors and let their wives teach the flock of God to respect the Word. It is because you have despised the Word of God by your unsightly pride; and you mock and jeer at God and His voice. You are white porcelain with toilet water inside. You need to be flushed out with your wives’ Living Water, for you have foul smell. Hypocrites! By fire, your faith will be tested, for you have mocked the Lord who is the Truth! You will not cut out pieces of Him and throw out pieces of Him, in order to fit your Western Jezebel doctrines. Dear Brethren, do not be like them. Come apart from them! Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord! He is returning, and He will throw out the wicked servant along with the pagans and heathens!