Greetings to the beloved Church of Jerusalem, who are most loved by our Lord Jesus Christ, the holders of the ancient covenant which God has not forgotten! It is fascinating to me that God uses a Jew to preach to the gentiles, and a gentile to preach to the Jews. The Lord has told me to give you an example of how the lukewarm End-Times Western Hellenist humanist churches throw away parts of the Bible (parts of Jesus the Word) to fit their satanic Jezebel doctrines. They will not repent.

This letter is not really for the dead End-Times church, but rather, for the Jewish Remnant and Tribulation Saints. God already knows that the hearts of the Western End-Times Laodicea lukewarm church is hardened and adulterous, and they will not listen to the Truth. Though I detest the End-Times lukewarm Christians reading this, for they incriminate themselves more by reading and knowing the Truth; it is out of love for you, the Jewish nation and Tribulation Saints, that the Spirit impels me to tell you the Truth.

For example, God tells us in His Word that women should cover their heads as a sign of submission, and men should not cover their heads to remember that they are the head of the household and church. When you see society and namely the church drift away from Christ, then you see churches throwing out huge chunks of the Bible; in order to fit Satan’s beliefs and values concerning self-righteousness and humanism and equality. Now, we are not talking about small church pastors, but we are talking about big name, major Western humanist Bible scholars and famous pastors who are doing these things. They mislead hundreds of millions of people, not to mention all the pastors in their conferences. It is a grave issue indeed. They say that nature teaches women’s covering and men’s non-covering, but God doesn’t teach it. But, if you think for a moment, who made the laws of nature? Yes, God! The laws of nature is made by God. Why would you disobey the laws of nature by teaching that women do not need to cover their heads as a symbol of authority over them; and disobey the laws of nature by teaching women that it is alright to have sex with lesbians and fallen angels, for it is not a sin but a shame to nature? The way they twist scripture is beyond amazement.

They have all fallen prey to Satan’s post-1960’s equality, liberty and freedom philosophy. They have discarded God’s precepts that were present until the 1950’s, such as rules concerning head coverings. I have heard many a godly born-again Christians ask these famous pastors whom they worship, concerning head coverings. They tell them that it is an ancient tradition, no longer needed to be followed. So, even those who know the Holy Spirit, shut out the voice of the Holy Spirit in their hearts, and love to follow the advice and teachings of these famous pastors. They know what the Holy Spirits says, but they would rather believe a “spiritual” Western pastor, what they consider to be “politically correct” in their Western humanist feminist minds.

Some Western lukewarm pastors say that women do not have to wear head coverings, and that Paul is just talking to Corinthians. Even a three year old child can deduce that that excuse to rid of the Bible scripture is ridiculous. Why would God leave the command to us, if it was not meant for us. He would have only left it for the Corinthians. God is not an irrelevant or illogical God. If He left it for us 21st century Christians, then He intends us to keep His commands. If head coverings were only for the Corinthians, then we should not follow all the commands of the book of Corinthians, for they are only for the Corinthians; and God made a grave mistake by leaving the command in the Bible for us in the 21st century. Why should we follow any of the commands in any of the other books in the Bible, if it does not suit our Western sense of self-righteousness, because they would be irrelevant to us: God had put all those things in there for the 21st century by mistake, and it should not be there. God is not an illogical God that He would leave irrelevant text in the Bible for us 21st century Christians.

What they do is to “play on words” by twisting their meaning to mean strange things. They do not take the Bible as simply and straight, as it is saying. The Book of Corinthians says that if any feminist woman in the church wants to be contentious about this command (because they were trying to take over leadership in the church and divorce themselves in independence and equality); then that there is no other teaching that teaches the contrary in any of the other churches in the world. That means, none of the other churches in any part of the world or in the future 21st century churches of God, has any other command; such as the allowing of women to not wear head coverings and men to grow their hair long.

These Westerners say that the Bible says that it is a shame for transvestites to have long hair in rebellion to society; and therefore, it is only a shame and not a sin for Western women to have short hair without any head covering; so it is O.K. for women to leave their head uncovered and cut their hair short like a lesbian in disobedience to God’s command. In other words, to rephrase what they are saying: they are saying that it is alright to do shameful things and bring shame in the eyes of the holy angels who gather to the saints’ worship services and live shameful lives in front of God’s worship service, for it is not sin. They say that as long it is not sin, then they can shame as much as they want. Do you see how they play on grammar and vocabulary? If shame is not of God, it is sin. Anything that is not of God, is evil and darkness. For whatever is not of light, only darkness remains.

You see, these Western lukewarm End-Times teachers do not understand the holiness of God. They place their Jezebel’s doctrines of self-righteous humanism of equality over God’s holiness. That is where you see the church going off into the apostasy from the 1960’s “Flower Children” feminist and liberalization movement. Then, you see the Western churches’ divorce shoot up from 6% to 60%. And they do not even take notice spiritually as to why this is happening. They make a fuss that divorce is wrong and criticize their congregations; but in reality, they are the ones teaching Satan’s doctrines to ignore what God said, and allowing the church to rot. If any, they are the instigators and ones to blame for the apostasy; instead of the congregations that they accuse for divorcing; and having emotionally and spiritually damaged children, who are dropping out of the churches in swarms, as the Bible prophesied.

Satan is using the Western church leaders to make Christians to be no longer the salt of society; and eradicating the teaching for women to wear head coverings to remind them of their positions; and men to grow hair long so that it makes them forget their leadership and position in Christ; and for the church itself to fall to anarchy, divorce and lesbian children and grandchildren, who no longer want to go to church. It is the same thing that Satan did with Eve, in the beginning in the Garden of Eden, and also with the women before Noah’s flood, so that they would have sex with fallen angels instead of men of God. A woman without proper authority and spiritual leadership over them to protect them, are quite vulnerable to Satan’s temptation of pride and greed and independence. That is why Adam and the pre-Noah’s flood leaders and post-1960’s pastors are not without blame for allowing Satan to eliminate God’s commands.

How do you think the children and grandchildren felt; when their mothers left the families for careers and demons, and did not listen to their husbands or fathers? Wouldn’t you fall into rage, rebellion, and distrust of adults, just like the post 1960’s “Flower Children” free sex, liberal rebellion, rock-throwing anti-war demonstrators? The churches are going through the same phase. Will humans never learn? If any, I think the church leaders are to blame, for leading the flock to commit adultery with Jezebel’s doctrines. What they do to their flock, will be subtracted from their leadership in heaven. What they do for the flock will be added unto them in their authority in heaven.

A good example is how they throw away the verses that teach on women’s head covering and men’s non-covering, but they follow the verses that teach on communion in the same chapter right after it. Do you see the hypocrisy of the End-Times lukewarm Western Christians? They follow things that do not cause a commotion, but they throw out passages that would make them unpopular with Western women and feminist men; because 95% of their congregation would leave them. They have been filled, brainwashed, and controlled by Satan’s post-1960’s “Flower Children” equal authority for women doctrine.

The reason why God is adamant about His instructions in the Bible is out of love for us, and to protect us and our society. However, when they do not follow the Bible, then women leave the family, get careers, divorce, and have sex with lesbians. God knows this, and the head covering rules for women and non-head covering for men are for our spiritual protection. When you do not cover your head, it makes it easy for Satan to play around with your head and minds. Humans are prideful, and they start thinking that they can have the same authority, and break God’s natural order of authority in the family. Therein lies Satan’s trap. God knows how weak and forgetful we are, and that is why God leaves us certain rituals such as head coverings and communions to help us remember subconsciously in our deep recesses of our hearts, so that we may remember His precepts and protect ourselves from chaos and anarchy of the Creation. It should not just become a spiritual ritual either, like the religious people make it, for there is purpose and meaning that needs to be understood behind everything God commands.

Why would you follow the command on communion, and discard the command on head coverings? Why would you follow one part of the Bible, and discard the other part? Why would you follow any part of the Bible then? Why did God even leave the Bible scriptures for us then? What kind of a heart and mind would do that? A depraved one.

They do not even try to understand why the Word of God says that head coverings for women are important because of the angels. Demons play tricks on the brains of people. They did not approach Adam with an apple, but first approached Eve. They know a woman’s mind which is detached from male spiritual leadership is vulnerable to false doctrines. Likewise, Satan always approaches the woman to whisper into her ear that she is equal in authority with the man, for it is a post-1960’s “Flower Children” feminist world; and to look at the women of the world around them who have discarded child-rearing for careers and abortion. He comes with the temptation of the “pride of life” (authority, and career/financial power, and equality with God’s men); and the temptation of the eyes (money, and big homes, and dresses, and jewelry, and handbags); and the temptation of the flesh (freedom from cooking, for they can just prepare acidosis-creating Western microwave dinners, and cosmetics and plastic surgery). Then, they get sick, and they cry and scream and blame God that He is not a loving/healing God; and that He is purposely allowing illness by His selfish whim in heaven; while Satan is laughing at the whole scene. The Western lukewarm pastors have to teach that Christians get sick, in order not to offend their church members who are sick and avoid being fired; because so many fat, sweets-eating Westerners (over 50%) have some form of sickness. Do you see how crafty the devil is? They mold their teachings of God’s Word around the church’s predicament; and not the other way around.

God says, “Come lets us reason together.” From simple deduction and logic, we know that those who teach that women’s head covering and prohibition of men from covering their head is only for the Corinthian church is illogical. If they were correct, why should we follow any of the other commands and teachings to the Corinthian church? Why should we follow what God told the Ephesian church or the Galatian church? Why should we follow any part of the Bible, for they do not concern us, at all? No part of the Bible teaches us in the Paris church, or New York church or Tokyo church, so why follow the Bible? Why would God leave anything that is irrelevant to us; and only relevant to the Corinthians, in the Bible for 2,000 years to us? Do you see the utter ridiculousness of what the Western church leaders teach by warping their doctrines to fit Jezebel’s feminist modern day Western humanist self-righteousness philosophy? It is nonsense. Their way of thinking is unconsciously or intentionally illogical. Like I said, God is not an irrelevant or illogical God, who leaves irrelevant scripture to us in the Bible. If you started ignoring parts and bits of the church that do not agree with our own self-righteous philosophy of humanism, then why should we even follow any part of the Bible?

It was God’s intention for Adam to keep the Garden of Eden. However, He saw that Adam, upon seeing all the animals with females, was lonely. So, He took a part of Adam’s own body to create a Helper—Eve. Oh, the Western hippy rogue pastors hate that word, “Helper” for they can only think in their disgusting satanic Western humanism. They make up all kinds of excuses to make the word mean something else by changing its meaning into “partner”, just like their satanic mothers. To God, who said the word, it is a beautiful thing. There is nothing more precious to Adam than Eve, aside from a relationship with Christ. (I do not like to write that, because the hippy rogue pastors will only take this last part and preach it, and ignore what I said in previous sentences. That is the type of people they are. That is their heart. Their godly wives have to kick their rears, in order to make them observe God’s precepts.)

Satan using the accursed post-1960’s generation, has convinced the women to usurp the men’s position of leadership in the church; and likewise, convinced men to usurp Christ and make up their post-1960’s “Flower Children” doctrines in the church; and likewise, convinced children to usurp women’s positions in the home, for the mothers are never home when they return from school; and the comical thing about the post-1960’s generation of the Judgment Age is that the dogs have usurped the positions of the whole family. “How?” you ask. Look at the dogs in these most depraved, stupid, “Flower Children” generation people’s homes. They are having a social problem of dogs not listening to their masters; and barking, clawing, and causing pandemonium in the house. They believe that they are the masters of the house.

They even have TV programs, and what they call professional dog trainers as a business profession to come and discipline their dogs. These people are so stupid and deprived of the Holy Spirit that they cannot even discipline their dogs; and the dogs think they are the masters and the humans are their servants. You have to remember that dogs, unlike cats, live in group packs and are hierarchical like the Confucian-Taoists. The hippy rogue pastors are rebelling against God’s Word, who is Christ; the women are rebelling against men by going off to work, earning money, buying from sperm banks and Nephilim’s fathers, and divorcing; children are rebelling and do not listen to their parents anymore, nor call them “yes, father” (depraved hippy generation), as the Bible says will happen in the End-Times; and the dogs are running rampant as masters in the house. I always say they are hypocrites for excusing it away as a “social” problem; it is a “heart” spiritual problem. Satan has destroyed everything noble and orderly.

It is because they have altogether explained away and discarded God’s precious Words for women to wear head coverings and not to wear trousers by imitating men; and men to not cover their heads and not to wear skirts at Christmas party dramas; that they have broken the spiritual protection to do those things in remembrance of their positions in God’s order; ran after their own personal explanation of righteousness; and altogether forsaken God’s ways or Torah. And they ask why God is not listening to their prayers that their children will stop going apostate; and for the United States from becoming socialist communist; and why there is so much disease and dying in the church? That is why I say these hippy rogue pastors are a joke. And, it would be bad enough, but they even have the gall to use all kinds of twisting and perversion of God’s Word and commands, in order to fit their self-righteous Western humanist doctrines of Jezebel. That is why they adulterate Christ with Satan. Even the top Western Bible scholars do it. Only upright ministers have the sanity not to do such blasphemous things. They are few and far in-between.

Dear Jewish brothers, you are not like the Westerners. You are a holy people called unto God. Say that you did not even have the Holy Spirit; you would still know by logic that what God is saying is True. For example, why would God tell the “Corinthian feminist wives’ movement uprising” that there are no other teachings that teach opposite of the command for women’s head covering practices in the other churches, as some Western Bible scholars claim the Bible says? What would be the logical reason for God to mention such a command to the Corinthians only, and not be applicable for all Christians? It does not make sense. In the paragraph following the command to wear head coverings is the command to follow the communion. Would God say to the Corinthians, “Well, there is no such command to observe communion to any other churches of God, but only you Corinthians must follow them.” It does not make any logical sense! Do you see how the post-1960’s lukewarm Westerners twist the meaning? They play a trick on grammar. What if I came to you, Brethren, and told you, “Well, it is alright for all the Asian and European churches to have women wear men’s clothes, but God commands only the American churches to not do that.” God does not say such illogical things in the Bible. He is not an illogical God. There are many among you who are mixing Satan’s Jezebel doctrines into God’s churches, and the Westerners love those pastors, for they teach what sounds good to their evil hearts.

They also says that Apostle Paul says that the very nature of things tells you that it is a shame for women to have bare heads, and men to grow transvestite head coverings in the holy worship presence of God. They say that since it is only a shame and not a sin, they do not have to follow that command, like the pre-1950’s churches. They desecrate God’s Word and Truth by saying that. That is why they are adulterers and pagans, and encourage others to commit adultery with Satan’s Jezebel doctrines. Thereby, they have perverted the entire End-Times church to follow after Baal and Molech—the feminist gods of Jezebel. There are bigger implications in their words than they ever realize. They have forgotten the ways of the Lord and His precepts, in the name of Western “political correctness” and “women’s equality” and “ignoring of uncomfortable commands.” Unless they deal with this, they are guilty of leading millions astray. I thank God for brave ministers of God, who are lone voices among the pagan Christians.

You ask why are they so blind, as to even twist and discard parts of God’s Word (Christ out of the Church), in order to fit it to their Western humanist post 1960’s values? The answer, my friend, is “pride.” Pride in women’s and children’s equality is more important than God’s order of Creation and peace. Pride tells them that it is noble and just to bring women and children into independence and authority to equal men. Therein lies Satan’s trap of “pride” and personally defined “self-righteousness.”

It is pride that made Satan fall from heaven, and he is the author of pride in men’s hearts. He feeds their hearts as if with fuel of pride. He knows that this brings the whole order and authority and family institution of society crashing down. Then, when the pride of pre-Noah’s flood and post-1960’s Western “Flower Children” humanism has taken its toll upon society; you see an influx of homosexuals and feminists; then it will always be followed by God’s wrath and judgment. Pride and Western humanism of women’s equality with men and God (they are now creating artificial life by making DNA’s) takes place, when Satan has perverted society so much that God has to bring His hand down upon the earth, in order that humans do not destroy the earth. We are not talking about humanist environmentalism, but we are talking about the spiritual decadence of the earth and the foundations of Creation itself.

It is also fear. Many hippy rogue pastors say fear is good, though the Bible teaches fear is the opposite of love. Fear is of Satan, and love is of God. They are mutually exclusive. The Western religious leaders fear their post-1960’s “Flower Children” congregation. If they teach God’s true commands and Bible, they know most of their congregation will leave; for they only want to hear nice, fluffy, tickling, warm messages of “Western humanism” and how noble and righteous they are by elevating women as equals. They are the “Laodicea” or “Laity is the Diocese” church, or the church run by the people, not God. It takes humility for a man to admit that he is wrong, and to start teaching the Truth. It takes real faith—not just spoken faith. God sees the heart of each man. If they but repent of their adultery with Jezebel’s doctrines, they would be saved from the hour of coming Tribulation upon the earth. That is why God called out to repent and turn. However, a stiff-necked generation will not listen.

They would rather believe in their self-righteousness doctrines of “women’s equality,” instead of God’s direction for “women to wear head coverings and women’s clothing,” and for “men to not cover their heads and wear men’s clothing.” They say I have God’s old way of thinking; and I say they have Satan’s new way of thinking. They say it is the 21st century, with new values; and I say it is the century when God will burn the earth up for Satan’s old ways, which he calls new values.

You can see Satan’s fingerprint on the Western pastors, when you see them criticizing the homosexual men, but they feel comfortable with feminist equal opportunity in church. Remember, all of Satan’s societies have this characteristics: female shamans running society; Wiccan witches’ female goddesses; boom in female pastors and church leaders in the Western depraved churches; boom in female presidents (mostly in the most depraved satanized Western countries); boom in female congress and business leader;, feminist effeminate pastors; female warriors and Amazoness and soldiers; women of society going to sperm banks and having sex with Nephilim’s fathers; etc. When a feminist woman gets raped or abused by her father or peers as a child; they get opened up to all kinds of demonic possession and fanaticism (Satan’s people are fanatic); and that bitterness / hatred creates extremist obsession. You recognize them for when they drift farther from God, they start showing opposite behaviors to God’s rules for the nature (they often start cutting their hair short—the opposite of Eve). The physical phenomenon has spiritual reasons. It is like gluttony reveals its opposite appearance from original Adam, by appearing fat. It is a spiritual rule.

The hippy rogue pastors always reprimand God’s men in front of the women, in their post 1960’s feminist-riddled sermons; just like they would reprimand a commanding officer in front of his men. They have depraved minds. They have no respect for God, so they have no respect for His order. Meanwhile, they do not reprimand Western church women for exposing the shapes of their buttocks and breasts with tight clothes, or having breasts hanging out of the blouse. Do you see how hypocritical these hippy rogue effeminate pastors are? They are religious bigots. On the surface, they are nice, white porcelain; but inside, they are full of toilet water and poop.

That is why when I reprimanded the French executives for having half of their breasts hanging out of their shirts, the French men and women hated my guts after that. They felt that I was square-headed. They made a huge fuss that Japanese Shibuya girls wear skimpy clothes, too; but Shibuya girls are not the regular Japanese women; they come from the lowest level of people. The beauty of Japanese women is that they have normal-sized breasts and buttocks; and they hide them under their clothes. That is so beautiful. It is not that I am biased towards Latin cultures; for I do not like Muslim cultures that oppress and discriminate against women either; and force them to cover their entire body; and arresting women if they are seen talking to non-family men in public (although Muslim women prefer Muslim laws and detest Western self-righteous laws). However, I do have a problem when Latin people bring in different men into their rooms every night; and lie down on the beaches exposing their ugly genitals. Not that I do not detest the Western End-Times Quaker Puritan human legalist pastors, just as much.

And another characteristic is: if you speak the Truth for God, the most depraved Western religious leaders will call you a heretic and hate your guts and burn you at the stake; as they did to all the ancient prophets and apostles; if they are willing to even discard Apostle Paul’s teachings, inspired by the Holy Spirit. In reality, when they promote women taking authority in society and in the church, and to teach men; you know something is wrong with their head and spirits, right away. They have no fear of God, to tamper with His Word. It takes a depraved heart and mind to do such things. All hell has broken loose, because the church salt is no longer salty.

I may teach this a hundred times to the fallen Western End-Times lukewarm pastors, but it will just fall on deaf ears; for the problem is not the ear, but in the dead heart. God has showed me this. Since this issue of “women’s equality/inequality in authority” is the key to spiritual well-being, and God’s spiritual blessing of wisdom and holiness of the church, and godly order and society; Satan has thoroughly and impeccably brainwashed and convinced the Westerners concerning their self-righteous doctrine and humanist worship values. Of course, you know by the Holy Spirit that forbidding people from coming into the church because they have long hair or no head covering, is not right. The church exists exactly for these Western humanists, homosexuals with long hair and feminists without head covering. The religious, carnal, Puritan, lukewarm End-Times Christians forbid hippies and lesbians from coming into the church. However, that should not be a reason for endorsing long hair and absence of head coverings. The Western carnal church is always on two extremes. God’s Holy Spirit is completely balanced, logical and of sound-mind. When the Western Christians do not discern by the Holy Spirit, they go to both extremes: banning people or deleting God’s commands.

Satan hates the Truth, for it will upset his whole plan; and he has tried to kill me time and time again; however, the Lord my God is my Protector and Haven. Nay, a mere angel or demon cannot silence God’s voice in the wilderness. Since they have turned their backs upon God’s Truth and Precepts, and embraced Satan’s Western End-Times humanism, the Westerners grow sick with cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cavities, gout, joint problems, hardened arteries, depression, tuberculosis, dialysis, and all kinds of infirmities. They even teach Satan’s Western doctrine that it comes from God for His glory, so that they cannot heal others in the authority of Christ. That is how depraved they have become.

Women are a key in God’s overall plan for society, since they raise up children—our future generation (godly or satanic). And, men are a key in God’s overall plan, because they are the spiritual leaders in the family, in church and in society (although most hippy rogue “Flower Children” pastors deny this and say that men are only leaders in the homes, and not in church or society, because of their twisted satanic minds). When the man has lost spiritual leadership, like Adam and the pre-Noah’s flood men did, then women are no longer protected spiritually, and they go awry spiritually. They start seeking equal authority in society, financial independence, divorce and lesbianism. That is what we see in the post-1960’s West now.

Then, we see the children messed up mentally and spiritually, having their two loved ones separated, and coming home to a house where the mother is pursuing her career and not home. They pursue violent video games, consolation in peer groups with time and allowance money, and watch satanic public television. The children are the keys to society’s future, for they will be the future fathers, pastors and politicians. The pastors are the key to men’s and the flock’s spiritual health, and Christ is the key to the pastors’ spiritual discernment and obedience. This is what I have against the pastors of the Church of the West—they have lost Christ; and because they have lost Christ, the men have lost their Eve’s; and the women have lost their children; and the children have lost this End-Times generation.

Do you understand what I speak of: women’s covering and men’s non-covering is not to be taken lightly, for it is the protection of society, so that you may live healthy lives; lest Satan should tempt you to moral decadence and lukewarmness like the End-Times Christians. Do not follow your form of righteousness that Satan has defined, but follow God’s form of righteousness and you shall prosper spiritually. Satan always has his own way of righteousness and justice (women’s equality, people power, non-slavery to Christ, sexual freedom, gay rights, Satan’s righteous struggle against God’s tyranny and monopoly, etc.). “Political Correctness” of the liberal socialists is just the end result of Satan’s self-righteous Western humanism.

If you worship women’s equality and “Laodicea” or “Laity Diocese” (the word means that the church members run church doctrine and choose the pastors and sermons they want to hear), then you worship Satan’s self-righteousness against God. Do not be self-righteous as the Western pastors and congregations are; they choose the pastors who cater to their self-righteous Western doctrines and who come from among their Western society. That is why they have huge Western Christian rock concert Satan worship services that gather members; and hundreds of people receive Christ emotionally; but they fall away from Christ, because there is no solid soil to bear the seed; or many go to Western churches that teach only Western philosophies of women’s equality or have female pastors.

You the 144,000 Jewish Remnant have the Holy Spirit, so also discern by the Spirit. Sometimes it does you less damage to stay away from the End-Times satanic church, rather than to be amongst them. Come out of them, dear Brethren. Join Jesus outside the church, who has been kicked out of the End-Times Laodicea church, and pick up the cross and follow Him. Soon, there is a time coming when the Church will martyr all the Tribulation Saints and the Jewish nation. I am dubious whether a single pastor reading this will repent and start teaching women’s covering and men’s non-covering.

The End-Times Westerners detest what I say, and the Truth. They call me evil, and call evil good; so it is always with evil humans, right before judgment falls. That is why the End-Times church will not repent, and it needs to be cleansed by fire of wrath. Only judgment awaits now, for those who have chosen to abandon God’s ways and will not heed His call to repentance. God will annihilate the Mystery Babylon religion overnight. May God’s people come out of it, lest they be destroyed also along with those who worship Jezebel’s doctrines and teachings.

My prayer is that you hear His voice now, that loving voice of the Good Shepherd, calling out to His sheep. Do not usurp male authorities, or usurp the employer’s authorities, or usurp the government authorities, or usurp God’s authority, with your own doctrines; and make the same mistake that the pre-Noah’s flood people made. Do not follow the Western pastors’ Quaker Puritan dead teachings of the law; and be like the lukewarm, dead Western church, who tried to live pure lives by their religious lifestyles; but rather, return to Jesus who is the Torah Truth, for you would no longer want to sin because of that first love. There is no bondage in Christ, but freedom from sin. And I say to the men, “Do not blame the women and point fingers at their Western decadence, just like Adam blamed Eve for giving him the apple; but blame yourself for not taking leadership, and letting the castrated, proud, Sodom-like, effeminate Western pastors fill your minds with Jezebel’s doctrines of women’s equality.”

Only when the men return to Christ, will the women return to Christ. The women are your ribs, and you are their spiritual head: that is why God commands you not to wear any head coverings, so that you never forget your standing in Christ and your responsibility over women. You are Christ to the women. Why do you grow your hair long and wear baseball caps in church? Do you not know that it is even shame to God’s nature, and the essence of male-female laws of nature; the order and organization and peace that God created into nature and the male-female spiritual order and well-being? Why do you listen to these Western religious Pharisees who pervert God’s Word with sweet, fluffy sermons; and deny parts of God’s Bible? You are not Westerners, but you are a holy nation, a holy people, who has been called apart from the Mystery Babylon Church. These hippy rogue pastors mock and crucify the people of God in their hearts.

I will rewrite here what I wrote to the Church of the West, for your own edification; so that you do not follow the silliness of these Western religious people who are the great grandchildren of the Hellenist Corinthian doctrines of Western-ism:

Western humanist post-1960’s “Flower Children” mothers’ hippy rogue pastors will teach things like: you need to give money to the church; how women should have equal rights and authority in the church; to recycle and save the earth; and how to abstain from sex, resist sex, fight sex and shun sex; and other Western religious human teachings. However, they will not disciple you concerning these important facts in the Bible about God’s Torah or Truth; so the congregation remains very primitive spiritually, and never grows. They immerse themselves in such things as family activism politically; but their church members are not discipling others as commanded; which shows that they are religious and not spiritual. There should not be a sole pastor teaching the church, like the Westerners have created the church into; but rather, each Christian should be discipled by another Christian and discipling another Christian. That is how Christ did it; and commanded us to do.

They teach all kinds of do’s and do not’s, and rules and regulations, just like the religious Pharisees do. People cannot obey the Lord out of their human ability or sinful nature. That is why these Western humanist pastors try to put in human accountability in order to force them to obedience, and try to tie the sheep down with human surveillance and strict sermons. That is teaching religious works and not God’s grace—and they shall fail. People will still sin. They do not realize that you do not beat the sheep with a stick; but you have to feed the sheep, as Jesus instructed. If you feed the sheep the Word of God, faith comes from hearing the Truth or Word or Torah. The way to be filled by the Holy Spirit is to fill the sheep with the Word of God. Then, people will be filled with the Holy Spirit, empowered by the Spirit, and have strong faith and love; and they would not even want to sin. They would fear and respect and love the Lord.

If there is no Torah or Truth being taught, then you are just stuck with teaching Western religious rules and regulations; and then, you will be stuck with a lukewarm, End-Times, Laodicea Western church, as we see now. What they have done is to kick Jesus, who is the Word or Torah, out of the Church. That is why in Revelation 3, Jesus is outside the church, knocking on the door to be let back in (the only church out of the seven church ages, where Jesus has been kicked out). What these Western humanist post-1960’s “Flower Children” mothers’ pastors do is to throw out entire parts of the Bible (entire parts of Jesus who is the Word out the door); such as teachings on women’s head coverings and men’s uncovering of their heads; so they have kicked Jesus out, and replaced Him with Jezebel’s Western humanist doctrines. They have no respect for God’s Word or Jesus when they are throwing out whole sections of the Bible in the name of Western “political correctness.” What is next: inclusion of homosexuality and exclusion of the holy communion? The sky is the limit, when the End-Times humanist Westerners start doing that. That is why the End-Times church is so weak. They have thrown out the Holy Spirit, and they teach strange Western religion in the empty shell of Christianity. And they call God’s people chauvinists? They are both dead and foolish.

I see four types of humans in the Spirit:

First, you have the carnal non-Christian types. The men are either dominated by their wives, and walking behind them pushing baby strollers and carrying diapers; or they beat their wives, and leave them for another young mistress. The women dominate and nag their husbands, drink alcohol, smoke and take drugs. They are cowardly like Jezebel, when it comes to life and death; but they like to take positions of authority, when it is safe. They either dress in scanty clothes, or dress like Hillary Clinton in men’s clothes. I call them the non-Christian carnal group.

Second, you have the ethical non-Christian types. The men take leadership in society, and are sound-minded. They live by the military academy “code of honor”; and treat their wives with kindness, though they take leadership over the wives. The women dress in nice, modest clothes like the Japanese women; and they are humble and respect their husband’s leadership. They use polite speech, and do not use profane language. I prefer to be around their non-Christian children more than to hang around the children of carnal Christian pastors. I call them the non-Christian ethical group.

Third, you have the carnal Christian hippy rogue pastor type. The men preach fire and brimstone messages to God’s men in front of their wives; and compliment the women, and preach that women should take more authority and be treated as equals. The women are the ones who take spiritual leadership, and they teach the men; and they lead their husbands to obey God’s order of authority. (Much like Mary Magdalene and the Christian women modestly and in humility told the apostles of God that Jesus is alive—before the Apostles received the Holy Spirit.) I call them the Christian carnal group.

Fourth, you have the spiritual Christian pastor type. The men take leadership in society and church. They behave like Christ, and have a strong, yet gentle Spirit. They have a sound mind, and have had their lives changed by Christ. They have the Holy Spirit. (They are like the apostles after they received the Holy Spirit.) The women are like Mary Magdalene and Ruth and Esther. They are gentle in Spirit; respect men in humility; and make men want to give up their lives to save such women. (I would die and gladly give up my life for this extinct Eve type of women; though I would cast the Hillary feminist Jezebel women to the wild dogs.) Their faces may be like a prostitute like perhaps Mary Magdalene; but their presence melts any man’s heart with their godly femininity: they are spiritually, absolutely Eve-like beautiful. These women are a rare jewel to any man, and non-existent in the last days. You will not find these women in the West, but only perhaps in the Japanese countryside, which has not been westernized. I call them the Christian spiritual group.

It is time for the Holy Spirit to now focus on the salvation of the Jewish nation, once more. I am not a Jew, but I love you as my own people, for you are God’s chosen people. The two silver trumpets of God, calling out for repentance: the Church and the Jewish nation (silver stands for imperfection, and gold for perfection). One shall soon be taken, and once shall soon go through the purification fire. Both shall soon be perfected, and stand before the throne of God. Hallelujah!

You have been filled and sealed by the Holy Spirit, and you have been called to be a holy nation unto the Lord. You have discernment into the things of the Spirit, and you know what is right and wrong. Embrace the whole Word of God, and treasure the whole command of God. Learn to love His Truth and His Precepts/Torah.

You ask why do they (left-wing Christians) cut Jesus’ arms and legs off, by cutting out whole sections of the Bible out, in the name of Western humanism? I know why you think that, for it seems like a suicidal and crazy and fearful thing to cut out parts of Jesus who is the Word (Bible); for God will cut out positions of authority from them in the Kingdom of God. The answer is pride. The Western lukewarm End-Times Laodicea Church is a very proud church in the history of mankind. That is what Western humanism is all about—human pride and drunk on self-righteousness. On the one extreme, you have very self-righteous religious, legalist Western Christians (right-wing Christians); who judge and discriminate against rebellious hippies who grow hair long; and against lesbian women who refuse to wear head coverings or refuse to wear women’s clothing when coming before the throne of God in worship. On the other extreme, you have the self-righteous religious, liberal Western Christians (left-wing Christians); who cut out entire sections of the Bible (the Word or Jesus); in order to teach that it is alright for men to wear women’s clothes and grow hair long; and alright for women to wear men’s trousers and uncover their heads in front of God and the angels.

Why do they do that? It is because they have fought against the legalist Western Christians (right-wing Christians) who criticize men with long hair, and women who walk around in men’s clothes. It creates an extreme hatred toward those who judge and discriminate against rebellious hippies and lesbians. That is why the left-wing Christians run to the other extreme, by promoting rebellion against God’s Word and trampling Jesus’ face and Paul’s teachings by twisting and perverting the Bible. They need to twist and pervert the Bible grammatically and in its interpretation forcibly, in order to declare that men’s long hair and women’s uncovering of their heads is perfectly fine and biblical. You see, there is no other way for them to justify Satan’s Jezebel doctrines, except by purposely and intentionally twisting, perverting and ignoring major portions of the Bible.

It is sort of like the Afro-American black people in the United States who have been persecuted by the racists, and they go to the other extreme by claiming that everything and anything is caused by racism. They become fanatic racist-phobics and black activists. Likewise, the left-wing liberal Christians tear out pages from the Bible, because they have received tremendous persecution from the discriminatory right-wing Christians. This is Satan’s ploy: the Western Christians are all playing perfectly into Satan’s plan, because they are blind and cannot see spiritually. They are not filled by the Holy Spirit. They run to both extremes. Satan uses his “two-pronged attack strategy” from both extremes to attack the church, and funnel the sheep into Jezebel’s satanized pen. As long as they worship the idol of Western humanism, just like the ancient Israelites worshipped the golden calf idol, they cannot see the Truth or Torah. That is why they twist and pervert the Truth and the Bible; and their hearts are filled with pagan doctrines.

Perhaps, the reason why Satan does that is because these major portions of the Bible which teach God’s command against women wearing trousers and uncovering their heads in front of God and the angels and men, is the key scripture that prevents the world and church from becoming satan-ized. It reminds women to be aware of their position in Christ, and that they have the authority of men over them. It also commands men not to grow their hair long and wear women’s clothing; so that they will be aware of their position in Christ and remind them that they are the glory of Christ; and they must retain leadership in society and church. Once men forget that, then all hell breaks loose. Women start thinking that they are men’s equals. Then family breaks down, and women start working, and pursuing careers and money. Then, you have divorce and autonomy in the family. Then, you have abortion of hundreds of millions, and the downfall of society and economy. Then, you have the people starting to run the Church; just like the End-Times “Laodicea” or “Laity Diocese” church. Then, they will create Western humanist doctrines to rule themselves by, which cater to their self-righteous pride (golden calf idols, such as the self-righteous feminist Jezebel doctrines of the devil that it is alright for women to not cover their heads and wear men’s clothing; or men to cover their heads with long hair in rebellion against God).

Why does Satan do that? He knows that it is the first step in rebellion against God; by rebelling against God’s order of authority (Christ à men à women à children à whales). When people forget this order and spiritual harmony and blessing of God; they start reversing everything (pets à children à women à men à Christ). Then, God’s spiritual protection is taken away; pride and self-righteous Westernism separates them from God; and lukewarm Laodicean blindness and nakedness occurs. You see, the commands for women to cover their heads and not to wear men’s pants is a way to protect their minds and hearts from this satan-ification. Just as God commanded to obey the practices of the holy communion in the succeeding passages, in order to remind them of their holiness and that they are united as a body of Christ. When Western Christians start cutting out whole sections of God’s Bible and command, and even go as far as saying that they are not commands and that the women’s covering of heads and holy communion are only for the Corinthian church; then Satan gets that spiritual foothold in the church to break it apart. God knows human hearts are weak, so He provides biblical holy practices for a good reason to protect them.

We are saved under grace and not by works. Therefore, it is not necessary to follow God’s Word to observe communion; or for women to wear head coverings so that they do not become Western humanist women; or for men not to pierce their ears or tattoo their faces; or to love our brothers; or to not commit murder; or to meet together; or study the Bible; or to be baptized; or carry out the Great Commission; or anything else for that matter. However, we do these things or refrain from these things, because we love the Lord and our faith is manifested by our works and behavior. Not that these outward signs save, but because these outward signs and obedience is a natural outcome that comes from our walk and relationship with the Lord; not out of legalism, but out of love. And by obeying the full Word and Bible, God blesses us and protects us from ourselves and from the sinful flesh and from the enemy and world. We are kept and blessed by living according to the Word and God’s commands and precepts. That is why Satan is so adamant and fanatic about using these so-called “Bible Men” and their religious leaders to teach the flock of God (you) to stop observing these practices that are commanded by God in His Bible, by making up all kinds of grammatical excuses to ignore them according to their Western humanist feminist Jezebel doctrines; or by teaching you to follow satanic Jezebel pagan practices which are forbidden by God’s Word, by making up all kinds of grammatical excuses to change God’s Word from what it is truly commanding not to do.

For some reason, the End-Times Laodicean Western lukewarm church is blind and naked; and they are at both extremes (legalist right-wing and the liberal left-wing). God has shown me that even the most used of God leaders and Western Bible scholars will stubbornly stick to Jezebel’s doctrines to the End; and will not repent of their sin and pride. Therefore, God has no choice but to take away positions of authority from them in the future Kingdom; for they who are unfaithful in little will be unfaithful in much. They cannot be trusted with positions in the heaven, if they cut into pieces God’s command and Word; and mislead the millions of sheep to bow down to Jezebel’s prideful teachings that destroy God’s people and the church; and rot it from the inside. It is a grave sin, indeed. They seek their security in their evangelism, church planting, popularity and works; not knowing that it is God who does them; and are no grounds for the justification of ripping out God’s holy Bible.

These great Western Bible scholars just cannot detach themselves from their pride and Western self-righteousness. They will not and cannot and do not want to. They believe fervently that they are right and justified in their self-righteousness. It is a sad sight, indeed, for they feel that their fame and how God has used them in the past, makes them proud and feel secure in what they do. They do not realize that friendship with Jezebel and Satan is enmity with God; not alone having the gall to throw out major portions of the Bible and God’s command; thereby, throwing the church into adultery with Jezebel and lukewarmness in the church. The lukewarm, carnal, Western Bible scholars ally themselves with lawyers and CPA’s and medical doctors, because there are so many of them in their congregations. They become one with them in heart and mind.

Satan uses the right-wing Christians to attack the left-wing Christians. Then, the left-wing Christians develop an extreme hatred and prejudice against the right-wing Christians, who rudely demand that men not grow their hair long and women cover their heads. So, the left-wing Christians go to the other extreme, and cut out portions of the Bible and God’s command; and start spreading the gangrene teachings of Satan that it is alright for men to grow hair long and women to uncover their heads in the presence of God. They have no respect for God’s holiness or His Word. Even nature tells you that it is wrong; when men become satanized, they start growing their hair long in rebellion against authority and wearing women’s clothes. Even nature tells you that it is wrong; when women become satanized, they start cutting their hair short like the lesbians and uncovering their heads; and they start wearing pants like the Western women do shamelessly, in order to demonstrate family and social rebellion. It has already become natural to the Western mind, in these End-Times. That is how saturated Satan has controlled their minds. Then, all autonomy reigns, such as we see in the Western End-Times society and pre-Noah’s flood society and Sodomy / Gomorrah society.

With autonomy and worship of the golden calf idol like Israel did; comes self-rule and self-definition of God’s Word (by twisting it and reinterpreting it); and then comes free sex, women’s liberation, massacre of fetuses to Jezebel’s Baal idol, orgies, drug witchcraft, etc., etc., etc., as we see now in the post 1960’s “Flower Children” hippy generation Western churches. It is all a spiritually connected demise of church and society. It is the first step in the downfall of the U.S. and the world. The Western religious leaders occupy themselves with vain political activism to protect the family and try to put the fire out; while they fan the fire up with their Jezebel teachings to destroy the family and God’s holy order. They fear women, not God. That is why they are castrated, effeminate pastors, and that is why they hate men of God who speak the Truth. They have Jezebel and Ahab’s very character and personality, which they teach.

Therefore, the responsibility of these Western religious leaders, who lead millions to adultery with Jezebel is great. It is the “Laodicea” or “Laity Diocese” church, so the religious leaders fear the “laity” who are the “diocese,” and they will teach them what their itching ears want to hear: that it is alright for women to cut their hair short and not wear head coverings and wear men’s pants; and that it is alright for men to grow their hair long in post-1960’s “Flower Children” generation rebellion, and wear women’s skirts and have ring pierces and pagan tattoos. These men of God actually teach this! I know it is hard for you to believe, but in these End-Times Western Bible scholars minds, it is perfectly justified under Western humanism and Jezebel’s “Flower Children” doctrines. They have lost the Truth and the ability to see spiritually; and teach the flock to conduct orgy adultery in front of the golden calf idol of Western Jezebel worship. Literally, or spiritually, all hell has broken loose. The Church is no longer the preserving salt of society, but it has become society’s putrefaction. Then, when it becomes this way, there is only the judgment and wrath of God awaiting. All of the modern End-Times Western music has become the same beat and rhythm with the black African pagan witchdoctor trance music and singing. Satan has completely taken over the music industry and African-style gospel singing, and the Laodicea religious leaders even take joy and pleasure in these soft rock, hip hop, R&B African gospel music.

These religious leader Bible scholars have been led astray by these so-called post 1960’s “Bible Men” with their satanic Jezebel teachings. In order to counter the religious legalistic people, they have gone to the other extreme to contaminate God’s Truth with Satan’s doctrines; and that is why they so carelessly throw out God’s Word and create all kinds of satanic excuses to dismiss God’s commands. It is their pride and arrogance of Western Jezebel humanism that makes them do such abominations and mock God’s prophets and try to mix God with Satan and ignore countless loving warnings. Their pride and self-righteousness has made them deaf and blind. They will be purified by fire. These self-proclaimed “Bible Men” will change doctrine, in the days to come. They love to teach in front of men, and be acknowledged by men; and that is why they neither see the Truth nor understand it. They will not criticize the Catholics, because they share their fellowship with their ranks—Satan’s church; just like they share their churches with the lawyers, CPAs, stock brokers and medical doctors, so they will not bring any criticism against them. These “Bible Men” and their religious leaders share their abode with Satan’s money-makers. They have made God’s holy Temple and House into a den of thieves!

That is why they stomp on God’s command for women to wear head coverings and men to keep their hair short. So, there is only judgment left for them, who mock and ridicule God’s Truth and Word of Life and Salvation, who is Christ Himself. A society that has female religious leaders like the female witchdoctors, and female shamans and female sorceresses are an absolutely depraved society. That is why the United States is infiltrated with female pastors and ministers; and it will be judged first. They are the leader of economic innovation, but they are also the leader of sinful innovation. It is the opposite of God’s society that has male leaders and disciples. They have a form of religion, but not the Truth inside—a vain shell. It is just as it was in the days of Noah. These Bible Men and religious leaders have poisoned God’s Bride since the 1960’s “Flower Children” generation with their satanic humanism, and tried to marry God with Satan. God will not be mocked. In the advanced technology of Noah’s evil times, female pastors & shamans had sex with fallen angels and created giant Nephilim. Does it not resemble the U.S.A. with all of its female religious leaders?

The Western Church is very carnal. They have women on radio teaching that women should share in the financial decision-making as partners. They said that much of the divorces are due to financial disagreements. The reason why there is 60% divorce in Western churches is because two people are trying to share the decision-making process of the house. That would explain why Western women wear men’s pants in the house— what the Bible forbids—women wearing men’s clothes, because it is a reflection of the spiritual condition of a depraved society. It is just normal to their carnal thinking. How many will hear this warning, actually heed it, and repent? They consider us evil.

For example, look at the secular job world that the lukewarm Christians involve themselves in. A lot of the Western companies have all female managers only in their Human Resources departments; and they continually talk about women’s rights during their training sessions on equal employment. Hypocrites! A lot of these Western companies’ female medical department managers have sexually probing male physical exams for hiring, but no sexually probing physical exams for women; and the female Equal Employment Agency representatives say that it is not discrimination. Hypocrites! These Western companies keep preaching about women’s equality and equal opportunity employment like Jezebel; but they discriminate against and will never hire Christians. Hypocrites! People in the most satanized age of human history are the most hypocritical, too; just like the Pharisees, and just like their father—Satan. The putrid smell of these Western satanized humanists have reached God’s throne; and soon His judgment and wrath will fall on this sexually inversed, hypocritical generation.

The image of women in the minds of these post-1960’s “Flower Children” mothers’ so-called “Bible Men” and their religious leaders is that of a woman who cuts her hair short and does not cover her head, in direct defiance to God; and pierces her ears; and wears trousers like the wicked End-Times generation Hellenistic Westerners, right before judgment; and is feisty and stands her ground to the man with exchanges of arguments; wears skimpy bikinis; exposes her breasts like the Western Hellenistic women (a typical trait of these post-1960’s “Flower Children” women are that they expose their bodies, just like the women who were destroyed by God, during Noah’s flood); can punch and fight like the Amazon Jezebels; gets plastic surgery and Botox; drinks and smokes like their hippy generation mothers; and think like Satan—their father. You can recognize these hippy, rogue pastors for they constantly flatter the women and talk of Jezebel sexual equality of Satan’s humanism. The level and extent of their lukewarmness and carnality can be measured by the level of their adherence and devotion to Jezebel doctrines of women’s equality, women’s leadership, women’s independence, and women’s authority. These are in direct reverse of God’s doctrines, Truth and basic order of the universe.

When a nation rejects God, then God hands them over to the curse of Satan’s homosexuality and total depravation, just like before Noah’s flood’s time. Homosexuality is a judgment upon a nation, and reflects the state of that nation. The homosexual men and Western feminist women of Satan are the extreme opposite of Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s character and personality. Moreover, when earth-dwellers become depraved to the uttermost, where God’s wrath is nearing; they start boasting of their homosexuality and women’s equality with men, and women stop covering their heads and wearing men’s trousers like the Western women do, in outright defiance to God’s command; and their religious leaders pervert God’s Word and marry it with Satan’s doctrine by deleting these commandments of God for women’s head coverings that are there for the protection of the nation from sin and depravity; since all of the women of their congregation dress in trousers. God does not intend for His people to face judgment with the unrighteous; however, when they outright mock God’s Word and prophets, and adulterate God’s Truth with Satan’s lies, then what hope is there of escape for them?

These Western post hippy generation men flatter women with words; but in their hearts, they only look at women as sexual objects. And these post hippy generation women like to show themselves as sexual objects by exposing their bodies; and getting Botox and trying to lure men’s eyes by trying to look young; which is an ultimate form of selfish pride. The fallen angels of ancient times, the Watchers before Noah’s flood, came and taught women to put make-up on. These End-Times perverted women always openly criticize God’s men for being lured; but this form of pride and luring is much worse that those who are lured. And these men look at pictures of other women, instead of their wives. We need to have respect for women; and likewise, respect for God’s men. These hippy rogue pastors always talk about respecting women and criticize men; but they are hypocrites, for if they truly had respect, they would respect men’s authority and God’s creational order. They have a religious front; but, they are followers of Satan’s pre-Noah’s age and post-1960’s Jezebel doctrines of the Mystery Babylon religion. They mix God’s Church with Satan’s church, and God’s Word with Satan’s words.

Satan could not destroy the church, so he used the so-called “Bible Men” and their hippy rogue pastors to smuggled in their Western post-1960’s humanist hippy doctrines into the church; so that the church loses its saltiness as the preserving salt of the world. If Christian women lived like God’s women, the world would at least see the example of real women and femininity, and be convicted; and the rotting of society would be held back. However, since the so-called Bible Men and their hippy rogue pastors have contaminated the churches with Satan’s Western feminist humanism, the Western church women have not only lost their godly femininity made in the original image of God and their saltiness; they have rather taken on the putrefaction of the Satan’s world’s women’s characters; so they think, breathe and act like Jezebel instead of Mary Magdalene. If salt loses its saltiness, and is no longer good for preserving the goodness of society; then what good is it? It should be vomited out of God’s mouth, and left for the 7-year Tribulation judgment of the world, along with the children of Satan. It has led to women’s equality, independence, divorce, abortion, lesbianism, feminism and abomination in God’s eyes. As I write this letter to you, dear Jewish brethren, society has reached a level of putrefaction where no Western church women listen to what we are teaching or saying; for they have together become deaf to the Holy Spirit, and callouse in heart, and worshippers of self-righteous feminist humanism. They agree with Satan’s Western values, rather than agree with God’s Word. The so-called “Bible Mens” religious leaders have been so brainwashed by the hippy rogue pastors that they even go as far as purposely perverting and redefining God’s command for women to cover their heads in humility to men; so what hope do they have escaping the judgment along with the righteous? They will not repent.

If Satan’s Hollywood screenwriters are frantically trying to brainwash the evil post-1960’s “Flower Children” mothers’ children with women’s equality and creating rage toward female oppression by barbaric men, and antagonizing God’s Adam; then is it not obvious that the doctrines of Jezebel are completely opposite to God’s Truth and justice? If the philosophy of this evil End-Times is feminist, then would not pure logic tell you that the Hollywood feminist ideologies are diabolically opposed to the things of God’s nature? Does not the nature of things tell you that it is wrong? You need to ask yourselves, why is Satan so fanatic in spreading his feminist (strong women, independent women, equal women, fighting women, kicking women, men-punching women, oppressed women, etc., etc.) doctrine through Hollywood and television Satanist screenwriters? Be wise and not fools. See that you are being brainwashed with the other lukewarm Western Christians. If you are in a church that is teaching such Jezebel doctrines, then you need to get out of it, lest you be judged along with it. These so-called “Bible Men” and their gang of religious leaders will change their doctrines.

These so-called “Bible Men” and their religious leaders detest God’s prophets because they speak the Truth about Adam as being the leader, and Eve as being the helper. It is because of their self-righteous, Satan’s Western humanist beliefs that they hate God’s Word and Truth, and those who preach the Truth. It is because of their pride and arrogance that they look down upon and consider evil, those who tell them to repent of their evil Jezebel doctrines. They call evil as good, and good as evil. They warp and twist and pervert God’s Word, who is Christ; in order to preach Satan’s doctrines of Western sexual equality; and they scorn God’s order of the Creation and commands, and thereby, scorn God. These self-proclaimed “Bible Men” and their religious leaders copy the teachings of real teachers of Christ, such as Chuck Missler, and mix their Jezebel teachings into Christ’s teachings. They pollute and contaminate.

That is why these so-called “Bible Men” and their corrupt, carnal religious leaders steal the teachings of real Bible scholars; do not guide people to their materials; but rather, make it look like they were the ones who received the revelations, and they were the ones who did the research, and they were the ones who received those insights from God. Charlatans! And it does not bother them, at all; in order to expand their fame and enterprise. That is why they make their genetic descendents and close of kin by marriage, into the successors of their vast empire and riches; much like the kings of old. They are the modern day monarchs; however, much worse, since they use God’s Church to do so in the name of God, and people see that (both Christian and non-Christian); and they have brought in the hippies into the Church to mix their putrid humanist Hellenist mystery Babylon teachings, in order to mutilate Jesus and His Word; and adopted their thinking, when they should be teaching them the Torah Truth and Light. Since these religious leaders bring up their children and grandchildren as pagans to mark their bodies and seek secular jobs, instead of God’s calling and God’s precepts; they have to find spiritually publically presentable suitors instead for their daughters, who can carry on their empires; and be received by the Hellenistic religious congregations. That is why they side with their mocking henchmen. They have chosen their sides. How can they blame God for where it shall lead them?

If these Bible scholars repent & return to His Truth; if they confess before their congregations that they have cut out God’s scriptures from the whole Word of God to fit their self-righteous Western hippy Jezebel prostitute doctrines; if they teach their congregations about the Truth of God’s command for women’s head-coverings and men’s non-head covering and prohibition of women wearing men’s trousers; if they should confess before all men of their sin of mocking God’s prophets and His Truth; if they publically renounce their wrong doctrines and ways; if they should cover themselves with sackcloth and ash, and repent of their perversion of God’s whole Truth due to their Western feminist mentalities; if they honor God in this way; then, and only then, they shall be saved from the fire of judgment. They must return the Word of God, who is Christ, back to the Bible; and repent of their editing and censorship of the Truth. The decision will be entirely their own; and they will be responsible for their own future. If they restore Christ and portions of the Bible which they have deleted and perverted, back into the Bible; then God will be faithful and just to restore them to their standing of immunity in Christ from the time of judgment and fire. They pray to be delivered from the time of trial; but they know what they have to do, if they expect God to hear their prayers.

However, some of these so-called “Bible Men,” will perverse the Truth; change their doctrines; and drift away from the True Way. It is because their hearts have been corrupted by their pride and worship of the Law, instead of the Creator of the Law and Truth. Do not be like your predecessor, the lukewarm Western Church, with its smiling pastors. A common trait of the lukewarm Western Church with thousands of members is that they teach always positive messages that the members want to hear; and only negative messages for religious abstinence & legalistic doctrine of works. If you teach the Truth, which is negative to the ears of the lukewarm Christians, the women will leave first; then, since the women are in-charge of the Western churches, the men will follow behind them; and your church will be empty. This is a dread for many lukewarm Western religious leaders, who will be left behind. Do not fall into the same pit, my brothers. You have discernment to the Truth. You have been taught the good ways of the Lord; and have learned to love them and embrace them, dear Jewish Brethren. Feed His sheep; for if you love Christ, you will give His full unadulterated Truth to His children—the Torah.

You will return, oh Jerusalem, to the Lord your God. How the Lord yearned for this day, in which you would return to His bosom and the prodigal son’s Father’s arms. Return to His Torah Truth and Precepts once more, for holiness awaits you. Know the heart of the Father and be one in heart likewise. Do not follow in the wrongful steps of the Western humanist self-righteous church, but follow in the footsteps of your Lord God Almighty! Learn His ways and keep His commandments, and He will keep you in the days of trouble and Tribulation. Open your eyes, and now arise, oh Jerusalem; children of the Most High. May His Word be in your heart, and be your meditation every day of your life. Peace be unto you. Shalom!