Dearest Jewish Brethren,

Grace and peace unto you from our Lord Jesus Christ. I have sent you much advice, but as I have always said, do not conform to the spirit of the world; for the spirit of the world comes from that deceptive doctrine of the Serpent of old. He is the father of lies and the construer of false doctrine and social corruption. Do not follow in the footsteps of your predecessors of the so-called “Bible Men” and their religious Sanhedrin gangs.

As the so-called “Bible Men” and their religious gangs and pastors before Noah’s flood corrupted society in ancient times of the Watchers or fallen angels; do not be deceived by their Jezebel doctrines right before the judgment by fire, this time. As in the days before Noah’s flood, when the so-called “Bible Men” and their religious leaders were misleading the people to worship Jezebel’s doctrines; by teaching women not to wear head-coverings and to wear men’s trousers in open rebellion, and men to grow their hairs long and pierce ears and tattoo their bodies; and encouraging women to be more strong and independent and take leadership; and women were becoming ordained ministers and spiritual shaman leaders of society (the opposite of God’s male society); and the ancient Atlantis female pastors were having sex with fallen angels and bearing half-breed Nephilim; so also it is in these End-Times. The female spiritualists and witches communicate with demon spirits. That is why God brought judgment by water, and annihilated all genetically manipulated mankind and single-mother sperm-bank worshipping feminist Aryans of Atlantis; just like God will judge this age with fire this time. They made human-animal hybrid creatures, just like the Egyptian demigods and Greek mythology record. These modern Western women must be stopped before they start creating monsters. If they do not care about killing fetuses, they would not care about creating monsters like the Pre-Noah’s Flood days. It is just a matter of time. In Satan’s kingdom, Jezebels rule and pervert society. We see that in Western culture.

They interacted with their fallen angel Watcher gods, as recorded in the ancient mythologies throughout the world; and they were taught science, religion, evolution, technology, and cosmetic make-ups by them, as well as everything evil. Cosmetics were for deception and hiding and luring. Their gods dwelt among them, and led them to erect those detestable towers of Babel, under the original Anti-Christ, Nimrod’s one-world religion (Mystery Babylon Catholic universalism), one-world government and one-world economy; just like it will be during the coming seven-year Tribulation Age. Just like now, the so-called “Bible Men” of ancient times continued to take great interest and read God’s Torah Truth, mocked them and His prophets, and mixed Jezebel’s doctrines into the churches. The population was 6.66 billion, just as in these End-Times we are living in now. In these last days, the devil gives scientific and technological knowledge to his servants, such as computer moguls, as well as female sorceress spiritualists; Hollywood literary and screenwriting guidance to his dark missionaries; and religious fervor to his fanatic religious Islamic worshippers.

It is believed that the ancient Atlantis had these phallic worship, male genital symbolic obelisks that were erected toward the sky. They say that they were made of crystal, which shot electromagnetic energy toward the satellites of ancient times. These electrical currents were reflected back to earth, which powered all their flying machines, land transportation and machines. Some say that the Egyptian pyramids could have been temples for Satan’s worship, generating spiritual energy. These Egyptian phallic god worship symbol of the male genital can be found as the obelisks constructed by Satan’s Illuminati—the Freemasons throughout the world; such as the Washington Monument made by the Freemasons and the obelisk in the Palace de la Concorde in Paris and obelisk at the Vatican. They say that there are fingerprints of the Mystery Babylon religion (Nimrod’s Satanism) everywhere in the world placed by the Freemasons (Satan’s so-called Secret Order).

It is said that the ancient records show that white-colored Aryan foreigners arrived from Atlantis to teach the ancient Incas and Mayans and Aztecs. The Indio descendents arrogantly boast that their ancestors constructed the Bolivian Tiwanaku demon worship temples to Satan with their superior intellect and advanced technology, which matches modern day technology. They get angry at the alien theorists who say that aliens made them. The alien theorists say that the savage Indios could not possibly drag 130 tons or heavier stones from 15 miles below, all the way up to the 12,500 feet altitude with very little oxygen with such massive manpower; as well as cut them with such precision so that nothing can fit between their cracks. They say that they are made of extremely hard diorite stone, which can only be cut with advanced diamond cutting tools or laser tools. The descendents of the Indios are savages who cut out each others’ hearts, ate each other, shrunk each other’s heads, and massacred each other; which kept their population small and weak, just like the North American Indians; until the Europeans with Christian cultures came and stopped them from such satanic pagan savagery; where they offered human sacrifices to Satan’s spirits who demanded them. They live like primitive men with almost no technology or capability to develop technology, like all the other Indio people throughout the Americas. However, they had very advanced calendars and scientific technology in ancient times. They are said to have worshipped the fallen angels who came to teach them; and there are said to be many ancient Indio petroglyphs which record this visitation by Satan’s fallen angels, who disguised themselves as aliens.

The genetically polluted Aryan ancestors of Atlantis from pre-Noah’s flood days, and their female shaman pastors and so-called “Bible Men” became corrupt in their ways. Their way is to judgment and wrath of God. Do not follow in the shadows of these corrupt men and beasts. As in the ancient power sources of Atlantis, Satan uses technology to unite the world in these End-Times also to destroy God’s purpose. His plans will fail, and he is a defeated foe. The Lord is your God. As He led you through the Red Sea, He will once more lead you to the rocks at Petra.

Rather, follow in the Torah Truth in which you have been taught. Do not follow the doctrine of demons, which are taught by these “Bible Men” and their religious leaders and religious gang members—Western humanism and Mystery Babylon doctrine. Meditate upon the Lord’s Word day and night, so that you may not be deceived. Seek His face every morning, so that your feet will be guided straight. He will not allow you to fall, dear Jerusalem. Return to the Lord your God. He is your King and Savior. Jesus is the name above all other names. Glory and praise be to His name! In His love may you seek refuge. Repent and make straight the path of the Lord!