Greetings to you from the Saints of the Church to the beloved 144,000 Saints in Israel.


You know that we have kept you in prayer, and we are excited that Israel will return to the Lord, soon, after the rapture. Much troubled times must come upon you before that, but we know that the Lord had promised to keep you from the time of Jacob’s Trouble; just as he kept the three youths from the fiery furnace. Like Daniel, we will be gone, but we leave you words of encouragement so that you may be strengthened in the time of trouble.


As you know, Bible Prophecy is revving up at unparalleled speed on the news every day. Soon, this month, they will try to install a Palestinian State. When Israel resists, it is likely that we shall see Isaiah’s prophecy come true. That will trigger off Ezekiel’s prophecy, as I mentioned in my book, “Armageddon Diary.” Some have mentioned that God still has an appointed day with Israel in the future on the 10th of Tevet.


God will miraculously save Israel; and Israel will know it is the hand of God. Momentarily, Israel will accept the Anti-Christ as Messiah and his peace treaty. When the Abomination of Desolation occurs, they will realize that the Anti-Christ is a fake; and anguish that they had crucified the true Messiah on the cross 2,000 years ago. Then, all hell will break loose, and the Anti-Christ will slaughter two-thirds of the Jewish nation. However, Michael will stand up for God’s people in the End of Days; and God will prepare a place in Petra for you to escape to.


When Israel calls out to its God for help; then the prophecy of His Second-Coming will be fulfilled. Satan will try to thwart this prophecy by trying to destroy Israel again, but to no avail. Praise and glory to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; who still has a covenant with the Jewish nation, and is true to His Word. Be encouraged that no harm will befall you. You shall be sealed by His Spirit, as God has promised in His prophecy. Take the gospel with you to all nations; and we look forward to the time when we shall meet on the Day of the Lord; when He shall land on the Mount of Olives; and set up His Kingdom.


Until then, peace and grace be unto you from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Give our regards to all the brothers, and encourage them with these words, my friends.