As God tells us in His Word, the earth-dwellers will be eating, drinking, marrying and partying, when sudden destruction will come. We are living on the very edge of that period when everything is about to come crashing down. As God tells us, when people start saying, “Peace and Security,” the end will come. God will take out His people before that by the rapture of the Church.


Just until recently, the population of the earth was in its millions. Now, we are in the billions. Most of the people who have ever lived on the face of this earth are living right now in this age; and the population is continuing to sky-rocket at alarming speed. A limited earth cannot support unlimited growth. Western humanists out of pride are trying to save the earth by protecting whales and plastic bags, but it just shows the foolishness of humans who do not know God. They are super intelligent and have Ph.D.s, but are super stupid, because they have no godly wisdom.


The economy is like a snowball that has continued to grow. However, the earth-dwellers are living ridiculous lifestyles through piling up debt. The economy that is built on debt will come crashing down, sooner or later, just like the Roman Empire. Humans who are used to using refrigerators and cars and electricity and toilet paper will not revert back to living without them. They will not stop continuing to have children, for they love to get married and try to leave genetic descendents like the animals. Infrastructures are crumbling and will continue to cause catastrophes, but they do not have money to fix them; as many states and nations go bankrupt.


The earth is running out of natural resources. Forests, petroleum, water, fish, etc. are rapidly decreasing; as countries like China will not only equal the United States’ usage, but will exceed it. There will be global conflict for limited resources. The Bible tells us that when the Anti-Christ’s army marches upon Africa, China’s two hundred million man army will march across the dried up Euphrates and massacre one-third of the world’s population. That will be at the battle of Armageddon. The earth-dwellers have developed weapons of mass destruction that can destroy the whole world. God says in the Bible that if He did not shorten the period of the Tribulation, no man would be able to survive. Petroleum will run out, and the supply will not be able to support everyday life. Agriculture, electricity, water, transportation, etc. will all begin to shut down. The Bible tells us that famine will be one of the judgments, during the Tribulation Age.


Through their sins, the earth-dwellers are inviting all kinds of plagues and diseases, which are a result of sin. Homosexuals and feminist lesbians are dying earlier and spreading disease, due to their lifestyles. The earth-dwellers are introducing enormously increasing pollution, toxins and wastes to the surrounding. The descendents of the accursed 1960s “Flower Children” satanized generation are demolishing the world.


They do not think about meteors and polar shifts, and continue to hoard riches for themselves and breed children for the judgment by fire. Terrible times will come during the Tribulation Age upon the earth-dwellers. Rioting and disorder and looting which the Anti-Christ will create through crashing the U.S. dollar will allow him to come to power through martial law and the IRS, using a socialist regime. The Illuminati will try to destroy the ignorant majority, in order for their elite minority to survive and prosper and rule the earth. They are the Mystery Babylon religion of universalism, which will be a rebirth of the Illuminati’s Nimrod religion of ancient Babylon that worshipped Satan (a.k.a. Satanism). Satan will try to expand many of the branches of Satanism, such as Islam and Communism, since he knows his end is near. Terrorism and suitcase nuclear bombs will become everyday threats to those nations that stand in the way of Satan’s plans. The Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit in His Saints is holding back the spirit of the Anti-Christ from appearing; and when the Saints are raptured up into heaven, Satan will have all hell break loose. The Holy Spirit is holding back a lot more, right now, in order to protect God’s people, than many people realize.


The world is sleeping and indifferent to what is going on; just like many Christians are slumbering. The result of sin is death. Only through Christ, who is the salvation from sin, is there eternal life. The only way to escape this imminent destruction is to receive Jesus Christ into your heart, now. God has not destined the righteous to be judged along with the unrighteous. Satan’s hidden spies who have infiltrated the Church or so-called “Post-Tribulation and Pre-Wrath Rapture Theorists” are frantically trying to brainwash Christians and non-Christians from being ready for Jesus’ imminent return. Be encouraged and rejoice, Christian, when you see all of these things on the horizon; for your redemption is close; for Jesus is coming to rapture His people before pouring out His wrath upon a wicked world. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord!