Dear Tribulation Saints, peace and grace unto you.


The Lord has led me to warn you about the false prophets who are prevalent now; and will be prevalent even more during the coming years. Many lukewarm religious leaders have said that there will be a great revival in the United States, before the rapture of the Church. This is not true. Only in some Middle-Eastern and communist countries, and isolated pockets. We know from God’s prophecy that there will be a great apostasy or falling away from the faith; in so much that God questions whether there will be any faith on the earth when He comes back to rapture His Church. You can observe from the religious leaders of this time that this is very true.


We have not seen this level of falling away from the church in history; churches becoming religious institutions; children detesting their hypocritical church-going religious parents; antagonism and outright hatred against Christians and those who uncover the world’s sins; laws by the Anti-Christ to suppress the gospel; nations moving away from God to pagan tattooing and post-1960’s rock music Satanism worship; post-1960’s “Flower Children” sexual revolution; “Flower Children” communist socialism (which is an extreme form of humanist idealism) Satanism; religious leaders mixing Jezebel teachings into church teachings, and cutting out whole key sections of God’s Bible by justifying it with Jezebel’s self-righteous Western humanistic ideas; Christians mocking true Christians for preaching the rapture of the Church and soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ; and other ungodly things. This is the state of apostasy that we are in.


However, there will be a great revival that the world has not yet seen, during the Tribulation Age. There will be more Tribulation Saints during the last 7 years of judgment than there ever was in the whole 2,000-year Church Age (Christ’s Bride’s Age). You will be martyred, and will have to die for your faith; so you need to count the cost of following Christ. This will be the great revival. You will refuse to receive the Mark of the Beast “666” microchip implant in your arms and foreheads, which you will require to buy or sell in the world. The Anti-Christ will behead you in typical Muslim command in the Koran.


Along with this revival, there will be many false-prophets that will arise. The main False-Prophet (second beast in the Book of Revelation) will support the Anti-Christ (first beast in the Book of Revelation), who will be stationed in Rome; and will do many signs and wonders to make the world worship the Anti-Christ by the power of Satan himself. Many smaller false-prophets will arise, as there is a large revival; to try to feed off the saints by trying to command them to give money to their organizations for the Lord. They will try to grow rich and deceive many.


This is how you can distinguish the false-prophets. First, they speak doctrines which are inconsistent with God’s Word—the Bible. God does not contradict Himself. Second, they will tell you to donate money to show your faith. God’s prophets do not tell you to give money to their institutions, for it is God who provides for them, if they are from God. Third, they are secretive and exclusive. God has made known to you the glorious news of salvation; and we do not have secret handshakes and passwords like the cults do; and we do not consider a small group of cult members to be the right way, while excluding anyone who repents of their sins and receives Jesus Christ as their Lord from becoming fellow believers. Fourth, we do not follow any human leader, except Jesus Christ who is God Himself. These false groups follow human leaders; and idolize these humans and imitate their teachings; and form small leadership cliques, while they deny the Truth and mix Jezebel doctrines into the Church. They smell of their cultures and their nationalistic thinking. They establish headquarters and buildings. They make names for their institutions and networks; and hold characteristics for themselves; and do not mingle with other brothers of the body of Christ. Beware of these false-prophets. You need to keep an eye out for them.


May the Lord bless you, keep you, and give you discernment into all Truth. Holy is His name! Repent and make straight the path of the Lord!