Dear Jewish brothers, grace and peace unto you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Understand this: that the children of Satan thrive on pride of life—the third type of sin and most deceptive of sins. Humanism is pride and pride is humanism—the belief that humans are innately good. It caters to the evil mind and heart.


All the movies and television programs of Satan cater to this pride of life. For example, movies such as “X-Men” gives these people the dream of supernatural powers; and “Harry Potter” gives them aspirations to manipulate situations and people. “Star Wars” fans thrive on the dream of mastering the art of calling upon the powers of unclean spirits of the devil—the Chinese New Age universal energy of “chi”—to defeat enemies and competition. Video games let’s people escape to a world where they wield unimaginable power and the ability to manipulate their world.


Environmentalism gives these depraved people the belief that they can save the earth and be masters of their environment; while they live using all forms of consumption that destroy the earth—a hypocrisy, if there ever was one. Fashion industry people love to adorn themselves, and put worth in brand names; in order to exhibit their mastery of fashion sense and level of wealth. The stock brokers behave like animals, as they look down on other people who make less money; for their god is money, and their god is their form of measurement. Owning big homes and cars are of the same breed.


These children of the devil abuse their powers as supervisors, and bully those they employ. Especially, the uneducated and vulgar class of people from each nation boast the most about their nations in arrogance; while they criticize the pride of other people about their own nations—hypocrisy, if there ever was one. They love to adorn themselves with vain jewels and put make-up on their faces to puff themselves up with pride and their quenchless thirst for beauty and admiration. That is their measure.


They boast about their atheism; and arrogantly defy God by making themselves out to be tutors to God. That is why God calls them “fools” in the Bible. The father of the people of this world, Satan himself fell from the glory of heaven, because of this pride. He wanted to make himself like the Lord God Almighty; and be worshipped by all. The Word of God tells us that God detests a haughty look. Pride is an abomination to God.


God came to this earth in lowly human form, in humility, as a little infant born to a virgin. He did not have any riches, or choose to be born to a royal family as a prince. God humbled Himself beyond imagination, and shared in our physical limitations, in order to show us His heart and the extent He was willing to go to save us. He was ridiculed, punched and stripped naked on the cross, because of His love for His Bride—the Church. What manner of love; what humility. The character of Christ—the Creator of the universe—is that of humility. It is the complete opposite of the pride of Satan and his children of this world that is passing away.


These so-called “Bible Men” and their religious leaders and fellow henchmen who pastor their enterprises in rich neighborhoods are filled with pride. Aspire not to their ways of huge churches and manipulation and accumulation of wealth. Rather, serve God in humility and all meekness; for God loves a humble heart. Timidity is evil, but meekness is good. Your Father in heaven is not timid, but He is meek. Imitate Christ in all of your ways and lifestyle, so that you may share in His Spirit.


I myself have learned to be grateful for even the evil thoughts and emotions of my wicked flesh, for they remind me of my sinful heart and weakness of the flesh. I have asked the Lord to take them away; but I shudder to think what my pride will do, if God did take them away. This thorn in the flesh serves to keep me humble, in my service to the Lord; lest I think of myself greater than what I am—just a humble servant of Christ, when I am used by Him.


Therefore, I boast in Christ, and glory in my weakness; for in my weakness is God’s grace perfected in me. People do not admire me or worship me or respect me; unlike the rock musicians who have vowed to lead people to Satan, in exchange for sex, drugs, money, fame and power. Pride comes before a fall, and their end is pitiful. On the contrary, people despise me for my lack of human intelligence; scorn me for my lack of power in their human stratum; and abuse their strength over my weakness. These “Bible Men” and their religious leaders take pride in their status. Men of God, do not abuse the gifting of the Father; but rather, serve in all humility, knowing that we answer to a greater King. Be open to admonishment and teaching. Think of others more highly than yourselves. Respect women, for they are the weaker vessels, as well as more fragile (I only speak of sisters in God, and not about the Western women for they have become like Satan’s animals and witches).


Then, the Lord your God will lift you up in high places; and glorify you with His glory; when the day comes. We will be perfected in His humility and holy nature. We shall reign and rule along with Him, as co-heirs of His glorious Kingdom. You will shine like the stars in heaven with our loving King. Seek to be like your Father in heaven in true humility and meekness; for His Kingdom is for such. Glory and praise to our King on high; and lift up His banner. Repent and make straight the path of the Lord!