Dear Jewish Brethren,


You know that Communism/Socialism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Catholicism are all forms of Satanism and of the mystery Babylon doctrine. They are evil at its root—Nimrod himself. At the same time, Capitalism is also evil. It is built on human greed, selfishness, and competition. The lukewarm End-Times Western Christian leaders will probably try to crucify me for saying so, but I must speak the Truth.


These doctors, CPAs, lawyers, finance people, stock brokers, insurance salesmen and businessmen of these secular jobs in the Christian churches are built on greed and business profit. They choose their professions because of their god—Mammon; instead of going out to the world to share the gospel to all nations, tribes and tongues, as God has commissioned all of His children. Their religious leaders, who receive tithes from them, protect and justify them with their preaching, by saying that their ministry is in their workplaces. They make money on the curses of sin, such as physical illness and disease, and the fear of such hereof. They feed off the lukewarm church and heathens; just as these religious leaders who befriend them, share their abode, and defend their professions within the church of God. They despise God’s people, who speak the Truth to them; and will not repent.


These doctors feed off the disbelief and doubt in God taking care of His children. These insurance people have the gall to promote disbelief in God taking care of His children; and defame Jehovah Jireh’s very character of love. These finance people continue to try to sell their retirement programs and ask for money, in the guise of helping God’s children. There is no retirement for God’s people. They are religious people—not born-again Christians. The so-called “Bible Men” and their fellow religious leaders and gangs befriend these thieves who make God’s temple into a den of thieves, for they pay for their churches and salaries, and share their fellowship with them. That is why their hearts mock God’s prophets. The End-Times Western Church has altogether become corrupt and lukewarm; so God is feeling nauseas, and is ready to vomit them out of His mouth.


When you become saved, you are in God’s ministry. God is the one who provides freely. He is the God of the universe. He is your Father. God has promised to take care of all of our needs, if we seek His Kingdom and His righteousness first. He does not give a stone, if you ask for bread: even an evil father of the genes know how to give good things to his son. Why should a holy, loving God do less? Be sensible, brethren. Know who your Lord God is. He is the Creator and owner of all of the universe and its riches. Do you really know what that means?


God provided Manna, the food of angels, for the Jewish nation for 38 years in the desert. God multiplied the bread and fish to feed the 5,000, just from a child’s sack lunch. God provided food and drink for Elijah through the angel. God kept Jesus through 40 days in the wilderness. God provided for the ministry of Jesus Christ and the disciples. Jesus turned water into wine. God can even provide a coin in a captured fish, if He wanted to, in order to pay taxes. He can literally grow money on trees, if He so pleased. He is the Lord your God. Do not fear; do not fret; oh, we of little faith.


Capitalism or communism / socialism are not the holy method of government, economics and social system. It is a holy monarchy, which is a holy system: a holy monarchy, where a holy God—Lord Jesus Christ—is ruling and reigning over His Kingdom and people. And in that system, God is the provider and keeper of your life and all your needs. We are no longer people of this earth, but rather, we are aliens passing through this earth. The system that we are under is a holy monarchy—who is Christ Jesus our Lord.


Know your God; and know whom you serve, oh beloved Israel; and know the Word of God. Then, free indeed you shall be. Free from the corrupt systems and rules of this dying world of humanity. You are sons and daughters of the Most High. Live as princes and princesses. Aspire not to the things of this world, which is perishing; but invest in the Kingdom of God; and the Lord your God will be your provider—Jehovah Jireh. We are not people from before the Savior’s arrival, but we are people under Christ; who has already accomplished His redemptive work on the cross and freed us from the curses of sin. Serve Him; and feed His sheep. Give freely to each other, as God has given unto you. Take the gospel to all the nations; and surely, the Lord your Father and your Lord Jesus Christ will be with you, wherever you go. Know the riches of His provisions; and know the love that He has for you. No harm can come to you.


Would He have gone to the cross to have His back ripped open by glass whips and hands pierced, so that He can leave you to die from starvation and freeze from the cold? Open your eyes—He is your Savior, and you are a precious treasure bought with His own very life and blood. Have wisdom; and do not listen to the carnal, lukewarm, Jezebel humanist Western Hellenistic teachings of these so-called corrupt “Bible Men” and their religious leaders, and their futile doctrines of Jezebel; for they have no understanding. If they did, they would teach the whole and unadulterated Word and Truth or Torah of the true and living God. They would not throw out the teachings of women’s head coverings and teach their men to grow their hair long and tattoo their bodies. How sad that they lead many astray by the Western Jezebel teachings of self-righteous humanism. But you, oh Israel, the good Shepherd will lead into all understanding and Truth by His Spirit, and to springs of living water. Listen well, and know the heart of your Father in heaven. His peace be unto you, most beloved. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord!