God’s Zodiac


Dear Israel,


As you know from Brother Chuck Missler’s YouTube, the Zodiac refers to the 12 tribes of Israel. All the names of the stars have similar names in all the languages, because they signify common meaning in the heavens. The Sphinx shows that the zodiac begins with the Virgo virgin and ends with the Leo lion. Christ’s first coming was through a virgin for salvation, but His second coming will be as the Lion of Judah to judge the earth. We can look at the messages of each of the zodiac:




l  The Seed of the woman.

l  The desire of nations.

l  The Man of double-nature in humiliation.

l  The exalted Shepherd and Harvester.




l  The price to be paid.

l  The cross to be endured.

l  The Victim slain.

l  The crown purchased.




l  The conflict.

l  The serpent’s coils.

l  The struggle with the enemy.

l  The toiling Vanquisher of evil.




l  The double-natured One triumphing.

l  He gladdens the heavens.

l  He builds fires of punishment.

l  He casts down the dragon.




l  Life out of death.

l  The arrow of God.

l  Pierced and failing.

l  Springing up again in abundant life.




l  Life waters from on high.

l  Drinking in the heavenly food.

l  Carrying the good news.

l  Bearing aloft the cross over the earth.




l  Multiplication of the Redeemer’s people.

l  Upheld and governed by the Lamb.

l  The intended Bride bound and exposed.

l  The Bridegroom exalted.




l  The Lamb found worthy.

l  The Bride released and making ready.

l  Satan bound.

l  The Breaker triumphing.




l  The invincible Ruler come.

l  The sublime Vanquisher.

l  The river of judgment.

l  The all-ruling Shepherd.




l  The marriage of the Lamb.

l  The enemy trodden down.

l  The Prince coming in glory.

l  His princely following.




l  The possession secured.

l  Lesser Fold: the Church of the First-Born.

l  Greater Fold: Israel.

l  Safe folding into an everlasting Kingdom.




l  The King rending.

l  The serpent fleeing.

l  The bowl of wrath upon him.

l  His carcass devoured.


The heavens declare of His glory. When Israel was captivated into exile in Babylon, everything was corrupted by Satanism or the Mystery Babylon religion of Nimrod (the 1st Anti Christ); just like all the other things of God. As you know from my previous letters to you, the mystery Babylon religion has many faces in the modern day: communism; Islam, Hinduism; New Age; Wiccan witchcraft; Freemason; Mormonism; Catholicism; United Nations; Illuminati; Greek mythology; Egyptian & Phoenician & Roman & Moabite & Canaanite & Germanic & Korean shamanistic & African voodoo paganism; Shinto; Persian Zoroastrianism; etc. That is why the Hebrew calendar has been corrupted by Satan through his mystery Babylon Catholic Church Roman solar calendar from ancient Babylon; in order to hide God’s appointed dates and signs in the heavens. But God’s people know the things of God by His Holy Spirit.


Firmament means the universe which is made of dark energy and dark material is firm or solid. Time and space had a beginning at Creation. The universe is now dying or winding down. Chuck says that if the universe is billions of years old, the farthest galaxies should not have the same swirl as the closer ones; since we should be seeing light from much older time periods, as farther the galaxies are; because light travels at the speed of light; but that is not the case. So, we see that the universe is not that old, but rather, very young.


The Bible tells us that empty space can be burnt up, shaken, torn, split up or rolled up like a scroll. People who work at Area 51 say that Satan’s fallen angels propel flying saucers by pulling space toward them. Heat travels from hot to cold. If the universe was infinitely old, the temperature in the universe should be uniform, but it is not.


The heavens declare of His glory and His masterful creation. Praise and glory be to our Lord God Almighty!