God does not care how tall you are or how short you are; how smart you are or how stupid you are; whether you were a drug dealer or a prostitute; whether you were a lesbian or homosexual; whether you were a spiritualist or Satanist; whether you were a gang member or a stock broker; whether you were an anorexia or glutton; whether you were violent or peaceful; whether you were a billionaire or homeless; whether you were a company CEO or a janitor; God loves you, regardless of who you were before you got saved. All who come to Him through Christ; He will in no way turn away. This is God’s love. Once you receive Christ into your heart, He casts away your sins as far as the east is from the west. He no longer remembers your sins; but sees you as holy through Christ’s sacrificial blood on the cross. This is difficult for the finite mind to understand; but it is evidence of how vast, and how deep, and how amazing God’s love is for us. It is the wonder of God’s everlasting holiness; and we will spend eternity praising Him.