Do you agree that there is evil (anger, pride, laziness, selfishness, etc.) in our sin nature? If you so agree, do you agree also that we are not holy and perfect and without sin? If so, do you agree that if there is a holy, Almighty God, He cannot allow even a drop of evil, for He is holy? If so, do you agree that if He is love also, He will provide a way so that you may be saved from eternal judgment for sin in hell? Jesus is the only person who said that He is God, and He paid for your sins, so that you may be redeemed. If there is any possibility of it being true, does it not make all sense to insure your salvation? What do you lose by receiving Christ and finding out it is not true; than not to receive Christ, and finding out it was true, and spending eternity in hell instead of heaven? God says to you in the Bible, “Come, let us reason together.” He is a logical and reasonable God.