Donald Trump on Fox News does not seem to be a Christian, but he has more godly wisdom than most Western Christians.

He agrees that OPEC and China are sucking the lifeblood out of the U.S. like a leech, and the U.S. is being shriveled up. He said that China will take 300 billion dollars from the U.S. this year. China practically owns the U.S. now. Trump said that China is manipulating their currency. It is a Chinese national character to do unethical things and to do sly things. They are very similar to the Arab character of stealing and cheating. OPEC uses oil to steal America’s wealth and transfer it unto themselves. Arab and Chinese cities are becoming richer than New York. Trump says tax China 20%, and teach them a lesson, so that they will stop doing corrupt things. The left-wing communist unions in the U.S. are too strong, and U.S. companies are dying as a result. They cannot compete with Chinese workers who only work for a mere fraction of American workers. All the jobs are being shipped to China. The consumers in the U.S. are going extinct for they are living on credit cards for lives they cannot afford. They are like the Roman Empire. OPEC and China are stealing all the money from the U.S., just as Japan stole money from the U.S. to become rich. The U.S. will soon crumble to its foolishness. The more pagan the U.S. becomes, the more foolish and weak it gets.

Trump says to take the oil in Iraq, instead of giving it to people who are hostile to the U.S. Instead of letting Iran come in 2 minutes after the U.S. leaves, and taking the oil over. It is supposedly the second biggest oil field. He says to take the oil that we should receive; give what should be given to the Iraqis; pay off the one trillion and a half dollars with it that we have spent to free Iraq; pay those soldiers who have one arms and legs for their service in Iraq; and pay the British and all the Danish/Polish allies all the money they spent for Iraq. He says that the U.S. politicians are stupid and illogical, and I agree. In his words, “They have no smarts.” The people are sick and tired of the politicians.

They will throw many American soldiers into Iraq and Libya, but they will not try to win the war. Just as they did not try to defeat China in WWII, and Vietnam in the Vietnam War. Trump asks what is war? It is to win at all costs. To go into war to lose on purpose is not a war, at all. It is sheer stupidity and waste of soldiers’ lives and money. It is liberal communist left-wing media “Flower Children” propaganda that prevents the winning of wars. They just use the wars to dump billions of dollars into it, and increase the U.S. national deficit. If they won the war, they cannot use it to throw the U.S. into deficit and hyper-inflation and financial bankruptcy. If you have any wisdom, you would invest in silver, instead of keeping your assets in dollars. Your money will be valueless soon. Silver is way underpriced than gold. It is real and solid precious metal. Silver may skyrocket in value, as soon a day’s wages will be required for a meal, as the Bible prophesies. Moreover, invest the money in heaven and God’s work. Everything on this earth is going to burn up soon, anyway. Send it up to heaven now, where moth and rust cannot destroy it. God will invest it for you, until you get there.

Trump says he will not allow any nukes in Iran. He said that it must be stopped at all cost. He knows the threat of the maniac in Iran, just as Israel knows the threat of Iran with nuclear weapons. Trump is very logical and practical. He is not like a politician, but more of a businessman, and probably a successful one, too.

Television hosts ask Trump why the president does not do these things. He says that they do not have the smarts. The Anti-Christ is doing it on purpose to bankrupt the U.S., in order to bring in Satan’s agenda for a non-U.S. one-world government. In order to do that, the U.S. dollar needs to collapse. Hyper-inflation through a U.S. economic crash must happen. It is prophesied in the Book of Revelation. One Chinese lady was boastfully and arrogantly saying that it is the end of the U.S., and it is now the age of China. That is true. If Donald Trump becomes president, the U.S. may salvage its existence. However, he will probably not become president, because Satan has to bring in his Anti-Christ. And, God has already told us what will happen before it happens, so that we will know that He is God, when it happens. The Anti-Christ must bankrupt the U.S.

Satan has to get his End-Times agenda rolling. And, God is using Satan to bring about His prophesies. God is sovereign. God is in control. God is awesome. I am sick and tired of talking with Western lukewarm Christians, who keep arguing that God allows Christians to be sick, poor, plane crash and eaten alive. And sure enough, they are sick, when you ask them. They are trying to heal themselves through human ways when you see them. They defame God, and make Him out to be evil. The End-Times Church is a hopeless cause. The post-1960’s “Flower Children” mothers’ hippy rogue pastors and the so-called “Bible Men” and their religious leader mentors have all been corrupted in their minds and hearts. They have committed adultery with Satan’s ways.

That is why God has no choice but to hand them over to their course. They will not listen and they will not repent. They are stubborn and callous like mules. Do not follow them, lest you should be destroyed also. That is why God has ignored them, for they have ignored Him. That is why He has told me to focus on the Jewish nation and our Beloved Jewish Brethren who shall be saved. The End-Times church is beyond salvaging, though there is a faithful remnant who have not committed adultery with Jezebel. God is faithful and true, and this I speak out of countless testimony. Do not take my word for it, but see for yourself by taking the step of faith, my brothers. For so, you have been called out of darkness, to be children of light. If so, live as children of faith, for which we have been called. Do not conform yourselves like the lukewarm Christians who live like the heathens and pagans by piercing and tattooing themselves with satanic doctrines. They are becoming more pagan in their understandings. It is an abomination to God.

God took me out of Japan a couple of weeks before allowing the earthquake and tidal wave and radiation to shower upon Japan. He took me out just before it hit, and He held them back until I left. He has taken a man of simple means, put him in a hotel and fed him for free. So is the Lord your God, if you believe who He is for who He truly is. The Japanese jeered, sneered, ridiculed and mocked me when I preached to them. They rejected God, so God has handed them over to their evil. On the surface, they are the nicest, but inside, they are very corrupt.

For decades, I had shared God’s love to them, but they did all kinds of satanic demon-possessed things to me. And now, before the End, God has called me back from the mission’s field. He used me as a servant to share the gospel to the Japanese in northern Japan for decades before the earthquake shook, and the calling to repentance has finished. God knew the earthquake was coming to northern Japan, decades earlier. The time to be taken up to heaven is near for us. God is calling back His forces from the spiritual combat zones. Soon, God Himself will shut the doors to Noah’s Ark. We have run the race, and finished what God has called us to do, and that only by God grace.

Now, I call upon those on the web worldwide to repent and heed God’s countless warnings upon the earth. Churches of South Americas, turn from the worship of that goddess. Churches of Europe, have nothing to do with vain rituals and return to Him who is true and faithful. Churches of Northern Americas, repent of your feminist Jezebel adultery. Churches of Africa, leave your pagan paths and seek the Truth. Churches of the Middle East, wait patiently in faith for the One who is faithful will surely not delay. Churches of Asia, take off your traditional thoughts and put on His righteousness.

The Japanese are nice to pagans, but they attack those who have the Holy Spirit. It is God’s love of warning to the world, for much greater catastrophes a thousand-fold will fall upon the earth during the Great Tribulation Age. This is just to give a taste of the imminent judgment and wrath of God. Heed His warnings, if you have wisdom. Fearful it is to fall into the wrath of the Living God. The earthquakes, tidal waves, hurricanes are coming at increasing and larger frequencies. Does not the Lord warn those evil-doers every time before He brings judgment upon them, in the days of old? Why should this End-Times be any different? Do not fool yourselves. Repent while you can.

Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord!