Dear Brethren, have wisdom into the things of God; and discern the doctrines of feminist Jezebel and her loyal adulterous Mystery Babylon hippy rogue pastors.

The Vril Society is just another form of Satanism or the Mystery Babylon Religion, just like Catholicism, Freemason, Mormonism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Druidism, Witchcraft, Roman mythology, Egyptian paganism, socialism-communism, Skull & Bones fraternity, etc. The swastika is used in all of Satan’s religions and occults all over the world. It symbolizes the broken cross, which Satan uses to mock Christ’s salvation on the cross. The post-1960’s “Flower Children” mothers’ hippy rogue pastors’ peace symbol and finger peace sign all venerate this Mystery Babylon Satanist religion of the broken cross. The peace symbol is a broken cross. That is why you can see almost all Japanese making that finger symbol in every one of their photos. When you study all of the non-biblical ideologies, such as communism-socialism and Freemason and Mormonism, you see that they were all created by people who were Satanists. So, they all have Satan’s fingerprints on them: the Mystery Babylon religion.

The Nazi occult believed that they were Aryans, or the superior direct descendents of alien beings from the Nephilim’s fathers—the fallen angels of Satan. They believed that they were given the authority to rule the other races. It seems that a UFO crashed in Germany in 1936, and Hitler felt that he had the alien reverse-engineering technology to create Nazi wonder weapons to rule the world. Hitler was obsessed with finding the Ark of the Covenant, which he thought to be an alien technology that would give the army that wielded it a certain victory. All of the Nazi members, including Goering, Himmler and Gerbil were said to be fanatic Vril Satanist occult worshippers. They were the most avid Asia researchers, since they believed that the ancient Hindu texts revealed alien gods that arrived and levitated every time, just like in other Asian occult religions where deities levitate and fly around.

The Nazis experimented with disc-shaped UFO weapons. They seemed to have experimented with unusual power sources of not propulsion but by sucking in space, just as I mentioned in my book. NASA and the Soviet space programs were made possible by Nazi rocket technology, which allowed for humans to land on the moon. The Nazi V-7 rocket is actually the Vrill 7 Ghost rocket.

The Vril or Thule organization of Nazism seemed to have been born from the Mystery Babylon religion’s Freemasonry. The Vril was the inner society of the Thule society. They were connected with the British society of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a magical witchcraft Satanist Mystery Babylon religion.

The Vril Society or The Luminous Lodge is just the affiliation of the Luciferian or Order of the Illuminati. They are the different faces of Satanism or Mystery Babylon religion, just as Hindu occultism, Cabbala, Rosicrucianism, Templar and Theosophy. Since it is Satan’s organization, it is the opposite of God’s order, and it is female ruled and matriarchal, just like Korean and Japanese female shamanism. The mastery of the mystic energy of Vril Force is just another name for Satan’s Chinese “chi” energy or Japanese “ki” energy or Star Wars movies’ eastern occult “force” philosophy. The Vril organization believes in the coming race, who are a super race that lives in the subterranean and will emerge to reign over the earth. It sounds like the Bible’s prophecy that in the Tribulation Age of judgment, there will be fallen angels released from the center of the earth to reap havoc upon the earth, who were kept for that day.

The spiritual training of concentration methods used by the Loyola Catholic Jesuits, which share occult Mystery Babylon teachings with eastern mysticism, Tibetan Buddhism and shamanic cults, were central to the Vril teaching. (The origin of Star Wars “force”.) The Masters of Atlantis are said to have handed down these spiritual teachings of the Mystery Babylon religion, as well as the advanced technology of the evil feminist satanic society of Atlantis that God sank with Noah’s flood. The more evil the world becomes, the more feminist and eastern occult the society becomes, just like before Noah’s flood in Atlantis. This is the extreme opposite of God’s perfect society of holiness and righteousness. You can see this evil Atlantis mentality among the Western so-called Bible Men and Bible scholars of the post-1960’s “Flower Children” satanized generation. Some say that there seem to be remains of atomic bomb blasts from pre-Noah times in certain parts of the world, which are still radioactive.

The Nazi Vril or Illuminati One-World Order believes that they must ally themselves with Satan’s demons or “Lords” who will arise from the center of the earth, during the coming Tribulation Age, so that they can become the socialist elite that will rule with them: Satan’s imitation of the Millennial Kingdom of Christ with His saints. The Illuminati or elite is supposed to rule over the commoners or slaves or ignorant populace. The Vril Society is called the Luminous Lodge, because it is the same Satanism as the Freemason Lodge of the Illuminati. The founder, Haushofer was a student of the witchcraft and metaphysics professional, George Gurdjieff. They had contacts with the secret Tibetan lodges, who held these Satanist secrets of Mystery Babylon or Atlantis. Aleister Crowley, the leader of Freemason and Wiccan witchcraft, and a dedicated Satanist, along with Gurdjieff, desired contact with Hitler.

Hitler had the secret of the Mystery Babylon religion of Illuminati or Satanism or Luciferianism. These were the mental spiritualism which Gurdjieff used, which are connected with Satan’s Tibetan lama and Sufi and Japanese Zen Society of the Green Dragon and the modern radical international evangelical Soka Gakkai Buddhist cult organization. The Vril Force or Star Wars movie “force” that Satan is using to brainwash the people of this End-Times lukewarm Western church and society is called by many names, such as the Chinese “chi.” It is an old Mystery Babylon teaching, that is just taking on many different faces. At its root is Luciferianism or Satanism (worship of Satan). It just takes different names, such as Freemasonry or Catholicism or Star Wars or Socialism or Wiccan Witchcraft. The Vril power is said to be able to wipe out millions of people. The Vril-ya are vegetarians, just like the most evil, self-righteous, humanists of this world, such as Western environmentalists and Buddhists. The eastern mystic force called Chi, Vril, Odic forces, Ojas, Astral Light (Ashtar or Asherah or Ishtar goddesses), and Orgone were believed by the people of Atlantis of pre-Noah times. The Black Sun in the middle of the earth seem to be believed as its source. The Freemasons’ leader, Albert Pike mentions that this Freemason force, if possessed by a person, can bring about the Age of Aquarius or alien enlightenment age of the New Age occultism. This age is what Hitler and all the Satanist witchcraft alchemists and magicians were trying to attain through occultism and scientific advancement.

Through the Vril-ya, this Mormon concept of transfiguring into a higher level “god man” or Buddhist nirvana, was said to be attained; according to Lytton’s The Coming Race, who was a Satanist of the Rosicrucian sorcerers’ society. Hence, Satan is moving at fast pace to instill this concept of genetic mutation and mutants and Nephilims in the minds of the End-Times people through countless Hollywood movies; through his satanic pastors and missionaries—the Hollywood and television and literary authors and screenwriters. This so-called “illuminated” class of socialist elites or the Mystery Babylon religion’s one-world order Illuminati, believe that they are a superior descended race over the populace—the half-breed Nephilim superior race Aryan aliens. Their philosophy is driven under the name of New Age movement or eastern mysticism. That is why the post-1960’s “Flower Children” mothers’ hippy rogue pastors are so vehement adherents to this New Age Eastern occult “spiritual enlightenment” and guru-ism, which uses fanatic socialism to create rebellion and world revolution. Theosophy is at its root, and its founder is a worshipper of this “spiritual enlightenment” of the hippy rogue pastors and New Age occultists.

Again, since Theosophy is Satanism, the founder is a female, just like in all of Satan’s feminist Jezebel societies, like the End-Times Western society and Asian shaman cultures, like Jezebel and the Western lukewarm churches. Madame Blavatsky deals with the mysteries of queen goddess Isis and the early Christian church. The Theosophy’s esotericism is anti-Christian and anti-Semitic, just like all of Satan’s Mystery Babylon religions. Hitler searched in the caves for these Vril-ya, who supposedly gave him UFO secrets; just like the Muslim founder Mohammed meditated in the caves and encountered demonic spirits called Jinnis for enlightenment through Eastern mystic meditation; and the Mormon cult leader received enlightenment.

In 1917, three men and one woman met in a café. The woman was a medium, or witch. Satan’s witchcraft is an abomination in God’s eyes. In Satan’s society, just like the End-Times Western society, women are the priests. They discussed the coming New Age, and contact with alien beings from other worlds. The Black Sun, which is the Vril force (or Satan), is claimed to be anti-matter. This black sun is the emblem of the Vril, and is symbolized by the German black knight’s cross on German military vehicles. The symbol can be found in the Mystery Babylon’s religion, as well as Assyrian places of worship. This is because the German paganism, Assyrian religion, Roman paganism, etc., are all just different faces of the same Mystery Babylon religion of Satan. All the apostles of God are men, but all the mediums of Satan are women. Many female Vril mediums appeared during the late 1930’s. (Satan’s apostles and priests are often women, and most channelers and spiritualists and fortune-tellers and witches and Western culture post-hippy End-Times leaders are female.) They are said to have received demonic alien channeling on alien technology, which was later applied in using the anti-matter Vril energy of the UFO that crashed in Germany in 1936. The secret project was called Haunebu. According to classified SS files, the first levitation of the UFO was most likely in August 1939. They had a program involving an inter-dimensional UFO developed by psychic information received from the Aldebaran aliens. The Vril-yas seem to resemble angels, because they are fallen angels.

Maria Orsic was a Vril medium and there were other female spiritualists or witches, just like Jezebel. Satan imitates God’s male priests with his female witches. They claimed to have received telepathic messages from Aldebaran, a solar system 68 light-years from earth in the Taurus constellation. One was in the Knights Templar satanic script, and the other in legible script. They discovered that the Templar script was in ancient Sumerian or the language of the Mystery Babylon religion of Satanism. The scripts were mental images of a circular inter-dimensional flight machine or UFO. In 1924, Nazi leader Rudolf Hess wanted to contact the deceased Eckert, so he contacted Maria Orsic. Maria’s eyes rolled back to white, and she slumped back with mouth open. Eckert’s voice introduced another voice. The voice claimed to be from the Aldebaran, and that they were a humanoid race who had settled on earth 500 million years ago (sounds familiar?). The ruins of Shurrupak, Larsa and Nippur in Babylon or Iraq were constructed by them. They claimed that those who survived Ut-napishtim or Noah’s flood became the Aryan race’s ancestors. Maria scribbled some strange writings, which they discovered to be ancient Babylonian writings of Sumerian. In December 1943, a Vril meeting was held in Kolberg, concerning an “Aldebaran project” trip to the planet. In the meeting on January 22, 1944 with Hitler, Himmler and Dr. Shumann (scientist and professor of Munich Technical University), it was decided that the Vril 7 “Jager” would be sent independent of the speed of light through dimension channel. The first test flight happened in 1944. The flight was a disaster, since the craft looked as if it had been flying for years with extensive damage and aging. It seems that Maria escaped through this inter-dimensional portal in 1945 to Aldebaran.

Nazi theorist, Alfred Rosenberg claimed that Christianity is a Semitic slave morality, and he supported the pagan occult satanic German religions, as well as the occult Vedic and Zoroastrianism of “Iran” where the word “Aryan” race comes from. The belief of the Aryan master race is prevalent in early 20th century fantasy, such as H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard. Howard’s story, Conan the Barbarian, which became a famous movie, took place between the age of the fall of Atlantis and the “Rise of the Sons of Aryans.” Harry Turtledove’s novels of the Confederate States of America also share this concept—Aryan white supremacy and neo-Nazism.

Terziski and many other books says that with these extraterrestrial alien assistance, the Germans created the first antigravity UFO, the RFZ-1, built by the Vril Society. These secrets are said to be still classified even now by the countries that confiscated them from the Nazis. It is strictly controlled by the Illuminati, until the Christians are raptured out, and the time for the Anti-Christ to appear is ripe. However, Satan is in double-time mode to brainwash the world through the liberal Hollywood and television authors and screenwriters, who worship Satan’s feminism and socialism. When you research deeper, you find that all of the religions, occults and fraternities are all connected to Satanism and the Mystery Babylon religion of the Illuminati, which God prophesies that He will annihilate in the coming Tribulation Age in the book of Revelation. He tells His people to come out of them, lest they be destroyed along with them.

Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord! The Western hippy rogue pastors and Bible scholars are becoming more pagan and occult in their teachings. Turn from darkness and return to light of Torah Truth.