Dear Beloved,

Come out of the ungodly assembly of hippy rogue pastors. I say, come out of their midst, for you are a holy people chosen before the foundations of time, and have nothing to do with darkness. If you remain in Satan’s camp, you will adopt his ways, and serve his doctrines.

I am well aware in the Spirit of what the post 1960’s “Flower Children” feminist mothers’ peace and love concept hippy rogue pastors consider as love. Their love is carnal. Though they despise me for saying so, I say it again, their love is carnal and worldly hippy-ish. That is to say, the great 1960’s Satan’s “Flower Children” rebellion type of love and peace. Through their love and peace, they will destroy many; and out of their love and peace will come the Anti-Christ—a child of the “Flower Children” adulterous. All the occult groups share this same religious love and peace fellowship that the hippy rogue pastors introduced to the church. These hippy rogue pastors have no clue what I speak of, because they are blind and naked in the Spirit, and lukewarm. That is why God will vomit them out of his mouth.

These religious leaders consider those men of God, such as you, who speak the Truth in love, as unloving. They consider themselves as the great Western humanist love and peace religious leaders and Pharisees. That is why I call them beautiful white porcelain bowls with human feces and urine inside. They take a part of the Word and say, “Be polite and dainty in your teaching, just like in the Western religious churches, for it is by love that people are saved.” Yes, it is true that it is by love that people are saved; but is not speaking in love unpopular? What kind of love is that, if you are only catering to the Western hippy concept of love? Is that love not what Satan propagates as love? Who loves the Truth except those who are of God? The hippy rogue pastors and the majority of lukewarm Western Christians do not like the Truth: rather, they despise the Truth and call it carnal and evil and rude. To them that are perishing, it is foolishness. If I speak by the Spirit, why is it that they do not believe, but they are offended by it?

They do not consider why we speak the Truth in love, as straight and direct as possible, without compromise and without soothing comfort to aching ears. Their concept of love is human love. They say do not be rude or cause waves or be too direct; and not to preach at all, if you are going to do that. They say to speak in love and peace and in warm, fuzzy words: just like the post 1960’s hippy Western Laodicea lukewarm church that God will vomit out. With their self-righteous Western humanist religious words, they mislead many, and lead many to destruction. It is the spirit of the Anti-Christ; not of God. Those who recognize God’s Word and Truth will come to Him, and realize that it is God’s Spirit who speaks in love. It is wisdom of God unto them. However, to the carnal, self-righteous hippy rogue pastors, it is evil and too offensive to them. They call evil à good, and good à evil in the End-Times religious circle. It is because they were born of the devil’s doctrine of the post 1960’s rebellious generation. Together, they corrupt God’s ways and criticize what is holy. They neither appreciate nor recognize; for together, they are the blind leading the blind; and so it will be for the Tribulation church, until they are awakened by fire.

They rather have the flattery and politeness of hippy rogue pastors; rather than the admonishment and exhortation of a friend. Dearly beloved, why do we choose not to work for money; choose to suffer for Christ’s cause; and use our time and labor to teach? Is that not love? Is it rather love to be earning a set salary from a religious organization; with a house provided by the church; wearing nice clothes that should have been spent for the brothers who are out in the field struggling with minimum resources; and being addressed as so-called “pastors?” Why would you want to be called a pastor anyway? Would you call someone Evangelist Bob, Miracle Worker Carl or Head Administrator Jim? What are titles to you? Why are we persecuted daily for your sake? Why do they hate us for speaking boldly the Kingdom of Christ? Repent! This is not religious fire and brimstone speech; but it is just what the Spirit has given us, and we bring to you in love, for the times are short. Either you listen or lose your head literally during the Tribulation; and, this is no flowery hippy rogue pastor warm church love we are talking about; but it is real love coming to speak to you. Do not be babes in your understanding as the hippy rogue pastors, but discern. Why do we toil for you day and night? Why are you so easily misled by these post-1960’s hippy rogue pastors? Be mature in Christ and hot, not lukewarm; and the Spirit will give you understanding in all things and lead you in the Truth in all things. Do not depend on your heart and your ears, for the heart wants to gratify its pride, and the ears prefer flowery love.

To these hippy rogue pastors, the concept of love is the hippy love and peace; of Western religious church hugs and kisses, nice words, smiles and eating donuts and coffee, and holding hands in prayer. It is not the blood and guts and red sweat shed in the field for God’s Kingdom; and the preaching of the Word while being spit upon and poisoned. To these religious leaders, love is religious Western love—what the Western world and its brainwash considers love—the Satan’s Hollywood and television drama of tears and handkerchiefs. Love is not the dirty, bloody, fiery and gritting of teeth that loves the enemy. Love to them is hugging the pretty worldly nice smiling faces and comforting words of those church people sitting around them.

Dearly beloved, what is love to you? Is it how these hippy rogue religious leaders define as peace and love? Or, is that love from the Spirit of God? The Truth or Torah or Word of God is like a double-edged sword that cuts through bone and marrow. Does it not hurt to cut through bone and marrow? Or, do you prefer a soft butter knife to tickle your ribs. They desecrate God’s love with their sweet speech, worldly understanding of love and peace, and their continued criticism of God’s servants. Have nothing to do with them; for they are perishing along with the world in the coming fire. Either they will be incinerated or purified by fire. These carnal hippy rogue pastors have no inkling of what I speak of. They are blind and short-sighted as a blind bat without ears. They consider Jesus and Apostle Paul and the Prophet Nathan as being rude, ungodly and evil. And, no doubt, their master, Satan does so, too. Satan is pomp on rituals, strict on methods and an upholder of religious manners. Together they are empty and hypocrisy. One thing that they have plenty of is pride and arrogance to preach to God on what love ought to be.

Repent and make straight the path of the Lord! Soon, God’s Kingdom of love will cast out all fake human superficial animal instinctive hippy rogue pastors’ love and peace. (The peace sign that these hippy rogue pastors make with their fingers symbolizes the broken cross sign of Satanism—that old adversary of Mystery Babylon religion of the spiritual Nephilim Nimrod.)