When the magnetic field reverses north and south, then it will weaken to a point where the solar flare could get through. God talks about the earth dwellers being scorched by the sun, during the coming Tribulation. The solar radiation would destroy large chunks of the ozone layer.

It would seriously disrupt the photosynthesis of plants, and ocean planktons would die. The ecosystem would collapse and massive starvation talked about in the Bible during the End-Times will occur. North and south will point every way. When the magnetic field is thrown off, the migratory animals will not know which way to go.

The earth has gone through geophysical magnetic reversal before. The metal in the earth’s crust will destabilize by the electromagnetic radiation from the sun; and there could be a magnetically induced, unimaginable earthquake, such as the one mentioned in the Bible for the Tribulation age. An earthquake off the coast could create a humungous tidal wave, much greater than the one we saw in the Indian ocean; so that we see the islands disappear like God has prophesied in the Tribulation judgment.

The disturbance in the earth’s crust could erupt major volcanoes. Meteors and asteroids as big as what the Bible says will hit the earth in the last days would cover the globe with smoke. It could trigger tsunamis that would wipe out cities. The Bible talks about the sun turning black as sackcloth and the moon turning blood red. The smoke from the earth could turn the sun black, and the reflection of the earth burning could turn the moon red. The super volcanoes can be thousands of times bigger than normal volcanoes.  An asteroid would be like several thousand atomic bombs going off. Hot ash, rock and heat gas would scorch the earth.

The entire crust of the earth could spin around over the mantle. It would move the continents from their places. No buildings would remain standing. As the crust stretches like a merry-go-round, the crust will split and fissures will open. The equator will be torn up. God holds the world in a perfect balance. Even a minor deviation from that balance would result in unimaginable catastrophe. A possible planet X could throw the earth into devastation. There are theories that a planet X that passed by the earth, disrupted the earth’s magnetosphere; broke the water canopy protecting the Garden of Eden; and tilted the earth to create winter and summer on the earth.

It would be terrible times for the non-Christians left behind on the earth to receive God’s wrath and judgment. You have to remember that it is God Himself who will bring the soon coming Tribulation on the earth for the people who refuse to accept the Truth—Jesus Christ, who is the salvation for mankind. Satan’s persecution is nothing compared to falling into the hands of God’s wrath. It is sort of like comparing a match and a forest fire. The persecution of the Church is caused by Satan; however, the End-Times Tribulation Age will be by the very hand of God. You want to be celebrating the wedding of Christ’s Bride in heaven; not tribulating on the earth. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord!