Dearest Brethren in Christ, greetings and peace to you, in the hope that we have in Christ our King.

The Lord wishes to convey to you as a reminder that you are princes and princesses (the feminists would call it princes and prinpersons). And yes, I say princes and princesses on purpose, out of respect for our God and His order of creation. I do not say princesses and princes, as Satan’s hippy rogue pastors say. They detest me in their hearts and hold me in contempt by saying so; much to their curse and destruction. They parade around as brothers in Christ; and call themselves as Bible Men; but they are emissaries of Satan sent into the church to corrupt the brethrens’ thinking and disrupt God’s perfect order, with their self-righteous post-1960’s “Flower Children” mothers’ hippy rogue pastor Western humanist arrogance. They are a poison—a vile spreading gangrene within the House of God. That is why they push aside parts of God’s holy Word; and make definitions of the Holy Scriptures according to their adulterous Jezebel values. They must return to their putrid 1960’s hippy satanization world. The church is in crisis because of these infiltrators. Satan knew that many hippies were being saved; so feeling the threat, he sent in his servants to contaminate and corrupt the church itself with these post “Flower Children” Western humanist values who sell books.

I say again, you are princes and princesses, in the hope that you have been called to. You are not of this world; but you are of the world beyond. You do not yet realize, or have an inkling of who you shall be. The splendor of heaven and the authority that you shall have is beyond human imagination. And that is why God expects you to respect His authority (Christ à Men à Women à Children à Pet Dog à Whales). Do not follow after the hippy rogue pastors’ order of the universe (Gaea Recycled Cans à Whales à Pet Poodle à Children à Women à Men à Christ). They have thrown out whole chunks of God’s Bible, in order to accommodate Satan’s Jezebel doctrines; and thereby, kicked out Christ Himself, who is the Word, and the order, and the author of creation. To redefine the Bible is to kick Christ out of the Church. Those who do not respect God’s authority of male position, government, law, parents and employers, do not respect God. They mind as well parade around naked and flaunt and throw rocks, just like the rebel “Flower Children” hippy pastors, who grow their hairs in defiance, and feminists who chop off their hairs in scorn. The behavior exposes the deepest heart within.

As princes and princesses, you no longer should conform to the thinking and behavior of this world. Why do you live as the pagans do? Do you not know, do you not see, that you shall be judging powers and principalities and those who condemn you and persecute you? That is exactly why you need to love your brothers and sisters in Christ. They are fellow heirs and royalty in Christ. At every opportunity, do good unto God’s flock; for in as much as you do for the least of the brethren, you do unto Christ. Yes, it is gain to give to the unbelieving poor, and bandage the heathen hurt, and you give glory to God. However, your brethren are eternal family, who will spend eternity with you. Start now, for what you do for them, will shine brightly forever. I tell you the Truth; the Lord God Almighty is not blind to the kindness, sacrifice and hospitality you give unto your brothers. Jezebel’s hippy rogue pastors detest me for not mentioning sisters; but yes, I do mean brothers and sisters alike; for in God’s love and regard there is neither male nor female. All are held in dear esteem and precious in the Lord’s eyes. Is not love for Christ all that we stand for and live for, and the very essence of our existence?

Every act of love and every self-sacrifice will be rewarded; however, do not do it for the reward; but do it because you love Christ. That is why I stand against the hippy rogue religious people who preach “fire and brimstone” sermons of Puritanistic abstinence from sex, sex and sex. If you teach the flock who Christ is and His Truth; they will love Him; and if they love Him, they cannot and will not sin against Him. Would you continue to smoke and get drunk, if your dear, loving wife clings to your leg, begs you not to endanger your health, and wipes your feet with her tears? No, you would flush the whiskey down the toilet, and burn the cigarette packs in the backyard; and would never see it or touch it, ever again; because of your love for your wife. You would gladly be stripped naked of all dignity and ridiculed on the cross, if it means saving your wife. It is not religious Western sermons; but it is love, and love comes from teaching the true Truth—not the religious Western truth. Loves comes from loving Christ and having a true relationship with Him. That is where obedience comes from; not hippy rogue Puritan religious sermons battering over the heads of the sheep. Western religious Puritanism makes sinning monks; while Christ’s Truth makes loving disciples.

The heathens of this world; and the pastors and missionaries of Satan—the movie and television screenwriters (those who will receive the greatest judgment for their satanic gospel); dream of becoming princes and princesses. They make movies and television programs and books to cater to their pride, and desires for fame and power and royalty. They have aspirations to be royalty; however, they will not acknowledge the true King and Lord, who is the true royalty. They despise the Lord your God, and all those whom He calls royalty. They will not have anything to do with the Truth. They seek royalty in wrong places, and misunderstand the concept of royalty. They define royalty as wealthy lifestyle, fame and recognition, pampering and power. They do not define royalty as the Lord would define it: servanthood, integrity (non-scandals and non-acting), love (not shown in propaganda, but in truth and in secret), and humility (modesty and inconspicuousness). True royalty is not one that is self-proclaimed and paraded in front of others; but rather, it is in plain and simple appearance, yet it is a lifestyle of royalhood. Why do you think our Lord was born in a manger with the smell of cow poo?

That is why you are being trained in this world. Have understanding. You are down-trodden, despised, ridiculed, exploited, ignored, and insignificant in the eyes of those who hoard money and fame and media to themselves. Therein, lies the humility in this life, for the glory of heaven future. If there ever was a true Cinderella story, you are the ones, dear Brethren. The greedy rich; the squanderers; the famous and screamed after; the ones with much authority and power; and those emissaries of Satan who sell those values—media and brainwashing screenwriters and authors—are perishing, and they will be no more. They are like the waves on the beaches that come and go, for an instance, but be broken asunder on the reef.

They will see you reigning with Christ in heaven, in their day of judgment; and will spend eternity in anguish and despair, for what they could have had, but have lost. The princes and princesses with all their public show and acting, scandals and secret acts, hidden thoughts and motives; will be no more. The show and revelry and circus will go out of town, soon. Those arrogant gayish fashion world pagans, who scorned and looked down upon you; because you do not wear their ridiculous brand clothes, but only wore conservative clothes; will be in tatters, soon. Who looks more beautiful in heaven; those who dress conservatively and have a pure heart; or those who dress in expensive clown brand clothes and have dirty hearts. The eyes of heaven (the true eyes) are opposite of the eyes of this earth.

However, those who are in Christ will shine as the morning star—brightly and in glory forevermore. They shall assume authority and dignity worthy of sons and daughters of the Most High God. Know, dear Brethren, who you are in Christ. And behave in a worthy manner. You are no longer of the old self; but you are a new creation—a creation of the Spirit. The Spirit molds you and shapes you, as the Master Potter. Do not resist the discipline, but learn and change and be sanctified by the Spirit. Then, the discipline will no longer be needed. The sooner you learn, the sooner you will have peace and joy and maturity and be Spirit-filled.

Soon, there will come a time when you shall assume your inherited position besides our King; when He takes His rightful throne upon this creation. That time is much sooner than you think. Be ready, sons and daughters of the Holy God (and again, I do not say daughters and sons, though the hippy rogue pastors jeer in their hearts, for I do not want to mislead you into Satan’s ways); for soon a day is coming, when you shall hear the trumpet call to gather His elect; and you shall be taken up into the third heavens to assume your positions of honor. This honor is not of ourselves, but by the blood of our precious Lord shed upon the cross. It is your inheritance and your future. Act and speak worthy of royalty; for in the eyes of our Heavenly Daddy, you are rightfully so. (And I say Heavenly Daddy, and not Heavenly Mommy to the consternation of the “Flower Children” feminist hippy rogue pastors.)

Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord! Encourage each other in love with this hope, and hold true to your calling, beloved Brethren, until soon your Groom shall return for you. He will not tarry. And I say, He will not tarry.