It is I, Tony, a humble servant of God by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ; to call all those who will hear the call to repentance this day, and would be saved.

You can measure a society’s corruptness by the number of lawyers and CPAs it has. I have no problem with lawyers’ and CPAs’ professions; however, when there are an excessive amount of them feeding off society, then it is a direct measurement of that nation’s corruption. As we approach a pre-Noah’s flood depraved society, we will see a sharp incline in the number of lawyers and CPAs. Therefore, we know that we are living in the last days, before judgment and God’s wrath falls.

It is like all these stock brokers feeding off the system and loopholes that they have created; living extravagant lifestyles; by stealing money using the fluctuations in stock markets. It becomes like a leech on normal people who work a descent job, with the sweat of their brows. It is not investment to help businesses develop; but rather, it is making short-term profit using the corrupt loopholes in the financial system. Humans may justify these things with all kinds of intelligent excuses; however, God sees men’s hearts and knows their every motives. He sees how humans have become evil in every way; and have no fear of God in their hearts. They have grown deaf and dead to sound reason.

They develop difficult legal documents and financial systems to create their own profession and charge exorbitant amounts of money to interpret the bureaucracy they have created. It is sort of like the Japanese congressmen who inherit their father’s congressional position, and pass legislations to decide their own pay; and create all kinds of special allowances for themselves; along with outstanding retirement pensions. They live in the most expensive residential areas in Tokyo with palaces. It is like the communist party members who live gorgeous regal lives, while the normal citizens work like oxen to pay for their mortgage and monthly bills. The U.S. is soon approaching a time, and I say unto you, they have already entered that time in which we speak of; a time when the liberal socialist elite are living in gorgeous splendor, while they expect the populace to distribute money and support their government. The Western humanist mind, and with all of its corruption; as well as—unfortunate to say—the extravagant lifestyle hippy rogue pastors and religious leaders.

Legal professions have become a business for many vultures (it seems to attract people who especially love money and lack consciences); since they approach clients to sue other parties, so that the lawyers can make money. In the United States, there are ten times more lawyers and CPAs than in Japan. It is sort of like the Japanese government doing all the road repairs on perfectly new roads at the end of the year every year, in order to use up all the budgets to get more budget for the following year. It is like when there is an 85% drop in lobster consumption in months following a political scandal in Japan; where government bureaucrats get arrested for having wild parties and luxurious inspection travels at golf resorts. The government officials stop having extravagant geisha entertainment, and hot spring accommodations using tax payers’ money during the immediate succeeding months; so all the expensive lobster consumption takes a sharp drop. Usually, normal citizens in Japan cannot afford to eat $350 to $500 lobsters. The correlation in the lobster sales and government officials’ scandalous incidents is almost like looking at a comedy.

When the smart people of society stop taking care of the poor and down-trodden, under biblical teaching; and start using all kinds of unethical tactics to splurge and hog money; it is a very bad condition for the earth to be in. The earth dwellers can only await imminent destruction. That is why the Bible says that they will be eating, drinking and living off the society, when sudden destruction comes.

It is time to wake up and repent. However, their eyes are blinded. Blinded by their own greed, lust and pursuit of power. It is a carnal state of mind and society. I call upon any who hears, to repent and turn, while there still yet time. Soon, God’s fearful wrath will be poured out upon an unheeding population, just like in Noah’s time; but now is the time of God’s grace, love and salvation to any who will listen and turn. If you hear His voice today, do not turn away your ears. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord! The Kingdom of God is near! I say, the Kingdom of our Messiah Christ is near!