Peace unto you, in the name of our Lord!


It has been brought to my attention that we need to be equipped with the Word of God to rise up in all occasions and seasons to disciple and counsel all men, according to the Truth. The question that arises often among men is the question of how dinosaurs fit into the overall creation. Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, who have Satanist origins, have embraced socialist evolution—the great enemy of God. It is not surprising for the roots of both communism and evolutionism and all other philosophies that are anti-God have originated from undercover Satanists sent in by none other than the Adversary—Satan himself. His tactics take many forms—but they are evident in that they all oppose God and His creation.


The Illuminati or Mystery Babylon religion of communism and evolutionism have even tried to eliminate the doctrine of Truth from the schools, literature and media, all together. We are facing a level of deceit that the Church has not yet seen. Moreover, many of the churches have embraced this satanic doctrine of evolution, including the disguised Mystery Babylon religion of Catholicism—which is natural, for they share the same root in Satanism (the pagan Romans who were the founders of Catholicism were pagan Satanists themselves). A major point of argument they use is the issue of dinosaurs, or what the Bible calls “dragons.” The Bible mentioned dragons, long before the first fossils were discovered by paleontologists.


Why do Europeans and Asians both describe dragons? Why did Alexander and his men encounter a dinosaur in a cave in India, worshipped by pagan Hinduism? Why are there stories of dragons all over the world? There have been dinosaur fossils found in the bellies of mammal fossils. There are lake monster stories in Africa, China, U.S., Scotland, Canada, etc. The Native-Americans describe flying dinosaurs that they carved onto totem poles, and vicious lake dinosaurs that ate humans. Australian aborigines describe duck-bill dinosaurs in exact detail. New Guineans and people world over describe of nocturnal flying dinosaurs with luminescent stomachs that eat people.


They have drawings of aquatic dinosaurs. They have different names for swamp creatures from the names used for crocodiles. There seems to have been some who lived after the flood, along with the giants. Lake monsters have been witnessed and recorded for thousands of years; as well as by thousands of reputable people in modern times. Recently, they seemed to have learned to avoid humans in order to survive. If dinosaurs died out sixty five million years ago, the fossils would not have red blood cells in them.


Marco Polo records that Chinese emperors raised dragons and had them pull their royal carriages. He goes into detail explaining the exact description of a huge dinosaur with three claws and a jaw big enough to swallow a man whole in one of the Chinese provinces. Aristotle explained that these creatures were common in Ethiopia. The medieval French recorded slaying a dragon with the exact description of a triceratops. The Anglo-Saxons recorded dragons in detail. The Romans recorded slaying dragons; and left pictures depicting them fighting dinosaurs. In commemoration of slain dragons, the French started making gargoyle sculptures. The Inca engravings show detailed pictures of dinosaurs, which evolutionists claim are fake; but they have been proven authentic. South and Central American tribal sculpture are exact replicas of tyrannosaurus. Chinese paintings show dinosaurs devouring deer. Central Asian stories and artifacts are replete with dinosaurs. European historical records are replete with dinosaurs. Southeast Asian temples have artworks of stegosaurus.


The Bible talks about behemoths (land dinosaurs) in Job with tails like cedar trees (hippos and elephants do not have tails like that, but tails more like a noodle). Try to put a cedar on the buttocks of an elephant or hippo. The word “dinosaur” was created in 1841, after the Bible’s reference to them as dragons. There are tons of pictographs and petroglyphs depicting dinosaurs. Why would they draw them, if they did not see them? Dinosaurs existed along with humans.


In 1405 A.D. England and 900 A.D. Ireland, they talk about dinosaurs roaming around. There are engravings from the 1400’s with dinosaurs alongside other farm animals. The Chinese calendar has twelve animals, which include a dragon; showing that they considered it as just another animal, and not a mythical creature. Chinese records show that they drained the water to the ocean after the Great Flood, in order to create the land of China; and many huge dragons were driven off the marshlands.


Why would they go extinct? Humans kill dangerous dragons that kill humans. If they blame humans for making animals extinct now, why wouldn’t humans have made dragons extinct? The ancient knights would be heralded as heroes. These dinosaurs would have been slain for menace, food and fame. It is the End-Times satanized Western humanists who try to protect dangerous, evil creatures like crocodiles and sharks, for Satan’s self-righteous reasons of environmental protection. Tons have species have gone extinct from the beginning of creation. The most satanic self-righteous depraved Westerners are trying to save animals, while the earth is about to be judged by the wrath of God. Due to sin entering the world, bacteria and viruses attack human bodies; and you have diseases like small pox, HIV and cancer cells. However, these humanists do not try to prevent extinction of these things; but moreover, try to make them extinct; which is in direct violation to their New Age Buddhist teachings not to kill life. If you follow their teaching, then sterilization would be evil to them. The End-Times self-righteous, wicked humanists and vegetarians are influenced by their Hindu-Buddhist hippy “Flower Children” mothers, and refuse to eat meat, due to their Western pride. When humans and society becomes more evil, they become more self-righteous like the Westerners; and try to save whales while trying to get Christians fired and killed. In turn, these wicked people are eaten by wild beasts, such as the sharks and crocodiles which they try to save. I have found that the most foolish of humans are the educated, respected, high credential, doctorate degree holders; who have no godly wisdom or common sense. They play with fire. As the Bible says, God has given wisdom to those considered foolish and despised by the world; and made what the world considers the intelligent of this world to be fools, for they would not believe in the Truth.


Fossils come from a sudden Noah’s flood. Over 500 cultures record Noah’s global flood. The only people who do not believe are the fanatic adherents of the evolutionist occult religion, which has become popular in the End-Times as society gets more satan-ized. Satan’s atheists try to hide the overwhelming number of fossils of giant humans with six fingers and two rows of teeth like Goliath; in order to protect their evolutionary theory, and to refute what the Bible says about the Nephilim giants. Humans used to be huge before Noah’s flood, just like other animals; but this is different from the giant Nephilim. This was when bugs were the size of modern dogs and cats; so that Tyrannosaurus Rex was not as big in proportion to humans, as people believe. Ancient crocodiles were about the same size as Tyrannosaurus Rex (40 feet). Men dwelled separately from animals, just as in modern days; and men could kill dinosaurs and dragons. Only the foolish people who are considered intelligent by the world go into the animal’s domain and get hurt.


After sin entered the world through Adam and Eve, creatures started killing other creatures. Especially after the flood, the world was different from the Garden of Eden, and plant nutrients were scarce. It was a difficult and harsh world to live in. God allowed man to eat meat after the flood. Elephants were the size of mammoths and tigers were the size of saber-tooth tigers. Originally, humans and animals ate plants. It will be similar to the Garden of Eden, during the soon coming Millennial Reign of Christ on the earth; when wolves and lambs will sit together in peace, and lions will eat grass.


You have fossilized dinosaur skin. How? They were fossilized quickly by a flood. All flesh had become corrupt upon the earth, so that God had to destroy every creature, except those on Noah’s Ark. Just like the giant half-breed Nephilim with double rows of teeth and six fingers / toes. There are tons of fossils of Nephilims found all over the world, along with ancient stories about them. They were the ancient heroes, like Hercules, who were giants of their times with remarkable strength—half-breeds between fallen angels and feminist women. They, along with the monsters who were the Egyptian gods and Greek mythological creatures, were genetically perverted creatures of Satan. God had to wipe them out along with the human feminists through Noah’s flood, due to the level of perversion. Just as it was in the days of Noah’s flood, we see in these modern End-Times, the rise of the Western women to social equality and leadership; to flaunt equality with men and assert their authority over men—thanks to these so-called “Bible Men” and their religious leaders.


Satan always develops lies called evolution, when the Nephilim’s father’s arrived, and also during these End-Times. It is Satan’s demon-possessed servants, the Hollywood and television screenwriters, authors and media people, who are used by Satan to copy and pervert God’s Truth and brainwash billions of people. They are Satan’s missionaries and pastors of evil. They are like the Hollywood movie’s vampires’ human servants to putrefy the world with Satan’s poison, in his End-Times plan. Hitler’s Nazis said that if you repeat a lie often enough; people will believe it. The post-1960’s “Flower Children” generation churches and Satan’s Catholic Mystery Babylon Church are preaching that Satanist evolutionism is real.


Satan’s Western humanists and environmentalists would probably create a raucous about exterminating all dragons; and would say that they wish they were alive when dinosaurs were alive; but I think you should be grateful there aren’t any fire-breathing dragons around now. Thank the knights of old. As mentioned in my book, many reptiles keep growing as long as there are proper conditions; so if Adam lived up to 930 years old, then some of the old dinosaurs were pretty huge.


If the evolution religion’s fanatic worshippers’ strange faith is correct, then there should be millions of in-between species between the amphibians and dinosaurs. We do not find these species. You do not have new creatures popping up around you as evolution states; but the opposite is true—you have many creatures going extinct. We find fossil remains of human and horse footprints next to dinosaur footprints, showing that they coexisted within the last 6,000 years of human history.


As you are aware, carbon-dating is a very unreliable way of dating fossils. Evolutionists’ inconvenient data, showing that dinosaur bones carbon-date only a few thousand years ago, are not publicized. Fossils are from Noah’s flood approximately 4,500 years ago, covered instantaneously under sediment by a catastrophic incident. If they found a dragon in some lake, the evolutionists would have to come up with some silly excuse that the dinosaur was isolated in a remote place and survived millions of years. The Mystery Babylon religion Illuminati evolutionists hide the human fossils found in the same rock layers as dinosaurs.


Dinosaurs are mentioned many times in the Bible. The word “dragon,” used before the word “dinosaur” was invented. Originally, reptiles were beautiful creatures, but became detestable creatures; just like Lucifer was the most beautiful angel, but became the detestable serpent Satan. After sin entered the world, curse came upon the world, too. This may explain human abhorrence toward reptiles, except for perverted satanic people. Pagan cultures venerate the serpent or Satan. Marco Polo, Herodotus and many other writers wrote about dinosaurs. The evolutionist religion cannot explain why creatures whose fossils are found with dinosaurs can be found today around us; and those that were believed to have gone extinct with dinosaurs have been found recently alive.


Western humanist post-1960’s “Flower Children” mothers’ hippy rogue pastors will teach things like: you need to give money to the church; how women should have equal rights and authority in the church; to recycle and save the earth; and how to abstain from sex, resist sex, fight sex and shun sex; and other Western Puritan religious human teachings. However, they will not disciple you concerning these important facts in the Bible about God’s Torah or Truth; so the congregation remains very primitive spiritually, and never grows. They immerse themselves in such things as family activism politically; but their church members are not discipling others as commanded; which shows that they are religious and not spiritual. There should not be a pastor teaching the church alone, like the Westerners have created the church into; but rather, each Christian should be discipled by another Christian and discipling another Christian. That is how Christ did it; and commanded us to do.


They teach all kinds of do’s and do not’s, and rules and regulations, just like the religious Pharisees do. People cannot obey the Lord out of their human ability or sinful nature. That is why these Western humanist pastors try to put in human accountability in order to force them to obedience, and try to tie the sheep down with human surveillance and strict sermons. People will still sin. They do not realize that you do not beat the sheep with a stick; but you have to feed the sheep, as Jesus instructed. If you feed the sheep the Word of God, faith comes from hearing the Truth or Word or Torah. The way to be filled by the Holy Spirit is to fill the sheep with the Word of God. Then, people will be filled with the Holy Spirit, empowered by the Spirit, and have strong faith and love; and they would not even want to sin. They would fear the Lord.


If there is no Torah or Truth being taught, then you are just stuck with teaching Western religious rules and regulations; and then, you will be stuck with a lukewarm, End-Times, Laodicea Western church, as we see now. They start teaching evolutionist theories instead of Creationism, for they have no Torah Truth. What they have done is to kick Jesus, who is the Word or Torah, out of the Church. That is why in Revelation 3, Jesus is outside the church, knocking on the door to be let back in (the only church out of the seven church ages, where Jesus has been kicked out). What these Western humanist post-1960’s “Flower Children” mothers’ pastors do is to throw out entire parts of the Bible (entire parts of Jesus who is the Word out the door); such as teachings on women’s head coverings and men’s uncovering of their heads; so they have kicked Jesus out, and replaced Him with Jezebel’s Western humanist doctrines. They have no respect for God’s Word or Jesus when they are throwing out whole sections of the Bible in the name of Western “political correctness.” What is next: inclusion of homosexuality and exclusion of the holy communion? The sky is the limit, when the End-Times humanist Westerners start doing that. That is why the End-Times church is so weak. They have thrown out the Holy Spirit, and they teach strange Western religion in the empty shell of Christianity. And they call God’s people chauvinists? They are both dead and foolish.


Satan’s atheists have to teach that dinosaurs went extinct over millions of years ago; in order to put forth their evolutionist theory. They have to teach that dinosaurs evolved into warm-blooded birds, though you do not see any creatures whose scales are changing into feathers, around us. If they admit that the Bible’s history is true, then they would have to admit to God’s existence. If they admit to God’s existence, they would have to follow morality and ethics set forth by God. They would no longer be able to get away with doing whatever they want; and their evil will be exposed. Homosexuality, feminism and women’s equal authority, environmentalism, abortion, religious idolatry and witchcraft, greed, gluttony, left-wing socialism, etc. would be all exposed. That is the reason why they need to do everything to cover up Creationism and to spread their brainwashing of evolutionism in the post-1960’s “Flower Children” mothers’ teachers’ schools and media.


Satan and his fallen angels may manipulate genes to create monsters like dragons with wings and breathe fire, or half horse half human Centaurs, or bird-headed human-bodied Egyptian gods; or his fallen angels may transfigure themselves as creatures and monsters; but be assured that God will judge them for what they have done, and do not be deceived by the devil’s doctrine of evolution and ancient alien myths.


With the evidences provided, preach the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, to the whole world. Make disciples of all men, dear Brethren, and take up the cause of our Lord. Be a Roman to the Roman, and a Chinese to the Chinese; a scientist to the scientist, and a child to the child. This does not mean to adopt their human national cultures, like some of Satan’s religious Christians teach; but rather, it means to use all situations and opportunities to share Christ; and to stand up in defense of the gospel for which we have been called as ambassadors.


An example would be like the fact that the Westerners think of Bible prophecies in terms of the Hellenistic Greeks’ way of thinking from which Western culture originates from—“prophecy and fulfillment.” This is how the so-called “Bible Men” and their religious leaders and hippy religious gang members have changed the Truth into their Western Christianity. However, God’s Word is written in the Hebrew way of thinking—“prophecy as a pattern.” In Adam and Eve’s time, there was one Hebrew language and one culture. The reason is that the Westerners have thrown out God’s Jewishness of the Scriptures, and replaced it with a Western religion.


For instance, if you learn to think of Bible prophecy in accordance with Christ’s culture and not some national human culture, you see prophecy as a “pattern.” You begin to see as God sees Bible prophecy, whether it is the correlation between the prophecy of the “rapture” with the “ancient Jewish wedding customs”; or Christ’s prophecy of His “rapture” in view of the “Seven Feast Days of Israel.”  That is why the Asian Christian leaders assert authority over you like the Nicolaitans and yell at you; because they live like the heathens around them who follow Asian Confucian-Taoist cultures; instead of washing their servants’ feet like Christ did, according to Christ’s culture. If you call an Asian pastor as “Pastor & Their First Name” and not “Doctor” as their business cards says, they will look very upset. Their Asian mentality is that they are higher humans than you, worthy of respect and worship. These Nicolaitan Korean pastors will tell you to stand up when older people walk in; so, they will probably not respect Timothy due to his youth. They are Confucians and not Christians; but they have the identification as Christianity and pastors, in name only.


You need to teach the Western Christians who follow Western Christianity by first being a Westerner to them; and teaching them the difference between their Western Christianity religion and the original culture of God. You may have to sit on chairs like the Westerners depict the Lord’s Last Supper in their Western paintings; instead of lying on the floor next to each other to eat like in ancient Israel. If so, by all means sit on chairs like these Westerners do, and be a Westerner to the Westerner; as long as you do not follow these false Christian teachers who teach that you must adopt these Westerners’ way of thinking and evil cultures of the Asians and Africans in order to share Christ. Use the statue in Rome of the “Unknown God” to share the gospel, just as Apostle Paul did, by becoming a Roman to a Roman; as long as you do not adopt the ways of the Westerners evil cultures of feminism and women’s equality.


Be with the group at all times as the Japanese Christians force you to be by their culture, even if you see absolutely no practical godly sense in being there for hours every day; but if God tells you to be somewhere else, then obey the Lord; even if all the Japanese Christians criticize and slander you because you are not participating in the group, like Satan requires of his people to move like mindless locust masses. If all the Western Christians by their Greek Hellenistic academic thinking command you to record the attendance in your Bible Study every week for some crazy cultural reason, then be a Westerner to the Westerner and do it; but if they command you to teach their educational culture of evolution in their public schools, then refuse to follow their Western culture.


The Holy Spirit will give you discernment on what to do, dear Brethren. You especially, the 144,000 Remnant of Israel will need God’s Holy Spirit to discern all things, since you will go into all the nations of the world to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Be equipped by His Spirit and the Word of God and His discernment. And, the God who keeps those who bring the news of light will uphold you by His righteousness. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord! Amen.