We are seeing a reestablishment of the Tower of Babel. As you know, Nimrod, the first Nephilim dictator of the world, tried to build the Tower of Babel to reach heaven to taunt God. Satan established the Illuminati or One World Order or Mystery Babylon religion through him. The Mystery Babylon religion has had many different names and disguises: Babylonian religion, Egyptian religion, Catholicism, Communism, United Nations, Freemason, Mormonism, Wiccan witchcraft, Druid, Hinduism, Eastern Mysticism, Cabalism, Templar Knights, and all pagan occults that originate back to Satanism or Mystery Babylon religion. That was the reason why God gave all the people of Babel a different language, so that they could not understand each other’s babbling or babel; and they were dispersed throughout the world, in order that they cannot unite to do evil. The Anti-Christ will be the last dictator of this Mystery Babylon religion (a.k.a. Satanism) of the United Nations and Freemason network of politicians, presidents, congressmen, business leaders, media moguls, and all secret fraternities. We see in Revelation where the Mystery Babylon religion on the city of seven hills, Rome, will be destroyed overnight by possibly a radiation explosion, in the future.

Normally, just like Satan’s fallen angels, evil hate each other and fight among themselves. However, under Satan, they are forcibly united by fear; just like the Confucian-Taoist culture of hierarchy and intimidation. It is the opposite God’s system, where all the saints and holy angels serve God because of love. For example, people hate each other based on ethnicity, race, religion, creed, nationality, etc., just like neighbors and tribes hate each other. Humans do not understand each other. Americans think that Japanese are monsters and barbarians, because they abuse prisoners; ignoring human rights and human life. Japanese think that Americans are shameless, sub-animal, cowardly creatures, because they have the speechless, dishonorable gall to surrender to an enemy and plead for mercy on their knees. Humans are ignorant of each others’ values, systems, customs, cultures, way of thinking, beliefs, mind frames, etc.

Likewise, people hate and kill each other, though they are the same ethnic group, such as the: Japanese and Koreans, North Koreans and South Koreans, Dutch-Danish and Germans, Pakistanis and Indians, Kuwaitis and Iraqis. Often neighbors hate each other the most, just like the Texans and New Yorkers; or northern Germans and southern Germans; or eastern Chinese and western Chinese; or Irish and British; or north Sudanese and south Sudanese; Croatians and Serbians; Russians and Ukrainians; Paraguayans and Brazilians; Turks and Greeks; or Saudi Arabs and Wahhabi Arabs (Osama Bin Laden comes from the opposing Wahhabi family, so he hates the Saudi monarchy); or like the Sioux Indians and Pawnee Indians torture and massacre each other; or like the Apaches and Commanches torture and massacre each other. Jesus said that if you hate your brother, you are already guilty of the sin of murder. So is the human heart.

So, you say: “Why the sudden push for world unity and global peace, all of a sudden?” It is because Satan knows the Bible scriptures and prophecies much better than the lukewarm, End-Times Laodicean church, apostate Christians. He knows that his end is near. Therefore, he is using his Illuminati or One World Order or Mystery Babylon religion (Catholicism, United Nations, Freemasons, etc.) to reestablish the one world order of the Mystery Babylon religion. That has been the thousands of years goal of the Illuminati or Satanists—Satan’s vampire’s human servants; just like in the Hollywood movies where certain human servants are allowed to live by their vampire masters in order to serve them.

His tactic was very masterful: Satan hit the World Trade Center with terrorism, and made the world cry out for world peace and global understanding and cultural partnership to prevent hatred and future terror. If you scare a human or society enough, you can change their behavior and national thinking. They will want to embrace Islam, and purge Christianity (who they hated even before the 9.11 attacks, because the Christians are the salt of the life that fights homosexuality and feminism); which they think is the reason the terrorists attack the U.S. and West (the clash of Christianity and Islam: and they think in their simple minds that if you can take Christianity out of the U.S. & West, the Muslims will stop attacking and killing them: perfectly according to Satan’s plan to destroy the Church). Hence, the push to unite Islam and the U.S. by getting rid of the obstacle—the right-wing, conservative, religious people.

Like in the recent shootings in Arizona, Satan always uses his vampire’s human servants who are demon-possessed to conduct mass shootings against the liberals, so that he can use the liberal media to blame it on the Christians and conservatives; and the undercover Muslim Anti-Christ will use this same Satan’s tactic to behead millions of Tribulation Saints in the future by blaming them for his assassination; just like Caesar Nero burned Rome down in order to blame the Christians and massacre them in the coliseum. His activities are new, but his tactics are old. Of course, you have the Holy Spirit, so you already know what he is doing. If you look at the mass shooting culprit, you can immediately see by his eyes in the photo that he is demon-possessed (the same old eyes of the sorceresses and mafia and spiritualists). The liberal media are having a heyday attacking the Christians, just as their father Satan has instructed them. Satan feeds them the opportunity, and they run with the ball.

Now, the world is ripe for a one-world leader to bring fake peace and unite the world into a one-world government and one-world economy and one-world religion, just as God prophesied. By uniting the nations together with a one-world economy, they can no longer fight each other. They would unite under Satan’s Tower of Babel. Satan thinks he is brilliant tactician, but God is all-powerful, and is just using Satan to bring about the End-Times plan. Satan is not God’s equal, for Satan is only a created being, and a speck of dust compared to the Creator God. Surge in terrorism; rise of Islam; global-warming unification; world religions’ unification movement by the Mystery Babylon religion Catholicism (a.k.a. Universalism); global economic crash; etc.: all have Satan’s fingerprint on them, in order to bring the world together and reestablish the one-world Tower of Babel Mystery Babylon religion.

Remember, the Bible says that when the world starts saying, “Peace and Security,” sudden destruction will come. Satan, the dragon, and his Anti-Christ, the beast, will sell this philosophy of “peace and security” to bring the people of the world together. We now hear the phrase, “Peace and Security” everyday on the news. The Anti-Christ will approach Israel and Philistina to put pressure on them to finalize their peace treaty by the deadline; and he will just come in to confirm it. It will already be on the table, ready for him to sign it, as soon as the Christians are raptured out. Then, all hell breaks loose on the earth; and the Christians will be having their seven-year wedding celebration in heaven before the wedding banquet. Get your wedding invitation card of salvation while you can!!! Once that predestined number of Christians get saved, the Church is going to be taken out. The Church Age ends, and the time of Jacob or Israel’s salvation begins.

In order to unite the world under a one-world government, the Anti-Christ will create a mega-national debt and hyper-inflation in the United States. This is his plan; he is a hidden Muslim; and wants to Islam-atize the U.S. under Sharia Law. His father’s line may be an Assyrian and his mother’s line may be a Jew. As I wrote in my book, the Tower of Babel is symbolic of the one world government he will create; and it is an obelisk or male genital symbol of Satan’s Solar Phallic religion of the Mystery Babylon religion; where all the occult sun gods like the Egyptian sun god (depicted as the eye on the pyramid symbol of the Freemasons) originate from the Mystery Babylon religion of Catholicism; before it took on the disguise of Christianity.

That is why all the disguised Illuminati Satanist religions have this same symbol of the 33rd sun ray: Catholicism, United Nations, Soviet Union, Freemason’s Illuminati 33rd degree council, etc. That is why the pre-Noah’s flood alien “Watchers” or Nephilim’s fallen angels may possibly return on the 33.33 degree north and 33.33 degree east of the accursed Meridian—Mount Hermon, very soon; which is on the same degree as the accursed city of Babylon and first Freemason headquarters in the U.S. east coast; as if to copy Christ’s return on the Mount of Olives. The Freemason came to America to set up headquarters at the 33.33 point by bringing the Templar Knight leader’s skull. When you calculate the 33.33 degrees, it comes out to 2012 nautical miles. The 2012 miles align with the Mayan calendar. The Freemason Muslim branch Shriners who take an oath to Satan (all over 32nd degree Satanist members) will bring the Muslims into this one-world Babylonian sun god religion—Satan himself. Only the secret fraternity members see these secret symbols and messages among themselves. What God calls in the Bible, “Satan’s so-called little secret.” And Satan thinks that we, the children of God, are ignorant of his little secrets—world Satanism or Mystery Babylon?! We can see the wiles of the devil as the light of the Holy Spirit exposes! Hah! Only the lukewarm religious Church is blind and in darkness and sleeping to what the old adversary is up to! Satan’s little Hollywood industry vampirical human servants have been setting everything up, according to schedule.

That is why God says He will destroy Mystery Babylon, which stands for the institution that adulterates the Church with Satanism. That is why the presidents, business leaders and congressmen members of the secret Freemason fraternity established by famous Satanists have built temple obelisks everywhere including Paris and Washington, D.C. In my book (which all End-Times lukewarm Christians have rejected and scorned), I talk about all the occult temples like the Freemasons have the god seated on the opposite side of God’s Temple. The Freemasons are quickly moving to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem, to usher in their Masonic Messiah, who will unite the three great religions of the world—Catholicism, Islam and Judaism (minus the born-again Christians).

Unless the U.S. is taken out of the superpower position, the one-world government cannot take over the position. It is already under way. The U.S. military is being funded by China. The money that is used to run the U.S. military is being borrowed from China. There is no other country in the world whose military is run by another country. Americans love money, so they betray their country and secretly sell all their top military secrets to the Chinese, in exchange for money. Every technology that is developed by Americans is stolen by Americans to sell to the Chinese. Now, China is far more advanced in technology than the U.S. can ever imagine. As always, the U.S. leaders are very laid back and believe that they are more superior than other countries. However, Chinese submarines are emerging all of a sudden between American aircraft carriers and its defensive escort destroyers and cruisers, as if to mock the U.S. technology. They are virtually undetectable by the U.S. military, and can sink all of the U.S. carriers in minutes; making all the expensive, boastful U.S. military defense systems a joke. When the carriers sink, the U.S. air power is gone instantly.

Everytime the Chinese test their electronic pulse weapons, they shut down the whole American missile systems; and leaves the U.S. defenseless and naked. It is like a big joke. (It is because the Americans train all the Chinese students at MIT with the world’s top technology; and the Americans taught and set up industrial plants and invested billions in developing the Chinese economy. It is greed that will destroy the U.S., just like the Roman Empire. Since the executives want higher profits and bonuses, they ship all the jobs overseas; so the U.S. is no longer a manufacturing nation, but rather a consuming debt nation. A debt nation will topple eventually, due to its greed. At one of the companies I visited the other day, all the employees were Chinese, and some Filipinos, Indians and Indonesians. There wasn’t a single American. They get American salaries, so they are millionaires in their own countries. The only thing is, I am glad for the Chinese brothers and sisters, because due to the globalization, they can get Bibles now.)

You can tell right away by just watching the two opposing militaries. The U.S. aircraft carriers are more like a “Love Boat” cruise ship, with male and female enlisted sailors kissing, fraternizing and having sex every night, as Americans become a more pagan country. A large number on the ships are gays and lesbians, because the gay people know the ships are surrounded with seven times more men than women. The women join for two reasons. First, they will be surrounded by a lot of female-starved men; and second, there are a lot of other lesbian women with no head covering and short hair, who love to have male jobs; just like gay men like cosmetic and hair styling and fashion jobs. The fitness gyms are always full of French men who work at apparel and accessory companies; gawking in the men’s locker shower rooms. It is a natural human sinful course of events. That is why they make a big fuss and complain among themselves when they have to go to dangerous areas; or disapprove of going to war. You wonder why they joined the military in the first place. The American officers are a little more conservative, wise and ethical.

On the other hand, the Chinese and Russian ships are full of real soldiers, who are professional military personnel; and it is more like a military vessel, than a romantic cruise ship. The U.S. is becoming more pagan, gay and depraved; just like ancient Rome. Pompeii was demolished overnight by God, because it was the city where all the Romans went to get prostitution and red-light districts and party drunk; just like the city of New Orleans Mardi Gra with drunks and flashers will be judged someday. Saints, come out of the Mystery Babylon cities, lest you be judged also by the disasters and destruction that will come upon the depraved and evil. Have no part in the pagan cultures of the 21st century Sodom and Gomorrah cities.

The Australian navy is the worst. You have female sailors with grotesque breasts and buttocks splattered out of their shorts and blouses; as they walk around Confucian culture foreign ports; and they put mud on the face of their captains, and pour mush over the captain’s head for entertainment, while the captain laughs and partakes in this game. Many of the young recruits complain when they are ordered to head to a dangerous area. You wonder if they joined the military for sex, 75% educational tuition assistance, and chance to cruise to foreign countries for free; or if they purposely volunteered like the kamikaze pilots to 100% die for their mothers and younger sisters.

I believe the U.S. military will be very surprised when their forces are annihilated overnight, in the next coming conflict. We are not talking about an outdated, backward army like the Iraqis. We are talking about vast armadas of fifth-generation stealth fighters more advanced than the U.S. fighters; as the Anti-Christ tries to cancel all the U.S. fifth-generation fighter programs, and prepares the U.S. for utter destruction.

It seems to be a national character of Americans to be always laid back: Pearl Harbor; 9.11 terrorist attack; short period Soviet nuclear bomb development; Chinese incursion into Korean War; north Vietnamese tunnels; Chinese military buildup speed; treason by counter-espionage F.B.I. Director; gun massacre by Muslim U.S. army officers; all tanks sinking at Omaha beach at Normandy landing; confiscation of B-29 bombers by Soviets as they landed; not taking out the Chinese dictator as General MacArthur insisted; not allowing oil drilling in the U.S. but depending hundred percent on Muslim oil; not capturing Osama Bin Laden when he was literally in the U.S. government’s hands; not allowing atomic bombs or carpet bombing in Vietnam in order to purposely lose the war; etc., etc., etc. (They just call them ordinary mistakes. They are not mistakes; they are purposely satanic. Satan hates countries that protect Israel. He places the most foolish people in decision-making positions.) The list goes on. History repeats itself. The U.S. will be that way until its demise in the End-Times. If it happens once or twice before, it will continue to happen again in the future. You cannot change national character of American government leaders. It is always amusing to see all of the super high I.Q. American leaders totally blinded by Satan on purpose. They were protected by God miraculously, because they protected Israel; but as they turn their backs on God and run to paganism, God’s protection will be taken away.

For example, the socialist communist leaders are cancelling the F-22 fighter program and other key programs, including the missile defense systems in Poland; while they do not want to cut back on useless tax money programs in their own budgets. Evil and sin leads to demise and death, just like the Roman Empire went down. The Anti-Christ would love to cancel the F-35 and F-22 programs to further his one-world order agendas. They are brilliant geniuses in terms of acting, conniving and gaining political positions; but sheer fools when it comes to godly wisdom and common sense. A regular Christian child has more godly wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Satan blinds American leaders, in order to usher in his Anti-Christ. It is going on schedule, just as the One-World Order Illuminati has planned everything.

Satan always places the most controllable and sinful vampire’s human servants into key government positions who worship Satanism (socialism), and gives them super intelligence to gain power. That is why they know China is manipulating the currency, but they do not do the same thing back. They are like the superpower Romans. Pride, self-righteousness, and humanism make people stupid. The Bible says that pride comes before a fall. The Anti-Christ will be literally ruining the U.S. military from the foundations. He is well aware that loss of air superiority will give the Chinese and Russian fifth-generation stealth fighters the ability to rule the globe. I am just glad that the Christians will be long gone, before that happens. We lived in the best era, preceding the Great Tribulation years.

Some people say they preferred living in Jesus’ times, but they are not aware of the hardships that Christ went through: blistering sun; sand in the teeth; biting insects; primitive food without refrigeration; no news or television or computers; no supermarkets; no cars; no fashion; no air conditioner; hard rigorous work day to night; blisters on hands; wild dogs; bandits; unpaved rocky ground; straw beds; brown water; no time for golf or surf; no movie theaters or bowling alleys; no museums or parks; no keyboard typing; no electricity or light blackout; no cell phones; no office desks; no ice cream; no elevators; no ball-point pens; no cruise ship vacations to Bahamas; no salad bars; no CD music; horse dung smell on the streets and shoes; bossy Roman soldiers; wriggling parasites; crucified upside down and burned to death; etc. We are truly living better than any King Solomon or King David did. That is why the least of the Church saints is more blessed than any of the kings of old.

We need to be thankful that we are never going to taste death (it is not a pleasant experience for non-Christians), but we will instantly be changed into angelic bodies, very soon. Furthermore, rejoice that you will be counted worthy to escape the coming judgment, which will be even worse. Give praise to His name all you saints! Good and faithful is the Lord to those who love Him, for they shall not taste death; and death has been made a footstool—a defeated foe! Repent and make straight the path of the Lord! For the day of reckoning is nigh!