Peace unto you from our Great King and Lord—Jesus Christ!

Pray for Brother Frank Toyama, our beloved brethren, who has leukemia. He did not speak in church for a couple of years, and he got leukemia during that period. He plays a tremendous amount of tennis, so he gets oxidized and male hormones; as well as get huge amounts of solar radiation, just like sun-tanning Caucasian people. Body builders look healthy on the outside, but get all kinds of sickness and die early, because of the elevated male hormones and oxidization. He almost died so many times from all kinds of diseases, including various tumors and pneumonia from the leukemia.

He was about to give up, and asked God to take his life. However, a brother approached him, and told him that he was to speak at church in seven weeks. He could not believe this brother was telling him this when he could not even stand up and could hardly breathe; but he believed by faith and prepared the message. A miracle happened, unequaled in evolutionary science. His blood platelets increased from almost zero to thirty; then thirty to fifty, then fifty to seventy, and seventy to a hundred. And his tumor dropped off his body. This does not happen in physics. He spoke a couple of times at Pastor J.D.’s church (the prophecy ministry church where they receive hundreds of threat letters from religious hippy rogue pastors to shut up and remain silent, concerning the Truth; and not to warn the world of Jesus’ imminent coming).

Frank overcame the pneumonia which was supposed to kill him. The problem is: Frank still believes God wants humans to be ill; and he does not believe that Christians are to be healthy; and he always goes to human Christian medical practitioners to receive healing, instead of God. He believes medical science and humans heal, and that God gives illness to Christians. However, he did show a glimmer of faith by preparing for the sermon in seven weeks, though he was convinced that this time, he was going to die from the pneumonia. He looks half of the weight he was; and looks thirty years older than before.

He reprimands born-again Christians for believing in health; and is a strong adherent to the “Anti-Health and Anti-Prosperity” doctrine. I hope he realizes that God increased his blood platelets, and trusts Him now. It seems super smart people have the hardest time believing in health, because they tend to think with their logical intelligence. He still has a hard time breathing because of the pneumonia. Do you seek healing in Christian doctor’s drugs that acidify your body; or in God’s nature that alkalize your body?

All of the super smart, super rich entrepreneurs I know have complete grey hair; have big stomachs, because of all the good food they eat; and have tremendous stress. (Women get skin fat around their buttocks, which is safe; but men get liver fat around their stomach, which is basically the root of all kinds of illnesses; since when the liver function goes down, all the other organs start deteriorating; and furthermore, the liver is the main hormone secretor; so your body’s immune system and nervous system and cardio system and everything goes down.) Since these super smart people are ten times more intelligent than normal people, they have ten times more awareness, and ten times more stress. Even in their young age, they all look like really old men. Just like athletes age rapidly from oxidation and stress on the body, and die early. It’s like the Hollywood celebrities in that most corrupt showbiz world; who have amazing intelligence to survive in the showbiz world; but they age overnight into a shriveled heap of flesh. Do not run for presidential office; for if you compare their pre-presidential photo and post-presidential photo, you will know what I mean.

I used to think of my super stupidity as a curse, but I realized that it was a disguised blessing from God. Since I am stupid in human intelligence, but wise in God’s wisdom, I age slowly. People always doubt my age, because I look decades younger, and have hardly any gray hair. I used to behave like an old man when I was an executive in my early twenties; but now, I am childlike in Christ’s personality, and behave much like as if I am still in my thirties or teens sometimes. Plus, God gets the glory, for they know a stupid man cannot take credit for His ministry.

While I was still under the curse of sin and work and childbirth, and working for income, I started getting bald. God told me how to grow back my hair. After I quit all my jobs, my hair started growing back to normal. You may be surprised, but the hippy rogue pastors scorn and sneer at this. They kill me in their subconscious hearts, but they cannot kill me physically, because God is watching over me.

I almost died from many illnesses, but when I started doing ministry, I started getting healthy. The Bible says that though we drink poison or get bitten by snakes, we will not die. Of course, if you do not believe God’s Word, you will die and do stupid things. God tells me how to keep healthy; and I don’t hide the information; but I share it to all people—Christians and pagans alike—though the hippy rogue pastor jeer and mock. The more I teach the fallacies of women’s equality and Western humanism, the greater hatred I receive from End-Times Western pastors, as well as stress; but God gives me more Truths and insight and wisdom and peace, as I speak the Truth more and more boldly without fear. Western pastors have a tremendous fear of people and congregations, and always dilute the Truth and make it soft, so they remain carnally blind. They get a lukewarm congregation, too; and the church is never purified by the Truth in the End-Times.

If God blesses you with knowledge of the Word, share it with everyone. Who cares if the Hollywood movie screenwriters copy and pervert it for Satan’s glory? They will in due time reap the judgment for their evil. Satan always copies and steals. It is his nature. The Anti-Christ will imitate Christ’s resurrection. If God blesses you with finance, then give to others freely. Don’t keep it to yourself. If God blesses you with the gift of humor, share it with everyone. Don’t only chuckle by yourself.

The more I boldly speak and teach the Truth, the more knowledge and mysteries of the Bible God gives me. Persecution increased proportionately, and Satan’s people fanatically try to transmit their diseases to me. I think the more the post-1960’s “Flower Children” Western humanist hippy rogue pastors listen to my Truth and warp it and jeer at it and hide it, the less wisdom and less health they get; and they become more blind and naked. I think the key in Christian life is to boldly speak the Truth, such as the fallacies of women’s equality in authority; then God will bless your health and give you unimaginable knowledge and wisdom; so much that you burst forth and have to share the blessing with everyone. Then, God gives you more. But, all the carnal religious Christians will leave your church. But, God will bless and bring in people who love God’s Truth. They should be your real flock—church planters and apostles of God.

The more you worship Satan’s Western humanism and Western church doctrines, the more spiritually blind you become; the more your heart becomes callous; and the over fifty percent of Western Christians are suffering from some sort of illness or malfunction.  They take aspirins and get human Christian counseling and seek academics. Instead of discipling all the nations of the world as commanded by Christ, they start Christian counseling people with human Christian counseling techniques. The absurdity and childishness of mind! Never before in Christian church history before the 1960’s “Flower Children” generation have you seen so many sick Christians with failing hearts. The Bible says that in the End-Times, men’s hearts will fail them. When the main pump weakens, the whole car slows down. I think their hearts are failing because of their worries from health problems. The Western hippy rogue pastors teach that you have peace and joy in your sickness and half-dead state and pale face. You wonder what part of hell they get their Western doctrines from.

They become blind because they worship Jezebel’s self-righteous sexual equality, and trample under their feet God’s command and order of creational authority. That is why God told the women to wear coverings on their heads, and men to not grow their hair long; in order that they do not forget God’s order of authority in society and become spiritually vulnerable to 60% Western divorce and social chaos and lesbianism; but this last generation would rather believe Western humanism of the pagans around them; and their so-called feminist “political correctness.” They have literally become like the Western pagans who they live among. Do they not read the ancient scripts to Israel: not to adopt the ways of the heathens around them? That explains why they are so blind and naked, and they start selling God’s Word (Jesus) into slavery, by selling sermon CD’s and tapes and books for money; and they encourage to God’s people to paint their bodies (Temple of the Holy Spirit) with pagan graffiti yakuza tattoo ink and pierce their bodies with American Indian ear and nose rings. No wonder they are sick and dying! You wonder sometimes, where they get their doctrines of demons. You have got to be way off to think that way. They mind as well spray paint Mickey Mouse on the Jerusalem Temple, and pierce holes in the Temple ears (holy of holies). How immature post-1960’s Western Christians have become!

In order to make an excuse for their sickness, they start proclaiming to the world and non-Christians that God wants them to be sick; and it is part of God’s plan for the Christians. These Western pastors are utterly lukewarm and rude toward God, too; making Him out to be a god of plagues. They oppose the elect of God in the churches. You know those whom I speak of. If I were God, I would be so angry, I would decapitate them while they’re alive, rip out their organs, and dismember them like any other human would. I would not think twice about slaughtering them, if I see them. It is only Christ’s Holy Spirit that makes me willing to sacrifice my life to save them, because of God’s unconditional love. But, thanks be to our God that He is full of ever-patient mercy, amazing grace and awe-inspiring love. Praise be to God who is full of kindness and gentleness. The love of God drives me on to teach the Truth by His grace, amidst their animosity.

Satan always places his most faithful vampire’s human servants next to me, who carry his disease. As it is every day in Asia, you know they are purposely led by demons of infirmity to walk toward me and cough only when they pass me by; or they come right next to me, start coughing, and when I walk away, they stop coughing. This is satanic and spiritual, dear Brethren; not natural. Satan placed the Chinese father and little sons right behind me on the plane, recently; and tried to cough every 15 seconds; by purposely coughing with their mouths wide open spraying their saliva. Normally, people cannot cough in that way, for they will soon get hoarse. However, God told me to breathe lemon oil, for lemon peel contains antiseptics that render Tuberculosis germs harmless; and it is the only chemical in the world that germs cannot develop immunity to.

I always wear masks on the plane, because the humidity kills all the cold and influenza viruses; since Satan always places the one or two people coughing on the whole plane next to me or right behind me. Satan learns and adapts his schemes, since he hit me this time with tuberculosis. He knew that tuberculosis thrives in humid and warm environments, so that my face mask would actually backfire on me, by actually increasing the transmission. He is the god of this world. However, his pride does not allow him to admit that God is sovereign. Whatever Satan does, He cannot outwit God, for God is omniscient and omnipotent and omnipresent.

What Satan did not put into account is that winter was right around the corner. The cold and dry and oxygen-rich winter air kills the tuberculosis germs. Satan should know better than to mess with God’s children, for he cannot win; but he and his vampirical human servants are fanatic about killing especially those who share the gospel. You have a super maniac, hatred-obsessed enemy; and a faithful, radically all-loving, protective Daddy in heaven. Now, tell me if that does not constitute a wild, eventful life. All Satan accomplishes by attacking me with his vampire’s human servants every time is to strengthen my faith and the faith of all the readers of the world; since I always share with my readers how incompetent Satan is, and how sovereign and loving God is.

Those part-time Chinese workers working in that Japanese burger shop to make expensive Japanese yen savings, tried to poison me with possibly their fecal parasites (many Chinese have parasites, because they still use human feces for fertilizers). I came down with the pus and infection in my mouth and stomach, during that last poisoning.  The attacks seem to be escalating with every time. Ever since then, I had constant stomach flatulence and diarrhea and loose stool every three or four days. Now, it started hurting my liver and heart and brain, too. It may have been some amoebic parasites that affect the other organs. I prayed that God would cut off the Satan’s tail, and make Satan’s hair or scales fall off, if he has any; so he may be super angry at me. I do not regret praying that; but I do regret not being able to see the world’s most prideful Satan with bald spots all over his body. I also prayed that God would take all the illness that Satan throws at me, and throw it back at him ten times the amount.

If you tell the Japanese doctors, they just look at you in scorn and ignore you; as if to say I am a high social position Japanese doctor, and what does a lowly commoner like you know about your body’s symptoms. Doctors in Asia talk down to you, because of the Confucian hierarchy. If you say, “Hi Doc,” they will frown. That is why the Japanese bow and use honorific language to the doctors and bosses and customers, because they believe they hold their lives in their hands; but they purposely say rude things to you if you are a lowly missionary without money or power, just like toward the lowly shepherds at Christmas.

God’s Kingdom is the opposite, and the leaders wash the feet of their servants. The Confucian-Taoist mind is diabolically opposed to Christ’s Judeo-Christian thinking. It is because of pride in their Confucian-Taoist hierarchy; and their minds are filled with academics and medical figures. If the data figures are O.K., they say that you are healthy, although your body may be notifying you that you are sick through pain or diarrhea. Many have died because of that. Western doctors are a little better, for they would probably make up some kind of excuse like irritated digestive tracts for all the sicknesses they do not understand. God told me to eat Clove, which is the strongest antimicrobial in nature. It immediately got better.

He also told me to eat Japanese wasabi and Japanese ginger and Japanese tea, which obliterates all microbials in sushi. But I advise strongly against Westerners from eating them, if you are living in Western lifestyles. You will sit on the ground; or wear shoes in the house; or eat dropped food; or kiss the anal-licking dogs; and just re-infect yourselves with the same germs and parasites. You will do the world a great disservice by just creating wasabi-immune germs to rule the world.

Science has finally discovered that Westerners have so much cancer, because most cancers are caused by microbials; which comes from the unsanitary, sinful lifestyle. Of course, crazy people like Howard Hughes go overboard and try to disinfect everything; which makes your immune system weaker toward germs. God is very practical and balanced. However, most Westerners do not have to worry about that, because their lifestyle is so unsanitary. I have seen many Western people not washing their hands after urinating; put their handbags on the dog-poo / old-man-spit ground and then on the table; share drinks with people who have mononucleosis and tuberculosis; putting their shoes on top of their seats; etc. No wonder they are getting all kinds of sickness and diseases, and hospital stocks are rising.

Their lifestyle is like the third-world country people with sinful leprosy and chimpanzee sex HIV. You wonder if these End-Times Western religious people read the same scriptures that say, “The wages of sin is sickness and death.” And they say that God does not heal, for it is a glory to Him. Sin and carnal lives desensitizes humans. Cervical cancer occurs because European men only take showers once every few days, and have sex. God told His people to get circumcised, because it prevents cervical cancer. It is interesting the most sinful people want to dig their saliva spoons into your dish, which proves the Bible that sin causes death and sickness. When they get older and their immunity gets weaker, they die. The food that they eat is depleted of protective chemicals; they work in secular jobs for secular people and get cancer-causing stress; they rush to the human medical institutions; and wonder why God allows sickness. Horse feathers and frog hair!

The more you share the gospel, and warn people of the coming judgment; the more drastic Satan tries to kill you. The more we approach the End, the more frantic and outrageous and open his attacks become. People may say, “How can a missionary be speared in Japan, a civilized nation; you’re not in Papua New Guinea or the Amazon?” But believe me, a small, old Japanese lady tried to poke me in the eye, and quietly walk away; as if to make it look like an accident and she didn’t notice. I’ve had young Japanese girls keep approaching me; and the alarm signal in me from the Holy Spirit went off; but she kept pursuing after me to cut me in the arm as she passed by; and I saw her snicker at me. That is not human, it is demonic. That is why I think Satan started attacking Frank, as soon as he started sharing eschatology to the public.

Japanese have ancestral altars for demon worship in their homes that control their minds and hearts, just like the Koreans and Chinese. The Holy Spirit has warned me not to stand by the edge of train platforms in Japan and China and Korea anymore; because men always walk into me from the side and drag me for two or three meters with such sudden strong force, that I am unable to regain my balance or escape; and they walk away quickly, as if nothing happened. When I look with surprise at the fleeing individual, the surrounding Japanese people snicker or jeer at me instead. In the West, people would normally come up to me and ask, “Are you alright? That guy must be crazy!” with a concerned face; even if something like that were to hypothetically happen in the West.

The Westerners would never believe the kinds of things that happen to missionaries overseas. They have no idea. If you go into ministry, you have to count the costs of spiritual warfare, beforehand. You cannot go into battle half-heartedly. The enemy will hit you with everything and anything he can throw at you that you never even imagined. However, God will bring you through every persecution; for you are more than conquerors in Christ. The greater the war on earth, the greater the glory in heaven. What is a hundred years of hardship, compared to eternity of joy? You can quote me on that, for I am living proof.

Western End-Times Christians think it only happens in Christian fiction books, because they do not believe that the devil and demons exists. Demons do not only exist in somewhere like the Philippines, Muslim countries, Africa, Polynesia or Southeast Asia. For example: the demonic attack “Asian Death Syndrome” Eastern religion based “Nightmare On Elms Street” movie incidents; story behind the “Exorcist” movie; and movie director Knight Shyamalan being saved from drowning by a territorial demon in childhood, who now gives him movie scripts for horror movies to brainwash in exchange for his life; are all examples of demonic activity in the West, too. It is often more subtle in the West, yet they exist. They are blind, so they dismiss them as scientific phenomenon. It would be interesting to see what kind of disease or assault Satan will throw at me next.

These things never happened to me in the West, because of the Judeo-Christian heritage and influence upon ethics and way of thinking; but they happen 30 to 40 times a day in Asia; because of their thousands of years of pagan shaman idolatry of Confucianism-Taoism values of eighty thousand gods. Human societies become more and more evil, when they commit idolatry against God; and they must be enforced by inhumane Confucian hierarchy or conformist group-ism or strict laws (similar to Satan’s way of controlling his fallen angels). If there are no God’s ethical standards, then there is only artificial human ethics based on strict conformist laws; but in secret and private life, those people do the most hideous things, because there is no Judeo-Christian forefathers’ foundation.

More and more Americans are becoming pagan in the End-Times, and leaving Judeo-Christian values; and parading their sins with gay pride on the streets, just like Sodomy and Gomorrah; until God said, “That is enough!” and incinerated the five cities. The Bible says that when people start parading their sins with more pride and boisterousness and flaunting before God’s eyes (just like the ancient Israelites danced and orgied before the golden calf idol), judgment is just around the corner. You will see more of this paganistic transformation and hatred toward Christians as we approach the End. The demon activities increase daily, as they are worshipped and called forth more frequently.

You see countless epidemics arising from the beasts of the earth, as the Bible says for the End-Times: HIV, monkey pox, SARS, Ebola, mad cow disease, West Nile virus, swine flu, etc. They still refuse to repent, and try to delve more into paganism yoga; Eastern Star Wars “chi” meditation; séances; horoscopes; horror movies; African interior sculptures; etc. Even the Western End-Times lukewarm Christians have adopted these pagan Jezebel practices from the nations around them, which are a shame in God’s eyes. No wonder they grow sick and die!

I see many simple-minded, super high I.Q. Western young men pass through Asia; who idolize the Star Wars movies as fans; and go to Tibet and Japan to train in the temples for a few weeks; then, they call themselves bona-fide Buddhist monks; and they consider themselves to have finally attained their childish dream, mystic Jedi Knights’ powers of the “FORCE” or Chinese pagan demonic “chi” power present in all inanimate nature and organisms (or “ki” in Japanese used for healing the body; and throwing down opponents without touching them; and making water buffalos fall down by demonic power). These things are real, contrary to what a lot of ignorant Westerners believe; and that is why they are so popular in Asian healing and martial arts. It is sort of like when African soccer teams pay voodoo witchdoctors to block curses placed by the opposing teams. Demonic powers exist, wherever there is faith in them.

Why do you think the “Nichiren Soushuu Souka Gakkai” Buddhist cult group has tens of millions of members worldwide? They know there is power in the “gohonzon” altar scroll. When people chant for a car, they receive a car. A homeless person chants most faithfully and fanatically, and he becomes the owner of 13 apartment buildings. These things are real and the demonic powers at work behind them are real. That is why all the smart, intelligent Hollywood celebrities join this cult group. They probably attained their Hollywood position through their faithfulness to this deity.

The funny thing is: they cannot tell you who the “gohonzon” is, or where does its power come from, or what is the purpose of it; unlike the Bible which tells us who God is, why he created us, and where we will be in the future. Any sane man, who has the common sense to seek the Truth would find out that the Koran is a bunch of incoherent, mumble-jumble of phrases stolen from the Bible stories; however, the Bible is very logical, mathematically precise, and true in its teachings. It is only the evil, foolish people, who criticize God or follow after idols; without actually trying to get down, put some elbow grease into the research, and find out the Truth. God says, if you truly seek the Truth, you shall find Him.

A Japanese girl came to church when she found out she had swine flu; and kept coughing sprays in my face for hours; trying frantically to spread it to me. Many Japanese tell me their superstition that you will get healed faster if you spread the disease to a greater number of people. Dozens of Japanese have told me this. This is a satanic brainwash that comes from the master of disease himself. When there is no Judeo-Christian ethics in society; there is only left superficial ethics, conformist group pressure, and strict rules and regulations, in Japanese society; but no individual ethics. (Anything and everything goes, such as making Christ’s birthday (Christmas) a festival for annual customary fornication with boyfriends and girlfriends in what the Japanese call “love hotels”; that can be found on every street corner. On the surface is satanic severe social discipline, but underneath society is jungle paganism.)

For example, influenza cannot exist in the world, unless there are Chinese people living in the same house with pig feces and chicken feces. The flu virus transmits from chickens to pigs; then mutates in the pigs to be able to transmit to humans. It kills thousands of people every year. You will be surprised, but even lukewarm, dead Western religious Christians live in their houses with real animals; and lick the mouths of animals, which they used to lick their rectums. Even the very nature of things tells you that you do not live in the house with chickens, pigs, and gorillas. And they preach that God forces them into sickness, for His glory. The hippy rogue pastors disgust me. No wonder they are not free from the curses of sin and sickness and poverty and labor and childbirth.

You see American Indians and South American Indios and Haitians blaming Westerners for bringing diseases that wiped them out; but they are actually more healthy now than they were before: because they do not massacre and torture each other,; die from lack of proper health care; or are bitten by poisonous animals. The more evil the humans are, the more they blame other nationalities, neighbors, family members, governments, wealthier hard workers, tea party movements, etc.; and are never grateful to God for His blessings and Christianization (peace and health). Though Christ may feed the five thousand miraculously, they do not want to accept Christ; and they start blaming Christ for not feeding them the next day. Evil people’s characters are to always blame and hate others; so they never advance or prosper from God’s blessing; for the problem is not of the situation, but rather, the problem is of the heart.

What happens is that Western Christians like Frank seek healing in humans, because the hippy rogue pastors are fanatic believers in teaching that; and they criticize those who seek God for healing as heretic cult people. That is why so many are sick and dying. Plus, they worship women’s authority Western humanism and have forsaken God’s protection for women through wearing head coverings; and the pastors get fat by eating Western junk food; and their Christian children listen to Satan’s repeating rhythm trance music; and they do everything and anything carnal and lukewarm under the sun. They do not have the Torah Truth in them; and they mock me and God’s message. Their minds are depraved altogether. They preach Christ, but their speech is idolatrous; and therefore it has no power. They are blind and have no wisdom of the Holy Spirit; but not only that, these hippy rogue pastors mock and ridicule me in jealousy and hatred.

What you will see is that these religious people and non-Christian pagans will run off to try to heal themselves with new medical knowledge I give them. However, they have no wisdom of the Holy Spirit, so they just stop taking the cure after a while when they get better, and then the germs become super immune to those chemicals, again. These godless people may have super I.Q.’s, but they have no wisdom or common sense. They keep creating super antibiotic-immune germs.

These hippy rogue pastors keep trying to heal themselves using their prideful Western medicines; and preach women’s equality; and have pagan sorcery Hollywood movie DVD’s in their homes; open themselves up to Satan’s control; and they get sick and die. The absurdity lies in that they try to heal themselves; but it would be much better if they died now from the disease, rather than to suffer the soon coming horror of the Tribulation Age judgment (eyes and tongues melting in their sockets and mouths through radiation; sores all over their skin and other plagues; sun scorching their bodies; mass starvation; earthquakes that will sink the islands; meteor showers; etc.). Seek God for healing: if you follow the blind hippy rogue pastors, they will get you killed for they are Jezebel’s servants and worship her doctrines.

If you want to see Brother Frank’s testimony video, you can connect to his podcast from Pastor J.D.’s website: . You will have to download the iTunes software application from pastor J.D.’s Apple website, in order to see the podcasts. Pray for Brother Frank’s healing, so that he can continue to proclaim the imminent return of our Lord, and bring glory to His name. We cannot do anything for God, but the least we can do is to love our neighbors. You will ask, “Lord, when did we visit you when you were sick, and feed you when you were hungry, and clothes you when you were naked?” And He will say, “When you did it for the least of these children, it is the same as you did it onto me.” You may be in Timbuktu, but you can reach someone in the U.S. through prayer. Do not grow weary in doing good, dear Brethren; keep up the good work to which you have been called in our Lord Jesus Christ; and the King of Peace and the One who lives forever will bless all of your ways; and use all things for the good of those who love Him. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord! To Him who is full of wisdom and mercy, be the glory forevermore, amen!