Greetings in the faith that we have been called to, our Lord Jesus Christ! Most scientists now believe that life exists in outer space. There is a tremendous move or surge in the search for extraterrestrial life, all of a sudden, in these last few years. Satan started the “Great Deception” with Charles Darwin a hundred years ago with the same evolutionary theory borrowed from the civilization before Noah’s flood; concerning the fallen angels’ half-breed Nephilim aliens, who came to teach mankind technology and miraculous wonders and signs.


To give you a brief lecture on spiritual history: Satan demon-possessed Hitler and the German people, in order to massacre every single Jew, so that God’s prophecy cannot come true; thereby trying to stop his own destruction. He created the Great Depression of the 1930’s by crashing the stock market and banks, so that the treason-arrested Hitler can get out of prison and gain national popularity in times of great economic suffering; just like Barack Obama came to power, during this recent depression, as the so-called “Pseudo-Messiah” as many medias call him, even though he was behind in the polls before that.


Satan is a very, very smart guy. He knew that by making Hitler pull the whole world into a World War, all the American men would go off to war; and only the women would be left to work in the factories to create the arms. He has had 6,000 years of experience with the human heart, and he knows that once the American women learned the taste of money to buy dresses and jewelry and nice homes/cars, that greed would supercede child-rearing; and that would take the mothers out of the family. Children coming home to motherless homes would have irreparable emotional damages; rebellious rage toward non-loving mothers who put more value on money than them; and be most susceptible to peer control (much like street gang kids feel that their fathers left them and mothers have sex with other men and they do not receive any love because parents are never home). This created the 1950’s children, who became the 1960’s “Flower Children” rebellious, spiritually damaged teenagers; who rebelled against their parents’ Judeo-Christian tradition and values; and everything and anything that stood for adults and parents and authority and government and God and traditional ethics; plus, they did not want to go to war to protect foreigners, unlike the World War II men who were brought up in Judeo-Christian homes and stood up for Christian self-sacrifice. The only way to stop themselves from being killed in battle was to join up with the communist movement to try to stop the Vietnam War, in the false pretense of violent, rock-throwing pacifism; or to escape the draft by fleeing to Canada. This violence created socialist martyrs among them, and this pent-up childhood rage took fire across the nation and became the liberal movement that we now see in the government, colleges and media: the three strategic areas that the mastermind Satan wanted control over. What I call the GMC strategy.


As women took over the workforce, it was natural that they wanted more and more money (taste for blood); sin or covetousness grows deeper; so this kick started the feminist movement to get more salary. After that, it was just a matter of time before the children of these liberal, liberated, Jezebel women became homosexual men, and the decline of society started, just like Sodomy & Gomorrah. Sin starts small and escalates slowly over decades. Society and sin rots from the inside. If you have a god-fearing, Christian Spirit-filled mother, your child will hopefully grow up to be a godly man, who has a holy reverence for the Lord. If you have a liberal feminist mother, the child will grow up to be a liberal homosexual man; unless that child gets born-again in Christ. It is because the sinful mother opens up the child to demonic influence and control. That is why women are a key. That is why so many Satan’s liberal propaganda psychologists are fanatic about disproving this by making up false assertions. And that is also why the End-Times lukewarm Western church families are creating so many liberal teenagers who drift away from Christianity—because of the carnal, lukewarm, dead, religious, hypocritical Christian family environment—the apostasy of the Church right before His return which He prophesied. Test the spirits to see if I speak the Truth or not. (This teenage rebellion against traditional values is the same rebellious spirit of Satan against God, so you see where it is originating from.)


This created the downfall of society and the world, spiraling into socialism and sexual freedom and feminism and homosexuality: all integral parts of the satanization of society, just like before Noah’s flood. This is why the hippy rogue pastors are filled to the head with this feminist and liberal worship, hammered into their heads over and over and over and over again by their post 1960’s single mothers (just like the Hitler youth), and abusive hippy fathers. These 1960’s “Flower Children” mothers’ hippy rogue pastors flooded God’s churches, and transformed all the traditional pre-1950’s Christian values, into what we see now in the West. Even the great Western bible scholars have been swept away and brainwashed by this society’s Western neo-values. Like Hitler said, when you fill their minds for so long with it, they start thinking it. Satan is a master chess player, and probably the most intelligent creature created in the whole of creation; and he plans things and moves five and six steps ahead. He is patient, too. He always has a magnificently orchestrated and designed stratagem. Though he is the enemy, I am always very intrigued by his craftiness.


Of course, the hippy rogue pastors are religious people, so they cannot see things spiritually by the Holy Spirit; and these End-Times people are completely blind to what Satan is doing in their heads and hearts. He has these feminist effeminate men by the balls, as people say. They are part of Satan’s masterful plan to satanize the church from within. He could not destroy the Church by persecution from outside: he learns. It is the blind leading the blind, due to the unparalleled carnality and lukewarmness of the End-Times Laodicean Church. Sin blinds humans spiritually. Pride and self-righteousness are Satan’s babies, and it separates you from the discernment of the Holy Spirit. And, we are here, where we are now: the modern, last days, lukewarm, dead church of the hippy rogue pastors. And that is why they hate me with a passion, and try to destroy me. I not only have to fight Satan, but I have to fight his hippy rogue pastors who want to ridicule and drive my ministry to the ground. They are a hideous enemy. They call evil à good and good à evil. They call me evil, and call themselves the protector of women and equality and justice. You see their minds are diseased.


But this is not the end of the story: God is sovereign over all things. He has saved a lot of good-hearted (good soil) hippies and transformed them into mighty pastors and teachers of God. God has also used Satan to create the End-Times scenario. You ask for an example? I can give you an example. See how God used the World War II, by making the U.S. into the sole superpower in the world, because He knew that He would use the U.S. to be the sole protector and ally of Israel (His wife), when the U.K. tried to destroy Israel. God had left the U.S. with massive armament manufacturing power and super strong economy and unrivaled wealth after World War II, as well as being the only country unscathed by the war, and strong undamaged infrastructure; while Europe and Asia were devastated to ashes and virtual ruin. There were no economic competitors in the world, which allowed the U.S. to flourish; and Americans were living with huge refrigerators, luxurious cars, and mega-stocked supermarkets; producing twice the amount of petroleum compared to the rest of the world combined; while Europeans and Asian were digging in the rubbles for potatoes and garbage. This was before sly countries like the Arabs and Chinese (ethnic characteristics) rose, who would naturally do non-Judeo-Christian human sly things to cheat and steal the economic prosperity by sky-rocketing oil prices and manipulating the currency and creating unfair trade balance. But God is allowing this too, to fulfill his prophecy for the Arab nations and the China for the End-Times; and in a way, the demise of the United States.


So, we now see the schools brainwashed by evolution, compared to the pre-1950’s “one nation under God” pledge-of-allegiance schools, and a world ripe for the Great Deception. The Bible says the End-Times generation will be left to a strong delusion for they have rejected the Truth—Jesus Christ. Satan has seen God restore Israel, and knows his time is short; so he is working at breakneck speed to convince most of the earth dwellers with the existence of life in space. The final great deception is taking form. This is the final piece of the puzzle for the End-Times, which I had been looking for: what the Bible talks about in terms of the “strong delusion” that God will send upon the earth dwellers (in contrast to us—the heaven dwellers—the Church); for they would not believe the Truth or Torah, but preferred a lie. Most scientists are confident that they will contact intelligent life from other planets within the next two decades. Even top scientists like Stephen Hawking and religious figures like the Pope are now announcing that extraterrestrial intelligent life exists.


They sent the Phoenix probe to Mars, scraped the ground, and found white surface. After a day, the white surface disappeared. Salt does not disappear. It must be ice. They now know that ice sheets and atmosphere for life exist on Mars, so they believe that life exists there. Their reasoning is that wherever water is on the earth, life exists, so life must exist on Mars, too.


The Explorer is to land on Europa, the sixth moon of Jupiter, an ice planet with water. They believe that it has a vast ocean of ice under the surface; and wherever water is, life exists also. They only found the first planet in 1944. Until then, they thought planets were rare. However, now they discovered over 440 planets. Satan has developed a “global warming” scare in the last days using his liberal leaders; so that all the people of the earth are frantically searching for other earths in the galaxy to move to, and aliens to help them, in the future. Satan has given his most faithful worshippers—the socialist liberal post 1960’s “Flower Children” scientists and politicians and media—the super intelligence and power to start this great push for the search of aliens. The most utilized being Satan’s vampirical servants, that of the Hollywood and television screenwriters.


If they can find primitive microorganisms on Mars and Europa, then it would be very easy to deceive the earth dwellers when Satan’s “Watchers” or Nephilim’s fallen angels return. The scientist are now uniting with the pagan spiritualists and channeling witches to communicate by ESP with their so-called alien force “Ashtar Galactic Command” who send them messages from other dimensions. Sounds demonic to me. Ashtar is the same old name as Astarte-Venus of the pagan Hellenist Greeks, Ishtar, Asherah poles, feminist and witches’ moon goddess, and other names for this demon deity. This is the goddess whom the feminist effeminate hippy rogue pastors worship and preach.


They say that since stars are billions of years older in their evolutionary religion and worship, then there must be more advanced civilizations on other planets; whereas the Bible tells us that the earth is 6,000 to 10,000 years old. There are masses of people looking for artificially made signals from other planets, just like SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence). The equipments are thousands of times stronger than ever before, and they can search thousands of light years away. The astronomers are sending thousands of mathematic pulses into space in the hope of contacting them. They say that when they receive a response, it will change the entire mind-frame of the earth dwellers overnight to worship the False Prophet. It will be a revolution in evolution religion. Some of these evolution religion worshippers have stronger faith than the lukewarm End-Times Christians have in the Creator of the universe. This is another proof that we are in the End-Times, because the apostasy of the Church is already taking place—the seventh church age—Laodicea.


There is a movie now, “Skyline,” (2010) that shows people being raptured out of the earth by evil aliens. This is Satan’s attempt to convince earth dwellers that Jesus is an evil alien and He is going to rapture out all the victims or Christians out of the earth. Is it not clear to you, even when such obvious evidence is right before you?! You can see a short preview this; Satan’s brainwashing movie depicting the future rapture as an alien kidnapping at: . It shows a clip from the movie where thousands of human beings are snatched or caught up into huge alien spaceships. The advertising phrase for the movie is, “Don’t look up,” which is the extreme opposite of what the Bible verse says, “Look up, for your redemption is close.” Now, tell me if this is not intentional and not a coincidence. It is Satan’s brainwashing. The movie says that if you look up, the beam will lock onto you and suck you up. The recent movie “Avatar,” (2009) the greatest box office sales in history (three billion dollars compared to the second place “Titanic” two billion dollars and third place “Lord of the Rings” one billion dollars) also brainwashes earth dwellers of life on other planets. The movie box office sales speak for itself as to the extent of the brainwashing of End-Times people. It is at accelerated high pace. That is why these money-mongering, Truth-twisting, liberal Hollywood screenwriters will have billions of peoples’ blood on their hands, when they stand before God’s Great White Throne of judgment on that day. They are the worst, compared to Hitler.


They now know that by bending space, they can travel at amazing speeds beyond the light of speed, which breaks all conventional laws of physics that things cannot travel faster than light. NASA is developing a solar cell ship that can use light sails to travel through space, without the need for massive amounts of fuel which will run out. They believe that aliens can use light sails or super powerful explosive anti-matter energy to reach earth (a gram of anti-matter unleashes tremendous energy equivalent to hundreds of thousands of nuclear bombs).


They are preaching “Convergent Evolution” religion. They say that birds and bats have wings; and therefore, though they are separated by so-called millions of years, they have evolved similar physiques, due to similar environments. That proves my assumption that the aliens that the world will welcome will have humanoid features like the “GREY’s” with big eyes and brains. They are preaching “Pan Spermia” (“All Seeding” in Hellenist Greek language) which teaches the religion that the Nephilim’s fallen angels left their genes on the earth, before Noah’s flood; so that we are aliens ourselves—a cloned evolutionary Frankenstein. The socialist liberal scientists are super intelligent, but utterly stupid in believing these New Age religions of evolution. To have faith in such ridiculous concepts is utterly mind-boggling. When you do not believe the Bible’s Truth, then something seriously goes awry in the mind. You have to remember, these people are actually fanatic believers in this evolution religion—that you are a highly evolved chimpanzee without hair. Tell that to all the bald people and they will instantly gather an evolutionary religion congregation.


Beloved Brethren, are you spiritually awake; are you filled by the Holy Spirit like the five faithful virgins, so that you are aware of what Satan is doing and what is going on around you on the earth? I hope so. The Bible tells us—the last generation—to wake up from our slumber, for when you see all these things happening, our redemption is close. If you are lukewarm hippy rogue pastors who will be left behind on the earth after the rapture, then do not be deceived by the coming deception. I hope you will be part of the Tribulation Saints during the coming Tribulation Age. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord! Our Lord told us that when all of these things start happening all at once, then look up, for your redemption is close. Are you looking up? Wake up! Maranatha Yeshua!