Greetings to the Church in the West! How are the blessed brothers in Christ? Today, the Lord has instructed me to write to you, concerning the Western Christian diet, and to provide directions on how to manage your health; so that you can be a witness for Christ and heal others, as well; and thereby, glorify the Lord Your God and His goodness. It is so that you may lead a healthy and joyful life; and that you may quietly fall asleep in the Lord when it is your day to joyfully depart for the beauty of heaven; just as Abraham, Noah and David preceded you. However, this is becoming highly unlikely; since the Lord’s coming is soon, and you will probably not die; but rather be raptured out as Enoch and Elijah were. It is especially important for the children and elderly to follow the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and live by the Word, so that you may live healthy and be used by God. The devil will try to transmit all kinds of diseases to you, if you are doing the Lord’s work. He knows that a pale faced, coughing, blind person cannot lead or heal the blind.

You can even take my case as a good example. The devil tries to transmit diseases to me every day. Every time I walk out of my house, there are about 30 to 40 Japanese who cough in my face. No one in the West coughs in my face. I have rarely seen people here coughing over 5 meters away from me (only once or twice a month). Every day, people who are sitting right next to me or standing by me (within 1.5 meters) always cough. When they are walking, they do not cough, until they reach within 1.5 meters of me, then they always cough. After they walk away from me, they do not cough anymore. I watch them for the next hour, but they do not cough a single time, usually, after distancing themselves from me.

I try to avoid the germs by walking away: but then, the funny thing is, 99.7% of the time, the person where I was sitting always stops coughing, and the person next to me where I moved to, starts coughing. This kind of percentage, you do not find in physics or statistics. It is a percentage that is created intentionally and purposely by an intelligent mind. A good evidence is that this stops happening once you enter the territory of the Western world. If this happened once or twice a month, I would not think twice about it. However, when it happens 30 to 40 times a day, I know it is not by coincidence. We are in a spiritual warfare, and the devil wants to kill all those who are a threat to him, who share the gospel every day. There are spirits that are specially, in charge of infirmity. Of course, we should not think that there are demons behind every rock and tree, like some are led to believe; but it is just as important to realize that our battle is against the spiritual realm, and not physical.

At first (the first week or two after coming to Asia), I thought it was a coincident, as anyone else would. However, when it happens 30 to 40 times a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a week, you know this is not coincidence. An example is when I was on a plane, the other day. The Chinese father and two sons who were sitting right behind me kept coughing every 3 minutes. The youngest son was coughing every 15 seconds. I calculated his cough frequency on my watch. It seemed like all three of them had tuberculosis or something (80% of Asians have Tuberculosis, compared to 15% Westerners). They completely stopped coughing while getting ready to leave the plane. No one else on the plane was coughing. So it is every time. There is usually no one else coughing; or at the most, only one or two other people coughing in the waiting lounge, airport lounge, movie theater, classroom, plane, train, bus, restaurant, or station, but not every 15 seconds. The only person who is coughing is always the person who is next to me or behind me. They do not cover their mouths, and they do not cough in a normal fashion; but they cough so that their saliva sprays in my face. They do not cough until they pass right by me. Now, tell me if this is not spiritually influenced. This never happened before I became a Christian, and it never happens in Western countries.

The funny thing is, this never happened in any other region of the world, including the West. This only happens when I am in Asia—the land of thousands of years of idolatry and Satan’s control. It only happens with Chinese, Japanese and Koreans. I have never even once had Western waiters or kitchen staff coughing into my food, not alone every day. I have never been poisoned before in the West, not alone every 3 to 6 months, so that I do not eat outside anymore. I have never in the West had people cut me with sharp objects as I passed by; or old ladies try to poke my eye out by 1 centimeter from my eye with twigs; or strangers forcibly try to hand me a weird small box as they stop their car in front of me; or strangers constantly try to trip me or yell at me as I pass by; or try to start a fight with me every day. These people are demon-possessed. No normal mind would do such things. A good evidence is that they do not do it to each other, among themselves (they never do the same things to other Asians); but they only do it to me—a born-again Christian. This is way too creepy. It only happens in Asia; and not once or twice a day, but it happens dozens of times every day. This is absolutely, definitely, totally unnatural.

Even Japanese and Korean religious people in Church slam into me from behind in church on purpose and glare back at me; or they do not greet me back when I smile and greet them; or they throw my clothing and belongings on the floor; or throw away my Bible and notes. These things are unnatural, just as it is always only the people who sit next to me in church who cough. It is always the stalkers, scam artists, and mentally deranged people who approach me in church. They not only cough facing me, every few minutes, but they do not cover their mouth or put on a mask either. I used to get attacked at nights by evil spirits after coming to Japan.

I have missionary brothers who have gone to valleys where they worship animism, and it is even worse. Two and a half meter tall, demonic spirits have actually threatened to kill them, if they do not leave their territory. Some of the Japanese pastors who were with him started getting sick and throwing up. It seems that the Japanese Christians are always the most affected, whereas Western Christians are not as affected. Demons such as the King of Persia and the King of Greece have territories that they command, just as our modern day military. That is why the angel that came to Daniel was detained for 21 days, and he had to return to help Michael out to fight the fallen angels. These are not your every day Nephilim half-spirit demons that wonder the earth, but they are actual fallen angels. We are in a war, whether you realize it or not. For example, though I have constantly called out a warning, Satan uses the so-called “Global Warming” to blind people’s eyes from the “Birth Pangs” of earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, level 5 hurricanes, tidal waves, etc. It’s a spiritual war, not a war of the flesh.

Once you sign up in Jesus’ army, you are now an enemy and a threat to Satan’s army with your gospel. And there are no mercies in war—not with the devil. If you think he is a red guy with a pointed tail and pitchfork and horns, you are gravely mistaken. That is the enemy’s propaganda to masquerade his existence. When we get to heaven, we may be shocked to see our Lord Jesus (the slain Lamb of God) with his beard torn out, ripped up back with glands showing, and hands with huge nail piercings. Likewise, we may be surprised to see the devil to be a most handsome man, but a little runt compared to us in power and authority and wisdom; and say, “Is this the man who had troubled us for so long for so much?!” We will judge angels. But the important thing is: we must not forget that the goodness and love and authority of the Lord has protected me, kept me until the day of redemption, and sustained my full health. Praise and glory to our Lord God Almighty! We do not need medical camps in this warfare for the Lord Himself is our Healer—Jehovah Rapha!

The End-Times humans are boasting that they have reached the third revolution in human history by creating life in the laboratory. Where, in fact, they are just tampering with God’s creation, satanically perverting it, and creating a Frankenstein monster. They are taking out the DNA’s of cells, and replacing it with whatever genes that they have encoded on their own. They are doing just what the so-called Satan’s fallen angel aliens were doing right before Noah’s flood, by creating half-breed Nephilims and dinosaurs. That is why God destroyed the 6.66 billion population of the earth, for they were making themselves gods. We are at the End, dear Brethren.

We know, and scientists have recently finally realized that the human body is designed to live up to 120 years old. This is without grey hair, wrinkles, vision problems, senility, arthritis, fatigue, cancer, shakiness, hearing problems, and shrinking. Living by the Truth or Word or Jesus and having a relationship with Him stops aging and maintains health. However, by living a sinful life, you age and die. That is why born-again Christians who are walking with the Lord always look ten to twenty years younger, unlike the religious Christians. The religious Christians look old. Adam lived to be 930 years old. Of course, Adam was two or three times bigger than us (before the water canopy broke during Noah’s flood, and DNA damaging solar radiation entered to make us age and die), so he naturally lived longer.

Meditating upon the Word of God (Bible) and praying with the Lord maintains your youth. There are four brain waves: beta, alpha, theta and delta. When non-Christians and religious Christians are stressed, they create beta waves; which create stress hormones called cortisol. Cortisol is an aging hormone. It stops your concentration, and makes you susceptible to disease. Alpha waves make you relaxed and focused. It is called “super learning” waves where you learn five times faster and thirty times more, and recall large stores of information. It gives a feeling of fulfillment and well-being in life. Even slower waves are the theta waves. It increases creativity, ability to learn and store memory, and access information quickly. That is why Noah and Abraham were able to memorize God’s instructions with tons of measurements and specifications, without even writing notes down. The slowest wave is delta. Delta waves heal and rejuvenate the body, and creates essential chemicals and hormones. It is the wave which is created with an intimate relationship with an intimate God. Delta waves create Melatonin hormones.

Melatonin is the hormone that stops aging, because it repairs damaged DNA. There are a lot of melatonin in food products, too, such as Japanese kelp. Melatonin creates sleep. Deep sleep releases rejuvenating growth hormones, which are secreted less when you get older; because you sleep less, due to acidification of blood. Every time your cell splits, your chromosome tails get shorter. When it cannot divide anymore, your cell dies and you die. This is aging. This was originally not God’s plan, but because of man’s sins, we are now destined to die once and then face judgment (that is, if you are not a Christian). However, sperm and egg cells are exceptions. One way of creating longer life span is by reproducing late in life. Your offspring will live longer, just like the fruit fly experiments. That is why people who get married while they are teenagers and have babies, reproduce children with shorter lifespan; and their children end up reproducing when they are teenagers. One way they try to get around this disadvantage is to bear a lot of children. Also, when they lack the antioxidant enzyme, the body oxidizes or rusts faster, and they die faster. You can decrease this oxidization in many ways, by living according to God’s Word.

One way that God has told me is to drink water high in hydrogen, which attaches to harmful oxygen and stops oxidization. The so-called miracle waters that people experience miracle healing in Germany, Mexico, etc., all have high hydrogen content. The other way that God has strengthened my body is to create immunity. I have been poisoned so many times in Japan that my body is immune to poison. The Bible says that we will not die though we may be poisoned or bitten by snakes, if we look up at the Medical Emblem from Exodus—the serpent on the pole by faith. I do get terrible kidney and liver pain, diarrhea, vomiting, numbness and other symptoms when poisoned, but God has faithfully kept me alive. He has told me how doctors are ignorant, and often kill you as a result of giving you harmful drugs that acidify your body or conduct crude surgical practices by cutting you up. The best way is to eat properly, live a stress-free life, lose weight, sleep and exercise. Whenever any of this is not in line, you will get sick and die. For example, if you do not have faith, you will get fear and stress, and you will get sick and prematurely die like the heathens do. If you do not get HIV, or get eaten by wild animals, or crash in a plane accident, like the heathens do.

God told me that oxygen radicals and solar ultra-violet radiation and acidifying foods are only part of the things that age the body and destroy DNA’s, creating aging and cancers and so forth. Cancer cells are deformed cells with damaged DNA’s due to solar radiation (just like your office blue florescent light). Of course, we who are yet alive will not die or age anyway, because Christ will return soon, and give us new spiritual glorified bodies. The irony is that the pagan heathens are trying frantically to extend their lives and stop aging by injecting their faces with bacteria, but it would be better if they died now. Because they will have to go through all the radiation (the Bible talks about their eyes and tongues rotting in their sockets and mouths), plagues and sores that will torment them, the scorching sun that will burn them, etc.; during the soon coming Tribulation Age, after the Anti-Christ signs the fake peace treaty. It shows how utterly foolish humans are: trying to add few years to their lives, when they are headed for hell and the Lake of Fire. What they should be really worrying about is receiving Jesus as their Savior and Lord; and receiving a spiritual everlasting body when He raptures His saints up into heaven; so that they can escape the coming judgment and wrath of God. It would be better if they died now than to face the fearful wrath of God. It is currently the time of mercy and grace of God to those who will listen.

However, I am writing to you, dear Brethren, on what God has told me; so that you may likewise remain healthy and witness for Jehovah Rapha and heal others in the name of Christ; until the day He returns. Although I am afraid most Western humanist End-Times lukewarm Christians will resort to human medication, instead of Jehovah Rapha. If you believe your servant is healed without Jesus ever having to come to your house, your servant shall be healed; and your little dead girl will come back to life. The reason why Caucasian people age so extremely fast is because they eat so much instant food and acidifying meats and sweets, which age their bodies and kills their cells. If you eat quickly cooked food with high heat like the Chinese, or drink oil-blocking Japanese tea that prevents creating huge stomachs that strain your spines, or eat seaweed like the Japanese that alkalize your body, you will age less and die much later like the Japanese. I am afraid that even the End-Times lukewarm Western Church humanist Christians have fallen deaf to God’s Truth, and they are coming down with all kinds of illnesses and malfunctions, just like the heathens and pagans. It is amazing; but we are living in the age of the Western Laodicea Church. Definitely stay away from high-voltage cables and electrical appliances that create electro-magnetic waves which acidify your body (positive electro charge).

Anyway, back to the delta brain waves, which are created when you interact with the Almighty holy God. Melatonin hormones which are created are a greater antioxidant than vitamin E. (The food that the Western Hellenist church has created is commercially beautiful and disease free, but it lacks the vitamins and polyphenols that prevent cancer, immune malfunction and aging. Polyphenols are the colors in vegetable skin that block solar radiation. The Western Helllenist churches are even using pesticides that acidify your body, just like medical drugs do. The question is how can Westerners eat food that kills bugs? They are dying by the truckloads, because of their sinful End-Times hearts. I say to you, even God’s people are dying and have grown weak. Even depraved humanist Western pastors are preaching that God wants them to get sick, suffer and die; just like 50% of British Christians raised their hands when John Hagee asked how many are sick at the seminar. They have no wisdom of God which the stupidest person like me has; though they worship human intelligence and deify I.Q.’s. In the Western humanism, they decide who to marry based on how smart or stupid their partners are. Human intelligence serves to create more stress and gray hair and responsibilities. No wonder they are sick and dying early.)

Delta brain waves prevent aging that come from a decrease in growth hormones when you get older: stamina decrease, muscle decrease, big heavy pot bellies, gerontology diseases, etc. Bones shrink because growth hormones decrease. The Westerners in Western thinking try to inject synthetic growth hormone steroids, but they usually die from cancer because the cancers grow due to the growth hormones, and the body’s ability to create natural growth hormones shuts down.

God’s delta brain waves also create DHEA, which prevents aging and protects you from diseases and prevents cortisol. DHEA prevents heart diseases and other death causers. Delta waves are created through deep meditation in God’s Word (not demonic Eastern mysticism meditation, which will eventually kill you—demonic influence and sin leads to death), and through active communication (intimate prayer with a loving God). If you live like the End-Times Hellenist Western self-righteous equality and environmentalism preaching humanist post 1960’s “Flower Children” mothers’ hippy rogue pastors, and their “Anti Health & Anti Prosperity Doctrine” they will get you sick and killed. They want you to believe that God wants you to get sick, suffer and die, for it is good for you spiritually. They say that sickness and blindness is good, for that way, you cannot heal the blind, lame, sick and dead. However, if you live by God’s Torah (Truth or Word or Christ), then you will be healthy, joyful, and have peace beyond human understanding. Ultimately, you need to decide who you listen to. Do you listen to them or to God? That will pretty much define your heart. How do you think Adam lived to 930 years old? Did he have stress, cancer or aging? The hippy rogue pastors will ignore that scripture. Others preach “health and prosperity” even though you are eating Western junk food and worshipping money. The End-Times Western church as always is on two extremes.

King David meditated on God’s Word day and night, even when Saul was trying to kill him. Delta waves prevent anxiety, narcotics abuse, chronic pain, Western Hellenist academic Christian human counseling, bad cholesterol, artery hardening, high blood pressure, ulcers, etc. It increases intelligence, problem solving, decision making, spiritual awareness, concentration, creativity, increases brain frontal lobe mass that manages emotional-control and intelligence (it is often underdeveloped in people who were abused by parents or did not receive love as children), improve relations with bosses and law enforcement personnel, etc. When people become Christians, they are better able to control tempers and make wise decisions, as a result of an intimate relationship with God.

God also told me to tell you to alkalize your body. The acidity and alkalinity of foods have nothing to do with their acidifying and alkalizing effects on your body. For example, citric fruits are very acidic, but they leave an alkaline ash after digestion, so your body is alkalized. Carbonated drinks are highly alkaline, but they acidify your body after digestion. Western humanist hippy rogue pastors drink soda pops, gorge on sweets, stuff themselves with tons of meat and protein powders, some smoke and drink and take human drugs, lack or exceed in exercise and muscle building, etc.; thereby creating super high acidic bodies and oxidization of the body, that will even kill a water buffalo on steroids. X-rays, solar ultra-violet radiation, electro-magnetic wave appliances, antibiotics, aspirin, strenuous exercise, stress, depression, etc. all oxidize your body and make it acidic. You are virtually running full speed toward your grave. You would die in your 50’s or 70’s like the Westerners do. Of course, some exercise and oxygen is important for health. Oxygen and the sun’s ultraviolet radiation kill tuberculin germs and cancer cells and fungus.

The positive ions oxidize your body and screw up your body functions. That is why most crimes happen at night and mostly in the cities, where there are tons of neon signs and electromagnetic waves that create positive ions. People’s systems get messed up, and they get irritated and easily controlled by demons. However, if you stand next to a waterfall which is high in negative ions or forests, which God created, your body and brain relaxes and creates alpha waves. You relax while in nature, listening to birds and waves that God created. For some reason, the End-Times lukewarm Hellenist-influenced Western Christians do not know these things, because they just are not listening to the Holy Spirit. That is why I have to write to them to tell them to live by God’s precepts and return to the Truth or Torah, so that they can live healthy lives under Christ’s grace. They should not be babes in Christ, nor religious Christians; but rather, be mature born-again Christians and wise in the Lord.

The hippy rogue pastors hate me for speaking the Truth, and they would call me a heretic, and crucify me on the cross for preaching “health and prosperity doctrines.” They are both blind and deaf. Their Western humanist values have blinded their hearts so that they will not understand reason; and hate those who come in love; and they will try to pick a fight with me. They say that Christians need to be poor, because God wants them to suffer, so that they cannot give to the church or to God’s ministry. They say that Christians need to be sick, so that you can glorify God and you cannot pray for the blind and lame. They are on both extremes of the Satan’s doctrines. They either say that you will be healthy even if you eat and live like the Westerner pastors do, or they will say that God makes you sick for His glory. I would understand you would get sick, and God may discipline you, if you are not living according to His Word and living a sinful life and stuffing yourself with 10,000 calorie sweets every day; but why would He make you sick so that you would be coughing and diabetic and on dialysis when you are praying for healing on the blind and lame and witnessing? They either say that you will be super rich if you become a Christian, or they will tell you that you need to be poor and suffer as a Christian. I would understand you would go through financial difficulty, and God may discipline you, if you are not living according to His word and living a sinful life and putting your dependence on money instead of God; but why would He make you poor so that you would be dressed in rags and waiting foreclosure, if you are witnessing for Christ and giving God’s provision to the poor and destitute?

I do not understand the post 1960’s “Flower Children” mothers’ hippy rogue pastors’ doctrines of gay rights; women’s and children’s equality; humans save-the-environment-and-recycling before the Tribulation incineration of earth; marriage child-bearing promoting; oneness with all religions; Catholic Anglican defending; Western honorable and noble values self-righteousness; mocking and jeering jealousy; Christian screaming and yelling Satan worship rock and rolling; Christ’s body graffiti pagan tattooing and piercing; Scripture selling and church commercializing and donation box passing around (no wonder Western Laodicea churches are going bankrupt by the truckloads); disease-causing microwave dinner and donut diet stuffing; “pro sickness and  pro poverty” preaching; Hellenist academics and intelligence and credentials Christian counseling worshipping; evolution and science and human medical institution preaching (no wonder half of Western Laodicea Christians are sick—they are turning their backs on God and running to the Western hospitals by the truckloads); Quaker sex puritan-ism ranting and legalism human accountability obsession (no wonder children are leaving and apostate from Western churches by the truckloads); church institutionalizing and Sunday service programming; and every other Western self-righteous humanist value. It is really strange. Really strange church age we are living in: perhaps the worst of the seven church ages. They have kicked out Jesus and His pre-1950’s Truth and Bible parts, and openly welcomed and preach Jezebel’s doctrines of Western “Flower Children” values. You cannot distinguish God’s children from the pagans, because they preach, embrace values, and act like the surrounding Western pagans do. They have fallen in love with themselves, and gotten drunk with Jezebel’s humanist doctrines, instead of loving the Truth. Satan has attempted to marry Jezebel and Christ together. Nay, Christ will not have anything to do with such Westernization; and will vomit lukewarmness out. They hate my guts, and ridicule and sneer at me now, but you watch. Everything will be made clear in due time. Light and darkness do not mix, just as water and oil does not mix. Or, shall we say in this age: matter and anti-matter do not mix.

God has also told me to tell you about alkalizing your body. Adam and Eve’s bodies were acidity/alkalinity balanced in the Garden of Eden. The Western “Flower Children” hippy rogue pastors’ bodies are acid blood imbalanced: and that is why they preach the “sickness and poverty doctrine,” and detest the “health and prosperity doctrine.” As I mentioned: tobacco, human medication, stress, sugar, artificial sweeteners, beer, soda pops, Western steaks, X-rays, electro-magnetic waves, pesticides, caffeine, American processed foods, German Meister ranting and high blood pressure, and Western lifestyles make your blood acid. On the other hand, fresh vegetables and fruits, Japanese seaweed, Japanese pickled plum, Japanese bean curd, Japanese radish, Japanese ginger, nature, meditation in God’s Word, prayer, American childlikeness, Japanese kelp and Japanese tea makes your blood alkaline. Positive ions from man-made neon signs make your body acidic, and God’s negative ion waterfalls make your body alkaline. Of course, balance is important, just as a healthy balance in God’s Word; and too much alkalinity is not good either. But most Western lifestyles are too acidic anyway, so it does not matter.

pH 7 is neutral, and anything above 7 is alkaline and anything under 7 is acidic. For every number, this acidity or alkalinity multiplies by ten times. If you reach 6.8 or 7.8, your cells die and you die. So, the body balances your blood pH by either taking calcium from your bone to alkalize your body, or taking salt from the body to acidify your body. If you have too much acidity, your body will take out so much calcium from your bones, so that your bones will become hollow and break easily. This is why old people shrink, because their bones shrink, and they get broken bones easily. The body tries to alkalize your body with calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. So, your body is drained of these minerals, and your body starts twitching or shaking. Minerals alkalize your body, just like they alkalize your saltwater aquarium.

An acidic body will block nutrients from being absorbed; hinder detoxification of your body from heavy metals; hinder repair of damaged cells; decrease cell energy production; so you will always be fatigued. Tumor cells, cancer cells, bacteria, parasites and viruses will thrive in acid blood. In alkaline blood, tumor cells, cancer cells, bacteria, parasites, fungus and viruses cannot exist. They all die in alkaline blood. Though the Japanese eat alkaline food, the middle-age men’s bodies are all twitching and shaking; because it is a Confucian-Taoist culture, and their bosses are always yelling and screaming at them; bullying occurs in Satan’s hierarchical sinful societies and churches; and to overcome the stress, they all drink and smoke excessively so that they all throw up in the train station stairs every night, and pass out on the streets. That is why you see so many Japanese businessmen every night passed out with vomit on the streets. This is common for all Asian people because of the genetic traits, including the North American Indians and South American Indios. They say never give alcohol to a Native-American because they will go crazy. Every year, the Indios have festivals where they punch passer-bys’ faces, until they are all bloody. Even the women find other women to box. It is just a lot of pent up stress and anger, which they release by punching each other and drinking. This is no way to relieve anger and stress, because as soon as the alcohol wears off, you will have the stress right back. The only true solution to stress is Jesus Christ. He gives you peace and joy and hope through the Holy Spirit and His love.

Acid blood or acidosis also damages your heart, kidneys, arteries, and other organs. It promotes yeast and fungal growth. Acid blood creates obesity and weight gains. You get premature aging and hormonal problems. Other results are chronic fatigue, immune disorders, migraine headaches, cramps and spasms, dry skin, inflamed gums, split hair, lactic acid buildup, gout, digestive problems, depression, senility, Alzheimer, Parkinson’s disease, increased oxygen radical damage, wrinkles, and twitching eyes. Extended acidic blood could bring about tuberculosis, most cancers, high blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, etc. Scientists are finally finding these things out. Do not overdo it, but you can just start by changing small aspects of your life, such as drinking Japanese bitter tea instead of American soda pops, and eating Japanese fermented beans instead of American cheesecakes. Instead of honking the horn like non-Christians, you can smile and wave your hand to the driver who cuts you off like a Christian would. Better yet, receive Christ into your heart. Then, you will be filled with joy, instead of depression, and love instead of fear.

Your body stores the acid in fat cells, so it makes losing weight difficult. Alkaline blood keeps your blood cells apart, so they go to all your small capillaries. They carry nutrition and oxygen to your cells, and take toxin out of your cells. You get good hydration, too. You need less sleep, because your cells recover faster. In an acidic body, your blood cells are stripped of its negative charge, so your cells do not repel each other, but stick to each other. You get sticky, thick blood; your cells do not get oxygen from your blood cells; and you wake up feeling horrible and dehydrated. Because of the bad blood, the body feels sluggish and motivation goes down. Older people start dying, because their body is becoming more acidic; so they have less deep sleep, which means less cell rejuvenation and repair and growth hormones. Acid is an erosive substance with an electropositive charge. That is why they sell artificial waterfall machines that create a minus ion charge in the room. It is man’s attempt to make their environment and body back into God’s natural environment in Eden. Probably, the worst place to be is in a Tokyo business office with all the positive ion computers, so that many pagans will commit suicide from depression and fear. Confucian-Taoist societies have the world’s highest suicide rates. That is why it is so stressful to be in a Korean or Japanese church, because people are always finding ways to pull rank on you; or make up strict regulations; and demanding human self mental discipline; and have systematic fascist leadership. You have to even face the other way when drinking, if the other person is a month older than you. North Korea is less Americanized, so it is a lot worse, like pre-war South Korea or pre-war Japan.

This acidic blood is a breeding ground for germs and cancer cells. It creates lupus, multiple sclerosis, stuttering, back pain, inflammations, low body temperature, ADHD, teeth grinding, and build-up of bad cholesterols which destroys the walls of your artery. Due to the compromised immune system, it makes your body more susceptible to outbreaks of infections, shingles, colds, allergies and asthma. You have to flush your body toxins out through alkaline blood. Processed table salts (God’s sea salt alkalizes), antibiotics, proteins and Western career women’s microwave foods will kill their husbands. Pizzas and hamburgers have terrible PRAL scores. The PRAL scores give you the acidifying (plus number) and alkalizing (minus number) degree of each of the food you eat. The higher the PRAL score, the more acidifying effect it has on your body. When your body is trying to get rid of the acidic toxins, your kidney, liver, bladder and other organs are being overworked and damaged. Western drinking water is acidic.

Alkaline blood has an electronegative charge, and increase oxygen. Increased oxygen in the blood means the heart does not have to work so hard. Acidity creates aging by creating acidic build up in cell walls, making them stiff, wrinkled, dry, and thick. They cannot receive oxygen and nutrients. Aging happens as a result of acid waste build up. Infants have high alkaline bodies, and elderly people have high acid bodies. And when the person reaches a hundred percent acidity, death occurs. Stomach acid is good, but blood acid is bad. Alkaline substances relax, and acid substances tighten. Minerals are alkaline, and they serve to relax the body from twitches, jerks, panic attacks, insomnia, acne, teeth plaque, menstrual cramps, irregular heartbeats, anger, fear, stiffness, tension, nasal blockage, nervousness, plaque on the brain (Alzheimer), estrogen dominance, and tense constipation. The alkaline substances makes the tumors, cysts, warts, moles, stones, and other growths to give up their toxins. That is why hundreds of doctors are utterly shocked and cannot give medical explanations, when people who receive Christ into their heart no longer have any trace of cancers, tumors, tuberculosis, and other illnesses in their x-rays. An intimate, trusting, loving relationship with the Lord casts out all fear, depression, anxiety, bitterness and anger.

Do not listen to the post 1960’s “Flower Children” mothers’ hippy rogue pastors, because they will thoroughly convince you that your disease, malfunction and ailment glorifies God, and that God is intentionally allowing it. Of course, if you are living in sin, you reap the consequences of HIV, cancer, ulcers, depressive suicide, insomnia, fatigue, obesity, Alzheimer and tuberculosis. However, if you follow God’s Truth or Torah, then you will eat healthy food, have wisdom from the Holy Spirit’s love, know His will, deep sleep properly and exercise properly. You will be under Christ’s redemptive blood and grace, and not under the curse of sin’s law.

Dearest Brethren, think not as children who can only accept milk, but seek and understand the Bread of life and the life that the Spirit gives. You have passed from darkness to light, and from death to life. You are children of the Light, and co-heirs in Christ: princes and princesses (there are no in-betweens or homosexuals or feminists in heaven). My prayer is that you all live in health to serve the Lord, and thereby, bring glory to His name; and be used to heal and financially give freely to many. Proclaim the Truth, and resist the hippy rogue pastors, and they will flee from you. The Lord who suspends the galaxies in space, and measures the oceans in His palm, is your Daddy.

Unlike a pagan stranger who knocks at the door, you as God’s children can come straight through the living room to His throne to ask for all things, in His name and grace. He sees you in Christ now, not in the curse of sin. However, there should be no sin that would hamper your prayer from reaching Him. Also, rather than see God as your servant (a genie in a bottle who grants your wishes or a mere tool), which is idolatry; see yourself as His servant to ask in prayer for His will to be done. That means seeking to be used by Him in prayer. Then, you would be less concerned about your own self, but more concerned about other people in prayer, and praying the Lord’s will. Prayer is to further God’s love for you, other Christians, and those who are lost.

Instead of worrying about your illness, lay hands on others and pray for their healing, and you will realize that you are already healed, too. If you are sick, broke and down trodden, then do not fret; if you believe in the Heavenly Father, also believe in Christ. Do not listen to humans. Trust in your Lord. Would He have had His back ripped open and stripped naked on the cross, so that He can throw you to illness, starvation and sadness? Trust in Him, who went through unimaginable pain and suffering to purchase you, as a slave of righteousness. Believe in Him. Just believe. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord! Peace and health unto you, dearly beloved of the Lord. Soon, you will be zipping up and down to different galaxies and dimensions in your new glorified bodies. At that time, if anyone is going to the Andromeda, invite me along.