One of the reasons why there is growing divorce in Western Hellenist humanist churches and societies is because men and women are becoming more satanic, rather than godly, in the End-Times. Divorce does not happen in marriage, but it happens before you get married.

These men marry these women because of their oversized buttocks and breasts. Personally, I start getting nauseas when I see huge buttocks and breasts. However, the more animal and satanic End-Times people become, the more they love bigger buttocks and breasts. That is why women in the West get plastic surgery to put silicon in their rears and bosoms to show off in satanic pride, and despicably lure men’s eyes to eat Eve’s apple. A spiritual man would feel utterly disgusted when they see these women exposing their bodies: the fat and hair and grease. That is why these men get divorced, because they marry women for their exposed bodies; instead of the godly, Christ-like, gentle, modest character that Mary Magdalene and Mary wife of Joseph and Esther and Ruth had. When these women with big buns and mammary glands get married, because of their sinful heart: they start getting super fat by stuffing gluttony, blaming it on post-pregnancy; stop shaving themselves; start burping and farting; start putting their feet on the tables; start eating with their mouths open; start drinking and smoking so that their fetuses have birth defects; stop combing their hair; leave their children at home in order to earn more money, and blame their careers for being too tired to put make-up on at home or raise children or cook cancer-causing microwave instant food; and start nagging and bossing their husbands around, just like Jezebel. So, their husbands start getting attracted to women who wear cosmetics and expose their body parts at work or church.

These women marry men because of their money. If these women are already making lots of money themselves, they marry the very weak, timid, Ahab-like henchmen men. However, if they are not able to make money, they start looking for wealthy men to marry: the Wall Street stock thieves, the syndicate leaders, the drug-addicted celebrities, the wife-abusing athletes, and corrupt politicians. That is why these men criticize other political candidates without shame; steal hundreds of thousands of dollars using the stock fluctuations from ordinary investors; conduct illegal businesses; push competitors out of the workplace; and kiss their bosses’ rears. When these type of men get married, they start pursuing other women; start abusing their wives with words; stop showing affection to their wives; and start getting drunk at home. They are the opposite of men like Paul or Enoch or Boaz. So, women stop respecting and honoring them as Christ-like leaders. Some men and women get married, just to rip off money from each other, which are called “gold diggers” in the West. Marriage then becomes a business contract in the Western “politically correct” church humanist sense.

I have noticed that godly men and godly women get attracted to each other in Christ, and they have very joyful, intimate, godly marriages and futures. Likewise, I have noticed that sinful men and sinful women get attracted to each other because they do not obey Christ, and they have unhappy, miserable, conflict-filled marriages and divorces. It almost seems like the law of nature: sinful men are attracted to buttocks and breast (animal instinct); and sinful women are attracted to men with money and males who can build the biggest nest, and are fanatic about getting married fast and reproducing (animal instinct). They come to church to look for nice, Spirit-filled, godly men and women to capture as prey. The irony is that they end up catching sinful each other. It is because godly men and women are filled by the Holy Spirit, so they are warned of these sinful people and are able to discern spirits. Likewise, godly men and godly women of Christ live a relationship based on God’s Word, and are attracted to each other because of the man’s masculinity and women’s femininity in Christ-like image. The Jezebel women and post-1960’s “Flower Children” socialist liberal mothers’ sons get attracted to strong, assertive women, and weak, timid, un-Christ-like men (Satan’s Ahab men assert authority over other men, but they are timid toward wives). It is a law of nature, or shall we say the law of the spirit. Whatever your spirit is, so shall your possibility of attracting a similar spirit; and so shall your possibility of getting divorced.

What should normally happen when a post-1960’s Western Jezebel woman and Ahab man receives Christ into their heart is: that woman starts becoming more like Esther or Ruth, and that man starts becoming more like Jesus. However, in the End-Times, a lot of the religious Christians are not changing. They remain like the post 1960’s “Flower Children” generation. If your love is a shallow humanist love that the Western hippy rogue pastors preach, of filial family love; then, you will end up in divorce and will be on each other’s nerves; because romantic, animal instinct love ends as soon as you reproduce and have children. The animals reproduce, and go separate ways, after the romantic hormones end. The hippy rogue pastors worship this Western Hellenistic love, because they were brought up in terrible, abusive families; and never had a warm family, so they worship this filial, family, animal instinct, human level, prideful love.

They take pride in the fact that they love their family, and believe it is everything. However, they will not sacrifice their life in the place of their enemy who may have tortured and killed their wives and children. God’s agape, unconditional love is a love that loves your enemies. That is why they hate me for speaking the Truth, and pridefully brand me and God as a male chauvinist. It is because they do not have God’s unconditional, agape love—or perfect love. If they had love, that Satan’s hate should not exist. Jesus died for us, while we were yet sinners, and our evil sins nailed Him to the cross and tortured Him. Yet, He loved us, and He died for us. If you have this love—an unconditional, God’s love—then, your marriage will not get divorced, as soon as your romantic instinctive love for reproductive purposes disappears. This is the love that God wants us to understand and to hold. But, the Western hippy rogue pastors worship proud Western humanism, and worship family, so they will never understand this. Their spiritual eyes are blinded, and they cannot see because of Western humanist pride of women’s equality and noble human family love. So, they will continue to have irritations and squabbles with their spouses. This spirit is not of God.

However, when we get to heaven, there will be perfect love—God’s agape love. This love is unbreakable, unimaginable love. That is why God allows Satan and his demons to exist on this earth. It is because the strongest bond is that of men who have fought together in combat, and trusted their very own lives to each other. Only brothers who have fought alongside each other can ever understand this love. You know that I will sacrifice my life to save yours, and I trust that you will sacrifice your life to save my mines, for Christ sacrificed His life to save us. The level of trust and bond is beyond explanation. A married couple who almost died together in a disaster, but helped each other live, is unbreakable. As we come out through these trials, tribulations and battle against Satan together, our love and trust for the Lord and each other deepens. This love will be greatly enhanced: the more intense and life threatening the trials and battles we face together are. As a consequence, our love and praise and understanding of God’s love is that much more richer and meaningful and joyful, when we get to heaven and throughout eternity. That is why God allows evil and Satan to exist for a short time—a common enemy. A common enemy brings us together much closer and deeper. God understands this in His infinite wisdom, and He allows evil to exist in this world, for exactly this reason—in order to bless us with a greater love and relationship in eternity—for eternity’s sake—for our sake—and for His eternal glory. If you understand this, unlike the hippy rogue pastors who worship the idols of Western family, then your marriage will not end up with the rest of the 60% Western church divorce rate; because it will not be a mere animal instinctive, temporary romantic, reproductive love. It will be a love that loves your mortal enemy with your own life. How great a love is God, and what a great Master we serve! Give praise to Him!

Seek Christ, and you shall be bonded with an unbreakable, everlasting love. Seek animal instinct and a male bird that builds the biggest nest; and you will be filling out divorce papers in the future. I say the Truth—those who have a listening ear, understand wisdom that the Spirit has. Those who have a sinful heart will hate my words and hate me and hate their future spouses, for they will not stand to reason. Those who love God’s Truth will hearken to godly wisdom in Christ. It is the law of the spiritual realm.

Soon, Christ will return; rapture His people up; and we shall be transformed in an instant into the men and women that reflect the Father’s beautiful character—male character and female character. There will be no in-between men and women in heaven. There will no longer be strong, authoritative women and homosexual men in heaven. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord, for soon you shall see Him as He is; and we will know all things as we are known; and we will have bodies and characters like His! Praise be to our Lord, who lives forevermore!