Greetings in the wisdom of our Lord Jesus Christ! As humans become more sinful, the more they become stupid. In Noah’s times and Abraham’s time, God would tell them hundreds of detailed measurements and instructions to build things. Noah and Abraham would remember all of those things, just by listening to them once. They had photographic memories. Humans have lost these abilities, as the genes have gotten isolated, and mutations have taken their toll. Humans now only use about one-fourth of their brains. It is the opposite of Satan’s propaganda of evolutionism which says that humans were cavemen and stupid, and then became smart as their genes deteriorated.

The more they worship demons and conduct witchdoctor and sorcery, the more they become stupid. Thousands of them get killed by lions, alligators, water buffalos and hippos. They do not take any precautions or arm themselves. They do not build fences or go out to trap them. They still walk in the wilderness at night, and stay outside. When they hear someone being attacked and killed, they do not go out to help, but just remain in their huts. They just pray to Satan to cast out the evil spirits from these animals. The lack of love at childhood and abuse by people create an underdeveloped frontal lobe in the brain, which controls tempers and administers logic. When humans live in sin, their brains are deteriorated to a point where they cannot control emotions and crime increase. Their lifespan becomes shorter through pandemics, bad hygiene and health maintenance, wild predators, crime and drugs, tribal and gang warfare, etc. They start loving whales on the other side of the world more than the homeless fellow human outside their door. They fanatically spread Satan’s religion that great white sharks and piranhas are completely peaceful and safe; and insist that others swim with them; but they do not want to jump into the water with them themselves. It is complete hypocrisy.

When humans become environmentally self-righteous humanists, and elevates evolution and animals, the sinful heart numbs them to all common sense and godly sense of Truth and false. They often die young from crazy stunts, being eaten alive, rock climbing without ropes, or die from overdose/HIV. Satan laughs at that. These super intelligent animal experts with all kinds of credentials are just like the professors of religion, who completely pervert God’s Truth when explaining the Bible on TV. These people wonder into the grizzly bears and sharks’ territories and oceans. If they are Christians, they are safe; but if they are not Christians, it is sheer insanity. When people draw away from God, they become crazy. They lose all sense of right and wrong. And, when they are attacked, and being eaten alive, they pray to God for help: which is strange, because they do not want a personal relationship with Christ. It is nonsensical.

They start keeping wild animals to show that they can be tamed, but often fall prey to their wild pets. They start trying to save the man-killers, as self-righteous humanist socialist environmentalists, but they do not care about the hundreds of people who are being killed by these man-killers every day. The animals and environment become more important to them than the humans, while they divorce their spouses and throw rocks at fellow humans who wear furs. This is the most evil, fallen state of humans; before God’s judgment and wrath falls, just as in Noah’s flood’s times. It is just like the similar indicator where Western women have become like Jezebel creatures that have retained no concept or idea of God’s feminine character. You have post 1960’s hippy rogue pastors who love these types of women and preach Satan’s doctrines of Western Hellenistic humanism, free sex, drugs and psychedelics, female independence and authority, Satan worship service Christian trance rock and roll, violent anti-authority socialist pacifism “Flower Children-ism”, Eastern Mysticism oneness-with-nature and environmentalist self-righteousness, cult and witchcraft and yoga and séance, vegetarianism and hippy liberalist Christian church-ism. This is the rock bottom condition of human society and the church—twisted beyond recognition.

For such humans, God takes away His protection, for they have forsaken Him for Jezebel’s values. They fall victim to car accidents, cancers, diabetes, gout, wild animal attacks, fire, divorce, crime, etc. They start preaching, too, that God’s children are vulnerable to these things, and that God throws them to the wild pack dogs. This is their concept of God. The problem lies when they start brainwashing other lukewarm Christians. It becomes a spiritual pandemic in the End-Times, right before judgment. This is a mind that has lost all concept of right or wrong or logic. It is a mind devoid of God and Truth.

That explains why these political leaders who have super high IQ’s are the most utterly stupid people on the face of this planet. They don’t have even basic godly wisdom or common sense. They are practically geniuses when it comes to doing evil, conniving, lying, cheating and acting; but they are absolutely brain dead when it comes to doing what is logical or right. They give tons of money to evil people abroad who steal and waste the money, while the people in their own country are suffering from hard times. They give aid to people who use that aid to sell for money and buy weapons to kill them. They may give welfare in the name of Satanist socialism to people who use that welfare to buy drugs and buy prostitutes to spread AIDS. They may give tuberculosis drugs out of self-righteousness, but these sinful people do not finish the prescribed drugs, so they serve to create anti-biotic-immune TB germs that kill the good people, too. When a human draws away from God, they receive human fake intelligence from Satan to become great, powerful politicians for him, as they prove themselves more loyal to Satan’s liberal values; but they lose God’s protection from sickness, stress and illogic. They lose all sense of proper thinking. In a way, they resemble their father, Satan, who has lost all sanity; but he is one of the most humanly intelligent creatures; though he has no godly wisdom or sanity.

The bottom line is: the more you become evil and sinful, the more you draw away from God. Then, you become more intelligent and crafty in terms of stealing from taxpayers and more civilized tourists. However, at the same time, you become more stupid, being alienated from God’s true wisdom and common sense; so you start getting stressed and sick, catch communicable diseases, get eaten by wild animals, start head-hunting and eating each other, assassinating the majority of your mafia friends, getting caught by the FBI for scams and embezzling billions of dollars, having extramarital affairs, getting heart attacks from wanting to be a career politician, becoming hippy rogue pastors, and showing signs of other mental deterioration. The Bible says the wages of sin is death. However, in Christ are joy, peace and life. The liberalists worship Satan’s idol of intelligence, so they read physics books to their fetuses in their stomachs; but what is truly needed is a personal, loving relationship with Christ who gives us His true wisdom. When you pray and meditate upon the Word of God, it stimulates brains and creates good hormones. That is why these hippy rogue pastors are so popular with thousands of followers, but they hate and despise those who preach the Truth in love.

These post-1960’s violent, nationality-minded, vulgar, spouse-arguing, rock and rolling, prideful, hate-filled, inferiority-complex, hippy rogue pastors will hate God’s people who speak the Truth; and detest all nice, clean-cut, educated, polite, cultured, handsome, refined, wealthy, upper class people. They hate with a passion deep inside those who look like good people; and they feel comfortable with fellow hippy rogue pastors who are vulgar and carnal and ruffians. This is true in every country you go to: evil people hate nice people, because they have an inferiority complex and jealousy. God says jealousy is disgusting; and when we get saved, He gives us a sense of self-worth. The End-Times religious people are just like the non-Christian people. In reality, a lot of non-Christians are lot nicer and civilized than these religious people. I receive the most attack and hatred from the religious hippy Christians. They are a brutal bunch, who commend and praise each other. They do not want peace and love as they preach, but they want strife and war. That is why it is not surprising at all why they adhere to satanic Western doctrines. Everything makes complete sense. They cannot see nor understand.

There are no longer God’s teachers who teach the truth in the last days. They all preach Western humanism. If you say anything about their Western humanist preaching, they will kill you. The Truth has become literally extinct in the End-Times churches. There are no teachers who boldly declare the truth like J. Vernon McGee, even though he knows that the End-Times satan-ized women and hippy rogue pastors will despise him and crucify him. Teachers like that who teach the truth, are few and far in-between, but blessed are those who bring the FULL and unadulterated gospel of Truth. Cursed are those who spread Satan’s 1960’s hippy rogue Christian doctrines in the Church, for they mislead many. They teach that God spoke to both Abraham and Sarah, and to Noah and his wife, and to David and Beersheba. They will not acknowledge that God gave orders to Abraham or Noah or David alone. They teach that God spoke to Shem, Ham and Japhith also, and not only to Noah. They teach that we must pray to Michael and God, for God is a believer in equality between himself and Michael. Because of the hippy rogue pastors, the End-Times lukewarm church is full of timid or brutal husbands, domineering or lesbian wives, disobedient and undisciplined children, unruly and rebellious employees, divorced Western families, and satan-ized Western societies.

Depart from such religious leaders, dear Brethren. Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord! For He shall come to reward the righteous and judge the evil!