Greetings to the Western Church in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ! I see that almost every Western Church is saturated with Western humanist thinking. Satan has used the post-1960’s “Flower Children” socialist hippy rogue pastors to transform God’s church from the inside; into a feminist, democratic, environmental friendly, ethics teaching, car washing, bazaar sales, tape selling, Western cultural, human centered, money asking, dead religious “Flower Children” church; and kicked Jesus out.

There is one remedy, and only one remedy for this. But, I am afraid that 99.9999% of Western pastors will refuse to correct their church. There are two main reasons. First, they are afraid that the congregation will be upset, and they will either leave the church by the truckloads, or kick out the pastor. Secondly, and the more grave reason is, they believe in Satan’s Western humanist doctrine with all of their hearts, with all of their souls, and with all of their strength. So, I am very, very aware that this letter will fall on deaf ears. However, this letter is not meant for the End-Times church; but rather, it is for the lukewarm End-Times pastors and Christians who will be left behind after the rapture; and who will become the Tribulation Saints; that will be persecuted by the Anti-Christ and beheaded in the hundreds of thousands. It is for you fellow saints who will be rereading this letter during the horrible last seven-year Tribulation Age.

Here is the first thing and the only way to remedy your lukewarm End-Times Laodicean churches. It is to teach the Truth. Teach the Torah or Truth, that you have kicked out of the church; for you have kicked out Jesus from the church, who is the Truth and the Word. You need to bring Him back into the Church. If you teach the Truth, all the religious Christians who Satan sent into the churches to desecrate it will get angry and leave the church. These weeds will stop suffocating the true born-again Christians in God’s church. Only those who love the Truth and love God will remain in the church. That is how you purify the church, cleanse the church, and keep the church holy: by the Torah and Word of God. If you teach the post 1960’s “Flower Children” socialist hippy rogue pastors’ teachings, your church will over flood with lukewarm, religious people, who worship Western humanist doctrines; which cater to their self-righteousness and pride. They love democracy, people power, sexual equality in authority, and all the other Hellenist doctrines that polluted the churches while the church began in ancient Greece. Of course, if you want to stubbornly continue to be a fanatic adherent to Satan’s polluting Jezebel doctrines, then that is completely your choice of religions. God is a gentleman, so He will not forcibly pull you away from your god.

The lukewarm, dead, End-Times Laodicean church is a church run by the people or church members. That is why God calls it the Laodicea church. “Lao” means “laity,” and “dicea” means “diocese.” In other words, the church people are the rulers. The laity or church people are the kings or leaders. Therefore, they control the church, and they form boards and church elders’ committees to pay the pastor, hire the pastor, and kick out the pastor. They hold the power, just as Satan’s Western humanism teaches: the people have the power to vote, elect and kick out. It is a Hellenistic Greek principle that was practiced in the ancient Roman form of government, which they have adopted. It is not based on a holy monarchy of Christ. They believe in equality in authority for all.

That is where all of these satanic doctrines originate: environmental protection, elevation of animal wildlife idols over human fishermen; equality of women and children in authority with men; worship of Greek academia of evolution and science over God’s Bible and creationism; Christ’s monarchy versus Greek Roman democracy and parliament; sexual lewdness intolerance versus Greek Italian Latin promiscuity and liberal sex; etc., etc., etc. The list goes on. These Satan’s doctrines are the so-called “politically correct” beliefs of the post 1960’s hippy rogue pastors of Satan. If you teach the Truth, these hippy rogue pastors will hate your guts, brand you a male chauvinist heretic and blasphemer, and try to destroy your ministry with anger, and crucify you. It is their nature—you cannot do anything about their nature.

All of the End-Times churches I’ve been to are run by the people. I tell them the Truth, in order to test them spiritually, and they all turn me away. They will have nothing to do with the Truth. They want only their “politically correct” Western humanism. When they reach their extreme state of depravity, they start accepting their “politically correct” gay rights, Baal women’s equality, environmental Gaea worship, money pleading campaigns and Mammon fundraisers, church bazaars and car washes, ritualistic swaying of incense, adorning of pastoral garments, creation of boards and committees and Pharisee Sanhedrins, etc. They are blind, so they have no choice but to do those things. I know the “Flower Children” hippy rogue pastors criticize me day and night, and will not accept the Truth, and would rather kill me. However, I cannot but teach the Truth. If I do not teach the Truth, I am just as guilty as they are, for I would be a partaker of their “political correctness.”

Therefore, if you want to purify your church, then teach the Truth. Then, all the evil, lukewarm, religious people will leave the church in swarms; or they will kick you out, which is even better, because you can start a new church, again. All the churches in history were born-again Christians, but as the times went by, Satan always over floods them with religious Christians. Then, the churches kick out the Holy Spirit, quench the Spirit, kick out Jesus, and start worshipping Satan’s religiousity. They become cold, dead, void, and religious, just like the Catholic, Orthodox, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Anglican, Baptist, Methodist, Adventist, and all the other church denominations. They start creating denominations and sects within God’s house. They create conferences and holy committees of Pharisees to govern the pastors, instead of God. Western Hellenistic humans start governing and keeping others accountable, instead of God being the one to keep Abraham and Aaron accountable. In other words, the Western people start governing themselves, in “political correctness.” Then you have all hell break loose. Satan could not destroy the church from outside through persecution, so he has flooded the churches from inside with Western religious humanism. Very smart.

No End-Times church would ever think of having me as a pastor; no End-Times church wants to hear the painful Truth. They only accept those who teach what their aching ears want to hear; and no End-Times church will even want me to step into their doors. So, God sends me out into the digital wilderness, to preach the Truth and call to repentance to those who will listen. For if anyone will listen, they shall be saved from the days of great trouble that is ahead. The day you are accepted by the lukewarm religious populace, and held in honor, will be your day of downfall.
It is your choice as a minister and apostle of Christ. Do you teach the Truth, and cleanse your church of all the filthy people. Or, do you continue to warp the Truth with your “politically correctness” Western humanist doctrines, and have thousands of church members flock to your church; and continue to live in big houses, drive nice cars, and get large salaries? Perhaps, the reason why you were left behind is because you chose Western “politically correct” equality and democracy over Jesus’ authoritative order and creational Torah. Do you believe it with all of your heart?! Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord! The Light of the world is coming; and yes, He will separate sheep from goat on that day. So come Lord Jesus!