Satan is in double-time to pagan-ize the minds of the American unbelievers. Since they will not accept the Truth, God has handed them over to a great deceit. Satan is having a heyday brainwashing their minds. The more I see the television and movies and books, it confirms that we are at the end of the end. The U.S. is no longer the a Christian nation, but it is quickly becoming now a pagan, occult nation.


A good example is the movie “Avatar.” You have all of these demonic creatures who are now considered heroes by Satan. The conservative states’, right-wing, military leaders are depicted as savage and bloodthirsty. The capitalist company Republican leaders are depicted as cold, cruel and corrupt. The liberal, environmentalist, yoga “Flower Children” socialist scientists are depicted as humane and “politically correct.” They depict the military as savages like they depict conservative leaders, who want to destroy nature and native people of the country by invasion. Everything is upside down in Satan’s brainwashing doctrines.


They exalt the pagan, savage witchdoctors and occult people. They worship what they call “Mother Earth” or “Gaea” or who they call in the movie—goddess “Eiwa.” In Satan’s world, everything is inversed, and women rule the men; shaman women; because Satan hates God’s system of order and holiness. They preach that the whole planet called “Pandora” is an internet network of spirits, and that all the trees and plants have spirits. Pandora is Satan’s way of calling Eve’s apple as a planet of paradise. They attach themselves to animals’ nerves to be one with nature. It is exactly what Satan teaches in Western humanist environmental Eastern mysticism—all trees and rocks have demonic spirits. They go into a trance state to heal the injured lady. The female heroin who is the daughter of the female shaman or satanic spiritualist behaves and acts like a typical satanic woman. She pushes and punches and shows her teeth and hisses at the men. She even slaps the men on the head, but loves to expose the body and lure men like animals. This is the typical character of the satanic women.


In typical Satanist environmentalist humanist fashion, the animals and dragons destroy all of the soldiers and humans made in God’s image. Satan hates humans, because they are made in God’s image. Those socialist liberal pacifists who rebel against the system, order, and government are depicted as heroes and “politically correct.” They promote demon possession, by showing that bodies can be linked with souls, for souls are only neuron synaptic pathways in evolutionist theory. The heroine gets angry every time the savage, vicious attacking animals are killed, and blames the person defending themselves from these animals. However, she kills humans left and right like cockroaches. All these so-called “human love” creatures paint their faces and pierce their ears, just like the satanic, pagan native-Americans. They exalt all these pagan cultures that are one with nature and conduct Satan worship. They raise their hands and wave their bodies in a trance. They believe in the transfer of souls from one body to another, in order to prepare the world for the Anti-Christ’s resurrection when he is assassinated and Satan’s spirit enters him. In the movie, the serpent or Satan and reptiles are depicted as beautiful creatures, who are tamed and good, as if before the fall of Satan.


All the children, all over the world, are watching these movies and being brainwashed; and they are quickly being readied by Satan for the last great satan-ization of humankind. It is for this reason that Satan has made such quick advancement of technology in media, movies, and globalization. We have reached the most evil state of mankind, just like right before Noah’s flood, where we are waiting for imminent judgment and purification of the earth. Satan is giving the most loyal, most liberal, most evil self-righteous, most ungodly people tremendous intelligence and creativity to write all these amazing stories and beautiful background images to lure people. They play all these pagan drum beat music and chanting in the movies. However, interwoven into the story are all of these satanic philosophies and doctrines. It seems the more faithful you are to Satan, the more money, power and fame he gives you in this world. As God said, Satan is the god of this world. All these recent movies like Darren Shan Vampire and Spell are for brainwashing the End-Times generation with Satanism.


Without the Holy Spirit and godly wisdom, it is very easy to believe all these values, and be mind-controlled by Satan. I would not be surprised at all, if the majority of the religious Christians are already brainwashed by these Hollywood movies and television and literature. I wonder if only a small minority of real Christians will be raptured when Jesus comes back. God is faithful to keep those whom He loves from the overwhelming deceit of the enemy. Are your spiritual eyes open? Are you filled by the Holy Spirit? The Christian forefathers’ nation of the United States is becoming rapidly pagan Eastern occult. When a nation forsakes God and becomes pagan, God hands them over to Satan. No wonder God will judge this nation after the Christians are raptured out of this earth. If we see it happening before our eyes, it means we are that close to the final end. The paganization of the last Christian stronghold is rapidly being advanced by Satan’s liberal intellectuals.