Do not touch women’s buttocks and breasts like German men do, when they drink beer. Treat the women of God with respect and love. Do not yell and scream at people all the time like German men do, just because their coat buttons are undone, but talk to them with kindness and gentleness. Do not always boast about how much money you gained or what you can do like the German Meisters do, but think even the lowest of people as being better than you, as Christ showed us. Pride is of Satan and humility is of God. God became a lowly human being in order to save us. Be likewise. Do not always criticize and talk bad about the Jews like the German bosses do, but love the Jews for they are God’s people. Rather than glare and snort at people like German men do, smile once in a while. Not only to people who pay you money or are in a position to get you fired, but also to your subordinates and weaker people. Smiling creates good hormones and builds up your immunity, and you will not get cancer or ulcers or high blood pressure. Never treat colored people like animals like German men do, but treat all humans as your equals, just like Christ did. Treat the Southeast Asian and African tourists with respect. Do not always think of your country as the best and criticize Americans and Jews and colored people; but sometimes criticize your own country, and praise other races and ethnicities. If an Italian or Australian makes a joke, do not glare at them like German men do, but return a joke sometimes like Christ did. Be like Christ in all your thoughts and actions. Imitate God, and be holy as He is holy. Be an example of how God’s men are, unlike how pagan barbarians act. Put off the old, and put on the new. You are a new creation in Christ. Love women and treat them as the weaker vessel, for they have frailties and emotions that you should be sensitive toward. (Not love them as the Latin men or Corinthians do, but as Christ loves the Church.) Bring them a flower and chocolates sometimes. Sing to them, and write poems to them. Do not slap them around or throw things at them. Likewise, do not always kiss their rear with your speeches, just like the castrated carnal hippy rogue pastors do. They are equal in value and like a valuable jewel to be placed in high respect. Honor them, and they will respect, submit, and love you, as the Church honors Christ. Put women first, not in vain hypocritical actions like opening doors like the castrated hippy rogue pastors do, but in true spirit and honesty. The women are not stupid like the hippy rogue pastors think, and they will know if your heart is just empty action and words like post 1960’s Satan’s men, or if your heart is of Christ. You will be able to distinguish men by their actions and words. If they are always lifting women up and trying to gain favor from them in their sermons, they are hypocrites like the hippy rogue pastors. However, if they are silent, but kind and gentle, yet strong, like Christ, they are of the Spirit. That is how you can distinguish between a charlatan and a true man of God with God’s Spirit. Post 1960’s mothers’ hippy rogue pastors and Christ’s nature are on two extreme opposites of the spectrum, so you will be able to tell where men are by where they are on that spectrum. Be wise.