Dear Brethren, be pure in mind and heart. Be filled by the Holy Spirit. How are you filled with the Holy Spirit? Feed yourself daily with the Word of God, who is the Holy Spirit. Study the Bible every day.

Just like what a person is what he or she eats, so is their spiritual condition depend on what they feed their mind. If you feed yourself junk food, you will grow sick and die. If you feed yourself a healthy diet, you will live a healthy long life.

If you feed your mind a lot of violent video games, horror movies, occult practices, rock and roll, Western humanist preaching, and Western humanist television; your mind and heart will become sick.

If you feed your mind with God’s Word and meditate on the Bible every day, you will be filled by the Holy Spirit and your faith will be strengthened. The Word is the Holy Spirit, and faith comes from hearing, and hearing from the Word of God.

You are a vessel. What are you filling that vessel with? Are you filling it with garbage, or are you filling it with holiness? What a man eats, so will his health be. What a man fills his mind, so will be his mind.

That is why when you see all those spiritualists, channelers, and religious documentary commentators, you can see from their eyes that they are demon-possessed. Likewise, when you meet Christians who are walking with the Lord, you sense the strong presence of the Holy Spirit. A man is what he puts into his heart and mind. That is the spirit he will be controlled by.

If a man is not controlled by God, he is controlled by Satan. There is no middle ground or neutral zone. You are either for Christ or against Him. If you are not for Him, you are against Him. That is what the Bible says. Choose this day, whom you shall serve. Will you serve the hippy rogue pastor’s Western humanist idols that will make you feel righteous and puffed up, or will you humble yourself before the Lord Your God, and worship Him? Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord! For time is running out!