Dear Brethren, these are the ways in which you shall distinguish the men of God, and the men of Satan; for the days grow wicked, and you should not be ignorant to the wiles of the devil. Here are some different reactions between God’s people and Satan’s people:


1)    Satan’s People: Why are you not giving us more food, water and medical supply?

God’s People: How can we provide more food and create water supplies for your nations?

Christian View: Be thankful for those who bring food, water and medical supplies to an ungodly people, and come to a terrible, harsh environment.

2)    Satan’s People: Why are you in our country—get out?!

God’s People: How can we sacrifice our only Begotten Son to die on the cross for you to make your country more safe and secure?

Christian View: Be thankful for those countries that sacrifice their own sons’ lives to protect your family; unlike Japanese people who are completely against saving other nation’s people; because they do not want to sacrifice their own sons’ lives for what is righteous and good.

3)    Satan’s People: You kill our people and families—get out!

God’s People: We are willing to spend billions of dollars and the lives of our sons, fathers and brothers, in order to protect your lives.

Christian View: If the Israelis and Americans tell you to get out of the hospitals, schools and mosques that the terrorists use for propaganda and to shield themselves, then get out, lest you get killed, too. Heed their kind warning.

4)    Satan’s People: It is the foreigners’ fault, and it is the other Muslim sects’ fault, and it is the fault of all the other people besides me. We must hate and kill them.

God’s People: How can we help you, serve you, and give our own lives to fight for your security, just like Christ died for us?

Christian View: Love your enemies, and love your neighbor. Be strict on yourself and repent of your own sins; and forgive and keep no account of the evil of others.

5)    Satan’s People: You should give us money, and you should give us your watch and shoes, because you are more blessed by God; and we will still hate you because you are in our land.

God’s People: We want to know how we can help you. We give to you freely, though we are going through economic difficulty ourselves.

Christian View: Be generous and kind to all. Do not tire in doing good unto others. Love others as Christ loved us.


When they ask Satan’s people if they are grateful to the U.S. for building the schools, streets, water supply, electricity and medical supplies, they always reply, “No.” Rather, they say that they hate the U.S., because of the war they create in order to defend the U.S. from terrorism and dictators like Hitler and the Emperor. The U.S. government socialists do not have any godly wisdom, so they are always thinking about how to take more tax from the Americans who are going through economic hardship and foreclosures; and how they can give it to the evil people who hate good. Throwing money and pearls to evil people does not make them good. The more you do good to them, the more they will hate you, and crucify you on the cross. It is their nature—it is satanic, not godly hearts. You give to evil people, and they will hate you even more for not giving them more. It is how their genes and minds work that have been bred for thousands of years from Ishmael and Esau’s seeds. The only thing that can change a person’s mind and heart is God’s Holy Spirit.


When you pledge your allegiance to socialism (a.k.a. Satanism), Satan gives you human intelligence, and places you in powerful positions in the government, but you lose God’s wisdom and logic and common sense; so you end up trying to think of ways to steal from the good people and give to the evil people. It is a law of nature. All the money has flooded into the Muslim nations in the End-Times, where they buy a liter of gasoline for a few cents, and buy luxury brand items every day. Satan had to take money away from the Americans, and dump it all into the Muslim nations, in order to strengthen Israel’s enemies. Satan’s ultimate goal is to weaken Israel’s allies, and strengthen his pawn nations: the great enemy of God—Islam. Throwing all the American people’s money to evil people makes them hate you even more; but if you give them the love of Christ, they will love you and stop being terrorists, and they will start loving Americans.


The socialist politicians are so stupid that they believe that terrorism is a result of poverty, and if you give them enough money, they will stop being evil. So, they are giving billions of dollars of American taxpayer’s money away to these people who are demanding more money. When the U.S. forces do not give money, the evil people think of reasons why the U.S. military has to compensate them more, and demands the money in a very rude way. If the top brass had any godly wisdom, they would have realized years ago that passing out thousands of dollars to each family does not change them into good people or make them hard workers, and stop them from being evil or lazy; whenever they demand more compensation. The only way to change the selfish or lazy populace and terrorists is to bring them the gospel of Christ. When people reject the Truth of God, God leaves them to stupidity and illogic for they will not understand sound reason. These stupid people are usually the most intelligent people with top positions in government. Meanwhile, they are using their intelligence to figure out how to tax more money from the American populace. It is a crazy situation, and a vicious cycle, indeed.


When good people try to help evil people, they are attacked and criticized. Evil people bomb them, kidnap them and decapitate those who are there to provide comfort and aid. Satan’s people do not realize that God is allowing the earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and volcanoes at increasing increments to warn the people of the earth to repent for the horrible Tribulation Age is coming soon. They will not repent and turn to Christ. Satan’s people and idolatrous nations hate those Judeo-Christian nations who extend a generous hand to them. Israel is always the first nation there to provide aid. When the volunteer aid workers go to the unethical, depraved countries to help a sick child, the child’s father accuses them of using voodoo to make the child into a zombie, in order to extort money from the aid workers. The evil government does not respect the aid workers’ human rights, arrests them based on the accusation of one person, and keeps them in very dangerous prisons for ages without even a trial.


They refuse to repent of their voodoo black magic, sorcery, sexual rituals, spiritualism and Satan worship; and they ask why God does not protect them from earthquakes, wars, crimes, lawlessness, floods, hurricanes and volcanoes. They extort, cheat, kidnap and murder each other in their societies. They have festivals every year where they get dead drunk, take drugs, expose their bodies in public, fight with fellow partiers, and have orgies on the streets; and they say that God does not exist because He does not protect them from natural disasters. They do not escape when they are told to, but they stay and then blame others and God when they are stranded. This is the condition of the perverse world right before judgment that we are living in, and the heart of the people. It is exactly identical to the people right before Noah’s flood, or Sodomy and Gomorrah.


There is an underlying truth: that is, if you support God, Satan’s people will hate you. You cannot make Satan love you, if you support God. If your nation supports Israel, all the people and nations of the world will hate your nation. This is because Israel is God’s people. The people and nations of the world are in rebellion to God. For example, the German executives always criticize the Jews and talk bad about them. If you follow God and Jesus, or your nation follows Judeo-Christian values to help other nations, then the religious Christians and the nations of the world will hate you with a passion. It is because Satan is controlling them. Even the hippy rogue pastors hate me with a passion. If your nation does God’s will and does righteous things, your economy will be blessed. However, if your nation turns against God, then your nation will see economic demise.


It seems that God sometimes allows Satan to attack the most evil, sinful people who do not work proper jobs, but act as thieves and swindlers to use the loop holes in the law to utilize the rise and fall of stock prices to rip off all the money from poor, innocent people who invest in the growth and expansion of companies and businesses; in order to warn the money mongering, materialistic, most evil lifestyle elite of the world to repent, and to stop stealing but start giving instead. However, the End-Times smartest people love money so much more than God that they will not heed the constant kind warnings of God, and continue to steal money without working; just like the money-changers in the Temple of God, who Jesus called thieves and robbers. The most evil, smartest people utilize the economy to gorge and plunder normal people’s savings, which they earned through proper work. They use that money they stole to buy red sports cars, live in luxury Manhattan apartments, buy diamond necklaces for their dogs, snort cocaine, and live like the tax collectors in Jesus’ times. This is an abomination in the eyes of God, and it has continued for too long. God is ready to judge this evil, depraved last generation, but He is currently giving multiple warnings. No one seems to be heeding them. As the Bible says, they will be eating, drinking and partying until the very end. If they give back all the hundreds of millions of dollars they stole, and love Christ, they would be saved; but their pitfall is that they do not want to part with that money. What can God do with people like that; but to wait for judgment and wrath? It is a symbolic biblical Babylon of scavenging and decadence, where the world’s most greedy gather together: a symbolic kind last chance warning for repentance to the righteous. During the coming judgment during the Tribulation Age, we will see the same thing at about 6.66 billion times the scale of the 9.11 attack, on earth. God does not take joy in the destruction of the evil people.


When the United States starts following the Anti-Christ, and starts hating Israel and supporting Satan’s Muslims, then all the nations and people of the world will start liking the U.S. in the future. Up to now, because the U.S. supported God’s people Israel, the people of the world hated the United States. However, when the U.S. turns against God, then God will allow the pagan nations to destroy the more increasing pagan people of the U.S., after the Christians are raptured out of the earth. If Satan’s liberal socialist media shows several dead American soldiers on television, the socialist populace cries out for complete pull-out and non-involvement: in their mind, people should not be killed in war. So, liberal pagan people like that deserve to be overrun and enslaved by evil nations. This End-Times generation is not the generation with a normal mind like in World War II who were willing to sacrifice millions of lives to protect good, but they are a generation brainwashed by post-1960’s “Flower Children” socialist idealist pacifism. Satan planned out the 9.11 terrorist attack at just the right timing to create fear in the pagan American yoga socialist people; so that the Muslim Anti-Christ can come to power; and the pagan Americans will become more pro-Muslim and anti-Christian. We see that happening, right before our very eyes. The smart socialists are hoping that if they become more pro-Muslim and anti-Christian, the Muslims will not terrorize them as infidels, as the Koran commands to terrorize infidels in over a hundred verses. The Bible prophesied that as we come to the end of the End-Times, all the nations, including the U.S. must become hostile to Israel and persecute Christians. God is allowing Satan to do this, so that the Jewish nation will come to Christ, as prophesied for the last seven-year Tribulation Age of the world. It is happening just as God said it would. We see it coming true in our very own time and age, just in a matter of a few years.


The Bible says that God hands these most evil people over to lust after their own gender. Homosexuality, feminism, Jezebelism and lesbianism are a judgment of God upon people and society who have rejected His Truth, and have chosen to live in evil. It is the extreme end situation of a society that has utterly turned against God. God just gives them up to their evil. Homosexuality and feminism are a penalty by God for people’s evil hearts. Romans 1:26-27 says, “Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts…

and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.” It is a penalty for evil.

When a society and humans come to the very end of evilness, they become like Satan’s nature, which is the inverse of God’s nature. That is why all the fallen angels I encounter have male voices, but look like women. God’s nature is shown in humans, who He created as male and female. The man is masculine like Jesus, and the woman is feminine like Mary Magdalene. In Satan’s most depraved societies like Sodomy and Gomorrah and the post 1960’s “Flower Children” Western society, the men are very feminine (violent/asserting or timid/weak), and the women are very masculine (domineering/walk just like men). And the religious leaders and hippy rogue pastors sell this self-righteous value and teach them. Unless they have lived in Asia, they have never seen or experienced or have a concept of what true femininity is. That is why when they go to foreign countries, these Western men are mesmerized by foreign women’s femininity, because they have never imagined such behavior existed in the physical world. They were always led to believe by television propaganda that femininity was exposing body parts, instead of godly character. It just boggles their minds and they are utterly enchanted. They see a small glimpse of the original Eve’s feminine nature still left in small, isolated pockets of Asia.


Men, women, children, employers, slaves, and angels are all equal in value. However, Satan tells women that they are equal to men in authority; tells children that they are equal to parents in authority; tells employees that they are equal to employers in authority; and tells fallen angels that they are equal to God in authority. This is Satan’s usual age-old tactics which he uses to throw the whole society into satanic chaos and perversity. When children and women are pursuing careers and not raising families, they no longer want to live with their parents and husbands, and they want to live with other children and lesbians, and get liberal sex and abortions rights. The beginnings of the demise of society begins in the home and the family values, because that is where a human grows up. It is very evident like frosting on top of cake, but Satan has blinded the people and hippy rogue pastors of this key Truth. He knows that if he can create disregard for authority in the home, then he can create disregard for God’s authority over the universe. Sin usually does not begin at its end result, but it always begins small; and then it slowly escalates into total depravity, so people are not aware that things have worsened. This is the usual tactic of Satan.


The hippy rogue pastors are self-righteous humanists, so they hate me for speaking the fundamental Truth of God, and desire to crucify me for constantly calling them to repent before Jesus returns. They are blind and naked, and their hardened hearts will not repent. They are too thoroughly immersed in Satan’s Western thinking and values. They will not and cannot have an open ear. Unless they understand this fundamental key Truth of God, society and church will just get more satanized. However, it has already come to a point where it is too late, and the heavenly door shall soon be closed upon an utterly depraved “Flower Children” generation and church. Pastors refuse to teach this, for they just cannot detach themselves from Satan’s “Flower Children” equality concept. I fear to think of the end result of their stubborn, fanatic adherence to Satan’s values. This is the church that was prophesied by the ancient men of God. They respect men more than God, though they respect God with words and preach God.


God loves children and families, for the parent/child and husband/wife relationship teaches the God/saint relationship; but Satan hates children, so he paints a picture of the Christian housewife and mother as being stupid, incompetent, and a slave to men and God. Love of money is the root of evil. Love of money is why they kill fetuses to pursue careers. Love of money is why they get divorces to gain economic independence. Love of money is why they buy sperm from sperm banks, and create more lesbian minded children. Love of money is why they leave the child alone at home to be brainwashed by the socialist liberal atheist teachers and professors, in order to pursue careers and pay raises. Satan’s feminist “Flower Children” teachers have been sent into the schools by Satan to drill feminism, abortion, divorce independence, safe sex, and equality into your children. Satan knows the children’s minds hold the future of society. From four years of age, they tried to hammer in “Flower Children” values into my mind of equality and independence; exactly like the teachers in Noah’s times hammered in the same satanic doctrine into the people in those time;, and women pursued sex with fallen angels for temporal animal gratification, instead of God’s men. This is a repeat of history: when will humans ever learn? They are having sex with familiar spirits and reptilian alien beings.


They are satanizing the children: creating little satanic creatures to repopulate the earth. This is Satan’s plot to make society worse and worse. It happened before Noah’s flood, and it is happening again in the Western humanist culture. Hippy rogue pastors’ mothers mostly come from this post-1960’s generation of feminism, free sex, free drugs, equality, independence, liberalism, and freedom from old, ancient traditional values. These hippy rogue pastors demonize God’s traditional values, and have thoroughly brainwashed the Christian population throughout Satan’s world. They preach equality and human rights and rebellion. Satan’s first area of attack and priority was the churches. Once he has crippled the light of the world, he can easily darken the rest of the world. His key was to saturate the churches with post-1960’s hippy rogue pastors with their mothers’ values. That is why so many hippy rogue pastors wanted to become religious leaders to share Satan’s values to the traditional churches, and alienate them from traditional biblical values. That is why they turn deaf ears and blind eyes to parts of the Scripture that do not agree with their “Flower Children” values, and even go as far as forcibly warping the Truth and Word of God. If they can flood the churches with enough liberal, religious people, then Satan can drown out and brainwash the real Christians, too. The Christians will be outnumbered ten to one by religious people in church. He is a master of deceit and dastardly practices. If the Christians had the eye of the Holy Spirit, they would recognize Satan’s schemes and resist him. However, we have the End-Times church as it is. Every time dictators come to power, there is economic hardship that makes the people place these dictators in power. The Illuminati and Mystery Babylon one-world order knows this. And Hitler created and used “hate crime laws” to arrest and kill his opponents. We see the same old pattern arising again in these End-Times, with the economic chaos; as well as the liberal socialist presidents and homosexuals using “hate crimes laws” to eradicate all who warn of God’s judgment and oppose satanization of society.


Repent, and make straight the path of the Lord! For the night is almost over, and the morning is nigh! May those who hear, not harden their hearts, but receive the good news of Christ!