Greetings to you in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ! It seems that we are now living in the beast system or Satan’s system. When the Jewish nation was taken into captivity to Babylon, they adopted Nimrod’s Mystery Babylon religion’s calendar. If you remember, we can see that Catholicism is the original Mystery Babylon religion that worships the goddess Asherah or Roman Venus or Greek Diana or Wiccan witches’ moon goddess or Western women’s Molech or Muslim goddess Fatima or Catholic religion’s Mother Mary or Western hippy rogue pastors’ fanatic heart and mind adherence Jezebel Baal. All the Catholic beliefs and rituals are part of the Mystery Babylon religion, mentioned in the Book of Revelation. It took on a fake shell of Christianity, in order to sell Christianity to the Roman pagans. That is why it will be the fake shell of Christianity on the earth, in which the Anti-Christ will use to create the one-world religion of Catholicism, Islam and Judaism, until the Jews will realize he is a fake Christ. The Christmas trees, mistletoe customs, gift giving, Easter bunny, Easter eggs, Druid pagan worship, etc. all seem to originate to the Book of Revelation’s Mystery Babylon religion of Nimrod. If you remember, Nimrod was the half-breed Nephilim giant or first one-world dictator who built the satanic Tower of Babel, whereas the Anti-Christ will be the last satanic dictator of planet earth.

The word “Catholicism” means “universal religion,” which means all religions lead to one god—Satan. Catholicism will mislead many to destruction. God will destroy the Vatican in one-day, as prophesied in the book of Revelation—that old enemy of God—Nimrod’s Mystery Babylon religion. That is why God warns His Tribulation Saints to escape from Rome on that day, lest they are destroyed by God’s wrath and judgment, too. The Mystery Babylon religion or one-world order or Illuminati has taken on many different forms to deceive many over the millennium: Catholicism, communism, United Nations, Freemasons, Mormonism, Satanism, Wiccan witchcraft, Roman pagan religions, Egyptian/Phoenician/Greek/Canaanite pagan religions, Cabalism, Rosicrucianism, Templar Knights, etc.

The Mystery Babylon religion or world order has served to pervert God’s calendar. That is why it seems the Roman calendar that our world now follows, and the Rabbinic Hebrew calendar that came out of the Babylonian captivity are modeled after Satan’s calendar. Satan has attempted to pervert Yahweh’s calendar, so that people will not know the holy days of God. It seems that the Sabbaths are not even on Saturdays, but they occur on different days of the week.

According to some, the true God’s or Yahweh’s calendar is based on twenty-nine and a half day months. So, some years have thirteen months, and some months have thirty days. The months do not begin on the same days as the Roman or Rabbinic Hebrew calendars, but on different days—the new moons. Unlike the Rabbinic Hebrew calendars where the month starts at the appearing of the new moon sliver, it seems Yahweh’s calendar begins when the last moon’s sliver disappears. God in the Bible gave the sun to rule the year, and the moon to rule the months. The year does not start until the Spring Equinox and the Feast of Tabernacles is always after the Autumn Equinox. God’s day begins at sunset and ends at the next sunset.

That seems to be why the Feast Days or Holy Days of Israel are celebrated on the wrong days, since the world has been misled to follow the wrong calendar. The Bible prophesies that the Anti-Christ will introduce new laws and calendars. If we are aware of YHWH’s calendar, we will know the times and the seasons that we are living in. We will know when the correct days of the seven feasts or festivals of Israel really are. These holy days are a covenant or appointed days with His people. It does not say that these days are Israel’s days, but they are God’s days. So, they are days in which God has an appointment with all of His people, both Jews and non-Jews. The Jews were given charge to keep these days, and now, we are the recipients of those Holy Appointed Days, for we know their meaning now.

Satan may mess up the human calendars, but he cannot erase God’s sun, moon and stars. Each year has 360 days, and not 365 days. The Muslims use a lunar calendar, and the Christians use a solar calendar, but God uses a solar and lunar calendar. The Muslims meet on Fridays, and the Judaists meet on Saturdays and the Christians meet on Sundays, but YHWH’s Sabbaths seem to be on different days of the week, and every day is for God.

If you would like more information on YHWH’s calendar, you can click on the link image on my WordPress website. It will show you the Equinox calendar, which some believe to be YHWH’s true original calendar, before Satan warped it with his Babylonian Roman Catholic calendar that the world uses now.