The tribe of Dan’s emblem was a serpent, but they replaced it with the eagle—the great adversary of the serpent. It depicts the eagle capturing the serpent in its claws. The serpent often stands for Satan. The eagle may stand for Michael the archangel. Some speculate that the four seraphims that were around God’s throne were the serpent, man, ox and lion. Since the things of the earth are made in simulation of the things of heaven. There is the possibility that after Satan rebelled against God, the eagle took over the serpent’s place. Michael became the archangel. The eagle overcomes the serpent, as you can see the eagle captures and devours the serpent. In the last days, Michael and his angels will fight against Satan and his fallen angels during the Tribulation, and banish them from heaven permanently. The serpent or dragon will fall like lightning from heaven. Michael is often depicted as the protector of God’s people—the Israelite nation. He is a prince and warrior angel. Satan’s rebellious socialist pacifists hate the warriors and military and order, and love violent anti-war rallies. However, it is ironic that they subjugate their populace with their communist secret police and people’s army, once they gain political power over a free nation. During the Tribulation, the 144,000 Jewish Christians will be airlifted by God’s wings of eagles to Petra in Jordan, and there will be kept safe by God from the Anti-Christ’s army. The Bible says that Michael will stand up for God’s people in those days.

The twelve tribes of Israel were encamped into four groups, in a cross around the tabernacle of the holy ark (the tabernacle in the middle represents the throne of God in heaven surrounded by the four creature with the appearance of a lion, man, ox and eagle). The tribe of Judah was symbolized by the Lion; Reuben by Man; Ephraim by Ox; and Dan by Eagle. The tabernacle was represented by the Levites who were the priests. This represents the four gospels. Each gospel depicts Jesus’ different character: as the Lion of Judah; as the Son of Man; as the Servant Ox; and as the delivering Eagle. So it correlates with the four creatures or seraphims around the throne of God, in a cross.

You, as God’s children, must pray for the angels. They are your allies, and they are protecting you. What kind of an ally abandons their fellow allies, and is indifferent of them. Pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will strengthen His holy angels, so that the weakest of the holy angels will be a thousand times stronger than Satan. Pray that Satan and his most powerful fallen angels will be a thousand times weaker than the least of the Lord’s holy angels. Pray that God will disarm and disrobe the armor of the fallen angels; blind and destroy their communication; inhibit their mobility; bring strife and demoralization to them; and bring down lightning and fire/brimstone upon Satan’s forces. Pray that the Lord will send His angels against them and scatter them—to bind and throw them into the abyss until the day of our Lord’s judgment upon them. These holy angels are fighting for you day and night. Help them by praying for them. They are your brothers in arms. God says to pray for all things with all kinds of prayers and supplications.

Help out your allies. Satan fears the prayers of the saints the most. He knows that God moves when His children pray. And the power that is wielded is mind-boggling and fearsome. Do you not know the power that you unleash through prayer? Do you not know the things of the Spirit, and what goes on in the spiritual realm? Pray in all kinds of creative ways, and with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Be receptive to Him, and be used. Pray that God will incinerate Satan’s buttocks, make his hair fall out, and humiliate him today. Embarrass him, and pray that God will cut them down. Pray that God will destroy their strongholds and footholds in people’s lives: the strongholds of materialism, sexual sins, governmental corruptions, immorality, educational degradation, satanic liberal media propaganda, murder of fetuses, inversion of the Western male/female genders, Jezebel spirits, drugs and witchcraft, evil nations and religions, etc.

Get serious about the war. Do not be like the socialist, anti-war pacifists who try to disarm and brainwash the democratic Christian nations, and bring them under control of communism that developed from the hidden Satanist Karl Marx. Only Satan’s people and the most sinful people are brainwashed by socialist values and End-Times values. Instead, get serious about the spiritual war that you are in. You do not throw down your nuclear weapons and believe that the evil nations will not kill, pillage, rape and plunder you, like Satan’s socialist idealists do. Instead, God has given you a Spirit of love, truth and a sound mind. If you let evil kill and enslave you, then that means that you, the End-Times brainwashed people, deserve to be slaughtered and enslaved. It means that Satan has controlled your heart and mind to the point that you cannot think straight or logically. That means that society and the world has come to the very end of the End of Ages.

For the very, very few born-again Christians who are not lukewarm like the other religious lukewarm Christians, you know the things of the Holy Spirit, so pray for the angelic allies. Wake up, and know the things of the Holy Spirit! There will be greater spiritual warfare, as we approach the End. The more you serve Christ, the more you will be bombarded every few seconds with evil thoughts and feelings toward God, and satanic sexually perverse thoughts toward bald, fat, hairy, greasy, wrinkled, old men, in order to disgust you—the thorn in the flesh. It lessens dramatically when you move out of Japan, but if you are in a spiritually dry country, you will be constantly bombarded. And you will be constantly be bumped into and glared upon by about 15 to 30 Japanese people, every time you step out of your door; if the demons that control them know that you have the Holy Spirit. The spiritual warfare comes with the job as a Christian. The Japanese Christians always say that they do not get attacked, because they are spiritually superior to other Christians and nice people, but I disagree. If you are not being attacked, then the question is: are you really serving the Lord? Prayer and the Word of God is your offensive weapon, and it brings the Holy Spirit and the angels of God to action.