The End-Times churches have a very strange standard for pastors. They say that if you are popular, and many people come to your church; then they will allow you to join their conference. However, if only a few people come to your church, you are not even considered as part of the family of God. They say that you are not blessed or anointed.

In my long years, I have found the opposite to be quite true. The big churches and conferences are lukewarm churches that cater to the lukewarm people. The people of these End-Times love these churches, because they teach what they want to hear: Western humanism and equal rights. They flock to them. However, if you teach the Truth straight from the Word, you will be very unpopular, and people will leave your church. Usually, those pastors who teach the Truth without compromise have very few followers.

The standards of the church are to have human-made Pharisee academic credentials, and many followers in your church congregation. God’s standard is to teach the Truth and be hated by all the religious people; be martyred by the church; and to have few but loyal followers who love God’s Truth. So, we live in an age in human history where God’s church is immersed in Satan’s doctrines, and has shut out Jesus from the church. That is how you can tell a real pastor from a human-appeasing pastor; and a real church of Jesus from a regular End-Times lukewarm, religious church.

If you teach Western humanism, your church will prosper, and you will have thousands of followers. You will be acknowledged by the church conference and by men. You will be famous and popular. However, if you teach the Truth of God’s Word, you will be hated, despised, scorned and persecuted. You will have very, very few followers in your church, for most people will leave your church. You just cannot have a whole lot of people who love the Truth, when the End-Times church is a lukewarm church. The Pharisees will ridicule and mock you.

The question is: are you still willing to preach and say the Truth? The humanism-immersed self-righteous Westerners will hate you; but do you love God enough to speak the Truth? That is a question that only you can answer. You must decide this day whom you shall follow: God or the doctrines of men.