People who have seen atheists die have always shared what horrible fear and horrendous agony they go through at their death beds. People without hope or faith have nothing but emptiness when they die. The famous atheists are said to scream and squeal when they are dying. It is quite the opposite of Christians, who peacefully fall asleep smiling and filled with joy to finally go and join the Lord.

For evolutionists, human life is just a chemical reaction. We are just expendable dirt that can be killed, thrown away and recycled. Life has no meaning to them, for one day, a supernova or death of the universe will destroy everything. They have no hope of eternal life and joy eternal. The atheists have a strong faith in Nazism, which believes in the survival of the fittest. Therefore, they don’t mind killing millions of Jews, because the atheist considers them inferior in genes. They believe in the Law Of The Jungle—those who are smarter and stronger win, and the stupid and weak die. That is why they preach equality and humanism on the surface; but in their hearts, they try to kick out good people who threaten their job security in the workplace. At the root of all atheists is the religion of evolution. That is why atheists cheat, lie, kill coworkers by depriving them of their jobs, push others aside, and look after their own selves and whales, instead of other humans. It is an extreme opposite mentality from God, where Christ gave His life up on the cross to save our lives—total strangers. The atheists worship Satan, whose doctrine says, “Eat, drink, push others aside, place your own self and existence first, since there is no God.” To them, it is a doggy dog world, where the most sly, dishonest, cunning, unethical, treacherous survive—the survival of the fittest.

They do not realize that eternity that lasts forever and forever in utter void of God’s presence is the most horrifying thing. They will have to spend eternity with the knowledge that they could have spent their eternity in heaven’s glory and joy, but they pushed that opportunity away, to live in utter darkness.

God loves the atheists, Muslims, Satanists, witches, homosexuals, serial murderers, and all mankind. Therefore, it is important that we share the gospel of Jesus’ salvation to them before Jesus comes back to rapture the church out. Or else, their souls will be lost eternally. Satan wants to take as many of them with him to the Lake Of Fire, so he uses the fanatic faith in atheism, materialism, environmental self-righteousness, sexual perversion, occult and religions, and other sins to pull them into hell with him. We are in a battle for people’s souls.

It is equally important to share the gospel truth to the religious Christians. They are probably the hardest to get saved. It is because they have sat in church all their lives; they have gone up to the altar to pray the prayer to receive Christ; and they sincerely believe that they are Christians. They do not realize that it takes a personal, intimate relationship with Christ to be saved. They do not have a born-again experience. They never had the Holy Spirit come into their hearts. They live religious lives, and they are the pastors, Sunday school teachers and popes inside the church. The Bible tells us that many will come to Jesus on the Day of Judgment, and say to him, “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy and do miracles in your name?” And God says that He will say, “I never knew you, depart from me.” They never had an intimate marriage relationship with Christ—a born-again life.

The Bible says that we were once one of them. Therefore, with humility, we have to share God’s love to those who are still living that lifestyle. We are no better than them, but we have been saved by God’s goodness and grace only. If so, then we need to share out testimony to them. Religious Christians show human love by feeding them and caring for them. But they do not share the gospel to them, and make disciples of all men. It is like giving money to a drowning person. What good will it do if you do good deeds to them, but they lose their souls eternally to hell. The most important thing is to share Jesus’ salvation to them.

The atheists’ fanatic faith and tenacious belief in the religion and doctrine of God’s non-existence is a religious fanaticism that surpasses all other religions and political adherence; but God’s gospel of love has destroyed even Satan’s most stubborn atheists’ doctrines and beliefs; and led many atheists to a saving relationship with Christ. It’s a battle for the atheists’ eternal souls.