The fallen human nature is a nature that is programmed to commit idolatry, instead of worshipping the True and Living God. That is why we worship everything other than the Holy God. Some things we worship are: sports cars; sports teams; money; family and genes; race and patriotism; drugs and witchcraft; religions and occults and churches; God’s created science and academics; celebrities and athletes; food and gluttony; power and authority; selfishness and pride; jobs and careers; muscular fitness and sex; jewels and fashion; intelligence and knowledge; environmentalism and goddess Gaea; Hellenistic sexual equality and humanism and gay rights; attention from others by exposing body parts; satanic white magic and love stories; popularity and fame; socialism and fanatic faith in atheism; among a few most notable idols.

People start worshipping regular sinful humans, and start calling them saint so and so. They start worshipping a regular sinful woman who was only the fleshly mother of Jesus. They start worshipping popes and rock stars. They start worshipping their children and wives.

The Bible says that wherever our money is, that is where our heart is. If you are using your money for God’s Kingdom, that is where your heart is. If you are using your money for the world, that is where your heart lies. An idol is whatever that has your heart, whether it is the pagan moon god Allah or the U.S. president or the Anti-Christ. Often, we unknowingly develop idols in our lives. It takes the power of the Holy Spirit to make us aware of Satan’s traps, and repent of our idolatry.

The Lord calls out to any of His lost sheep that have wondered away from Him. Come back to Him. Discard the idols of this world that will soon burn away. King Solomon who owned the known world said that everything in this world was all vanity; and only the Lord God had any purpose or meaning (he had thousands of wives and all the riches of the world). For the Lord lives forever and ever, and He is all and over all. He is love and He is salvation. He is the life and truth and way. Apart from Him there is no life. He created the heavens and the earth; the oceans and the stars; the heartbeat and the breath. He knew you before He created the universe.

His love is not comprehensible by the finite human mind; but God has made His unconditional love evident to all mankind by dying for our sins on the cross; in order to save us from the eternal Lake Of Fire; if we believe in Him and call upon His name. There is no greater love. The dead idols without ears or eyes will not die for you to save your soul. Mohammed or Buddha or Shiva or Mickey Mouse cannot take away your sins. It is only the Holy God who can give His life in order to save yours—which Jesus did on the cross. There is no more excuse for any man to go to hell by refusing God’s free gift of eternal life. All men must give an account before God someday on what they did with the gospel of Jesus Christ—His salvation. The door to Noah’s ark is still open, but there isn’t much time left, for Bible prophecy shows that Jesus is coming back very soon. And I mean very soon.