Many wonder why the U.S. is missing from End-Times prophesy. Some say that it could be due to the Anti-Christ’s massive national debt plan, and China and Russia’s plan to devalue the dollar to devastate the U.S. military; or due to the fact that the blessings are taken away from the U.S. when the Christians are raptured out, who are the source of God’s blessings, and the bulk of the Christians are living in the U.S.; or due to a breakaway of American states from each other; or due to a massive terrorist attack on the U.S.; or due to an attack by China and Russia on a weakened U.S.

As John Hagee has warned, it would take just a simple nuclear bomb detonated over the atmosphere to knock out all of the U.S.’s electronics (military, transportation, communication, hospital, water, electricity, etc.). Then, it would be open to the combined attack by the Russian and Chinese forces.

John has said that it would take a few suitcase nuclear bombs smuggled into the U.S. by the terrorists to knock out all of the major U.S. cities, and throw the country back into the Stone Age in an instant. The economy and society would be in complete turmoil, allowing the Anti-Christ to declare martial law upon the country, in order to come to power. The Bible says the Anti-Christ will uproot three of the ten kings, so he might take over the U.S., Canada and Mexico to form the Amero currency and Amero union.

The History Channel says that there are tons of nuclear bombs that have been sold by Russia to the terrorists, in order to destroy their rival—the United States. Russia has built all of the nuclear bombs in Iran, as well as assisting North Korea in developing nuclear bombs. Russia has supported all the countries that will sell nuclear bombs to the terrorists, to develop nuclear bombs. The History Channel was saying that many Russians also sold the nuclear bomb to the terrorists, so that they could put food on their tables after the Soviet Union collapsed and they had no way to pay the military their salaries. They were saying that it is very simple to smuggle suitcase nuclear bombs into the U.S., just as it is easy to smuggle marijuana into the country.

Apparently, according to History Channel, only five percent of the shipping crates that come into the U.S. are ever searched. That means ninety-five percent get through without even getting searched. That is like only searching five percent of the passengers and suitcases that board the planes. Suitcase nuclear bombs could also be transported secretly onto American shores by Russian submarines. It seems that when the drug smugglers had apparently tried to buy submarines from the Russians to smuggle drugs to the U.S., in order to make the U.S. military addicted to drugs, the Russians asked whether they wanted them with weapons or without weapons. They then knew that the Russian were in fact willing to sell them submarines. Of course, as usual from history, over and over again, the American authorities are completely unprepared to stop any of this. They don’t even have any clue where the missing nuclear bombs went. We live in an era of incredible technological achievements, but they have no technology to locate uranium and plutonium. All the multi-trillion national debt is being wasted on meaningless activities, and not on the important issues. It seems the Israeli authorities are always more smart and prepared.

The Bible warns us that perilous times will come, during these End-Times. But as Christians, we can rejoice, because it means our redemption is close, and Christ is coming back soon. When these things start to happen, we will be taken out of this earth, before any danger comes upon us. Live holy lives, look up, and be ready to be caught up!