The more I see Hollywood movies, the more I realize that we are at the very threshold of the End-Times; and awaiting God’s judgment and wrath upon the unbelieving world; since the world’s people’s minds are saturated with satanic values and thinking. Of course, if you are a Christian, you have nothing to worry about; because you will be raptured out of this world before God unleashes His judgment—just as in Noah’s days, so will it be in the End of Days.

I think a good indicator to measure if you are a real born-again Christian or a religious carnal Christian is whether if you agree or not with the values seen in Hollywood movies. If you love to watch the women on Hollywood movies punch and kick men around; swear and spit and slap and kick men who are made in God’s image in the male genitals; swing from chandeliers and break down doors; doing flying kicks and brandishing swords; with their buttocks and breasts hanging out; and love strong and independent Satan’s perverse and inverted Amazoness Western women; then you are of the world’s spirit; and you are saturated by satanic values and thinking; and you share the same mind as the Hollywood producers and screen writers who are demon-possessed to program the minds of your children. Your mind and heart is completely opposed to that of God’s, though you may profess to teach Christ.

However, on the other hand, if you sense peace in your spirit when you watch old Japanese samurai movies; where the women are gentle; feminine; modest; kind; cultured; refined; elegant; noble; buttocks and breasts modestly covered by clothing; respectful of God’s men and disciples just like Mary Magdalene who rested at Jesus’ feet; then you are controlled mind and heart by the Holy Spirit. For the Holy Spirit does not contradict Himself or the Word of God or the Truth. The Holy Spirit agrees with how the Father created men and women in the beginning—in the Garden of Eden—perfect and holy and beautiful in heart. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth, Love and a Sound Mind. By the fruit of a person’s thinking and values and movie selection, you are able to discern the spiritual condition and maturity of that person. Those who are unsaved religious Christians, and carnal saved Christians, love Satan’s values and way of thinking. Those who are saved, spiritual, born-again Christians love the things of God and understand the Lord’s heart and mind. They have the Holy Spirit in them, so they agree with God.

The question is which of these two are you? I believe it is a time that we all must reflect on where our loyalties lie, and whom we truly serve—the world or the Lord of Truth. There is not much time to decide either, for the return of our Lord is very close at hand. When the rapture happens, it will be too late to decide; for after the rapture, almost all humans will be dead, except for the 144,000 Jewish Remnant who will be divinely delivered. Now is the time to decide whose side you stand. What say you?

Some religious Christians who are morons who do not have the Holy Spirit boast about their Satan. They say that if the Christians are so great, they should create great movies like “Harry Potter” themselves, instead of calling them Satan’s deception into the occult. They say the Bride of Christ (real Church Saints who have the Holy Spirit) are stupid and evil, and they mock God and His people. God is not in the business of deceiving millions of people through deception and glamorous camerawork and personal power luring occult storylines. He shares the Truth straight and direct, and if people do not want to watch or accept His Christ, then it is to their folly. The fallen angels are creating these movies to lure the Christians into the occult satanic brainwash, and the witches know this, of course; it is these religious Christians who are stupid and blind. They are the ones who fanatically deny the gap theory and suppress the pre-tribulation rapture theories. They have the Word of God, but they hide it, because they are afraid of the Illuminati. These Illuminati and Satanists are given special knowledge and intelligence to do supernatural things; such as becoming great Einsteins, Da Vincis, Rockefellers, economic moguls, Anti-Christ political charismas, non-U.S. citizen U.S. preisdent Anti-Christs, great movie directors, nobel prize scientists, Hollywood actors/actresses, great technological inventors, religious Christian rock stars, and genius’ and billionaires who move the world. It is just like in the evil times before Noah’s flood, when the fallen angels gave humans occult knowledge and technologies far more advanced than these modern times, and taught women to disguise and deceive through cosmetics. The Illuminati has far-advanced alien (fallen angel) technologies and flying saucers that are hidden in secret bases around the world that they will use to astonish what they call the “ignorant masses” population of the world, into believing the coming great Satan’s deception of aliens and extraterrestrial life (fallen angels), just like they did before Noah’s flood, and which the Illuminati or Mystery Babylon religion has kept secret for thousands of years, believing that their alien gods will return someday in the future. Hence, we see in these End Times this rapid development in technology, evolutionary and panspermia theories, and occult brainwashing by Hollywood and Illuminati world media. They try to kill God’s apostles who disclose their secrets. It is the Illuminati Satanist pastors and church leaders who they have sent into the Western Jezebel doctrine hippy-nized churches who mock and ridicule God’s messengers and apostles and prophets, and continue to deceive the Tribulation Saints religious masses with their Western humanism of the Hellenist Mystery Babylon culture. These religious Christian’s house us to try to make money off of us, and they attack, abuse, criticize and oppose us day and night. They become Satan’s hands.


If I tell you Satan’s little, simple-minded deceptions, he will try to kill me, again; but, he cannot kill me, for I live by the Torah Truth who is Christ. The thing about Satan is that he is not a creator but always a copier—a thief, an imitator, a charlatan. This is why ungodly people and nations and cultures always steal and copy and imitate, but do not create on their own. Whether they are movies like “Titanic,” “Avatar,” “Ghost,” or the other top selling love romance movies in the history of mankind, the devil is just copying or stealing the story from the story of God’s redemption of mankind through Christ His Son sacrificing Himself on the cross for His bride—the Church Saints. Since the evil earth-dwellers do not believe in God and they scoff and ignore God’s original story, they are easily deceived and are moved and touched by Satan’s fake Hollywood stories, which glorify man and his fake so-called “noble” heart. This caters to the evil pride and emotions of humans. The carnal man is emotions, and the righteous man is will, my dear brethren. Love is not the animalistic, brute instinct emotions and romance of these earth dwellers. Rather, love is a will, just as Christ willed to die for His enemies—us, on the cross. This is the difference between the carnal man and the spiritual man. The populace of this world live by emotions and animal instincts—not by the Holy Spirit. Satan and his fallen angels use this in his propaganda love romance movies, and since he was the worship leader in heaven before, he uses romantic music to lure the evil human heart. It is a hilarious scam, if I ever saw one. These earth dwellers are identical to the evil people of Noah’s flood’s times. This is the very reason why all the religious Christian women all praise these Satan’s movies; dream about romance; want to marry Christian men since they think they will not go after other women; but finding only weird men at church, they go and hunt down rich wealthy men and try to force them to convert to Christianity, and convince themselves that these wealthy men are actually born-again Christians; get into trouble in marriage and get divorced; become single mothers like Satan’s women or remarry by disobeying the Bible’s command not to commit adultery; and run around like chickens without heads in life, instead of loving the Torah Truth. They are a carnal bunch—a brute existence—religious Christian women, who worship adulterous Jezebel doctrine, doctrines of their feminist god Molech. This is why they are destroyed in natural disasters and car accidents like the heathens. Do not be like these animals, who have no hope of life. Rather, worship the true and living God, and the Torah Truth. Then, you will know all things, and the Spirit will help you live the Torah Truth and His perfect will, my children. Peace unto you from our Lord Jesus Christ.