When you look at Karl Marx’s writings, you notice that it has Satanist origins. His writings were inspired with satanic possession talking about: doing the devil’s duty, rebelling against God; the devil giving him a mission; raising his throne above God’s; throwing you into hell and following after you laughing; his soul that was in heaven is now destined to hell; etc.

Communism and socialism are one and the same. It is diabolically opposed to everything that is of God and righteousness and Christianity and faith. It is but another of Satan’s tool for satanizing the earth. That is why communism and Islam and all other doctrines of Satan get along with each other; and it says in Ezekiel 38 that the New Communist Czar of Russia and the Muslim coalition of nations will come against God’s people Israel in the End-Times; and God will annihilate them at that time.

Communism or socialism is but another of the disguised forms of Satan’s Satanism that is hell bent on destroying God’s nation of Israel and Christianity off the earth. It’s just disguised under a political mask. Satan remember is the master of disguise and uses many different masks, such as political doctrines, religions, humanist environmentalism and economic materialism. But he is exposed in that they are all opposed to God completely. Socialism and communism takes away human dignity and rights and ownership, and places humans into Satan’s pool of numbered groups and state control—all to think and act the same like Satan’s robots. This is the opposite of God who gives identity values and individual rights and freedom.

Often, the more fanatic adherence to communist socialism one has, the more evil, prideful, self-righteous, illogically idealistic, human-nature worshipping, and farther that person is from God’s holy nature. That is why God hates pride, for the pride of Satan rebels against God and elevates man’s humanistic nature of socialism.