Whenever two cultures meet, there will be a conflict. This is because humans have the sin nature (fallen nature). They are not holy like God. So, usually the better of the two will defeat the more evil of the two, who would be weaker. The less evil will have less curse of sin, and the greater evil will have less blessing because of the extent of their sin. We can see this for example when a more highly advanced culture with vulgar, low-level sailors rape and steal from a less advanced culture. The less advanced culture that slaughters each other’s tribes to remain weak; sacrifices people by cutting their hearts open and eating them; conducting fornication rituals; scalping people; and using drugs which God says is witchcraft; will be decimated by the more civilized cultures. There is bound to be conflict, because both cultures are evil; and the more evil and primitive culture will lose.

The more evil people will then hate the more advanced evil people. This is because they do not have a thankful heart to God for stopping the cannibalism and head-hunting, and for providing healthcare and air-conditioning and grocery stores with food from all over the world. Instead, evil people will hate, criticize, envy and blame other people, cultures and nations. However, born-again Christians have a thankful heart toward God even through hardships, trials and persecution. Those who have God’s Holy Spirit always give thanks to God; whereas people of this world are always blaming and hating the other man. This is directly proportionate to how evil they are and how far they are from God. Are you being grateful in all things, and giving thanks for all things as God tells us to do in the Bible? Give thanks to the missionaries who bring God’s light to a dark, satanic world. These real Christians bring life and peace to people who live in bloodshed and torture; though they may be martyred and persecuted by Satan’s churches and Catholic authorities. Give thanks and praise to the Holy One of God—our Lord Jesus Christ.