The age of the Pharisees has ended. Their golden age is over. They have sheared the sheep and filled themselves with the gluttony of riches. They have used, as well as made the House of the Lord into a business enterprise. They have profited from selling the Word of God. They have filled their wallets, and heaped up treasures on earth. They have loved mammon more than their Lord God.

They are double-tongued, for they flatter Christ with words, but do not recognize His Truth or His Precepts. They do not know His name. They are blind and naked. They are in the dark without wisdom. They have placed their trust in their works and credentials and academic knowledge, instead of in the Christ who died for them. They have not followed His life, but clothed themselves with the doctrines and values of the pagans around them. They have lived in grand houses, wore nice clothes, chosen the finest cuisine, and driven luxurious cars. Indeed, they have gotten their rewards in this life.

They have scorned and scoffed at those whom God has sent. Thereby, they have scorned and scoffed at the One who sent them. They do this because they do not realize they are blind and naked. They have been blinded by the riches and doctrines of the world, and have grown deaf to God’s heart of humility, love, peace and service. They gloat in their pride and arrogance. They teach religion, but do not understand the things of God or the Spirit. They have darkened their hearts with theological knowledge and vain religion. They are at enmity with His people, and wage war against the righteous. As soon as they feel they are safe, they go back to their vomit. This has been done, so that they may see for themselves the reality of their hearts, which the Creator has known before the time of creation itself. He knows every intent and thought of man. There is no honesty in their hearts. They admonish and exhort the flock, but do not submit to God’s admonishment and exhortation. Why is this? Is there a double standard? If so, the Lord God is not aware of such, for there is one standard and one Truth in the eyes of their God. They have made God’s House into a den of merchants and routine rituals. They have married the things of God with the things of the devil. They have forgotten the ways of the Lord. They humiliate and reprimand God’s men in front of their wives; to appease people’s hearts and satisfy their Western self-righteousness.

For one year, God has spoken and warned them; but they heed not. They neither hear the Shepherd’s voice or know His Spirit. They form their own Sanhedrins and administer themselves. They debate theology and academics, instead of seeking the Living Water that gives everlasting life. They have occupied themselves with the details of the Law, instead of its life. They have their gorgeous dinners and parties, and entertain themselves. They forget that their Lord had no roof over His head or was born in a manger. Together, they have turned away from the ways of the Lord. They have fattened themselves in the lifestyles and lures of the Western world around them. They live as the heathens do. Therefore, there is no Truth in their hearts, and they do not recognize the Truth. They trample the Torah, who is the Word of God, under their feet. They do not realize that it is all vanity.

The Lord looks down upon the earth, and the deeds of men, from His throne in heaven. He sees His people who have forgotten His wisdom and way. They strut around as celebrities and men of renown. They have gloried in their attention and positions that they have created for themselves. Their pride goes before them. The pride that darkens their eyes and hearts. They have adorned themselves with religious routines and vain rituals and show. They have the works, but they have forgotten the first love. They have the ministry, but they deny its power, for they do not believe. They dismiss God’s servants as eccentrics, and forget God formed the stars and the heavens before they were even created. They honor God with religion, but deny Him who is the glory. The lukewarm people see their outward goodness, but do not discern them by their Spirit. The days of the Pharisees are over. Difficult and troubling times are ahead.

Repent! And make straight the path of the Lord! For He shall soon come to separate the sheep from the goat, and judge each man for His deeds and what he has set his heart upon. Fear the Lord your God and give glory to Him, for he rewards the righteous and brings down the corrupt!